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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, June 04, 1896, Page 2, Image 2

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ii! 1 2 THE WILSON ADVANCE: JUNE 4, 1898. " " - - - - - r- w " J5r. .y . m . The Wilson Advance. ! Pf?n nf UFFi PtiOH : be chairman and secretary of thit i elates or alternates so c-3. cted shall precinct meeting shall caddy f iae be eir,it-T to .-cats in sva.1 o ;v a a- ;m;v:l:si!kd kviiuv tiicksdav. con yen -..oris the ; ticm : t :;'V-(.ai, i ran even- c a apt- sr.ii-K t.i..-acaATic ,utii.-.:. vote ' " U "V cn raw;: .J v.t . !:u; n.i',v at ,,.. vw sv.! etered is the Po-.t Ohice at Wiben tC . P.. as socouu caass mail matter. "or tha can -a tPat haobs a..- For the vro.,-.r thru i or la- !i::iiiv in i a-, .tu-iance. And tae uoo.i thai .. : rm, d " . - . ' i - i O- r ; ; i c; txct org a n : z a tiox. i. The unit ot county oryanizi lion shall he the voting precinct. In -as resistance, cac!) precinct there snail be an excr etive committee, to cous.m: or live ae- ; bve Democrats, v. ho shall he e'ecicd by the I .'c-'mocrubo vok rs of the sev- T.CO tne t mect:n. 7- E-jch precinct shall be e; to cast in the eeatv cove nlaa: a i convent. ! O S. I i e T n: : i ; t every twenty -nee Democrat- j .-It -V a: votes and one vote for fraeboe " Oi if tmrtceu :-ator!;:i r the 1, p-ecai!!:-;; - .el e-, iltiu!:-- as n .' T T - 1 w ita care;:;! ; crops and 1 1 :o ?' . e:a!e V-Uty1 :o r.r.:: ;av he. application of :i i b. c4 ?,f iizfr contabib- , ash ofrcr.i ia:i!.;: ; y. . . . between a ?- b ' ' iai'ure L '" 0, L hCAk f-ix Months Remit by draft, po.-t-ohice ord.or or ' called hy the (bataty Fxecieive re:'ist!.-OA' letter at -ar ri Alv.aya r, a s t;.,Pl ,-,1,,..e!r, .. ivo po a-ohic: a di dress ia full. so elected shall eicc'- one c Rates furnishied on bers as chairnian uho shall all committee ;.a vbtn-'S. a a ; i ! 1 1 : w I -Vddo fa a :fAdvertisiaa ai;)!ieati-.;:i. No i,ai',:!!!:'.ii with-s-at 'a.' aaao known t, the- add rcsa'' : - ' ' ' in:: , ; w r a;vd 1 "a 'h" p-;s 'ed a. b a: a ' a lb ; over the th..- a. .:.':(. at. Tin: s a : ' b aaa- .f hal v be pbycai ia b; ...v i.aafa. One would iata-iae that the I ban-crab leaders would arrange a new plan ot campaaoa T1 r i iaauiAr .v. Ki..:n has ve- ; toed the River and I larbor biii. The ! I as iron .... i . . every veinee ja telnet shah he ; a:,' 1 cast at --x-A ma v.. to, ai d "' : a.:a :;;:iy a a.-: v. nee d;a:ysl .'as a ave be a. 1 e'sdria.-'n the lar-ei: a: i - a ' a aa . ... - 4- 1 Owe j: .. : vee . - a : . . .i.t.a-s 2. The elninaen c! prveiaat ;aaaavta:-.:s siah' bar Coaatv Ibeaaaive O vbdeh abai meet at the sa a ; . . vac ae seaaai Viae be aajr , c. i ; : a. a ay aab; eh et;aa- a t,; o, alo a. e-.-a-aniit . of saa' .'a.,t.a i 7 v ..; .! niectiees (a : ah. id 1 :. ! hi, e:. suasa'SM r aiavl b a ' ' .o, d. A ;.a,j uv Oi said prcaaaet ehaaaaaaa bi ?a. sea or iy proxy shall e-asata'a- I .-ai :;) ;n ; ; ad :a;l ch laa a ; oaorant. ihe eoaa:- csamht 1 shall likewise app- iat a e mittce of five, who shah act ia .! caaa- ' a n 0e so c-eajrl sh ai ia- eabtb- aai '.. oa v eaooas : raovaaa:, i A : o : aty shad hiv .! S , - I ct.n, . ,,. . bid carried with it ST'.ooo.eo The : -' " " ' -vLeve. piaaaaet :a:Pna; colore T , . ' Mt m sa-sion. Wherever ; to-va- '' va . 1 resident savs ae waa not en - 'ors' 1 , . v-l-.e--s io tue lownsaa - e -aveiaa -a ca o( saa! cenvent'ons. ; siep contains tw. i I ,- , ; i svji!-..,. v -iiii.:oi-aa ... ', ; die i('vns:n;) t mcnt ecids. aareaov lTieurreo any rnoi a i .il-s ca'hn lor t diture of mi;:or until coneress has ; -aa a-t oa ry coaatv con vent ion, b-- -.-;! it i : . io; e ocieipaa..a.-" to a ;0 (.oai.aes--a.a- to th :;'a'e ...;d a a :aaa s ; , p p . ... 0,--,. 1 -1 't--i .-si.t i .a one a:etary ei ria; Saae c.. jural adia a. I- -iahl be the cbav .f the coaty coambnee, aad ,a' as eliab" aian, to lurnh saeh inaeaarad.ion r ial uai such iej;o-rts to :ho eladra-.-'- v,.''o;. a y; ear a a a i j ,::.,., ; G. COXXOR, Attentat laa, WII.dGX. - . a Cos eioaa ..s he aa;v dc- " coaa;aaa: ; -y, ba Coxnit;-.s-The presani ine to end th nas . s i sl ram xaaa'ive committee, venlh ; a v. a a aeo wace (hay it sa.dl he to e.di ail cesser y tr)a n-h: p convanb aa; ;t ne! tho : ,' chairman of the townshin eoaimdtea : : 'aa, vaa!vOoi'aa iar ct!ier can i rhae-n. ;h-' re shad he a a v. , j parties Jarre tad: en a crwa o-- aaoa; dbad pre-nbcai ad towabaa. caava -'!w.'. A aa towa.-vao av aa .) - ' re' far an as a::c; eep;,-a av the Stale! (...,.n j t.Oo .xecu'ove bomnduee at bbb . da a "non paiabaa" lia.a talk beyaii and eaa'tai Ib'.ch sc. ins to ha e b toe otner .asa: y.aa been aaaaaoa.di b. .aa, liUi the harness. i-sa - pbidaal , ' a.. , ,- .- a ...a . oavaahip i-oaamne f-d a dve e mmhoee ah;d; raa tla be caa. th.vre h di ! r-n iae i'-art el anv ar'-.-ha ovpra yap i Pa a. ' a ( o. . j. SIMMS b: h AL I.V.SfkAXCi-: A.i :p.p a- ra a ai r-;, r rS ra - : i . o : aa. e :ia: i f ACOC P.ATTI i- O o : ai.t .. a. ; ia ; . a: -a aa: v ! Vdds()n. a', cut:. a ii.: a'i.,,1 aa'e ha; a . 1 t a A Nortlicv;; I --a, o: :. ..; f;M The ibrettrrihe () server.'tells of a j ior:ner:i nam s disyast at the recent j ; i:s ( X'.'eutive commitUe fa- a p...-rh (! tmitv (lavs, the an-int- a ; .... . I . ' ' ; peeeinec vote. i ae '"aaa-aaaa aad i commuted shall appoint said ccaa'a"- , r..-..,- , r o (t x cv,.. : c; etas - o! tee nresaaa or (orr,v, i : - . . . I .1 T ! " " ieo iiuas iae wemceratiC vr-'e-s r-.! ' ,, , ,i I s.wu v v ..i ,uai -..a..; iai lilSirue. "Oi: said nreeaict aareav i lie Democratic voters count" are avaade cad:-, d Jo at tiivrir laayaeLA'c ooaarers bVj' :d I oblaeb, for li.c par- oa.aav,. tv. . , . , . . '' - (- (aa:;:' (a.-eaatos to fa- ..ui.oe ,;,en : rioviaea, mat where riu.. ab , a: b lveiri!'r:ai Si,i'! mn-i-ih, L..i i -4-. j he memhars ortP ,,rP;nof i , ,.o.. ...... aa? a. ..... . . id 1 11 -i--v..! e:eh, and what ho s:n- h:. a -aa-.v ! committee shah eleri lo .rrc f sP-.P P. I.,-r,,i : . .a., i.:. were alter calmly oberviny; thio?. j ccnrrln- in said committee. j At all Stale aad obtrict. countv says : i 5- The County Executive Com- j end township conventions the dele- A Northern man and a Republican, j n1 shaii call all necessary county j prates !ro:n the counties aad a Air. Maker, of Ibdl River, Mass. j ernveatioas bv eivine at least o-i i votin re-f--Po- - ,?: o... j ne memoers ot the orecinct i alv caa: i or;-.: --o-a. a n a. ..d-ix-- "Mb lbb . , , 1 1 " 1 " i - jur.e cotii at i o cock to b-ates to the Coney cssion a! and Saue eonveuiions. The precincts will elect in their ur-t convention an e.wcutive com ml t tee cons is nr. $4 of live. The eiiair- lo ,K men .d tla- sevead prccin o.aeoaU- r- es Mua; coay-ose Tie.: County hlxec a'lva cammetee, which shad :v-et at ssna; time end place as the ro-ntPtv coaveiUaaa aad l'.cc a cash nana 1 'i TO.. , . Ch'm Co. Derm Kx. Com. June 3rd. ::-Py6. arrived m tue eitv At onoav with lbs j ('--- P, a,, , -ae, 10 ' - , . ntvn a A-b to 1 ' l-"v' ;)' ';lblic -''vcrttjemcin 1 vote ;t tneir resnecPv e e.-. opened. A.o. Jamer was s-fPa ' , 4, , ,. ! in front ol the LaKavette hotel, h,P ! 'V Lnree lHhu:c Peaces m each pre- i votmy pieamcts to a enmy; to a nun doer oi o-entlemeii 1 C!nct' Jit tle court laaisa' door, aad in ; provided two third-? : : 00 r. t t v , , ' d4' r- . . i , . ousMnp, ponoes. iie .sucidemy aroe i " c.noeiattc newspr;per that may I his votes aaam the (am;:- or ('.. Irom his seat and said : 'dlemiemen he pubhsiud in said countv, rcamcst- I precinct consent thereto " you are ai. stran-eivs to me, hut if you ! 'n,r ai Democrats nf thn J ' , "... . win nhow it, i want to unburden mv I . , - 1 - A c.e cnairman, or, in ins, ah- mind of an humble thouylu. I was i 'ir re:-"PCCltve precincts on j seence, any member of the Coamh- born and reared in Massachusetts. 11 C(mr- therein staled, which ! Sen itcabab judicial or Co-av.,,:' -x the hotbed of abolition, and have 1 shall not be less than three i co nm:d-c- ,a .p a 7' " "o" : fif pr, d been taught to behave all my ihb that days before the meetin, (dbhe counts r Z 7" 7 the Repiudicaus and negroes were convention for tho nu. i 'V 11 77 t;,C 3 Lxicuy treated by the Democrats ofJ , , - o--- -u- unmnamsmp taereot until : the con- the bouth, in fact that they were still tl)eir -( to the county vention shall elect its chairman. SalOS r'-"1 by tl" l-:b:itS('f 7 7 '"oteis ct meet-1 3. The executive committee of' love aa aaatb, euic:; ir.ff so held shall elect their delegate, ihe Senatorial, Congressional and Tu- ' " I!"!,,I'S to represetlt the n'ec''nrt hi o..,J i- 1 . - , . ' : fH, 1 n provo.l ry the viluat:irv stal 1 P-vcaicLr, in oe j cbcial districts, respectively, shad, at 'lii m.-ntsr v vb.-. 1.. - i aveeaa;' e aa -r' (ea, eom-daaa didieys, -ooci' 2. i'oar ro e:; p Urcet above Lee. Vacant lot e-a Two hir-e (,IU . aaonan i i a as a; 1 ia- rodderav ( ta are a: -. - little better treated than laves. Dm Friday I stopped in a Southern city, the city of Raleigh, far the first time in my life I henrd that there was a Republican .State convention in session and I went, charged with a -Pwoens aaa v.ater. ai .(.)n- ni"- ai dv 'y' ;;;ats. everye ia. .. -i.;as e. a:-i:o;ib 1 ' , ' : 'aa : e: so a. - ' ; a ; ' . aaan in rear. ,b3' An'-'i;if-r i;'"t f - 5 '-a: whe n P, ., ., t .:ec;asary aa ; eiid i a -,. have oe , 7- .tares, (hveihae,-; .a:d o :rs re- iiaaa- aa ah: -'a tion a, T. H. ITb'iCoC -55o-tf county conventions from the voters the call of i heir re,o-prf ' P-a,- o. the respective votin- precincts, I meet at some time and oh re -In tn,-.;r sympatnv lor tnc oppressed Repub j Willcn de!-t(- of them as ! respective districts desbnv.tM in .-d leans. I stood and ryazed at that j al! attend, shall vote the tail Demo- ! c di .-l - sP.P L,r 'T ta.L a ior moments was still icier, i to i . , . f convince me tla-.t if this was Retaibli- ! '"' '-c-ct vv' :;- canism in the Soma, then God (b-iivei I '''" cr';-'!-- re -eadeoaaty ccuvea- ! di-tti her from it. lovs, 1 am a S amem Dbaan I" case no :a--eba sV-ai :-,b , state- id uon:r-;i sliow t!;at Houu s rj.irsaaariiLi ac tually !oes ihs.--; -OVVrJi nv"i ,J:'" I'siafya:- on- !-5. --ri -h a a f ay- :.- ;;i 'a i' iPe respective . snr()int av a-- .-.-;-- i ;A.. i,, 7. 1 , f v :'r . ' 1 t la; f; o venb; V;"'P P- ' caa. a-ra-n ei sam .'a r i :..-. Democn t in heart and :ahrd if : by residence." p j eea, m any t;rtcmct ia fersuaa I ;',i:tl caa, or no e.ection shall be mad- anmcdi- I iue preca:et executive committee e I -hall appoint such delegates. f 10 ,v's va i-: We offer One Hundred Dollars I ward ha- any case of Catarrh that can- ! not he cured bv Ih-dPs (P.tnrr!. r,-,-.. Toledo' CHKXEV CO 1:7-j 6' At evcr)' precinct meeting 'Vee unclersi.yned, leave known F i sha11' bcforL" dekes to the J Cheney for the- last is years, and he- j co"ty convention are elected be a IVLZJI vote ,ai:en ,OT ,he dir-' '.di- ahle to carry out any obligation made ! dites for office, whnse name may be bv their linn. . 1 11 V.:st Tkuax, Wholesale HVuVn Prcbented and lhe delegates shall Toledo, O. WAianxca Kinxax b.M.K- i vote ln the township and county con- Vdibcb;;h!b;tbb;: ! VentinS thcir rCCC,i- Pecincs in nally, acamy directly upon the blood ; accordance with this vote ; that is to rn'd'y'dnhpdbdh1 sbbb'bi sb,cach ca,,ditlatc slM recc!- Drupyrists. Testimonials free. II you want the best machine buj the Standard Rotary sold by J. J Privctt, the Jeweller. the township and county conventions that proportion of the vote to which the precinct may be entitled, which he received in the precinct meeting. O; ; ate;v not av te ea-o-:- r-a.-4 a a tarent county executive committees ol the raid appointment, and the said county executive committee shall forthwith call conventions of their respective county in conformity to said notice, to send delegates to said respective district conventions. STATE COXY I . XTI OX. The State convention shall be com posed of delegates appointed by the several county conventions. Each county shall be entitled to elect one delegate and one alternate lor every one hundred and fifty Democratic votes, and one delegate ior fractions over seventy-five Democratic votes, v! eb 0 M ft 9 i -! . O. O ' - a 5 ply to CI i O d p iU f i I s E Is th. One True Tll.-.o-l I'erifi.-r. Atl.lraists. s. l'r.-Iarol - l.y o. I. hw r.,.. r.w.-il. Mns. Executor's Notice. Having caialiaed as executor of the last will and testament of AiP-y Pa-e, deceased, hue of Wilson county", North Carolina, this is to notify all person.-. haviny claims against the estate of said Alley I'a-e, deceased, to exid! it them U th.e aiKbrsiyned on or before the 2yi.l1 day of .May, 1S9-, . or tins notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will" please make immediate payment. jUb-bJau JJ. tAialA.X, Executor. w. t. idp:.:;.:;. : When you want a nice, cool drink of Lemonade OR Soda Vater Call at cast therein at the last nrprpHino- onV, ernatorial election, and none but del- 1 rs lk?S& .Altorney- !I-6t. up-lU-liai lie if d-"! KVbRVTillbG ieat, OSean and Attractive- J. XL CHE ATA.U 15-1 v- ht-.szz srr.rsr. "4 -I k' IT

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