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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, June 04, 1896, Image 1

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WILSON ADVANCE. 1 i I JL Ji n , .r.i if! snviNf?.. " i-ET ALL THE EBDS THOU AIMS'? AT EE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S AND TRUTHS." BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM, 0' 7r'UK S"KTT WILSOX, X.iC, JUXE 4, IS9G. X UMBER 23 ' . ... i f k I. -i sense, as applied to the act of buviivjf. i ' To unclarbuy is our constant effort, ; And to undersell is our settled j determination ' r) ) ALL who appreciate the winning combination of LOW I 1 VlllCES tor BETTER GOODS,ve offcr our ! M,9 1 Drives in Notions:....! HERB ARK SOME OF Til KM. j 1 , a c 1 ics U ty b r c i 1 a s . Wc know that we underbought on these and are underselling! a'! others. Don't buy till you see them. Prices start at 47c, j Li: that quality would be cheap at 70c fully as good values ! in the I wtter raoes. i i io : d o I is i Til AT MUST CLAIM YOUR ATTENTION. Always remember that a piece of Ribbon at the sams price as we ask is not the same Ribbon. YK da i :ii to give you better values than others at same . 'i- i ' i ? once. lest us ana no I r-i Mfqd rUiiuaeir ;ina r fit ? . j dU(uiiMWiutOifluo Cor. Xash and Goldsboro Streets. Iv ?;:;;. -.i d..--s-. :; ;-. tUI' t, ' t .1 . i r ; '. (,! , '--.' M,a a f !-:x-I;iyor !".r!.T. ':::.. A a -e I. il i e. in II. Fit--" '.elnhk: and head ;f vu drai ( ?.! i j.-; ai.auifat : ; hi r :::: 'lie. I at his home d:.:V. .-o.;e I Ca. lie was at dean Cor i ia. iind at a a w i a -t 'a lei, .-Maes - ! ;-oa:pe-:v. is .at . o ; ; h.. .r of thi and thi lie was ..'jlui- nama ' ' ' 'i d ( oa- i :ra:n do 1 in . l.- a a L ''l 1 ,! . . - v. i i . :!i May I:', from paea- a a .:" y.d- Fa-Id was un . :;. ) ,. i. ... i j- was li 'i' ,;'"-J: '' ' : "no" th iTaveaiiaa islands ' -' : -.a : -di a -tiv ay. atal she '"v ' 1 -ue..e '.. it elf to all sorts of i i i:e,v oVer the i -lands on .' "": an., rarniirx baac lor no sort i ''':. a :. It i :ep -i iae for hor to ij'l j). ,;i horseiv.ek. No )ar '' !l lejr death are yet obtainable Kcui y's Silver I 1 -s-;'. t ion. C'V in . .en. dure.' b The ihapdrer has ' ' 1 eras fro: a 1 b' of the 11U conn- : i.'. i; -kv. and claims the.t thi" dele- -1. ;- i).':aoer;:ii convention j ;.,:- Wednesday, with the) 11 oi' '", !:". Knott. Spi'actU' and j -. fiof heard from, will stand j : a r. V-i: pdd, m ; unin- j : :ioi i e.. from. K. j i an- :'(iit;;'ii 31 i id si vr Iiesins. ; 1 : :-t daae !.- Count Mutsu 3lu- "' 'edoii-u.;- of foreign affairs, has' a, 1::'. ... sid.jri ; ' v,ae:; t., ill health. Inouye Ki, ""!' edaeation. will act a- minister -!l -hairs ad interim. "ri-nve lo a celebrated anatomist .'v"vll;; llPvA'ea-(ls of 5,ooo,ocx5 little ;rtn's in tin- human stomach. These ;ua!s l"onr out the digestive juice l! Hsove or digest the footl. In (d-stion is want of juice, weakness of j auh of these organs. The best and d;".1 natural helo is that ravm-i bv j-l:;,'r digestive Cordial. "Natural, it supplies the materials need ed .'V.die glands to prepare the digest r' -bii.s. P.t-cause it strengthens audi i'rtiT"ri:itl's "ialuls an(1 tlie stomach, J a':M1, llU:.y :tre able to do their work ;n,i; A '' .'Klker Digestive Cordial cures ! , ' -esnOI1 certainly and permanently. I i''ivnS- ,e secretofits wonderfbl and ' 1 ''tied surrpsc At d riIsrgists, price io cents to $i.oo I I I I 1 !- Id! L Ui d'' hi it 9 n these days of keen and constant i competition the path to prosperity! must be cut out hv the blade of common f re 1 1 3 d o ns: convinced. tip pa a nl fnll fhu Ma 5 llvlTII IN OECIiEffi Though the Effects of the Tornado Tire Still Problematical. CVEE THESE EUXEEED ASE DEAD In Si. L.:ais an.l I'a-t St. I.onis Timnsli 3Iauy 31 ay he i:i:r:cl 'X at!i Ititias 3Ian OltVrs of A-siy.tHiu-e, but t. Will Can' tor Her Own The l'roperty Loss Will Jraeh 81 'J,."i(M),(0O. ST. I(ris. Mayli'i. Althouuh thousands of men have been at work nia't- and day clearing away the wreckage in the path of the tornado, they have scarcely made a perceptible impression towards restoring the chaotic confusion to anything like order. -Passageways have been made through some of tlie rinci)al thorouh fares. it is true, but for the most part the streets are still choked, with I ho battered remains of home; and factories, hospitals and churche--. The path of the storm is fully a mile and a half wide. It starts away out in the suburbs of the city, where beautiful homes of people of wealth are lo cated. Taking a zitrza; course it extends down through where the densely popu lated tenement houses are located, fully six miles, and crosses the river. The number of families left homeless by the devastation nhmu: the path of ihe-iorm will in-b- each tin into the thom-ands. In many tliese imbaaunates h.aveio-r ail their worldly pos-eesions. Mr ivy wail for days be (h'pene.enr on charitv and their more mrtunate neb -hboi'S for sholder. Tills has made it n eeessary for the mayor of Fast St. Louis to make eat appeal for aid. There exists a!) ut as much uncertainty as to the actual mimli'T of people killed and the amount of r perty damaged as on the first morniirzof thi' disaster. Scores of dead have been identified, but no one is willing to venture a .ruess as to how many bodies mav be in the ruins of the hundreds of buildin-s as ye: unexplored. Corrected reports from various sources alom: the river front materially reduce the estimate of the loss by drowning. How manv roustabouts went down will proba bly never be known, as they are generally of a class in whose welfare there is little interest, most of them beinpr nero no mads who move from one port to another. The destitution, misery and want here has touched the hearts of the people in :dl parts of the country, --ml as a result, ever since the storm of Wednesday offers of help and contributions have been pouring in. Up to a late hour $45,000 was the total amount of donations received. The manv message sshow that the purses as well as the sympathy of the people of trie i .-tares are r.r tiiems-e-osai or me I h .!;.!.--. unh.rnr: at of Leiis. But St. Led-, is a proud eb:y. rh.? U always ; re:i. iV'. VC 'IT b ;.'-. unless it abject want. ) eseeped thy :v that their ! 1 !. "ome ne i' The peaple of Sr. Leiis wh rava.ves Tiv tor i will , nretheriulo r.e- i". the rceeeides of life- or for a ay ... -m!.-.1 as-dsmmv. The mayor the .oand City, -.veil knowing hcv e.i if pruie. has uniformiv returned thank- to ihe -uu tel. ami ;. i -.-y.v red :h ; x ,f all th.i : ' kind ! ..!V ;il.l;lV-! c;:n fa a :i. i whil ' : ! o ill." 1 n;.v oca ! ; .'.i; w ! ! 1 oa-.- j ia,-: ;.: uav-:!v:i ! : a o ;- ;.!.)- j : w .i : i:n:l.'k ; V --v 1 nc in i his ' :, - ih,' . I ' ' I ' . 1 . ' , K ' . . i city .r;vt.-:i ; lUi';;;. . .. '. l; ;!;:. c:'. .: ;; .. 1 i,. , a ; 1. K:ee-. d;..:.!. 1 ; uaitr.owi; tieed. . i ; 1'ataliy inared. o; iaiss- rte?' -are- ' "id e inia- . a :a -; ; !. e h - , ,f ;!; ty iu j that t Ity i'r ei i ho -ro"::i e.r .''io. i Comp.i' e:r au'.hovit; -s in thi - ; ity say ! (he lo.--s Oii ;.iis r-aie of the Mi-assipid will i iiot i e over lo.t ,o,t,t ; i. Con-M-n.'., .M.-'.y A cyclone and waters; a. t;; ,:;aK-k C'oltr.nbia yesterday tioo.n. I;; Y-i -.: ville. on the Yorkcounty siiie . ,f the 'u-: "..ehaniia rive?. many houses wen- i. and liillmver !sr Small's ple.nMfj: raiii wa-- alma-r compleiely j vri-e-ked. Th 1 :ir:u cro-se-1 the river, di- i vuun; 1 a e of a ! jV.'t, dva rive-' visible. The wa tee was red -e.i from he river and car rie ! .a-, r ihe , wa. The ph.nin-r tinlls of Jiu-hnuai .V 'e-a-y ;rvi ta-' 'olamoia Lum .er c;:;i-;:!-v were raeeo' ' .l, as were also u naail-ee : h -veral ear of lum ber -tana: e. 4 o,- the radr..ul trat-ics were une.a-,e pi are-, tae aiii 111'- V of de'.H--. 1 a a 1 r.e l.--.,.rds earrie i two 'i se ,,;; . 'Vpie -.T- wie.-ked of i;e ' ie.ra! ia ie aiiiar Mill . n iter.; :.;: :e "i ; : e a: w.tra. who;;; .-e-ee inmei -o-ee:l mv.i.'i' thj whi -a i-.r: .dit see- Havoe- i.u.! 'be . w . - d ' 1 t i :!e-.!h .r :.a- ea ' e. a i an.! :: i e od' -.'.-. wei-e .-e- riiju- lv ie.jare.i. e,-..,d - a' .vhaia may die. i" :-"yr!.(-''i! In-iiwrti-ii -:t m-ci, 31 . i" a ; : aie 1 by a . bnusoarst rain. up e: ' :-e.t u ru;y ni-ht. Twi-niy-dee - adaias we. e v.a-e -ked by the ,-wi.-:iu' win.d. and e d en other. v.'ere sweet lr.aa ii: ar 1 o;; a.'-a ion s ,y Uie delutre of waier. At lea-l ci -dta "i lives were bat. ilvery srreaiu in the ?urroand intr country has ( verUev.e-1 .and a number ( f briiles on the Sr. L. ais and San Fran cisco railroad have been swept away. At Neosiio thi' storm did aavat damatre. Three bodies were found lodtccd i:i drift wooil at the latter )lace. but are unidenti fied. A number of families have lost all, and are destitute. A Fatality at L;ii!lu;rae. La xuhounk. Pa.. Xu y 2. Geo r$ro Wen t erk was killed by the destruction of a barn in which, he had sought shelter durin.jr yesterday's ft arm. The tobacco houses of .lame-; and Samuel ileaddev and Ilenrv ! Deckel were wrecked. At Ydhe stsheaf. on the Pennsylvania railroad, the station was blown down ami live tobacco ware houses urn-oofed. On its way to dersey the storm destroyed the barn of William Mershon, on Morris bdand. Near White Horse George Newell, while driving a i wairon, was cau.irhr ly the tornado and fatally hurt. Harrison Dilluii. colored, j was also b;idly injured. j Swept i:aT.vt3-.iiii; in Its I'alli. Cextuaua, Pis., May Soutlvrn II- ' linois was the scene of two destructive cy- j clones Wednesday evening. The first did much dammreat Ea;t St. Louis and viciu- ifcy. The second speiit itself in a district! less densely populated. The latter struck the village of Xew linden, twenty miles j west of this city. Only five buildings were j left standing, and the list of killed is re- I ported all the way from eighteen to thirty- j eight. The storm covered a strip about j one mile wide and swept everything in its j path. ' ' Foe.rteen I:issent;ers Drowned in Illinois. Caii:o. Ills.. May :27. A harricar.e and cloudburst struck this city yesterday, j Fourteen live- were h-t by the sinking of : the steam ferryboat Katharine. Five miles ; of KdeiiTaphi Mdi's wt re blown down on thii Mobile and'OIiio railway. The Opera House ;ind Union depot wore unroofed. ' Xumi-ersof tree- were tie-troyed and sign-! ! bh.wn down, but nohon-es wer ' destroyed or lives lost, in rhis city. The Katharinv? '. was upset when near the Ohio shore, and j only seven persons were rescued. Iluildins Wieeked in New .Jersey. Tkkxtox. May 2.1 A heavy storm sweps ovi'r from the Pennsylvania shore yester-! day afternoon, after having blown down j several tobacco warehouses and barns in j Langhorne, Pa. At White Horse, south o' j Trenton, a barn was blown down and b ! man named Duffy, who had sought shelter there, was badly hurt. The storm went on to Allentown. Monmouth county, whem a number of small buildings were wrecked, and several persons injured. Swept a Clean Path. York. Pa.. May ?X dv wind storm, amounting almost to a cyclone, struck near Hanover yesterday. It demolished six barns, blew down Albert Furry'. dwelling house and a schoolhoase in Penr4 township. On a farm owned by a Mrs Myers a building inclosing some live stock was lifted up and demolished, bin tno rtocic was aninpaivu. ino -to-.aa swept a clean path t'ar.-ah the wo-hIvc! lund.-;, that it was cunliued to a narrow space. Tlirt'e 3Iovt Storin Victims. Xo::k:stovx, Pa., May .,,.t. The storm which passed over this j)Lice yesterd.-.v eiteraoMn wret-ked a nuniher "of sni di L'iildinrs anl uprafjted many trees. Thi coroner has j.-v-n notified tlint two nier vere killed ar Jarrettstown. near here. Af Kat !) ro e n siler. i 1 le daaiaire was done. Mills and other oaihjin rv were unroniVd .--ixten Jvtrns 1. John Wai ters, a Heading i-aili'oad r-eetion hand, was killed iu a Iv.iai where he had sou rht shelter. B:-:T!LK:.o:m. I 'a.. May -.'.. This .ie."c su;:Vr.-d ai::ay thni-aad dollars diaiare by y,-r.vd ay afte:- i . ;:s storai. i- two h; -irs r:i red a :' -!i in torrvus. Foriy :v-i-dea-es alon:;- i i v.. h : s- x.n- were ii a ie I to th ': ); h ::f id on the dr-t door, w!d!a' Fi e :.' :!. ,;s many more prop Bi'dos v e ': e t'e u:i lee water. T;riin i- Vic! i. as at Maunf Vernon. It! I. ;IT. VE.'tvav, lad., M .y J t. A lormalt i-.iek t!ie s ,.uh a-i p ?.-.;,, -,i of this citv at l i a VI :c laes'.I tv nitrhr. wreeir.jr td.i aeea ;;do:ia -s. aaaie'' u out h ai-e-;. The ;e ude e 1 death or Th relief corps is nowar work seeurini; aid fee the st.jrai .striekea ie-)!. Kt;ria Oamusjt at Itcailia. Re.vdixg, P.a. May 2.K A sudtU'ii and unexpeeted shower resemliliivjc a cdoud bursf Hooded many streets and cellars in this city yesterday afternoon. The damage t ) property may re.i-h siweral thouse.nd dollars. Thi' storm iaste.l tb.irty minutes, and was the mo-t severo ever (j:q;erienced iu this loeality. lair Kieu-ii, Oiic I'afally Ir.jurcd. Mkxro. Mo., May J:). A cyclone of ?ivat violeii'. b.riau-intr with it death and destruction, vbhed the northern part of Audr;;y county, id out oiht miles ia,rth east -f Mexici. Wednesdity afternoon. Four children were killed and one fatally injiuwi. Pai!aii ljaia's Carfield Statue. PnT:..i.;::.,:i:A, Jane b The Garfield -teaaeou ih. lia-.t .Park river drive, helow (lir a'ti avv n::.' btidcre. wa- unveiled Satur day id. -.rht a add ;t scene f jroravotn- splen dor. .'di'i'K Iv.n:; up from the momtment iii: the sides of a hue amphitheater ce.l wr', diere. e f fuiiy .i.u,m j.'e rpie. wh a shouted the aisrlves haar-e as ii. A. Uardeld, the son of tiio many-red president, ilrooped the ila'X whi'-it veiled the manument. Sur roundin ihe monument v.-.ti.' a ihousand menibors ;m.L quests f the Fairaiouut Park Arl association, while stretch in j doAiiliythe, river l)Hiks were countless th.u--aiids of spectators wli o had l)een un ab.le to secure daces of vantage on the hill-ides. .V Votui.5 C.r Stiamtr'cd to Death. New Yo;;k, dune !. Ma.ry Cunning ham. Vi year:- old. w;is found straunled to death in her mothers Hat at Xo. .j. Last Thirty-seventh, stn-i'l. Mrs. Cunningham returned home from her day's work, and Upon entering the back parlor saw her daughter lyimr on the door with her head nailer the he I. Pullimr the child intview Mrs. Ciinni.'i'.'-ham saw t he" h error that there wa-a oe.vel ticdirlv knotted about her throat ami that h eye; were black and i lue. i;s if she had been fea-f all" pounded, while her toneme ;irotrt!;ie-d from her mouth. It is thatiiiit that an assault had been attempted. A man name'! Edward McCormick is under arrest on suspicion. Itr?rt'snli:tio;i in Coiivt'iitions, WASHIX(.Ti)X. dune 1. The p.a-stion of A change in the representation to future national conventions is likely to come up before the Republican convention at St. Louis. It will be brought to the attention of the convention by the Pennsylvania delegation. It proposes that the repre sentation of the various congressional districts be based on the Republican vote polled therein, there being allowed one delegate for every T.Ooo votes, with one additional delegate for a fraction exceeding S.Oon, each district to have at least one dele gate. Senator Quay favors the plan. Steam 'Launch Sunk, Tlirt-c Drowned. Xi:w Yoaiv. June !. Three deaths re Falied from the sinking of the steam loan -h Pen Franklin in the Harlem river last Saturday night. Lizzie McKeon. one of those rescued, died in the Ilarl-en hos pital ye-da'dev. Tha body of Katie Mur ray was taken from the water by a wre.-k-inu- schooner ye-terd.-y. Tire body of Mabel Wolfer. who was also drowned, has not been recovered. Frank Me! ugh. th" eii nineer. was in charge, and he is held for criminal negligence, it being charged that ie was drunk. A Veto from the President. Washixgiox, May : (.President Cleve land yesterday afternoon vetoed the river and harbor appropriation bill, accompany ing the returned bill with a message to the house, in which he declares that "the bill rpeiis the way to insidious and increas ing abuses, and is especially unsuited to these times of depressed business." Six Years for Counterfeiter Xinger. Xew Yokk, May 30. Sentence of six years' imprisonment in the Erie county penitentiary was imposed upon Emanuel Xingcr. the pen and ink counterfeiter, in the United States circuit court yesterday. Xinger, who was a farmer of Flagtown, X. J., had been counterfeiting United States treasury notes for eighteen years, and his work had the reputation of being squal to that of the best engraved counterfeits. Till V 1 1 d li v i. 1 ft K The Man from Lliryiaucl Heads the Prohibition Ticket. JOHdTSOIT ro?- PEE3IDEITT, Tlie Sivcevlt- I Jolt the Convention, Form t!.! "National 1'arty," ai;l Nooinato Charges D.-nilev f r Fres-dent and J. II. 'in;! lijjatf for Vi"C I're-idt'nt. Frrr-:-:r;:(;. Mav Co. In t he Prohibition national vor.veiition yes-erd.iy there wasa'cr diseu io!i over the platform, tho 'narrow guoge" i arty p,v'.-en;i::g a plat form v. e.i eh i cY.-rred only to theevilsof tht j':uor tralU". while the 'broad gangers" in-i.-ied ( ai a iie lar don iu favor of free coinage of sih-er. 1 lie -ilverites were lel by e :! .ve:av r r Joh.n. i,f ivaiis is, and the deba e le.-ted u.uil ii o'clock in the eve-ling, and tosuliel in ihe defeat of iho free silver'ites !:y a veto of -PJ7 to dsT. The platlorm as adopte-i e.a ludv-s every thing 1 1 l prohild: i ai even woman suf frage, and is the narr cvest kind of a nar row guage d 'ehiratioii. When the convention met at night nomi nations for president and vice president of j.r'. r i i'vr Tt'-'1, the TTnir" ! s-au- - wor -alie l for. The roil of's wa ; called with no response until Maryland was reach"!, when .1. Frank Tucker, of that delegation, came to the plat form to pre -car the name of Joshua, I'. Levering. Only one otlvr name was presented, e::-Oovernor Huahes, of Ariz ona, whose interests were championed by Elisha Kent Kane, of Pennsylvania. But Mr. Kane withdrew his candidate, and Levering was named by acclamation. Hale Johnson, of Illinois, wasnominated for vice president, his selection also leing made unanimou ;. Joshua P. Levering is a prominent cof fee merchant of Baltimore. He is 55 years old, and is reported to be very wealthy. He is president of the Young; Men's Christian association. He wa5 m 3du& 7 fyl?AWS- CILr.LT.s r.. ti'-INTI.KV. formerly a I)--mocrat. 1 -;r has been connect"! with th" IV. addition p'irty simv !. He r--n on th - Prohibition tickt'i ! IV ii fwr '- r; amor. i-e-eivin;r the highest vote fvi::' ca-t in the state f. tc the party. It was lo'v af'cr midaivh v.-h.eji the cou'cniion adjourned. The l ;m:,,1 guage el"!i. eat left tdie convention hall bite last and organized a rump convention in. another hall. Eb'ven state chairmen were among thi' bopers, and twenty-four st.ites were lvpi.-sente. I. I hey farmed a new party and named it the Xational party, and its mott is home protection." The state delegates were authorized to appoint two members from each state to forma national central committee. Then they adopted a silver platform and nominated Charles E. Bentley for president and J. H. Southgate, of Xorth Carolina, for vico president. Health and happiness are relative conditions ; at any rate, there can be little happiness without health. To give the body its full measure of strength and energy, the blood should be kept pure and vigorous, by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Ribbons, a big line. M. T. Young Repairing ot watches, clocks and jewelry a specialty by 0. W. May nard at J. J. Privett. the Jeweler. TT Id 'ii I If! on i U II ' 3 , - -, ,:, . ,:f, v, v v

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