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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, November 05, 1896, Image 1

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' s4tfa sw A NCR. T f- T 4 7" E fir cm E ADVANCE. "LEI' ALL THi ESD3 THOU AIMS'!' AT E 1HY COJSTRY'S. THY GOD'S A59 TRUTHS.' BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. r0LrME XXVI. WILSOX, X. C, XOY. 5, 1896. X UMBER 44. WI SON S 1 1 GOOD ItOA I) oi Sigh Seeing I nine months, including salaries, ma- a systcm-itic Attempt t.. improve chintry account, and material, was, i.oails -Newsary-liooi Iliads Nav Ct . TU .,. .1 i .Money-Slims fr,.iii T!,,,se of Kxperi- V1-'"'"' -' MSI mOnUllV re- M",e- j pert shows no convicts on the sick- Wilson County has to a certain list, and no escapes during the month, extent profited by almost every new The convict camp is moved three or undertaking. She h.m hppn rsn,nt-.r four times a vpar Tn nmmrr r-,r, V , lo,S'' S1;hts. that will pieasc the eye and suit the lead in improving her facilities vas tents are used. In winter the "I-:-.: I WO ad VI SO VOli to tnl:. n rr -! ; hma 'ih-m-f -,. ..... cVlo ti, u. i i... .i .... v - " -v-v. t . ".vu hmiiu.x t ..i.e. nut mere is .3 w iwe 1 e.eri aie uuaieieei ui) one thing in which we are behind and leaving only the cover of canvas." FROM CURRITUCK TO CHEROKEE. KKVIKW OF R1XEXT HA TP F.NIXGS TIIROUOHOUT Till: STATK. v 9 , 1 ?- v y I C i i CI 1 i () LOlhi: 1 5 T" "TJ hut all. j tnere is with us almost every county ' Under the present road-law for the m Eastern Carolina. This-delinquen- counties this matter is placed in the . cy is in road building. Our people nands of the county commissioners, lip;-n to you at the CASH RACKET STORES '! Sec'm.t0 h;lVf takcn n li:terest wh:it- ' and the' expend the money as they '. . ' . 1 , " ' j ever in this improvemeiU, not onlv in see ht. Mr. Tomkins in sneaking of si-ins vortii scan- worM Duying. Not confined to the town, but in the connM-v ' the work in Mecklenburg savs : well, do we find this seeming neglect The aim of the road comminoners It takes only a few hours sunshine to bs been to make all the available make our streets too dusty to travel money goas far as possible toward'giv- and it takes but a few moments rain ing better roads to the largest number to make them too muddy to walk. of people and to do the work in such has this store in its whole history, placed before the people of With yrrv Iiltle exPense this cou!d he a nianner that the roads llia)' bc ?till iv-i . y-- -mil o mn-.h- r,f ,wb . - ' v i remedied. There are forces which : further improved in the future. To tins little ui Mien a anet oi 'gootl. at prices mute so , , , , . , , , , . . ' , 1 ! could be Drought to bear that would this end, the plan has been made to Rev. Sam Jones is again in North Carolina. lie has conducted a meet ing in Wir.sion and is at present in Greensboro- Sam seems to" North Carolina. like 1.: y KJ LVil HulClUOlU H II r Ladies and Gents Famlshings, Laces, Notions, Stationery, Hardware and Tinware, Soaps, Brushes of all Kind, pia j in a great measure releive us of this perfect plans in every case before; ! nuisance. For those who are inter-1 commencing work. The total cost j ested in road improving some hints j has ranged from $2700 to $4000 per j 5 are here given from authorities who ! mile, according to the amount and 1 1 i have been and are to-day interested ! character of grading required. The j in this improvement. Charlotte has j value ot the work to the farmers may probably the best system of roads ! be jddged from the statement of Mr. leading into it than any other town ; B. H. Moore, one of the county corn in the State. Mr. Tompkins, who is j missioners.before the road'eongress at at the head of this movement in Meek- ! Raleigh. He said that before the We can knock competition clear out of sight. Come, see for yourself. (Excuse the slan J. M. LEATH, Manager The Cash Racket Stores, roads were macadamized there were times when a pair of large mules could not draw a load of more than Corner nash and Tarboro Sts. PA MU 11 T : V' a i n T 1VT ,-'' T7oo A rb-lvncica .1.. .in 1 mi. t, ii.ijj in vnvioMT K-- ; .....wi f. . fK.. t.i,,,rjf;i,v .-.U,- t 1 tr-i' -n i j fore M:ij-r M'-Ivinh'y. Whon t!v.; parade lenbug County, has issued a pamph let on road-building in the Southern States. He takes as an example the roads of Mecklenburg and makes an 1,000 pounds from his farm to the illustation which might be of interest city, whereas now they can, at any to everyone who is interested in the ! season, draw from 2500 to 3500 betterment of roads. He says the pounds. 'The question now with result of the work has been to lift ! us,' he said, 'is not what the team 1 j Charlotte out of the mud and to can draw, but what the wagon will make it a city of v'erV'dcan streets, hold up.' " ' fV and attractive appearance. In the! The problem of good roads is one country it has greatly increased the ' in which every one is interested, accessibility of makets to farmers, be- j From our eirly days until we are sides furnishing attractive drives for j through with this world we use more j the people of both the city and conn- or less roads, and it means a great j try. All this has been brought about ' deal tons whether those roads are j ' n ,iiniTn.T , r 1 ne iarro-t (i;'U':rat:ori that has vKitetl j with'1"1 a few years without anv ap-! goad or not. There is but two ways! Y PI 1 ) I IPX Ij V V I Canton fame Satimlav afionioon. Itw.-is1 . , . , , ... f , , fi. j t ! 1 A VI 4 h V h ! Vonn:.-t-nvn r.nll ,rh:r piaco, in the i preciable buroens upon the people in of getting these roads; one is by j .;iiiiiNiiii; iuii. 1 . 1111.1 iiuiiiii, 4i i . . , (I ?riui'li, vv.ii.v u 'in 1 1 i 4 . i iiiliim n i.u ui'n- ;i njuiiij in.v uiii. luv. UllJv;! 3 the road beds might have been com- by the issuance of State or County j in a j bonds. The latter method provides ; i at once a considerable sum for immc- 1 General Johnston Jones, at present a resident of Los Angeles, Cal., for merly oi North Carolina is a candi date for the Senate. Gen. Jones was born at Hiilsboro, N. C, and during the early days of our State life played an important p.ut. He was adjutant of North Carolina from 1877 to '79. He also served one term in the Leg islature of North Carolina-. The Supreme court has handed down an opinion in the case of Good win vs. the Caraleigh company, re affirming the decision 'in Sutton vs. Phillip, 116 N. C., 502, in which it was held that the tonnage tax on fertilizers is constitutional. The court also expressed the opinion that this tax is not in conflict with the United States Constitution as interfering with inter-State commerce. The opinion by Judge Seymour cf the United States district is quoted in suppot of this latter position. Guilford, N. C, Oct. 31 The complete premium list shows that Guilford College did well. Mr. Pearson leceived a gold medal for the best school exhibit of .Natural History and Geology, also a gold medal for the best display of Zoology in the State. Also three first premi ums on specimens from the museum. The art department, in charge of Miss Hill, of Indiana, received four first premiums.. This exhibit was the most attractive of its kind at the fair. How a Dcnioci nt "i liitsf !" I.ob Ingerso, pie, r.' of who::! were Avo:ne:i. It took I this s Mien dill Mahonhr; valley delegation a early a Million People, HAS LI ADS 214 SPEECHES. Hill; .'MJ'll .l'. ivinn.i. .fiiv .i ...... . . . I came to a halt, and the people massed oncU-yaril. thenxelve in the stivers an I yard about Major MeKinley's house the M.'pabliean candidate looked down upon the greatest nnd most insnirimr audience that has j-. ... , rrreeted hun. In addition to tne visiting I'om t1P n.lvof uu xmjimtion, on June 1 ' . . . , . f (l(.h(1 dele "atioti there were thousands ot other i. a-.t CmwiU Have Visited C'sir.ton to i j.,,,, p:vsin': toward the stand i ay Tlu ir I.expocts to the .'residential Candiiiiite. Cavtov. o. Xov. 2. Saturday evening K i' ticdly i") led the most remarkable po- -n,i down the densely packed streets. Ma ( ,.,,. ,a;,n jn t1(. hi.-tory f the jor McKinley hail a prepared .speech in his '-Pi!,,,l States ;n.d ff the world. Canton, j hand which he had expected to deliver, vhi"h Has lieen the It-p:iblican Mecca, has I mt he could not do it. lie was caught up ilt.r we have an example of what : cliate expenditure m the construction the proper expenditure of a little f roads. State Geologist Holmes, money wili do. The city folks are j in speaktng of the best method of not on iv .MU nit'.-o out me iarmer as, pu luiug a means says: well. V: a means here which ! ''While it maybe best under our 1 !h- usfd to a great advantage, ! forsn of government for the sev- ua'es have !i '.'v -n every u-t.-r- oi 1 h :::: ! !, -, ; of I; made br men h:lM' b Every man, woman and child carneil a 11a". and when Major McKinley ross to coux .pak each Has waved, and a jrreat chorus t..,t js ljie ut!;;z;r,o of our convicts. ; cral counties, to bear the main burden ..i. ,.,ii i. i l ; i-. ., .ni"r:filv' wj. nn ' iui:.iai.MiHi..n..i .-n""' ' . . " rPI .1 ...i. .... ' ..r , : J i i liese prisons lav up m jau ai ine r.- o. luhmuiuhij; inaiinainmg gooa pens-? oi the county when they j roads, 'yet in a work of such para s!:.i!'i I..' benefitting the community.' mount importance to every citizen v. i.iob they have oturndtd, and fir-rvaching in its consequences, Tii. , o. ;o : .-,! idleness tha' i ' '.vb-ix- s-- large an expenditure is re ' .: cou'd 1 e nv.oe to red demanding intelligent su per il i i vt tt imi i i ' r " ' ! : ; v ) - i , I! - -'' -; i. wi.uxl b Ji'.ore prominently in this cam- j jn the wave of enthusiasm which swirled i n, any other place inthecoun ii! . u:..i ir.. -,.? 1 f,i an:t ecune i ao iu; ii-m. n i mamiscripi a si ie ;snd spoke, as he after- of life, anil wards said, "jusr what was in his Heart, country. Theac- ' Whnt he said was ec'aoed in !'..!) hearts. davs' dura- When he declared: " i':.ere is just one class utidcr our 11: s. tko; i : i-; i . in tr.a toue K.;.,-d undo -j! 1 sp'.v.'ehes, y,;1; : in t o a itay. lie wnen o:i .- at n: , t wetit v-o:;e times, these" p.:eches has U'-h a e:u-er v lore. are. W" ::u oeionz io at uu .;s Canton never O . '.K State should co-ontrat; a wt; t unties in tlie construction McKinley never le !;ed better not i r li !e;n;..;-nry stand at the eiVxe of a:- !. A very few have been mad' v. ';:. v. the weather was too in out door a -sem Ida .ires. The ' nimih r of ueoide addressed is the c.unnai ui in Canton has been iU '' wr. 'oas fr;n imes in order 111! tin i i . liit- in TV.,-. 1?iri. ",n'1' one. i t(( .ist in the Wol'K oi reiiui. xn- ' i M--eiect Fomkor contributed hand- rh',j,1(1 ris burst its banks at Lauson, 'Ul"l ?" ihe brilliunt . closo of what has " h is' noW isolated. The only com ." ' 1' ':!'. aps, the most interesting day of ; ,nunit,.lti0I1 through considerable districts Y ' ;!:,!P :'bX!i. Major McKinley met Mr. j u ljy b'0lt Troops have gone to Avignon vt"K(.rnt the station .-it 5 o'clock, and ! to in reuairing the broken banks of thoa, 7Uii in Ir(H)osed three cheers for ! iihone 1 -'oi-uisnca jruest 3iajor Jiciviuiey ; '"'k oir his hat and led the cheering. Sen- I "r Foraker remained at Canton but Ti5fa5- uy-iivo minutas. having to reach Cleve- I .s::l9 1-,. .... ' in betti'l h.' i.t '1 1 TiU ieiiav. He went t church it! th.; morn iu x .-.s usual, and to ,k a walk and a drive .''if. n x : he (lav. Mrs. Mclviniey, afrer a the front p-rd. of his ' week's iilm-s. is aide MMtitp and lsleej i:i Xortii Market. st m-r, ' j,w natch better. The day brought an in novation for t!ie campaign, a Miu.tav delegation. Thi party consisted of about i hundred first voters of Detroit, sent as the rcMi-esmtatives of th; I'i'-st Voters' rdubof l..".a members in that city. Xo t . et;.,..t,. w- v,.,,.,. it; i,...,,,:i-ti'iitii)!i was made. ine Vj...ioi; -I11II.IH-. .'lllllt, -i.HV ....i i.V .4.-.. . some hP-hrr and some lower. , went to church services wnici aj-t m-'"I'-'t whir-h nominated Major Me- i Kinley attended and afterwards 'l.o. at '" t. Iimis on dune IS had not the house to shake handsvith mm. -hey -file I before a, crowd was surging returned home in the evening. ;;;s hous: juid demanding a speech, i " ' ' ao ,,e l ,,f the people of Canton ; i:,.ormon Dain v;e hy Floods in France. -'''" 1 of the.m who. in response ai:ts. Xov. :. Telegrams received from -T-inl (,f the town's fire bell, had ' tu. i,.p:'irtments bring news of further he house. Fortv-hve minutes ;i.,t.;.nil nf alarmiii.' rise in ttu- ''"'.me on ;i special train from .;nrmo;is damage t property has been twenty miles east, in this county. ; ('one put no fatality has yet been re 'b'erw.ard another crowd of 2,m or .v)rtLvi. The Iliver Seine is still rising, and '"!' from :d:issillon? and joined t ly' )(Ki stau:e. The authorities have 1 " ' i from Akron. From that day . r.. Comns and to Vallabregues n ' s co; be e til; S i'-' i ! . 1 - 4 1 0 viy t; 1 l p! I L 1. is-Jem lew !; 'Vi -rk i ' ncto.i: t done in educational matters, it has in the )- eon-.truet.on ot railroad-, canals and id' ie- '.(,:!,' ' . r.i otiu-r intrrii.d imj;rovements. If in n h- -a as lemptt-.i i.o do a . no other wa y the State should co-Tii-- c st ot maint linir.g operate with thr counties to the ex- t- on the roads is not large. tent (l of allowing the use ot con ii)M;i gives the 1 mowing victs in such counties or group of n t; he ! ! tU" i" ;-t gU U'l:':". .;,le i ft t counties as agree to raise funds suffi cient tor the construction cf better roads: and (21 by providing for the the employment of a oractical engi- victs during the first five neer ot roads who can visit the vari-(i-cv3 ;im.amted to 20 TJ ot;s counties, give intelligent advice tla.1 tiytrage r.umt.-er and direction to the work and thus 'I lie aid in the production ct uniformly us p. em. the C untv etvjmeer ,;nd -n-- d unt work sh.v th it cio.iun end .1 ;, iv 1 ! f month. I'.-'vvs the cost pr good results.'' Col. Robert Ingersoli is a rapid thinker and usually lias a good reply on the end of his tongue whenever he is interrupted in the midst of a speech. On one occasion, however, his gift of repartee failed him. It happened that he was unusually se- 9 vere in his abuse of the Democrats, acting, cf course, upon the supposi lion that he was addressing an audi ence composed entirely oi Republi cans. After he had about finished his diatribe he asked: "Is there a Democrat in this whole audience? If there is I would like him to stand up and tell the audience how he tec Is.' A gray -leered old man stood up in the crowd nnd Colonel Jngersol turned on him. "So you're a D-moora-, are vru ?" '. just tell this vast audi vou iel. Jut describe ;io:is. I want this great crowd to you lee ike." A deathlike stillness fell upon .he crowd and the old man replied in a loud, piercing voice that coulil be heard all over the housr: "I feel like a sound h tzelnut in a bushel of rot ten beans." A roar of laughter went up from the crowd and for once the colonel was not ready with a very good re sponse. News and Observer. "Wei!. : ence h your re ,1 fuel:--' wo' V f to have o l;uia l!i time to deliver r pnee-.h at niahL j BigEaxura is ca e?e7 wrapper. Wot dd it not be wise to consult eer.ts. During the ' among ourselves and find cut before first nine m aths c-t that year an av-' our representative for the House ei "10 of 90 c.:ti icts per month r.iov-: leaves us, and instruct him to have a ed ;6,247 cubic yards of earth on the bill introduced which would insure re ids, and crushed and placed 7,381 ; some means by which our roads liiu ai y.u d, 4 ; i i.i.n-i oi macaeiar.., .night be improved The mallei" : twelve feet wide. Five bridges were ; will have to come before the Legisla-! built or repaired during the same ' ture and it will only complicate mat-! time thetctal cost of the camp during ters to wait longer. ' er .a eoueii w :u , w 1 day, should not . be, neglected any longer. It means s r.iet!ri:ig more than a mere'locab irrif.ti(:i. e.ncl the sooner it isrdieved the better. Take Ayer's CherryiPectoral. it is prompt to act and sure to cure. Take a look at G. S. Tucker cSc Co.'s trunks. They can give you any kind you want.

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