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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, May 27, 1897, Image 1

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THE WILSON ADVANCE. i YEAR CASH IN ADYASCE. "LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIMS1' AT EE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S AND TRUTHS." BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. XXVII. WILSON, X. C, 31 AY 27, 189 We Have Opened Up ! ! i: a A; '4r fl i ft ks V." V : :;:r' 'Ay OUR NEW a foui 4- i 3 M ' v. L Li i 1 V- Is ).. ninnino; at lull blast, w.t are prepared to s tvo colt! drinks ol very description. Soda Water, Milk Shakes, Lemonade, etc. Also a nice line oi F R T 1 JL 1 ! Tobacco, Cigars and Ciaarrettes. Don't forget OUr GrO j TP ery Department. t t t , i o o The Bargain Store. T nnonn ctim.TT ! T.aRHOKO ii-, i.ri.A Hi Ksi 's row!-!:. I - Mo.ti .ii I, N w .Mairied, Will Kt w al t t r-tN Chataitoega, May 20 Lala Hurst! t :e voting woman vh; performed AT r) 4 , . Boston, May 22. Private advices .voaderfal teats of strength a few rcceived ;n Kaston from Honolulu years ago is coming in for a share of ' s;iys : It has leaked out that the pro jml.ic notice again, after several j posed visit of Hon. S. M. Damon vears of retirement in which she was j and Major Iaukea to London has a a'.aiost forgotten. It is announced ; that Mrs Paul Y. Atkinson, for many ! J i years a resident of Chatanooga, but j the Queen's jubilee, and it is stated, now living in Atlanta, will in a few j on what is considered excellent au r' ti,,. .,,o; o v ! thnrit' tlinf if thf movements at , -. r , . , n.anation of thp mnrve nns feats which :ide her famous throughout the ; country when a young girl. Mrs. , , . o I AtKmson, it will be remembered, was tne famous Lula Hurst, who astonish . cd people wherever she went by her remarkable exhibitions of strength. I She moved chairs on which large ;nen sat heavily, she wrested canes j , . 111 Ur.a tinihre as from vurorons hands. ..,,,, , - , 1 i ;au she bent arms to which muscles .,,.e 1 iT , 1 1,1 -Jul larger than her own shomd 1 . ... . ... TT " iven rigidity. Her managers t-'.lked of "odic force," and the grave t eteairs of nh vesical research nodded , , r , approval, but persons of less egnuy came forward and demon- , , , 1 -O nni r pmnn- -'rated that Lula was marvelous only her skill with which she took ad-1 'tage of the laws of force and mo- 1 'J:b lor the often convincing ingenu- ! '.ess of her claim not to know the source of her powers. Mrs. Atkinson has iust comuleted liwokin which she relates how all that much, that he had made up his ; lor which they received over a mil hvse tricks were oeribrmed and troes ' mind never to give three dollars and ( lion, arrived this morning on the thoroughlv into details that anv 3r-r. i t-k ii ' - now being printed and will make! appearrnce in a lew days. It is ' ' -e:ng awaited with much interest by who have heard of the seemingly ; much indignation. Fayettville Ob-J-'rvelous powers of the lady. server. Our Molly's home, an' fixin' up fe-r her I commencement week ; She pets tlie cat in Latin an' axes grace in Greek; An' she's wearin' -old-rim spectacles to hide her eyes so bright; Hut she's ail we've got God bless her an' I recon that she's right! When she left us it wuz springtime, an' not a rose Hint tirc: Wuz redder than "the roses on them ' chubby cheeks o' hers; , An' she use to run ror.n' barefoot when the dew wuz on the grass, I An' the river took her picture an' wuz , , , . , , a h"i on km "-hi An' n' jimmy wuz her sweetheart, an' . , down lhar in the dells Where the sweet birds wuz n-siugin' and th.e cattle shook their cells lie pulled tlie prettiest wild dowers mat growd 111 all tne ian 1 Kiss mm in; 1, a as t! 1-., .1- long n;inc! m lia:Hl. I'at now di-. llt.ll l kr.rW :;v ioy hangs about t no p; n r sorter takes a lu'i'i) at a w lien 1 r.'i me's lonkin' (iut: . An' S'-ein' of them spetaek-s, tlie trou- j b!e in i:is mind Just made him ask me on tlie s'v "Is Mob- d.aie 'Uil! blin. These colleges is curious, an' I'm sor ry, too, f-r Jim, Ibat mig'ntv glad the rest of us ain't in the fix f him; Fer when she fust come steppin' in, as lofty as could be, . She kissed her mother on the cheeks an' sorter bowed ter mel I An' so we're goin' to fix her up for her commencement week; ! , . , . . , bhe km pet the cat m Latin an say tne "r -ce in Gree'- An' uear aI sorts ' spectacles to hide j her eyes so bright ; 1 Site's all we've got God bless her an' I rccon that she's right ! r L. ;v:"a.n : o.. It is a fortunate day for a man when he first discovers the value of Ayer's S.-i r: M-n vi 1 i :i n :i 1 il ni ,i 1 -tin r i f e r VV i t ! i 1 this medicine, he knows he has found ; a remedy upon whicn lie may relv, and : that his life-long malady is at last on (jueret you. b lias cured others, will cure Hawaii M,v le 0I-1 to (;i';t( Olilain. l ' ot tne congratulations 01 me nawa . . c ian (jovernment on the occasion ot ,,r 1 -.u i Washington in connection with the sugar schedule of the Tariff bill to abregate the Hawaiian reciprocity m treaty are successful, Minister Damon . ,T . r , .1 and Major Iaukea will, it is assei ted, . 4- r proceed at once to the negotiation of a treaty 01 cession ui me- i.auaiiaii islands to Great Britain. Tlie I'liinax lirandv of 18; Vintage. tt t r .n Has nroven to be a sunerior distil- . i-i c ' lation, and with years of ripening is; - , . . novv put upon the market by the, Speer N. J. Wine Co. It is a supe ,4n.r mpliniv hranflv. nossessin all ,. . . ' , 1 the medicinal oroperties for wnicn - unrtmc frr. -it err:me :iro so eminent- brandies from grapes are so eminent y useful. Sold by druggists. - A young white man appeared in the Register ot Deeds' office Tuesday i- and asked the price of a marriage 11 - rensp. When told that it was three dollars he said that he would not give that he would go without marrying urn u .iri r!r. if , H do it He offered all the way up from two dollars to $2.75, and being re- jected each time he left, displaying i kddvs v i. i:i-:i-.h:i. N.ifo'k N:ivy Yaul H I) i ii il .Men . Washington, May 21 Assistant Secretary Roosevelt has returned to to Washington from a visit of in spection to the Norfolk Navy Yard and the shipbuilding works of the Newport News Companv. The priinary purpose of Mr. Roosevelt W;1S 10 look 5nt0 CPints that had 1oeen rather numerous, of violation of the spirit of the labor employment rules in the Navy Yard. Like the r(wJ nrt, tb-.i- b'o k - complaints that had been made in lue case ot the New York vard. the A-?- t c r 1 1 sistant Secretary found that m only a CaS;S XVHS thc,e an" substantial bnmdation lor complaint and even these will require iurther consider tion oefore luriument can be passed upon the:r cy. As to the yard generally, ;he condltions ei jent, and such ciifcontent a.s mar, i bested itself among the workmen is attributed to tne 1 tct tnat, envim to the lak oi money, it has b-een found necessary to make heavy reductions in the force of workmen. When a force of 2,000 men is reduced sudden ly to about 6 do, it is no matter of surprise in the view of the Assistant ; Secretory, that tlie unfortunates wbo 'ire dismissed, should feel that they are discriminated against. Another Cmntr tV, cimilnH, t,. t, , , , , complaints made in tne case of the Xew York Navy Yard was that the v ..u r i t r m i ouik ol the iSiorloik complaints are as . to '.scharges made since the present administration came intp power. Mr. Koosevelt spent a day in the exami- nntinn nt tb n!:mt ti. Kwrt j News Shipbuilding Company, and i was much pleased with the character ot the work being done for the Navy in that yard, us well as with the :.u ...i i. .. . lapiuuy wiiii w men u is oeing prose- 3 ' 1 Tin; rniAN si ki';;li:. Tlie riots I)yn;:init 3Ioro Kailvvity Trains It el-l It verses. Havana, May 21. Captain Gen'l Weyler arrived yesterday at Cienfue gos, j)rovince of S una Clara. The insurgents dinamited and de- railed an exploring engine on th railroad between Cristo a id Scrgo, r,4,- r c ri ru.- nr,A and afterward fired on the train which followed it, plundering and burning r . three cars. The remainder of the train put back to Cristo. The local guerilla force attacked the insurgents, killed five of them , . . . . . ' and recaptured the engineer of the 1 : 1 .u a v s ; empi0yes who had fallen into the , r J . 1 hands of the insurgents, lheguenl- s las had a lieutenant killed, Naval Cal'ts ITixler .rrest. Annapolis, Md., May 22. The ar- 1 rest of two naval cadets who have 'just returned for final examination J ...... nas caused a stir at me .avai acaue- 1 ! my. Ihey nid be tried on Friday1 , 3 r , ., . 1 has caused a stir at the Naval acade-! 1 on ine cnarne 01 assau 1 w in inicni to kill an Annapolis policeman who ' had attempted to arrest them. 1 The i poiiceman was oeaten severely. 1 ! J he middies had been on a lark. Arrestrd for Smuggling. New York, May 22. E. J. Lang- I 1 j r:uj c ,.f f norne anu iv:enaiu juu, ui 01 . Louis, who went to London to sea 1 T 1 11 1 patent on a calculating machine and American Line steamship St. Paul, j i iney were immeuiaieiy Thev were immediately arrested lor i smuggling several thousand dollars' worth of diamonds and jewelry, which were tied around their bodies. Both men admitted the charge. They will be held. t ha !: iNsr oxs 1 mis i:. II Au-U f" I ;n in ir-1 v n ami f - Paris. May J 1. News from th Greek-Turkish war that is coming in is coriiiiCiirii'. Fresh charges of cowardice and in competency on the part of Constan tine are constantly arriving froai cor respondents with the Greek armv, whose communications escaped falsi fication at the hands of the Greek censors. Du-ing the fighting which took place in Greece on the Turkish frontier Constantine was at L ari.-sa, far from the battle, smoking cigar ettes and readmg novels. On the morning of the evacuation of Larissa, the Crown Prince was on board the first tr.on that 1 1 1 oeoarted a T ' r v o:.v. n and cir . -'.ere . .cteci i.irii cars 10 i 1 a t e : s ,o,.i :; :jv-j two wouralrd ;r a'.es l.u-n the train go- ing to 'o';o in 1 rde; th; ta; th: in many cases 1.1 whole batta'ams were abaiid-med bv IT. I - olTi:er-5 who sought sab-y in '5 ('; while the men continued fighting without a leader. General Smolenitz and Yanicosti : are highly praised by the corres pondents, who speak in the highest terms of the Greek evzones and ar tillery. Constantinople, May 21. Major General Nelson A. Miles, of the Uni ted States army, who came to Eu rope to observe the operations of the war, was received by the Sultan to day. His majesty granted him a special audience. Aahens, May 21. The govern ment has a loan of 6,00,000 drachmae at r per cent. It was exclusively subscribed by three Greek banks. JOHNSON'S CHILL AND FEVER TONIC Cures Fever In One Day. i Si ur for . fi'i Ia v is, I'cdple I i onor the II ei o. Montgomery Al.i., May 22 Tne ! spot on the balcony of the State Cap- ! itol on which leiierson Davis stood ! when inaugurated thirty-six years ago as President of the Confederacy 01 outnern states was maikeu mis afternoon by the Society of Daugh- ters of the Confederacy, who placed a 12-inch silver star there. A pro- cession consistine oi a large body of veterans, the State military, State executive officers, the city officers, and officers of the society inarched to the Capitol at 6 o'clock to the 1 evening at 8 o'clock. Sunday School music of bands. Gen. J. W. Sanford ! 5 P- ! - Hoykin Supt. r,T . . 1 Primitive P.aptbt Church, prea.ching of Montgomery, an intimate friend of , ' 1 on 2nd Sunday In bader ::. Pass; on Mr. Davis, and who stood near him j 3n, Sun(!ay ))y K'It!er Jas s. Woodard: at his inauguration, presided, and ; on tjlc ;lh Sund.iy and Saturday before showed the spot on which Mr. Davis 'by the pastor, bhk-r P. lb "-ol 1. Ser stood. Gen. Sanford paid the South-1 vicesbegin at 1 1 a. ra. ,. ern people had nothing to apologize , . . , . , 1 for in their action and paid a tnoute to Mr. Davis, and said: "If we uere rebels, then to rebel is right' If Jef- ferson Davis was a taitor, then treas- on is the higher virtue." Miss Mattie Henry Thompkins, of llAnlrrnfnpvv rl f 1 1 -rfc thr- Qtnr AyjAA.AA j , ......v. Governor Johnson, who received it lor th'e State in a speech extolling Mr. Davis and the Confederate cause. a 1 , , xx.oc . m,orf,4 with piles of roses. A Murderer oniYsst Winston, N. C, May 21. Henry Love, colored, under arrest here has I confessed that he is Lewis Mason, j who killed Peter Duran, while under ! arrest at Atlanta on Christmas day, I 1S95. DIRFXTOIiY. ari' v 11". n:r )t i m s j X. r,d I.' c.:. '. k. r n s rm -n . 1:42 !'. M. v n n ; 1 :nv" t - - o . q . J.; j M 1:: V Mo-.tnt: ).4!. 10:25 I'- M. Leaves Wilsa. (;::. A.M. TI! :.' 1 1 .n i'l : N.i A. M. it Cm:: oar;. l ; . l o , ': -. a a; :.-s, C.-:-! .;: i., Sarv . TOWN ' 1 i ai : :: 1 T b T J. 1). Lki:, J. A. Clakk, L H. Coart, Gi:o. 1 Iac MNLV, I. T. Iaaas. iro 2nd 4tll -.til P. B. l)i..:;s, Mayor; Jno. R. Mudk k, 'bown Ckik; V. K. Dkans, Collectca-. I'Ul. I). P. ClIKlSTMAN, Chief. Kphkiam Hakki:i.l, Frank Fki.ton Jam::s Maksii:;o( i;ni:. rm:Keiii. St. Timothy's Lpiscopal ch.urcli, Lev. F. C. Payiiss, Prie-t-in-charge. Serices: Sundays at ;i a. m. and 7:50 p. m., Sunday School at 30. m., Week days Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p. m. Holy days at io a. m. Celebra tion of Hole Coniinunit n 0:1 it Sim:- day in tach montli at Si n lays at 7:45 a., m. Mcliu :dbt Ci: arch, io. Pastor; services ;,t 1 p. m. Seudav Sob.,.!. Prulon, Sa; t. Prayer nesday night at 7: - . Disciples ('bareb, Pe I ' 1 1 1 1 r (ref i.n .-e i r m., Ot in. .aid 7:;j p. m., I. F. :ryr Wed- . W., i, Third and Fiiurth' SumiiiVS ;:t , nK nnd m. 1'raver meeting every night. Sunday School at 3 o'clock, p. m., Geo. Hackney, Supt. Presbyterian Church, Lev. James Thomas, Pastor; services on tlie First, Second and Third Sunday in every month and at Strickland's church, every Fourth Sunday. Sunday School at 5 o'clock, P. M. japtist L-nurcii, service as ioiiows: Preaching Sunday morning at n:co o'clock and 8:30 p. m. Rev. J. A. Rood pastor. Praver meeting We-flnesdav in.)-...-. K,.v!;ir n-ti-a-s of M t. I.eba:..:i !-dgr b1 No. 117 A. F. A.M. are la m. ! in their ha!!, corner ot NaAi aval (jo,!;-, ; K)ro streets on the is: and ;,rd Monday ' "its ;:;.oo lock p m. each in-nth. j . 1 ). i ba lio' , :, . A I . j Rt..u;;ir meetings of Mt. Lebanon j Chapter No. 27 are held in the Masonic to : ... . -, " ; o ( lock i). ra. eat :i moat ;i Lat Wiiiiams, II. P. Regular meetings of Mt. Lebanon Commandery No. 7 are- la Id in the Masonic hall every 4th Monday night 1 at 7: vj o'clock each montli . 11. ."ippajv. :uie, v.. . Regular meetings of Wibon Lodgo K. of II. No. i6oj are held in their hail over the i-t National P ud-: every 1st (Thursday evening at 5:5 o o'clock, p. rn. lb b. Pnggs. Director. Regular meetings of Conientnea Lod-e, No. S7, K. of P., are held in Odd Felloes' 1 1 -II -very Thursday r.iglit. 'isiti:ig nieinf'ers always wel come. Regular meetings of Fnterprise Lodge, N(j. 44. ar-j held every Frday niglit in Odd Fellows' Hail.

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