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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, May 25, 1878, Image 1

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.i >' - i THE ROANOKE NBWSi ▲ DBM^AtiO ( ) t WKBKLT M^WSPAPEB. POBbUBaOBT W. r. BATCHBI.OB. ^ *, fbrM Mohibi, •• • • . I ra XP et«. PROFIMIONAL CAIIDt. JOS.' bTbatooelor! ATT»lKSC't AV KAW,^ RALBIOB, K.O. FraetlOM In th« aenrta of Ih* 6th Jndl' ■ U1 Dtotrlol ud In tb« Federal «nd Ma> p reaa OoarM. Majr 11 tf. Wlim 0L4M, I. T. ChtMt, RaMgk, W. 0. Hillfai, N. C. QLARK A CLARK, HALIFAX, N. 0. Will prMtlM la lb* CanrU af Hallfas •Bd •^ololai oonntlM. Maroh IS tr. W. A. DDint. K I T 0 H B M ATT*KWaTI * OOSmaLLOIM AT LAW, ■mUmA RMk, ■•lllax C*., N. O. Traetlaa In lb* OoorU af IlRlinis aad •dlalntni oooatlaa, aod in tha Snprema •ad Vadaral Ooaru. JiDll-tf f|«IIOMA8 H. HILL, Attoraey mt ■ALirAX, M. 0. Praottoaa in Halinix and adJolnlnR Oaanllaa and Padaral and Supreme Court*. Will ba at Soitland -Keok, onoa avary lartalgbt. Aas. 2S-a W. H. Sat, A t D W. W. H*u.. HALL ATTORNCYS AT LAW, WBI.DOW, W. C. TyMlaa In tha ooarta of Kalinix and MJaUnaa ooantiei, and In iba Suprama ahd federal oourt*. Olalmaootlaoted In any part of Xortb •aiallna. Jon 201 «i gAUOBL J. WRiaUT, ATTOmiKY AT LAW. ^ 'n. 'C. ^raetloai In the doarC of Mortbamptoo and adjolnlog coiiiitiea. aep 15 1 Y VIHL. HYUAN, Jil ^;rr0iiilkY AT i^W HALIFAX, N. 0. 'TniAleaillo Ib^ o.iort» o^Halllkc dnd adlnlnlns oonnttee, and to the Supreme aail FadiM tMtirli. ^Olalaf ^laatel bi.«llr|vta of Nurtb 9Ma»li».lh*.0>art Hoiliat j*** t ;io| , ■l)iiyi«'^o>Tj ^ ^ •’ ■A'ffoiiwiY:' .jkt: LAVtit H i' |I. r, . s». FMnllMa '■ In tha Otittrta of itallHka. Manl^.'«nd Oonittlea adfolnin|. In tbe •it#paril»' nsart of tha State, aod In the Federal Ooarta. 'WHILaciMapeiilsI attaatlon to tba oolleo>' Hm •felUan,and lo adjnatlag tba aoenants af Isaaatora, Admlularators and Ouar- 1 , ' deattS'tf' J. ,?!t. -A*TMIN.B«>AT bAW^ obA ta'tha Oonrt Houa*. Strlot atten* tlah ityan to all branoboa of the profea* elan. Jan la-l.'O Jg ri BRANCH, , I . . • ATTORNSY> AT LAW, .1 •bu T..J iv'; > ■ ‘ BKFUB.1>!t nkLlrkM ObDNTT. Ci In HAI Osdntlei orBallAz, B^^j J^{Jn«ambe and Wllaon. Btate. BmW null vvllBWHei, ‘ made In^^l parta of tba "in 19-«1 TAICBB B. O’HAilA, ATToikrifeY At LAW, Mi:r Praatlaea la the Ooantlee of Hallfa'^,' Bdnaaaabe and Naab. la tbe Supreme *cS5lSeiteti?*Jitie"‘tn^ny part of tha tala. Will atiand at tba Oourt Bouie in Balllbx l(and«y and Friday of eaob waak. Jau 12>l e 'I ATTBBBBT AT LAW, ^Btoow; H. 0. Praaliaaa la tha Oonrte of Halllas, War- ejsi."aw!sfs3iai*‘,-w‘-‘f IWUtttad In any part of North Jnnal7-» VC uriAL B sr * na» A. veoaa. M 0 O RB, AYTORMCYt AT LAW. ■•UBn. B. c. Pnkotloe la tha Oonntlaa of HMRtk, ijMMMI'awid Jo«sta Buiar* MBhaiilMa mtiH ’in mj iwi^ ^ot morib •^faa 1-1 • :WL. 'VII.! WBJLDON, a, SATURDAY, , 25. =^8’r8.,,;„ : NO, .16. Tliii niitntHif. at DATID n MKTCALr. I ^’er will (on.hA tlier, TiinMKU (tarlnMi ard wne Shraiid vlih «lnom thv pathway In llle’sJoarDey below ; Tbouub frleaiU riiiy prove talae When fortune dotb frown, One heart aball prnre true To the aonl tbat'e oitet down, Hnw «w«at fur true frioiids In oommuiilnn to msfit. Where bpart bcaie to livatl, Aiiit nauubt I* deovit; In wnal or In wne N^ver ’iiunder the tie b>. Thnugh lulverolty l>» thlnc, True beArta will ri'malh Free rroin the f»nl touob ' or r»li>lty’ atalii; InJoT or in narrow, Fillia bearta, let tl^em llee I But noble anuU will b« ever True tn be.ven uad thee. MR. AND MRS. PAOLO. BV UAIIY KYLB DALLAS. Efcrjr since Mr. and Mri. Paolo had been married tliejr bad been in the habit of taking a Sunday at'terooon atalk to> getber. They were not risblonable pfople, forthey ualy kept u little shop for the dale of coiirrctioiiery ai'd •mall fire>»nrks. Packs of crackers lay side by side; long mcket sticks, red. wKitc, and blur, were displayed to the best sd- vantage; and jari of French mixed and peppermint-driips faced other jars of Unon-drops and licorice; while under tbe counter, stored safely aaay, was one little kes of gun-powder. It was a Sunday afternonn, and of course the shop was closed—but to day Mr, and Mrs* Paolo were not going nut to walk. The; had qaarrulied over their onentide dinner, and Mrs. Paolo bad told Mr. Paolo that she wished khe had not natrird him—and be had ai swered that be wished she had not. Now tiiey «ie'r«'titti^ apart tulhliig—he( in the back parlor, the in her upstairs btd- room. -She had been crying, aod be had been furinualy ati|>ry, and both had decided that they had made a grand mistake and, only desired to be separ ated. Tbi« is what (h«y have told me mar riage brought opun a man," said Mr. Paolo. Mother always said that husbands generally. iUMiaed tbeir-«l«M M'ter they ,hK4 Mid Jirt. Paolu ta herielf. All the world seeiii«d dark til each, and each’ desired to puh* iab tba atker for k. At last Mrs. Paolu thought ot a plan. Bbe Would go dot and ' walk b| herself. That would wako him 6oely angry when he came dowq. Ho should see ,kho *^7 happ;. wUlulUt ^iui.jrcri, And w(tb bvUiog jilon^d and ackiog bead, $h« dressfld IcriiCir in h«f' b«at, p^t on a vail to iiidct.b^r fitGa, and started tbe«inst niaerabiii walk kbebld. ^tter t4k«n t* her lifrf/ It taemed although people i^iutd sea straight dowoiinto her heart, ahd kiio# what' was passing there —that she wai^ set apart as a woman wHo bad. quarrelled with her busbaud. Other wivea passed her leaning on their buabanda’ arnra. Therk were girls with their' ln«efs. Hnw J||*fo|p usep to Bake luvo to . ber. Couples, wbi> had lived together more jeara than she had known in the Wirld; 'Ah, when she was old, huw would it be? Miserable little. w{twan. Avia»,t j^b.^ fuivul-l|srr> «.%>'■ ta,tbe little pirlc, where, two leata before, Paolo l^ad propoaec^ ^ her, »i(d^t dowo4tnder d>» very tree iiid.Icub. bei lead '•gainst it. “All ii over," Eaid poor little Mrs. Paolo; “but bow aweet it was," Then «he arrose ..«nd ::wjlkMl slowly huiue- ward. Meanwhile Mr. Paolo bad come to the coiiclusioo that in- iio way could he so puitjsh. Httle Mra. Paolo js by goii g out alone to take hia Sunday walk. G(tnsi't«entfy' be pvt on 'Hii 'bat 4Vd 4reat lery quWtly eut'^of^’tb# dupr through which his wife had .slipped a l|lt|e. while bffore^ Ui» ^d; (be, advanF tage of «9t,paving swollen bisjdiuw aod reddened his eyes by cryipg, but be was a very miserable loofciog man. -si In order to laok^j9lly, rbe; lit a cigar Si he wiMit ««t,iaod threw the match to ward the flreplace,.w4 noticing that the still,.lighted,vmdi^oucbed the carpet. Thell b»mrclbMl''dinvn .' the Areet,'knt ihibciiMr did' attt give 'bios' the air be de- sitedt , ■ .Happy, couples «aUt«d before bidi arm in arm. He saw a jolly yoan^ iVI- leeH*bi*lPWe»i*eWi'li« aWeeiMMrtik waist; he alone was lonely/desohittVnn- ioved. So the lanbappT coeple walked the streets at a block’a distance from , each o^r, l^evit^g^ t6i' o&er, j|t libnie. Ekdb so wretc'bed that Jbe«bright day seeaied dull, and the tl^t alr poisots- oua.. At last Mr. Potib, like bis wife, rC' aeoibered the pretty park ibere be had ,gs|kf.Jlpjw to her, avd^wpitt. thither;.he sat dfown'oii uii" ol3' bench“ iinder (be 0^ tree, aod rested biir' b^iid ‘ ajgaiast overt'* -ri|hed port*-' Mr. Paolo; “but bow bsppy we were.” .The^.b« (Jso arose and walked slowly and aadly home In the ginaatiog. How pleasant it used to be, Mr. Paulo tboagbt, ae tbeugb be were think ing of agaa gdW|4nMead of last Mek-~- ha*.pleasant it iiaed to be to some ,bop« tog«(b^ra«i(liieat;:tb»; aiq^ aod talk iftmt th» people they Vad seen, and”plili '%hat their walk sboaid be DCtt eraek.: woait»,a dUtrh*» bfre wie«h(r it aii.l B«W dwa iipda Ibe step'nf a corntr store and Teh as tboi^b he iiiitM not eater, tbe boas* tUt aas n»w only tbe grava ef their doBf^tic peat*. At tha^aaa mtmwH liri.«l^a»lo paused at aaotber aeratr aad h^ked tnwarda ber borne. 1W* «ai Ihe tweet tb'tagb humble plaH to nbieb Paot»had bmngbl bw In. her bnney- moon. When they were saparatedt fbe said tn herself, sbe ibonM sea ovm' dhd over again the dear little bach parlor, the pretty lea.table, aad Paulo o^os|ta her. “Oh I dear, I cau’t go la," aai^' Hfi- Paulu to herself. “U'a’a alttiat in tkare, angry and brutal, wishing we had a««er bean muriei.” ^ fV*e'a»n'ifndin^t4 io. io/*«tkll|r. Paihf. ‘*Sha \i twjkHs: la iW m^4o VtlteiAiilM^tM paii^lwln-ht that moment that they never should riter,|bat do((^ again, bu( it yia aa. JuU as she took a step forward, and aa he arotp, a horrible ekplesion ehaok tbe street, and thair bouse came flying out of.itauwu windows. , Tbe spaik 'from Mr. Paolo’s match had been »|1 this ti.-ne cr^ep^g slowly over tha oarpst'uotil it reathed the door uf the store. There it might have dead ened out, but that, In her tamper, Mrs. Paolo bad thrown Ihe newapaper upon the Boor. The spark caught this with delight, flushed into a blase, and cattght a rocket-stick and went under the counter to the barrel of gunpowder. So their house came out of its win dow* to meet Mr, and Mra,. Paole,. Fortunately there was an aiMty int on one side, and a half ffnishedr house on the other. Only the Paolu'a house suffered; but tbe street waa fu|| of.peo ple ill an instant, and amidst them rushed the little woman, shrieking: "Oh, my husband I I left hiiw la that ho(rible boose I" and tan' against a man who was .creaming i ■'Let me pass I Lit na pan I I will die with my wifr, if I cannot aave Iter—” It was Paolo. In that Mnnent thoee two foolish people h'ad dUcoved that they loved cach other jaet aa well as ever; that that home might bave' been as happy a place; that th|y had only bad a ridlculout little quarrel. Pushing the womsn hefure him out of his way-, the man flew on t but the woman caught him by the arm. “Obi obi yeu’re not deadP she scseamrd. ' Oh, my dar Jng I'* Ob,-my love, you are here—tttt- hurtl" aaidhe. And kiuing each other, they forgot tbe buriiiog borne and their losses, and tha poverty that must come. They bad each other sgain, and those , miserable hours were quite blotted out. “Did you untice Mr. and Mrs. Paolo?” said the frieud wbo eutertaiued them in their homelessness that night. “How plaiu it is that they have never bad any quarrels I They are really married lovers ” So they were—as happy a couple as ever livid, and they remained so des pite tbeir losses and privations, Bot they bad been very near the rapids where so many boats go over into, the whirlpnolt of separation and divorce, aufl they kuew it, Aod yet they had only quarrelled about ber boots, which she declared to be loose enough aad be maintained were too tight. THE CHARM~oV*A~MFrfllllliM.E VOICE. Yes,wo agr«e with that he was a young man and a modern port poet who said that a low. soft voice WM an excel lent tbiog in woman. Indeed, we feel inclined to go much further than he hat >n the subject, and call it one of her crowning charms. Na matter abat other atlractiona she may atill have t aha htay {>e as. fair as the Trojao Helen, aoi| aa learned aa tbe faaions Hypatia of an cient times* she tiigf bave 'all' the ac* cfi«pplishme,nt||. coaaldered requltitd at present day, tod every ,adr'a«^ei tbat ftaltb etn 'procul-e.'and yet, if aba lack »dice.‘ iHe.^caa oevfr re^y fascinating. How ofteii tba spell of beauty is broken by coaiaei-loud tath^ Huw often ytm are irresistibly drawn to a plain, unassuming woia'an,'whose sMt, silvery'toncfi render ber positively at- tradtKra. ' BMidOi we fanof W* Mn judgCiul tHe. chsrafetet hy the *o|cf i’ (bOi bland,.imontb, fawning tonea aeetaa to uf to betoken deeelt and hypoeriey. as iavliiriabiy •• tbr knaii£al, subdued voice' Indicates a genuluo reflaembat In the aacial circle, huw pleasant it b to hear, a ffomiiu talk in that low key wIilM'alwaya cbaracteriiea a tsna -Mdy I In tits nnctaary of. hone, ibow. stusb a voice. sQothfs , the fretful child and ctikeii i6e Weary bukhandl HoW sweel- ly such csdeneei float through Ihe sick chaMihtr; and 'arotlnd' tH^ dj^njl-lted; with wbil solewA melody 'do they breathe a prayer Tor a .departing youL-^ Suony,,Soiitb. i ' . - i ' ’ ^hn.bMoob. -u-Let toan enjoy' wha^ be Wijt ip aft«rr|ile^ if ‘bUo|l!diie«d .!>.*• blessed wrthgbe oaris I'ad klodneis af i {odieiDUtiasSllier, tber»:wlU qooMiOiOMiiis when the cup et pitasare wMI ba daahed Oaia bis' li^. aa' lastalees la eomparlasn ieith.n>6se'leii'V^aweM,aoa kdai intef' cOiibi wbeit'liti jlMle^Vatd to Itolt M a pirvadingj»(iula'^i« rei& e( wi«4^brolUlMM}lih«io ball tbe hatms ol aierniag.K) pladHM«iHbe^nfkltant(ible bMHttoelde wbkb ew^A. botb, lll« and, IlKht.abdeM^IMtl Siiekiod, WHimi ON BAiOINQ.: mim Ohknp Whittle’s addrwsa to Ihe Bpii- enpkl Ouuneil at Lynchburg, Friday, In- eludta tha fulinwlng esraiat idenaaala- tinji of Ihe fatHianable dance: ^. DBMORALIZIMO DltSIPATlOXROUND DAKCINO. ' In bla addrcH to tba Oounvll of 1872 ny venerated predecessor e«rnest|y warned coaMnunicanta egaiiiat tbe ioeoa. sistancy of iadulging ia “deiaeraliiing dislipaiiun," which be dennunced as ‘Hbat laacivinus aiode uf prawiscaoos dancing etyled the rouad dakca.” "Yhts scaiidaT," he strid, "iit uivt lu b4, toler ated la the CUu'ch uf Cki:iei> Let every appeal be made in the way of affactiou. ate raesowstfance, judicious teaching, and earn«a( prayer l\ir tbe - Kfor.nation of those led astray, if Ood perad«di$* ture will give them, repen^uce, If aU aucb eflbrts piove unavailing, and to re- •0T6 tbe scandal, and at tbu aana time employ tbe laat expsdieat for awaking the offender to a eensa of bis sin aad danger. It becomea necessary to resort to Ihe eierQiie of dtvided disclpliae, it must be donei" I sdopt thia language IS lay Own that be, being d«>d, may im speyk on this' importaiit matter, Per haps his words struck some as being too strokg sad harsh wben ther were first uttered who thiok very differently now, after six yeark’ observatiaa and exper ience, Oertaiu it is that many of our wisest and heit people, ministers ai>d laymen, judgiiig. the trfie by its' fraits, bave become alarmed lest tbe effect uf this DREAj>ryL.«yii of round daacing abaJI be not only to injure pure and unileAlcd religirta, but even to anp tbe very foundations uf all social virtue and. morality, I will not diseuis its character and consequences; for while 8t Paul wrote tn tbe thurch in Kphesua that it was a shame cvea to fpeak of those things, which wera dona by some in secret, I should feel ashamed even to speak as the triith woald require of this thing whicb ia done openly be fore all. 1 kill only say that I tryst no man or woman will bo presen*,ed for confirmation who meins to centinne to participate in th'ia abomhiation, and if the miniaters of the Church bkve no'au- tbority to discipline commuu'icaota as “notoriiius evil.lovent" who praiitice it, aurely this Oauncil should not fail to clothe them with aucb ktUbority by canen. MR. kW ms. J0HXST8II. [From tbe New York TIiQrs ] ' or the numerous eminent citizans of OHhkusb, there is none wbo Is mbre deserving of respect than Mr. JoltnsCon. Not only is he an amiable and upright man, but bo is gifted witb remarkable inyentive geiHos. AX 1ei|tt, such ^s. ^is opinion, aAd thirile *bo ar¥ not panon- ally acquiklnted wilh--.biai rarely ^deoy that hia apini.tjK ia right., Mra^J^biMton, l;owavar, (floes oo| r^ard heM hbtnod ks an' able inventor. $he itilmiti' tbat he meana well, but she asseirts with ffinbh empbaaia that wben oqo of his inven tions conies in at the front ,do«r it ia time for her to fly out of tbe nearest avaHtble wtndDw," if her lifie ir' reatly wdrtb ^iag, n-I'■ r '111''-' Mr.^Wnloft Jpf^l^tained that bia wife’s lack of (aith in him w^s dee to an ^wfortiiuate' accident tb^t otxurred iospo^til>D'«(itb an attemi^t made'hy hies .to naiinfa^^ra rice grid- dljji'Cakea. As l^aJotitty' itsyki cooking b^riiAtfilii^i 1^ with iiiventtoa^ - k4|d it j is .t> ^discredit his jnvelltMve ganius sihrp]^ Mc'iiiSS'hcl'tfnSti^lfnade la mjtiake jSjMnstancfs 01 tha aHjiTr were thesej ' llr, Johnstoji, wbo badlMpMM^fliiiiidf’il(ilt''Uith his btsakiast, cemuked..-ua_im&-Qccui^o that his wife seemed absolutely Incap able of learning to make rice griddle- cakss. Wbareupoo that Indignant womaa aanoillacsd tbat the aheuld refuse ta bave anythiag to do with the next dey’i Weakfast, ^aod should laf the wM* burden of lit preparation upon her bnhand’a sbpaldert, "Of conne,*’ sba added, "you konwi.bow t» makettee- eaketkatler thsn tbe Angel G'ubrlel, mjaet stow,, .fyir aipe, What do.” _ : i ^ ' t^' WHh ^ryit co.ny^go Hr. Jobniton iIDmiMm tbd' apiweicome tsskj _^«is thrust him, and blade hli pgefira- tidiie iitlt|i ioCslligeiit care. Ther^ were e^bt Mnot'f In bll family, and, as he eUlnateid tbsit aecb oiie we.oj4 ^t A [rint he decidM to uya’foiiir qttkHtf of rlM^'.aslting bis |riddle-sakee.' 7o lb#i-lee Wadded (bo^qbtns of Kuttlft- milk an4 a quart o( hot wsteif, besides a fdw baadfulaof fliat and ladiaaHweal, in order that the cakei should lupk brown. Ha tkeo reflected that it would be neciesesry.idtl t9 tbe mixture soWetUiag that wbiitd iiiakd It |ight,,»ed. elei^f, itie kUetten’iind ak,t'!|l*'"l'' *• Cii^rjrk,»«'r tba iniracuVus b'stterl tfTktu^lly hM' wlf# taunted him with hia cbtlliary failure, but ' the unpr|(|i|c(teed min'd «|lm1t that It vuaFil n'l I l6 bkvelMt any'diaeredit'oB ins iiivb'DlUk hotteVer, U mer»t)( (ul^ ia ^'dr. Ibai4 of Mr, ‘JiihnMiio against unde- sertteii crlUcIjlfh.' As. to nne of bis receiiV Itlventiomi'whicn cktt k cloud of bloon' over Oshkosh, If miist be,‘admitted tbat h'e’Ma2b''4 dislsi^'oiis miaUke, thnugh he wki 'kliitiiiied 'tty'ibt beit ol mntlve''i. Mrs. Jnbn&'rl waejin the babit of com- elfiMo|f that Mie, foiind it eifeedlngly Hresoate'to onerate her ^'wlhg, knd her affketionste husbaiid oetermibed ftf Mppfy aonte other power' tikari the fsmne foot' tk' the talihlne! Ai^er etpt^rlmentipg With galvanic ufntil be bad burned twii coats ai.d a carpet with sidd, 4ud after' having tried iii vain to construet' k steal* eiigiue which woald not All hlilf the spitce of the r^M Is wblch M Wks placed^' k^ fell biick tipun ^ock woik. Iti enurlie of (Iwis be malie'k rfeally beaittifiil engine jrntked'dx(!mlifveiy by ' cIlick'-iKiirb', and iitt^ ir tiT tbb sbwing 'niachTne, 'Wbkii wouaif 'irp It Wotild npei'itii tbe m tlch i/e. fbf flfvk'tbasMtitive tinurk. and after'tbb latter an' Improi^eJ device f6i^ bbldlng cloth and 1eidiAj( It under the needle, he fdU that he vi'as a bene- facti>r to the fbtnale sex, abd a worthy suceessnr bf Morse and the IfaveHter uf thk steal), engine. Mrs. J.ihiisan was delighted WiiTi the neW InveAtisn when it Was explained to her. and rea lily agreed that' tUe n'tl^hlinrs iliould be llivited'to ieo'lt jo operation for the flrst time.' The nelgbbotfl resonoded hearily t.t the Invltkti^M, aW St 7:30 on the third day of thk jlreiitiit month Mr: Juhnston'k drawing Aiolif was filled With the' load ing'ditiieas of Oshkosh and their wives. At 8 o’cloik Mrs. Johskon sat down to her sewing michi ne, and undertook to run a double gassei'in a new dressing- griiWtt desired for her husband. Tbe clock^iWk'Was wound up, the mschine was stai'ted. and the gusset was ' st*tebed with twice thb Vnpidity ususi iu such cases. fJnfolftiiKateiy, the machine did not stop when it bad flnisbed its allotted work, but continued to ktitch. the dnssitig-2iiwn until it becaiae fairly “quilted.” Probably It would bave gene on and convened the cloth luto ' a cempact bttndle, skwed and re-sewed a doten tiksea, had nikt Mrsr Jnhnson co'me to the rescue aild endeavored tb c6t' thd thread. She did succeed iu rescui'ig the cloth; but at tbe sama iiioinbkt the demoniacal machine I'sstM^d' Opon her clothing aad proceeded to sew it with insatikDle eaef'gy; Vainly did Mr, Jobn- sten try to stop bl> clock work, and vsinly did be'try to drsg his wife away. Tbe mactuee rapidly gathered her skirts iato ita iiakely clutches, and there was every prospect tbat after the skirts were finished it would proceed to hem Mra. Johnston herself, and possibly to put a aeries of gussets in portions of her frame Where they were not neednd Luckily, there was one lesdiog citizen present, a youitg physician, who retained kis presence of miud. He seised his knife aod cut tbe fasteniMgs of Mrs. Johnston's—that Is to say, be cut ber loose. Tbe machine was compelled tu sstisfy its rapacity upon ber akirta alone, •fhile tbe onbappy lady wis wrapped in a table cloth an(| remov ed to ber priyaie room. ' , fhls ti wby Itfri, ji^Uko' til' kt'^Uasl justified io denounciug her bushand!a invention. She was wrong about the rice-cakes. There is no doubt she did him injustice in tbst matter; but it is equally clear tbat ber experience with the sewing niacbine nijrtfT excuse for ber present (o.u ber husband, Tbe event Was certainly a deplorable one, and public opinion iu > VniTMtf HlH'ITOin. ll^Vk voyage from tbe York, wben tbe shlp'fever broke oat among the crew^ (tee (i|[ the. kajDpn—ktnong the, Srst mtrM»~WM.aieQe«ipan*ikd bg bliisoa. a; Isd of 14 yem«,.i*hw>iwiM' atrmigly'’' at.j taehed to bis father, and remained witb him day atd AjAf could bd persaadedU'teWlift‘«irfather for, « moment. pose of devouring any one wbo sboald die an^hA'AfinfHtttedUtaTfbtfdiep. After lingering a few days the sailor diadi.1 'Ak .waa theeueto«''kt'«ka,bk wks ewMj'il||> bl^Hl^^^^ burl giWk sf‘.)Mili!nK * oM(, griwleton^ and k ekrpkoU(*k'kx.werk pat in with ■: WptyllfltjbV''.W^rJco* or tbk; lipwcMiMl -Obtirch. jm. then raadt kfod tha fcp^ connMtfai^ 'M' the cream'of tkrtkr^ kg| k^aa't i|ukBt'ity ’ |>r salkratus, »d hajf a. bakibg pow4err Hatwig ^w.wi|ea!. His cakes te hlkkkl'iafaetioii, ha pikokd' (hr pkk contaiolng the nixiu'rk in h^iftm'btMrder oftha kitcbe'i|,iMUl laniitto ''risa'f. duiv lag tha-alght.. Tbkr« |s‘Bodebl>t tbkt ft 'did "riM,” H|]iremtf«..tbk flw AwWed. 0i».: gelag 4nt»tba kitcbaa tbaiwaM MioHiiag^ Mr. Jbbkktwa fttakd tbkt bta »l^ cakei bus o«fiAo^Ki>4'boy|ir«ljltlM iiibr' .it»;:„a •aplb «f at lesat a. feoH ' ssbila la tha: likmadiatk neigbBittfoOltkC^'thii' pai k tSevainnt. fltat kswoing |abMkk> fkslM^k^i^^waWiM ikh- w4mw rmtlH>ANOK»MV|MS^ immtnmn-mxnm — 0««,^a«tv Aw t|et ««rpns», skddeoly-iMHMkd/ 'and, kf er la (uii.g k few mw«kiti 'iMhMkd' oiiiviit^>bikiiilr hk bfkrd k Wwbinmtikfkl sound wbicb appeared to prpcefd frka Hark. Tbe sailora, aftkr eijityioi k heaity Ikogh at hie ekpantjC, proaekWid 11 lisien for, tbe^i^vks, phyii.|hry were compelletf tii admU 'they bearii.^ sinllsr a land, they then prodseded to open Ibe abark, wbea tba ayetary was plipired. . It appears Ihf sailor was no( dead, but In a trance { and bis son,' on making ilhUdlMoVefy when Inside the shark, b'ad'> brMekkt of his knife, rip|iell opkn tbkhlaok^. Hkviog |hn liberated hia fathfr, jibey both wayt to wwk aad ri|bta|d up tbe old griadstook. . Tbk b«y was turning, tbk father was bolding Uk th^ old ablp.ckrpenter‘s ax. sbarpsk-' Ing it fer tbe pk^posa af ckttieg tbkir way: oHt if takir Joaab«lika prboo, «|hich occast|>nefi ika nnUe beard by the »ajlur. As it was tbe bottast jea- soil of the year, and very little air atirring where thky were at wnrk, tbeiy were bt(b ’ nfMutinf trmnend^mriy.— ■Sivinii'la upon «• again, with her solt airl and mild iiile, April rains af'l sunny da;*, trailllig ariiutlis and M»; Aiwnrs: but, mest wkndvrtol of all, with b«r araak prPKr«(sivi! piciure.el qituri, sIwhJS 9«k|^ pletu kut never flbiihud, Spfine, «he who whb her mild bretivs ant rvlrrshlai showers laluses new Ilfs into chlllcd sud.lnvrt nature, and csuses her la break from her winter le’hsrgy and go throHKli the Mil* old, iMit aver new, priMMiss of kboiiiing lottb Iva^s. yielding blatsums and be.rihK fruit. Who hat. not i-knrM Af wiitiame h>r her; witb'her dear, di'liKhtlul drewot ehamlna grSee, her ckverlul cooptensnos ao4 Rsntle i^ys-^all toil more lonthiAK altar the rough iiuSet- tinK'oftbepaltfew irenrhst How.daUghitut H Is ta be aWs ta ga tbruuKh the w^id« >n l fields asii leej tbe •Irenuout elTortt'Diiae Nature Is msking M weave a oaveriag for her dslarssiiles, •n t ta imagine intu. wbat a pnradlM tbia Uma Geveiioj{ will translnrm tbe rugged *n1 eheerlvM'laedieipe In the eoarse of a lew we«k«, without beio| obliged to rob onv't ears everv oaw and then in ordsr to keep up rhe right temperstuie—not but eold weather Is vary alee and ell that, but patir, Bokle man w.nts novelty, aad thre« manlhs al eoUl l«et and frosty cars are a "pleoty snlBeient^y” lor the average man— s.. it it .oet ta ke wondered at that depart, log winter meets witb bet a willioa far.a* 'Well, sj esger ire we to welooaie the m^rs to'tuenial sprlntr, 0 I ovety band W/e see evidences of Ibe approach al tbia welcome vlntoi; tbe birds twitler Iro'm the had|[es aad road' side aa they hup about In March el somi dainty iirab, or d«r( bithar aad tbilher, their ki-en, penetrative ejes ever no the move Io' seareb ol seme suitable looatlsn lor building thair aumeier reskleavea. 'The trcen, thrubi and bushels begin to S'-nif Inrth tb'air vsngniird of tiny bn^s, at II to sea whetbte the way is > br tke lai' qenss army «l inpatient leaves tbat only wait Ur a warm luvitatiun to make tbeir apbeitrnuee.' Thvlrult tiee's, not to be eoi' ■tene by tbvir oousios el the loreat. have already put lertb tbeir two styles ol buds, the ene predicting a pleakiful harvest and Ihe other pranlslog a besutirul oreasseol, «s well as a compact screen for the fruit. The delils, also, are beginning ta assume n deepei' trOt, and, aotBShaw, dVtin tba sop aeeias to have A wsrmer, more socisl glow ihsu forwvrly. In doe, the groundwork of the great panoramic liinilsopa, that it wilt take inontbTs to (lillsh, is now bjlog Isid oa in delicate tonobas . of bright emerald. Nature, taking tbe materials whicb the ray.jiei ol winter has leli, begins her work by throwing Io a prnlualoa of-green laavi htre and a tastelul clustet there, then. M Hie season advances, adding brill^iaat fl'iWera and tempting fruit, at length avarythinK being completed, ahe Mnds k lew chilly,winds aqd.Irasts, and the green leaves afe libanged to goldeb, red and brown—akil tha picture, with II* ibOait pempectlvu, is pre eminenty perfeut, 'Vim ADVBETianiSNTf. g.i.on ;iraaMlii*Tstoaaitfew wribk BkM H5Sa?iS!?* ‘•““''i'l.™* ' Dr. W, B; .Boyt ef IS year* saseeaafkt Mtoadrewd pwkadei enre of alt Ckrnnl>, ierefhlMia, Private. Sypkllltleakd Keikalk Wasiisis, Bpe^l terrbiat,M aell.«buae u hta M^leal, ati'tuia, Agan A Ckaoey BloekT•pp^M tIsaCUr llkll Pkrb. Syraoaakk B. 'T.JMii •itr. 0, s^ ijr -kdvarte. taraa ktlioa. for otraalar traatlnw ea hik eporiaiMea to bik P. Ot Bos m. ^ LaDIKS. 1^ RNal lldkld Freaoh Reiaedy, AMli l>B PAMIlV kr P« lolnoMnt ta all paru of lba,V. & syud Oanada. D»a*t ba deeetved bjr's ' ipuqn^eka who tbroag otir iwt but oonaoll Dr, Hoyt or aead far otraalar aecordiagiy threw be ia a tesoHpfol of^ejfri.‘ ,, a;b,«,pokr bkyrf.whk»tehe^^^^^^^ (raa«ldi|^k otaHlfi plMj|t^'1k kltof^ hl« #h«» ^»i h»M thkm twtbii^.'Xhk'kkeoiidt day kn«r Bilf‘drkkdritl'^k«tfii«;: bjf-m'-''|llarl( ^..folt«i t6J^'yalM)4iS^.«tere ■wiw 9lberk«ick bMbkkblp—oaw wC:>tba MHon '.IM^^dK-'.kf''': tgtf /bVd^'iWirk^ lllfll, Vi-U pteeaefc bookMM^py nkkdi Wk win/ thky holetkd hini ok bkkrd. Aftkr hei Wkk dkkd thky prkpkred to opak bia w)|«o o«a of ihk tkMork. itpopltfveiifi “For, Io, tbs winter is past, tbs rln is aver a’ (I gone. . Thcfl^t.trgo pattrth lorth bei green bgs, and tba vine* with tbe tender gtspea gives s goMsMvll. ' Tbe flawers; kpeear an- the earth; the ti(na'if the slDgieg o| birds is oame, iitd the voice of tba tuetle is besrd tn the 4ead." Guilt, though it mayiattald' temporal ifendA'i .never coito real bappioess ; iS aM punsediiatioes of otir eriinae loag %arvm'tiielT' elfeiklssloii; aiitl' hke the ghaat o'l,tbe murdered, lerever l^snnt the 'sdi^'er the maielketttr ; while tbk patbe ol virtue, though seldom thoee of worldly gieaiM, krkjalwais thees kfcpleaaanlneaa and p^e ij; BacrbmM.^A k>iik.whk pakMs throklb )i|e w|tbo!Stmfrryio||,.'l|libk>(alf k|ae« •Iswjlelt by tbe, bnlld(kt tto4e(skf|i|u The half .thsit Isi)ample|e4 r#nat#:deeay l»p( tl'eelaei,o( becomes St belt'.biit.s fOlVy teb{kent;"'waottiig th% additllta' of ttti tlhlwrnskM Ilie wbolebktb b«elkl,‘^di' bttkUlebind oruameotalt • > . Prleod, ia onl'ailing bi the okre of all aaiu fbl and- daagarOtu dMbkkk «T jmnr ta>. {t moderatea all oaoew, aad 1ir|oaa e« the uiontkiy period with roBWlarlty. Ia alt nai«oi.eaadaploal aflkaMowa, paitM la tba haek or llmba, heavlaeae, fktlgiwM elllitl exertion, palphatlon or tha hem, lawkwe ofeplrit, bretertee. aleh haadiwilM^ svhltaa, and all pale All dloeaaea oeoaaloaed bj a dlaorderad ayatem, ii ellbota a cure vmei all other meana fkU.' Prioa M,00 per Bos Ue»fei«hj mall. Br. m* B. Baji; BaB S7«, Syraeuaa, M. y. M»vi^|y. ^OBOOL TBAOBB’BB. Tm ru akally laereaea wear ealw hf by devoting a very eMail toMlaw7m5 lelaartsUae Io ay laMreet. I Wo oat ea* ■oa «but the eerelok (Matslreof mu In both pleaMot and Aikiltable. raU paitlealare fraa, • Addreae, ^ DABIIU, V. BIATTTk , ^ ' wisehlngtoa, ft, J. J^pQKY BOOIfT ilULS, RocKy Hoymr. n. a Jkkkkry lat, lin. We kfk now piepktkd to (krkith Bh trkde with sq^iniias, 8Bi|iTiNea» PLOWLINI^aad COTTON.i VARIIt. all of the bal quality aad at low pfikUb Our tertka striotly net k«ab, M dayA Addtai SiVTLIAIOft. 'akMk Beekr Bbkat, V. «L j^ANDOL^B A CO., OBNBRAL rORtTAROIKa i«D icoBBiuiaB «il||dii^B«ii.; •ArMHl,' VtirglttkM.' Prompt attaatlea givao I9 M OoM^g^ menta. ^ Uberal Caah Advankkk pokdk mi Qmm LUBBER A »PXCIALTT. ' ttkFkHmidMi #. a. MaWA iiMw, 'kr, O. Marrow A Cn.LA. drrkaa, JforfWLTea BTAIiblO BUBIAL CABBi' PktraeM WIkbnip 'fiMHh BwMiil’ ^Mk sry bowMt deliver Okaaa la pgwiplka: ’ This crematlbg (.dp oat approve of,7 Md'a.^itik macrie^ lady tba .dag to her eompanloo, “FaM^. beum bataed inte aekea aad kel UP like ■’peaMf«e W'k Itr, BMm^hedl ' dNi:! «IM iWJk l^k Ifvnr, kivria .«aTk.,* ... 1 . v|5ii II. 11 'I »e»*.., ii'i "■ iJHeeppeafedta kk alawt goea/* IMI4 iss'hfs^ ^tawkrdk tbk .partial df M >bk^,,he kUpid'r^tr tti‘J|[iith''.lN .itaw.kTjojiij .ktsvaA** «h«. .Hkppkd''k«tij,^$Miw,fMikv'«kald aa«h.ihk ikkteft Rr—“ * ■ ■r’tfitrwkk.111. nw«bv*»!»lli eariio4blek.>>^1i afd weibaU.MIk '1 MUMBBIMCC . r- 'i9ti ii-.-. 1 Ijjf.’i' . .imij fcirs .fdl miMnv-'mn' ^

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