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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, June 11, 1896, Image 1

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Y.Kl: THE WILSON ADVANCE. 4 " s7jIPR.CAoH IS A9VAKCE "LET ALL THE ESD3 THOU AIMS'? AT BE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S AND TRUTHS." BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. vaLsox, x. a, juxe n, isoe. NUMBER 24. Jf. J V V s na van i 1 8 s3j jAlSlft ! iJiili TO. BflUDTT ftili MB! HUMS IITLffl - i i i w v v.y ! ! .--.1 i iG H-Iti-IIihi chairs Tliro-n ! T?OH Spaniards h South America Will Egyptian Troops Er-o a Bright Make Purchase:; Elsewhere, Tith the EhrJiiYs Forces. T X these days of keen I competition the path patn to )rf)suentv ; ii:st be cut out bv tile blade of common' EI3 COAOKi-IAlT AIaO IIEEI3 DEATH rj j The Horse-., I),(,:u!!)-v rrjciK'i!, Him j -'v;v and Overturn t he arriag- at M r. and constant! cm,i-,i-s it:lfl. n.:-4,. .w-vport, x. n., tin 4 e. stone Wall. AITOTHEH BLUITDEEBY SPAITIATIDB -i!!'l)lVl!i; iln'.i -Igai X::v.-i'o::t. X. IT.. J; 1 O sense, as applied' to the act of buying, cur constant erfort, undersoil is our settled deiei'min.ation )!: dli'.i at t: mU!f !- t Mr. Austin a - of Xi'v i-i-f Mi?; rit in iii ! : ' .' i . I ln.pi"!- ;'r;v!'!i by the rti:mi :ig ;-.-.-;iy of tee ho;-- a: -j r; his c-; rria ire. The TO Aid, vh ) a-i)n.:iate the winning combination of LOW 1 l'R!Ci'S for HI 'ITER GOODS, 'we offer our r- .,:! lives in ixoiions:.... HKRK AaK SOME UK THEM. L ixc i i e s L T rq 1: re 1 1 Wcknuv that we underbought on these and are underselling alioth-Ts. Don't lmy till you see them. Prices start at 47c, but that quality would be cheap at 70c fully as good values in the lr-:ter erades. Is) 1 d o 1 1 s ! K ibb o ri s ! t;:at mkst claim your attention. vays remember that a piece of Ribbon at the v.-e ask is not the same Ribbon. ami to -''ive von better values than others at same best us and be convinced. it'-!'-) 1 i ;i t '''. T!!oo!! whl; .: n:ii;--v ;""! ; i; ;-;;.-!. !;!. (';.;: . I ius:;ve T;:- p;,-:v ! . i;i h. -ii'ti: 11- : l-V: :oi, Wi:,;;:!. ;'.our o'rlo;-; in the : " '.:v. ! i-.--..'i-v two ; :i:r . !::,-! I,v his siio-.f ri-ist ii-tw-ei: Aai, r:irty 3Iit;iT::i- t It t- (1?ut f:i- l!iMir-'iif. I'r's!!i:-r- H: !,l on Trivi::! ( I r;-s V.'ith tmi (;i.'i; i );:.If y for Defense. Kava:;a, .:?. . s. Th- -vnM'. :vw- yiMi'- r' M-Vvk- . S;.:;;:ai" of Ar- FULLY A THOUSAND LIBIT SLAE1 TIjo Troops ;iv U imi :"rkct in t!ie Ni'slif, ::ikI ( iiplmv f.w i'r.n-v .Vltcr a !..ittl' I.tiinvj sin Uoiir n 1 a Mali Tlu of the I :;.'y ;.f 'a us Wry mu;:11. FT' it !' t:;k'-a I y lvr.;: ta m t- - a nea i ly hour .vi' ). .rai'.vr. and t n;'Mn.T of I ri;;.i-'!vos :n t ai. a . Spaa: Viav a i - :'.! :;.-m To n.ain- a - a; -!v:aarv. il a; .-aa i 1 at i a i ; , , jn iiid ( :' ihaai. i:a ;a-t cn .. !a- iri on i ' i ' a . !a -a:--; -,n co:u- TJ.; i'ay;"ian i':cis .at t-a:a a ; ! i-r. i ; ; a iaai- o"a.' i a j'' :ia:; rip t' ) 'oi-n- i i a-a iii iv::--'.' f ! v.-ho lia- !).-,:; AI-. (','s I c .-.!-hM!:i!i, ' r' Iu-v atul ia Xcw Vurk, loi- yMjv. liar t !va :a;va wa:-a hit'-hi'ii u j yr-t afday luj- tin- iii-si t i i ma. ihtImds. with- ' out i-iijuK a-. Mi-. Cor! -in opomul a un shaaa' jut a tluwtii'ovci away from tho yard. Tha hors-a at nn.v Mrta I t run, and b?aa:ae UJimanrj.wtMv. They run down ! a: th! .a; - a a . : h iai'ia' i a a". a a. lata - ' O? v v fhwu:y."thaS;:an-ai'-a ha ta!c.-a a ncv .I to i:a a va.-v .-tron.r Aatai-a-an -c:i-; P'.u'i'aily lias '' -t,i f-f5.v'-4 .v; .- ml A-- D -,rh-a fir!; ipT;) jipvpmf nna wina fo pi pfM fnn 1 L.jii J,;iu Uv'UiUi 'V; Uilu IrilliJ vj Uii luilO iii'j lido,; n 1 jo nTM i A i h IlllliVUl u LEAlll, M',;V. or. v,h and Goldsboro Streets. l hi; UlOii ! PC a : a , . i -i . t oria. Vh it fs da aa:'.I : a!iti-Si;;.aish fc -linu' i'i i ;aa aaii in tha "n!.r.i H-1; Km dv'veia-i!o ! !.v the ir-s in x ho :roihor founti-y w-l n in Sp-uosh Aaicriaa. Ir has led to tha falling taa;.'t iiar f Span ish lnerchants in t!:a of Mexico. Urutriiay and the Arra':tii:o. They have protested against what rh"y regard as ;ha urd"i-ivnd!y ut icranc as pf the American people, and have tinammously decided to tease further pm-cha-o-; ia the Cnited Stare-;. The ruovemeat was iidriafad in Eolith. Aiiierica quite recently. The Span Nil merchants of Mexico City and Vera Cr.i. have de'-ide.! on iadlar action. America!' exports to the three repa! lies r.a a ted have ! -ecu con-'nleralle. The !'!-I- .m-c the latc-t limires o!t;,l:iaMe. 'i 'a-y are !'ra a Tnit'.;.: "-ate- auree-; the ! p -rt.of i he ;.;M'a :n of st a ti. -ties: Value of Ame'.ica!i e. ports to Mexico in Isaj. f! !.-.".e, .'..)'.: in -.X). sp)Aa.a:U: in !.. r !." i if. V-ilue o-f American exp ort s to A ;-aea;:ae UapaoH it; LaJ. s-.V i .'7. i - : in : i: in s4.v7f'. Value m.;-:-'a-a e. xp aa- to I'fuv.'lay in o::a : in a;',. i.iio ': in is., .I.oi;.. i : 1. Value A meriean export-: to t hilia a: W.e :-;17.'a"i:;.-,;ij : in ls'.K5. -.U.i.V j ever.iter. The t!':-ia:iee is i..eaty mil-.'--, j audi! : !; th vrh d" p.iht to .-.voiaolish j thema-.-h. i 1 'he uiarch we.- ratr-ued ie. ao.lurasi- larce. In ( a t he arrival of the larypiiaa- at th" oervi-h cranp !oo!v the i netuyeomitle;, ly y -uri!yi--e.Thcy (otickly rallied, however, and ru-hed to their arms. Ihey stood to t Iieir positions a ad made a Ftuhhorn defense of the camp for an hour and a half, during which there was hard fl-htin.-. I he dervishes were finally put to rout hy a Hank movement exe-ute I !y t ho cav !t,Iry. The furee-iof the khalifa took lliht towards uarda. y,n mic d ly the cavalry. Suarda is nearly a hundred miles south of here, hut if is strongly held ,v a force of several thousand dM- i-h ?s. Iiajiorts so tar receive. 1 indicate that the loss to the dervishes will amount to a thousand men. Anion,; tho-e killed is I-hnir Ilammuda, who was their com mander. Ivddes many important chiefs. The Kirvnnai. loss was twenty h'dhd .nd eighty w. lunde 1. The dcrvidie : made a h,"d 11 ehe with a. lare force o: ri iiemen. aaid U'r ouiv lieid their -round, hut altemjirel to with a -rfec; r, -ar of was iviui-e v. ! 1 1 i I ,.,a l a which aid Maxim hail and 'e.; y cunvo'd!.; Volleys, which aiafc I ae laud h u--" ; of Fi rX; Tho a a o. -id::; VEei KILLED BV A BOMB. It I, TP.-, '"a Into a Corpe.s (dtristi I'ro- :oi at Barcelona. . A homh wa: I 1 ".V STORM DAMAGE IN MINNESOTA. Chri a a One Person Drowned aad 3Iany Narrow lts-ans .r i:'iortetI. St. T'.vr.I., dune s. The storm damage evd d'.trin the Corpus I in this city Saturday ni.udu was severe. ye;e:-dav. and its cx-t The city railway hridjxo is the rincijal i i ' ' !i killi irz of even per !'.i'."v of fifty. Tlr pe-epe- ; ye; itiiktiown'. and '." a ;ays' e-y. ! !i" ov, i (j of ;i on;a : . a aa'e a: rr- :wd- - I)V ' '. ( -l ea oils ic- y navryr..; T;s;;.d -- - .a a - ir f.-ive! I: Aa, a;al i sutlerer. A iiont one mile ot tne mterur ba.u lir.e 1 etwt-en ihe two cities wtis so badly damapal as to entirely st;-p stnvt railway Imsiness for twelve hours. The f-toiaii was pnieral throughout the south ern part of the state, and ex'eaded over into South Dskota. where con.-iderahle da map- was ih eie. ea i ; re I ' i . 1 'I i, . .p.i a as t ne p:-1-leaurifui aeal aa- S.lnta. Maria (e-! Mv.' eo al ter i he cathedral, i a is is in the he iri of th ' 'Vom tli vater front aid . Vi'o-i lookimr upon the ' one of the most thickly ' of the populous city, i i.e explosion and the dis ' injure i and the friends ' : ! " lan i ud .'sr-riita! ile panic : enwdin t'ae pi-oce-sion - ae pe p!e were terror , .a,,- a. 1 : i a r i a ' w; ! 1 ; he t .; ; : : , ;;'ii',v:: viol en road. ih'. IC. l Vi - til- a; det-ichment da? v ;r the o c-:.i;e near Ci tna rros on i l-e a ft er if the r. it h in--;, went into ; he hills n earl y t e-tate to Prina: in 111 j :. ivi,ic the hiils t ilere for pasture. 1 mm. ana 1 '-iv. thrown co! landed on p .eiiv oriHso ami a ni'-ture. aaiir pit -'iu"e:-e la fra -tu iv of t he le a -d wrisf. Stakes evhh'ntly hit a tree. and. as one of the first to arrive on the s e:;e ex p:-e -.-e:l it. his hody wa-c !.epetely wound around the tree. Re (Pied about f o'clock. Mr. Corbin struck the stone wall with frightful force, and was terribly cut and bruised about Ids head, and one of hi leirs was broken and crushed so that the bone-; ytrotruded through the fie-h. lie waable to vpeik when Mr. Woodbury, his farmer, who was near bv. reached him, but he soon lo-t con iousncss and remaiuel in that condition most of the time until the end. Austin Co"bin. who was often called the ' Xiu of Lotu Isl tnd.' was born in Xew port.X. N., duly 11. loiT. !Te wus gradu ated a; Harvard law school in Im;1. After )vacti'in.Lr law at Newport for a while, i :i ei'iaiun ot i arvia was eucam; e.l tin pan- I'll'') estate. I ae men se-irchnrr f o- ;l! the h-. ir.-e- -awtlvmand misiakiui t hem for ir.sui-Livnr- fired on them. The iit'tua: alarmc! ti) remainder of the detachment at the O'dmpio. when they went to the re lief of their comrades, but sein-'; the sup ped enemy in larcre numi;ers in the woods th -y tired a volley and fell Iiack to the su;ar mill- on the Ol'nnpio estate. Tlirir retreat deceived the 1'avia col umn, who also ha.l taiieu them for rebels, and concluding that they writ; n-: re, it mux th" I'avia column actively puhed them. w!ien the'proprietor of the Olimpio --tate re -o-ni.ed the m at ual mistake and rode in between the lire. II" waved a white handkerchief. He in turn was taken for ail ami was fired at by both sides. His horse was killed under him. Kowover. his co!ira'.re and drim; ea,- a .-top to t he Ur;:;;. As a resui' d this blue.der a soidier of the Havana : lalioai ' . . i a . . l i . re oi u.v i i uiiM-a:.':, is At Hird .Island. Minn., five and a half I l' ' , ' " ' vce killed, wn: a-one oi the , , , lS-;- be remove- to Davenport. Ia.. where I . a.,,,, i i , . inches ol water tell, and r. i:rrnt deal of . ' T i .. is Oan-aet.? 1;. n'ainuet. hi i i ' . . , he lived lor bairto-ea years. Ir was i r .. i; ..... .. ti(. ,.ir irt-.Mi will !e drowiied out. AtLuverne, -, , . , 4l , , . jj.- u-.uii. (;i t.i..- rit ,,. ... , . v. aiih' there f hat p." entered the bankinj: a,. th- h.. . ! ..--l v,' Mum.. e;ti"?is wre Kept busy rescunit' , r, , ., a Ji ! tn- : l ' , .' r. bu-iMcss witii a su -ce-s that was followed I ?. IK-v..f-.-s t, , rbe .... a tie opie wno n e on !i river i ot roaa, and i , ., . TT i 1 lw11 ! 1 , n br ther ot irreater magnitude. Hewasa a,: . ,i, , ii,. . ,,, maa.v e-,s a reported, i red I - , ' .. , ' x- T- , . i this ut, tae in -.t case l,ein Ii.-:- and dailies daco wei-e ca psi.ed in a i i "c-a .man wlvyi tie eauc to Ni".v bine in Is. '.! vt'lfli.rl f tl 1 i: i n t." i ' i- H I ill i .(' A iu. boat at midnmn while trvni"; rescue , , . n , v. , j ., ,. ... .a, . tin ( or bin ic Co.. which con-ieated the tne faiailv oi M. (.ttlard. ' liovs were! , . ... . . . -vf r, .. , , I xnori "M.;c i.uim iicss nicii .ui. v-oroin nail otarte.l. dread of i n h. bombs was with dit'ti -ulty trom cru-nin.; :-i : n- 1 a i lie .-.j u! node. ; : eked up (hiity fraa- ". ards 'taaloded. - : '.'-o; wa-hed aaai;ist some ti'ecs. where ihey re mained until morn in;. John Kittleson. while fordiia; th - river, was washed .from his horse and drowned. His body has not yet hivn found. Several farm houses were demolished, and hundreds of cattle, sheep and hops perished. The estimated loss in this count v is s:2,oa-). Four Drowned by a (Momlburst. Lkavi:x"w (!'::;:. Kan., dene n. Four per rons were drowned and considerable dam age to property d.,ne by .a cloudburst, wli': h vi-ite I this si -tion ye-?cni ,iy after-llo-.m. Water fell in to-ivM-. -uiasiiin.-r windows, tc-ii-iiej- h sw.i si:r.;s t; ;Io--:i-ia-cellars ami l.oc!-. Dennis ia mite octal as ' a -at '.liciiaci De-!u aii a i.a . I .-n ai.- a;id ; the hou-e of a I iaire: a ( U!:'.min.;-. ah under 1 adain. near San v.ei e i of IJiscav. Much a tiie explosion, but ''f la .- ,. tyc, -. is (, !'-C.f i; to:e.. ;i't.,n;; "ff.e"Mi;. , Itl.-.-.- 'rr.'"' sst.a ' ; u ere Iyhi in my stoni ,;' "'nption by a dyspeptic "dor eating. ' "! the conmionest symp : ;!:s stion. If you have it, ; istestive Cordial. symptom, but all the r" r;!I'vtl by Shaker Diest- 'heines to cure this one ' 'Mi.' one that can be called i ' ' 1 iuc only one that acts ,'i''' "-'''li-al, and vet scientific hu.j:KvY 'festive Cordial. .,,v -;' t llie, and containincr no vc e,jrt.; "rtdients, Shaker Digest rtst0resU, lonL's "P. strengthens, and Soldhv , -csllve organs aiRists, price io cents to by u-ei-! into a fone cul vert i e j :e t iie st oi-n!. 1 he wat er wa-hed th.eir bodies into the Missouri rivci, and they have not yet been reco cie.l. Kansas Crops Kainel 1 Hail. Wichita. Kan.. June S. A terrific hail storm eai ly yeslenlay morning destroyed thousands of acres of line ;rowinr corn in southern Kansas with hail stones, cutting stalks off like a mowing machine. The storm was so severe that the roadsides are strewn with dead birds. The storm was apparently peneral all Vrver southern Kansas and extended over a part of Okla homa. Tlie .st. Taul .Makes a Nov Record. New Yo;;k. June . The American line steamer St. Haul has succeeded in estab lishing a now record between Southamp ton and New York. This vessel arrived in port yesterday afternoon, making the run from the Needles to Sandy Hook lightship in G days, 5 hours and 32 minutes. The New York, of the same line, has h dd the record for 0 days, 7 hours and 14 minutes since Sept. 14, 18.) t. This time was niado ever the short course of 3,047 knots. Soon a.fter Isdo he became interested in raibi ads. His first trip to Long Island was made with his sick child. He saw the natural advantages and understood tlrat the island must become an outing place for millions in the nearby cities. At that time the Long Island reads were isolated systems, badly managed and in constant financial difficulties. After securing the control of the principal line. Mr. 'orbiu's one thoagh.r was to develop a gnv.r system w o n .,:.!. i i ie i - - i v. i-i i 1 - o" i r . i 71 , ' ;;!!:. :r . T n- er.riv f..:rr oi an-, ween u r.r.e t ri" own-'-o! t!ie ii'.- ;oi'i; y in re : in ;!te one -y-ti ai. wide a 11' w ontrols t i-a a-i. .rra; ion en th. ; :.;::d. It -diode::!; v, e-tiia-ite Mr. t'erbin's wealth. Ar 1'cwp.ort there is ,i villa set in the cenier i an estate l.'oa aci's in ex lent. Hevotui rhi- thei-e- is a game pre serve which takes in manv former niotm- '. rnrrare of Vale's crew for Henley la-t inaeer i ne on- tiou he attain- island ioiilii- . this y. of Mav -.'7, titi- Vvi.'i','' editor- imprisoned iii ig that of Jaau Ponce (iome::. a teamster proprietor from the interior of the i-land. His alleged crime consists in havimr exjres-cd a wish to purchase a revolver from a volunteer, us he alleges, to defend him-elf when near the insurgents. La Discusioii states that Senor Gomez is w ell known to the military and civil authorities of Placetas and vicin ity. While in the common prison since January last no specific charge has been made against him, nor has any lawyer or iudge been named toin.juire into tlieiase. ''X-i doubt the g ivi-rnor general will put this unbirrua.-ite matter right. "' La Diseu-i n adds : "We al-o askclem- i :. l ; 1. po-d;io: .' th.e d ervi-h was stormed i'rotn the north, a!"! the r-eintiatit of the a ie a runrdtiir liidit tlirouirh s i'ie . a. Ha: a mud;, wa - i i command a" t he larger force ;;i Su.o'da. He was of the tribe of Habha.uia. and was well know;: to .-latin I'a-ha while the latter was a captive of the kh-dd'a in the soudati. Matin lias de scribed him as a great favoiite with the khalifa, who promoted him to the rank of emir he he left his own tribe when the insurrection ir.-t broke out to serve the khalifa personally. It is probable that the taking of Firket was decided upon owing to the doubtful strength of A ku.-heh as an outpost, sur rounded as it is by low hills, the taking of which would make Akasheh a death trap. The finishing of the railroad line fnra Sarras lias been rapidly pushed since the expedition was determined upon. By ex tending it to Firket the worst cataract will be turned, and early talvantage can thus lie taken of the rise in the Nile at the end of July for water transport to I) mgola. The olficers in command of theLgyptian forces express great gratifi-ation at the conduct in yesterday's fight of the Egyp tians, about whom seme doubts have been felt, and the Soudanese, who have been looked to with confidence for good lighting.- Doth the Kgyptians and Soudanese display '.1 great steadiness and da-h. Hun dreds of dervi-hes were taken prisoners. vat on; , Per.' (iiie.'i.i and Jo-e 1 1 uero i.oi-.c-. 12 M-Wei.' i,ii--oaers smci Diamond Tliief I)nnlot Pleads C.nilty. Nl-.w Yo::k. June William Robert Dunlopand William Tiiriiv-r. who ;ire ac cused of stealing -s to.' 1 v worth of jewelry from the house of I. Townserid Burden, were arraigned in general -i'--io!)s yster-d.-ty. Dunlop pleaded guilty and was re manded to trial. Turner pi -aded not guilty. Both were committed to the' Tombs without bail. Dunlop will tie sentenced in a few days. Turner's trial will beset shortly. l'oiroo' in tin Ia-a'l Tlias I'ar. HcNTlvibov. Pa.. Jur.e . Forty-three rait of he si:;ty-( n i i '. -1 ' . r - in thisounty ha --" r . e-te-1 .a; the re-ah of Saturday 1 ; : ' .. r:i'-. showing th ;r f..r ?'in- .: euaai-v ha-! no -,. ' s i iar r. I ." the au i he ri i-- e a- aaiic-d to trv .Ii known to wh-.liv i-b w ii; vi e Dot been 1 Who have a-i.i. 'lh.-.v 'ie citizens v and i.tbd - Vale's Crew Starts for I! en ley. ! X;:w Havkv. Conn.. June o The d. P.-n: i.e- V w 'i vc a ::'!'. in-- 1: :i:tv In ta-u- .'-. The a a . 1 .' b tain farms in Newport town-hip, extend ing over lo.oo'i acres. About this last there is ;i high, strong fence. ;uid within the barrier elk. moose, buffalo and deer roam at will. It Wits Mr. Corbin's desire to make this one of the greatest hunting pre serves in the world, and this ide;i was le ing rapidly re;tlized. For many years he has h;ul agents in every country in the world looking for r;ire animals. Awarded Damages for lilacklisting. Vincen'XK.s. Ind., June b. The jury in the case of William Drummond 2ig;unst the Evansville and Terre Ibiute railwjiy gave 21 verdict of i'i. .VjO in f2ivor of the )Iaintifl. Drummond w;is a conductor of this roiid, but lost his job at the time of the Debs strike, since which time the phiintilT alleged that he has been unable to get employment because of the fact that he wasbhicklisted. This is the second time damage for bhicklisting has been allowed in the"United States. The other ci:se was , pure blood. Note the price, large bot liigiit was the grimdest ov;itiou ever given to 21 Yale athletic team. A band led the procession, followed by the senior ;ind junior clas-es in ;i body: next came the crew in carriages and then the sophomores ami freshmen. There were fully g.aoo students in line and iisi.iany more friends cf the students bringing up the rear, 2ill marching locked ;irm in Jirm. fifteen to twenty abreast. When the band struck up popuhir Y;ile .airs p2indemonium reigned. Cheering, singing iud the fa mil'uiv Yale cheers were continuous from the st;irt to the finish. The line of nmreh W2is made brilliant by red fire. The crew h;td difiiculty in re;tching their special c-ir. so den-e w;is the surging crowd. The crew sidled from New York this morning. Rheumatism and scrofulous diseases find no home where there is a vigo rous circulation of pure blood. John son s Sarsapanlla and Celery makes i-r tlie 1'rcsi.o-iit's Y-to. Wa.-HINoTOV. June 1. The -ennt" yes- terday ;a-- t tii river and harbor bill over tii 1 president's veto by the vote of .') to a. Thi was the las step in makingthe bill effective, and it is now ,a law. The vote w;ts taken after three hours of spir ited debate, during which the president was criticized and defended, the remarks at times being directly 2ind bitterly j-er-soiail. Alleged 3Iurderer Hermann Located. St. Louis, June fi. Chief and his detectives think they have located liev. Fnmcis Hermann, the fugitive minister of S.tlt Lake City. Utah, who is charged with ;i double murder. It is alleged Uerniiinn wais ;it the Union st;ition in this Aly 2ibout M;iy 11, and that his move ments since then have been traced to his place of hiding. Tlie Moscow Disaster Victims. Pakis, June S. The Kclair learns that i .-:... - i ii ..., 1-: a..!n of. in i ne uisasivir on iiie aiuju v iijm mi."i " Moscow, on the occasion of the distnbu- o" tion of free f--'1 tnth poonle. ; i ! t i

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