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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, March 13, 1878, Image 1

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UA H ISBID BT VOL. Wifi wyuM Ml MmiMii, w«, " Him* Moat rwm TIINT NOTt. r /, . I. BITe«M. W. A. PVllt. tiv H it, ATTMmri « OVItlK.MIM ** MW. ■••tiMti N«eikV diailtax €•■,' it. it?. >r»otlo» In thi Onurt* it fl’lif'** ofd Mlnininc a'liiqilat, and la th* HunrcnM bnl F«d*r*l Cnuri*. tf ■ , W. II »M.- A li L rp.lOMAS M. Ulbli, Att«ra«y 4t t.aWi ■ ■4UPAX, w. r. to IlUin^x an on« lortal|ht. *a«. »-* 'w. H. D»T, D ^ \ , 4^TTQniNCY« AT LAW, St. c. Praetlot In tht «>iart« »r tiHlirox and aM"l*i}l and In tb« Supra^n — ■■ Fawal qourn. laim oolltuted In any part of Nortli JUH 2U 1 tfURL J. WRIQHT~ ,i^TTOHI«Y AT LAW. JkOKaoM, N. V. Praetloai In thx Court of Nurtbaaipton aad adJiilnlDg ooniitlaa, ■ep 15 1 Y TM MJ TMW. s PIBR WIllTAKBR, AjTTCfllNEY AT LAW. ' BNrlELD, N. r. PrtoUoM tn udi] oonii- IIm. Coilocttoiii pmmptty atiendeiK U» \n All par«« of tb« »ep 12 1 Y R, B a L. a v n T a r D Oaa be thnnd at kh oOlna In Knfiald fur* Nltroua Oxld* (itun for tha Pain ■ BxtraoUng of TMh alwavx on l^and. Ynn laat altkl my llttia kad waa Juat a Irlfl* damp | * 1 Ainnd my bad aa I alwajra dn, wban Inn e iniianllnna fail, t,**i Bitbt I draant a draam, and I wlah ' P>l I evar aw^ka - Tm, t'ay*. I drran 11 llTad agKin batora I . Mknk tbia Thk*4 - I saw ba rnma nr.rvlbor i'»y«-tbay'Ta ' ' ■Mawrrt tt»cMd«n hit) I I mlnt>«| Vltb a houialy tliruna, I with It wmaioatlll. 'Tw* a hanquat aprcail in that old boaia, and a'l w»ra salhrrAd thfra fo «m«nt aMnnd tba fa>ial baard, paran- ^laaalaaa .abaia I PTal HA O biyppy nava a« brlafit., Aalaloptnn mv 'law-iUnrip bad In tha l» kMoipi of Ifat Dkfht. A poar tramp printar ban a baart banaatb hla ramnil (tarli j lard Timaa lat'oammtttbrniiib tha land, . , acd wa ba*a fait bl bait) ; ^9 nfan'iara. w»an 1 w»k» tl.W morn, I JkjUi •'nuMx and manial D*|n, May 0''d fnrirlva my wlokad wlab—to > r navar wakiacitln. I'fa mkdaonaithlattfloatloa In Ibla an- . , «l«nt, baltarM Inrm, Am mv h«nx1hit'wa«h 1*ro thrown aalila, U*W hriMiatat tn ina mi>«h harm i My proof h^a bsan oormetad, a ravlaa will needad ha, Pur be wbn aearcbetb baarta will many errora tee. My trannp la almnat end«d nov—old aga «III win tha race, Ton ae« my haada am trenhly, and I can- ,ioi hold a caao t Butl'vo madaan appllcatinn at Ihe City built of gold, And 1 loiiK In bear the anawari “’TIa a eaoa ynn aa* hold.'' ■ABIES. We alvty* did dots nn hnMr*. In fiet, «• aara a baby once ourieltea. Or rathrr pere Rabies, ai wa were twins. We callM f>ur Ma Lnuiiiana, beotaie she wat by a dual goiernmeiit There ^ nameroui kinda of babiaa. Riiine M« ahlta, and iomeare not quite in whit^ and some black. Then there u% ido^babiei Bag babiei are the faifnrUel of the Greenback parly. Tiien, acatn, tWre are wax bnbiea. We were a mebSO—a A V I K t. U a’S , ' ^ I' I ATrOllNCY AT LAW H.VLIFAX,H. C. •:-i. I. . ; Praatlota In Ihs ennrti of Haltita and adjoining onanMea, and la tba Bipreino aad Paiaral Oo>Jrt>. I Olalmi oalleated lu alt parta of portb Oarfllalt i OSsa In the Court Honaa. jalyllQ. Dabict laby. Mei fr( |«by.1 nt. A “part" iiiAreat in >« comb it« %1r, Wfci j'ltt borrii# oar ncig R. B U B T 0 N, J B. ATTORIMIY AT BAUfAZ, I. 0. 1 In tha Ooarta nf HilfW; and Oo'intlea adlnlnlnA la th •iktailia Otnrt of tha Stata, ana lii tb »*SWl Ouiirta. ) ! Ijra.apanlal attan^lnn ta (Iw onilaa Waiina,and In adlnUlBi (beaca«| nt autora, AdoxlnfaMtwa and Oaai dao.Iiitf --|r a li I s] AT LAW,) HALIFAX, N. c. the iSJ" » Iha^ tha Coart Hom". Strict atten- •II branobot of tha profaa- - ^ Jan 12-1 0 ■ T. B » 4 » 0 H, B, ATTQ;I|M«Y at law, ■NniU), baiiIpav oodntt. »• c. la tha Oaantlaa of Hallfa*. fljjjj. 1i%Keelw1>e ttnA Wllaon., Mlaailaaa made la all p»rt.» of.'b* ■taia, jan 12-9 t ^ A M B ■ il b > uITb a, ArtomiiY At laW, mm m4 in »M whaeki 4abirft, becanie our iriether wbacke ui lu much whan we «ere amall. fut He are not proud. China babifi I i not .wear pig-taila, or blue •hitts, II fthcr du they spin. There ia a nat dil ircnee bRl«o»n China O'ld Chineia babict. No one ever nw a Ohiaeaa laby. P«rb»ps aur ti*e for btbiei aihei fruoi Um fact that wa neaar o^iied ■ faby, or ever had a part inttr* e»t in' ont. A mulher alwaya hat a oaa when aha tries to When fa.reellaifilj, wa ncighbur'a baby tn ch«er ut up, Wa dou’t feel l«ne)y lone. then. It is luora basy than lonely. It is a ■tuily to sit and watcb a twclie-mohtl old (iir y»t:»;;) baby ciji>j'ii:(t itself. Therti is that mte.r naivete and reckless abandon abnut ih^ni that we caiinut but adihire. There is no kcshatlbn onMieir part ill siiiraring, your light pants with moUsses candy, or tba pulling nver of a malacli'te card-iaLle. They are imbui'd with 0 S'lrt uf a doi.’l>care-a-cobtinental eloinent that makes them attractive. Wa bavc i>een a tbt«a 4>undred dollar watch ruined in two seconds by an iii- nestijaliisg hahy, B'Ih the baby and the watcli rolled down a flight «f stairs It was our cousii.’s baby, and we were watching it nhile the roi tber was scai' g for the little heathen. We oevpr took a j^ib 4ikH that ua tick again. Q ith the baby and thu waich were scut to the dry.docks for repairs. A poor man naca told us that when ho was dcspoud ant, tlfere aas anthiiig bitoyad (ir girltd) lip his’snirits S3 qui^ly as his wilo’a baby. We took bis word for it. He couldn’t; giv* a note. Babies have ixiaity ad«antt|M—and disadvantages. They do not sniwke noir di'ive fast horses. They du drl>e fast asleep away, hoaever There U n"tbin|r, is Jtel, i>.vented that will iDora eSVctuiUy r{b ‘‘t;reJ natura’s sweet rHtore'r" ind a featber bed of their cotiifurts than a choleric baby. We used to think we wnalil like t" be chief matron nr pa*tron of a fuundling aiyluoi. We hsvo changed our roind now. A visit to tha baby show fixed that. Babies, ai a fUnd in htikian l'or» told ua tha other day, would make good fattucrs, as the; ara ao nsad to sighs and wry fsces while hetng cradled by ner *oM Diotheri. Bona babWi ara’lMrn With f silver ipenn in their moiiihav Pef bsps tliht it lhy i mw young j&ieh a ' so spooney. It is to one’s idvanta^^ to be a baby dutiag a riot. But whau freetlelMi tha w^a Mdli dla tribated it Is very much otheraiaa Wara tbera no babies, the cbaerlhg spe«taisl«af n niaetyJiia ppbod Ma puthmf a coach fall of twiua. ao4/lW Hswtd b i IWtt hundred and fartj thigi iitoatljt, WMld tt't lie onWKttSMU. the 4iildi«ri: suniitii^ M«tld.’iilM WhelU, tnd ^eir tbuffwM. that babi«| af«- Wa truat tiMyVill oMtlmit ti> ha,- Sniad pe*pla jdafpUa babia*. Wa I'or we wbra I had on new 'ilioet. i4*y ware •••b»r wMM'Fttkrt’iitf,'’ but Wffrn koaort tba* IvMMVMid itnr Mhmi I wslkMi iwii h^ ’Ni' thM«b •hoes sfiar that''* I reached hoina' ’ fiiiiibilHl# t'-)Oi>al.f blfei ffadao'a ryapatliy Car tha aakiif Maijy puifle have uever bsd .tbe bi-a^ scb« nr lonthaebsw sad I a* ohb iiT those ipysair,; ,but evar^budy ba* tight shoes for two ar threo houn, aiii kn»w tha hisary wf taWtig thaal olf tn retired place and s^efng bia fvci awell up and obicure tha HrwaMent. Fi« of ns will evar I'orgat tha ei|(|>iisita honr wo »ere inarrind. Ooca »Iibb I was a callow, bsshfut cmK I touky pl4ii. aij- seiitiwental cuaiitty girl to a enai tdy nan night. I hM fcnawti h*r a day ; she seoiaed divine] I wAr# try new boota At the and of tha first hall' boar she said, 'Why di* yon fldijet sw with yourfvetr* Isatd, 4)11 li” Thaa I put my attMNtioa there and kept Still At th« end of aiuih^r h»ur alie tuid. ‘"Why dn you say, ‘yes, oh. y«»,’ and H«, ah, ho, emid«1y, true 1' to everytblag I «av, wkaji itaff, ^ time they ara eotirvly irrelavaiit laawersi” I MiiMwd and fXpUinad-thaTi hi(d Men a little «bsi;iit.3jiiiided. At th« end nf anuUier half hour aha sal.!, ''Please why do you urin in ^teadlantljr V vacfucy and yet lm>k ih aadr” I esplaioed that I always did wban t wasraft;.ollag. An hour {MMtd aiid then tha tyrned and coDteotplated me with bar aafaeat ayes and aaid, “Why, da yaw--ary all tha i.iatef'' I explhlned thst Wry fu«ay comedies alaays. ma^a qiip cry. At last huatau nature sarrandarad tad I searat- ly slifiped my bonis off. That wat a mi«tsk«; I was no| abla to get than no aay mura. It waa a rainy night, thara ware na omnibutaa golKg ««r way, and a« I walked kofiie lArhing up alb ahame, with the girl on oi'a arm and ■ay bouts anditr the otbaPt I was tu oh- Jnct'wnrthy of some cnniptssivfi, etpec iaily in ihosa tstanieLtt of tuarlyrdtim when I had to past .Ihrnngh the glare that fall iipoN the paveipaent from street lamps. Finally thia child of tha .for«>t being taken unprapsred I put a Bttio| fi 'is to (ha follies ef the eveaing with Yi AT LA tmall uot laat SOM ^ ■‘b|t'w&. said. “Where are your boutsf** aud the alupid reninrk, “The higher classes do not wear them to tba tbeatru.” WHAT HE WANTED. The bolt on tba back door had needed replacing for a long time, bu' it wasoi ly the other night that Mr. Tbroeton had the presence of niitid to buy a new one and take It home. Alter sapper he huriiwd Op his tonl, removed the old bolt, and,tneaEttied the lucaliun for the new one. Hi* iHiist bore Koino new iiolea, and Mis. Tbroeton heard hini roamii^ around the kitchen a'ld wood- tilled, slaiuii’ii'g do rv, pulling out draw* OIF. and kicking furr.imro arniii,d. Sl^ went tn the lio^d ol tke stairs, und called down :— Kiahard, d» you want tnylhirgi'f Yea, 1 do I’* li« ycllfd bstk. "I want to k now there in Teitt thut cork screw i»?” “Ciirkiicrpw, Richard F*’ •‘Yes. coikscrRW 1 !’•« Ii'iked tha honae over, and cai’t find it I” “Why. ae never hid one, Riehafd/’* “Didii!t eh? Wa!ve bad ti down of ’em hi the .last two yean,' ^nd I buiight one not fii^ur weeks ago. Its’always the way wha^'I wa >t «n«thing.” Blit ynil must 6e oat nf your head, hvAbaiid,” the said, at tba descended the stairs. “We’ve kept ho«se seven f'cars^^Vid I never rpm;mber seeing juu briiig a ciirk'-crtSw hom*."^ ' O, yot. I’m nut of my bead, I tm?” he grumbled at he palltid oat the tew- ipg niacbina drawer and turned over jts ciMiti-nts. ' Pt rhaDS I’d better go to tha lunatic asylum rijiht away I ’ “Well, Kichard, I know that I never seen a ciirkiicrew in this house.^/ “Then you are ns blind as au owl in daylight, fur I've bought 6ve or six. Thu bouse is alwtyt upsida down, tiy bow, and I never can And tuytbing I” “The house is kept tt well tt any of your folks csn fce«p bne I” ike retonad, growing red in tho face. *-yd like my mother tA>ba bara to ynHi tTew things'' hAK|'d,ts he stretched hit aack lu luiilt oii the high shelf in; the pantry. “Perhaps she’d ,buil haf spectacles with the potutues agaiu I” answered tba wtfa. ! f Ou.feu know wbu you ara talking tuf* he yalled, nt bejumaed d^a. HlfM,ld«l” you’ll b*’ going for York State, ^oir'^n’i Hook out 1’’ d Hka to ••• w^talf. Wkao I g*> VhVii^iidgoMl” tuidi'out Nancy afraid«r in'i Aoj». that lives." •«ni liBtvaypur -j’ '^And I'll IsMgbi to tee ^ f o)” Qol|geliii ap t«(;her;^.^a ^stande^ hlt'^iMar, thouk Jt'-to, Mpbtslta bit irsi ■ * • ' VMHMiM*lia*«ia.iaf hUAj»cJ^fl)i •>«t t mii Q lt» i;J • lAMKMh >ltl%^. was ^l> s‘«a. inih fW%Vc.w^1ttW * Widia aiM iKwln *5P* •adtht^f iBUite wretahad thraataoe Jf ba did not Iha anantsgli AlHt^w an aaektdJah* *i*iaail»»ad happy. IVjibti eanatat fi(,ih*-lw UrUi. Ths 0**1 day, J4|ia with h, filrad, wett daacad i«a t tramp wat a coikscre'wt^ sio' tobbrd,^raltln^ an the InU' ge, , "jStBfy," be tiltf laiida^ft' ItftWi, ||r. *!».> : ! , V, ■ . .. I -1. .. rt. •«0. RianaedP* aha «baWiMly uv t^hriid:, ;T, ■ AiNi tbtthaptehull ittoquUiUliafftf (hilt a ct'iary bird «awld alug 4ta ^iir if hiiog up b* , Aliioei^KlifSr Darter,the whiksm (Vofattor wfj Hebrew in onn of our tbeolngioal c>l> leges, had aktrtn|f iui^re.tioii tliat hla nife was not the Qiost tundrr.heartali woman livjiif, and it ,bad even entered int'i hie linagiaaiiiin that sKe was nut U'lpahltt of deep ai'id tcll'.i,^crtfliiiig l»«a In fact, he had luora Ilian onoa lat bar tee how his mitid was bmt In that ra> specl, and be sure that it did not at all meon'the matter. ' One day the dnclnr had gnne t)V a' nplghboi'mg town, to vUit a friend, on foot. Oil hia way home, aed whan far from any human liabltailon, n auddao sboirerbefell hiaijwajie. It mleklrcaawi to bo a tiirm kill) lijM'‘lng tndthutdbr, vitid and craabing. Tha pmir mm waa in a terrible plight He wiis suhji-ct t« rhouipatism, acute and piiinrul, and a Ihurouxh wetti .g by rain would ha sare In brtiig it on. At a strtngo and gllitst- ly |uck would have it, at that iuomant tha old sextou. came un on bis hearse. He had to drive direetly bv the doctor’s d.iiir. The good man hailed him and begged for a ride. "I sholl die if I get wet,” he taid. "There ain’t ranm up here, D 'Ctnr, for osily one, and a plagued small teat at that; but if you're n mind to get hn> aide, yon can-da to. 8akea tllveT I’d rather ride in there strong and well tbaii dead.” Tha doctor did'ont stop long to eon- sidar; Any pnrt in such a storm as that, be thought, SH he crept Into the body of the hearse, and pulled the narrow door abut alter him. Ih due time—^jiist beforn nonn—the sexton pullu'i up ut the doctoi’a door, and tba good wife, who chanced tu be litanding at the front window, wbao tht saw tha ghostly equipage sti'p at her door-stnue, went to see whv it wat. “For mercy’s sake, Mr. Prout, what’va ye atnpplng here with that dretdl'ul thing for?” ‘ I ha>e the doctor—your hu btad^ inside, MnJain.” * (jloodnest me I '‘Who’d ’« thought ill N > more midnight trampin’ over them everlaiitin’ old Hebrews I—Sally I Sally I”—suddenly tarnitg, and direct- iig her voice down into tha cellar kit chen—‘'tske that mutton out of the oveu I Take it right out I It’ll maka dinners for t«-iunrrow, and—” She stopped cuddpuly, for just then she SBW her husband crawling out frnm the henrse. She snw this niui:b and then retired within the citadel. What transpired there we cannot say. It wat better cot tu tell, perhaps, even if we knew;' IMPMREB wufdSCattd slowly ’uid.i ; ‘^Miway Throtton, I’ll apA f«r viMmta^orrow 1 I’U tall u^udga'tttt r iAjcma-A MIIIIII8- CE cffHsmci^mY. In the days of our fathert there IWed in Virginia tn old pltuter, Ma}or Hanley, who was to oddity iu his .way. Some ___ W«*** ainy|i}ji,,ii>uj;diutle-l^v^^ftf |a*e ™h|iiBai^tili|io|il |H|0W||bi'ba 4tlit«e| Mr^M^Wcilhie or more of his ridiciilout tricks, , Quo cjiUI, dtiuly aittumnal evonjng a nor.ieman p'u lied up at tht jfeajiir'a daor, and requettail bospittllty for tha night. He had wandered from his way, and it was now too late to rectify his mistake. He was warmly welcamed, and whan his hnrte had b> en taken in charge by a cnmpetent servant, and his saddle-baga removed, be tyat uthered inlo the great liviog-robm, wliere' a cheerflil fil'd blazed ia the enormoot ii epiace, aud wbera Vtndlet ware lighted The major was a large^ atrongly-bailt mab, of uilddiamgc, bald-bag^d, rather red lii the ftca'"bltb an eye datfp tat and twinkling. The guest wts tiso nf middle-tge. tall and spare, but compact and muscular, with features of a decided leonliie catl, stm Hgly naTked, betvy brows, and a khnck. of thick, cUsp b*|r, Ibtt it'ood up on his large hetd like the inana of a lion. . Supper wtt tnnnuitced, and, after that the evening pasted" an^ pleatantly. At th^ c|ii|[ik,atriii^ iiltia the boat trose tad exiuted himself (or t few mlBUtet. When heVdtur%(fd'-ha wat‘tctMnipauled by aa««ra wbu oar«M a AJdJa and bow, and tho mt^** 'himself had a larga horte-piatuVIn hla hand. ' "itj dat^fria■d)l' said the batt> adtb • bow and a tmile^ **wemutt not iMtllih evening ,post wHhilfia little tmuiemant, Frqoi yuur,iiH)|H,I.^t#|r jfou cau danca. I.bttaaaaiQf iba tot 6ddlert in tba world t ba Itarned to pHf'-ibi(a« Or his bead i^to the, rqoia ^nd ca||ed tha ai»M%9)>l- ,Wb4l»tr.h«^8ot,»|uAba wsadoiag^ ar whatbar ha aared aat tu be seaa oiutlde wHb’the piitnl, sre etn^ aot Mr. but he le!t it otv tba table when he went out. At tion tt the d^Mir wat closed tha guest want to tha table, aud took the pistol in his hsad. As he btdT half ti;d, It wdt liidFiatidMI; R Wifs t» iiiDiKint at, a bnrsf-iboe. But the traveller had hit pltiol awmuahion in bis pocket, and he qviukly loaded the weapon with powder and btll, ctlling fipii I. the darkey tu witneat. Shorfly the oiaj >r rtturaed, tad bit first movement wtt la look for bit pit* tol. Which he found asbtlaf.' “My detr lir," ttid tba gaett, with a low bow, and oaa uf tha blaudett af saiilet-^t tmile, howa*er, ^ulekly fal* Inwad by a luuk that might bava made a htra qutil. “I fiund yaur pistol ttdly drftcieat J bit I btva rtctlned all that. You tea I bt«a ny p>»dar-8atk and ball-puucb. Tba plstnl la Intdad, th*, secandaa triam. Wa will ooallaaa the tiaateaitiit by t danca executed by tha tsittler of tba house; and let ata ts* tura you that I aaa use a pistol saueb better than I caa dtact a reel. Dance, sir, or by tha ataraal, Pll pat a buHet' through your legs, if not through year head I” Tba rnajw wtt ttartled. Tbtra Wtt something in tha aiaa't words thtt tU most liftad h\m from hit ftet, and took tway.blt bratMi; and in tlia lo'nk wtt a comaiand ba could ao more btva dis* obey ad tbaa ha aoald bare bushed the tbmbblnp of hit own betrt. Ha dtaced. Tba aagro n«« alth anc- tlon->pltyed ia a utnner ta reSett credit upon bit New Orlataa taaablag. Mora thtn onca tba dtocar bagged to be allowed ta ttop, bat that plitoi, held by to Iran band, kept hla movlag. Had the wetpon betn timed tt hit betd or betrt, ba might have rua tha risk of the asan’a fltlng, but he really believed the Iraa traveller would at llaf br«tk hit lag «t aut. Atlaagtb the visitor wbat to the flrr. place and discharged tha pistal up the chimney, aud tha major wat tuffered to tit dawn. At old Poiapay passed him ha ttoppad. and bent over aad whis pered lato bit mtstar’t *ar t ‘•Purtba Lnr’a Miaty’t Mkti Hsrt'r doa’tya go for ta cat up no more. I toll ya I knowt de uan I Whnug^ I whb’d ebbtr forget ’imi He’t Oen’i’l Jacksm—dar rtla Olt Hickory, ai.’ misttke 1” Major Btnlay opeted hit eyeg wMe. Tberatla-no knowing whal he ml^tbava done, but ts ha wt^ itsitin^ up, fitia t^ tflVfghted, hit visitor,' wiiit bad hetrd Pomej’t ravelttion. put, out hit btnd, aad ttid«wUb ,a tmUt t . Hold an, MtW. Ifut a word. If you Caa ba taiitOcd, I cti^. Let ut hsTt a bit of rapota. tod a bit of ptnch with it. Tha punch wat brodght, atd as tmn St the hott could regain hit tpirits, jullity ruled the hour. Of courte tha mtjer had to tell the tlnry nf the coming of hit illustrious visiter* and through the weaknetit of old Pogspey ^he rett of tba tcene leaked out. S.O.,iJb. ibkih lit'#: Jbuta u will tak Scotchman ^trike upj(.' suld M Hit I tb(3 [iHi aould fail iMag |o town to gilt tht ni'crsfsry >l«yiiias>its. Witti the toriatoT pmchrlhg wIilRh be wnt yiBiP'HWdiiiilii ‘ mimai." ■ ■nwifM reeled to ihvolail% iBai, J'din. wi;h tond deal >l hcsllalton. lulormad ihr ttMnv M Bfitwu «hat k« wa fcatiig togrl mairl,«d to lJuttv Janei, an> waated fw kn^' dt;4|i«^db ki /roApt-rf th .tj detijshH oan^iDotstion. ttr. D own wi\h t bUn.1 stsllt,. iDl«cm«d him th^t tU«> bainuisatiided Ibtt/M leiial liniiattlauint pKvstlnl ika ocrvmnay, ba wuatdlor ,the sum and c MtlderallMa «( VS arait kiai tw lieenin. Joha. ai^»*lltMd« bandtd out the netssiMl Inode. "Allow tnt," taM'Brawa, “tn ash fim- m Itw qilrStlnkt. T«aAre tl yeatt a> tgv, I' supniiiii. Mr.,N[--. 1" ‘.'Do foa aolemniy sweti thtt Dally Jaast, Skiiiso^r, Is nl lawful ase (oiada aad ta- seled by Ike Lvglslatura el Virglalt) to kv the lasrrltut v«w I" “Wliat's that I" laid Jeha. Mr a irpeati-d, “Well," said John, “I want I* gat mar. riad Iwi.It'load tba, abaitb at tba laat rsviTnl, sn>t I.ssaaldA’t swttr far a baa- dr»'l dolltm." , , , ., "Thrn, sir, yon osscat gtt marrltd/’ "Cant K«t married I 6n^ graalnna, llri Clark, they’ll tarn ma out af-ebarah II I twearl Daa*t.~rtfusa Mr. ‘Clirii, for htayen'i sake. I'll givt yob |tO II yeu let me n|l[.lrna> twearloa.” •'.O.o»t do It. Mr. M '» “Hold aa, Mr. Clerk, I’ll twetrl 1 wouldn't glesr wp' Batty lar A daasa cliaiohoa. rilswsar; •Msyl be d—d if she ain’t IS ytars old’—give nt the liotcss," Altir tha cirark bunted a few buttaas •ff hlt.ysli, ba graatad Iha llcaasa. DB. .1. B. IreatmaWW, Aflbotlmii oft Plisaaea of iba^ aiWDtalMait tnq Hkl^PwsI mti rot. vl Alm» W dbaivati iada.lWp' lata, and raatnra the* ‘“SSlSR'a EiSii ‘ MPIbMri; it mBHiiww iHtm. A TBoaiTOKT, It tt nam ■tvvuaa. A little tplsodt btpentd (o out of ear wall known legitlaturs who It leader of a nttltal Jabt tbaa ba ia a(^ iawttakiaif! stDsa that ths letislatar wat ptyiag hit ddv»llMS ta a Riabai«hd iitlla rvsidsd lo a bnardlaa haute, aad aa there *Hs diily art pktlor he fntnd' It btrd '#arlr ta net tl^kt. Wivtat vbi(bf4««a9 lavsr desIrS lor ibefr billing, aad wttalwtyitia;, tcrtopleU b| a aarioa* old gMilaaaa what as toiia at tba pair bad tstUtd ibemstlTta down to baslacss, vsauld eatsa la atd cnienics hioHMN'ia aa tiai Hiatr, and while spparsatly obnvlan el aM suttoaad^ if^(s,WHUld titku keso nots at h’l tbtt w,4 eninit no. The at latff as It wts bis aatura to ttastd aaylblag aad then bls’pailaaea tase aut.. aad the aslt evening w%M tiM same lUag arna laasMid; he wtihtnred kM plap n 'llla fhfr aeai ptwiet, tadnh^>i oat tbt iiN^ t, lt(ft| scene'as woiilil Ihrnw I)t#iaai6a B«rrttt‘ ta the shade, and make eyawiasM laok bt bis Isttals. Aa «l«|Kmfal ssat atgtd, as the leshlat ia Riobmaad rtaaIrM, taM the ftir Isdy—t ga^d aetnat lunablf, b« tha way—*1sw«H't. “f'**" tba g(0|lm>i^n.. etffW :•, iW arilant and the la^y hail ta'lftf*. Dadl>g'«ll «Ma tidia IhM laaa fliwa.' la the ohsiraeaar stltrtd. Bad ba baaMl.l-'* the'ltsliUtitr'hAaM nat'ttK—he, dld> aat ko4it. Tn*'»riittrs)^itd that ilie vtdrr* a'ola old raster siMn'> ttio))udfiil:,:4{j[ ;ih4 »eeaa, Be)tbcr det^ at -.ttianh M Iha nMct noraiaii tha itala parral ot 4ba yMKM'lady, aeonmpaaltd by/ twO'^graw* sons, eape ttoriuin^ dnwa tha - Oapltal, oallad dot the f w>inakfr aad aaktif ;KH; his lillfehflblis. The Uw-its.1lM ,fa^'■ bn iuttntMat, ware stiietly eorraal. narcht tbeo sternly demsodsd laat (ba elopentent'shtnlil Im -^soslpOHad-^luittMRN nioiv, thstWiahnaMa'tvidrhtabaass say more—It he did thara wunldii.m tn ilty, snd tbe Oeaaral Awedili^y^dhW lime nns 01 Its t>ri||hlsst oteasakait. An mine Ytl.'Mfti bowevwr^ ta r^hior gdtt, *M parent, relett^ilskd told thl| Ifi^'l^sk^ to do tiallst.—HittbttS'id SlalSf! ' SIMNIFAtni. Ood alwayt heart when we t:rapo tha hnilam el a flour barrel.” Bo taid iha hild at t pnor widow to hip mother one m 'rtalttg,^ifi(t«rsha.bad prkyedstunly t>'« nvedy oan| ‘ dive us Ihis day nur dsily krsadt" Atuiiial lalih af .ebiki boa'I! Wliymy aot, bc vanra tlfwaia hasrs thaprayert of Iris MHdiabf^ tad’ ht ktowt «btd la answ«r, Qdt tpiTltbaf a^ ftd t*W Uadsra cry lor baip thl^ bis pasaRMata cgr. Whaa Wt'laal ««tlraiy our depeadeaea oa hte ) wbaa laari'tiaek n^prliia aad'teli conidaMd |r titbaattM'; Whta earthly friands and aarfbly e^m'larts Rejftt^sf lfi^^.‘ AVhitf'thrp'tt ts Jbe b st tor a fl^iJIW to reach high Bot’tatMth I—A toM ibratt. Why It jnur_aJia'fo# l«tsa «ai#t Waadt Boeaair ItFMWlb^iVIt eyy'li^ tunshlne. tjtfiiht,—Whit jpi*a-herd. ttrlket cnw, caa' it be tiid to at a flow«r|ty aa* tw ' , . Wa era i ■ (n i»it witk' WWH aff lir (ba bad s »til#a=^ KTsitoi ■■ **i>« Vllf' ^MOlMDMia. . ' ;ki: ' ; ■ V lisff -• t'--; m:wm 6£«1 mu liMWMfteliod tht sftd Mr etntn 109 Wt't l«i I amlebntl TfLhSgni -J, 55,-®- -- tdrsly

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