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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, November 18, 1897, Image 2

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The Wilson Advance. BY THE ADVANC E PUBLISHING COMPANY PUBLISHEI' EVERY THURSDAY. VV. L. Cantu :ll - Proprietor Entered in tl Post Office at Wilson J C. as second class mail matter. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE : One Year fi.oo Six Months 5 Remit by draft, post-office order or registered letter at our risk. Always $ive post-office address in full. tSTAdvertising Rates furnished on application. No communication will be printed without the name of the writer being known to the Editor. Address all cor respondence to The Advance, Wilson. N. C. The Greenville Reflector ives an account of the sale of a wagon load of acorns. It would be a difficult matter to starve a man in a country where the woods are full of berries in Summer and acorns in Winter. The anti-football cry is just now claiming the attention of the public. Ex-champion Cor bett has a letter in Sunday's New York World in which he asserts and quite clearly proves, that of the two, foot ball is more brutal than prize fighting. The Monroe Journal reports quite an amusing incident. A father and son, each trying to get away from the other, join ed the Wallace shows while it was in that city. Both parties were much surprised and dis gusted to fi 1 that the other was on the rin, The gro-. tii of the popular belief that :;old is to remain the world's tandard of value is stimulator ;j the search for the yellow r.otal and resulting in very tapiJ developments in every direction. There are now indications that Montana and Id iho will produce enor mous quantities of gold in the next few years. WKKi. KIGHT? Several re;v Ats of the Advance have informed 'is they construed the article in that j.-per ot Oct. 21st just as we did, that t classed the silver ites with the anarchist and socialist. They also com.nend us for not no ticing his editorial in last week's issue. Since h; insists we reproduce his first editorial which provoked the reply, giving k in lull, leaving our readers to judg: whether or not we told the truth. We call your espe cial attention to the sentence which contains the following clause: "which the advocates ol silver, socialism and anarchy have been dinning into the people by just such falsehoods for years." We only said the Advance classed t ie silverites with the social ist and anarchist. Reader, we leave it with you to say whether or not we were right. "The friends of the free coinage proposition are never so happy as when they are able to make other people unhappy. That organ ot the silver trust, the Philadelphia Ameri can, in a leading editorial in its issue of October 9th gleefully announces that wheat has fallen 14 cents a bush el since September 1st, and proceeds to argue that the advance in farm products, stocks and everything else was merely temporary. The fact is that wheal on October 9th was just 4 and 5 8 cents per bushel lower than it was on September 1st, the fall being exaggerated just 300 per cent, in the mad effort to keep up the dissatisfaction which the advocates ol silver, socialism, and anarchy have been dinning into the people by just such lalsehoods, for years. The re ports of the Nev Ycrk market show that No. 2 red wiv-at, which was worth $1.03 o. September 1st, was worth 98 7-8 cei (.-. mi October 9th." The Wilson .advance. October 2ist, 1S97. Since we have -hown the editor ol the Advance h.-. error, it will be a graceful thing fo hur to admit it in the next issue o: his paper and con fess that the two ir.sinuative articles he wrote were itirely uncalled for. It never hurts a gentleman to confess it when he find., he is in error. Wilson Times, Nov. 12. The above article appearing in the Times of the 12th re quires a careful perusal. As the Times states it would be the graceful thing to acknowl edge our error, if they had siuavn it. We however fail to see wherein we have erred when we claimed that the Times was wrong in saying : "According to the Advance the advocates ot the free coinage ot silver are to be classed with the socialists and anarchists. When ever you (farmers) want comfort why just think of what wheat is bringing and imagine your couon is selling in proportion, but don't allow yourself to think. It you do, the advaci, will hang you on the gibbet and say to the world : "Behold an anarchist." Times, Oct. 22. We repeat, that the article upon which the Times bases its comment does not justify the language they employ. We quoted an editorial from a Philadelphia paper, in which a manifest misrepresentation of fact appeared, and commenting upon the same, we showed wherein they had exaggera ted and proceeded to say that, "the 'fall in wheat was exag gerated just 300 per cent, in the mad effort to keep up the dissatisfaction which the advo cates of silver, socialism, and anarchy have been dinning into the people, by just such falsehoods, for years." It will be noted that we nude three distincts classes, vis : 1st, advo cates of silver, 2nd, socialism and 3rd, anarchy. But this was . not all. The Times, speaking of the far mers, says: "but don't allow yourself to think. If you do the Advance will hang you on the gibbet and say to the world : 'Behold an anarchist.' " Have they any ground upon which to make such a state ment, when immediately fol lowing the article that they pretended to quote this edito rial was printed. stop and think. Nothing spreads more rapidly than bad news. The cry of hard times has been used by politicians as a campaign fund, for year alter year, until they have impressed the people with a dread, not to be shaken off by any ordinary force of circum stances. Every human being is more or less dissatisfied with his present condition, and it is an easy matter for a smooth tongued politician to make him believe that this or that cause is responsible for his discomtort, whereas, it would take only the aver age amount of intelligence, properly exerted, to satisfy any reasonable man ol the fact that no one cause can bring about any given effect. To get out of the rut, our people must first of all, set up a little think shop of their own. Listen carefully to arguments, on all sides, then go home and digest them, us ing the salt of common sense as fla voring. Once form this habit and it will be a hard matter for any speaker to lead you far astray. Advance, Oct. 21st. Does this sound like we would condemn a man for thinking? Do we not advo cate, not only thought, but careful, painstaking medita tion ? And again how about those who differ with us ? Is there any evidence in our col umns as to what we think of them? surely there is, read: 'We have never believed that the free coinage of silver would correct the evils which now exist, but while such is our opinion, we accord to every individual the right, which we claim for ourself, 'to think as he pleases.' If we do not agree, why. the only thing that remains is to wait and see what the future has in store We are all but human, and 'to err is human.' " Advance. Oct. 28. On the whole, after careful ly going over the entire ground, we fail to find any reason ior retracting anything that has been said. Don't think your liver needs treating if you arebillious. It don't. T its your stomach. That is. vour stomach is really what causes billious- ness. It has put your liver out of order. See what's the matter with your s'omach. Sick stomach poisons liver and then there's trouble. Shaker Dicres- a tiye Cordial cures stomach and then all's well. That's the case in a nu' shell. Shaker Digestive Cordial is no se cret. Formula's on every bottle. out it s she simple honest way it's made, the honest Shaker herbs and other ingredients ot which it's com posed, that makes it so eflacious. Any real case of indigestion' and biliousness can be cured with a few bottles ot Shaker Digestive Cordial. iry it. bold by druggists, price 10 centc to $1.00 a Dottle. Twenty convicts were taken to the Halifax farms to-day. NORTH CAROLINA. Sampson Democrat. Have the men who put their shoulders to the wheels of reform and rolled the lusionists into power con templated the result ? Perhaps not. Their zeal for the faith that inspired them and their feeling ot anger to ward the mother party for the re proof it gave them as wayward child ren have stood in the wav of that. Let these be laid aside, and what do we see ? It is this : North Carolina which has been on a forward march since its redemption from its enemies in 1872 has about laced and gone back in sight of the scenes of 1868, as a return of the republican party to power. It is the repetition ol history The white men who lent helping hands in this matter did not foresee the evil 'esults that have followed the success of fusion. They dreamed of better things and strove with the in spiration of honest convictions, in most instances, to obtain it. They were deceived by a desert mirage. There is not a general disposition to censure those who as plain citizens contributed to this state of affairs be cause no wrong was intended. But hereafter the public judgment will be different. Having seen the evil fruits ol republican government as a result of fusion there is no excuse for white men who respect themselves and their families and who prefer white to black government, to again form a combi nation with republicans to defeat their own flesh and blood. It is not hard to forgive mistakes of judgment, but when men persist in doing what they have found by experience to be wrong, then there i no place for for giveness or room for charitable judg ment. Here is an article setting forth in earnest, dignified langu age the objection to-ahe pres ent system of government. No abuse, no vile epithets would not the Democratic press do well in following its lead. State of Ohio. City ok Toledo. ) Llcas Coi'ntv, )" ss Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of E. J. Cheney & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS for each and every case of Ca tarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure, FRANK J CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of Decem ber, 1SS6. A. W. G LEA SON. ) Notary Put 1 c S SEAL Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and aets directly on the blood and 11111 cuoussurf .ces ot the system Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & Co., ..Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists. 75c. FIVE E K I A L H t It I K. Five strong serial stories are announced for publication in The Youth's Companion during 1898. They are "The Freshman," a roimncc of col lege life, by Jesse L. Williams; "the Gold Fields of the Yukon," a story of plac r mining in Alaska, by Irving Andrews. "Ferieda Fairfax Writer," the story of a girl who wanted to do newspaper work, by Marguerite Tracy ; "The Story of a Bee Farm," by Edith A. Fairfield ; and "The Making ot Zimri Bun ker," a rousing tale of heroic deeds during the War of 18 12, by William J. Long. These stories make up only a small part of the good things that will be spread before readers of TheCompanion during 1898. Present readers of I he Com panion who renew their sub scriptions, and new subscribers will receive free a beautiful calendar printed in twelve col ors, and embossed in gold. The paper will be sent free to new subscribers every week from the time the subscription is received to January 189S; then for a full year to January, 1899. An illustrated pros pectus will be sent free to any one addressing The Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass. Tutt's Pills Cure All Liver Ills. A Strong Fortification. Fortify the body against disease by Tutt's Liver Pills, an abso lute cure for sick headache, dys pepsia, sour stomach, malaria, constipation, jaundice, bilious ness and all kindred troubles. "The Ply-Wheel of Life" Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Pills are the fly-wheel of life. I shall ever be grateful for the accident that brought them to my notice. I feel as if I had a new lease of liie. J. Fairleigh, Platte Cannon, Col. Tutt's Liver Pills Tuesday, Nov. i6tb. New Hanover today paid $18,700 taxes into the State Treasury. Much cotton remains in the fields. Some farmers apj ear to be paving lit tle or no attention to the crop. The ovttieastern Tariff Associ 1 Hon makes another bij cut in fire in surance rates in Guilford county. O. C. Mitchell has been recom mended for the position ot general storekeeper and ganger to succeed Dr. Blacknall- It is strange but true, that tie frosts in the eastern part of the S'ate have been t-ir heavier than here where they haye not injured the ten- derest flowers. T .... i 1 r ievis, itacnes nere 01 a tire in Guilford county, which burned a saw mill, roller mill, cotton gin and much wheat and cotton, the toial loss beiny $7,500, with no insurance. Messrs. IV. J. Penny & Go's stoie, at Wilmington, was robbed in a bold manner early this morning, several suits ol ..i.iS t 10 watches aim om r aiicn ! v,nuc v 1 1 e j . 1. . stolen. It i generally believed that Gov ernor Russell will commute the death sentenee of John Evans, the negro convicted in Rocking In m last week ot criminal assault. Evans is in a dazed condition and walks his ceil constantly ; he says he will maintain his innocence on the scall )d. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of H uriss and others yer.-us the Wright Hoaid ol Aldermen ot the city of Wilmington was handed down today and tavored the claims of Mayor Wright and his board. This decision settles the constitutionality of the act empower ing the governor to appoint one al deimanin each of the five wards of Wilmington Fayetteville, N. C, November 15 Tbe dryhouse of Ruikm Bros', factory collapsed today while pipes were being put in. Four persons were buried in the rums William Manning, I). Teach v, C Underwood, white, W. Hat wood colored. All were extricated with diituulty. Tea chy and Hatwood are supposed to be badly injured. The building was not quite finished. Soft, White Hands with Shapely Nails, Luxu riant Hair with C'loan, Wholesome Scalp, pro duced ly Ci tu'CRA Soap, the most effectivo skin purifying and beautifying soap in the world, as well as purest and sweetest, for toilet, l)Uth, and nursery. The preventive of inflammation and clopirin-r of the i'our.s. Soap is old throughout the worM. Potteb Daco a:id ClIIM. CORP., Sole l'rops., Boston, 1'. S. A. a-"Ilow to Purify aud lieautiiy the Skin, Scalp, and Hair," mailed free. DRDV LHIMflDQ Itchine and uralv, instantlv re DHDI nUlllUftO lieved by Cuticuka Kkuk'dim. are a source of comfort. TI1C7 are a source ct care, al.-.o. If you care for your child's health, son J for illustrate! book on the disorders to which children are subject, and which Prey's Vermifuge lias cured lor 50 years. 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