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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, February 25, 1897, Image 1

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WILSON ADVANCE. $1 A YEAR, CASH IN ADVANCE. "LET ALL THE ESDS THOU A1MSV AT EE THY OUHTRY'S, THY GOD'S AKD TRUTHS." BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. VOLUME XXVII. WILSON, X. C FEB. 25, 1897. NUMBER 8. rr HE ) -- i J T IT f It I n . Lid Co KE(JUEST you to be present at their store on Tar- boro Street on any day" during the coming- week to examine the most perfect Bicycle ever put upon any market in the world. We have secured the ajenc for the COLUMBIA WHEEL and will take pleasure in showing it to yoti. 1UG FJKK AT UILMINGTOV. WE ALSO CARRY A SELECT LINE OE Crockery, Glassware and Groceries. CALL AND SICK US AT BARGAIN It Iir.k Out on tli AtinivfrsHry of the I'iK Fire Eleven Yenr Ago. Wilmington suffered a serious fire on Tuesday night, exactly eleven years since its big fire that comsumed mo:it of the businoss part of the tOvvn. It originated in the re; r of Mark's clothing store. A white man named Cox is supposed to have ptr ished in the fUmes. The S. A. L. office was damaged, and the Y. M. C. A. building was saved only with great effort. The losses are thus given by the Star : Mr. Marks, store, $i,ooo, furni ture $500; Breckenridge cS: Beery, stock, $300; Jos. H. Lucas, store fixtures, $250; I. Shrier, building oc cupied by Lucas t: Jacobs, insured; C. D. Jacobs, stock and fixtures, $800; A. S. Holden, furniture, $600; John Maunder, building occupied by Sternberger Bros, and marble yard, $600; Sternberger Bros., stock and fixtures, $300; F. A. Newbeny, building $1,000, stock $300; Mrs. M. C. Williamson, household effects $500; T. J. Denan, building occu pied by Mrs. Williamson, $3,300. News S: Observer. He or Potatoes in l ine .style. ST ORE J. R. HARDY & CO., Tarboro street. Tr Heel I.ovck Elope Petersburg. Ya., Feb. 18 (Spec- 'ha .re has been much gosMp in MuMilimns iiud Christians Engaged in HaUIe. Mr. Goodel, a member of the Leg islature from Wayne county, Mich., while in Chicago recently, was hand ed, in the dining room of a hotel, a bill of fare printed in French. Being unfamiliar with the language, he or dered five articles on the bill which had an aggregate value of 80 cents. When the order was delivered he found that he had potatoes cooked in five different styles and nothing else. He has introduced a bill in the Leg islature providing that bills of h: of public dining rooms must be printed only in the English language. Ex. The entering wedge of a fatal com plaint is often a slight cold, which a dose or two Ayer,s Cherry Pectoral might have cured at the commencement- Therefore, it is advisable to have this prompt and sure remedy al ways to meet an immergency. The Physical Napoleon. I DIRECTORY. 1)1 TAKll Ol TISAI . LOCAL '.'KAINS: X. Pound. S. F mm!, between Fit -rence and We'den. .o. g;. a 1'- M. No. 1:4: P. M. Vi: between Wilmir.gtoii Norfolk: No z 1-:.:-. 1 Sh. M. Leaves Wilson, Fh No. ... 2 P. M No. 40. 10:23 M. Mount: Leaves Wilson, to Rot ky No. 41. 6: is A..M THKOl GH TRAINS: Pctxveen Florence and Weldon: No. ;2. No. 12:22 A. M. Leaves WiFon, 11: iS P. L COfXTV OFFlCKKo:. r.oAKD of commissioners: R. S. Clark, Chairman. John C. i Iaolkv, Shaol I'i.i.tox, F 1 1 -s . I'll 1 on, I . II. N i:vsom' W . J . C 1 1 1: r r v , She 1 i if, J. IL Hardin. Clerk of Suj . rio:' Court. Canea, February 20. The Mus- tslnonab't' societv circles h. ere to-day ! J , , pvritffl u-lipn thpv learned of the I 0:1 account ot an eiopement wijkm j J ... I I ji . 1. 1 ; A massncre of their co-religionists at ; I .,,!,. . -i-i - . ' J Sitia, and to-day, fully armed, they States minister I were Mr la: ! iiattle and Miss Mat f t.e Nash 11.4'iit, uhv went to V ah ington, 1). C. to have the nuptial I Knot tit (1 The mnrria'-e took olace , . i ' -i f I this evening without apparent ad van- representative. Mr. Ransom is look- 1 to-dav. I r:e t-rooni is a resident ol 1 1 1 1 t c n y ' , r 1 1 I tage to either side. The Mussul' ing well, and was cheerful, despite .Vjuth C.irolm.i and a son of ludgei , I , t 1 I. . 1 ti vt "m V- ! mans,actuated by the spirit of reveng , the nervous strain he has undergone. i-icob Battle, ol Rocky Mount, i. L-. . 1 . . "1 r , r , , rtre reported to be making a most tie-, It has been announced in this paper He is about 21 years ci age, and at h ,,,111 ' . . . . 1 termined effort to severely chastise . that he was called home by a tele "ne time was a student at the L ni- ; J ersity school here The bride ;s I the Christian, but the Latter by their , gram announcing the serious illness "drugduer o" Wife He left tIie CitV f Alinister It insoin's Ketiirn. Hon. M. W. Ransom, I'nited to Mexico, passed made a sortie from the town and through Charlotte List night on his attacked the insurgents who were way home. lie cune in on the gathered in forces in the vicinity. ! Southern vestibule trom Alanta, and The fighting was still proceeding- was seen at the depot by an Observer The many current articles on Na poleon the First attract renewed at ttention to the great Emperor. He has been viewed from every stand point except an unbiased and impar tial one. Possibly the time has come when that can be done. His phe nomenal intelectual capacity is admit ted on all hands. Small attention has been directed, however, to his physical developement, which alone enabled him to bear the fatigues and labors necessary to such a career. Indeed it was no less wonderful than his mental characreristics. He had a "frame of adamant" as well as "a soul of fire." His labors would have worn out physically half a dozen ordinary men. He was insensible to heat or cold or fitigue. Attention has been called to the great capacity ol his skull, but anoth er physiological fact, which probably had a most important bearing on his succcess, has passed almost unnoted. His normal puke, or heart beat, was j ' , Cmvvis, Register of Deed , only 40 to the n i.iute. Doubtless ; s. . Tvson, Treasurer, this had a direct influence in enabling i W.m. Harriss, Coroner, him to stand faticue and to think J- T- R, VI1-. Survexor. cooly under the pressure ol the most trying circumstances. It was noted that he rarely perspired, and, toiling along under the summer's sun through the desert in the Egyp tian campaign, not a drop of per spiration was .feen on his brow. Physiologists may, perhaps be able to determine other effects upon his physical and mental activity from this abnormal slowness of circulation. His chest measurement was as phenome nal as that ol his skull. Both were extraordinary tor a man ol his height He wore a No. 8 hat and his scalp was so tender that the hat had to al ways be very soft ana padded, iiy the way, his height has been differ ently stated as 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 6 inches. The tiuth is, both are correct, for 5 feet 3 inches old French measurement is 5 feet 6 inch es English measurment. A forgetful ness of this fact has caused the appar rent conflict of statement. His marvellous good health was an indispensible lactor in his success. It was noted by his teachers at school. It did not fail him once in his long and j m. Prayer meeting every Thursd.u eventlul career, till the close of the ! night. Sunday School at o'cloc k, j, great battle of Borodino, under the walls of Moscow, in 1S12, when, the town tin ii t:;:s aldkrmhn: J. 1). Lll. J. A. Clark, U. IL Co ART, Geo. Hacknev, J. T. Ellis. 1st 2nd .srd 4th 5th Ward. P. P. Dkans, Mayor; Jno. Mookk, Town Clerk; W. K. Dkans, Collector. im ilick: D. P. Christmas, Chief. KiMiRiAM Hakklll, Frank Fllton Jamls Marsh i: r k n k. ( iiri::iii. St. Timothy's Episcopal ehurcii, Rev. F. C. Payliss, Priest-ir.-eharge. Services: Sundays at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., Sunday School ar ;,). m., Week days Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p. m. Holy days at 10 a. m. Celebra tion of Holy Communion on 1st Sun day in each month at 11 a. m.. other Sundays at 7:45 a. m. Methodist Church, Rev. j. P. Hurlex Pastor; services .it 11 a. m. and 7:3 p. m. Sunday School, 5 p. nr. . F. liruton, Supt. Prayer meeting Wed nesday night at 7:30. Disciples Church, Rev. D. W. Da is: Pastor; serxices on Second, Third and Fourth Sundays at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. widowed lady, who lives with her fare are easily able to hold their own Mexico last Sunday night. At Sai 1 at t-.- 1 it- . I against the attacking forces. It is Antonio he received a dispatch tel uher, Mr. Richard T. Arnngion, a, " . s , ... , j eOltl OllOl J-l UVJVY lllHL IHV. llili: llllll lliui JU u 1 1 Jioanneni ousmcss man uere. one s 17 years of age and quite pretty. Mrs. Wright received a telegram 'ins afternoon from the couple in trining her of the marriage and stat- j ng that a letter had been mailed ! -'ere explaining matsers. Mr. Ar- I -ngton telegraphed the couple thi- ! : rnoon that they would be wel-; '"med to his home. The elopement ''as a great surprise to the relative inem's of t'p.e pasties here. ; us ai:d ( ')bstrver. Original Merv;iti(ii. Ry sneczv thing to catch a ling him that his wife was better, and are masters of the island, except ; he remained over there a day for a three of the towns. j muchneeded rest. Mr. Ransom was ask if he would return to Mexico. "That," he re i plied, "I cannot say. I only wish I knew." Mr. Ransom expressed re- now-a-days and everybody nose it. j rrret that he would miss the North And u will not be long before Carolina editors in Mexico, but said j drover will March 4U). .No tears. j ie was compelled to return home When lovely women sweetly Charlotte Observer, smiles, man is caught in witchery's' - cold in., (ieo. Hackney, Si:; I. Presbyterian Church, Rev. James Thomas, Pastor; services on the First, victory being won, his Marshal and j Second and Third Sunday in every Generals were amazed to see him fail j month and at Strickland's ehun h to crush the flying enemy. j every Fourih Sunday. Sunday S-hool at 5 o clock, P. Al. Baptist Church, service as follows: Preaching Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock and 8:30 p. 111. Rev. J. A. Rood Pastor. Braver meeting Wednesday The Emperor seemed to be in a daze. In truth, three days and nights cf constant watchfulness had for the first time overcome that iron frame, and, his physical man failing, the em pire of the world was then and there wrenched from his grasp. The fatal retreat from Russia was evening at S o'clock. Sunday School at 5 p. m., D. S. Poykin Supt. Primitive Baptist Church, preaching on 2nd Sunday b Elder Jas. Bass; on 3rd Sunday by Elder Jas S. Woodard; the inevitable consequence of these j on the 4th Sunday and Saturday before two or three hours of inactivity at the j by the pa-tcr, Elder P. D. (it. Id. Ser crisis and acme of his wonderful ca- j vices;begin at ;i a. m. reer. The next failure was after the bat- ! I.OIGI. Regular meetings of 117 Lodge N t. Mt. Lebanon A. F. & A. M. are held o the best xvays to be loved V retusmg to near and mo -em-ron. '-': 1:1, by retail gos arul help :t to wiles. The fivorke iiovers with Repub lican office-seekers just now is the forget-me-not. NiivhI Slit) vvinj; t'S Latter lifts ll.i s ami H 'li A novel method of presenting the T.- 1 -,.r--!-- 1 r" T T T-lli- 1 f .11.' 11c ui u.wutii, in vwi.wv. ' in thcir hal. corner of Na.h and Ciold hours of indisposition saved the allied ! boro streets on the ist and 3rd Monday foe and probably cost him his empire. j His physical deretoriation lost him the j Waterloo campaign. His mind was I as bright as ever. His planning was never better, but there was a lack of ! vigor in execution, and the physical nights at 7:30 o'clock p. m. each month, J. D. !'.uI!o -k, W. M. Regular meetings of Mt. Lebanon Chapter No. 27 art- held in the Masorut Hall every 2nd Monday night .117:30 o'clock . m. each month. Lat Williams, II. P. Regular meetings of Mt. L-b Command. lerv N ar- newest and fresliest Ivistertide creat- .pi: Ail slowiLL: res;; by expressing one's in a noni'j but ;r m wav. ac.o l)v -'li irgmg duty with courtesy, con--I'att ness and fidelity. Ex. .Moncv may 11 -I vet be "close," but it is ions of lose enough for most peo pie to reach it. Woman seldom Paris by 1 ne ! Journal for March, understands her- zine the new French milliners nas jecn adopted Ladies' Home In that maga hats and bon- I man, wliich had aided him in so many Masonic hall every j successes, was wanting to him. liy ! Walter Ciark, Associate Justice j North Carolina Supreme Court. In i Godey's for Feb. ii- mon in th- nigiit over t.'ie 1 -.1 Thursiftv ev clt" lint she can see clear tnrouon nets will be pictured as the v are; every other woman. j xvorn. This unique display is useful , Krn-n the f,;ttre ol McKinlev's cab- therefore, m pointing out clearly not fiOWDERFUL are the cures by ' inet the people needn't expect any only Fashions decree, but the styles Mood's Sarsaparilla, and yet they ! re;ej jrom the next administration. in headdress best suited to several :v uuple and natural. Hood's Sarsa- ' Ornge( Ga Observer. contrast types and fices. Hitting at a !!!- So tight the Spanish Weyler, As one who bills the air, I7or when he swats old Gcmez, Old Gomez isn't there. Raleigh Tribune. W. 1 1 . Appleuhit.-. K. Regtilar nie---tin.:.'S of Wii-on L . of IL No. j'k.; are he 'd in t!, : I... 1 . t itl. . . -.'- . '. r iiiPg .it 3:3 o c.O' ,; P. i . Jirigg-,. Dire R'-U'alar !ii.-;.-ti!igs of C- r.t Lo!-e. No. S7, K. of P., ar Odd F.-;i-.u Hail r 'I nig'nt. 'iiling members alv. (l come. Regular meetings of Lnt Lodge, No. .: 1, are night in Odd Fei!o-.vs' Ha C. :: ..ol ry i-t . i. m. : ,.t ne-.' 1 i'M in rsda v s web ri.ri-e ilhi inukirs PURE BLOOD.

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