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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, November 18, 1897, Image 1

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i r A YEAR CASH IN ADYANCE. "LEf ALL THE ENDS THOU AlMSV AT BE 1 H COUNTRY'S, 1HY GOD'S AND TRUTHS." ,i n""-'nT ?i vr ,'OLUME XXVII. WILSON, N. C, NOVEMBER 18, 1897. 7X 1 ; y DIRECTORY. Calendar of Sales AT TOBACCO WAREHOUSES NI XT WKRK as H C h a V. ) I-Mi'.KR. I 13 4 5 i a da V -- , fines. i. IV 2 ,,,,! d.U ?5 - - ; :i av 2b ... - i;.:,!.iv 2 5 ; 2 4 1 3 i 4 213 5 4 3 4.5 hi i- i i;r in-' i n I.s. l.i k'AI. VKAINS: n; . Hound. S Hound I'x tuccti Florence and WeKluii. N... No. 3 ; jj i'. M. l.iiufS Wilson 2:05 I'. M IVuvfi-n Wilmington and Norfolk: N r. No. 49- 1 p 1 . M. Leaves Wilson, 2:12 P. M I., lurcn ( "n iilsloi o and Norfolk. N.i 10 j No 103 s (i ..M I cav 1 s Wilson 7:17 I'M sii,).. l-'lv" Wilmington to Kocky Mt ,, No. 41. u2 I'M. Leav es Wilson, 6:15 AM Til KOI I. It TRAINS. between Morence and Weldon: No. ',2. No. 35. 12.22 A. M. 1 eaves Wilson. ii:iS P. M i. S 1 taFrirKK-". Ito.VKH OF OiMMISSloNKKS: K. s ( lakk, Chairman. Snm . I'ki.ton, . H. Newsom ! . I Lii.i-.y. Isaac Fklton W. J. Cni.KKY, SheiilV, 1.1'. i; M)i.N. Clerk of Superior Court I II I'iKii 1 in, Keuister of I ee 's, S. II. Tyson, reasurer, W'm. Hakkiss, Coroner, . T. Ki-.v i- h. Surveyor. I OWN O K I I K K" A LDEKMEX: . D. l.EE. J. A. Cl.AKK, 1k A Anderson, ( it o. 1 Iackni- y, J. 1". 1st Ward 2nd 3rd 4th 5th P. B. Dkavs. Mayor; no. R. Mooki:, Town Clerk; V. K. Deans, Collector. I'ouce: W. P. .S.AKKNliKKG, Chief. I.l'HKIAM MAKKEl.L, FRANK FELTON James Makshhoikne. D. P. C h k 1 stm a n , St Commissioner. lll'IC 11 1. rt. dim. .tin's Episcopal church, Services.: Sundays Ht 11 a. ni., lay reading. Mit-ciay School at 3 p. ni. M-thodi-d Church. Kev. J. I?. Hur'e Pastor; sua ices t 11 a. 111. and 7:30 p. ni Sund t School, 5 p. ni , J. I I'.n.ton. Su; t. Prayer meeting Weil nedav night at 7:30. I ) s. ipUs Church. Rev. T. H. Melton, Pastor; e-rv ice s every Sunday, 1 1 a ni. 7:30 pm. Prayer meeting Wednesday ni-lit. Sundav School at 3 o'clock, p. in., Ck-o. I lackney, Supt. Preshyterian Church, Rev. James Thomas, Pas'or; services on the First, Third and Fourth Sunday in every nioii'li and at Louisburg Second Sun day, v-rvhes at 11 a m. and 8:30 p. in. Sund 1 hooi at 5 o'clock, p. in. Baptist Church, service as follows: Preaching Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock and S p. m. Rev. W. H. Redish Pastor. Piaver meeting Wednesday evening at -s o'clock. Sunday School at 5 p. 111., D. S. Boykin Supt Primitive Baptist Church, preaching 'n 2 d Sunday hy Elder Jas. Bass; on 3rd Sund. iv By Elder Jas S. Woodard; on tin- .ph Sun. lay and Saturday before hy the pastor, Elder P. D. Gold. Ser vii es Begin at 1 1 a. in. I lli'li !. gular meetings of Mt. Lebanon ;e No. 117 A. F. it A. M. are held eir hah, corner of Nash and Golds l.od in tl :o -tret is on the 1st ami 3rd Monday Jus at 7:3.o'c!ock p. in. each month. C. E. Moore, W. M. '-gular meetings of Mt. Lebanon apter Nt 27 are held in the Masonic di.-veiy 2nd Monday night at 7:30 lock p. in. each month. V. M. Applewhite, IL P. gular meetings of Mt. Lebanon mmaudcry No. 7 are held in the s. .nit hall every 4th Monday night 7 v. o'clock each month. R. S. Barnes. E. C. regular meetings of Wilson Lodge "I IP No. 1694 are held in their hall r the j st National Bank every isi ursday evening at 3:3oo'cIock, p. in. B. F. Briggs, Director. ' gul ar meetings of Conttntnea .lge. No. S7, K. of P , are held in 1 Fellows' Hall very Thursday i t. Visiting members always wel- CI ;ular meetings of Enterprise c, No. 44, are held every Frday- .. 1., .1 in Odd I'ellows' Hall. I' ST Oi l ICE HOI KS. ' ' 1 opens S a m. and closes ;V sunset mails close for North at 1 p.m. ' West 44 I p. 11). South " l-3op. m. 1 I t mails for all points close at 9 p m. GET YOUR (11! PRINTING 0 AT HIE ADVANCE OFFICE. A SUICIDES EAIOTIONS; GENEEAL s , iwm cinvwiMvw Able Lawyer Eiplains His Feelings While Awaiting Death. EVENT OF TRIFLING IMPORTANCE "Of No More Importance. Sar, Than HreHkrust" - ln a Lotul. to HN Brother He Expresses urloItv to Verity Ills lietot- Ue-nidl,,- leath. New York. Nov. 13.-John C. Bullitt Jr., was foun.i dead yesterday in a room at the Central Railroad hotel, on Liberty street, this city. liottles con taining hydro-chloric acid, cyanide of potassium and nitric acid were found on a table near the bed upon which the corpse lay. A letter found in the apartment, addressed to Joshua F. Bul litt, Jr.. Big stone (Jap. Wise county, Va., and signed in a firm hand "John C Bullitt. Jr.." read as follows: I'ar Josh I have decided to end it all I wish that you and Jim will induce rather and mother to so make their wills U3 to secure to my wife ami daughter my one-third share of their estate I nsk that every paper, memorandum, etc that 1 leave behind me be destroyed with out beinK previously read. For inv faults 1 ask only the charity of sileiiee. If 1 possessed any virtues, let them live in memory. You will, I know, be Interested in knowing how a person feels who is about to step into the unknown world Hence. I will tell you what my feelings are. 1 wonder. 1 doubt, I hope, but over all the wonder, and the doubt, and the hope, a feeling of intense curiosity pre vails. What is the future? I believe I know, but it is only a belief. 1 am very curious to verily it. The feeling of fear Is -absent. I am Roin.ur from here to the I'M en Alusee to play chess with the auto maton. This fact illustrates my mental condition, perhaps, better than a volume of my writing would. Death seems to me to be merely an event of no more importance, say, than breakfast. 1 love life, and hate to leave it. but the sum mons has been served, and I must answer. And now. jroodby. We will meet atjain. Mr. liullitt was a lawyer. Mr. J. II. McMurran. of this city, an intimate friend of Mr. Bullitt, and who was largely instrumental in inducing- him to come to New York, spoke of his friend last night. "I cannot imagine why he did it," said Mr. McMurran. "The only reason to be given is that the past three or four years of financial depression which he passed through. His home is in Duluth. Minn. He was counsel for the Northern Pacific railway at St. Paul prior to moving to Duluth. Five or six years ago, I can't just recall the exact time, though 1 was at his wed ding-, Mr. Bullitt married Miss Frances Western, of St. Paul. She is a most estimable woman, and their home life was the happiest. They have a sweet little girl about 2 years old. Mrs. Bul litt's mother and sister live with her in Duluth. Mr. Bullitt was the nephew of John C. Bullitt, one of the most prominent citizens of Philadelphia. His father is Began M. Bul.itt. of Bouis ville, Ky., and he has a brother, Joshua F. Bullitt. Jr.. to whom the letter was addressed. Joshua is also known as a junior, because he has an uncle of the same name. About a month ago Mr. Bullitt came to New York, largely because of my re peated urging. I knew that his talents wou;d never be recognized in Duluth, and convinced him that he would make his mark here. He was arranging for offices, and only three days ago told m he was about to take out his license here. He was one of the most lovable men I ever knew, and his ability was akin to genius." The dead man was about .'Hi years old. He was educated at Washington and Bee university, and afterward studied law at the University of Virginia. On completing his education he went to St. Paul, Minn., and engaged in the prac tice of his prol'esion. Some months ago he gave up his law practice and engaged In various gold none speculations in Mexico which were thought to be of a rather wild character. SOVEREIGN SUCCEEDED. The Knight of Labor !, er I.Vtlred I'l'om I,' :nli'"- hip. Louisville, Nov. lo. James It. Sov ereign, who has been general master workman of the Knigh.s of Labor for the past four years or more, was yes terday afterrw.on relieved of his office by the general assembly, which has been in session in this ci'y since Mon day last. Along with Mr. Sovereign there were three ether officers retired because of their special election, viz.: T. B. Mcduire, general worthy fore man, of Amsieidain, N. Y., and Daniel Brown of Montana and H. B. Martin of Minnesota, members of the execu tive committee. Henry A. Hicks, of Xevv York city, was chosen to lit! Mr. Sovereign's place. and I. I). Chamberlain, of Pu.-blo, Cab, was selected as general worthy fore nifn. Sarslield FB zoat rick, of Mon treal, and IH-niy Bostoek. of Assembly 300, glass workers, were chosen as the temporary members of the executive board, the third member being Andrew D. Best. Though the chr.nge was sudden and totally unlocked for. it was done with the amicable consent of all. It was with Mr. Sovereign s most hearty ap proval that he steps down and out. In fact, he declined a renomination. The same holds good with the officers who were relieved. Martial Law In Rio Janeiro, Nov. 15. President Moraes has issued a decree establish ing martial law for a period of 15 days. The evidence of a political conspiracy In connection with the recent attempt to assassinate the president is increas ing. The prefect of police, who is a prominent Jacobin, has resigned. The police prohibit the gathering of the people in the streets. Nejrroes Wanted to Lynch Him. Sandusky, O., Nov. 15. Ceoige Win- gett, a white man, killed William Ever- colored, yesterday in a row over a woman. Wingett stabbed Lverett in the abdomen, inflicting a faal wound. "Wingett was caught by a ii.oh of ne groes, who anted to lynch him, but after a desperate fieiit he escaped from the mob and surrendered himself to police. Wingett claims that he the acted In self defense. Aver's Hair Vigor, which has out lived and superseded hundreds of sim ilar preparations, is undoubtedly the most fashionable as well as economical he'r dressing in the market. By its use the poorest head of hair soon becomes luxuriant and beautiful. -- . Middlesboro. Ky.. Nov. 12. A special from Hyden states that in a row over politics John Sebre shot and killed Henry Davis, and Sebre was shot and mortally wounded by Mollie Davis, a Bister of Henry. Jacksonville. Fla., Nov. 15. Three passengers on the steamer Mascotte, just in at Port Tampa from Cuba, re port a successful landing of the last filibustering expedition. They were of the filibustering party, but refuse to give any details. Atlanta. (la.. Nov. 15. The dead bodies of Henry Turner and those of his wife and sister were found in a potato patch in Campbell county. They had been shot to death and brained. Bloodhounds have been called for. There is no clew. Brownsville, Tex., Nov. 12. A Mexi can boy named Bernardo Salizar, aged 16, has shot and probably fatally wounded two old women and two little girls, aged 2 and 4 years. There is no cause assigned for the deed. Salizar was arrested and placed in jail. Owensboro, Ky.. Nov. 10. A new industry started here yesterday with 100 employes. It is to utilize cornstalks. Cellulose, for lining battleships, ma terial for making an imitation of silk and for making celluloid are among the products. Paper is another pro duct. Weston, W. Va., Nov. 9. Milton Hick man, leader of a gang of desperadoes, was shot and killed near a church by Deputy United States Marshal Bader and a large posse. The light was pro tracted, and Bader and also two of Hickman's gang were wounded. Hick man ieii tne mourners bench to ffage in the fight. en- Osceola, Ark.. Nov. 15. Henry Phil ips, alias "Doc" Jones, a negro, a self confessed murderer and moonshiner, was lynched in the court yard here Sat urday midnight by a mob composed of prominent citizens of this town and surrounding country. The direct cause of the lync hing was the murder of a merchant here by the name of Phillips a few days ago. Parkersburg. W. Va.. Nov. 15. Gov ernor Atkinpi n has announced his can didacy for the United States senator ship from West Virginia. This, how ever, is conditional uyon the with drawal of Judge Golf from the race. If the report that G-off has withdrawn is true, the governor regards himself as the logical candidate, but he will not run if ("J off should be a candidate. Baleigh, N. C, Nov. 10. The safe in the Mockesville postoffice was blown open Monday night and robbed of $300, half the amount being in money and the rest in stamps. After committing the robbery the parties stole a hand car on the Mockesville railroad and rode it out near the Davis school, jusi west of Winston. They cut the tele graph wire in two places to prevent Wheeling. W. Va.. Nov. 15. Collector White, of this district, who has beer In Washington in consultation with the United States attorney general, an nounces that an appeal will be taker speedily from Judge Jackson's recent decisions construing the tenure of office features of the civil service rules am: law. To expedite matters the appea will be directly to the United States supreme c ourt on writ of certiorari. Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 10. The negrc section of the Georgia Insane asyiun burned yesterday. There were withir the walls at the time the fire broke out. inmates and all, over 700 persons but tile efficiency of administration was such that no lives were lost. The loss is about $100,000, including buildings and furniture. There was room enougl. in the other buildings to temporarily care for those who were dislodged by the fire. Holly Springs. Miss.. Nov. 15. At Ash land, an inland town 20 miles west ol here. W. H. Harrison, editor of the Ashland Register, was stabbed to death by J. B. McDonald. The two men hac some words about a notice in the papei of an approaching lecture. McDonalc charging that had the orator been s Methodist instead of a Baptist the notice would have been more extended Harrison replied through his paper ir a way that incensed McDonald, and the tragedy resulted. McDonald is in jail Baltimore, Nov. 13. The Unitec Daughters of the Confederacy endec their fourth annual conveniion yester day. The following officers were ele". ted for the ensuing year: Mrs. Kate Cabell Currie of Dallas, Tex., presi dent; Mrs. I). G. Wright of Baltimore and Mrs. Helen C. Plane of Atlanta vice presidents; Mrs. John I. Hick man of Nashville, recording secretary; Mrs. Annie W. Duncan of Vicksburg corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. Jef ferson Thomas of Atlanta, treasurer The convention adjourned to meet next year at Hot Springs, Ark. Atlanta, Ga., Nov. !!. Patrolman J T. Ponder was killed here last night at 7 o'clock while be was shadowing a supposed burglar who had entered the wholesale whisky house of L. Steinau The business of Steinau was placed ir the hands of a receiver yesterday, anc the police intimate that some mem ber of the firm, endeavoring to secure money from the vault, entered, and finding himself discovered killed the only eye witness. Steinau and othei members of the firm are under arrest The vault was found unlocked and a bunch of keys were picked up near by All deny knowledge of the tragedy. Wheeling. W. Va., Nov. 11. The plate mill men at the Bellaire steel plant yes terday voted 5 to 1 to remain at wort in the face of a strike of the stee: workers. It is not anticipated thai tl re will be a repetition of Saturday's noting. The strikers have oiganizec a supply store supported by the public Urokeii I'll 1 1 maii-Oirlcsby l-aiyra ire merit Chicago, Nov. 13. Formal announce ment is made of the breaking of th'i engagement of Mr. George M. Pull man and Miss Felicite Oglesby. daugh ter of ex -Governor Oglesby. The news of Miss Oglesby's engagement to one of the Pullman twins came as a great surprise to the friends of the young people over two years ago and the ru mors concerning the date of the wed ding have been countless since tha: time. Friends of the Oglesby family ate stout in their declarations that the disinheritance of the young man had nothing whatever to do with the rup ture of the betrothal vows. 'In a minute" one dose of Hart's Essi- NCKOK ( j I N t; K l will relieve any ordinary case ol Co'ie. ( ramps or Nau sea. An unexcelled remedy for Diar rhoea, Cholera Morbus, Summer com plaints and all internal pains. Sold by B. V. Margrave. iuuiiil ununuo umillO Strongly Urged in Postmaster Gen eral Gir's First Eeport. SHOULD BE ESTABSISHED NOW. o-.iii.n-.cer cetera I Declares Their BstiiblKhment Would Confer a Great Boon u C itizens and Be of Inesti mable Value to the Whole Country. Washington. Nov. 15. The first an nual repoit of Postmaster General J. A. (buy to the president was made public last night. Its feature is the strong advocacy of postal savings de positories. It- says the time is ripe for their establishment, and that the adop tion of a well, organized system would c onfer a great boon upon a large num ber of people and ultimately be of ines timable ben. fit to the whole country. T j estimates of the revenues and ex pemiitures for the fiscal year ending June 30. 1S1HI, are: Total postal reve nue for 1817. ?s2.t;r5,l(J2.73; add 5 per c ent. ?l.i:.t:; 27:1.13. K? timated revenue for ISM, $S6.7'JS.7J5.b6; add 7 per cent, $(5.075,911. 51. Total estimated revenue tor psDH, j;2.s7 1.(547.37; estimated ex penditures for IMill, $:i,S,922.7G0; deficien cy f-r 1S1I1I, estimated, $G,0-Jt, 112.63. Following is an abstract of the re pot t : Reiterating the injustice inflicted 'oth upon the postal revenues and the ; ej h- by second class mail matter ariitge regulation, the enactment by . tigi ess of some measure to remedy he wrong, similarly pointed out by Ait postmasters general, is urged. As o this the postmaster general says: If tl is were done there would be an nd to postal deficits, and the service mild be enlarged and popularized by t broad extension of five delivery with in infringement upon the general re--iUicts of the government, and even tually result in the much desired re-'U'-sion of letter postage to one cent ;.er ounce." The experimental rural free delivery has been generally appreciated. Few expenditures have conferred greater POSTMASTBR GKNKRAL GARY, benefits in proportion, and it has un iiuest ionably proved a potent factor in attaining what should he a chief aim of government, the granting of the best possible postal facilities to the farm ing class. Many million.-! of dollars are undoubt edly secrete', by people who have little or no confidence in ordinary securities and monetary institutions organized by private ckiztns. It is dead capi tal, but if its owners could be inspired with absolute confidence in the secur ity of an investment it is altogether probable that the bulk of this fund would find Its way into the channels of trade a:.d commerce. If the gov ernment undertook this task the ser vice would und ubtedly be gladly ac cepted by the people. Their faith in the government is unbounded. Their little savings, which separately could hardly be put out at interest, would amount in the aggregate to a sum that could be invested to their advantage. It would tend to cultivate thrift in a large class. The proposition is an accomplished fact in nearly every country in Europe, in the British dependencies of both hemisi he-res. and even in Hawaii. In Great Britain 7.000.OO0 depositors have upw ard of in savings accumu lated during :r. years, and in ten years fewer than 10.000 Hawaiian depositors saved nearly $1,000,000. Franc.' made a profit in 1895 of $170,000 in hadling 2 500.(100 accounts, aggre gating $143. 000.000. after paying a per cent interest. Great Britain earned a surplus of $S3,Ooo, after paying 2J2 per cent interest, on $4X0.000.000, made up of 6.500.000 accounts. The average ec 1 mission paid, to postmasters is one cent per deposit. Any account may be set tled and withdrawn from any deposi tory in the country. in- . Phil ii'i-lnhi i N. McYickar. pal church. Intention .f a Rh. de Island cof.i! ju lor f . . !! .11(1 llS. Nov. 15. Bev. Dr. W. f Holy Trinity Rpisco steiday announced his cepting the call from the diocese to become bishop that diocese. The an was made to Dr. Mc- noun em. id Viekai's c ngrei min Watson, th ition by Rev. Benja former being out of tov n. In a letter fr.-m Dr. McYickar he said that it would be weeks, and perhaps months, before he would be re quired to enter upon his new field. He has been re tor of Holy Trinity for 22 years, and was ihe successor to the late Phillips Brooks. Mai! Cn-rfer Held Pp. War:-?n. I.-Jabo. Nov. 15. The mail carrie-i was l.;d up h.'ie by a lone h'gh'wyman and ordered to dismount from h:.-: h. ire. told t'. cut the lit' u!i. and ;lr. legist- te! ir..;il The canier was then mail sack open, which robber took all of the and let'ojs. There was about $4,000 in cash, pf ten men -mmedL; uit The sheriff's posse ely set out in pur- Kobort L in o.n", imiiirJiler Klopes. Chicago. Nov. 12. Miss Jessie Lin coln, daughter of Robert T. Lincoln, and Warren Beckwith. a young busi ness man at Mi. Pieasant. la., were married at Milwaukee. A year ago young B.c". .with and Miss Lincoln be came sw ee:ieurts. but tlie young man, it is said, was ebj.-. ted to strongly. The afVair was thought then to have been broken up. iim on Miss Lin coin's visit to Milwaukee the other day the young coupie went off and were quietly married. Mr. Lincoln is very indignant. CASTORIA. Tie fas- rmils Of h 03 SIX f A WEEK'S NEWS CONDENSED. 1 uesday. Nov. 9. The yellov fever at New Orleans Is now on the wane, cooler weather hav ing appeared. Benjamin and Roy Nunn. father and son. were sentenced at Gladwin. Mich., to life imprisonment for murder. The president yesterday named W. Godfrey Hunter, of Kentucky, to be minister to Guatemala and Honduras. The United States supreme court de clined to interfere in the case of Du rant. the California murderer, and he must hang. Judge Jackson, of Martinsburg, W. Va.. has decided that the transfer of a federal employe from the position to which he was first appointed to another of less salary is a violation of the civil service law. Wednesday, Xov. lO. A dispatch from Buenos Ayres says that a general frost has severely in jured the wheat and flax crops. Game Warden Swan reports that in his opinion the killing of the TJintah Indians in Colorado was necessary. John S. Iturmells.of Chicago, is spoken of as the probable successor of Asso ciate Justice Stephen J. Field on the su preme court bench. Wilford Glover, a 15-year-old boy of Tropico, Cal.. confessed that he shot Dr. B. P. Moore, of Los Angeles, for the purpose of robbery. The boiler of a Burlington engine ex ploded near Crawford, Neb., instantly killing Engineer II. C. Simpson and Fireman E. M. Robinson. Thursday, Nov. 11. Mrs. Margaret Bougham died at Springfield. Mass., said to be 124 year old. The Cleveland boy baby is named Richard Folsom Cleveland, for Mrs. Cleveland's f ather. Sam Wright, colored, who was hanged at Goldsboro, N. C. yesterday, con fessed three murders. There is now talk of a combination of tanning companies and glue rnanufac turers to control the glue output. President McKinley has decided on the appointment of Charles Page Bryan of Chicago, as minister to China. James F. Hathaway, a wealthy resi- . i . e it-, ... l 1 1 . . ueui u cm oomei vine, aiass., was sent to jail for refusing to pay a double tax assessment. Frldav. Nov. 1-2. President McKinley has appointed Charles Page Bryan, of Chicago, as minister to China. The degree of master of agriculture has been conferred on Secretary Wilson by the Iowa agricultural college. Durrant, the murderer of Blanche La ment and Minnie Williams, who was to hang today, has been granted another reprieve. Frances E. Willard will contribute $3,000 of the $300,000 necessary to retain control of the Women's Christian Tern perance Union's Temp'e, at Chicago. Friends of Jennie Kinsella. the Nor walk (Conn.) mid girl, who was dis figured by vitrol thrown by Owen Murphy, will donate cuticle to be grafted upon the suffering woman. Saturday. Nov. !.'. More than two-thirds of the mem bers of the senate are said to favor annexation of Hawaii. Authority has been granted for the organization of the Exchange Nation al bank of Meyersdale, Pa. A Berlin dispatch says: Seven per sons perished Thursday in a mine fire near Antoineheutte, Silesia. Ten thousand people witnessed the hanging of Albeit Voies, at Fayette ville, W. Va., for the murder of Charles Gibson. Last night Edward S.Valk.of Wilkes barre, Pa., fell from a streetcar at New ark. N. J., and had his skull fractured. He may die. Monday. Nov. 15. Through contributions and the police relief fund ihe widow of murdered Po liceman Frederick Smith, of New York, will receive $10,000. The frigate Constitution, known as "Old Ironsides." crashed against her pier at Boston during a storm and was seriously damaged. Alexander Doner, a hermit on the mountains near Bellwood. Pa., was thrown from a wagon and instantly killed, his skull being fractured. Quick witted Motorman Abrams, of Indianapolis, saved the lives of many passengers by speeding his car and es caping collision at a railroad crossing. Why 'allow yourself to tie .-.lowly tor lured at the stake of disease? Chills and Fever will undernrne, and eventu ally break down, the strongest consti tuti m "I'KBR I-CUR A' (Sweet Chill Tonic of Iron) is more effective than Ouinine and being" combined with Iron is an exc ellent Tonic and Nervine Med icine. It is pleasant to take, is sold under positive guarantee to cure or money refunded. Accept no sul sli tu es. 'I he "j'ust as good" kind don't effect cures. Sold by 15. W. Margrave. THE GULDENSUPPE MURDER. Confession of Mrs. Nack-A New Jury to Try the Case. New York, Nov. 11. The expected happened at the trial in Long Island City yesterday of Martin Thorn for the murder of William Guldensuppe. Mrs. Augusta Nack took the witness stand and gave a detailed account of the trag edy as already pub.ished. declaring that Thorn alone committed the mur der and dismembered the body, and that she only aided in the disposition of the remains. She declared that she acted as she did wholly through fear of Thorn, whom she asserted that she never loved. She had. she declared, never loved any man but her husband, and this statement caused a titter in Ihe court room. Mr. Howe, cm rise I for Thorn, in the course of an interview after the ad journment of court, declared that Mrs. Nack killed "and cut up Guldensuppe. He will put his client on the witness stand. New York, Nov. 12. There was no session of the couit in the Thorn triai yesterday, owing the illness of a juror, who was obliged to undergo an opera tion for appendicitis. Today the jury was discharged, and a new jury must be chosen. Vou may eat cheap food and not be seriously injured by it; but you cannot take cheap medicines without positiv injury. If you use any substitute for Ayer's Sarsaparilla, you do so at the peril of your health, perhaps your life Insist on having Ayer's, and no other. nw ivn Dtvi'ivr 11 i . I hi i j i i Mr. Horaco White's Recommenda tions to Mm c '.Try Commission. CILVEB'-KSTALLIC GREENBACKS" Declares the Silver Dollar Should I5e li'ccli'ciniilil. in (.old, twi.1 Th i a l.s t he Retirement of Le-rul 'lender Notes Would Bring Sliver to Par. Washington, Nov. 15. Mr. Horace White, whie book upon 'Money and Banking" has attracted so mu.-h at tention, has submitted s:::r.e clear cut answers to the interrogatories of the monetary commission r.gar.ling im provements in the currency system of the United- States. Mr. White is an outspoken advocate of the retirement of the greenbacks and the adoption i n elastic banking currency bas.-.l upon business assets. lie de-elans that the silver dollars should be redeem, d in : -old and that in a financial sense t! -..-re is no difference between tbe S' forms of government fiduciary circu lation ! Willi n silv er uoiiat s a r "The latter," he iK'clans, "are !.) greenbacks." He- does n..t ii.-li. e the am unt of circulation pu s.-ii , redemption would be' any greater at present if silver were re.'., gold. In answer to the question garding the mainienam-e of ihe standard Mr. While says: "I would lecnmmc ml the red' et; retireme nt aod cam el!aii..n of ail tender notes as a first step. p-.,l the silver ce: tilieates and silver ,. would theieafter remain at par gold, like the outstanding thai- i l -it-:. . i . i e i hat i for t ha a ;' in ; ft - gold ' i 'ti. ill: Germany, and would not be presented for redemption in nnv consider;. bio amount, be ing needed, like the small r silver coins, for circulation in retail trade. After the r tirentent of the legal tender notes we should be abte to sc. belter what to do next." Mr. White bedieves that in process of time it will rait be possible to rely upon national bonds as security l'..r bank note issues, because of the rxlin ii.n of the public debt. In reply to the ques tion whether any safe and pra.-ti. a!.;. plan can be devised for -using other securities he says that he thiiiis m-i. He believes thai 50 per cent l" Hie paid up and unimpaired capital of the bank should be the limit of the note issues, and that a cash rese rve should be he: l for the red -mption of notes. Mr. White says further: "In r.-n.-i.-il 1 approve of the plan adopted by the American Bankers' association at Bal timore, in October, 1 stt J. commonly called the 'Baltimore plan.' All bank notes should be redemab!e at the com mercial centers of the country, and also at their own counters. Perhaps an ex ception should be made of the Pacific coast, on account of distance. "In times of panic: or sudd -n strin gency I would allow an extra issue equal to 25 per cent of the ba nl;'.- . ; tal. conditioned upon the payment a tax, at tin- rate -f 5 p.-r cent or num. to the government as Ion- - :.s i- i n- ; 'ie excess of nates remains outst-nidm;;. "I would allow any bank bavin:, a paid up capital of not less th in ilj- -i.-000 to establish branches in its state, and any bank having a capi'al of $5,0i0.000 or more to establish bran' li es in any part of the Cnit.-d States. I would allow notes to be issued only by the parent bank, although th-y nfic.Vi be issued to and paid out by the branch banks in the usual course of business." FOR THE ALASKAN GOLD FIELDS Arrangements Perfect Inir for a steam ship Line l-'roni Seattle. Philadelphia, Nov. 11. The most im portant project yet launched for trans portation to the Alaskan gold fields was consummated here yesterday, when the Yukon company, of Seattle, Wash., concluded a contract with the Boach shipyards, at Chester-. Pa., for two 5 '"i ton steamships to ply between Seattle, Wash., and St. Michaels, Alaska, to connect at the latter point ui h the fleet of 12 Yukon river steamers now bidding by Moran I h others, at Seattle. The ships to be built at Bo.i'h's will be the largest and most complete American steamships on the i'a.ilje coast. They will be Bv feet long, is feet beam and 27 feet deep. ;ln 1 will have a cairying capacity of I.L'iHt ions and 1.000 passengers, all ef whom will have beith accommodations. The cabin arrangements wiil be very complete, and accommodati ns for 2(.u first class passengers will be provided. The shii are to mal-- a speed ; bl kn.c.s an hour, and will be the fastest on tie Pacific coast. They will cost 1 . . .!. and work on tlc m is to be pa.-li.- l night and day, to huv them ready for tic opening of navigation in th - sp:in". Andrew F. Burleigh, of Seattle, late re. -elver of the Norih.-rn Pacific rail road, the president d the company, on Monday sign, d the contract with th" Moran Biothers. at Seattle, for a li t of 12 palatial river si.-am. is for the Yukon, to run from St. Mi ha- is to Dawson City, in addition in i a o tow -boats and 12 freight barc-s. Tie- com pany wiil sell through !i -l-. !s. with first class passenger ionr-. and entitling the pass ng. r a ton of freight llm-ugh fmi to Dawson City, to be ,, fiver latter point wp.hin 2" day--. u beat all record---, unices ha v. to ca ; a y n Seattle . d at i Se idell will - air cad v oe-e-n optneu m this i'y. a few days oilioes will b New York, Boston. Chio;le. nd other cities. and within opened j;, .. Pittsburg To Miiloreo German Demands. Berlin. Nov. 12. The Get man warship Gefion is under odors to sail for p..rt au Pi i nee, liuyti, this mm. a. m or.b r to insist upon r .'.n ss for th- au. .-t there of Her Lti'-d.-rs. a Gen.-. an sub ject, and his unlawful imprisonment, for which Count S.h.verin. the Ger man minister at pert au Pri:..-.-. has de manded an indemnity. Lu-ders was released from prison in order to avoid further complications, the natives, of Port au Prince having threatened p. mob the German legation ;..,d ivnoh Lueders. The fitting out of th- war-an, is being hasten, d as much as possible. I'hesiaeet I tie smiijrj In.;. Port Huron. Mich., Nov. ... Custom officers have unearthed what promises to prove extensive operation-: ,ri jde n.a cetine smuggling. Nearly .V.:i ..un -s f the drug were confiscated yesterday. ERIT is wli.-d lias civ n JloiaiV! iparilla the laiL-c.-t sat. - in tbe world ami enables it to tironn iph.-h tliousauds of woiidci-ful CUKES. 1UALI AM) M.IL Ill A . ,' --cor; :. :ro-t -:-:::-';::; feature c--u ; .- .s.:'.. -. . -t s r-rt.4 .,1, i s ; w. t: i... r; . . --. r: . . ! tl i (a v in ; ' r c . : t.e..l : . . "' ('.---:-.-t:i ' ' ' s ' '' 1 '! " 1 e' J ! x M.l ? ":1 ..;:...'., i ; 'ittrt iWe tha " ol.: w ci:.L ' vi' ' 1 ' b-ivj virtu l!v ad- " "!, t'. - v--e .ted blood ' ..; :.- ! :. :: ;:i i- rot Mace ;v l-vo; ;!;-:, h t :.c( speak - - ' '- . ;-?d t.. . ir i't il'dliy to 1 ' ! wts an. I f lU-n years of : -. I "I ;: ee that ti;S- r ' ' I '' v.:" ! iv el jj Lv '-'' ..i :- m:xl-,rc::, af- ' ! :;ii -v. fqly cm r lip '" ' ' : " c ' - :. h. l a i . l : i cum); . -' . -v' 1 v- . .,:r soi7i-d : ' -! i. . e !. ..., 1U., : : ; pa VP work : ' ' - ; : " ::.-' :-iwt be ex- ! -' 1 -e V: -:;' : . , S. p ,v r ' ' c - ; . p. .. ri. '''' " ;t the only ' ...... s on the trus ! ' : ; ;ac e" ' vis-.; from ! r.u'ur tlm-i u' ;'- :-. ' ' : ' - loss rf 1 s i !';; . t ; .: crv.ii. me e--.- v. . : 1 L - i r - 3 her, :: rial v, lei "' - - ' - use of ;j.S.t. L. :r."':L.-5. Mr. if. .:yt f.f - -.v:h 1 . 1 1 ' . "r " ' ; - r . a o ' ' ; " 1 : i 1 ; 'a " - a I -1 1 t 1 C ra. 1 t' -' , : r ;':a. i .iii-ao: . I (b' 1 .-. :"e ' '.I t ivi vt-.i o::Iy ed- . a . - ia . .... i;,.savs: "! '.v..- ' civ 1 O il. n h-r bl.j blood di v., La w e , i.i at i'.-A, but a 1 -m-.I- , ,1 : ' i- my lody. T ' a; -.i. l.'-'.l.:e ,a..t il;. . :""OU:;S, a Ilti it e- y4 -; t!;a .-.aherinjj I eii- 0 lij v-. ! a;.. r, j .i; e-pVa:ce.I tllHt :;. co.: I i1 i , .. I l4ad sp.ra' .-. !-"' -loll-v.! nh w..s : - t. i tec; tr vd vari- cu- d 1 ,' -i. bill they , not rcac . lla i. ,. , ... Vhcit f bad hnisbed rivto:-.; i. .' -.a :--..-..:'., i v..-.:; orc.dly ir-pr. v;-d : - ! , . ;.;i ;hi-d vvilh the iv.-:-'-. '' ." re i i !i-.:s on my ci:v". 1 " !.- ura T-,lo;- -... I smaller, aad . -j j. .r , .. , entirely. I r.g.i !U-. I l--y a 1 a l.a;l,'jv-;"ltt!elint. t r, : ' ., jy.y ,.,,, -tit. . t ) v- improved. 1 :-o ;.-a i -.- v - 11. :!id mv i,kiaa3 Claar . - . .a-, o! ." S : S. i.. .. .in r- cure for all manner of bi..: 1 and is- j :oi;:tment i r re.:;:it.. -.a nse. It is Ptfrcly Vegetable end on.- ta ..-:'..! all will be jail for proof t.'.-.i L . a , 'ins a jni tic le of niarcurv, oi. . ,:i,c , ol1i. r liiiueral. S.S.S. is : "i 1 1 .":.'! dr-e---- .j Vain - a '.- c a b'i'K'i and skindis- ' ca-wid : : -d ri;.:e t- a;i who ad- dr. :-..-; o..,. . L C., A-Iarta, Ga. j yiTr. f. iti'C") r-'pivi: MVCTrtov iili-;i.:i o 1 aAl: i'llolBAl. Tli'- '''H--M!c!' .J-.ty l"c'i!i- That the oi!io- i'r'c-l V. a-. Vol ! iiiiI. itiI. j i'iaa a hi.:. . :. The coroner's j'l.v :' i : -: :' -i-i-.y t- i-d.-f-.l th-i I" I- V .! 1 ' t ... I ho o.i of Ke-. 1 .1. :.b i'.tl . the yoaiir, pt i.-st who I'.-.H'l td b.t.-i, of St. Paul's ' y :: .' i . . -.-j.-.-y m..r!iing: "We 1 da: :' . - . ii- :,:v .J. MoPake ' I " ' ' !": "ia i'i,i'!nia." I : v a-- ! 1 . o.y , r ia l that could i i - ' a- v i- .. o) t he fact that i a-. "a : : ;:. lie eo.-.a:- r's physician, bad ' i' ' ! 'ti a' in ia ;s lb-- r-ause '' '' ' b. .. a -. . .-. . I' ih'- f'iith.-r i'a'-i 1 1 :. t ; ;.. ; . . .. ha . u ! t --1 ly failed 1" ol a.r i .. !i: o . o a y s.ii I ouiiding ! I. -I. li. Th '.a- h.:!i. Bather Me J'a' :;- i by j. n , h, res that tie- ': e ' :' ' a ! . i - a ! I 1 a. 1 ! he pr jest 'del ' ' ' : i. i " CUt-H stat'-d i.i I h-" alio;;.. ' ' " -o of !' aa e Liaden sahl that le. 1,1 : r ia . - - t ta! e n ould be " ' ' ' "' : a : i -1 : ' : a hy s how n thai a ..- i- a; - :.. 1 i.i-.,. Iea . j : t -1 1 . - 1 .. N-.v. I'j.-- A b-xaridei i a i :' d i'aui Holy- ;.;..; 1 1- 1 .n i. full, tl ' ! : ! 1 : la an was s.-n o a :, i'. .- 1 1... i: a , : t of fj: Be ).a. ( '. l.d. t. t l ;e 1: a . i lidiaas. t ioeieb 1 : .- .; I:.-- S, i- i fa ;.ai;y last, Fefi :!..;.;.. a . 1.1 , 1 . t b- ii g r.i r.t -J ; lie t ' - - '-. .jji t. a rm th .:; o.a ... ,i ;, - V r- t. .,,;n th' a ;' -."I ns county Satur 1 iya a ' by a i . V Tl- l-f. , a a, ,,.;!, ., ly cooll ' - a : e d out v. ilhou' 111 ' oual y !y;a I,'..--.ia :. Li- i Ii .!!!! d -a i it.,-.,. ,.s,rH. :': - :- -J.. :;.-v. r.. - 1,: . aa j- - : 1, !. d S..:urd,t l ; ! ' : V a --. ; ;,fi l.mi! ,-t yea " "..: '' '' ' a 1 h I :. year : i I m- .-. . ol'-. i W'h :i e e; , i... I,, -.1 - -"'v' : ! r .-n an b 1 - .!y--v'. hen ':..- hi brain ' i : ! i - v. i ' , i ; .. i - fi d : w rubles an -i r-- .r: th. ti? hf r- nod v, before ii i - : ii '-''Aiaia's t: , s.. -; (:!.! " . a ', ,i it i; 1 1 i- ; i: -.. " t a ''--, ; .,: .''. ;a-.-;i a -pi , :e-arl v. i "i' i ' !" -' -i ' fi" !ivt r, purifies,' - h ! - nd ; i : 1 s i w :; 1 i ; i i n g el-i e a . i fi s ol ila- i . . f 1 . Il is a u mb-rftd; bi'i'.d elafier a::d t' s;i bui'dt-r. Sold bv P.. V. Ibai-'-rave. t V r i

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