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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, January 21, 1897, Image 1

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T t r t t fA o Ak t vvi loui T A f A 1 A X I i 1 i.Ct A YEAR Hi AD'AtCE. "LET LL THE KD3 THOU AI ISV AT BS THY COUSIRY'3, THY GOD'i A5D TRUTHS." BEST ADVERTI31KG KEDIUK. 1 VOLUME XXVII. WILSOX, X. C, J AX". 189 XTXURHU : )l l ECTOR Y. iiita u ! i . ur t i s. ih a i and V-!d,ai. N ) . -1 v 'I- a p. M. a. .iti.I Ni "f i' iv : , , . ;: : 2 i'. A!. . : '. : 1 ' j ( ;'u '.' N": . : . I N. a 1 J i i "Si; .4 . ; 1 . . ' a ' ''. o. 1,2. 12122 A. M - - V:. --.a !; : ! J i; i i'-. e. t. II. : : i ' " " iNW.J.ra::. j. I", b,,,. J- ibto,., . S. !l. 'I We. IN'. , 1 1. a -a, --a" itMVN :i a laj.a-. A !.!)!'.k!.l !..': r: !: i-t Ward. 3 I. D. I . A. ei..e- , I '. II. Coak : , o ( i no. H.C K X M lb T. lhaas. 4 m sth i'. 15. Dkans, M.i (;r; Ino. I. !oou! Tuuai Clerk; W. P. Diia.ns, Collector. I ). P. (ana-. r.MAN, Chh-f. PriiaiAM H.!-:k!-:i.!., Frank Fki.ton, Jam ns M a us; i a or kn k. til i: 11 tis. f St. Timotiiy's Ppiscopal (march, : Ivev. V. C bayliss, I'riest-ia-char-e. i Services: Sundays at 11 a. m. and 7:30 n. in., Su'alav Sdmo! at ; r. ni., W'eek- ,j 1 - I days W'eera sdays and l;ridas at p. ! 111. 1 Iialv la vs at 10 a. m. v'elt-br.i-pita a" Hole C aaaaaaai on 1 s t San- :i .a" 1a a a a :. 11 a. 1 a . , obi r . Sundavs a' 7' P a. in. Hurley j , ... i. a. ni. :m.! 7:A S-. ',;!, : o. 1 ii., . !', i 'r,'- -i' nail ice' "e I ai , I );s( i; A s ( 'a; r I'asto;'; s-.-rv a ). Y. P.;!a I Poiirdi Sm:-'..-, s at i t a m. and 71,-0 p. I ia. Pr.e.'-!' :. .-are, every 'l'iwirs.ay ; r.iviht. Smaiay Saho a d o'cioi k, p. I in., Cje. II:: kua . SilJ't. i J rresbytera.u t Ittirch, Kev. hones 'i'honias,'.or: s-.-rv ic-s n the 1-drsl, , I . . . ' a Secnin! an l Third in every iiH)iitli and at Stra'kland's church . I every Fourth Sandaaa Sunday S( liooI I sit 5 i.Yierk, P. M. hapdst e F.urcl), e'.-rvice as follows: U'reachina; Sunday m.orniny at n:.o 'o'clock and Nio p. m. Rev. . A. Rood $ Pastor. l'raver nieetir.g W'eelneselay i evening at S u:lck. Sunday School I I at 5 p. ia., 1 . S. p.,ykin Sapt. j Primitive ba.iaist Cd-.urcl!, pt'eachina; on 2-al Saadav h Mhier las. bass; on .rd Suniiay by Pider jas S. Woeidarel; I on the .;tii Sunday and Saturday beh -re I by the pa -dor, lader ' 1). Cold. Ser- I u:v ' ieeia at 11 a. m. 4 ? I 1 out; 1 . . I -y ular nn etings of Mt. Lebanon S bodvA No. U7 A. P. ,N A. M. are held I ia their hah, eorner of Nash and Gohls 4 burn spa-e's ,;.n the ist aul 3rd Monday I mvihts at ;:;vai dor k p. in. each month. I J. I), bullock, W. M. . 1 ib'aabir meetings of Mt. Pebanon I ( lupier No. 27 are held in the Masonic j Ibdil every 2nd Monday night .117:50 "I '1 '1' ,(-d p. in. each month. J Pat Williams, IP P. R'g' meetings of Mt. Lebanon M "Munandery No. 7 are held in the j Masonic hall every ath Monday night I at-7:AJ o'clock each month, j V. II. Applewhite. P. C. I Regular meetings of Wilson Lodge, I K. of II. No. 1694 are held in their hall I over the ist National bank every ist I i hursday evening at oo'clock, p. m. f lb P. Ihiggs, Director. I YCHiCA i ON Jl s in: ,i V I5ii-mi"n M mi KMr: ii (1 u ,' :;; i ." I I f Ml t 1. 1 I; i : Ml I I - i( (' Mil :)!!. .iti : j !'; : l i Kc lily to ;i:ilt' !'!:, t : I Kci.-d cable from Havana, te- ' ceived in Washington January i vh, ! reports conditions rapidly, j . on island, j lie d natch sus: ! ! "In ith the resolution-, j p:se d by die 1 lavana Chamber of Commerce on the ;th iudant, dunm-- i a session at w men the reproe ntatives .of tlie ir.uni-ij Kilties t f Santi ion del i las cms, M.inana:), ( jiianaiay, ( inira .1j Melen i, and Alqwz ir assisted, 1 crai operat!;.;n liave been lajiinnenced in all tin se districts. "The imp' ovemeni: in the Slate of this pv.-r 1 t'he conntrv is very nenke- i. S .) shoi t 'a ti;ne as i',?ur ;noat!:s ao the danyA-T ironi ir.iun'- t ait.;. ,;s won at have pr cin.b-d anv eiept at S1 OV.IA:' ( pr pa.r ;;! the ilea's and tobacco plantations "ila-iaess men are of the Ivliefi at m a very short time the work 01 i .cheat: on will extend to the whole! wa-lern part ot the island. They are ' undoubtedly actiey up to then beliels .is Hoards j aa parmions er the re isuption el comm: rce. 'i'liese facts seem to confirm the statement, pub licly made by the local authorities, ; that a. short time would see the cum pacification of the western part of the j island. I " The yen end impression, here, as i reyards aflaiis in the eastern part of j pin t of the inland, is that Gomez is j tired ol war and anxious to come to terms.'' j It is positively and authoritatively j denied that the United States and Spain have practically coned tided an agreement reyardiny terms to be of- I fered the instiryenis for the settlement ; I of the Cub in rebellion. 1 j It can be stated hirthermore that until yesterday, when Senor De Lome i made Ins usual Thursday diplomatic 'call on the Secretary ef State, tin re I has been no conference between Sec retary Olncv and the Spaidsh Min- itcr since dduirsd ay of last Avhen the latter was among tlu; list of !dip3oiuat.s uijo paai ib.elr 1 espects to I lie becretary anel saw him re-yardii'-j tlx: public business. The Cnite-d States, as stated in the President's! message, made certain representations ; to Spain, anei the present attituele of! this yo eminent is that of awaiting! t ! j the response ef Spain to the suyges- j ; tion that the interests of the United i 1 States and other considerations cle 'niaiidtd that the war "should not be d)rolonged or indefinitely dragged i out.'1 it is denied also that a special envoy of Spain has been, or is about to be, sent to the United States she;rlly as a private negotiator, with ; special instructions from Senor Cano ; vas, tlie Duke of Tetuan. It is said .that this, latter report probably arises ! irom the fact that Senor Solar arrived ;in Washington a few days ago, as ! note el in The Post, to succeed one of I the Secretaries ot the legation. Senear t Solar was lormerly the secretary to the Duke of Tetaun, and when his ' coming was first announced a report similar to the present one wrts cir culated and officially denied. M;iinj,s in the M lit- Washington Jan. 14. The ap pearance of the stamps of the so called Cuban Republic in the United States mails has causeel much com ment here and was the source of some discussion at the Post-office Department to-day, as to whether such f tamps cculd be recognized as proper tor the transmission cf mails into the United States, as this gov ernment has not recognized Cuba as :i tree and indepenelent country This is probably ih? firt rase of its kind v. here in sup-en!-, ave cstab- e'-Il. . 1 tl.. il- . ".iT-n n,,. ( , 4"A . ..... .J .. 1 , . ... tneir own vl, imps, winch were trans- 1 ;i! uea in me rnans t m ttie rniis t niie Stated. At the Post-olib:e I); tputinent H was stated Inat the-e tanms were . so 1 ar as the United Slates was coneenird, as (air p.-tai i r.vs Rcpbre omy that lr:e sta-nps be properly :eiif d: and thai the eic. e'o s con- ne m;ii! nnitter tear tne oot- m.i I- ,a" v- . rr. .... -r; foL . n. ine( re.MnaLons have been otii'oied unn so Hr as the deparimt-nt knows. I bid tiiey not been aomisr the i e 1 : e l . . , ha in en marhed witii the letter I, at the i roo. iv?hy olace in thi country, mean -! my "lax C dbaci.' ' i l he department knows uothui a: f)ut the . post-clhce stamps! en the! 1 envelope, except that it is 2:1 bp m- i ih te!ii'or-, and Spain ism the Iu- tea national Pos;d Cnion. Ti;eei stamps miyht give ic-e to a dtlieate tiiplomatic iuesti?nf in which the Po-d-ofhce Dtp.artment would take no p;ut. but refer the matter to the Oeartii;e nt cf Slate tor settlement. mi's i'ri!iMi t! fill The Philadelphia Record men tions, as one of the marvels i our State, the fact that forty millions ot people in Great Pritain are able to obtain almost a third of their supply ot fresh meat irom the far-distant countries of Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas. Science may point to this fact as one of the great est of her nineteenth century achieve ments. It has come from the brains ot many great inventors. The ap plications of steam power to ocean navigation and the steady evolution of the maiine engine co.ild not have made possible the transportation of fresh beef anel mutton for thousands' of miks without a corresponding pro- j gross in the application oi chemical j science. b'laan the statistic of this grc.dt ; traffic, which we find in the Record,; it appears that when it began, in iN.Soa it made a small beginning. In that: year 400 carcasses of iroz-a, mutton were shippeel from Australia. I),ir-' int; i S96 there were 5,717,937 car-! casses imported into Great Ihitain ! from Au.traha, New Zealand , River . Plate, the P alkland Islands, and Pat-; ayoma. fhe importations d iroxen and chilled bed during 1 896 amount- no reason to suppose that the Span- , Asia iOQO Cape Colony 2-OOO edto 2.679 000 hundredweights, of . ish navy has any more fight in it j j05nia amj i IersgOvini;i 20.000,' (V which 2,075,000 hundredwe,ghts; than the Spanish army. Ne- York ,Imbi:l I2 QOO Ieiuni io.OOO, AI were furnished by the Pniteel States. ! Times. i , r, -. The traffic employs 1 23 .steamships, ! with a carrying capacity of 4.530,000 ! carcasses each vovge between Oreat - ,h .v.n jiil Britam anel ports in Australia, Aew ! Zealand, anel South America. There win a real nobleman in , Crosthwaite left a will in which he de Raleigh last week- I lis name was sired that the base ot his monument' Count Neculia Cmcu. Pie is a Rou- should be silver on which should be manian anal was scad hrp bv hi tti iKrrintinn ldA- A!efr -if th ' , , goveinmeiH to siueiy our agricultural methods and examine anel purchase such farm machinery as he thought could be successfully ued in his country. tie remameei there for for several heurs visiting the Ae-ri- cultural department, tne hvpenment 1 1 T . 1 r . Station anel the Agricultural anel Me- ; chanical Craleon. ITe nvnlod ... , r . , , . J " 1 himself as fie hnten at 'vh:if hp :iw i rrom there he went to Savannah,! Ga. He holds a general letter of in- i , . r T ' rA , troduction from Dr. Dabney, the As- i sistant Secretary of Agriculture. Ex. Ths fa: sinits 6lgia:nr9 cf is ca ZL. Tracer, SIX sfrfTZZ r s m s s- t V i ll(Hil'.i,N NOMIN A lor !) iter by t!i- 1 1, Carolina Tomi: tv.ein, A. L., ian. i. The i . -i , 1 ;H;n !s e.nicns at midnight ed Dr. Cv? 'Jdiomnsoii lor Senator on the second ballot. Thompson, D.-jkery . Motr, lUcin and (;uth. lie, were voted ior tai br-r i i , '. m , - j ; - . u '-''t the seCo!,d n.Uiot all except the (i:t . ,x ., . . : . j. i . 'T-i uric w iiiKira . n. iir -mo ' s,,n n,,.., ., and i l . r. - : (J uKv. ;v;ja;,.dv er, c-l ivan.-ioloh. one .a'tli KmIi,-.- ' ' ' " " " '" ' retnrnu! to th ie caucus hist mjht. It js tHKlervOor-.l that he wtli ot : h-.r nominee. k 'i not believed that latdison, uh o wen: into the '..mucus' ! x"'h 1 ai aer, win desert Pntchurd lie: situapen irtuadv remains i:n- 1 cnuiyed. hourletii Populist votes, m additicai lo the Republican vote, ; will nominate IVitchard. It is c'aim- fa ... 1 . . .,. , . (d that at least 'eayei teen ui'I stand 1 )V biiur to the las'. At this hour there 10 : (Msan far chane- i ant;.-ars to t .(J iny the prediction that Pntchard wiii be his ow n successor. a u o ,i t .us, 11 .,) It is not a matter ul imme'eiiate im portnaee, but it is interesting to know the estimate put on the relative strength ot the Spanish and Ameri can navies by a competent authority. The Saturday Review, of London, is generally recogirzed as unusually well informed and careful on such points. In its latest issue it states that "in mere number of counts fifty eight, as against America's forty-two. but the superiority is wholly ficti tion." It sums up the American force of battleships and cruisers as thirty to fourteen lor Spain, the former all "built since 1SS5," the latter antiquated." And it con cludes: "If the worst came, there is j a chance that the Spaniards might penetrate the long naval line of eie- encc along the American shore, and ome damage be fore they were overtaken. But that they would very soon come to a disastrous end in this -dventtire is no more to he doubted than that they wou'd from the out -l U' ''V'v overmatched in Cuban waiters." Another point of ill greater sigmfcance is the unquestioned superiority of the mor- the Americans. It is not l.oast - to assert that no American army ot 200,000 uouid have wasted two years in futile skirmishing as the Spimards have m Cuba, and there is AVitnlsa Il!j!f-iIvrT .1!miiiiit-nt. ! Cynthina, Ky., Jan. 15. Major j j , J. Jacob eosthwaue died at Ins home in ; i (A -m n p.i-e' 1 h tiT.r1:iT An irrtr'nt fre-t J silver elemocrat m :e. Major . ... . ratio ot 10 to 1. i he will prop- ably be contested by the relatives of Crosthwaite on the ground of'm sanity. The folly of prejudice is frequently snownby i.e-opde who po ter to sutler for years ratiu-r tiian try an advertised remedy. The millions who have no sucli notions, take Ayer's Sarsaparill.i for blood-diseases, aivl are eured. So murll t, .r Pi ill CptVc Atlanta, Ga., Ian. 12. A special, tj . tU n . ' h"om Rome to the Constitution says - that Simon, Borg cc Co.-, ot New , York, to-day bought the Chattanoogr, The desire for lame is sometimes Rome cc Carroll ton Railro id at fore- j dangerous. It ctused a Michigan closure. The property is to be re- man to write his name on the Wash organized by the purchusing bond- j ington monument four times the holders. This line is 550 miles long-1 t . at Win K A ; tin. St. Louis, Jan. 14.- The common weals conference at the I.hnleil Hotel was in session from 1 o'clock p. ni. to 5:0 p. m. a-urj ty vxiv. n -its la! ors 'auled. The se.-sion wa lar-elv oc- cupa. i m dsciissiiw an address to the public. i h:s deeinnent 1 f aiiout s.a.D words was ; u-al over tile s:y, nature of J,.. b S. (xey as chair---111 oi :!;e c.;r.!eriT.ce. The l'e t aans .vvmial are the imperative mandate to ley ; d. iters ! a- r.ondntei-f'St-beariry bends, direct ley isbitii ai. yood roatls, and triramn'mic ballots. 11. 1: . 1 : . .- . 1. 1 we M'jvi:!M .'..itiu 01 me i,t ? :. . . 1 t canv paiy;i are arraieyxi rrupt and. mcap.i'a.ia. An ( am.ation c )inm tee was chosen, ot which Coxev is chairman and Cai le ProWia: secret. .rv. All it 1 a an urgauva' a::s are :n vittd to send delegates to the' national convention, lobe held at Xashville, Tenn , on July next. No name was decieled upon tor the new party, that being left t the X.liville con vention. One of the resrhitiems calls upon all unemployed nan to naet in their respective towns on Washing ton's birthday anel organize ior week ly parades thcreal'.er. The confer ence aeljoiirneel at 7 p. m, to meet m Memphis, Tenn., on February 22, with the Reform Press Association. World's I dI):i Ii oil iici ion. Through the ktuelness ol Messrs. Ed. C. Geyer X: Co., of this city the Sun is in receipt of the world's to bacco statistics compileel by Herr Darmstaeeier, of Halle, Germany, anel publisheel in the Berlin Xacrichten of December 1st, last. According to the calculation of the noted economist, the average protluction of last year's crops amounts to 240,000,000 kilo grams, or about 530,000 hogsheads of i,oco pounds each, for the United States as leading producer. Next comes British India, with j ajx)Ut 5,000 hogsheads. " In ; KuYO)Ci )u:i heads with 154,0.,,,; .liuvved by Auatro-Hungaiy, 'with ' aiXUt j4.roo hotheads, ; jllT Darmstatdter's estimate for i (:ilina ( , IO,00oi is p.robablv too low. ! r;trmanyt with 77()u() ra'nUs Slxlh ; anionjr the countries Of the.globc and ! thirfl ' amoiv thos(. o th KnropCan 1 continent, Cuba, Dutch India and j Turkfcy in Kurope represent each ; 66 ooo? Hrazil 6oGOOj fapan 49000. i France 44.0o, the Philippine Islands ' ersh Turk jn ! giers and San Domingo 9.000 each. Argentina, Paraguay, .Mexico, Puerto Rir;e Australia I Inllaiirl (rccTi . , , . ; 6,000 hogsneads each. I he remam- nr Paironean and Asiatic rbirirt y-rrA 1 1 L.u 1.-1 P.-.U produce less m dividu ail The average wo 2 lei's total is about 2,000,- 000 hogsheaels. The Baltimore Sun. North Carolina is a yame State. Our Richmond anel other tooacco . folks find fine fields of sport within 1 1 her borders, birds bountifully. Creens boro shipped 5,000 pounds of rabbits in one day North. Mr. P. f. Whitaker and bid. Abernathy killed respectively twelve and nine par tridges at one shot each. The North Carolina Atlantic is game and fish ground world renowned , ? T f r I r-- 1 r P- 'mrirtl! minerals, agriculture, tobacco farm- inrr tdrr-cfrc mTt-if-c ti-i .lt. flip ( ,!! North State rich anel famous. hx. other day and it co:t him 20. 4

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