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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, April 13, 1878, Image 1

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iasm 0«i TWO rhr«B P'nO'th Onl’*, Wvirfaldmn, Wh •!• (]i lu WELDON, APRIL SATUIiDAY, WHAT we live FORr ADVEansfltKvti, laii PAiMTslrl frHB aOANOKB MBWS,| W BRkL V HKWBt>APER, ^^BLtadltD ttt naV, nik Tbrn* H» Honlh*. •' ... VW-** . I «' 7A cU. ^ROrCttlONAL CAROS. Staltw CI.1U, k«l*l(h, W. 0. Halldik, N. C ICtARK 1 otiARlt; O' ATTOKNBT« iv La#, UALli»AX, fj.d Will Drkfltinn In iHa ti.>arU df itiUfAx >ni aojniulac oouatlatt MHreh 18 tr. ir. ■. iiToaiM. w> A. ddkn. ATT'lllliar* i OHtH0BLLnil« AT LAW, NMk, IlMlitax C«., N. C. Oiiilrtn of Ttxliritit «i'd Niiiirmn j4iilS-ir Pp«ntlo« In th» and lii tUe Nunrmna nd F«)«ral Couru. l-fO.Vf.V& if. UILL, Att«raey *t Mtk, S\LirA3t, M. (). I*riintlam In HMir«c snit id.lolnlngt O.mntim »nil Keder»l And Snpremn Oniirts. Will b« AtHditUad Seok, one* every lortnl(h(, Attc. 2A—A W. n. Dir, t) It A L L ATTORNEYt AT LAW, WBLOom, n. c\ l^rtdtlds InthAOnarta nf KAlifHx and kdjolnlnc oodntino, And In tba Supraiuo knd Pricril ! drt«. (:U|n» oolleuted In (ny pArt nf Nnrih 3aratlnA. Jiin 2U 1 U i. WRIUUT, ATTORNEY AT LaW. ^4CK1V0X4 C\ PMotfAM in ihn (7our( of Nurthafitpton ••4 H'iitHntDic othinUe^A •ep 1ft 1 Y VOL. Q AVIWL. HYMAN - ATTORNEY At LAW ■''' H.tLtFA*. >1. Ci Pr«otlo«i In lh« oiurtn ttf HAli'i\x And AdJiliilnK n iiiif*,lp9, and in tba Hnpreme And Kaiairiil Oiirt. OlnliK d'llleotsl lu i()t pirn of Nortb C«rollnh , oade In iba D mrt Housa. j«Iy 4-1 U BURTON, JK. ATTORNtt AT LAW, . ,/^AL^rAl^.V. Fr«ck)o«A In Ih* Courto nf BaUfax 'Ca«at;. and intles Hdj'lnln|. In the ikbMin* D'lnrt of the 8tat»t and lb the Vaderal 0:>nrt'«. ^111 i(lra ipiitUl acta-itlon t>> tbs enlleo- tlM nfelAlinaiand to sdjnktlitg tb« acoixint* of Aduiliiiaratora and Dnar- . Atoaii ’ d«o-IS-tf j ,M. Q, ^ ^ m » A u. ATTOJIMSY AT LAW, I U^ALIPA^. !»• O' On«e III tb« Court FToiU'’. fitrint Atten- ti«a jIvAd to All brandbos nf :ba proliis- kl«Bi Jan 12-1 0 E. B ft A N 0 0, ATTORNEY AT‘LAW, kvrllLD, RALirAX CODNTT. N. 0. FraMlae* In tU* (jndntlei of Hnlifax, ■aall, BdKeoAmba And Wllaon, 0*li*Atlua« loAila la all pArta nf tb* ■tAt*. Jan 12-8 I H A RA, ▲ MBS B. ATfdllNBY At LAW, BBiriBLD, n. c. FrMtlm« In lh« OonnttM of RftllfAx, MtrMaiab* Atld Mulb. In th» StiprAmn HUM' Md la VAmA UOI Sil«i^oa* made in any pan of the Itata. Will Attmd a', tba Onnrt Houaa In JAtirat an MondAT And FrldAy or aaob %a*k. Jau )2-l 0 i', h-v^toh, ATfOKarET AT tlAW, WBIiDOX, W. O. PraatloaA In tba OoHrt« of HAlllaa, War- 6in ind Nortliaiaptad onuntlea aud in tlie intraaa and Pedaral Courta. Ol^ala oottaoiad Id any pArt of NoHb farallaa. JUna IT-a jo>H i. ilMai. It O d R E , taanii. aount. U I» Ii * N ATTORNEYS AT LAW. . H. C. Fraatloa In tb* Oonntlaa of ItMtfbs, M'^rtiiansFlia, |!dgaaoniba,.Fitt aud Afar- 4a—lui'ia alubreina Court nf tba OlAte Vaaaral Doaria oftuaBattarD itsr .allaalldik* nlM* is any part of Rortb 0^l»«v - Jan m • H ^ E. ‘ ria awral at nlaht to nit Alone, And watok ibn atiir* kbii bear tbe fiioKn or fllfiil hrd'iA* 111 ih# ulr \ Kilt (h n nijr UiouwfiU nr* far Tb^m f»D Mwifi wliifTH thh hrni^xe h^ht To wIlUr# my IUtl« AUlnrn |*Uy. ■\nr) ninir M •otiff of nUll, lleRiiJ« tb« |{iiiibluB tnouiiutn rllU *riR Rw^( M n(|tht V^ lit Rlone- [ bettr |nvi*d vtiooi In ilU ton« uri-very nhxl *tlrri bnimii Kbore m«> of Utos«* fir. fir HWEv, W»M» prwy f**r, Rnd wha ov«r |t»v« in''» W|jo niy aim uea thiy by 1 ly, \n«i Hiniii the Hikim oVr oo«»Rn'n To iU|» «ftU wafiH w« bot|i0« *TI» twc«t Ht to Ait nliine Tl>**» J iJh fjy kn m i» i 1 fancy, ib«ii, ti o blUs of Aly br«tw i>iin)N nlib mv u»oth«r> kiM I cUap my «ihtor^ (orin, ibMUKh l« uot Viip' itrn tltiop ill tbm t BrttfUt vi»toriN t but U\ viiuUitiMg Letiving for my « irolxndnt ftiiiK. Vfy mother «lt« thh ev»n ttdoj My e'dttr RUt^r nt hnr And At bnr knnn in bonuty bending, A ohertib iis,*inu: inftnt praytir ( Wiiivb, to boAv«n like ilttw >im*Mtidii>g, 1« Mhnildtng «von tbero— At WAA uiiDH iiMu ill f»irly yuArx, Her brow wot wlib a iiiwibuV’H tears. And iU^n 1 itiOHn In ai^ory *'itr ih«) bl^at li'inio 1 nv'ot* may aeo ; T>i« i'ar away, iind d^y 1 8M at iiw dt«p'irt)nit huh, And wi>ep that hn |« Ufiabily ebitdui| On i \earn l.«i tfnte up«»n. Weep till tfiy t(tar^ tike HUnltt d*'W, 'I bi'uw on oiy bt.pea a (itlKhtur bUB, other. And I li> wall rvmambrr, In ny niaiihann'a riper jrirs. micii dcpo (orr4i« IVII Upii» Miy •«u1t and I ral wnuld hatn drniik obllvidn frnm (li« wine onp*a d'Tv briia, that itnie dark- rjed wmnan ciimc aad nada laa. i'l llie ' aiii« Ilf Qiidi 10 thd'i tli« rutnl inare . ond Iwiiiiiiu her arnif ariidnd iiiy i ccl. whllt! her ejret twamad aiih Iim’S di'epeat ia«pirutt»i, olie piiurad nil upon III* troubled watfra luld uia nf piirir hnpea and (lri||l>t'r aims, and in mjr eai ahUpured a Knldeii w inl iliat lins iiul- lived all (ilrhiar. Lelia, would voii know the iiHMie »r ni]i firat luv);? ’’fit m* oiiitlier !” •‘0 Paul! I'll forgive you and iliarc yciur l»»e—indeed I “I knew you «oiM. L'lia. Second lotc ia us dear «» the fir,i *’ F * B ST 1.0 V E t By DL’sTy foot. A>n I you!' only and love?” asked a bright eyed |jiH an the reullueJ her cliistticH'lv tnoulJed brow upon the abnnlder ol her Inver. '•N •, Le ia, you «■# n t my only nor my flrtt love—1 have Inved aimlher. L in|2 Jrciirt before I satv you ( l.ireal diiitber| dnd t l ive (Imt oiliur still." Lov« that other still—and better than me I t’du', why di you tell tne bit?” aiiid 'he, nii-ing ber dark blue eye> and guziMg ’'leudiiistly in th ise of her lov r, hul ih usti;iniih.iie«l und hall in Kiirriiw, white I'er jt«i'|!tfd .liii)>ers tightetned convulsively "ti his arm. Y"U uhked UK', ]j;!li;ii and I an- anered i«u nitli tii^verity; y u w«uid lint hnvc uie decei'C you, tv»iuld youf" *‘V"« I'oe her still, then;" ‘•1 love her still;” ‘ A «I b' t'er thjn you 1 > mej" ••No t'tnlelr. I «H 111 »ell '•A'tf Rill hue hfmi)|'” * Until dt-aih, anil oeu beond death xitcr her Inst r«tlii|{ (ilice I »itl Ktrew sprin}>’s earliest fl'i«er>i, and tirdent the itput aith the pbrubt tuara thut ]>ke ever shed ” '•Haiirfsoaier than I is she hi>t r" "Her eyea ar« at black as ni){hl, and her buir in glmiaiy bhick'.ess oMilimi the ainoi of the raven 8'ie baiii’t yiiur ail'ebt blue eyei, nor your anlt brown hair; yeti ifh, L>*lia I her eyes have been the atveetext eye.s to mo tbut ever liukeit tba look of etrrnul love ’* Piu), »liy dll you aiab t' b'cuk iiiy heart? Why havo ynu taught me to love you 80 wihlly—80 bliudly—u id than in the inidit of my haiiplness tell me that thprt) I4 an i(iif)»«sili|tt barriur betireeii us? 'fhis nigh!. I^.iul, we oiiKt purl fnr- a*er I I aoiiid out Itave beliqvud t»i* bad knother tol I me I” and her eyes grew dioi ivilb lean. n > not ton rash, Lelia ; hear me tn the end; you |i>ve me too dbiiriy to //art «ilb me thusl Think you that yna uonid not sharp nty bvait wiib ana that I so dearly line?'’ Ni ver, Paul, never I" You Khali, Lelia, and rniistl Listen for a niiiiiient whilii I tell you of iiiy Rrst love, and t am sure yu wiil be wil ling til aliare it with her ttien." “I will liHtK , Paul, but will nnt share your |u>e; I must bate hII or none; 1 am selfitb in that respect—-and whn that loves as 1 do, is not? Fortict uie Paul, or liirjjet Her forever 1 '•B'orget ber, Lelia? Never I I would lint Inse one j it of her pure aflection l'»r the Uireil fava tkat ever bluouied; no, ni>t for the |;irdle nf Venui or fur the lo e Ilf a second Helen.’* ••Then, Paul, you are lost lo ma for ever; ne iHust part Farwell to nur •vary dream of a bri)>hter future. I Inve you well. ai>d am too proud to share Tour lo*a with anght cented. Oi, Paul I you have wrnnged me deeply i” and her eAquiaitely chiatlled lips aail^d ia iadiguant air^o*. “Slop, Lulia. or yoA will deeply wrong nie als >. I met this loved nne, aa 1*111141 bel«fr«t in onfc nf the Sweetest, sunnient valea (if nu^ broad tlbnnls; wandered with her hand in hand, for long years, beside tba (.parklinn waters of niy childhood’s home. First, by ber smile of exquisite swoetbesy, she taught my heartrtbai she loved with u^iu’.teraole londness. and nevtfi' have I doubted; my trust in her has ever vince b«e sleildrast and fe rless; never bas her rje looked C'lldly upon me, and never will it till the death niijiel shall dim it for the long sleep Oit Ih ilie still hours of tbi night hava I been awakened as If by Ike geutle fanning nf the sleep-god’a wing, and beheld that face, (hose eyes e»S"K upon uia with all tli6 beatiHu tei defntiss oft guardiAu angel over a rvprnting prudigAl t aud a kiss would fall up»n 1111 brow more aoothing Ihaii the de* nf Hebhin. The lame aentie band bus htld me Along life's fliiwlSry way, and betide its unrt.ffltfd Waters I And If evtr ny aim waa rabti to du a deed ol, wr»ngi or my lleaK st«eled to eoucfeive it, that geutle, adinanitory voice - came wbisperiug iu my «ar, aud stayed tbe uno mid«^t and drew tbe irua fnm the MR. MMUEN’S SUTtMEiHTS. Halifax, N C . M uch 2Tih 1875. To tlw JLditur of the Aeivs: Sir;—lo the cnniinunicatii>n from llalilax sig ed "il " in your issue nf t'l-day. anil ii|n > in tn-day'i lasuR nf tlie Roan'uku: News, published iu Weld.m, niy name iit used in connection with certain resoluti'ins thut were hufire the recent Oi>u> tv C mvci.ti >11 of lljlilux. That iny p»siiioo niiiy ii>>t be niiHumler- »l«i d toward the gKulltrwen, Mr. llitl and Ju!l|;« Schenck, nhnse nuines Mere ■lu)ii iiirntioned llic S.ipreiiitt Oouit, I hate to ask tliat )nu insert this in ynur pajirr; III Cnrtimiin with the people of [Lili- fa* county, t hai« preferred tlmt Mr. IIill should be noniinutbd by th« State C 'Ov. ntiiin US tt.e vaHiirn ciindidiito on tlie Di'iiiocrntio tii.Uit for Su|ireme Uou«. I a'sii prelerri'd Judge Sliei.ek at ihe ciindidate from the We-t. li •fore the nsseoit-linjj of the Conven- tinn, 1 had heard that there were ru'nms afl ut in dilfi-rent parit of the State to the elfeut that t’lese two gentlemen or their respective Oiei d had formed or wi re ei deavnl-inii to f.inn a combiua- :ion to iib:uiii pt'sitiona for themselves on the Supreme Unurt Bench, pledgini; their niulnal u diiid'fd Siiport to all others. I cnnld not believe that such ruon rs ivi'ie true; but I c >uld iroll understand why tlieir reputation would il jure the nieret >rii>us cinima of those two geiitlenieii fur these liiyb positions in Uiiulitics where they were oi-t kn-iwii. When tlie coi ventio.i usseinUled, the resolutions endorsing .Mr. II II were car ried without n ili'sei.tiii|{ voice, and I joined heartily in iheir adnptinn ; tint 1 ■pposi'd tbe res iliiti mi« endoisii g Jnd^e S_hei ck fnr Ohiel Justice, for ti e Inl ine! leaii ins stated by me in cmiveii- tinn. I ^ailli that to adnpt thia resolu tion, coupling t ‘ijetlier as it did the oies of ij henck and Hill and tinit in the vel'v hoinu of the Intier wunlil be oceived ii.l full C'liifl inuti'in nf these rnni'irs of a cualiti.inj that its onlv clfcct wnnld bi'i if o»t to injure Mr. liill, at least to ii'flect 00 him wht're his ropnt i- tion liir fairness was Dot so well kn-ivn as here; that the great object nf the ilieeting tvus tn b'Oinr onr cnuntryciian and tn liirtlier his pr"spucts for the noiNinnliiiii. but tKat this coupling of imiiies in the tiiue of the ali're»uid re ports would diri'Kl a fuial blnw at his chaiii:es 1 slated Imther tli:it it was doe lo .Tod^e .S,:heiick himself us well as to Mr. llili, thiit the cnnveolin 1 should do niithi'ig t'l conlino a 7 duw • Sgiiij! rtiport ihst might lo circnlttcil ut>ainst him, and that the resolution vtouid hivo tUe same vflfect upnn bin; us it would uynn Mr liill. Alter the di.s- ctisMoi: the res'iluiiiii was ad"pted by a iii»j rity of townships, three or four of which voti B therelnr were represented hy tiii|>le imiividuaU. In the disuussinn. t was surprisod and pained to bear the rtonaiks that were iii,ide by those who dlfFered frnin me in nard to I'Ur present Chie' Justice. 1t^was alleged ngaii st him that he favored a strung b tll dlilud g vernmei't. and coincided with the decisiun of the Soprcuio Onurt in the funinus li iskins case. Il Judge Siditb is a leotrulist now, he has always been one, and it is strange that thnse who opp se his nomiioitiiin hy tbe State Oonvention fnr Chief Justice, should nut have knnwn the fact when thev passed sUcb bijjh encomiums upon him iipmi his elevatln to that position a lew months ago. His life, and the himnrs that have been ferred upmi him by the ponple as well us by our b'Oiored Unvernort speak in his vliidiuation and should dilurm the fears uf any one Ironi any danger in in trusting their rights to his keeping. Auother ubjectli'ii urged against him was that he had actually left the 8 ate at one timei a d theiri^fiira ought not to be Chief Justice. Thnse who allege this against him were singularly forget- lul of that fact last winter, or have been unusually diligent in B' lliug uiu some thing. \V|ien Mr Smith left the State to practice his pmfessinn io our sister State Ilf Virginia, be carried with him an unspntteil lame and an enviable reputation | and when he returned to tbe •‘Old North Biatei*’ he brnught buck with him the same testimonies of a good and a gieat man fram those wbum he had left behind him. Another ciiaige was tbe acti in of the Supreme Court In the celebrated Driver case. It seenis tii oia tbat tba critifiisiu* upnn the Chief Justice iu this tion'ire tfut only >rrnn«uuf in them, selves, but they savor uf sonietbing near akin ta findictiveness and persecution (bate beard tba rtiiiiaik mada “that it will not do tn bavn a Supieiiie Court tbat aiuuld sa d a orgru to the pauiteu- tiary lur kUaling a chicken, and turn lo«iM • tmtrn l«r kniabering bis wife.” If this was irue of Mr Sniitt', then Indeed he nnj;ht be called, iint "iinbe cile," but libs Outely vici nil. (f it it 8 iu,;ht lo depose tho ('bief Justice in nl-der to viiidicate Judge K-rr, then *hy noi fnlly Vindicate him by m.king him Oilier J Bt'ci ? Annthej charye, and ono much in vnguuol late, was that tbe Cnief Justic has no '•back hone-" But this will sciircely he believed hy thn*-! whn ha ini't Mr Siiiith at tho bir, on lllj btis. tiiiKS ai.d in the hails of (j ingress bv the nuinurons cliunis. aud u devoted unnstituencv whose causes hu has upheld «hen stout lieaits hive filled « ,d strnng arms have wiihi-red. Il' it bo true ilut he is wantini* in inoarl coU'age, it is to bii deeplv regretted that so feeble a man sh mid have been no I'ecenUv pro nounced a iiiant and a her 1. A large IncrativB practice, his c lUrse in the T,'Cislnture, ill the C oigrHssi a of the U ited ttil'S, and the Confederate diates, in nuuiernHS pnlit caI caiiipai|>n , including the last one. and in evert s'atinii to which he has been called, at test the firmness and integrity of his actions, tr he il hitking in this qualifi- eatinii, why shmi ol h^ have ba»n S' lectt d as a nil iiiher of thii Di'inncianc State t^JxeciitlvH Cn nnii'tee. where (Ir nness Olid wisdom are al.viys in demand? I itriie in 00 s.iirit of uikin-lo'ss to Jiidne S;:h« ck o' M'. IIi!l. I wuulil cheerlullv vote (or the'r oooiinatinn for the p hiiinn of .\Ssneiate J'i»ticis ujmn our tickei, a‘iil trust thev will he placed tliere bv the S'lite C mventi O', fnr they both possess] t merit tn onlrCle them to that h-oiUr; but why this bitter crus ide upnn our C'lief J.i-. lice i I order tu :ittain that iti.l? I do not believe that either of thton aia piirties or privies to tlie unjist nssiu'ts that have biren made and are being si ill made upnil ona whnm (jnrth Oiroli- ninans liaveHl ways delighted l i h norlur if I did, I should think that I bad been sadly deceived in my estimnto nf their natures. And it is to h« l.oped that tilt: ,>riissand dH’msing assaols that have been made u|inu Chief Justice Sm.Hi will iKit be uttrihuied to them by u ^y one; but they «ill I>e ex.used and 1 ver- inolicd us mere indiscretions on the part of over z tal lus advnc itHf of various gen- tk'ineo ihriiii^h mt the Slatt*. I uonless that I am iiii ardo t admirer of the Chiel JiisiiC", for I hava kooivii him all niy file, and it is a pleasure to me when Ills lips are sealed and iiis iirms shackled hy rcits >11 of his p 'titioii, to c«n!rlu:e as far as t can, to the vindicu- ti in Ilf a Ijond uiiil an i jnred man L't US lint rej 'Ct tile ciioiee iliut was so aplly tuadii lor us liy nur (> ivorn ir ; bnt let ns loiw show bv our actions th it what we then siiiil ab ml tlie wisiloni of that ch'iice was not reekinj; livp icrisy, but an honest eXiiiUisinn ol opini >11. J. M. Mi'I.J.I2N. —R^L'igh Ncks. THE DESIRE m’oiSTCVCTION. Nilliinjbiit iinmnHaliiy can lalisry ihe mind of man; the niind nf innn is i iininrtnl. Th" ocean nnly Can fill the ocean’s bed. irivv vain then in tnan to Imagine satisfactinu in the acquiie- Uiei t of tt'iythino perishahirt. Was earth i*nr home, thiiil to be ainhitlnus would be wise, t^e are bound to immortiilitv ; and he "ho 011 wings of nmhition seeks Imptiiness in wnrl lly ac quirements will be sure to fail. Wh i of u» have not nhservid the restlessaess of I'uiiian ani'iitiiin? Who of us can say, I am c intenlpd ? Wo nil Ionic forward to snoii'thina v» t to come. The scenes of t"-1aV diSBUSt us, and we are pleased with the visio s nf te. nnrrmv. Wc c«le npnn the di'tant inior tain ; its rnbes of il7.iirPi its lijjhls and shade?, s i si.ftly blended, make us iutaglns i's precincts ihe retreils n ‘d c iol of Kle i. P.»r. haps we attempt to arilify onr Inn^ing'!. As «e upprnajh, the monnta n ihnms 1 ff its ire; its lights and shades skrink iatn riiijjed hills ami vales—all dies away into cold reality. Thus It is with Ihe natural landscape; it is Ihi Same with the moral. The pnur are sick nf their thatched rnof ni'd luinible fare. They looked upon the man of wealth as filled with pleasure and delii>ht. The rich are tried with the cares and vexatinnS of the wurld. They look upon the neat cot tage as the abode nf peace and con tentment A kind of distance in either esse lends its charms and lasciiiatiuns) cnreriug the whole with the kue nf en- chantme'it. Thus are we evvr iii the cHaStf for hsppiness j for h:ippin>’SS is the gosl of nur ambitinn; yet the tplendiil bauble is ever eluding wur grasp. '•Lika (h« idiot gHKltiB on the brook We Inijp at stars aud fasten in the mud.'* The seed nf ambition are sown in our very chiHhood. We alt even th^n hAve some litlte pride tn gratify—all have our dreams of creatness. As we grow, nur ambition grows, and it “strengthens with nur strnin;th." Though its nf j'*ct may be deflitnt with different individuals, still it is everywhere ense tially the sane. The sigh ol the Villager for a petty magistracy is the same io Its na ture as that of a Caesar for the gt-it'y nf an Alexander, or of a Tbeinistides I'nr the renown of a Miltiades As Hre ar rive at manhood we launch nur frail barks apon the teiiipeltuius sea of life, each striving for that 'lido in the affaiis III men. which takea at tbs fl lod leads in to foituutt.’’ Then cntoinenees the contest; it is a cuntest fur gl'uryj fur bappinejls. Tne «irri«r wsies ibrouyh thi vista ol tfaajr imtla*, aud bebuldi a diadaai of hspidiiess Slid renown lie rns'ies forth to the critnson felds d** w ir. The wrn blond Ilf mdlioiis B ias. Mothers apd miidens weep sess of sorrow. Tiie asitb Is oil thed in mourning. Tbe harp nf niitii'n is bung nimn the Aillows. The cyprers is ever«Ahere plaited Tilt heavens become nnO vsst gallery ef w •«. Lsnrels are hean d upon the hero’s hr iw, what is th |rii d re sult? It has been slid that Wellington was nil suntimentalist, tet he, as he gnl- liiped his horse along the hlo dy pl.itni Ilf Warierloo, patlSid and i xjiioed. “What is w o'Se than a battle wkii, save a ha tie lost.” N ip dean was often seen in tears, thnugh in tba midst of victory. Yet niitwithstsnding all this; noiwith sta ding pillais and temple) outlive th« names of those who rear thein, what will not man perform to fill a few slieeis nf uncertain paper, M in still wish sto tie Caj ar, 1 hough a v ic9 comt-s fr im each one nf his «ounds. Arubiti in still cries. ‘ I will aSv’end into heava ', I will I xalt my thmne above tho stars nf Ond; I will ascend above Ihe clouli. I will be like thn M'St Il'gh” Much innre, then, will it still plant i's iron hoof uuuo the neck nf na.inns Mich more will it still tc ch the earth to niimio the sti.niis of heaven, picture the cluudi teiipegt 11 the S ght 1 f nfiitles; and with the deep toms of tho gun, and the fli'iiesofthfi cities, iiiick Ihe thunder and tile li^ktniiig of the skirs. U ir the (ilea n of steel, the cannon, the stained soarT, and Ihe ruling (inpire dll not compose all of t'le frtlit of atiibi- tinii. It seems to cast an icelierg on ill that is lovely i I in 1.1. A cold win ter frowns npnu thu summer of the liuoian hi-art. aud Ihe social niid d >- luiistio uirectiens wither and die Am- *iiii 01 is selfish: like the wives of death, it seeks the overwhei.uing of all. Thus is man’s ambition—and does n father, or moilic'i or brnther. or siiter, or frien J, yea, or even a wife, stand b • tieeii him ami the ot jKt of his a-iiSi- tiou—the very huturu of him who bcfire was lovelv. uiiilergnes a chingn. The aiiiiiiide Ji Sephine iiiMst bo mitde In eep and dmp the tear uoregard'd. I'lvo ruses mu4 be steeped in the sinie unholy die. l']-«o the hired assassin must despitch a m dher, and to des'.r iy s sister or brother, fi l.l must be s eeped 10 blood. TIiB very haunts of Elen innst bccnu D a howling wilderness. Thi^ alooe ktimns unibiti 01 as unhal- liiived. Siys U.vight, -‘It knows no other path to ilir iiies b it that of blood " [1' ever the aiubili ois iirin seems Invely, ■ve iiiiist supp >se him iu the dight for literary lame, N dhiiig u ilmll'iwej m.iy appear either in the imperishable s ing of the imoiorlal bard—his pl.iyful »pnrt9 with the “hoary locks” ol ocean, or his “>(iortiye twists of the li^hlninu’ii fitiry wiog.” All the def'nrmity of ambition may he eclipsed by tbe yplendor of b s acqiiirementv, or llie mat>ninoeu:a of its nrt It m iy' indeed wear ns much the aspect nf virtue as th£ admit ro|;iiH O'sthalof iin bo lesl man. li it the li'inn, acti'c spirit is net nioru diirerent iu the one than in the other. But ne niil iniaai e him to be ainhi- 11 lUs. Let us follow him iu his rflire* mciit. Miiik his furrowed brow; the cloud of anxietv which pirpetuallr en- lops him. ••* I'is s.eeti” cries he, "lo win hiurels of hlo id or ink ” Bit his mind teeiiis to be nne continual tein pest “The home of bis spirit is iu the ■snin of the sturiu.” Anain he cries. We canunt fly the deii.nn Uinughtl” He is evidently unhapp;, Whugras;l srtbly fame, grasps wind ; nay, • a >-erpent i>rasps, that through his hand glidi^s saiooihly and is enne, but leaves a stiiii; behind which brings pain, lint if Binbiti m he evil and onlv evil, if it hu neither the root nor thn nlTspring of vir- iile, what shall arouse a tniii from his dormancy ai d inspirit him nub z;ul and eiiteiptise? this is the q lesiion. We need ii"t the deceil'ul wuoings of amhiiion to prompt us 11 light the mid- night tapen and move ns 11 iisccnd Ihe mount of distinction. There are other spirits which lead forth their nuiuOroiis trains of statesmen and orators, of herots and poets, to usefulness and glory. Self.respect will do ii, or benev- lence will do it, nr a thirst for kno«l- edije will do it, the ‘‘irutii” which is “'the way." will do it, or palrintism will do it N 'thing like ambitinn appears iu Wash- i titon, or Ilowitrd, or Wilierfirue, or P lluk, nr a long train nl ethers who have ascended 1 greater height nf use' full ess and honor than rv>r carried one nr ever will carry nne. God grant that n proper spirit may pervade every heart, conVroliing us i 1 all *e do or say, and that truth, virtue, in- teijrity and honesty niy supplant all Inw. s IHsb and ainbitious motives An AnrnOTi.No imuiO 1.N1. — Thk prn- pri. tnr ol a p iniiuK tst .hi aliment nn Paxrl *iiei.‘t euieieil a >;ar lor Fulton F'Try a dIV or twiniiro. and, «ctind'(.g to hi. uaual castiiin, disiriliuied tn aiber pissin- «rrs liille eariU wlih thk Inrc.iplinn •Link tn Jetus when tempted. When trouhia’, when dy Hi.’* A «»ll-dre8«ed Ui'Ui'emsn tat I ane of the carda and put It iu his bii pocket, just belorv leaving the car. be tsid tu Ur. tlu^ains: "ttir, when you give m ’ this 0«rd I HSS nn ny way M the lelry. mtendmi; lo }uinp In m ibe larry and nrnwn my.eir. The ileaib ol iny wlla and lan bsd loltbsd m af all ilasire Ih live; but tins tiuKet his per- anailed lae ta beiti 1 Ilia anew. Quad dsy and Ood bless y«o.” “My deu-J* «a|ii a .ber bunbsnd. •‘I really tlilnk n IS tiMa‘wa hWd n itrcen bauae." “Wall, mv love, pA'Bt it any enlor }'»u plaaaf j Mdt or green fflll tuft Th* mother, as sh* heo.l« ntrer Ihi oradla ol tier boy. feels that slin is llvios lar •ooieihiUK : lur Oud has comiaiitvd Iv her ohsr|>e an iiuumitsl svul. nod shi rs I eiri'ieis ihat >ha IS t'l rnaks iha Hr. impre-sinn tn ilUt jnuihljl mind--thst ihr milst tie theiina to rdw the tlr.t sWn III vlliuo la Ins pithttny ur linpUat In his Inn Ci'nt boium tlia Ar.t vior, Untbers. J*) *r« liviuK lar snmatblav, OirtiAn VVii.htiiiitnn u«v«d lUJcIi tbsi irss c md an I nutilu in his lilo lu Ihe piau> (isiHiug •’) It iiluliier, Bbe kurw uni tbai tse inUiit At her kiicn wkuM one nay o the • F'a'iar at h's country," }*t sha dtilj insMlled la his aiind ih«sa leilaos at truth Slid wisluiu tnat •bone s^ brinull> lbroU4b bis wiinls file. V«u Can do the .suii-, and the luiura will tell wliatlier li liis been Isbir Inat, Tile h ya ul a oailou may dep«n.| 1 n yaur bay, aud tna deeds tuat Aie learned in liii la'aicy wi'l tell in s cimiii-{ ilay. Then do you ask what si* we live lor I The poei, a ha b'ndt nver his sondl, 1. livinn lor SK|uellii'i)i; Inr be is larvinv with nis uwu h«n 1 A nsuie on tiie pilnr III Fame that wi t be liuuuiita'. lie s psviog the pAtllway tu glory and lenuw . We are ail living lor aoiuaibini{, Eicii me IS lu H:liu j his destlay, aud though he may progress auly »tep by step, yet hr will «ue day restsh tbe gual al u:s AOibi- linn. L ve or somvthin^. Lsara to a't well s iiue part iu the (;'■ at orsuia »l lila, en iiiHiiei in wb»t sphute tun are placail “Whatsn ver thy ha. d flnda'.b to da, itn It witb all thy luiiii't ' Is a viium a 11 >y II m WHO has aiipetdte I us all a pUk- i I his si eyard Atid wtd yaa sit wiih year b 111 Is Inl ted b.-csuse you hsv* u«i tlic ssinu woik lu Jo that huuiIii r bast l lhi.'ru noihiiii{ lar you tu do hrOiU>i' )ua ■ re I'VI espiiiie nl diliD:; iS iiiuch as saiut nlher.t I'lieie Is a ml^sion tor each ano st| ti» pe I.inn ; aud wnat U»d has rtqiiire 1 ns to ilo, II: baa |(iven you anij one talea j will you bury It lusirad ol puttmu it oui at usury t tteni' Uiber lie will rtquire t'lat taieui at ynui bsbds, and yuU will nut Oe I'Xuu^ed lur ttDrjiuj it t>i.'uau>e you ha., nut .me when an itiier hid ten. Then be up and deinx. Ut a saldier an the It Id ul ilDiy, "liu a hero la the atrlte ’ Wnik lor aHinn o-h # pinpo*o Let joui lUoltve he 10 l.ibDr lar the go d nlntbers- tn aeiva well ynui diy and geueiativu. ami ynur reward will tie (hu s:iiile at au Ap Ijrevinu coi.uience, niiil ilie hlea-lng ul timii'i wh'i bive toien uiadu happy uy s "Dii aind aci that yaii have oone Live fur s.iineihmi;; if it be ever an lit- Je. K tier to auo:iijl sh soiuttbin^j thsn •loihiu/. IJ,;iter to loo buH 00 tbe III- lie you nave dnna than altfh over Ws.teil Il lUia a id miss^e it time TUere ia work Inr every nne to d 1, and hs wb i lahora witii a Htlllnf'heart and hind will oue lilt reap Mie rcw ird ol bis latiiai'. L've !i‘r snni tiiini{. Ljt ewry leaf In the vounaij III thii y ar hear soum hi >rlc ni uiiirs upan ita psuea. Let every turn ul fitiiu'a old irnn wheel Kive en:ue uccauni II' Will spent days. Live so that youi d cds will bi le neiiibeied long alter yau nave ae»ud tn u.t. Live so thst }oUf vir- lU a »i;l exiid your vices uud aldne liri,>hter as grow U-asanJ hss. Live eo tliiii. ynu Cun IomK iu the pmt with nut re^ircttiu.* th it you ba I done too lit- tie in this lile. Lshor for .nihethian no ih] and praise wnrtnv. L ve so that In pss.>ii>,’ liuiu ilii to au ^thvr shore you will leave behind yuu “Fnotsprlnta on tbs sand of I fine." L ve for snineiliing. There is no one hut wh It can d 1 sn n' gimd—nn ona who need say 1 cm iie.n nidiah nothing—Done who nei'd spenil their days in idlentss. Lite in a blank linnk, every pi{a at whicU ai i-l b ar aisiiietnin^ wormy ul reo ir. or I Id >t that ('.>a neaer be era ed. Then tie oiindiiil wh il y»u luive up'iu its leaves; n r it wi I lell ill time and eternity wliat yon have lived Inr. and lie whn keeps a rd o: our di.eds will reward us aecord- iuvtly. LOVE AND MARBIAOE. That so many nf our yniing fo'ks are a' le loli'K iiiirned, «e aie lei ti thebeliei that a lew winds on this aulijfCt wid uni 'le oveilnnk'-d and nut ol plsce. Hut th» th'o;ht will natU'iJly o.ciir to msni • what ilnta he kimw a'lonl it 1" 'l'i« nne. I'X. eiicnve la a grust teauher, nut ttatwith- sianiling the pioba'He 1 icoojiste. c«. it ia a MUtijeet aiiiint which we a e nil iit less' >:(|ieniel 10 kiiaw S‘iin«tliing. When a iKuple IS Huiied in tbe bnly bunds nf mat- rimuny. it is ixpio ed, yea rleinmded that li'Veshunld have prjniptidil. Jlirry nut lor love and lie ci^rlain thn nbj ut lal y inr heart's sfT.itinn is wurtliy uf all ynu can beatow.aud lully your iqual, and let virtue In all caiftfi, tViihont exception, be tbeeiinin mat links it with clutches innre miiihty than steel, wnuld ynu have tbe nuptial union last. The daughter of a ((>111.1 uiaiber rarely proves but a title anal devote I wile, and thia idea is one that aliould not 'le lightly Considered. We have alien he ir.I it said, that first we niiist gi-t an ahsoUite eonqne^t over ou'Selvei, and thsn uur wives can easily and pleasantly be be g 'Vi rned ; in this tliuie IS inora tru'h tban d>sreis. as lasny will tistifv. 'fbe instincts wiih whicii 0 il h'lS guird il the s iereilness «l m«> Hi.{h are stroog, lot wedlock (nrceil • b It a bell, an ags al >ii-nnr I md oautiau'ii atrile. Oseol tne ie»uns, so we are li» lormed, why nia ria.(e dnes not always prove a source of hanpinims da because •'young Isdiea spend tbuir lime ia making neis, not 111 making C"kes.” Sir Waiter UsI.igb says.•'the best time lor niarnaga wdl he toward thirty, Inr at the ywuuger tunes are iinQt, vi'her to Bbao-e nr to gnVern a wi'e and family, su Il IbMU stay long, thau ahMt baidlr see the edueatinn of thy children, who being felt t« strangers, ere in *B ets last, and liettei Were it to be oobarn tbaa ill bred; lor ihereV’ tba poatetity ftiatl eltbir tl ii or rimtin a .baiiie to tby name.'* T'liioi ladies atiove all fldn^s, shnald D*t marly a oiaii many years their sebiart remsoibar, “they that many '.bcitnl petiplu airreiy lo etpictatina to bu f ihem( hang selvaa In bnputhat un« Will eno^lj eb' tbe halter." klni’eat and h»u|»liat pilr. Vdl lind oaoaalun mi liH’iMMir | Aud something, evsir* day tl ' 'Jis pltyaiul |iarti»pa‘*-‘'*“ 1 »t»s and Provtae** v«rila*tH«ai; DAS: Da*. Itf Dr. W. R. Boyl nf SJ yaupa nraetle* gdarantsaa apaady and M euiaif all,Connie, tfomfal >M, L S.vpblllllo And Kainala DIaaaaw, ■ wHioSI, orlalMbnaa at buTilMII stitiite, Avan « L'banay SlaUl. tb Olty ItafI Park, Syraousa, K, loinnaanl So all paeU' tM C.'flL- I'nnada Don’t ba daoaivad by ad* intqoaeka who tbmnf oar UrM l _ butnoiiaolt l»r. Snytnraand ilir atotali '-Mtlnit on hla apjiciauiaa to kla P. I Box gT8 * Mv ■real lldald »r Kemaity, AMIR OR P.II(IIH, or Fai Krlend. la unfsUInc >'• Ibaaaraofall lu! and danKamaa dlstasaa pf yon It inodersiea all alflajta, aild ‘bflnca (, montnly period with re|tllarlMp. 1 net vob* and spinal affeotlnita; nairt i hack or llinlai, bwavlnaaa, Mll^aonl nsuitton, palpitation of the haart, II of solrlt, hyatarlea, alek headanhl, a aikI all palrful dUaaaea ocaaslona dianrdered ayatain, It ain»et* » «Ur all other ineana fall Prtt!*n,(io u. tie. sent bv mall. Dr. IT. U, 278, S, r.oit*r, W. r. Nov 26 I V. gCHVOL Til You ean aasllv Inareaaa yobr tiv davotlnR a vary email aarlUa of leisure lime to my Interaal. I do a«l iieet .von to aanvaSa fi>r My ealabl-, li-att.s'a I'lanoa and Organa unlaab * •*a (1: Cn; but the ser^lc ' ' In both pleaaant and but the serWea I reaafra ofyn .. pleaaant and broBitUb. fall partlaalara IVati. AddXa. DANIEL F.'BBATtV,, Washlngtnw, p^OCKY MdU.ST jilIXS, ttOCKY MOUNT, H. if. JaDoary ist, IITI, W» are now prepaM (o ttrtiitt IU trade witb 8IIBETINOS, BBlRTiNOi, PtOW LIMBS COTtdN.i VaHn*. all of the best quality and at Inw pitoaK Our terms strintly net easb, N dayC Addrasa BATTue * adk, 'sa &6 a Reeby Monat, V, • £^ANDOliI*H A cb:, OKNERAL 70RWARi>tNi conn IBSIOif «BRcjtaA«TCt kmrbUki 1"rg1iiifci Prompt attaotloa glvaa to Wt Oaaa^Rr manta. Llberdl Cask Advanaaa aada «s OHMi Sign risen ta; LU.UUER A 8PECIALTT. RFra^RwnEs: W. H. Rmitb Jk Hun. W, O. Marrow i| Co., A. Wrann, Norfolk,Tad \, OiirrlbAidi, J. W. Faaoatt, J. H, 1C«U ten, UalilAX, R. 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