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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, October 28, 1897, Image 2

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The Wilson Advance. BY TUB .VdY ANCr, rUBLI.SHr.JG COV.PAKY cCUUSHKt.l '.VL'SV THf-H!).V. W. L. Cam w ki.i. - Pkoi'kiktok. 'vater-d i i the I'o.U Oflice at Wilson S. C. as second class mail matter. sui'.scRirnoN' trick . Onk Ykar m x Months. 5 Remit bv draft, post-oflice order or registered 'letter at our risk. Always give post-oiiice address in lull. "Advertisini; Rates furnished on application. No communication will he printed without the name of the writer being known to the Kdilor. Address all cor respondence to Tin: Advanck, Wilson. N. C N. 'a In ! i, .I m neil. -til.rr If tin: Ralei-h News-Ob-server's "specials" from other counties of the State have as little basis, as those it credits from Craven county, its "out rage" news editor oudit to he put on the retired list. Xru i vi ii .i.niriia!. After carefully reading and thoughtfully pondering over th.e editorials which tlow through the columns of those esteemed contemporaries, the Raleigh News and Observer ami bayetteville Observer the journal' teels like asking the question "Are there any Dem ocrats in North Carolina?" Tin: first Thanksgiving din ner was celebated in this country- two hundred and seventy six year-, ao at Plymouth, Massachusetts. The whole American array was present it numbered twenty men. Alilcs Standish, the backward lover of IVis.'ila. sat at the feast, while Priscilh served at the tables. The story will ap pear in the November number of the Ladies' Home Journal. Vi: note with interest that a school book congress was call ed, together at Nashville on Tuesdav, for ih.e purpose oi formulating some plan by which the South could be sup plied books written and pub lished in the South, This is a matter which has been under serious consideration for some time, but the present move is the first that has been made of a general character looking toward its establishment. There is one Southern Publish ing Company already that has succeeded in getting one of their books taken up we speak of the "B. V. Johnson Co.," of Richmond, Ya. Their Lee's History has been adopt ed in our countv schools. This book not onlv jj'ives historic lacts from a Southern stand point, but is furnished at a much more; reasonable.' rate than we have been charged here-to-tore. Tin: complete novel in the November issue of Lippin- cott s is The Price ot a Wife," by John Strange Win ten (Mrs. Stannard). It is a tale of English domestic life, ami one of the best which the author of "Rooties' Raby" has written oi late years. Among the short stories are "Out of Meeting," a remarkable story, half story, half sketch, by the late Thomas Wharton. The contention of Mr. Lecky's lat est book is answered from the standpoint ol American clemoc- racv. i under 1 Uii'lU b crick 1 1 tO C'Tul 'v d Perry Powers, heading, "( jovcrn -nuk-men.' " Fred- Iewe calls attention Oddities of a Fa mous Climate ' namely that of Caiiiorni.i. Tae poetry of the number is by Fl!a Higginson and Su ae M. Lest. Tin: persistency, of some o! our iriends, in the support of the tree coinage oi silver calls to m;:vd a story told by Senator Fvarts at a dinner giv en to Senator Spooner some years ago, at which Senator Stewart insisted on presenting his u-ual oration on the silver cause, "ham reminded," said Senator Fvarts. "ot an expe rience in visiting an insane asvlum. w here I lound a man astride a table which he imag ined a horse and which he was lashing and spurring vigorous ly. 'Ihinkim to humor his fancy, I spoke; to him and re marked to him that he had a very nice hobby. 'Hobby,' he repliedthis is no hobby, it is a horse.' 'What is the difference, my friend,' said I, 'between a hobby and a horse?' ' 1 he difference,', said he. giving the table another lash with the whip, 'is that you can get oil ot a horse but you can't get oft of a hobby.' " uk Arc i ua 1 1 The Times of last week says : "According to the Aiv.N i: the advocates of the l'ree coinage ol silver at e to be classed with the socialists and anarchists. 'ien ever you (fanners) want comlort why jut think ot what wheat is brinin and imagine your cotton is selling in proportion ,lnit don't allow vourself to think. If you do, the Auvanvk will hang you on the gibbet and say to the world; "Behold an anarchist." It would be distinctly un pleasant to be forced to speak of the eelitors ot the Times as i.iaks, but unless they are a lit tle more careful in their (sup posed) quotations from this paper, such a course will be found necessary. We have never believed 'that the free coinage of silver would correct the evils which now exist, but while such has been our opin ion we have never called any man or men names tor think ing otherwise. We accord to every individ ual the right, which we claim for ourselt. "to think a we please-" If we do not agree why the only thing that re mains is to wait and see what the future has in store. We are; all but human and "to err is human." The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, a community of hone.-', ( nl tearing men and women, have pri pared the Shaker Digestive Cordial for many years, and it is always the same, sim ple, honest curative medicine that has helped to make the Shakers the heclty, long-lived people they are. The Shakers never haver indi gestion. This is partly owing to their simpta mode of lite, tartly to the uondeitul properties ot Shaker Di gestive Cordial. Indigestion is caus ed by the stomach glands not supply ing enough digestive juice. Shaker Digestive Cordial supplies wnat's wanting. Shaker Digestive Cordial invigorates the stomach and ail its glahds so that alter awhile thev don't nood help. As evidence ot thn hon esty of Shaker Digestive Cordial, the formula is printed on every botile. Sold druggists, price io cents to Si.oo per bottle. a w I s i; MVS ( I! M,;, M V I K. A ! OOI.. The Kinston l;ree Press is inclined to be a little caustic. It honors us by quoting a por tion of an editorial and com ments as follows : The Wilson Advanci:, though claiming to be a Democratic paper takes no stock in silver or ia V. f. Bryan. It says: To us, the "Chi cago platform is simply "a last year's bird nest." then the Advanck must be a migratory bird politically here today somewhere else tomorrow. Perhaps it may go wjtj, he ye(nv birds next time. We purpose staying in the political home built last year by the Democrats at Chicago. Bryan and silver, we believe, will triumph in 1900. As we have on many other occasions stated, because we think one way, it does not follow that we lose re spect for those on the other side. Brother Herbert may stick to "Bryan and Silver" just as long as he likes, and if his side is right we hope it may suc ceed, but in the mean time there is ample room for both of us and we inhabit a land that is (called) free. As for our "migratory" characteristics, 1 we are not somewhat in er ror, (and if so we ask informa tion) it is, ami has been, the policy of the pvrty to build a new platform immediately i;k l okK each and every campaio-'n and we teel well assured thatV Brother Herbert did not be lieve.' that we had a riehr m r. what we thought was proper material for the next platform. em iu: would take down his sgn, "FRKK PRESS." For Infants and Children. !;IU 8igca:urc CI Wilson Times. Itjs common for those in favor of the gold standard to cry out that sil ver is cheap money worth less than fifty cents in the dollar; and the gov tintr.eiit is endorsing this position that a silver dollar is not worlh more than fifty cents in the dollar ; now if this is so why does the government issue that iimiK'V ;is worth one dol lar ? Why do they deal out a piece of money thev say is not worth tiiiy cents, yet pass it lor a full ? When we ask fr a fi-.Ii what do thev give us? When we ask tor bread what do they give us? The shame of this deed will te bound on somebody's head vet. P. D.V.ol.n. Wi: had long since ceased te feel surprise! at anything ap pearing in the editorial col umns of the Times (lre)in the pen of either of its editors ) but we must adnvt that we were; surprised te reael the above ar ticle, signed P. 1). Gold. We cannot understand how any man, occupying the position in a community that Mr. Golel oc cupies, could allow his name to be connected with a statement which, if not absolutely false, is at least calculated to leave a false impression upon the mind of the reader. He says the government is endorsing the position that a silver dollar is not worth more than fifty cents in the dollar," and having made this assertion he proceeds te) ask the question, "Why do they deal out a piece of money they say is not worth fifty cents, yet pass it for a full dollar?" In the first place, "the government" has no personality ami therefore cannot endorse anything, but passing this inaccuracy in grammar (ami others by, anel taking it for granted that he means the administrative! offi cials, in charge of that branch of the government, still his as sertion is untrue, in part, as it has only been claimed that, tiik COMMERCIAL VAI.t'K CI' TIIK IT'IKIOX i ( .TAINK! IN SIIA'KR LaLKAK IS WORTH l.KSS 11 IAN FN-TV e r.Nis." No question has been raised as to its pur chasing penvcr value. He might just as reasonably epies tion the issue ot paper money which has no intrinsic value whatever. The only comment necessary in such cases is te be tound in the closing sentence ef this masterly (?) effusion: "The shame of this deed will rebound on somebody's head yet.'.' I ; I n-. n 11 11. 1 1 11' Cured by locaj applications as tluy raiinol n acli the- disoaseil portions o";!h- The r- is only ore way to cure ck-afiH-s.-;, and that is by eonstitutional rrnu-dies. Deafness is caused l.-an intlann.-d con dition of the. nur;iio:is lining of the Iaistachian '1'iibe. Win 11 this tube is iallamcd yoa have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it 1 en tirely closet!. Deafness is the result and unless the in llamat ion can be taken out and this tube restored toils normal condition, toe hearing will be destroy ed torever ; nin- cases out often are caused b catarrh, which is nothing but an hill. lined condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give ( ne 1 1 undrcd Dollars tor any case of Deafness (caused by ca tarrh) that cannot be cured by Hail's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHI-N1-:V K CO.. Toledo, (). I?rSold by Druggists, -,c. - -- I-armers say that over seven eighths of all tht cotton is picked ; that the top crop in a few specially cultivated and fertile spots h practically all re maining in the fields ; that all the good cotton is picked. They say they think the crop is one fourth off as compared with its condition Au gust 1st., but that the crop is better than was thought October 1st it would be. The increase in avenge brings it up to a normal crop. - . m p. There has been very little cholera aiming hogs in the S-Cc tin's year, and there v. ill be aim ;rt enough, poik to supply the people. The shortage ot the late crop of corn makes tht: supply of that k-od not nearly so large as was expected. Tutt's Pills Cure AH Liver Ills. Save Your Money. One box of Tint's Fills will save many dollars in doctors' bills They willsurcly cure ail diseases of the stomach, liver or bo web No Redder Assertion l;or sick headache, dyspepsia, malaria, constipation and bilio usness, a million people TUTT'S Liver PILLS A WEEK'S NEWS CONDENSED. Tupstlny, Oct. li. Newton I. J3atts, recently appointed purgoon g-cneral (if the navy, died in Washington yesterday. The will of the lute Josephine L. Pan ford, f San 1-Yan.isto, is to he con tested, she having left lur fortune to strangers. Fire in the great oil ikM.s of European Russia, on the w. st coast of the Cas pian S'-a. destroyed millions of barrels of nil and caused great money loss. Admiral John Word.-n. who com-' mar.ded the innnla.l Monitor in her famous 1-attle with the M-ri ima.- dur ing the civil war. died in Washington yesterday, aged so. Wlii-l.i.v. Oet . ?(. The rate -f wag s in .iapan is :'0 per cent higher this year than in IMC Corn-go .M. Pullman, the parlor car magnate, died at his Chicago home, aged r,0. Isaac Oiotrioh. a mine expert of Cali fornia. predict1- a gnat future for the gold production of Alaska. Mrs. J-an try's lawyer says she paid ?dr. l.angtty a regular allowance from the time of their separation. Ex-Senaior Ta'.or, of Colorado, hi received from Winfn-ld Scott Stratto-a, the Clippie Creek mining king, a pres ent of ir.e,ii wherewith to begin life anew. Thursday, Oct. '11. James K. Taylor, of Pennsylvania, was appointed supervising architect of the treasuiy. J. V. V.: v. ;-. . r f the t: .,sr- r m:. . . . . v , died at t ,.co. Me., aged s. V. Hunt, aged 87 years, and Mrs. .lulia Ann Sherman, aged 10, weio married yesterday at Waterlown, Conn. To give up enough of his skin to re place what ho scalded from anothei boy. or be prosecuted, is the alternative offered to a Chicago lad. ai nroay. on . -,r.- The Abyssinian:- ate devastating Somaliland and committing horrible atrocities. "e'p-i k-os -n to t'fi'vnic the undervaluation of goods im ported into that country. !', i;r M;.a.l oc.S Were j'oisoiied by whisky lii h one of them stole from a wagon in New York. yestertlay revived the degree of I.Li. D. one man was killed and t i t ! others fatally injured by the premature ex plosion of a blast at Kosi ndaie. X. Y. At lanvi.! . Ills.. Miss Carrie Corbett. agt d was award 'd l,;j. damages for breach of p! onns-. the d.ei'. be ing 71-year-old John Cernand. M unia . ct . ; -. P.iidie l'avis. a school girl, of 1 e oatur. Ills.. v P. faiiid in her studies, killed heix If. Francis Tinner Palgrave. t!ie poet, and essayist de d i:: London yesterday, aged 7". year?. Oeiieral William F. Dra; r. the Fni ted States a.:nbass:i.':oi- to Italy, re turned to pome cstt t day. lleeause he fo;;i:d Ids v, i t'e with a strange man. Chari-s lr:;i.t. of Kansas City. Mo., stabb-. d !.: tod l'liy.-ii-lans a'.t. i tti d al :i .f Miss Mamie y. Peri-:.:: . ... p; y ;.i ..Id. of Kichtu. nd, 'a., to In r lej.-arkably iapi'1 gro. Hi. The G:n;ni :"iie5 f A .e : ;i::t;re (fisec vers lit it a rotten miii v.i mit t.'d !Vo:;i tlte H-t a . -r:M.. u ::i tre S -jiteniber luilu tin. It is tlie Mc Kinlev (.-. -aon -.:',: a; Me i-,it:t-. i C.iii tr: u-i 'tnn; v. 1 ! 00 (;j I I-: i. Will.ini. i-i Wi: Moto; was also 0:1 :nttt!. M;. Wi.iiaol wi;tt that it in kes s. 1 ,.:ii;ii ;ii v, ;i:u! that it is the onlv mill in the S ate which iinpi .rts but Lips. Twentv Xoii'i Car; .'cm t goal min ers are now making dep. -. ! gold at the assay !!i:e at Cij:-.t lott:'. livery wee k a iv.v nmio ;s i emg openetl vhi!e at the h-.-ginnhig f the year IK at i v all we; e id :e. MNHA "iVhethcr it.-hitur, t.vrai!!, ll.".!iri-. f, crusted, pimply, nr bl'itcby,'t'.i.-r siiarle, pcrof'.ilous.e.r lit-r '.li!:iry. f i n:,i iaf.i:n-y to aire, speedily cared by warta with ('.' I fCUA po.M", crent.le anoint i a tviili Ccna aiiiit ment the ;; sMa c!:n. mil l losrs of ('cTiccr.x i;:o,,v i:nt, ric.test of Mood purifiers . a 'id liaaior cire.-?. m Y n Yi B W Is "ill t'rtrnnihont V.ic r-nrl.i. I:ttk r. Ds'-n a 7D Them. C'ihi'., S.le Prop-., liiivtciii. lit" - How tj Cure Kvt rv Itlrxi.t ! iiinicr," !; (?. rHbC nUi.lUiiCS l CU.fl :,yu l.r,K,vS.. A r. A. L. S.vmson. t C, j o,,;;-(), v, iu was enrolling ;;!: f die 1 v. la gis lature, w in Rah igh tliis uu k, i;; suit against Andiior A', r, i .;. uieji ant ( Liv; : ,y Iua ;a ' 1 an ' S '.'.:;. :; Illletnan w-. artr.-d ! i. r Coiirt i I i- f ),- Si, 7 i-,.v ! i salary ! -t :. Ina-- : -; were ! ; , - o- ,.: ; ', ; Holds a'a: ! i . :'i ; : . : ; sion. v.. v, i ; R-. s torne- 1 I;i'r,!!l !. t kei.t K that l:k ad ;;j ; : : ! ' . ;. cry (h', cr;:r,e:;i h. . t :! t:i'- : I. cd. It a;i; ears ,i.-.t -.. men in 1 1 1 I'ud ' have ).!-, ru;-.;.i:-. s ;. .' sii'ls, do as if n c :n ad I nu, as r.-;i! ir ". e ntimlier i" ; vici! r.;-;-s vv, 1 d at tile i tM t::r;:t ul the Fed. ral t'otltt at ( rei nl in i. A lutav . r t . '.: ,,f-f-ndi r.s li ue l-u-n tro;n:.-i:vi cid..;e Dak thn won'd !Kit (.. v hive not kept their p,o nie.- an;! no.v His lonor j.rojD-s t e;d rv the law. fO5 HED" I rood's S::v.:;-,::,;., . 1! yotir blood is itotan-c. vi.-r-pi.r-tito -e;;o. your LenWU im pai-vd. .Noj--l-iiiltls up health like HOGD'3- ibf liiiiiffi A Guilford man ha? succeeded well in making cigars entirely from tobacco grown in Guilford county. The hop culture near Hamlet proves to be a success. Xext year it .ili Ik- conducted on a larger scale. The Xi -rill Caio'ina Methodist hp.:-copal ronteience meets in Ral eio!) J)vceibh:;r I-t. Iiishop Har rove is to preside. Th? conference Aili elect delegates to the general, which meets in B illi ncire next May. In the Superior Court at Raleigh Monday the interesting cue of John A. Pearson against S Otho Wily on was ; i gu d la foi e Judge Robinson. I his is the case in "huh l'earson, who is Governor Russell's appointee as railroad commissioner, seeks to oust Wilson. They were both pres ent and so was L. C. Caldwell, who is another ol the Governor's appointees, to succeed fames W. Wilson as commissioner. DY Every expectant mother has a trying ordeal to face. If she does not 'j there is no telling what may happen. Child-birth is full j of uncertainties il I Nature is not given proper assistance. I Mother's Friend ! is the best help you can use at this time. 1 It U v. liniment, and when regularly ap 1 plied several months before baby comes, it tiiak s ihc advent easy and nearly pain . e.;s. it relieves and prevents " morning ; s'( kii'-ss.' relaxes the overstrained mus i ; i -s, relieves the distended feeling, short I ens labor, makes recovery rapid and cer tain without any dangerous after-effects.'s Friend is good for only one ; jMirir-.', vi;:. : to relieve motherhood o1 ' .ian j;er and jai:i. a .leltir n r bottle t.t Ml drug ftores, or sem 1 hv -;.uii o 1 reei ijit of nrife. "'ct',.-a; Biii'K'-, o:ifiiibir valnxble informa ; 'n- Vor vott -i, will be sent to any uddress Uio.i ripiieatiu to THE BRAOFIEI.D REGULATOR CO., ja. y ..?Mt . -1 M-imF" are subject t o peculiar ills. The ri-lit remedy for f-... . ... , ..... ia oaoics 111s especially Afwornis auJ btomach rnro.-l children for 50 years. Serai i : las. Look about the ills and the i v. One tnt; maileil for 25 c?nts. ii:..i, Halt: mo re, WANTED. JO I AM I Id KS TO WORK IN Tiff-; ! Wilson Cotton i.ills. I'oi full part icnliirs applv to JAMES LiPSCOMB, -i"-U Secretary and Treasurer. FOR. SALE. TIIK HOUSEarid LOT here I now reside. JOHN K. RUFFIN, : ti Trustee. .""cn-it-2-d- Agents. 'i:u federate Soldier in the Civil War," The i a a. -a ud ..v. aj--. . aoi .!... I. coiiiains 5(1 1 pajj-es 1 .v 1; in., - 1.1 d lar.-.'t' Hat tie Scenes, I'ort raits, .-. 'I la - r. atest .Hid larjrosl war lino k oii-hed. si in 1 t!ie only one that docs in the '.iiited. -rate soldier and the e i'.'ailt tot. Complete ill one o v.un'i d e cry wlicre I. sell this our ii.-w n,i, ea-y pian. Ma ny of 1 1n 1 -.-ia ! i -1 in 1 1 uvoit-i who are at work an.-- !i-..iii In $ii; per montli. Sons and I ) in -liters of Vet oralis. : r i:il i -rest;' d are i-eiUested to sead oiiiiin iiln-t rati" I descriptive circu ;i:i I term- i :i-i-: . A-ldre.-s io ::a .!iii i; '.i. .hiii Pin n ri ; '., Louisville. K.v. .1; K; i a '"'!. 1 iiv $i(n who has bought FROM Woollen & Stevens, Will tell you, that is tne place to irCt the Best Goods for the least money. FUilTUHE f ' ftfZ l,i 1., - . "i't IT ' i whicli prompts the desire to t)us scss the really pretty things one sees hciv it is good taste. It is not credulity that leads one to believe that our prices represent the honest value ot honest jewelry. That is common sense. Yours to serve. e r l WE CARRY A Clothing, Gent's Faroishiog Goods and Dry Goods, Which we are soiling at jirices to make your mouth water. And SHOES! On r SHOES ark the voxdi:r oi- all who si:i : thkm. IN OUR CROCKRV Dld'ARTM K.T Cjrirrr t l)(" I:ksl. Try a barrel of our "i 1 A R IliR'S Ai I'LOUR" an-.l you will come hack for another. We have a few COOK STOVtiS on which we a r e c f f e r i n g a b a r g a I n . .-, . ,. COMK AND SKI-: I S i-()R ALL Vol'R NKKDS AND Vol' WILL SAVE MO NT A'. RKSIT'CTITT LV H. D. BARNES (i CO.. Cor. names ami Tartano Sis. t r i i Jx Will lie- ".iven to tin' ini'il-. r of(.;i tlp.-si; la-ariii numli- i i or- respon-ltn'; to special card sealed and deposited with us by the "lit ' d'S gjSTOVK cc RAN(iK CO " There are 3.00 ) cards issued, one to cadi .i-ii purcliaser 1 f ni.oo worth of m is at 1 ir store. As soon as the 3,. , . c,i;.! t& are issued tlie sealed card will !' exaaiiii.-d and the number aniioiin. -.!, g and tlie holder of the corresponding natuln-r will receive f r 5 1 . . . 1 d 1 tic 01 r ri K.t.M.!-. vala. l Geo, D, Green Hardware Co, M WILSON, IT. G. Bucks Junior Rr) n OY To be ffiv-n FREE To the -irl un-lo- 14 years old who cuts the greatest 1111:11 ber ot our advertisements, containim; IJucV's Trade Mark from the newspapers of our citv. TRADE MARKS mast be n.'dos-d in env-lopi-s or neat pnclraio-s, j...i!i!v marked widi name and addn-ss .f out es! ar.t , a. ml may be 1 ft at .ni -t"f often as desired. COLLI'.C V A i )'i;iM I SI-L.M F,. IS FROM ()( !d 11: : t TO DKCK.MIJKR 21st, 1S97. 'i'his comp -titioti is (i.-si-ned to call i!c f tion ot the public to our splendid line of wBuck's Stoves and R;uiiv.vr-' the only line in the world o.piij.p.-d with Willi 1". KN M Id .Id I)OORS, j;ivin-to tiie Oven all the .aini. ri'.r liaidn ) talkies ot th- -'d ii-i-oned Itrick Oven. " GEO. D. GRKEN II AUDWAliK CO. 2 l lf VVBLSOi, n. c. 0 Jim ., 1 i Jilli 7. y n ir: o o 1 o rJ T 3 a ( o D (A c o ' 'I 1 a cr w CD CD 2 mm Wmfffss .-d ;;i!;E! d .i'dl, r iSiiiiiiiiiii' : tei SN kr ' V. - . A , .i.i. - r !' ..-1 i ...- ) - . ' . 'A - J. J. PrI VETT & C( n Fl'LL LIXIC ( I; MYV. I). LHK, M.-r. .; :.'. II' si "a. No. B S 6 i 8 3 II L I i buck sbteelKanos, n r n r n i ifvA' - ii at -,. soi.r: AC l-.N I S I . iU Buck's Great White Enamel Line. FULL NICKLL PLATLI )

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