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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, May 25, 1878, Image 2

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THE ROANOKE NE'»^S. 81TDHD&Y. HilT 83. 18;i OUR TICKET. AiaOCIATB JUtTICB rKOU THB KAtT, T N HILL or iiALirAX. Uhion Codntt hu inttruettd her d«lt|ttMta th« 8ut« eonvtmtoa to vut( fur Smith, Atho >011 Ton Hli> Tub Ritleigh Oitcrvir bat to Mm ib*l th« Siiuth )« oMhlid to tho ant Viei'rcMidaat and that Mtit, W, llao> anai of Nartb Otruliaa It the man for tho plaeo and ibe O Mertor U at uraal oiacUy right. Wb lurreoder moat of oor apaea lo>dty to lottort from tarloot geotleaea ■oioly on tho tahjeci of tho lofeiier Ojurti. Fur dning thit wo ba«o no •pologWt to aiBka. K* we have pro- aaid *0 luck upon o neoapapor ■t a medium for the liter-s imtnttniea* linn of the ideat of the people aad »h«n the demaiidt upaa ita apace be> Citnio too heavy, our idea of the maonor III which this ipace ahiiald be divided ia oa follovt: To newt, all it want*, to le(- ivrt from tbe people the choice of what It left, to advertiiem *nU the next choice nf the potitloo and to the editorial what h Ufi. THE BLBC'TMKAI. INVEIITICIA* Oa Friday lait Mr. Putter tucceeded lo loally oblaiaing a quorum on hit vittigation reioluiiont tad they wero at lengih ptfted. Thereupon oo Mon d ly followiog, tho fiillowing oaaicd gen- Uemra were det%ntted at the uommitteo pmpoiod to be rtiard thereby til etiry, P.tler of New York, Murritan of llliooil, Stenger, of I’enntylTtnit. MeMahon, of Ohia, Cobb, of loditnt, Bltckhurii, of Kentucky, Cm, of Ohio, Uatltr, of Matitehoietit, Ueed. of Maine mid Hitcock, u( N'ew York. Sil Dim* Iterate and fl*e Repoblictnt. VEMOCRATIV NOJIiaATIOMN. AUhoogb the year it yrt young Meckleubarg and Orange counliet htve kirrady named the men who ahall rep resent them in tbe netl Legislature. lu Nvckleohurg Capt. S B. Alexinder hat been nomiaated for the Senate and Col. J:io. L Urawii and W. K. Arjrey fur the lliiute of Kepreientativet.* The noiuinatloa of Cipt. Aleiander it oae etpeciaily to be canimended. Al though he hat never before appeared in the political arei>a, he it by no meana uoknnwo to the general public, llo if matter of the 8tate grange of tbe P.iiront of hutbtndry tnd ia well koown at one of the leading tgriculturiui of theStatet. The iaterettt of the far- niera ate bit intereitt *''d he can bs truated ti guard them. In addition to tho high q-ialiflcationa of Capt. Aleiander fur the pnaitiii'i In which be bat breo Lalled, wo uf 11 iiifaz county feel tome- whit of a ptrtanti gratificttion in hii prnmotioo finm the fad that he married • Hal fax girl, a daughter of one of »ur brit kaown citizent T. W. Nicholson. CjI. Urowu tnd Nr, Ardrey tbe nom- i;.eet fir the lower Haute nre geotle- meo of recojoized tbility. Cul. Brown it'one of tbe leiding merchaott of the Cbarlutto but hM out heretofore been in politict, while Mr. Ardrey ia a leading ' farmer aud hat previoutly served two terma in the liegtilature. Tn Orango rounty the n'lminee for the Senate it Augutlnt W.Orahan, the next ynungett too of Baa. VV.. A. Graham nod a worthy aon of tucb a father. Mr. Prahtm it quite a youag man but (teoplo wbo konw him tay (hat he can ctrry O.-ange coeoty oo any iwue and ibM Only bit own ditinclination tbereto, :ltaa preveated hit etrlier reception of lejitiative hooort. In the nomina- lion of Mr. Oraham at of C^pt. AletaO' der we fiel a pertonal gratification. Tbt nomioationt for the hnune iuOr- angtare M. A. Angier and J R Hutch- loi. Of thete ttollemen we know Mtbiog pertooally, but old Orange hat never yet onarioated any but good meo , Mid, we are willing to bet the hat, done irell BOW. lu both tbe cuantiee Ibe nomioatioaa are ^uitaleot to eleclioat and ao tba gentlemen aamed will ba membara 9t tbe nast Qeneral Attenibly. Slwa tba above wu wrltte* bbtelli* genoe hat «ome thtt Wiltow eoarty baa alto held bar aomiotting eonfM^a *nd tbat bu pat forward for thdl^f afmbip wBlarHag Damocral .ai dataaa R. W. Rlof tM Iowa# boiua Dr. J. H. Taylor, tte brother of tba old time Seaator 4kwy Taylor of ‘ taoogb ta go vUb lM |l ,Otaag» tbaae lagiala . tb« Damoenlt Jadielal Diitrict 3. 0, L ttudgre for laperlor G isrt aal 0. ft. k^teto^. . OtJgar ia a lawyer oCbigb ataad. wyarla^mMltg Wlpim^tejkbMiittkao* yaara. Hecbteabarg aad ia an uiitwerving demncrat and baa alwaya dune bit full duty in the cam* paiga but bat baretofore refuted poUtict) promotioB. Ho waa bom ia Buacamba in 18S8. Hr. Fargeraoo wat born ia Haywood cou'>ly ia 184S. H« came to the btr is 1867. Hit judgement at lo law ia ttuiveraally reapected. He waa a mem ber of tba State Sjoata of 1876 tad made a Ate reputati«a at a butloeta mamber, aad thougb be tpoke little bia ramarkt were alwaya worth liateuing ta when be did epeak If we ciHitinue to make aucb aomi aationa at thete tuccett will be worth working fur aad eaty of attaioment. BOOK*NOTlrBN. LITTKLL'a LtVtMO AOB. The numbera of Tba Living Age for tba weckt ondii g May 18tb and 25tb reepeciively, have the fuUuwing aet*' worthy cnntenli I Lecky't “Hiitory of Roglaod ia tba fiigbteeoib Century.” Quarterly Review) From the Quirlnal lo tba Vatican, Htcmillaa; Maelend of Dare, by William Black, partt VlII, and IX., from advance aheeta; P.ipular Buddbitm aec irding to tbe Cuintaa Caooo, Wettmioiler Keview; Tbe Poe try of D lubt—.\rnold and Clougb, Church Q larterly; Second Sight, a tlory by Rudolph Lindau, tranalated for Tbe Living Age; Thumaa Arnold, D. D , by Canon Farrar, Mtcmlllaa; The Comet, a atory by Marie Orm, Argoiy; The Chioa-UUy I.iduitry uf Cjruwtll Davao, by J. II. C'illins. F. Q. n , Saeretary of the Royal loktitutioo of Cornwall, Pop ular Science Riview; The Apollo U«l- videre. New Qiarterly; FIjwera uf Anglo-Indian i/iterature, St. Farmet’t Mtgatine; Canotia, Corabill; Tbe Luz ury of Readiog Old Nuvelt, Spectator; Cdurtety tt ILimr, Stturday Kiviaw*, The Ohiiiete Recooquett of Eittera Turkettin, Spectator; and the utuii te Icct poetry tnd mitcelleey. For fifly two numbert, of tizty-fuur Urge pigat each (or more than 3000 paget a year,) tbe aubacriptioo price (|8] it low; nr for fl0.50 aay one uf tbe Americjo $4 monthliea or weekiiea it tent with ibe Lidng Age for t year, both poit-paid. L’tteil k Uty. Boiton, are tbe publithera. The EoiNoi'noii Rkview for April bat Itteiy appeared from tbe prett of tbe Leoetrd 8cott Pishlitbiag Co., 41 Barclay Street, New Yurk. Tbit oldett of the quttlerly reviawa atili maiataiut itt high reputation, and keept ilt read- era well iufor.ned upea tbe priocipal tubjecit which at the time are attract- iog public attention. We have oaly apace fur a abort akelcb of the coutentt of tbe present nuiober. 1. "Sir Erkkioe May'a Democracy in Europe.” Taking thia woik fur a text, the reviewer cuotidert the hiitory uf European democracy under three beads —from the dark aget tu the time of Ileciry VIII, the period of tbe French Hevolulion, and the rite of the United Statei—oiib observations oo tbe capac ity uf demncracy to perfurm well or ill, itt province of governing. 2 “Birry Oirowali’a Life and Poeois." A brief biovrapbical tkelcb, wbltb extraett from and commeatt oa tbe paeMs. 3. “Scepticitm in Geoiugy.” A thort account of a wurk recently pultiisbed under tbe above title, ohich impugiia tba accuracy of the acientifii: gruundt of certain recent gealngical thenriet. 4. “Three Scottish Tetchert." Three notable Scotchmea—Tbomat Brakiae, John McLend Campbell,, and Bitbup Alezauder Ewing, are here cj nmamo- rated. 5. ‘ Brnwning’a Agamamnoa, and Campbell’t Tracbioiae " 6. “Tlie Aga of Bronaa.” Praaaiita an outline of the najlithia cuitara ia E’’gltBd tnd Frtiice, and dlKutaat tba phttet of the bronsa aga. 7. "A nobla Qieaa.*’ Ravlawa tba nover of that name by tba lata Mead' awa Taylur, wbieb la.- qulta a romaeca of Indian'bittory. 8 “Tba Navaffltrawgtb of Eaglaad. Araviaw aftba ralatle« atraagtb of En gland. 9. «Torraaa' Namoira of Lord Mel boaraa.' 10. “Tba frataut aad tba l^tura of tba Batt" • Tba pariodieale reprinted by The liaeBird Scott Publiabing Oa. (41 Bar' alay ftraat. If. Y) are as followa i Tbe Laadan Qnrtvrly, Bdioburgh, Wett •loatar. aad Brititb Quarterly Reviawt. and BItckwood't Magaiiae. Price^ |4 'B year for any ooa, or only |1S lor all, and tba pattaga ia prepaid by the Publithera. BstJw^UIbi What a baawtiral world we live to I Ka* turectvea oa ■rwodoorormoonta na,Blena awt ooaaaa. oud tbouaooda nl meooa lor eujoymeai. We oan daaire mKialter when to perleot healtb; but bear often da tho matnrltjr of pooj« o fool Ilka ilvlag It np Hi«bearU>o«d, dlMiooraaad and trorrlad out wltb diaeeae, wtaeo tnero la oo ooeaaloa br ila faalloa, aa evory aafltree eaa aael- If obtain «aiufaotory pruof tbat OreoB’a AOKuamower wlU make them aa ftwa Item dweaae aa wboa born. Ofapap^ and Uver Oomplalot la tba dirart adBM cf Mvanty-avepareoDtoriith atal*' Blllooaaawh ^IgtpM, 8Mt Bai CoaUvtoaae. MoHraS trmmm, oaee uf tha Head. galpWaileB of tba Baart %.tbee dlatrea^S ^aapteaaa. Vbiaa a if Aagaat »!• i ■" 1.BTTBB raOH C-Ob. CLAMK. BNriELD, N. C, Nay t4*Ji. 187d. W. P. Batebalor Ktq., Ultor, Dbab Siri—Vaa plaea a enattroa- lien upon wbtt I wrote in regard to the preaa. which I did not intead lo convey. I am BOt oppoaad ta a fair diacuMiun ol aqy aubject, nor did I queatioa your rigbt to pub!itb tha letter of aay eorrea' poadaots bat merely gava my opinion at ta the action of tbe prett, ia geaaral to ragard to tnonynout lalt n contaiuiog warraated altaekt; li whieb yon a,trae avoB with me. Your attack up m cal calatad to areata tha iiapretsioo tbat 1 am oppi std to |iving tha oppoaite tide a bearing in Ihit mttter, which it ler from my Inteotioo; but oo the other hand I iavite a fair ditcuuion, and one cootaiiiing ftcte. aad if, (■ I tiated In my letter on tbe tuhjact,) it can ba ei. tabliibed that tha Uferlur Caurt, woikt a bardahip to tba paaple or, if it haa gone out of itt iegltimita praviaea in the dit- charge of ita work, tkea I would uuita io voting it out of eBiaie^ce. I am unable tu tee buw a mere ez' preetion of opini>'o en my ptrt at to the action nf the preaa. eoald have beea coa- etrued into e rebuka tu you; when in fact I did not know that y«u were the editor of the paper, tt I bid not teen tbat you were connected with it tince tha aunnuacemeut uf your retirement, and Itoildet, the iwut of tba paper ceu‘ ttining the article signed J. P. L , has the name of W. H. D«y at editor, and I bad previoutly asked end ebtainrd per million nf him to uit the coioikiot of the piper, aiitb the knowledge on bit part tbat I intended writing an article in which I tbould lake iuae with the preit ia ita general utaga io tucb catet. I tbiiBgbt tbe article unwarranted, at I at a meml'er of tba Inferior Coart, had bean arraigned befure the btr, of tbe people of the county at having uied “fsul" means to keep tbe court in eX' istence, when tbe recard wilUhnw that I ai a magistnte, have never arnt a cate to tbe conrt for trial, oo the other hand I have refused to try any caae upon which I wuuld be called to tit in judg ment at a member of the Inferi ir C >urt. At tu tbe tuthorsbip I wished that k'luwn, et a matter of juitice both lo the author and myaelf, knowing tbe fact tbat the character of the witnes*, al waya adds to or detracts from tbe weight of testimony. There it a diSereace of opinion brtweea at, tt to whether the article in question it aimed at ibe ayt- lem of Inferior Count or against thia particular coert. T) you I accord the full right to the enj •ymcnt of your opiaion, and I further accede to you the full aciipe and prerogative of a public jouroaliit, aad I would respectfully atk at your bind.«, that I have the right to my opinion, though it may differ with yourr, even in regard to Ibe actiua of the preM. I hope I have tatitlied you tbat my rebuke” at you are oiaased to term it was nut aimed at you; and that fur the future niy viewi may be shielded by that tiiupliuity of rxpraMiaii, which will thow their intent, so plainly, at that 1 ma,v not be aicused of being detirout of de- prining either the prett or any individual of their just rights. Very retpectfullv yourt, b. C CLARK. “aerBBM Syrssp.” Nn • ineillcine In tbe world baa arar niron aucn a of Ita oaratlve |ualitie«a« BosLaBKH Grrm«:i Svnor. u Itiree venrHiwo luUlion four buodred tlioo'and Hmall iMillltM ol this niediulne was dl>ti Kioiori liee of nbji':fl by DrUR- gmts in tbls ooonlry to tbnaa aBioted with (^onauiuplioo, Aalbma, Oinuo, leTiirs C'Mizliii, Pneumonia and ntlier di..ftH4(!fi or tba tlirnat and lunna. giving iie Amei'i" I'l peoole vndenialiio prnol' that r>uKUAH iSYRUP will oure lUein. Tba rSHuit liHH boeo ibat Din’tKiata lo every town am) villa:vo lo ' tie ITnited F^tvtea are reoommendinK It to liieir ouatomera. Oo to .v«ur UriiRjIat, and ask niiat be Lnowa about ii.. Saiu|>le Bottlea 10 eenta. Rego-. )ar aiae 75 oeuta. Three doaea will rallave ny ease. For aila bv R. W, Broapn, Vfelden, N. ., Biowa A Cirr.iwav, Haliiax, M. C., aad p. iwav .t R>'II.Bna«ld. N.O. N AOVERTISEMENr. OTICE OP SAli OF LAND. I am now opening tfaliy, NBW SPRING DRESS GOODS, IK THE L»tea(aa« Haat Deairable StjlaB, Fob Tub Cohiko Skabob. BaRGAINB IDT K1.ACK SILBli CA8HMKRG8, BRANCH AGENCT FOR £. BUTTERICK & CO., Celbbiiated Patterns. Samplea of Oonda and Oatologne of Pktterna sent on appiiontion. Addreoe, E. H. BLAMTRB. M6 Main Streot, Nortolk, Va. March 2S Sm. AUVBRTI8BMBNT8. Aomat n> war will pr«ra. Ita MMta tefuptomuIMiivdiipiiiw Btt swyKSKi, ■row;, WaMaa, X. ' W. «kt OLD, TRIED, Am TRUE. Ftopto «i« i^UUkg l)MM wto •w »dl wiibl td the woedeifel meriw fli MEXICAN Mnstang Idnimexity Y0& KAH Airs BBAST. ThliUalaMatTCirBatmall)roMaiBaMlBAMi> aa, wkm Mataie ftrorUMlalMrlaaacaMqtMMk •urprMat aatUoSM far tba naladlw at hwekB- MB. Ks lana baa barn iprwUac far Nywia, •BUlBOwttanelreltatbebaMlablaiMk . Tba Kaxleaa MuaUat IJalnwS laamalablea vaa»aayfcr»l>«»t«ii»al«ni«aBHa«»na«aatbiaal Toitifcow»«iaa»*i«naiiaHlalinal>aWi A alaeia baltla aliaa sataa a baaaa BMerw ataiaa ka atsadaMa ct aa anaUmS aew.orilmBfc, • n aana fSUas. M-ail, baOaw li aaian-aafai, sbaaXattaj, aiaaaa, tba^aa a«a ali^atpiilienauiraellliaaiiHna ' ' — eaab tiaw»tilrtaasa»tiaiil>in ti — n anna awiraataiiaXiaaiilaaetttiaa, earn laa*r,ln W.aaeweel a fkvaMan, eaaB « Wa» ewWs, il^allia, iiaii,^, aai tor mian 'tHm,eaataBmM«awsaan*tr«Bfaaen>. Hs» Under aad by virtue of a daed mada to mo 00 tba Stb day of DaoamW 18J. bjr B, B. Britt, C. A. BrHt, and D. D. BrVBB, ■I will aall at tbe front d«»r of the Kii»ld boaae. In the towo nf BnSeld on flatarday Hio 16th day June »«7», at 3 o'elotk p. m , to Ibe bigbeat bidder for eaak, a certain iraet of Und ailual»d In tha county of Hailfaa, and State of North Carollofc known aa tbo Valentine Ba'iey trart, and boondatl aa lollowa t On tha bv the Culnapper road, on tbe Sentb*wMS by jankat 8wamp, on the N«rtb-w»*t by the’a bridge road, oonulnlng four hundred and aavant.v-ai* acrw, jnjre or laaa and adjoiaing tbo landa of Judith Daniera h*ir»,. atbeidred Thrower and ethara, and wbiah Is Ibe traet of land eon- feyed to the eald H. B. Mrllt by Thomiw Ua KobsrUoQa lod M* Luvyulft Oa Roh^rUoDi bj d« *d of l2Ui Jaouiry 1174. MaySrd, 1S78. gp„jg ^i,,.rj^j{ER. May II t d a. c UEAPKB THAN EVER. I am now reeaivlng Spring ^da ai. moat dally and it ia really ••‘onlaWng to aae bow obeap good* are. Articlaa and prioea are too nnmerniw to mention. However I will name a tow. Bnat Printa from Beat Brawn (Joltona from Beat Blonk Cotinna from Wainaiitta Bleacbioga Dmaa Onoda New Styles from Pique Baautiea ffim S to 6i. «i to 1 . 61 to 121. 12». 15 to 2&. lOto 2>kaM C^i* and C’iarii’a Spool Cotton fijsla or 6S per dosan. sbobm. hats, and olotbino vbrt low. UKUCBKIEM TBKY LO#. Svrupa frnm 85 to M. Old Fanbion New Orleaot Molaime Tff, Bant Rio CnflHeii from 1® f? "• Nice White Hugara 10>-la. Hide Meat •of*- Hhonlder Meat . _ . Liverpool Halt Faoto'y (III 4 Buahelt 1.65. I have thrown on niy oountora abont One Thonaand yarda beat priuta, dark oolora 5ota par yard. R. P. SPIERS, April IS tt Weldon, N.O. 1878. 1878. TO IVFfc l*amphlei« ftdUrtM Sanpohu, ■apt. 16 1 y- COUNTEflPlATFORM WAGON&TRACK I THE BESTARE>-^- c^OTHE CHEAPEST mKSAFE^SCALECa 26S BROADWAY N. Y, W CHESTNUT SI PHILA.PA. in SENECA ST. CLEVE. 0. Jae S tr. m EFF aighealt AtTBrd at tka Casttaaalal Diploma of Honor and Medal of Merit, for GRAND, UPRIOilT AND SQUARE PIANOS. 1 be prineipal pointa of annerlority In tbeSTIEFPPIanoa are brilliant alnglog quality of tone, with gre^t pcwer—even- neaa of touch tbrougtanut Ibe entire aoale, lauitieHS action, anaurpaaaed durability, and unexoelied workmanabip. A large rariety ofSeeond-hand Pianca^ of all niakera, couatantly in atore, and ranging In prioet from ITfrto $tOO. Wo are alao Sole Agenta for tha floDtbam Btateaof lha MATCHLESS BCKDKTT 0RaA58, «BB BBBT MOW II A D B A full inpply of every alyle oootteatly hi atore, and eold on tba mott liberal terma. For Terma and lllnetrated Catalogaeaof Pianoa aad Organa, addreee CHAB.M.aTIBrF, Ho. t N. xjiberty "treet, Baltimobb, Mn. Sopt.M, I-jr. u ■BE YODHGTS P. P. SPECS, AVB tATI YVa* ITX SIOET. Gold down, Jewelry low. Gold and 811 eer ^acebaa, a«.ta ofJaweiry, Opera and Veat Chaina, Band Braceieta, Seal Kinga, Full Tea Setu, Waitere, Pitobera, Cope Spoons, Fbrka, Ao., obeaper than the aajie goods oan be bought for In New York. We want onrreuoy for Jewelry aud will oflbr IndBLements to purchaaera. J. T. YOUNG it BRO. aprll 8—1 / U H V CK OXbV/ea Peterabnrg, Va. rOXTTZ'S MOIISl AND OATTLI POWDCRa, —fr Ptotfcffa Por ■••16 bjr Dr. A. R*' Z'llHeoffBr Bro. o«i. 17-l*y. THE PARKER CUN. ilEND tTAMPfOReiRCHUt^ PARKER BRO'S ; WEST MERIDEN.CT. utu, Utly, CHAMPION *TiM aid PrHtn Trwlwtrtw RBOKITEV „ iMtMPMsUassal BaklMtl** AtNtrtM. Ijondon, 18SI. I Now Yorb, tan. Paria, laar. PlilladelpBia,mfc BSBRlNbdtCO, SSl dtsn Erowlway, Now York. Ja»9Str. S' TATB OV NORTB OAKOUMA. •n^rlar Coavt, HavUttMmMM CauMtjr* Jamaa W. Grant at Admlnittrator al Eor- tan H, Joaea, PlaloU* Agalnat baoT Jranee, ftatmdant. Tbe pnrpoaa of tbia aotinw la a aalb for aaaeta of a traet ol land altoalod In aaid oounts, tentalning aisty-two (St) norm, axr« or laaa, of wllob tbe Inteatata died aalaad aad poeaeaeed. Tbe i*albadaBt la required to appear at tbe oflee of tbe Olork of tba Superior Court ol Nortbninp toB enanty, at Jaekaoa, an tba Mttt of Jnnev ina, and anawa* or demur to tbe oamplalBt o»w on Ala# Witaana N. R. Odom, Clark of aaid Court, at «Oea la JaekaoB, tbIa April Mth ’ saTCb ^ .. N. R. 0D9U, 0.8.0. N ORTB CABOL.INA. Halintx CoHBtXi J .. T. GOOCH, GROCER & COMMISSION MERCHANT^ SOLICITS CON8IOMMINT8. — O F- COUNTRV PRODUCK, COTTON, CORN, *6. XIKPf CM RAKD A FULL ITOCK OF QROCERIBS, Muperloi Co«rt. Ur. I. E. Green and Helen P. hia wile Hokt. K. Claiitan and Mary T. hla wlfoi PlaintiU'a Agalnat John C. Pitobford and ITarriat E. bia wife Liavl I U. Day, Annie M. Day, Henry D. Pont n and Luoy B. bia wile and W. W. Brioleli truaieeof aaid Banrv D. aud Luoy B. Pnnton—Franoia W. Wlliiame and Alexander O. Blao't trading under the ftrni of virtiliams Black A Co., of the city uf New York. I J. Uervey Adminla. tra'torofW. D. Kaucett, J. K. Herring, W. H. Day, Robert J. Day and N. M. Long. Defendanta. The above named John O. Piltehford ■id Harriet E bia wife, and Franols W. Williama and Alexander G. Biaok wiil take notioe tbat the aiiove entitled action baa been onmmonded In the Superior Court uf Halifax oountr,. State of North Carolina f r tho puipoao et having parti* tion made, between the tenanta Tn oom- mon. efibeaeveral traeta of land owned by the late William H. I>ay, der.aaaed, and o.'intalning In the airgregate about elghteeu hundred aoree, and that If they do not answer or dO't urto tbe complaint of tbe nialnttfla v>blofa tiaa been filed in the office of tbe Clerk of tbe Superior Court of said Haliiax county on or before tbe 8th day of JanolWS^tbo PlalntifTi will apply te tba oonrt far tbe relief demanded, Wttiteaa, Jno. T. GrMOry, Clerk of the Superior Coaat of ballftx oonnty, at oflloe la HattIbB this 16th day of April 1178. JOHN T. GREGORY, Clerk Superior Court.l|i 0. A. OooVnOb aUy. Apr SO 6w."^ ■y J. HAW, WSLDON, M. C. BAKER * OONPEOTIONER. Manafaotureaall klnda of plain and Am* ay oandlee. Keeps alw^s on hand the fOlleat'atook ofCandlee, Fruits, Nnta, Ae., toMfoaod tn Baetero North Carolloa, wblebboaollaby wbvlaoaloor reull. Ordoio lor 'WMdlng partlea, and balls prOpar^ on short oeUo* and al moat rea> sOaaule prioea. Cat M tr. 1878. 1878. 0 L 0 T H I N G I SPBlilQ AND SUMMER STYLES Just Rbobitbd At Battlt Wttlkar * C*'a Ho lM!>7etmore Btraet. FINE DBEAs nmts, FINE BbSINESH sum, BOYS' AND YOUrH’S OLOTHING, A full llnoofall gradee of Ready-Made Clothing . lor Boy's, Yonth'e. and Hen, from tbrea ytara old up at pilete to ault tbatlmbs. % WekeopalltiM lateet atylat of Gants’ Fwmlshlwg Gooda en hand. SMnplaB OB baad. O'atlilng aal Bblrta made to order at our Baltimore boaaa at ah^ noHoe. at Baltimore prioea. Plasae glvpjN a eafi before buying. ^ rVOAtt WALKER A 00. ,m BYCAMORB BTKBBT, Patavahars, Vtt. ALEX. F. BHOUT, ) y AaBBTt. , J..GBO. WII^KINSOH, J t ROSBR ATRlNSON-SalMmaB. Oet>»l Y PROVISIONS, HOLA88BS. NAILS, *0, Whteh »m be lald low hr CASH. J. T. COOCH, WBM.B9W, «.*C. i TELEPHONE. NORTH STAR. CENTENNIAL. PAPA CIOARS ANO CLUl HiUlE Are the beat 5 ceot Cigara. Tbaj are Htvaoa flilart. LA VALENTINE, EMANCIPATION, HAROARBTTA, A GRAND DU0H1S8 Are clear Havanaa.' Tbeae Oigara are told b; all firtt>ela8t dealer*. Manalbotured by MAMTOITB dk M.,' , Mbs -Sni Proprietora Cbtrleeton Brsoeb of tba Baoaoa Cigar VbatMJN ATTENTION, FARMEHS!. Saved on »very toi ofOoann by parohaainf diroetflrom tbe nnder. wii.OU aianed. I will aeli MArEH’ ITROaBtllZKb NDPBR«PHOBntATa OF LIME for M7.SO PBM TOB, OABH ITITH OMDBR. ■ Jv THE MAPES PHOSPHATE is tbe Cideat and Moat Rallable Phoaphate to the United ^tee, aod has wlvan esuMe- faotiOB wherever uaed. The GLASGOW PHOSPHaTiIS ie prepared from Boaa, Fleeb and Blood, and !only reqolree a trial lo enaure lu ooatlaaed oae. 1 will etil It for tbe aana prioe ae Mapee, I am aelling at tbe abooo named (bbaloaaly low oriree te eaeare largo aalae, aad to eave ta tbe ibrmer tbe Agent’s Commlwlooe and tbe Mtorbltaot obargae made wbea sold OB time. av*Liberal Oath Advaneetoa CpTTOW, PEABUTS or otbar COUNTRY PBO* DUOB. A^d eaa JNO. O’CONNOR J(L * Harcb tt Sm, PORTSMOUTB, Vt* T. N. WBITB, A. L. STAtNBACK, J H. BOOCB , JB. WailTE, stainback & ooocp. n, [SUCeBSSORS TO J. T. SOOOH.] J. T. GOOCH’S OLIX STAND. TTA Have Jatt opeoed tbeir Fall Stoek of Oooda, wbieb they offer ta tbe Iraie a I.OWBBT «ABa PKIjO » Tbeatook aomprleea a fbll llae of READY MADBOLOTHme, DRY QOOSM, IiADtfiS .1 OOeOS, BOOTS, SHOBil, . ' 'ITAti,.''-'" OAPB, MOTTOm ‘ ‘ Tbelargeetetoek of . •ROUERIES, K A ■UGABB, OOFFBBS, . tba*. 80AP8, AO,, . : a iT \ to bo frnad la Baatarn Nortb Oarellnk. They call attentton to tbeir atook of (bo fameaa MILES PHILADELPHIA, HAND MADE BOOiTi 'iNb* tH6n For Botb LADIES and BBKTIiBMBir. Got 17 1-y. . ■■■ I" ' • ' ■ I T. M. WHITE, A. L.9TAlMBA,Cf jv ’ .. ir.. .ui»r. ..bbV *s’ HITE & 8TAIN B A W B L D 0 N N. I baya Jast retaraed freai tbe Vortb wltb Largaet Itaek ef DRYUOODS, A«d tEADY MAD,u CLOTHIBa, BOOTS, BHOBB, HATS, aROCBBIBB, RIDLB3, AMB 00LLAB8, yer ollbred lo tbia market, wbieb they ate aai^pg r 0* t iti ' . lu. -u ; i)|,a *. . •AW,-|\ .i SAD»&^;: LOW o A • m. ’They eall eapeclal attaBtlea to tbeir Btoek of DRBBS GOODS, aad ntMimS. tav Will DapUoM aay bUl of gooda tbat oaa be parebaaed Seatfa of HoW*' lMrht re lateaA to pleeae, OallaBdtaa na.

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