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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, May 04, 1878, Image 1

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A Q 0 WBBKLT NEWSPAPER, PDBlilSBID BT W. ■. BA T. l) . r I no TS eta. PROrittlONAL CARDt. wu.n* OLtii, ■ irTTcClSir” lAtlalgh, lf.0.i , ^ f /B^teU|K.9. iQLilRK « OLA.RK, ATT«BIIBT« AT 1.4W, HALIFAX, M.C. , , Will arMtlm In th* Courta «f ■ilifttx Miiroh la tr. ■d Mjolulas aoantlM. [K ® ATTVBIIITt * O'lVmei.I.OM AT L«W, 1 NMk, llAliiax Co., M. C. Praatte* In th OourU of R^Iiruz and I •1|nlnlnc onnnMat, and in the Kapramai I mnd Padaral OnarM. JiiilS tr iifOKAK N. UlLIi^ AUoraoy «t I*w, HALIVAX, N. 0. Fraatloai In H*lirac and adJalnlDft lOoantlaii and Pederal and HiipraoioCourta. Will ba atSoitlaad Seak, unoa overy Itortnlgbt. Auk. sa—a W. H. DAT, W. W. Hill.. JJATt, * HALL,. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, W^voav, IV. c. Praotlsa In lha o'>nrt» of K«llf«* and ladjolnlnv nnnntla^ and In the SupreiuA «nd FeJaral oiurta. Qlalin* oullacted In anjr part of North ean^Da. Jun 2V 1 «i s illUBL J. WKiailT, ATTORNEY AT LAW. JtCKSOM, . h^o.'-a N. C. Fr«etloa^ In tha Court of Xorthampton •ad adjolnlDg OMiiiitlea. aep 16 I Y Q MAN, ilUOH SUa. ^ J HALIFAX, N. C. e!>urt« ofi •"'1 •qniMliiC nHantlsa, aaii l(t tha 6^preihe ""ciaTJai'et^l'^B^lu all parti of Nortb C*rti|lAli» » J, I Hy /.IV I R / “-’I , I -J- 0; (> K : 'iprMUtM' iii liM|C9artai x>f Katinix 4w«t]k tand ^a'Miti«a ad|i|nJ«a. Injtha lakrama Conrt of ttaa Suta, and In tba jilta^iion to t^ia oolioo- afSlM^dWadJuitliiglba aoocmnt. .» y . H t wri. jiti i OMaa in (ha Court Houa'>. Strict attai tlaa ilTan to all branohoa of tba prot'ai alaa. , * jan l2-o m BRANCH, ATTOJINKY AT LAW, mnfLil! iIaAfax hovtnr, M (f. ^'^MMIaaa In ' Oonntlaa of Halifax, laahriVdiaoamb* and WllaAD. Oallaatlona uaada ii|'all paista of tba ■tata. Jan 12-A I XUS* B. H A RA, ATTORNIY AT LAW, u:7" TraaMata In tba Oountlaa of Hallfiiii', ihi jB_,th^ Supiama. Wl*atlaM Mada In maj part of tha mM. will attand at tha Court Houaa In lUllhx m Monday and Friday of aaob Jau)2«1o j u\ ti-i r nraB*'“nr;ni THE FROIEN HIART. ihff -i . • ^ 'k ’ • ' I'M 9 ’ • "• jfl.i i»* rci'in *1 ;x» i' « ■ T JOKL BKHTON. ^ba wliilar aiyow rell da^pand fant, I'rrplnxlhK II the A aril dajr. While bluer blnw lha aurly blaat Wlilcb ■ bunk airb laitfliaa twig Mild apray. Tha lltt'n lilrda warn dumb itnd IiIua, And ohlrrupwd f)rtlt noobeArfiil nota, Tlianlinplmt moliKljr th«y kii«w Had IriiX'iii fat in eyary thread. .last than, baiiaatti tha cinndy akr, A littloinald deinura and awMt, Blot iKftii, with sorrow In hor And akiinuial tha Heldj wltb nak«d faat. Hbe tbout(ht ot h«r nvrn more, And MeppeJ «'4t(]e to lescue him. But, when I er hrotliAr f*l)nweU ton, An(t b'lre her iHnduN In tils h4n1, She MAld : **The cold wlitoli ohttlfi me tbro., In tn iny heart->not wbt*re I Btaiid. For thnno wbo hold m« In their thrfill Uikve lliikel me to ii Ii^voIahs mate ; No colder (oriiinecan Siuoo I mii4t lave the one I hatn/' HER HEART’S .SECRET. BY ANNA SIIIISLDS. ir jrnu refuse Diincan II ilcmrt ^iiu nra n o»inplc(R iilint, (}i*i>r^iMa liilrnjr, and I wash my liani uf ynur ufTiiri al- t'lppthur." Mrs. Gussiialii iiiilK maj estically rroni the mom where Omirgi .u, her hii'cp, re iiiiins nervously cliisping nncl ii> cU‘ipiii|> har a'e .dvr wh:to fiiiiji'is, ui,d wiinduri"g why iiinlriinnny sh luM bo a pusitivM duty in the code by which she hiia been educnti'd. S'lo is only tweiity-twi, sIimi- tier, fiiir, iiiid lu'iki'i^ about sixteen, with her Kuving golileti h:iir niid briiwu eyes Shu h>is t«c!vu liuiidrvd diilliirs a year ull her nwn, nnd why ciiii’t she ho uUii.icd tJ live q'litC life uuniolvsted. Since her own parents died, only three years agi>, she hiis been dr.ij’nc^cl I'rDin cniintry pars nii^e in which her lather llrad Bi'd (lied,! ssvin;; 'thfl'lhtla I'ortnne lor Oei rginii by cl ise 'Ciiii 'mv, to lipr au l’.s lashidiishle ht,Hie, fuch as hfr n.other pined fur tharoughout all ffcnr- j>inn’s childhiiiid. Wbeii you miirry, I hopn you aiil re turn to yonr proper S|)hefu." Mrs Gil roy would say wbe':t'*or she fpi ke nl Gi>nfginii’s future; but sbe never heedrd much in those d iys. It the cosy study with her fa'her, her AW"ner««iis ,f|l)|ftl}*44.>h«ifj|i(d'etl' nM liallN t x^' cises, nr Ftudied history ; in the plainly ft/lWsfhe'fl dr«wfn|{ room At her own little ct>l>inot pM^no, playin.> anftlyor grandly ai the luund seixed her; in the free ciMintry, waiidfrlifg here'or thert', Oi'or- Hiim was utterly, entirtly happy, llur haur* of fu^itynloni were spent in her i^eui9g4o,Uke.Ulei pi iMladtfO. buauty IT. hVr/’Itlruitr Kpnqkie«B, lefni't—and bc.r U^oi^ of her i-uble siilf.sacrl- RciAg iitiier always grew hoC atd angry tefortfVht ‘*IMi^w''hersflf *waj” upon a col*iitf>1 p^raouJ >J I 1 1 Sitting m ^r» C.iss'nwrii s grand 4rU«iJig-riioiV, vuitl'ng f^C Duncan Hot- croji ciMiio and jiropnae to her, sa her auni informed her b« had reqursted p«frm(sainn to do, Oanrgiua, liniid ai.d gentle, fell her whole b'*ing rise in re- Vfilt. . Was rfe to be to b^r what i^jvas t« lier aunt, a round of cullirif, shop- pya^ |)arty-going, | nrty-giving. inter- TuSff wtlh dressmakers aad milliners? Gould she not escape to .fpiue Jucalitv ■iretr Wlnre? lu^^td in liad ‘ been gently firm. ISut on this day even her couraen failed bcfura her aunt’s wrath at tlM pro|tusal Ju diCttist Duncan Hoi croft. He canie acrnis tho wide drawing- roon •« alu* aat^tbialMng, his fuotfall un heard upon til* auft carprt. He was tall, erect, jjandsome, past nfty, ye’, not old; his'cyes cleir as a'boy'a, his irnn- grajf hair curling sod thundaat, lik gray mousl^clie giving a ntilitarjr air to his cut fealuirci. F^iulllass li^ cnurt^qj^s ii| manner, bo atifii pQs;iessed half it miiliiin attract^u^ jn lulid iiivest- nieuts. But all elsi seejBid^-tt* him worthleis conipatadtlu tba pnasession of the slen der, pale chilli chtr, half-buried in a duapidrm ctkVir^;realixed as yet nothing uf ltei}«atin|~l(H»'‘iw Ike large, dark •jreii'flHd lipd^ hkr'ArOei’' - ' ^ wa M tii) iimbo^ed that 'WiWafft-^HoIdl’nft, 1)lib1tifliA‘ . a« ii* wa», had travelled nver aixtr Tears of life tiiii'wibiib.wiibw!''TO*iii’ tia iwi> said, liap«li|«»tf,. "I IM:^Ai")Ncir— ever to much, oaly—ub. m\u ^ jrau . I ■ I’lirViainit*- .«i■ ' a 'thoin_ pain.'.%r ••I lav* JOB, V* iitf you (*r tM wwll, wfahb jou. 8h*ll'«»^frlai|tfi MUfff- ■ •0., H »«u wift." .^i^. nmim. ignorant of tba stab In every wor^**i*t us forgat to-day." ' As if ba could. But he was • -|Tde geiitlemao, a lii cere, nuai |fi«h |)«ar, and ha led her on tn talk of oth^r q^jl- tcrs till the ashy pallor left lier cbefks and lips, and ahi was just her aweet sb^ self again. Tjiwi !}« Ifft her- Icft her ^o meet siicb wrat)i friioa Urs Qaaina In ibat aba rose iigaiiut lUe bitter speeches.. *1 will go ti O'and'itlier Gilroy, ainca you are ab tircd to hm,"> Oeorgina said. “I would I G«, bury yoarielf In that wretched little farai-bouie ht Fry Corners; you nhn niight lead the fash ion here, Dnncan Iloh:rort'a wife I” Hut even Fry Corner* was preferable to Georgina, tu the prospect of leading the fashion. ^he shivered at tbe thought, shy, little country Anwer, and accepted h^r annt's lingrnchius diSnimsal. It even seemed as if ahe threw i>IT a burden as she sti'pped from the luxu- ildus carriage at tho depot. Mrs. Cas- siiwio, slit>bllv rt nmrsi'lui, wus at the last nio;neiit willing lo r> vnke her de cree of baiiithmeiit, but tienrgina would not see the Hag of true only half Hkl- f!lded. And went to Fry C TMPri. It was not a fascinating abode, a sin'all farm managed by a wi«eily old man, and one niaid servant of seventy or Ihrrcubi'ut, ahosR life was a burden because old Mr. Gilroy had failed to make har bis’ wife, nfti-r nccepting her attentions for a matter of thirty iir forty years Georgina had the free, open country, perfect liberty to do os she I'leasfd, the uoiniiiand uf her own lu- ciiine. lint she waa nvt happy. * I do li’llevc I am naturally of s dis co: tenied dIspositinH," she thought, ai she wandered, listirtsly, up a shady liK^e. ‘‘I've got all I want, a cuuntry home, old women to help, children to be kin^ to. I can play Lady I) iuntiful t'4 half Fry Curlier on a small si nisi I have miles uf good, useful s*wi»p. plenty of bunks, my own piano, Dobudy ti scold me, no finery tu wnrry over, and yet—I—I wonder if Diincan II\I- crhft cares because I have goner" What made that qurstion leap to her mii'd a hundred times a dny, 8lla had refused him, put him out uf her life, and yet she tliounht often xf his courtly fF.anner, his grave, gentle lilndiiess, hit r al conversation, so different from the society small talk that wearied aud puEzled her. Did be miss her? She fell herself such an atom in his circlo nf friends; so lowly and little, compared to the bi'llcs fluUerii'g ever in his view, so icniirant and insignificant, that she could ciily wonder nhen she remem bered the hnnor he bad paid her. Spring fli we s faded, summer bloom died, autumn fruits were gathered in, winter sno«s melted It was May agn'ii, and Genruina bail been one year at Fry Ciiroers. The old farmer bad failed in that year, and very tenderly and piti fully his grandchild nursed’him. He learned to lova her as by bad loved nothing fur many yeais, tu whieh her cxming, to fret sadly if she left him And, wearying for an interest In life, Georgina gave time, strength aad an Hi - failing patience tu the qnernl'.ius invalid. ATT9BMBT AT LA1V, , ) ./ f. 0 WBLDON, N. C. FrMtlaaa In tba Oonrta of Halllas, War fill ana Morthamptai^ }“#• fWWrillin^ Fadaral Caarta. . . „ ■gpwSllbeiwl in any vart of " " r>^ , i JnnalT-* vAm.m mm *. iiooax. -im^ Ati L J K * M O O R I «^ttttllKYS AT LAW. ■•ufiix. n. c. JMaaMo* !■ Mi* Ooontlaa of 't^aUKxj ' mnj ||lfilMT«liT-r‘“ and Mm- w liintMt* Oaart of Um State rnMMiCmMrM’-atrMie flaatam K ' i f‘- ftm Yoik,«8h VHMUr •IWHINbKliMtrof), Mag aMongst men. Sha h*Af waUiatf away rrnnt'be^Wit''toa^*inil$. diitlajt thlf tjaitr, iki d Diihcan .woiilif j|^ »)id never know she had fii'«ed bi«M ' thtthqtal ,vber« the/MwppMh Whjr.'lt wsH etiri^'besl}* tb**>.' 8,1t MmU ba th*re Ui ta» «iiiiut«*> She never paiised tn tblnll «f-> praprls ''.Wrapping her head and shuujd^rs i»-»fl4M>y wbita sbaaU, ahe aped aUi^ tM.ltfef, tbfti kfu'l' fdr 'ftd twJIlBh't. Tljrf W iltt'rs'stjlfecl, nut Icfi hoc.Oie Tnaii), At the ^iior sbjti,pa.usc|j|!, Sitc caiiU st« a filter of Obartty ln aaU Ing b^tdr* M|^K cuulif 1iiear*A faiM vuice say s' ^ “She is bsrf, in Rant'. Wh«n I dm dead carry my meaiage. Tell lier 1 lovtd her to (he la»t. Yuil will And btr at the addresa I ga«* you. Georgiila (JHniy I Vott ^ll nut fi rget th* n«me” TramUlng R >d while, OeorgiBa crtpt in, softly la>in,{ bar hand apon tha ah* tei’it sbouliier: “J an Gaorgia* Qihvy,’' she whia> pered. very low. B-it I itv as it was tho whisper reaclted Djiicaa IIi>lcrofi*s i-uir, and ■ wflih lighted his white, wasted luce. ‘‘Iiitlle 0>*nrgle.” lie said, faintly, "dailin,’, have ;ui| cufio, |i> say farc- weli” ' - I - "No I” she answered, strangling the sob in her mice; "I have conie to pray you til live—for me 1” A great j >y Hgblid (lv« Ung«id eyes. “F ir you! Ge irx'®. do you love me at last?'’ I think I have Itlwnys loved you." she snShed, ".mly 1 J«qow a( UsU” “I cannot dlu now.” he saiJ. A>d he dill not. Olasping Geor)>ina’s slender h ind fast, bu found the lili-giv- ini> sleep nil narcotics bad failed to give him ; waking itrter miiny hours t>i see loving eyes unweariedly watching him- They were married when the priest cjmu a few hours later, the good sister -till remuiniii;’ to sharii the nursing H it the life-givi. g joy was Qt'orgina’s love, and all the lestlesl discontent left her h/ip.iy life foreter, when one# sbe knew the secrct uf her own bean. Mrs. Oasanwin says: ‘ t^lie can’t undrBiaiid why Georgina followed Djncan llnlirofi to llime, wbsii she might as frell bad a proper wedd,ng aid rcieption at boine; and Georgina has never ix|ilained. Fr> Corners sees her *o more, ror will her husbainl make ber'a ilaVe tii fashion nrsocii tr, but band, ia kofiid, U^iughly one iu lieait anfl linnd, %\mj (lud useful Work and tender cbarHy to fi I all leis ure bnu'S, «hea friasHip’a calls arc an swered. WIlttg lftd'yAn tA Hifll*"d> pl4(^ ihitf! ' - I R)f ItrtApM W«WfMt a grabbra'IHIH'Aighti (if tW cart MT-i>f we b>w ^AulJ'taf, Jack R.i"vBHi ii—HP bb had knii'wir blKK-^a^ sYhvted iin I kbv>A >dh mi, 'rira«lftj( the - eart ihM'Hta imtr IH lUaftkr Hiin. 1 a'H’iat'tbdi^MvtrVtfa bAi* Afa^tMliaHBd^idM'tlttf |t/lir'mtved hPOiM tlie •um af^pbed dirt ‘ N wU'a * atk a(td>rUind W«rbl dil«H« r Hh'-IM# (Miv^'hiid in'Vlif* befwej'a'lid' didtft »»w Andinow ; but iR# Mrt j'liHK'ib fkilV flilii'h* darMi’t'jiuAp o«f,l and he jdst elUMifWi*, alid tfmkdd iwt'fViMa'nn*' ltd# Co the other, and faMy ‘ biiwled' thtf cart byinpert'fiver'tln Mots Had sfmM: JaMe* had'beM t'A the city oneA and Mrt stnset Cnea, :rtiM when hd fuiTntf H^4i*d (tie bear eau^hl, ibe fan «f tim thl>(( niadAlftm lhugh; 'Wh»A%lie bcar.rnrtffd iwic»t h« hall ooed iMck,' “AH Ml ' inslde-^tsk« the neM'^ti^l” A^ when the bear gave ft tcrriflfr howl; h« aaki, “M ive up ti* the ftoilt,'pl»as«i*-add d int graiUbl*. Tkia M a through c«r>-{tit up th^rP* and he ran J'W the wiijr the- tar drWara Make t»»WIIWI»»»IWWIW»*f aM ~ splM 1(0 '.Mltl otrnw^wm, Hai»|^ pretend they doii'rsee a little boy cross, ing his fingers for ’em lo st«>p on Uut cros'ing. Tho tin dishes in tho bottinii part nf th* csrt rattled like a peddler's wagon dll the pavement; the ax and gun buiiiioed on the bear's toes, and be looked as If he did ,’t know which was the wur>t—his mad nr bis scire. Dunn the staep hill Ja nes ran, straijflit for the corner ttf His l»g-house. He had his plans all ma^e, and . a» be turned tba OHrnor.i lie ran tin cart against n log and tipped it right t«er, with Master B.'iii- on. under tide.~ Uis other rifl* hung nver the door, ill the bense, and h* grsbbed it down in a burry, and mi tli4 bear stnlcfc his head Iran under the icart, ba sbut him be- tween the eye^, sayhtj i “Thera, that settles tiie qiiesti;>n " “Wbat qnestii'in r": naked his wife, who came runtiiog out to see what tbe noisa meant. “ Wby, tit* qnestion wbetber I had caueht • bear'or h* had caubtj; me.*’ ' Morey aakes I" she said, as s)m saw tho dead bear. Than he tnld bur tbe story, aoi sle kissed him, snd laa|b*l and cried at th) same time. And h^ had .in o.ercoat made nf the skV>, to ro- men'ber tb« time when he “gave a bear a free ride ’’ COWIEDIES OFjITe CQURTj. • TAKE OFF .THV,3f9f|;,flIBPs”—FRKStt SHHU TUli IIEUION. nver all other love tilf 'tii^k' on* iame and co' qiiered him. It stirred his heart with a sick pain, when Georginn, lookiog up, aaled U her ||(^. wl^her^^es'^kra fufqf fe^^nd trouble, seeing him. she had always givpn liim a frank, cordial greeting, and be bad-hoped, tii wia sweeter tokens still Yrom her soft'eyes and sweet lips, and liistead be had lust what wss al-; ‘-Did yoa nob expect b* slid, |an^; *^ou look stardid.** ■ ' ' know-were bdl-sl,' Nild it did startle me to.aMijm so close be- sid* iwK’uOeorgins said, a flaming cilor ahooting now over cheeks and brow, as she wished herself a thousand miles away. H* apiik* fb^ltor gravely thMi|'-*Md Ml^(*«ry ganijr, wtoint h*r most ten- id*^« 4V>MM*s«b«.>4>Cu¥M '>>■' Jiti^ly; *nd,_hurtib ashamed, ahe eowd only aunnff^blvar. *K)hiMI‘i h*«aid "dii l«a dis' Georgina had known uf this, and had gMntyMtniAistrated* JrlMMi' IkDc Gilrb^ wouH bave luad^ another wUI. “I bave more than I spend,” she said : “and Janet has served you faith fully.” . : :J *1 ; But once more homeless, she jitined a party nf C4sowiD’s| fri^ids, aud went abroad. Here Wfis surely interest, yarii^ty,, ^at never ease for the old liearb-nngar. What #ould fill her life, rrnind it toils r^l perfe^ionf I^oye ,;|tas iid«red mnVe than uuce,.bat wet no ceturD, aad' aha sighed heavily over her own bard heart. In Korae, wl|cre they part^ lingered many'w^eks, Georgina iTved' 4 nebj life of delight io saeiiig what sbe bad im agined io hours of readiag, what her father bad often described to her, hav- titg visited ttie'Eternal Oity'at • tutor Ni bis young days. But'In RoUli'OM bf thr pirtjr. lamp ing i* lazily, to.the general sitting-rooaa of the wide'bouse ithere thy all Udged, laiA'han''va#Mlng' i in-: \ ■ “Holci'ojrj ,i«„ bef(, doir^ *ith ma laria I” ' One asked' ludiHVr- entiy. ■ i: -i "At‘tbdW>ttr«>lwi*! we stopped the first wmK wb wero- bera. He’s geing to diB, 1ih«y’siy." •■Die I Dunes* Holcrof^l” Gieli^na groped h«r'-««7 iixtfyiMMptvQenadi M the bakooy. She must hav* air>.«r swiotllW.^iDMaDW^HiiWsTOJfcr say lpan;afia Buternft VU'Qiiti'gT’^hdt ailed Vr s «W’ Im t,, ibiikviHr'uihwai Di«.lu>!CCMiMMUi|e «bM«li 'Riiiiarf' a* prim lash sb*>fMAilht ica«**oE,>*S^r,Mt« Ijpt lib* bad l»ft m* HOW A MAN PAVE » BEAR A RIDE. 0 ice th(;re wa^ a ina't wlv>ae ii'o bad U*:wi Sjkiit. ill '‘tJoiiiR Hi* l«lhcr and 'mother inuved from Kcw Upland to Michj^b n;,>««H!^W> was a and lirVtlt'^ Mi niHea fruw ■ unjt^jfefghbor. fto'yTiiri llm ffrii^VwaH i4|^'cta:ired, oUMiMl'tlers carAe, and the (amiljf wove on. “Don’t want to bo crowded,” the old man said. “1 heard a illl .' and aii ux thot W!isn’t mine, yesterday.” And he went further and I'tlTthef West every »caf, fii* bj Wy I'm telliiig'lbb Afi#dA gTPWiP-iVjnpri they had got clear to the ^e^t part of Orcgqn, and the Pact& Aud as the old man couidti'»;i|^|^^est any further «ilhnbt gtlling 'Inctt- me ocean, and i;^||U|«t*'k*«l in»«r(t^h:hla'^two miles In. kc Jav»'it up, went to'"b*d,^ sick, l'ain*4''o'u5e!'* fie' laTiif, “the>’«r. bound tiij^i^^^i filter the Ai'daiiJie died, wiilUiU oenrestneigh bor two miles uway. But I was going to tell you of his son's scrape with a bear^^ thelt ’tr^l )«g'bvus* at ihe'fobt'ijf « (iill; iftjl k low diHiiD that James lha* bljt' irfiA-»«t8r,te* to ii||0^ «tt* bigbw «p, half a ‘ n«ar> mfiflntiti'a brook, with ‘aroHMt the sjput, and a I country. He loo^''"*'^ wbeela of the o|d Hibey bad cross^' :«nd piade him leled cart, with a he drew baeki r tool^ and his dinnej ■ ' *-rsvgb roai^ and died^ green bougka that he bad fixed near the dishAs itf4iii ,cart;' He luoked 'arodnd qalckiy,.sti^A^,'^ you suppfiift‘‘be saw? ,A«ti*]&Uw .Msrp»«»;ig n«er the luncheon he had left, and smnoking his eaten up. »i»« » ini tt x'.-.'r Mmself, qnick . M a fi^sli.. "My.: rifle and ax are both in tbc'lirt, and that igly^beaftyiiulj.tiil^jpie tu' p|fce;t ure't ci^^igiK |«m amt'l’, ,i > U« wia afnrid th* baifowaifld chase hlili jr rtlif fi^d i^'^hiifr' bliw ,|f ’ |ie !w*y«)i.»a'd, *«,beiii^ piatu wmk find a way «ut tit lh« scrape, UtfOd %l^t #IU tfrt too iSi)^ fbj • tji«ar, pe n MsralMiwp, or a jto'^iLjob qf iof:-•ort, iif'thefaFeiMly kaM'at twMk witli^nn “rciifc*i?‘'olf. “1 #Mt to,*»' «r '/^, de^nl’’It didn’t tn* jNMii>«M»«oite|Xa8 I have bfcn [Beforo Justloo Hlxhy.] Judge: Wher^ did you find this colored mao, officer? • Odicer i I found him last night hang ing a^iiund Ddvlio & G.i.’s cTu^bing store Mr. Devlin has bad a good deal of ciuth- ing stolen lately and I brought this man In'iin suspicion. Judge: What f« yonr r.ame, pris oner!’ Piisnner: Napoleon Bonapsl'to Gibhs. Judge : What ia your uccupatinii? Uibbs: l’k« traveling agent for de new patent white wash liriisli, sab. Judge: Take olfyour ciiat, Gibbs. Gibbs: I hopA you ’sense mn snh. t’se been troubled lately Wid the 'fluency bead, de 'zoot'c, sab. I’se very bad Judge: Take nIT your c»at, Gibbs, (Oibhs takes ofif bis coat aloaly.), Judge: Ah I Another coat under that i nothing like being well wrapped up, as they say in Alaska when tliey gi| , a skating. Take off yiwr coat, Gibbs. G|i>bs: I issi.’t well, I isen’t, sah. De doctor say, Napoleon, you wear plenty cluthes. De’nueu.y, sah. (Takes off his coat) Judge: Aht Hv^iat Have we here? A swallow-tail I Take off your coat, Gibhs. ^ ^ i‘ )? Gitibs : ’ tJis'yere wiin't do, .Judge. I’se got a stuffncss in do borax, I’.-ie vary bad, (Takes of|*hH o*af.y Judge: Ahl. A doublc-Sreastcd fruck.l Take uff your toil, 6ibbs. Gibbs: Dars gwine to be a funeral here, dar is, sah $ I feel* the stutTiiess rising ill dp borax, (f alw^olf V* Coaty Judge: . Wbat'a this? A shooting' Jill:kM, by ^he soul 0^ Nldiru4 l Take off your cii^t, Gibbs., Gibbs: I’se gwine^or a kerpus->-rae teititt|t'e Du*yir* is murdeir in d« IrW ^e^re^. (TTafirs'nir b^l^ co»(,) Judge: A liuen duster. I'tbinkil’se go( you ,dowp to heed ban, Gibbs, t sbiiti coiMiniit yOu.' wKBimt batl. him down gently!, ofiicer, .for he. is . a lily-j-a lily of the valley. He- teMs liot.,neither d;»es hii sfd'n; jf«t, 8oli^ii|ron', in,all (|i» glwry, was not cliitbed' like bim. “Nejt I” jCalled'hU jltfRDr, ftid % leafj, b»t«b«t-facM s|M»ciq«en«r;Uie!.(uri|l (ii iricts, with Ik greert «uMw« umbrella i)«,^er bit arm,.Stymied lib. (o the l?iil' tiig aoi JuckiU«. e«n ipou^ i t)ie |edge. »"'i • .P(is«aeri . It.fws .tbf «atet,,.Ji»4*. ¥uu see I bave «lw*]|« lived * lime- ston^egibt^ ■ 1- K4 »i. 1. fci .i .^ujge,;,,.'y^[|)«\i'i^your name? (io ailn). N.' ' . ■ . 'u.A ' Pritoaer: Yei, judgp. famf dawn last nigbt from Uoundeut to sell 4ny teasels— , Judge; What'It jroor eaeae? (I alto aM robMto)} • Mse».«» eM |M:r tl(m f , * Jurfif: 'Wi iS' tbe", aounif ii" caValry cbl^go'tHroergh 'It aiid''flM eut' JW ■aale.onji 'i-..» u . rOA«ar (thriaigh ^a«4tti*{l«l)'^.WbMt nrsoier: TsraVl rudgnr. T.eMen troubled for the Ust twenty yearll? um ifI •Pf¥'« lllllk'tllKIIMH llitf N lof ^be*pneu(nonla, itniskf fof* tlie^ jiiiN.- 1^^, tlosny tif'.sojr .for' iNli''Aitffislsv,' ItMd'tbiiee fur tb«m!k«cknwi, end I wiiriws im'iNm a>id : moIm«*«. UnlLit S t^v^,water, that, doof .it, jM^ge^ t|if Jimrstnme J^glon. ^ • 'jildae : OffiJisr: Veil AW f, sBslI iHit cba/ge him Mil4 tftne, artd tefl'lii^i to re* turn til th* liMBk'»to«e regiiji a*4: evetd W.h* fui»!d a yreditor. ■ . • itftu lsiC«(’l*r C*«rt. UMojruiB, N. 6, , I A.vii 3J iii,lB79,^ ■ f ' tT'tli miny prmnlsrs olpcooamy aad rs> Irtriii itur-dtf«ny^op’'lnte1 MaflslHitii* were Hiiliioliidi :« anil .wi(n litll* 01 eo 01 op^nituu t(rgkiii*sil nut vvtv. itfiilvnt tiifi r.ur Ouurts, with sn eminsol pirMt .eili« hm't aad >Wu slioaic juM) liintis ul.tiiB laf as rubt and l«lt liewuf, a» ca,ier a'la suaip tauthul attarniy a> s licllitt add an over rendy a'nl wnilirii vanudi niui ns oleik. Wvil d«iu'tiMi i{Hu I Slid itithlul seivants was tliu uqiv.i Hal gtaiulaiim \«Hilered by «'ch to thi iitkrr aKH h«maklng'nl ttils Islet (IJ 'gcling .111 llJvai lundly ho|«fil that no cu'iunt'ol lulvor.iiy w >uld tver nt it to ruttl I its pluooigi'; but let u« sen |i it h'ls proioa to Uii a saarfOK tagis always Al-I to iucu Ijlilil., M||‘lim'qed «yc,tliB tisfUiug liijbt ol iuvt'Sii|{atioa or is it a "loul'' ut iiauther' klntit’ sitani sod lyBX' (lOd aanrcliing in hi||h,. piaaas an# lew places tor tuod ol a iuli«(ublu kiu.d tu be aagyrli ilevnhVid. Tiua ttiis iVin leathered Court" maat be ku-tily teit ut else her plunmtca Will mn Ibiive, 1>ii| let Ui see upon what la >d bet miny korpcra havfe fed her that She" hath vrown s > K*eat. 'With your pxriuissiou 1 will cite Ik lew casuajKkib whiuh I am !«• lulliar'to iliu-lfatii. the; pnlltt. iu ^Deslton. as 11 sh )w How iireat a bar lihlp t lis ci:ur( uniter the prasent aiiS'iKcmeot and the disiiatillau among its lavuilttS t* make wbik lOrft fs IIKIy to prov* for dur pe/iple. '• Hiate va. Oeorga Odom, anda: tha isaa.- |er'andtiii«aiH: sol, III >1 at ib'.i Jaoiurf lisroi, vaciliol uf iurf "oet guilty." 'I'nis case camu up lieiaru a lusgistrate of tills townsliip on two sepsrale occatioua over a year sko: There Wii not a particle ol evtilence st the »l thesa tilals that Oiloin had unlawnWly enticed or suideil awsy IhtMrvant ot ann l>*r,i|nt this master c.reluHy laid bis p'aos aad soan ttiought he hud tho gnuie, UJoiu Irlj'liteiiBl out i»l ils wiW bftued the priv- ilu^u ol suuniuiiu^ which wss allnwed at t|ie ri^iH'Sts)t Uie piaiecutot who had the iiruuii»u trniQ OdL>m ol a good eqnara supi (r believe 00) as dai^ges, alter the uaymeoV ai all casts by Odom. ’Chis ii*! W-’Mniry nwlni; to the poverty ol the maO an’l the Itfeut soarrity bf mo::ay was net iluly 4>aiii, VVheu the suit ii^* again revived six eiuht witna,sas w«.ie sun- miiqedi couDEclSk •Oipluyod and all repair to Halifax ta. tend court the witnis^es mainly poar . mao nUit dnutd ill afford ti spare the time mniih less th* ixprnse were klfpt from their hnme* frani loiir« Sicdays tud tham- selves.iin b ead and water and were Untlly di/soliMrged,.witho4t one cent as eoiapeaaa- tion f«ir this srrvice tu their county. Thia uit was l>ron{ht lor the ncovery ol |I00, „ WltpleQiluwifeJi llMAalsK# r»o varilaamont. Dim noH'itua ’cr/typrwiiKw oA. wiirtn JPliJlUtpTiqw ?, , , „ ..jj' pmonoe itu miT.fA&ssI', S,“»•«» MM«a*l M an'pakwTnf tbamf but/M»o t'aatlni ou hla at>*elauia* to III Box 270. »»^s. LADIBS. Mv-.«*Mt- UmW RaiM^A BUHbB^Mlir Kriend,^!. unfatllag In tbao nil and^ daqfamwa dlseeaaa iaM'oiftaifd vplnaljffaHnaa hfwk qr llmlM^aaviqaaa, ^ *inrtlniltt>«Hi^l>b liriAa^# otaDlrlt, hyatarlea, slok boaiteoba,^ and all pair ful dlaaaaea oeoaVona dlaaaderad ag*taili;l««aiMI« irfetti all ollwr ine*na fall, Prloo^l)^] ii^. seAtbyiiMi. br.'ir. iTvi UA. Syracea*, IT. Nov S5 1 y. gCHOOL TE A5H;|6|l.»,. r'^i.“vr.;i'),r:‘i!Lr'?raj2R;- lefautellaMtoniy hst»i«abr 1.4 leot you lo eanVaaa for,,my alMnlM” l4ilty*. piatiol and Oi^in 'MieVfwC (laitiealini J7%-'» ui: q .a '»;ij A KOCKt mount, JaDn*rj'lkll,''1M'i,>i' tCe jsr* eow ipsepsrwii itkKHlMtt' ■ed tsk Wn hrs .oun*. trade with . :,ni o-•''5 SIIBtfnNOS, , • BHIBTINGS, . K COTTONvi VARNSV 'I ail nf the liest qeality aad at low Bcieaft- s. Our terms strictly eat ea*b,,IO day*, ^ Adilite ■ ■ BATTL* 'ae ta s Beelv Moh*^, V. , owi'd tlie iiMSL'ciirnV by t)ie act uuikinK he ('ffif!Wi!«%h'ifcii « ii*diimi'a#or Wut tbe Iteaplu tlrtouiih ibair r pre attatlvae wait tifXed lor Ibu costs. 0»se'N«’3. Sfate v*. Brs|iij and (y.insta b'e BiTl'Wilkins (colored,)^ ol. Riogii^iMl ,tqwu, fur unlawfully dutaipiug the puriob nf our"iialy ifpreal-blatlva ut the l»i{iil luttvrnity. who wweo Mlghily"i.,eb»iatatl that bn mMtoiik Mr. Hraiil'a storia tuam lor hla bed ohamtitr—his onmalote c ludition laaltru qiiitu tae lootc f»r Mr. UiHZii’s cptiventenp. an 1 the hour lor sober men tu retire having arrived. Mr. 3r«a I kindly suj'^fste') to Con.tahle Bill Wll kina the pr*prluy «l i:iviilg bim a cnmfor laWle loilgtni.’ in the "Hulel de Rlng'arood " I'.M tlii. allenlinn lo his iieisfln, but especial Ilf ,beaauaa he was aiinwe't to qiait tlie Uotsl bal(»« seltlinfc with the .,iaod- li)rd,--|Kfyir Ilirrlsou, the Slate saw fit la attempt a yind'Cition'ot his inju ed honor 8ii oV eiiiht lif (iiir' busy fartner^ set Otil (or tiHvn und-i'It (uhpeena, th'e prtsonijrs are an. hand, hut In I the priiiifeatliii( ‘Wll- jwas i> a« wbeie to be rrflfnd, all iojurieailo bieiniioo«n'*ihad bean repaired by, Ihie .p|lylB,c^l fii QP jn trade, Uuw *maU must the iiijurlt'S have been, and What a mag oanimoai. State. tbe witoesses i(at VaAling Itnd the peupie palil fbe riikmltges. TMs Is nil ai(rlc-iiltirral nommnnltyi tire 'proflts Irom thik olil HBtl honored avoea- tioniaaa nuw> so, eeoeedhigif sitiall that aay'eeoroaohflirnts i»p«0'nar- soanty te- oomes to us^Im^ moqopolies lo apy »liap,f, shield .be at onoo, |iau^cad ^poo, ,*op‘ deinnad and cairet^-tl,, ’ , . / ■ ^ , ' iffieri aSims” li> hJ a 'i^liia Sj^ild di(4' satisfaiifixfrt l»mhh|#t1l*ftn^lHi| U^h kV H«« WorWag l■^ou^'IlflerlH''Dbnrll ael H' ls waif io aai|alre iaie, dod belore 1l4s t«u I|M« no %y iUi^eill«il ' . . . . i; hamtthrown amt^'ihaae'bialf hoijril orm*^UtriBej,.t|hp,»ta s^« wMy-'. Bitile far,)b4) ct>tlnus,d^«xiai»nee, of these 'jjMi'Va^ Iknf ' o/fUr' s^n^ ■ij •t., 4Br rie^x^lnMtirtKf'fsise stinA J»(l'‘'ta tiwrtet >lhe*«v|t‘ by ’W^iii»^'V]^^^'‘''#kimt lAsseo)!^ ijMiilMonlktoflksU JlS'i’liaMMr: atatas «^4be j»4biliatMa»l MMgisMMMi. ltri.M d|B*i iii'f f|«f Q'iiwi® 'M sxmsipi Mky d aMF'ilNth ♦( i-riae-j-H-n .'Unfti.-i > >iuti tWMIsar^Nn^aA . MBMWtMiMUKblAi’ i|sd>iiaia«| otmHli, Jto«,ai* «ae^,,«np||ti ‘^:%!:nrxTp^ssisif:^ a .ftea. • . ' adHlMpi w W VANI| R A N DOLPBi * O i;irt ijirf' GENERAL FOnVrAM^* ' COVniBBfUB -irBKOllkWfM/' t .' tiff . NwrlMli, VWeWBU Prompt attenlM^V*so Ii" tk' OiHtilgtf nfeirta. Liberal r!ash ‘ Advaboea ed'Mm* » ■ ■■ algni^epla. ,, , LUMBER A SPKClAtT^. ' ' Rtvatawoaat W.Tt. W, 0. Marrow « Co,,A. Wranii, IfotBdk, A.&iirrlBaldljJ.V.FatteailiJ. W lao, Balltaa, B. C. j, , *sb-‘ ■ ^ .J ,!l. J^BTALLIOf AURlAb. VAU Ptraeaa « oanalwava' llMMb.; . , jf tiKadfr

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