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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, November 26, 1896, Image 1

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7 J ADVANCE. "LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIMS' AT E THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S AND TRUTHS.' BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. rlK XXVI. WILSOX, X. G, NOV. -a 1890. XTJMBER 47. e' .y VVI LSO A X i Sight Seeing ? i sights that will please the eve and si-ir h, we advise you to take a look at the 1 inpf rsomit i n;r M inlst-i. One of fTie most peculiar cases in the history of our State has been re cently decided by the Supreme Court. The case comes from Pen der county, where a man, Brown by name, was indicted for impersonat ing a minister. Brown impersonated a minister of the Missionary Baptist Church and united in man iage ' Jos eph -Smith and Marv Xewkirk FROM CL'KRITL'CI' V The reformatory lor vouthlul crim- rn MiPDwrr ! iuh lor this State is reas 1 U LllilAUJvr.i:. The happy coup: e p,:ver you at the CASH RACKET STORES. igi: wvrth seeing, worth buying. Xot confined to rv ( ;' 1 m vls but all. jvi:r beforj ;:ore, in its whole history, placed before the people of e city such a variety of rroDds at prices quite so ills s" and Cents Furnishings, Laces, Corsets, ons, Stationery, Hardware and Tinware, Soaps, Brushes of all Kind. can knock competition clear out of sight. (Excuse the Come, see for yourself. r J. M, LEATH, Manager 'The Cash Racket Stores, mash and Tarboro Sts. 3T OnrrrriTTTTn vr to-t-ittt ou u nil Hi i l Jti W B Kr.. Nov. : . An at tempt property to thex w;k bun.iMl. An unknown V,L If tli.' . iw ..MM .rill h - " ' 'OMUl lie- 'IVtl-iri' t -;ttr' ;'J' Ky.. X,,v. I'!. Ei st bound fiiil Ohio train No. 4 Thnr- ''"'.'h a hu-at tin. F r-t instantly killed the "!';U1-. Mr. Al l,l!ie'- ;, von.i.r 1,1,1 I.m'.u .-hkI fnd. "'' "i" I'ro;ir ,':(i:- of the idnd r I :vni an eveniu-.r nan v IA f;' N'v. 17. 4 L-v.-.m!.., "f county, i-iii.i II ;ifll""-!Mti- r:,rl. ..v.M.iitU-.. ........ ' r'1 1 1 ; lit., i c... i . ... . : -'"'in H. 0, I-.v im- '''''V' caucus ve-t e-eav. 1 11 in. i.!-.' on the ih'r'v w;.-: ("i iy. '.." 'V.i ( ill. ." . v. ;. oir. .;. :j !''.'.".",'! "V.liv ; ' ' ; j 'ii;v:i .' r i:m '''1 U II pi-.;; ;i :i T I ).i;:ii'. A -':'! !')! lii.s arrrsr. ;'-:'"i'.v a mi em 1 'vn'iliraUv-: of the '! ! !'!';ri vtci' upon a '!) he ol'taineil 1 li:ii'il,on, of Iv'ew : 'J he ILejmblican ' i - in session in 'r "! 1'i'oini nent lie ! Iv-'nr. While the :''- it is uiuleivstood ' ' !ii-uvs the best - 'he frauds prae "'""tion ol'ticers in the ; i'iiihmI that if a fair 1 in live west Ten- ''l jrive the stale to Is Last Satur : "i-s draped Harry i-'-Ueeper, .Mrs. Alice r led. and wliipped were charged vith house. Tlio white ! 'ii women's attire, "'1. anions them he f Mrs. Harrison. 1 ; : r ; ire J a n i e s 3d eye r s ;,,; ) . Nov. 21. Derec '"(',,.', N. ' !v in jail across the f!.,.. 1 1 : ' H -Ul, whom he cap- 3 . ' " 'i;!V :ir,. ir. the um ho ' -I; i '-' Ati'v';.11- 1,10 Iur.suit by "tivi, "i. " I!1 -Mounts, -whoi: " ""' had killed at. Do lorJne. I lie -uounrs ami .McCoys now join forces and thre aten to take both the de tectives and Hatlield from the jail and lynch them. The Hatlields, however, in cae such an effort is made, will defend the jail. Sa. is::m:Y N. C.,Xov. 19. A dis;istrous wreck occurred Tuesday niht at Old Fort, on the Western North Carolina di vision of the Southern railway. The Chat tanooga and Norfolk vestibule limited collided with a heljjer engine, which was backi nr down the mountain. John How ard, fireman, and Engineer William A James, of the limited, were killed. Postal Clerk William Henderson (colored) had his lejr cut off. The accident was caused by Engineer Terrell, of the helper, disre garding an order. Montcomeky, Ala., Nov. 17. The Demo cratic legislative caucus last night on the iirst ballot nominated General E. W. Pet tns for United States senator, to succeed Senator Pugh. The vote stood: Petlus, f7; Oates, t. General Pettus is now 74 years of age, bat is still vigorous mentally and physically. He has served as circuit judge, and had a distinguished war record in the Confederate army, coming out a brigadier general. In IS7 1 he was offered the United States enatorship. but de clined. He is an ardent t ree silver man. Lr:;ii-villi:. Nov. S-.-ivraty (Jus Richardson, of the state Democrat ie' com mittee, announces that his party has defi nitely decided to contest the election of the eleven McKiuley electors in IvMi lucky. The Democrats concede the eU.e lion of the foremost" McKiuley elector. S. 31. X.i-h, who run -.'11 votes ahead of W. II. Smiih; the leading Bryan e!ei Mr. who in turn run ahead of his associate- by over 2, nun votes, the other eleven McKinley electors receiving a greater number of votes than the other Bryan electors. The grounds of contest are given as irregular ity and fraud in a large number of coun ties. MacoS, Ga.. Nov. CD. Thirty people. S'.'.nno bales of cotton and hundreds of tc is of heavy timber all went down in one loud crash at 7 ::; o'clock la --t night a: n;t !):'!,!;. a;vare ot t he rr-jn t::t.m and Irciicv- ino- that they had ix-t n k'oaily ra.-r-rk'd are at present living peacefu'h' together. IJrown vvas tried before a jury in Pender county and convicted, but the case was taken to the Supreme Court and the verdict of the lower court was reversed. Jud.oe Faircioth in course of the opinion said : ''Assuming every, fact alleged to be true, we are unable to discover any criminal offence known to the law. We are" referred to no authori ty for the position of the State. We were referred to Code Section 1812, which only prescribes what is a valid marriage; also to Code Section 11 12 which imposes a penalty and declares it to be a misdemeanor for any officer to fail to return process, tc, or for auy person, or for any person, who is not authorized by law, to presume to act as any such officer. "So the case is that of a private cit izen,unofficial, celebrating a marriage between a man and woman with their consent and they are not com plaining, and are presumably satisfied and enjoying their new relation. We are not aware of any statute or nric ciple of the common law declaring the action of the defendant a criminal offence. ' We are not considering the validity or invalidity or tifect of the action of the several patties. Affirm ed." The court did not pass on the val idity of the marriage but asserted that Brown had done nothing punishable by the laws cf the State. Until the Legislature passes a law covering such cases the joker may have his fun performing marriages- It would appear that such a law is necessary as such performances tend to lessen the sacred nesti of the marriage tie. The Legislature which soon comes together in Raiaigh, among its many law makings, might gLe its attention to this fact. onablv sure. j The pressure which wiil be brought to bear on the next legislature along RKViF.w of rkcfxt HAi'Pi-Nixes 1 this line will be sufficient to cause TilKOCGiiorr Tin: state. j them to take steps towards forming ; such an institution. This will eiimi - Palmer and Duckner, the McKin- ! nate a troubksome element in the ex ley decoy ducks, got only 575 votes j'caition of our legal coJcs. It will in Xorth Carolina. Their vote .was ! Icn(- to make youthfdl criminals less because ot the ; e;n val irom a con -stant contact with those who have be come hardened to crime. not as large as that of the Prohibition andid'.;tes. Latham, Alexander and C o. me well known cutton merchants, have made out an estimate of the cotton The importance cf one vote lias been fieOjUently illustrattd in the crop for this year. The number of elections in this state and in other bales lor the South is 9,022.000: 434, 1 states anc was il!utratvd in several oco ot these being given to Xorth I instances in the late election in this state. In one county Jackson there was a tie on the legislative tick et and in another Hyde the sue- procla im-. W limtmi in North arnliiiH. Asheville, N. C, Nov 2D Dr. George T. Winston, late of our Uni versity, and promoted last summer to the Presidency of the Univenty of Texas on a salary of $5 000 a year, has been sent bv the Regents ol the Texas University to in-p'-:' tire lead ing institutions m the L i.t. Me spent Monday at B.ngh and went on 'P'es ' iv r College, S )Uth ? .'-'. 1, i i d purp v-:e ot uu'v Woodward ab ut 1 t Lnghsli tor the L -live: - It Pre.'. V' i '"I is is prob iblr n t the ci he .vol per haps have the portion offered to Carolina, (Governor Carr has issued a mation appointing a new election day in Jackson county, as the last election resumed in a tie between the DemoJ cratic and Republican candidates. This is an occurrence which happens very seldom. Dr. Eben Alexander, of North Carolina, Minister to Greece, who has been home on a short visit has re turned to his post. He was formerly Professor of Greek at the University and will probablyfill that position after his return to the Uuited States. Southern Pines, in Moore county, probably themost noted winter re sort for Northerners in North Caroli na, has been formally opened for the season. A iNorthern capitalist has spent millions in fitting up the place. It now has the appearance of a nmal town. The Caucasian, Mr. Butler's organ, has had some trouble during the last week. Judgments amounting to $224.24 were obtained against it. This money could not be raised so the office was closed temporarily by the sheriff. When the news reach Mi. litu. -r that his paper was in dis tress he came to its rescue and paid off the biils. A great many of the democrats of the State are sick and tired of the political influences which Raleigh exerts and want to see the conventins and headquarters tak en away from there. Of course we would like to see them brought to Charlotte, but Greensboro is more central and they should be taken there. Observer. It appears that there is a conflict as to the date of the meeting of the Xorth Carolina electors to cast the vote for President and Vice-President James Sprur.r, Wilmington ; Dr, W It is a conflict between State and G Curtis. S vjthprt ; J is L Fowle, Federal laws. The former named Washington; Mai A J Galloway, the first Wednesday in December as ! Goldsboro : Col R B Creecv, Llia- .1 1. .1 1.. 1 r-r- ! tneciate: tne latter tne second 1 ues- : oetli Citv cessful candidate had only two ma jority. In thirty counties, nearly one-third of the counties in the state, the successful candidates had a ma jority of only fifty or less Kinston FVee Press. One man here in town, known to have been a Democrat, was slow about voting and an eye was kept on him. Finally'a suspicious Republi can was seen to take him to one side and have a long talk with him. When they at last came out on the street a Democrat approached the pair, but it was no good the money had been paid the Republican was seen to dn?p the money in the man's pocket. Plenty of these occurrences were noticeable but none so plain as this case Greensboro Record. As the conclusion of an elaborate editorial expressing regret at the de feat of Mr. Bryan, the Watch Tower, the organ of the Disciple's church in North Carolina. says : "These are the leading causes of Mr. Bryan's defeat. Such a man can survive such a de feat. He i-. enthroned in the hearts--of the people, ar.d his sun is by no means set. The people will yet call him to gu de the sh:pof State. There are not enough forces on earth to keep Mr. Bryan out of the White House. Be patient and the day will come. Governor Carr has, at the request of the Governor of Florida, appoint ed the fallowing delegates to attend! a Congress to be held at Tampa, Fla;. January 20th, for the purpose of dis cussing methods for the proper de fense of the Gulf and South Atlantic, seaports, and to devise means for for their betterment, viz: Messrs, W day in January. The electors will m school. O lumb:a - -!- -ve'-- ; I". C. '.-'Or ;i Texas a,ie, which meet on : is Decern: d u t'e, which a.u r. .on supported B "a tier in a recent letter . 1 1 . ' f 1 an aii oy me i on Y.i nr.- : j I) I'r v. Aden. .;; . Wm i: lire Pet';! S Battle. Rcrkv gue. Raleigh r. : 1 V j II MC : m .' ! Cooke and- Ai";evi!le. 1 T . uiists at tne next e.ection unle:.-s llis ctisowns 1 n I; . 1 1 a l . a u . e r . , 1 1 him, as Dr. Winston is !o- ti e t'enl ral liailr ad compress m 1 has e 1 Ke!icata Fourteen in.jureil iieople. all emmoye-; oi the compres.-. have been remove:! from th wreckage, bur it is tliought others are b -neath the eotton and lumber, and it they are (iead. or will bo beo.r ' - CAtiee.M .:. 'l ie. v r ' : ; " covers several acres of ground, and y'y sent-an appalling sigiif. J '' ' ' " ' dead bodies -uppo-rd to be !' the wreckage was be-u x t ill - '' ' -' T. 11. Jiai;er. a i'-mv c.-aror (Ky.) farmer, killed his wife at d e. i-elf be cause she refused to live with l iei. It. v.UUa. Ui ..:i..ii, la ;:i d'l';l. Pa., studying methods ot mining coal for application in the Island Empire. In a fight at Jonestown, Pa., Morris Spuey chewed off the upper lip of Jacob Swancer and escaned to the inountaius the best teacher South for the t Univeisity, IV moud '...-t a:ie- 1 enoimn tor me bv that time. II e m-s ijegnn to k:c lie re-old on 1 . 1 m .; t m l X. C. X 1 . CGUlt. tnu 1 ' r- ! 1 e ir;y. 1 ne to !! the po:e a i ways .imons. anfl iro-t the )oc u tier is reaching tcr it. Aprop- of t!:e section of th on I .-i-.v which requires slab naer 0:1m ns to cos ;e : i-;; on: r the present out- n . 1 1 oi t-j ; t .1 b ..l : . prominent Democrat remarked to day that it effected the Democrats in-;:-:cu:-'y : that th-y got ail their f:t:-c.b; Irom within the State, and that ' OOQ- oce an ot k- 1:: - ike I -ing the one on v. hi eihh's C'l-.m.-ts :.: lis!) s'etti mc-nt in t i i :,i , ,e t..e i;uie ;;o:;ei v. no ,ir r:-:e :M;d bankers, tl Thi :ne 20 -1 voo'-rt --i ' under the y day 167.000 acres '" a I his em pert, save wh,!t are ""-'ilk - along the i:ra:-.ts Island, and i-1 and. the latter be il' a Sir Waiter Raj. : the fi:-t Mng- aan. The tru.-tee fur New York ing Sioo.- iand 1, r.'-1 o- ale t - : I"- t predict ;i f4; ' in Texa.-. tl i 5 strumentaot . l. ; A-.eS a s the tendency was tocut off contribu tes : while the Republicans get n :.: ail their funds from outside m S' at e, and hence had to make no '"eg for them. Observer. ever made in Xorth Carolina. fflONDERFUL are the cures bv Hood s arsaijarilla, and vet they are simple and natural. Hood;s Sara parilla makes PURE BLOOD

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