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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, May 23, 1895, Image 1

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-A - . v.s""'-7' 'd I,. II VI-; AR. CASH IN ADVANCE. LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIM' ST AT, IiE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S, AND TRUTH'S." BEST DVERTISING MEDIUM. T T 1-T V V ' V WILSON. N C n NUMBER 21. "C5 Advance. v v lison. It u Mi H I ! 'IV SFORE THAT SAVES k i t;vkiii-ui-caqi:t-timc-:?;iw and )'ou v"!l want a i.ii.-ht. juvity ru to help wr mailing out, so to speak Wi: never ibid such a pret ty assortment and as cheap, jute Riii;s, 2x3 feet, only While Bed Spreads. Yon :;!!(;:!' sec onr 050. ;u::i!:iy. i.-i:,"!:t s. ' il 'A V'Hi know v.'e have leon ' i !.!! ;-.! si ill headquarters Uk v.v.v.ww. Our prices : ; .ilw.vN'. low the market, j j i ;sra;;i d by our success in our wonderful Lace vve V, iH open this week a larger assortment tlian and at prices that must move them quickly. ! JS.'II : .-: "V- i s iiii iJMiihJl UiMM T N ,-T T ! .!X.v:i am-. Co: i ::.!;.i;o Srr.m-TS. 1 1 v;e. 1 ..1 1 . : :n-.: ior 1 ( r, ni.i-V .;. ri.v - v.! .m ui: .-i-.-r,.,J!i Mi -v ,i iv-r,,: i';uni:-; r, ' '.: v.'- l'vf-ud.i!it.t 1 . .' ..: i vvi ; I !! 1 r in - . ; . -.t. xh .;VofMav ,- -a.-irlin -I pr..;M-rty iii V. ;:-on , v.T.-isii-ii i'..i'.:;iiip: iti- t- i .:" i n : i )i u n ; tin- iUT'ids i! !..;: i '.i-vt. ;!!! C..t!iv;i:i.- ChMj. . ' :iy In.- ; l :m. .i k -s. . ::-.- :! ,:.tyi .-' v. ! !: I-.n y . l !l-i!. ( 'lit l.ilH-r tl.u'l h.iu., .;-!:. -i. ir- ti t l.iinis .,!,-,. , ::,! ' r. i .'. : , ? i ! . ruiitiii.'- ::u .i ' - Hhi h NaiK v Siiiii .l..r! . i..".!. .:! --ii.i!-.i.- ;o.-t;il-.T S. A. Woloaui), Coiiinii -l. .n. r. 1 '" ' 't;','in. ';. " ':;-.,'.;...,! ;i tl.-fr..-(. of" the- Sia'H-t'i T :.i -. ;! i.-. ! .-; ':;!I4 p-liti,-lj; : ! ' el al , i ... 'i ;,, i.i- 'i, M-.l- i ," . r. i 1. i ..-t ii Vii-"ii, "' -f... !.. tUv :hii,i ii..y ut' Jam:, i., .;, r ;Mrr. i lan.l Cn.fs -..! J . M".Iht, i:-;.ci I .aiitv. ai!- .... ,...;,,; ;s,,, s-th Scott, j. V. l ui liiln-r-.. U ka.)in a- "a i , i'..i:;t' ;r,.ri laiiUaiiunt; .:.:!'.; i 'V i-i'r :' 'vain- o'" 1:-ss. -,V!i.i;i ,.,..,,,, i,:il.ln(t. in ;;.!..- ri--a..- .- un;ii pur- . :i.iv v i, l.i'iy pai'l. i..!,N K. WooUAKL. : , . v e . '( : ! ''.'! v m,.,n . ,,; ntv i., n... si.i-.-H."- -' W. !'. .-..i'.ipMMi ami I! (o!inor, l-".-'i -. A l:-an !. d-'it! business hi tlic iy!r ui !Uan.-h S: Co. -'Ml 1 A . :i Cru r 1 ii. T. Norwood. Miiuiiioii? !'..r h'i 'iii I". ! Ai irtn ' ar'duia k t's- Sh'-t :tf of Wi!on County- i ' ' 1 iii-ret V c om' (i to siiiii- i ir,..;i W M Cai tir ant! .. T. Nonvni.t!, ti-.e i'c ii-i, nits above iianicd, if they Co lo oi'S yubm your ci.'.inty, to be ;hi1 a; j; i .-.; be'-.r-- t:i-- I'.i.'.ge ol'oiir Superior t t , . . i . ill r. ... . l. . rii.nn,- l--.- l.-.. . . .1. ! ... :.. : . 1 i "1 O. Oil I l 1 1 IllSC 111 X the loarth Momhiy liclpre tii. m-: Mi. u.i iv oi" M.m-h, i -V, and "n"wer l!n- rompi.-nnt which wid'be (h;-po-n --.! id t!,. oirh-,. .d:hv Clerk of the .tr,..i ("r,;l.-; ,. it-, within i!i- iln.Y t- .s .:' .;.ii.l term, and : ; t t;.. s..j.l r'.-h-nd.oif; t.-.k- notice liiat -...- ........ oi. i i nt-Sitiu i-oinpiaini - 'Aitlim Cie true reip.ered bv law. the ' phcn'ilN ! ! :;;!; to lhe relief le- i ,:,--"!' '- "; i" '.he i .-- pi, lint. Herein fail -1 -oi 1 oi this Mimmons m i!:e iue re- j ill!!!. (ii'.-cu i l.-r m .- h.-ind a:oi t..-.! '"' " i " i!r', tiiis'il.iv of lruviart ' .; Vi,r (- i - (- ' w,!:on Voumy. j I i !.'HK AND !.()!' F( J SALK ! eb.oii.san.1 I'.-.titry; lot hieh and .'' '''!" I. K-'od well of water. ! I" I'lVrin. -1 to ! AI'YA'NCi". Oi 1- iCi:. ; Children Cry for 1 RACKET! YOU MANY A DOLLAR! and the quality as good as any. Cool Underwear. Ladies Ribbed Vests, 5c. each better than any we have had before at Sc. Ladies Ribbed Vests Silk, at 50c. each. You will notice we have made a l'r jump from 5c. to 50c. We have all the interme diate prices, but space for bids their mention. Gents Baibriggan Shirts and jrauze. We call your special attention to our 2 sc. ; quality. You will find them in other houses at 37c. j 1 I orciionucc Bargain! 4 1; DOur, UilLi Ovj!. f"1 WILSON, X. C Primal "Dal a '.ons s; Kht has : hecoir.c stnaijt-iy iith'Cied, poor follow , T' .1 1 t 1 r j 110 s('rs 'v'1 ',l! n:: J"" '-. inula -rHv Iw! I'm you mcn- ' . . . . , . , . i tuViL! 1 owe him a pour.!, ami 1 PH Lvn.-k-r hi-n this h.i'f sv." Tit- j . . I i'1- . " " - j "So RushiT has ;ot ;i J! :if last tjj J ond'- r is it that one with the ; j sleeping car company?" I ?uess j n, , east l0(1 n,e l!t-! struck a comfortable lcrth. Uatlilo Cou- 1 '-u'' svivant ir! is very j pious, I, "Yes. If she was ! as e: hi-ful aiM.-nt the crockery as slic 'is aixiiit the ten conmiandinents she ' u-oi(i ie a jewel. New Yoi k Press. ! .... - i :i.-KlriC Arnicu ... i ! 'I iii-I'i -a Sah t i;; i ii'- wmM lir Cuts, J'.fiiise-;, Sous, t'Uvrs, Salt Kliemn, j i.Vcr Sun-s, Teller, Chaopvil Han..!s, . , , ,( , skin ,.r . ' . . .. , , tioiis, au! -.:,k?i.-!v cures 1 lies, or no . j .,iy ia ii . !t is u;..rantec-l Ui ;;ive j.rfc.,-i satifuciin. r ntotx.') n faiule .1. ! ., . . . , " u- I 1 vice .V a r :w. ! . saK l,y ! .. W . j HarK-Uve. - j F;nksl)ocs you. lv:fc ta!i in hcr j sleep-? Links I never staycil awake : to iiiiil out, Suit unless sleep makes an j entire change in her nature 1 should j say s!ie did. Detroit Free Press. j ! . , T . j 1 he fact that Mrs. Lease is an : accomplished hypnotist may account 1. , ,1. . - 101 ah . i.ease. c uicao inoune. McKinloy 1111.14111 ic a lively can- iff ii l-.r -ir(i not 10 i-b.t;-! T 1 fl 11 1 ' ' ' t;i a !'?ad iiisue 3k. y CURES SCROFULA, BLOOD PO!SON. if SS& CURES CANCSRf ECZEMA, TETTER. Pitcher's Castona, 1 IN NORTH CAROLINA Current Nawn for tho Vv7cok Throuchout tho State COLD WEATHER AFFECTS THE CHOPS The Cotton Crop Kt-portx Gniomlly Vn favoraftln Tlit; I luiitlnS Late. OHht liitiM-estitiif Newi Throucliout tho State. Uai.kioh, May 17. Th reports which come in ahont the- cotton crop are Jill unfavnrnli The plants look weak and sic'j. Six or soven tkiys more ni g-txxl weather will he noeessary o co-iU)hte Uu: planting. Cotton seo.l oulit all to bo in the ground by Miy 10 at tlie latest, ami so they are in or-ditiiii-y yours. Farmers tell me they never know the planting to he as hito as it in this season, never saw the seed perilunate so slowly or saw so hirjfo a proportion of the crop to be replanted. It lias been the wettest find coldest p priii r sinee that of 1NC.7. MUST MAKE A STATEMENT. t'utHlliliilcH in Noi-ih ar-.!l:iH K,iU-cl t. tHto 'l'hi-lr KxpciHiis. Ashkvu.1..':, N. C, Mny is. The hist lepi.. latere p iss.-d a law that all eui-.di-da'.es for oil ice, whether successful or not, should fiie .statements of election expenses within ten days from the iiay of the election. This clause in th-. law whs only discovered by the municipal oiTicers yesterday, and the ten days since the last municipal election ex pired lust nip-lit. The result may prob ably he that the old municipal oliiccrs will hold over. NORTH CAROLINA DOCTORS. I State n'pillcnl A... 1 i! u.n I l i t, OHIikt Mci-tH Ncit ut WIiikIoii. (ror.Dsnouo, N. c., :Iay 17. The tnte Mi heal Association at its afterncKm session yesterdny elected otlieers for the ensuing year: President, K. L. l'ayne, Lexington; vice presidents, S. I). Ilooth, tixford: J. 1'. Munroe. Da vidson; .J. A. Ihirrougl-.s, Ashoville: J. E. (irimsley. Snow i'd: seeretary, li. 1. Je-.iitt, Wilmington: treasurer, M. 1. Terry, Macon. Winston was chosen as the next place of milling. Hoy Mall IIoI.Imt A rr"ft4-1. Asiii- vn.Lr.. N. C. May is. William Green, colored, aged fourteen, was ns rcsted for robbing United States mails. He was messenger between the post (l'iee and Kcnelworth Inn. abstracted checks and money orders aggregating 5?-i,5O0 It is not known that (ireen nt-j tempted to cash the checks and money j orders. Ooveriior Kvaim In Nnr'h Cnrolina. Wii..m.vo rox, N. C. May is. Gov-! ernor hvans and Ae.ju'ar.t (Jenerai ! atts, of jMiuth ( ari.hna. nrrived in this city yesterihiy during the uiter-n.-xjn. In with some of the j prominent citizens of Wilmington they went to t ngntsville S-uim, returning late last night. NORTH CAROLINA BRIEFS. The state Episcopal convention was held last week' at Morganton. A little son of Mr. M. li. Whitfield, of l'ilt., was killed by lightning. The Ilnvidsoii liispatch is thirteen years old. It is a square and exceliont newspa per. .Sixteen companies of the state guard was in lialei rii on tho C'Jth at tlic mon ument unvi-ilin.r. The grand chapter of the Royal Arch j masons met hist week in i Hirham and adjourned to meet next in Newberne. j Mr. T. 1'. Jcrmitn. cashier of tho Mcr- j cliants and. Farmers bank. Raleigh was : maried Thursday to Miss Isabclle Da-! vidson Montgomery, at Concord. i.eginning on r about June -J5th the Statesville Lan.iiii.irk will issue semi weekly instead of weekly, without change in Lhe subscription price I p-.M-year. Mayor Caldwell bus resigned s one of the school commissioners of Stntes- vil'.e and Editor Clark, of tho Land- 1 mark, lias been elected by the board of ! aldermen to dill the vacancy. j The Gaston ia !fi:.ctte says Mi's. Ruf. Fite. of South l'oint, Gdstoti county, t'.io'.ped dcai; t her home at.out two o'clock iiist Siitttrday after:-.ii. She j was ttbout thirty yeurs of age, i:nd leaves a hiishaud and f.;'.ir children. I WHAT EX-SEN. CUTLER SAYS. Ki-fi-rr'.Dj; to the Kltuntloii at rriwnt lii tho 1'iitmcTto sirlt,. Wasiiin-oi-ox. May 10. il.w-'-enator M. t". Kutler. of South (hiroiiita is in the city on private business but will doubtless take an opportunity to drop into the supreme court of the I'uited states, as ,- sjiocttitor o tho er'."orts of Attorney tiencral to induce tlie court to t:iUe up tlie habeas eurou . case involving the fnte of dispensary law in that state. W'iien asked yester (iay if there was much excitetueut iu South Ccrolina over the di.-ci.-.:ons of United States .Judges Uolr an.; Simonton in the registrtion ue. 1 dis-.-eii-ssiry laws, Kx i-e:iiitor Ibitur replied: No. not tlmt 1 know- of. Wtu u I left people were In ijuioscciit state. 1 disi-eVi-n-d no siens of revoldtjou or war. ex.-cjit wit": (Jj.-.-er-r.or Kviiiis ii:i:: few of li is coterie, ile seems tube ill a tiirciii-- stale of eruvtion. In respect (o the suggesting that the legislature and state oiiieials in their construction of the registration ; iws had in view the peim.-sricnt disfran chisement of the negroes in order to prevent negro supremacy Sunn tor Sut ler said: There was no i'.n;:er whatever of that con dition urisitu;. They are sutisitcd from their oxperioiiee it the ret-onstrut-ti !i ;-. riod that th. y nre not yet pren oo I to t;.ke et-.:,i -e of the irovcrieni'lit. ii'ii t!e.-y ito wimt tie. oppoi t uiii ty of voting for wldtc uic.i in -.vhoTi; tii.-y have coi;li'le:iec. and t'.i.wi. 1:1,11 arc aui'iir.- th- con servatives. It is not nc:ro svin-ciancy th't woi rlcs these Kcntiemcn so r.:u.-ii a ills th-j po.ssible downfail of 'Ti:.f .slip; ; in cjy." llmloroe the S- i-n.l J.n y oiivrntloie Wilminotos. X. C. May l.-"..-Atal meeting of the produce, exchange of : this city held yesterday rcsolations ; were adopted unanimously indorsing the Memphis "Bound money' conven- tion. j I S:tn PVanc'sco wants or.e of the National Cinyentins; she isn't par t'cuiar which. She is r.:ie motlest than some of the other towns, which want both. Star. i WEEK'S NEVV3 CONDENSED. j The lioycott Kxten.lod. j Kansas Citv, Mo., May 1-s. The boy- I cntt nn tlw Armnur PirL-in r... declared a month afro by the local re tail butchers association, was vister- j day extended by the national a.ssocia- jtion to include Chicago, St. Louis and i iionvtr, with the intention of spread- ! inff it all over the United State unless j the dil?erences in Kansas City should ne nnjusten. "iho Ux;al difrerenccs aro I due to drayag-e charges and the inain i tenance of retail stores at the packing- Louses. j I o I'plzp 1-lghttsij; In Vlrclniii. Richmond, Va., May 17. The gov ernor says there will be no prize lijjht itijr in Virginia. Governor O'Ferrell j was asked yesterday about the rumor j that, the proposed prize fi.'-ht between j Corbet t and Fitzsimmons would be pulled oir' nt Jackson City. He laua-hed at tho idea :ind said that the people miht rest assured that there would be no such exhibition in Virginia as lonj; as he was R-overnor. North Caroiina Cr.p l.-tm itr,.1. Ralkioh, May 17. There was frost yesterday morning over perhaps two thirds of the statu. It was heavier here than that Monday morning. The cold winds which have blown steadily since Sunday morninjr are doinp- more dam age to the crops, particularly cotton, than the frosts. Many of the farmers are quite despondent, and have cause to be no as the cror outlook is bad. 8le of the Van Winkle Gin l'lant. Atlanta, May 1(1. The Van Winkle i'in and Alachinery company's plant was sold yesterday to Capt. W. W. Moyd for r.s,iH0. Twenty acres of hind are included in the purchase-. Air. E. Van Winkle was the principal bid der against Capt. Uoyd 'The property was sold under order of court to satis fy a ruortpupe held by the American Trust and Banking company. Three V-:ii for Attempting Siorliif,. Ni w Youii, May 1-.. Iiecoider Golf yestcr.lny sentenced Henry W. Rail, DO years old. to three years" imprison ment in Mates prison tor attempting suicide. Kali was found on M::y '( lust in O-ntral I 'ark with a bullet hole, in his head, which ho admitted h: had ir.llicted in an attempt to commit, sui-cid-i. Admiral Meado VMI1 he Retired. ! W'Arin.MOToM. Mny I. The president j has decided to comply with Admiral Mende's request to be placed on the se'ired iht and that otiicor's active ca reer will be terminated on Mond:;y iu-:t. Ao order retiring a nav:il oilieer docs no? relieve him of responsibility ; for nny acts while on duty or since his detachment. i New York It iHkct i'urtorlcf) rSoxi. Di .MCiiiii. N. Y.. May is. (virg to the ruin of the grape crop, sixteen grape basket factories in Chant:: uqua county have closed down, throwing twelve hundred men out of employ meut. Merchants who have been ill owing credit to grape growers, taking as security the prospective grape crop of "05 are in trouble because of tho crop failure. I'itubiirtt Stiner Oailo-1 Out. fii i-sm-KG. Fa., May is. At yester day's convention of coal miners of rir.tsb-.irg district it was resolved almost unanimously to immedi-.tcly caii out every miner working iu the district irrespective of tho wages th.'y may be receiving. There are nearly -i0,0i''j miners in the district. About , ,f this number are working under seal-., rates Vanhinutnn Lndl-.-s Dound for Atiuv.ti. Wawh.niitipx, May is.- A committee of Washington representing the National domestic rcicrce association left this city last night for Atlanta to inaugurate a department in connection i with the exposition. The committee consists of Miss Morton, chairman : Mrs. ! Wilkins. Mrs. Cabell, Mrs. Wilkinson. dii-s Humlin, and Iieilucln Southern Oil ' fit:ip;iny' l-took. Nkw Youit, May Pi. The plan for reducing the capital stock of the South ern Cotton Gil company, to S2.Oii.VW0 has been favorably received by the shareholders und between so and IM per cent, of the stoi k has atrea-it- given consent. The company will then be in a strong financial position. l-argeat -r.tton ililll ii St. LoviS, Mo., M ii Mexico Hurried, ny I'!. A special trom .Monterey, Jl.'x., says that the j Lafiimu cotton mills, silnatcd near ! there, were destroyed by tire last Mon day night. They wore the largest in Northern Mexico and the loss is placed i at 125.000. A company of Monterey: capitalists owned the mills. i Tho National Flute Frlnton l iuo.i. Hoston, Mass.. May is. National riate Printers Union closed its two days' annual convention in this city yes terday. Routine business was trans acted and ollicers elected. It was vot ed that the nest convention be hei.l in Washington on the second Monday in May, Ifj'Jil. Will Sny Nothing of tiov. Ctoiir' C in-rt. ! Ai-iiKViLi.K, X. C, May 17. The L'ni- ! ted States court finished its labors here ; yesterday and today Judge Simonton ; goes to Flat Koch, this state, his sum- I mer residence. The judge declined to t comment on the pronuuci;:mento t.-f ! Governor Cvnus of Smith Carolina. i j i i!ii;ust rin:i r,xji.ii!cioii I-ckvp Tor uim. , Jacksonvii.i.i:, l-'la., Mny IS. At Key j West I-'hi., it is sai 1 a filibasterimr ex- 1 pedition left for Cub;!, -while the In fanta I .valid was delained in quaran tine ut Ttimp.i. Tbe n port comes from n reli.ible source and seems to be well founded. Will I-til li!i 4 Uni.j t'niiMi In lii1ian;. LAi'onr;:, Lid.. May X. syndicate of Chic.-. go ci.pi-ali.ts is :ierroti:iting for the purchase of live huclrett itcres of hind Its We tCeesfi :- I'or ter cotsiity, 1 lie miimate pu.-.oe beit.g to estubii.-h i r.iee liffls Tor tho fish nrt FNtwcics l.cll.inif:. ' Washington. May is. j$i,is wore j opened at the United States lish com mission on May 1" for the erection c the United States building for fish and ilsheries at the Cotton Stales find Ir. ter- i national grounds at Atlanta, (hi. The j bidders were as follows: R II. IVctc .i- Co.. Atlanta, (hi.. A- Walker. Atlanta, ihi 820.1 .-: liood i? 1:2. WW; i'eteri & Caul, W ushington, I). C, i7..")l2, Children Gryfoil CAMPAIGN IS 0N!r;"T ,"SOLs-OUTH"PLAN- Silvor Advocates of tho Vv'c-st Form the "Bimetallic Union." j ST THE RESTORATION OF SILVER, ! j j Tho 'uy'-ete Org-anizntina tffccto.i una Uelvgmem Appolatoct Jo the 31. 111 phl Cfnv'i!tlu h plrlt of the Rt'8a. t.tcoiiM At!t;ptt.(l. Salt Lake Citv, Utah, May is. The silver conference yesterday engaged in an animated debate over the name of the permanent organization. Mauy delegates favored "honest money union;" still others "silver union." but Governor Prince objected to confining the movement to one of the metals stat ing that the west was as favorable to gold as to silver and Ids motion to call the organization "the bimcttallic ? . . . . uiiiou was unanimously auoptel. ifte folh iving resolutions were adopted: .'e.-l that ei ..-::nizut:.iu b- c:o t.-'d .Mli.'i ri'.n niniet!lic Union. tO 1:1 J. Ils eipl'v; the (; -.( si;ill hi- to uii-uiej4to th"- v:iu- t'lnsettitis'ij Inswe o.' :,i;v una the rcst.-Tisrii n ot v r ;;i the ruii.. ui f. M 1 "f (1.-i-.i:i;,-!:ts, tile h"i.;a;j ol t- :iit'." '"P.-iiitc' menus. Iiy Xii" rir:-M,i. iaeetli;.:.. :-.u. j 3. '.'is-. Ul.:. i Illitl. : ( iu,.-ii. ; the l !l V- !, f.Ms ceiifci.jl;. j work Thrc. j nu":-uii ..f Ilii 1 .-.i..lil hi;.'.- iifi i-X.-:-tlive i.riai ..I e:i. . iu. i:-.N r trn'n furh of .ii - !m.i icrrit. -i-irs tnvi'.en to s 'a l.'.-li .-.!(:. 11 liuve i-'ii-.i-,'.- -f Its im si.i.e;- shall constitute- u .-'i:.!iiitt. :. 4. O'.ht r Mittrs aiiti icrrUorkta m be ron Divti;n i:h tr.-o uaiun l.v u vot, of a. inuinritv I of nil i..i-.:ili(iis of ti e i xe.-utivii co.-r.niii tee and s;!!:ll tlu-r, foro bo entitled to reprrseiit.i-t!-.a is Uie executive coiiunitict-. 5 i ;i i vcry -.lite nn.l t rrit-n-y cunnecled i'"i:h the uiiiini tlierc shall I n .-':t.- -,-r l:ri t' li.U i-..!iiu.!tti'0 oi!Sitiii! ot live or inrre luiiiitxrs with x.-.ver to !.U v::c!-iii-ie.s and add to t.K-ir i, niix-i. Th.-K.- ,-.-i!i;!.iiU'i' il bn n;.!'('lii'.'-'l ui il: .... ittst pinee at this ci.nferpin-o. .V l. r.'l:ll !:' the (iu! y of lb-; stiive or tfi-rito-riii iHiniiiiittee t., the uec. ssnry funds lei ituri j ir.;r on the !.;. , i of the uiiieii i:nd in evei-j pr-i;cr to :id In tho f urtUi-ntnco of thiii..- ohje.-ts. T 'i'lu- in. ;iil : rs of th.- X'.euli oo?TimiUee f'.r . t.t!.to or territory shall ho elirtod nn nini.y !.y th; slut" ci- lerrilorial leiiei.itue. ls;'."-.i:.:!v. 'I he chairiniiit appointed delegates to attend the bimetallic league conven tion to he held at Memphis beginning June 1 1 t!i, next. GOES TO THE SUPREME CO U FIT. South i Hroli.iH- i:k.i.ii-ir l.nv 1'nri-loci lo tlx. III!. tier Hody. j Coi.t .Mi.ii, H. C., May 17. The dis-j pensary law i-.j now on its way to the j United States supreme court. A few d.iys ago Const.;. bjo Reach disobeyed ( United states ledge Simonton's order of injunction it the case, he having held th.'t no one could if::erfere with liquor shipped into the st:. to that the law was unconstitutional in so fur as it interfered with interstate commerce, lie wis arrested and put in j:;il for con tempt. Attorney General R.irber left here yesterday for Washington to make application before the United States supreme court for a writ of In.beas cor pus. The state expects by this mcth.xl to get the entiro cu.-e heard y xv United States supreme court in the next tkventy days. NO TRUTH IN THE STORY. Secretary I.m-coit Sot to Give Way to Mr. Out hvait, of Ohio. 'V.idiiiSKWX. May 17. " here is the ber-t authority for saying thut there is no probability in the story that tomes from Lolumbus, Ohio, that ex-Ui-presen-tative Jos. II. 0;!th-.v:.-te, of Ohio, will succeed Colonel Lauior.t as secretary of war. Mr. Guthwaitc is now in I hi rope, but is expected to return to ihis coun try July 1. It is snid positively' :.t tho war depai-tmetit that : Store toy Lamont wili serve out his full term unless some thing unforeseen prevents. Secretary Lamont answered a .question as to the truth of the report with a smile. :nd nothing more. His friends say for him that lie will certainly .stay where he is throughout the ader.nistration. TREASURER OF TENNESSEE. To ll-.-oim l'rosldetit of thi 1'irst National r.anV. of Nmhvllte. Namivillk, lenn.. May 20.- It is nn open secret here that Herman Just';, who for several months p-ast has been urging the directors of the First Nat ional bank of Nashville to recent his resignation as president, will soon be relieved, and thnt Mate Treasurer K. li. Crnig will he bin successor. It is said thnt Mr. Craig has agreed to ac cept the position, and lias or will soon tend-. r his resignnt ion as Ktate treasur er to tiov. 'i uriu-y. VSHGiNIA PRODUCE DAMAGED. OM IH0t.lnl.111 Ti-Ji.-k Xrjiri:),ri siilVe)-il on Account of 'o'.l ititm. Nonroi.K, Va., May Is. The truok ! farmers of this section have sci"ercd : very seriously on necouut of cold rains, i licporis to the Virginian from ail sce ! tior.s of the state is 1o tin.- effect that ! potatoes, eabbro-e, per.s etc., have been i damaged possibly twenty-live per cent i find in certain sections the loss will ' reach forty per cent. The fruit crop ; has also been seriously injured. Tbe ; loss cannot be cstim:; led. It is impo.s ! sible to estimate the loss in, and ; ceiits. V. H It Vj ori ti:ry llo.iert'! Apiiiny, , Mav IT. It is now eeri- Vi',v :iy.iifix, M ernlly believed in cles and among of She. Mctide. incide; ;:'!miiiist r iccrs of the lion cir lavy tliat it is closed, and that the Admiral is not likely to be called up before a court martini. Secretary Herbert's scmi-otlieial statement of tho aiitiir is generally regarded ns aruorecr less abject apology for tho unusual manner in which Meade was treated by tlie navy department. This statement from the secretary leaves Meade's action in far better light than it would have been otherwise. Gov. Turuejr t aiifl tho F.nlru Session. Xashvili.e, May 16. Cov. Turney yesterday afternoon issued a formal proclamation for the extra session of the legislature, to convene Monday, May 27. The matters mentioned in tlie call for considcrn tion are the appropri ation bill, the rever-ne- bill, the peni tentiary bill, a bill to require voters to register less olten, a bill creating levee districts in West Tennessee, and j a mil 10 regulate state minus, Iiiilcd With Itclicht riii.viuAi). Col.. V ported between ! j here and Raton, N. M. This is tho ! irst snow or rain in this section for j liaitlky raontns and it is hailed with ' delight by stock growers and others. Pitcher's Castoria. k. i.Say is. Accordinjr to I Senator-elect Stephen H. L-Ikiiis, of it the Wal- West Viriiinia. who U dorr hotel, th republKjun party will SSSlS'Ki roi, into the democracy of the south. Mr. Eikin's idea is to secure a thor oughly national organization of the ro pui.hean party instead of having as heretofore the North apainst the .South. To secuie this he would select a south ern repuchcan as as vice-presidential candidate and thus recognize the ni- j iiint ligh that republicans in that sec lion are. now making. Judge Coif, of V.ct Virginia, is his preference for the place, Mr. Elkin says. The silver question, ho declares, will adpist itself. Ho is in favor of the gov ernment estublishinp a parity between gom ana silver nt a ratio of 10 to 1 or ! 20 to 1, or whatever it deems proper. ! nnrl tht'n maintaining that parity. ! Mr. Elkin .l.u.j r,f tl,:,.!, ... : -'r- r-'Klri does not think a stmio-ht gold man will be .selected as the candi date of the. republican party next cam paign, but that a compromise candidate will be chosen. I If did not, he avers, come to New York to m..-t ov. Occi dent ihin ison, and he does not think Hint ?..r. liarrisonii giving the presi dential nomination a single thought. niT.-io.-i, it he saw cleerly that he wa i wanted the cx-pre-ilent would no doubt listen to the call o! his party. VERMONT TOWN LAID IN ASHES. Five Hundred I'eonle Made Ilonieleaa. Lohb lhrc-Qa:trter of a .Million. St. Alhana, Vt.. May 20. The most disastrous tire which has ever occurred here, or that has ever visited Vermont. I yesterday afternoon laid waste a creat ! P"nion of tho business section of this ; .own. Ihe h re started at 3 o'iock in j the lumber yard of XV. li. Fonda, and a j liitrh south wind caused the llames to j enter the very heart of the town. In I five minutes the lire was raging in a dozen different places, and the fire com panies were powcriess. The loss is estimated at three-quarters of a million dollars. Fully five hundred people uro tonight without shelter. Forty busi ness places were destroyed, together with at least one hundred tenements, to say nothing of other places. The tiames are now under control, but are being steadily watched to pre vent a. second outbreak. TRADE CONDITiONS LOOK UP. ItrndstrcotK 1 (mrt. for the Week JllHt landed. K'h-o uruci"C. Ni-:w Yoniv, May 1;. llradstreets to day says : (.eaei;ii trade i on-litioas throuj.-ho'it tho i (ouatiy i-oni:n-,i;" i;iii:c favorable. A-tsvitv In .-;ici-ul::tiV!' and iuvosoneiit eirr-les has ex-cce.l.-'l that ia mer: handise lines, hut ra'.im riiaite ia the r havi i:i nenrly nil instances beon retiiiii.'it. Wool, n coeds iiiiinufiii-tuii.-is. even with or diTs for scveiul in .tilhs to io:rn .'ire not na tfcii.aiint' ants, us pricps for wool at the in-t.-rior ine :il.oy- a purity with tjuouilioas nt the sec beard, and lower prices are looked for. Heaviest vransaoti. iss continue ia Australians. Tlin wvalUer lias letai-ilod Hhearii.sf. KUode lKlnn.t i4-...ol1u itjuriiifi, suy tne dctuand K largely for the c-h.-a:..-T srudes. Anion? the laore favor.iMc e iituies of the situation i4re haul! (-lc:..ria-v tlm a;:r";.-at.c for the week tic ii!K L it's -r 0 or threo p r cent mere than last week, when the totul was the heiiviest fc-laee the s'corn1 week of June. lsiw. The entire region from Hoston to Kansas City. Omaha, alio Mi.u'n r&!N. S. I)., and south to the liuif. i.-port.-i oumuito to curly vcto Mcs .in-.i fruit fr. ia :!;i- late .-.eveic cold weath er. It lias alsi. .: hucliud sales of tin; seasoimhlc n.l.iics. TENNESSEE'S CENTENNIAL. An .othusiiiNtie Meetiiu on lhi I'rojcct In NhhIivIUo. XAsn vn.i.K, Mny '(.- There was a meeting at the chamber of commerce Sntni-ihiy n'.olit of reprcs?ntative busi ness men to decide tlie fate of the ccn tennial expositon. It was the most en thusiastic meeting yet held on tlie sub ject, and it was unanimously determin ed thnt the exposition must be held. It was stated that the question was not whether the exposition would be held, but whether it would be held ut Xash vilic or Memphis or Chattanooga. The unanimous decision was to have tlie exposition in Nashville, even if David son county had to put up all the build ings without any help. THE AUGUSTA LITHOGRAPH CO. Thr Ion rirfwlml an,l Of!!, era Ar ia.-eicd. AioCsta, (hi., May IS The Augusta Lithograph company wns organized las., night by eleeVing the following of licers: President. Mr. W. E l Plutt; sec retary ami treasurer, Charles M Collin; manager, W. il. Correll. The board of directors is composed of solid business men. The company's plant is nil reudy and fully equipped to do a fine line of lithograph work. They will begin op erations at once. The htrilin Will Not Mirrrrd. Iha-KKII IT).-'. W. Va., May 20. It has been definitely settled that operations will be resumed in four of the largest West. Virginia mines tomorrow. Mili tia nre in readiness, but ifovernor MeCor'- " will not let them move until btrilcers actually attach tho works. If these operations go along successfully the strike cannot succeed. Oniirl: r Million Z ir: in Nova Kcotli. j Haukax. X. S., Mny io. Fire yes- j terdsiy destroyed the long wharf freight sheds and coaling pier at Richmond, j In tlie shei'.s were sixty head of cattle, all of which were burned to death, j J c.e total loss was nearly quarter of a mi. ho: propel 1 dollars and being government! ty, there was no insurance. ! ViiiitRoaii ry l):T. r a Denial. Mo.n r.iouKKv, Ala., May 14. The re port sent out from this place as to re cruiting soldiers for Cuban insurgents is based more on the correspondents mind than on facts. There was a ru mor of an agent being here a few days ago. but no one can be found who T..-. .-s pr.vtbimr about it. Ilooth Klpctcil Moderator. PiT-rsnvKo, Pa.. May 17. Notwith- j standing the well laid plans of the j Presbyterian League of Liberals and Mild Conservatives, tho out-and-out i a.iu-i.i.s un-n were successful yester- duy in electing their candidate for rood- ! erator of the 107th general assembly, ! Rutgers church. New York city'. nev. ur. ixoneri kussp iinoth r. The Interstate Orlll Clones. MfcMrms, Term., May 20. Hut two moredat sof the great interstate drill and emcaniDment. which Progress ia this citv since the 11th re- main. All competitions have been com- P'eted and the decisions of the judges j will break. wui oe renuerea tomorrow, when camp New Yon: Read Tiik Advance, fi a year, LOVE'S OWN TRIBUTE Tho North Carolina Unvoilod. Monument ! THOUSANDS OF VISITORS AT RALEIGH. The Veil Fulloil Aside by the Little Unud I)Hnhter of fctomwiU Jaeksuu. The Monument the Work of the Lnaies. Ralkioh, N. C, May 20. Fifteen thousand people are in Raleigh today the largest gathering since the cere monies over the body of Jefferson Davis, when on its voyago to Rich mond's Holly wood to witness the un veiling of tho Confederate monument. The beautiful structure in granite stands at the head of Fayetteville street, fronting the Capitol square. It stands as a monument not to the North Carolina's Confederate dead, but to tho untiring devotion and zeal of i the woman's memorial association, of l this statu. It is the largest, ami in many respects the handsomest struet- ures of its kind in tho south, and was j -"eiited with funds raised by the ladies. i j aim u siaie appropriation ot ?iu,uuu se- i cured by their influence. l rominent men itom every section i oi the state are tn-re today, find over four thousand veterans are in the pa- rade. The military of the entire state j are in line, the largest military pro cession ever neni in iorth Carolina. A program of imposing ceremonies will he carried out a I the unveiling this nfteruooii, and little Julia Jackson Christian, of Charlotte, grand-daughter of Stonewall Jackson will draw the veil aside. SOUTHERN PRESBYTERIANS. Touching Bcrvtce liokil In All tin. rtiurcho By tho ItaltigatPK, on Suioliy. Dallas, Tex., May 20. Ail the pnl pits were filled yesterday by the min isters of the assembly. The principal sermon hy Dr. Hemphill, the modera tor, who occupied tho First church. His sermon is spoken of as a most touching and impressive discourse, on he sympathetic nature of Christ. Dr. IVyton Hogc. of Wilmington, X. C, who occupied the pulpit of the Dak Clilf Presbyterian church also preached u notable sermon. On the text Heb. 4 ii. "The word of God is quick ami powerful " Rev. Dr. Mallard, editor of the Xew Orleans presbyteriau paper was much complimented on his discourse, as also was Dr. J. H. Xall, of Xew orlcims. Dr. Null preached in the htrre Method ist church In the afternoon tho First church was crowded for the annual meet ing of the. 'ussembly communion Kev. Dr. Richardson of Vir ginia presided. Tho service was con cluded by Dr. lioyt, of Georgia, who spoke feelingly of his affection for the late Dr. Smith who vv;-s his classmate 111 the theolox-icul seminary. The ex ercises were very solemn. Today the assembly will enter on a much more active session as tlie com mittees have largely prepared their work. SOUND MONEY CONVENTION. Tho Hifllui; to Ik- an Open One With 1'ow. ,r to I-ix lift Own rrofrriim. Miisiriiis, Tonn., May 20. Consider ing that on May 2:".l, the hg sound money convention is to bo opened, and that already some of the delegates have begun to arrive, it is surprising that no scheme or exorcises for the opening of the niVair has been adopted and no plan of action has been discussed. The lo cal committee on arrangements has taken the view that the convention shall be an open, one with the power to tixits own program, select its own tem porary and pennant oflicers, and do such other things as appear proper to it. The only person who is hilled for a speech is Secretary Carlisle. The other sneakers will not be known until the convention is opened. POLITICS IN THE LONE STAR. Cleveland acit 1 1 Ik Mom-J Views I'iulir in TflllA. Wamhxoton, May -J0.-AV. L. Craw ford, a leading lawyer of Dallas, Tex., and one of the best informed men of that state on t lie political situation, is in the city. Mr. Crawford is not a poli tician in any activo sense but lie keeps in touch with public opinion. "If the silver men succeed in capturing the democratic national convention," said Mr. Crawford to a reporter today -'th democratic party of Texas will bo split to pieces. So far as Te'xns is concerned Cleveland is exceedingly popular, by far the most popular man in the party for the oilice he lills. His, ideas on the financial question just suit the sound money men of that state." TO INVESTIGATE THE MURDER, j Fulton (iord:u Slay Vrt ho li:ltl for the ' Ar.luitloti ot Arch Ulmm Itron iu j Lot lsvil-i.K, May IS. The grand jury ' has finally. decided to investigate the, killing of Arch Dixon Drown and Mrs. ! Gordon by tho latter's hu.-hund. Fulton ' Gordon. Yesterday the jury ordered all the witnesses figured in the case during the examination in the city court to be summoned to appear in the jury room next Friday morning. It was generally believed about the courts yesterday afternoon that there would I not be an indictment. Kx-Krnte Senator Hurl Admitted CAsrrii, Vyo., May 20. Last evening the jury selected to try ex-State Sena tor .loci Hurl, intirdcrcr of William Milne, his wife's pnr:imour, rendered a verdict of not guiity. It was proved by several witnesses that Milne attempt ed to draw his revolver before Hurl shot. lo Il.-.lhe -Vas') Tw'niy Vet Our. Pittkiu !:f;. p., Mi-.y 1". It is re ported thtit the Piltsburg Class combi nation wil! advance the waoes fjf their employees. It is believed the ndvanc will be twenty p. r cent, i. IlighiiLt of all in Leavening Tower. Latest U.S. Gov't Report r ,J.3 - sVti A-Wi Tm I AJ The Old Friend And tho lest frien.l that never fails you ia Simmons Liver llogu lator, (tho Ived Z) that'd what you hoar at the mention of this excellent Liver medicine, .and people should not lo persuaded, that anything else will do. It id the King of Livor Medi cines; is bettor than pills, and takes the place, of Quinine and Calomel It acts directly on the Liver, Kidney and Bowels and. gives now life to the whole sys tem. This is the medicine you want. Sold hy all rruggi.ts in Liquid, or in 1'owder to bo taken dry or made into a tea. ,? KVr:ilV rACKAKR-e IS:i Hi.. . stun ,i in rt'il tm u rupprr .1. II. .KII.IN A :., l',i;lei!.l,:ii. Va. THEY GO TO LOS ANGELES. 1 he roD'Inctont Convention Moot In Far Away allfornl In Atlanta, Mny 17. Tlie order of rail way conductors h:ive selected Los Angeles. Cab, ns the next place for holding tho convention. Denver, Dal las ami L'ucbec uride a tight for it. The convention hnr. condemned tho fellow .servants bill introduced in tho Missouri legislature. L. Si. Collin of Iowa, president of the home of disabled railroad employees addressed the con vention in regard to the home. Last night tlie convention was tendered a reception by tho railroad Y. M. C. A. hero. FIRM I-re-lpit,,1 .1 ) .-r Whrm rlmll tha Ile.'ihiiHrl r.t ho l.oeiiteit. An.AMA, May is. it develops that there will be a lively tight t xiay in tho Order Railway Conductors convention. testcrdny an effort was mnde to select some place for permanent headquarters. l'eona. 111., and Toledo, ()., were tho most prominent named. Tho conven tion referred the mutter to a commit tee to report on two years hence. To ledo has u delejfntioa here which in very active and zealous and will en deavor to have yesterday's action recon sidered. The convention seems to bo pretty evenly divided on the question. M'CULLOCH SLOWLY DYING. At Hest the En,! in N-r With the Vooora-t-lci l.E-Mecrolury. VAsjii.n ro.v, .Uy l;. Lx-Secrptarjr Hugh McCulloch is very ill nt his coun try home, Holly Hill Farm, Princo C.eorge's county, Md. He is suffering from debility due to old age and from kidney trouble. Mr. McCulloch is nearly ninety years of age, and natu rally the members of his family are ap prehensive. He has been ill about a week. Dr. Stone, the attending physician, says that Mr. McCnlloch's condition was critical, but slightly better today than last night. It is thought to be only u question of time liefore the end comes. Mr. McCulloch 's daughter Mary, who hos been traveling in Europe, has liecn called for, and is now on hcr way home. LABOR CIRCLES FOR THE WEEK. The Advmuo n IVatr by Many of tha t'oiK-riiH the Ilvont of Comment. Nkw Yoiik, May IS. R. (J. Dun A Co's. weekly review of trade says:- The severe eolil simp, with exlfiislve frosts, iiml In some .stales snow, hn fortunately (limn little ilniiuurc to the rrcat cropx. though much lo fruit, hut hiiN uouKidurahly rcturdcl retail tnule. Tlie liom Hewn of the wefilt is the ad vance of ten per cent in tws by the Cnrtiuitio works, folioivi il hy the Jones & Lauhllii en t:iMishim:nt im1 t vi.lently iuiplyini; a Mitnilar &uvunee Iiy mnny other com eriiH. The HUiioi St cl conipuny U Martina its furnaces without cnmtini; the employes dVmiiml. No ailvnnco has been found pructit-aMo in the woolen mills, where comliiioiiH as to prices anil foreiun com petition ure very riim-rcnt. und about 10,000 workers ure still idi.; nt, Olnoyville, wlicr the worUs should rniisumu kt week. In other .loenittiicnts of labor troubles nre not serious and Hie itenmnd for miinufiu-tured pro ducts iwieusen. MICHIGAN FRUITS DAMAGED. Anothor Heavy Front I'inyo llavoo With the i'rodnce and Fruit Kaiser. Dr.TiroiT, Mich., May 17. There was another heavy frost throughout the western portion of lower Michigan last night. In Kent and Ottawa coun ties early strawberries and grapes are ruined and other small fruits badly damaged, flrand Traverse county re ports all small fruits wiped out. In Muskegon county strawberries and cherries are badly damaged and eight hundred acres of peppermint in Moor land township are ruined. The fruit crop in Ivnr.ossee county is completely destroyed snd Hillsdale county fruit is badly damaged. JUSTICES CHANGE MINDS. IlrpoiU-i! That at Leant Nix tt 111 Vote A-almt the Income Ta Law.- - Washington, May 1H. The positive, statement is made today that the in come tax will be declared unconstitu tional by n vote of 0 to 8, even if Jack son votes for it. 1 (chides the four jus tices who voted ngainst the constitu tionality of the act at the first hearing, Justices Ilrown and Shiras. it is alleged, have changed their views, and the ma jority opinion against the constitution ality of the law will be signed by them when it is read from the bench on next Monday. The exact position of Justice Jack son is unknown. Should he favor the law, the three minority justices will then be Harlan. White and Jackson Examine M. T. floor mattins. Young's big line mwmw PURE IT

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