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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 01, 1878, Image 1

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v*7« WJIKlfir HIW^ PAPER. njBinasD vt r« 'J»M09 VOL. WBLPOF. p JUN€ SATUHDAY, Wl AM MMtll WAT. MmiPtttlONAL OARDt. j9$t >. MTimaijOR. ATTCMiait I.A«r. tULBMH, IT. O. TMmM«mit tbaaaarta •fth* Mi fndl- • Ika VMwral and S«- ptm* 0*ar«t. May 11 If. WifctW MtMl, I. T. OUBt, B«Mgfe, IT. 0. HallhB, V, C. QLABK * 9LARK, B4LLni>&X.K.O. Will piMtlw la lh« CAurta •( ■•IIAts •■I atjalataf soanimK. MitrohMtr. «. a. BiNam. ATTtaiiart * oiaiitBi.Mai at law, MMtoatl li»lit«z O*., H.C. >imM— In th* Oaarta «f Rutlfliz and ai|«inlnt ananti**, and la III* Hu pram* •ad Ptdaral OaarM. JanlS tf f|iajXAS ir. HlLb, AttorMr mt L»«, S4Lir4X, N. O. PnurtloM la Haltlhx and atUBlniog OaaatiM aad fMaral and Sapram* Conrta. Will tw at Sa itlaad Haok, oaoa «t«ry tQrtalgbt. ▲at. as—a . W. Riu. ALL. W. a. M. I)4T, * ATTORNIVt AT LAW, WBI.O««, ■. C. Vra^lle* la tha onortt of b'allhc aad a^JMnlnv enantlasi and la the SapraaM •ad IMaral snuru. Olaliaa Mllaotad la any part «f Worth •arallaa. Jun M1 i g4liUIL i. WRIOHT, ATTORMIY AT LAW. •iiiiikiiba, h. «. Frtatloat In tka Ooart of Nurtbampton aad ad)oialD| euuutlaa. ••p IS I Y G AViN lb nrMA5, rj|;f¥iiiiiii'«¥.ATi.Aw HAUrAX, N. C. TriMtl««a'tn tha aturta of HalHh* amj aAalnlat stantlM, and la tka Saprama aiM IMatal tfe'irM. _ , all narto of Wurth ^ Ws'iVoirJ jf'». Af¥o»fitY At LAW, J '• aAur^’t. &' Praatieta la. tha Ooart* of Kalllh^ milMrv*nd Oonntlaa-adfolnlni. la «>« MHwWl Oaart of tha Btata, and In tha Paaa ral Oouru. WW|(M^aal*l atM-ftlaa ta thaoollaa- iif aWliWhaiid t» adjnatlag tha aaaoant* ljgJ|lM(i>ra, Admloiaratora and Oaar- • m Tv. 8- 2- . • f ■ V.- fUUijPAf. K-.-O. > . Mlaata (ha Ooart Hoaa*. 8trlot attaa* tlaa giTaa to all branchoa of tha proM- «l*a. J»n ia-l« E. T. B B A N 0 H. KIStIt. Kia>aa. hlaao', wbat ara klaoai T Atlicd a aiaid oi aia ona dajr; And bar pnutlni llpa ■»»! mlaoblaf, Tall aia What ara khaoa pray f Half afraid to maka tha vaatnra, Yal, to glva aoit a rlgbt raply— Klaiia«, maid, araawmtooii^iloa— At iba bafcar'a ynu'll tbana bay. Taa, *h' «ald, l'*a booKht tham onaa, And liar llp^ aaaintd liali Co algb | But I iriaan » hat «ra (ha klnaa Thai nu carraooy can bay r Tuab, I iiald, daar maid, don’t fancy Anyiblna tbak’x an untrua. Mon^y will buy all tha ki««ga fka,% wa waui, boih I and yka. Tm, aha >a!d, witb alranK* paraUlanca, O Uily kl*aa» all can buy ; But III w«ra tellliiR kl«i>e« Ouly tine to tell IM try. Yat, T aald, who wanta bought klaaaat Ijong 1 waited lor raply. Than aha aaldt Innrllmy atoek out, Ona I mitibt gl«ajuit to try. Teropilngly the rad lipa pointed i Can you wonder what I iinid T Sweet I* II lake your atook tor aaoipla, And I klaied tbma lip* ai rad. ATTOmnY AT LAW, oBnNTY. o. IMUttM .lB ika'' l6(iinUaa of SiUilhB, Hiani^Miaha aiod Wilaoa. ' ^ OallaUloaa nuido la IM of tha * A II O • H A BA, ATTOmilY AT LAW, IjPlflfftl. ». 0. nada |« aay pait of tha ' " «tr thf OoBH a«naa In •o# Firt^ uT aaah -TT*. Jg.Jg.lo A* .'liAVi IrnyOoiF.». a ' Baltlai. ill«-«||« ::v ■ jaaa Bf^ iVr m. o, LAW. RALPH** ATONIMINT. Bo traa tn him, Mabot. Let him be your liriit thought In lil'e lur jour dead mothei'a sake.” Sit rp ike tlie poor dying woman In l.iw, graiping wurds, turning lier va|>«r eyea firat on the daugbier who a'.iiud beiida her bad, thrn on the infaiit lying uu the pillow al her aide. "I will, mxther—I aill I” is tlie tub. bing aniaer, and the iitile giil of twelve aanlc on her kuect aa tlie aiade the priimiiie. Placing her hand on hrr bowed head, a* Ihough tu aral it with uiie mure feeble effort to articulate, the lired lida doted, and MabrI Ilalfi'rd wai an orphan. The chlSd left to her care, rretful at d delicate, occapied her every moment, and at the yeara aliped by, and be grew to boyhood aud she to woma'ihood, it •rai as though aha had never known girlhood; au thdt when one evening ia the summer gloaming, aomo bis years after hrr mothei’H dentli, she lUtened Tor the first time to a ordi t lure frun Ralph Raymond’s lipx, it was as the opening of a new life to her. Ha aas a young, strung fellow—a faviirit« with all—quick.iempercri, self, willed, but wUb a wurm, honest heart, which, snmehow, neither he nor she k«e« bow, bad trauierred itaeir into her She littenrd dreamily ss he talked. She ras eighteen, jet it waa all so new, so saeet becaate au new, a d |iur head dropped on hU hroad shnulder; ai d sb i held nut her hands to received this thing, when suddenly a thought camo to her—Fre(', little Fiod i her pmmise to her mother. '•T»u fiirget that I hare Pffd,” the saM ‘.What.couU 1 0u tritb- bi^ t” “D? Leave him tu your aunt. You can see him every day. The care of him is too mach Air you, atiybuw, Mabel, I kball be glad when-you aia im> lunger able to assume it. He ia a big boy ««, but she GU do all tbst ii need> ftil.” No, Bslph,” she answered, very sadly now ; “1 can never give Fred i|p. I promised mother, nn her dying bed, be kbould be my Arit thought in life, and niy pn'mlse I mean to keep. I see nu^ tbis sweet dream was not for me.” ‘And you would give me up ? Much you care fur me, if you can let that buy come between us.*' Balpb, doi/t ia|^ that I Wh«t> ever e,Ue you do, do aut dpubt my love. hpw lon|ilri hof (io(ir, my life will be, dear, without you; hut do not ask me to break my promise to the desd.” It «as one which shoti Id never have been eiscted.” wss the reply. "Msbel, the boy will be well catred for. You can klm wben you chouae. Darling, life bail other duties lor you, the duties of wifehood, pray Hes.tren, uf niotherlMOd, wben children of, your owf. nay ,roeed your luve.” , . "Aad think yooj Balpb,” s^ answer*, awM'ber tears,' I cioura hope for ' btesi> iag while I bad keen untrue to obi left in my car e—tha brother who la ucf^cd to me, to whom I am a niutber and sister butbl I was wrot g even for a moment to dreaat pf happiuess. You B»an «Ukno4 it in Mother form; but Than, bring'tha our teswered,, bait rmiigbly. '‘B» ia a waa|ibf« for Wb. t caii’li gi«a yon np,'*. W time* spbke wRn n** r«ttmim|ii aad-no , tears. "You aoon woald r^ry of blnu I coaid not da jaiti.a t0‘'|ou both, and mra you nt fciud to bim it would break my. heart. 8o loag a^Jia, lives, I flMil never marry. 1 cao,^ %t j Icakt,! reto^r ap my trust fulfilled, A,U b Bslph, batweea rou and we, (Sce|)t tbe •'l|tnior| of the past.” ' *‘8o Uiia is Iba end td yoar love->tbls ,«bat your fine protestationa meant I A ■amary» Yon leave me thatFt^ A mamor; ta .pmb me onward lo daUMe tioBk to jrouf irtiAl Ibatt ever ct^oMa, keep j»9t mamary jafeaar'to yoni^ )mw.**- teMi'i^ikrraad witbtha galea «f 8iP»ilNNMw*er faoe, Jast aa they vera apMig: > laoaiva bar, li* ' ‘ ainna. ay «• hi life I realiaai -fttll iiMr bia bboH matkmad hi tarms af rai^aeh, vbere, aver before, it bad bean m pralae. He bad, iadaai, earriad out his threat, and If ha reaskmhirad, it abrvad bat to drive bim to daatruction. ■ 8ba waa yaung ta hav*MRh Haaa of aarf, aaeha waary loa^ If. gray eyaa, she tboagbt, as ilrpiwtd into the mirror | then Fred vulM wmuII chll her frelfuily, aad wkh a aigh, again she would take up her croas. Blit one afternoor, in ar.awer to his name, nu voice rrspunded, and as the huurs went by aad tha shadows lengthen, she grew anaUtus, aud went kern and there seeking him | ai-.d, after a long and fruitUs4 search, tha aaigbbnra ware at last roused, atid a dread struck to every heart. He bad wandered m the atoor, Tha cuMj^ waa thf.tnt itisjiiactlng thought, wiMi dotted bera Bi d Iberia, an o^n trap Tar the unwary. Whatcbild’a feet coiMd hope, in tbe darkness, to have cKsped them f All itigbt the atarch coLtii.ued, whan, as the dawn was breaking, a party whu had been rioting a«ay the hours cama upon a group with lanterns. “Fur whom are you looking I” said o'lc of their nunilier. “For little Frrd Ualfurd. lie has strayed away.” The ri!St pasted csrvlesily nn, but on one the name fvli like a knell, and he turned mechanically to j iin tbe arekera. * Little Fred Hairurd, did you say,,’ he qiiastioiied at Usi in hoarse to let. “Ves,” aaid one of the men ruiiKhlv. “Bit you cau be of little help. You'd better go home and g.i ti bed," "Where ia his sitter}” he con. tinued, unhcedins the words addressed him. "She Is somewhere, looking like one distrscted. It's niy vpinion it's only his body we’ll find.” Only his body I P.inr little fellow, who had stood an impassable barrier between him and the girl he loted. Had it not been for his little life she w.iuld now havi] been bit bride»perhapt the mother of bis child—sod now it ms). hap was ended. Hu would go to her, would cons lie her grief, wauld wipe away her tears, and 6nd liappineas for both after long waiting. Uut—ah I wai he now worthy of such a bnonF He gla ced at his disordered dress, felt the Bush upon his cheek, on which tbe morning air blew su refreshingly, re membered how the late huurs had been spent, and groaned at the memury, a hen about anise—a ahnut foll'iwed by a groan. The child bud been found, but how and where f It was as they bad feared. His little feet had wandered on the edge of one of the places ahere an old khaft had been sunk, when, half way down, in the dense darkness, by s ime miracle his clothes had cunght upon suiuo projuct- i"g limb, and he hung over the abyss. Ii seemed as though he were found only to be Inst auaio. In no way could he be reached etcept by climbing duwa nn ulninai impassable gulf, prolably to be hurled hcadlimg to destruction. What man's life was of such little worth as tu be put in the scale with that feeble child's? A silence fell upon the group—a cilebce broken by a woman's voice. "Save him I she cried; "save him I He is my sil I” At her words Balpb Baymond started to hl« feet. Wbst was it ^e asked of him? for be felt at though her words appealed direct to him, Tu save this child—witb bis own hands to erect the barrier once more between them—tn risk his life in saving the life which is to destroy bis fu- hopes and happiness. But there rniaes before bim another picture nf atonement—itonement lur a psst. Handa made worthy which were all Unworthy, cleansed which were stained; a liie soiled and blotted offered for nne pure and nnblurred, ‘Men, I am nady T’ ha aaid, and stood at the pit's mouth. Than fur on^ momeot, crnating to Mabel's side, he bant low and whispered in her ear: *'1 will save him, Msbel, for your dear sake, and if I perish in the. eSort you will let this at me." Then In tbe presence of tbem all, be raised her band and preased it to bis ii|W, stepped back, and permitted the rope io be place around bis waist, giep by step in the gray dawn, liild siltfifba brokon only by the aont' of wak> ing bird, yr the lowing uf tbe distant cal« tie, with the bright earth above bim uruwing farther and farther from b|a (a^ik bit perilous way. ^ba songs be bad beard that oigM again anundad iot bia ear, acconftpauieid by load laughter and coarse Jest, and, stMugvlf ipinglad. with them, tha bymo his motb^ had suiig to the ixiy stattding at bar klee--ithe>bey as pure of heart aa tba Uuia^ r#i|o« M now «»* to aave. ' .' ' ‘ L'lwer^d lower he ellmba downward, witb tha jlfaa aroadermaot growing ip ia Jnri9;wl|eit«r ba.|)var agaia wi^l aee tbe aaaii|i^!iiuiiWtb« ffagrea«e«r the (Urtrera."' .as*,fl»at nlm: A gro«» bmki ISOM ■ ■ ^ ■ a ansaer, Ha ben^a a»d laoka into bis faae»it la tha face of tba dead I Sliwly, aadly, ha blads tba ro|a ioarared Ui bim raand. tha ahikl's body, and it is upraised tu the sunlight ita ayes can navtr mure sea. Then aa turns to follnw, seeing noiy a wnasaa'* aguniaed fac#, bearing her cry uf despair, with nu thought lor the danger In whhb he « ar.eulfeJ. But life is sareet, and clinging nn. eor.sclotisly tn Its poserssinn, he flgbts his perilous way np«ard«, and, witb tbe khnuta uf those ariiund, feela, his feet once more tuunh the solid ground, and fails faiut and eabausted. Whenhe nnca more npena his hasvy eyrs they rest »n Mabel Haifoid'a fsce, and be knows they have borna bim tu bar home. But from her from they wander In the child stsiiding by her tide, whose white, desd face ha iaat aaw in the dai^utss. *'Re wss only unonnscluus” she asys, tenda ly. **0 , Rilph, huw can I thaak you>” "By giving me ynurseir,” be answered, very luw. "Have I nut woo the right tu help you io yuur care of him Aiid Mabel, sobbing nut her happi* ness, knew thst he wss rigbl, as she al* must revenen'.ly aaswered; "Yes.” BEAD UPONTHE WATERS. Uckad thb wrgaataaiaof the pruaamitop, t«r« llMak kta abfadr, and aisipped them of Ibair aopbiatry, at tfca same tima laying bart ikeir finisier daslgta, ibsi of dmrkMdiag aa boaeat maa of h|s Iswfhl rlgbta. 'TiMni ha qwltied precadaat after priieagnat in |im«» tha fbMty of thahr pnkiaa, alUir aa«iiNig bp tba a«K dance, aloaed #itb a powerful pUa, Whkib was ao nonviciag and eahaUttiva that fia prvaacatur aaa t ffactually si. iaaeed. The Jnry rrtaniai't^ verdiet for tbt defendant without leaving tbiir trau. and nil ware cnavinaad thst Juv tlea and truth bad trluni|ied at hist - -• iames Varney made bia way tn tha strabgai’s sidr, that he might thaak him fnr hie valuable services, and was great, ly surprised to fliid that it wss tha young msn whom he hsd found by the mad. side with a broken leg, ten years before. And tha (he bread wbiuh bad been csst on the wsters returned an hundred fold. It wst a bitter cnld night. All day long the Ice king had been clusiog hit frigid jiws upuu every thing within reach, and niw the tuntinela btars had made tlieir i' ppearanoe at if anxious tu witness the sway uf his icy sccptro James Varuey gathered the robes closer around him and urged his hone to a quicker psee. Oii turning a coroir. the horse shikd et sume otject beside the rasd, and nearly upset tbe sleigh. L'Mikiog around to atcertaia she cause uf tba hursc's fright, he saw a man ^tretchcd at full leagth on the snuw. Stopping hit hurts, be went to the msn and tried to ruuse him, but in vsio. A clusrr scrutiny revaaled the fact that he was suifariiig I'rum a broken leg, aud bad fainted Iroui psio and exposure. J imes Varney carrieJ bim tu hU alei|;h, and careluily coveriog bioa up, took him to his owa house. A surgeon was called, the broken limb set, and the Biiflerer made as cootl'ortable as pussi- b'a With aaraleful nuurting he rapidly gained strength, and wben be was able tu leave be offered to pay fur board and nursing. Bjt hit kind h ikt rel'used to take pay, saying that hu had d;ne nuth- iiig but bis duty, and that waa pay enough. The young man was deeply afF'Cted, and when he took leave uf bia booefac- tor he said,— *'Qod will reward you fur all your kindness tu liie, sit." * a « • Ten years passed, bringing j >ya and snrruws, aud tba little village uf Qlea* fall bad developed into a thriving man. ul'acturing town, Public improvements had been steadily going nu, and James Varney awoke to tbe fact that his farm bad been steadily increasing iu value frum tbe rapid gruwtb of tbe town. There was one piece of land of about flvO acr^s, which hsd bseo an' nhjtrct of dispute is tbe daya of Jantea- Varoey's fstbar, and bis nest neighbor, father to tbe present owner. They bad settled the matter by each takieg half the Und. This Isnd was now the most valusble psrt of the farm; and more than oace bis neighbar had cast a longing eye on Findifig that Varney's title was not very strong, be laid claim tu the land and opened a auit at law to recover it. Tbe case was laid over frum time to time under various pre'tests, and cuosa* queiitly the costs nf court began to at- suoie large proportions. Jimes Varney bad a small amount of ready money laid by, aad thia waa soon gone; more fulluwed, and aa a Isst re* suit he had been otiligsd to mortgage bis Ana Ikrmi to raise money to contest hie opponeat'a Claim. At last tha case cama to trial. Able counsel had been riitained by tbe plaint- IflT, and everything which ingenuity could deviia or Money aceoMpliah bid been dont. and iinw they came Into conrt, each sure of a verdict iO their hvor. The couaaei for tbe plaintilT opdoed the case la a very masterly n|tnnert he brought forward avideaea to prove that tba laad io quaatiou belonged to his clianti and after tjimmiag up tba evi. ddno*, l^lutii wlAl'n' jiOarifrfui plea in abiob ha ptamnteil^ claims of hiscii* ent in io strong a light, that nearly all present felt that be hsd wiin tha case. Tfie oountel for the 'defence bfodght out bis iriiaeases, and in a feeble manner set forth the claims nf his cHent. But the strong-argumante !anl doquent plea of the opposing counsel bad made such an Impreistoa on the minda of all prat* ent, (hat (bn defnw6n wai i lAre farce. AH ayM wera tu{n*4 on James Var neys, aa sad and dsjacte^. be kept bia Seat. If be lost tbe caM bn waa ruined,_ Tbe efideilM«>n8 all 1)44Bd tiie judge eras abont to give tba nta to .iba Jury wben a who bad iiaUned to tbt trial whU iWtlWilL.iittentioa, nrota nni addresaeil tb« ie^ ; Aa be inn At MtAh fc^at^.l^rad bad.liwrn lb what ha Ha calla bia aama. Thtii «omto no I kba# was faite. |bf Mraagar at ONI BAY IIEABEB HU DOOM. Wban a man has been sentenced to be eieeuted, as lbs lime appointed draas nigh msny people are ufien heard to remaik. ’Will oue day mre or poor —'a ti'iia has gone.’ It does not sppear to occur to the careless outside ubs*rvur that tbis is no truer uf the prisoner than uf himself and every une else—that an other of bii d-jys has gone, and tl at he is just as a'lsulutely >n« day nearer to bis uwo death as the duoined prisitm r is tu bis. It is a nearer sppruauh to bis death wbirh tba condemned omu niakes St a common pace with all the liking, only tbe day of I,is d.ioni is knoan t'> him, while that of others is concealed from them. Mercifully coneealed, tuo) for ho» much would the eij lynient uf this life be diminisbi d, if we knew beforehand just when we should be obliged t«. qiit it. The uiicrrtaiiity wben we sre to go, the eipetlatation uf dying in our own homea with our lust houis cu suled by tba stteiitioi s of kiudrud and Irirnds, and sustained by tba hopes inspired by rriigioa — theio coosidrratiuna rub Death, come when ii may, of much of its terrors, and leaj us t» look upon it rather as the peaceful cIojc of our life's labors. "WHO 'EM The boot-blacking trade is destined t" be overcroKdt'd. A Yuli! graduate opened a law- ffice in New York, and then, rather than starve while waiting for clients, open 'd business ss a boot- black under the sidewalk at the entrance of a dowo-town restaurant. His earn ings aouu rau up t.i six d >l!ars a day, and ha had tu hire and assistant. WbiU he was at work he disguised himielf su that bis bis best fiieod could imt rec ognize him, b .t out uf busiuess hours tbe boot-btack was au elegant gentle man, living i.i a stylish boarding-house 00 Twenty-Arst street. That he fell in love with a beautiful being, that he hod a jealous rival, who Ii tally discovered tite venerabls papa that the young Indy was keeping company witb a boot black, goes without saying. Bat the djooue- ment is very touching. "Lillie I" yelled the uld gentlemen, red in the face, "como here. You may tshe John as soun as you please. Ho set about earning a living honestly,, and has succaednH, He will get on " Tbe boot-black has reaigned the bruh and resumed tbe practice uf the law, and be has gathered bis Lillie to his bosom. Go yuung lawyer, and starve no more. "Wbu says, ‘,llere 1 come shice 'em up!” ABVICE TO THOSeTbOUT TO MARRVs I msrried my wife about thirty-five years agn. The ceremony «si per formed about seven o'clock iu the morn ing. Before retiring that evening wo hsd a good talk with each other, and the result bss sweeteaad our entire lives. We agreed that each ebnuid always be watchful and careful, never, by word or act, to hurt the feeiiiiga of the other. We arere bsth younz. hot-tempered, both positive in our likes and dislikts, and both tomewhtt eiaetiag and iofiexible— Just the material fur a life of coi^odgai wsrefsre. Well, for a few years we found it hard wark to always live by our agreement. Occasionally (itot often) a word or look would slip .ofT tbe tongue or face bafure it would be supposed ; but we never allowe.1 tbe suo to g>t duwn upon ntir rstb. Beforn retiring at night on auch occsasooa ftere wrre always confession and forglvtness, atfd the culpret would beoome m >re careful in the future. Ojr temper and dispositions liecame gradually more congenial, id that after a few; yeara we oanie to be one in reality, aa the marital ceremony had pronouaceJ ua nnminally. In thliikiog.' bach we find that for morn than twenty yeara ona little agrvtment h)M b**o ItnWkeit, and there lUa Wn sh ecea- aba for coafaes^nn and fnrgiveneaa. la baii • a we hat a bad a4«aia'tv and proU 0erbfi faUura and suceain Wa raised a. fkmily of c^ildiiSfnV iniA ^i^ 'bava oar grandchiWran abiutwa. noil ar« atiiipla art4«|ti n^b«^«atb»(-«a bevA b«ter nhilidmi,-aad bli^ IhK. of onr |it(lr ^3ifiNi>n^ r«iitrs#wl(iti«^ kept, tfa 111- ' iHldran witt t»a reared, and no ^^||idtba..itrMt nu4 bar.|[i||iM pawtettbaa bomaK '^n n Mtai wife or a good husband requirea ^ po>apamlfa» of batb.—i£s, Bveryihlag anlm^ nrlbnalBMla avtbla C«aaiu'd«anh p^nia ta ihosa tiWbM yWa ai« patting away,* Thar vieb ■sail Iba p»or,*ib« ynuagaad lhe «Wt Ibe Uama I and (bv itlitarat^ lb* high and tba low, the haupi sod tbu, tMbappy, ibo .m and the a d, tba goojl aad Ike bad, all, vl ara "paa.lbg away." The laltMa leaf pvakslnut nf this fart. The wHhaiad Itraaa pmelalmt It. Tha faded lesa tall* ua tba aiBis tbioa. Tha dsairui'tiv* sturma, wbieh bull tba graad oM oak In tba eatlb. rsmiada us ni ii. The crumhilng pyiamida aail Mta decaying mooumenta eause u. tbisk of It. The histnr|ol tba woild fmia ttis erration to tbs present spesks tH os ni it. Tbe broken circle nf trlcails mtkss us nfi-'Ct oalt, '‘Poets, sagef, snd ptppheis sound it io nur ears. Hrstcbeis. prieaU. and ilracitni exhoit a* to pr p ne tor It.'' Yet how we (tl>!ik* tu permit our thouuMs ta tun In this channel. N«lwitbalaodiaa iiur daya are »ll numlured sad we are tsat liNsteniog Iraiu thrae enrihly shiiret we use every dvsice In our power tu prr|ietuait our memory oa this earth. In vain do men liDilil monameota nt maiblvand erect sbsfia of K'anlte that will resiat and wl'haianrt the ruthlrss h ind of lime ; It rrqoires bat a lew short yiars fur their nsmis tu be «a. lirt-ly erast'd ‘'No—.marble and reoordlnii braaa deoay, And Ilka thegraver'a ini>mory,paiuiawayi Tba woiks of man Inherit, aa ta just, Tiieir autbvr’a ftalllty and return toduat.’> .Uow thru can we par|Ktuate our names ibiouith 'he cesseliss sues tn cuma II all in«teriai tbInKs niuit (all I We cm hul|.| upon ihai ‘ Knrk ol s|j>a,’' a monaineni tliat shall ktand loievvr. By taiih inOoil's blessuil wort may we be cushle>l to look up M that tirtter cnuotiv whieh it above and beyond the b»und.irie( nl earth anil lime— where the lears, the anxteilvs. and the la bors ol t his world have no pi tea ao'l the tumuli III life sad the sltl as ol ou«iasssata unknown - where the wlckril csra Irum truubling, and the weary are al re*t— wliare temptation will be nver sn.i conflict will cease, tllvsnd cnunlry I May it lie our cbiel solicliude to cmiyrai* to tbal joylnl and hafipy land. Let us. s«eii()( the "fashion al tlim wnri J paiselh away," imild upon that “flrin l.iundatinn" tln n ia trl- iimphnnt siinit we will match nn to the iilory land conQ lent that *e are not, noi evir shall be lorgotten. THTuKflME Of MAN. A LEOtiNl> FltOU 'rtlE QBRMAN. When tbe world was ereatcd, and all cicstnri.s asstmtilKl Io have thiir lilettma appiiinleil, thi. iiss II st advanced, anil asked how Uinu lie wuul'l liiive to ilvii! ■'Thirty years." replied Nature; aill that Ire ajreosble to thee I'* *'AIhs!” answered the as«. ''I*. i a ions whii.. I Hi'nienih r whnt » wia'isime ex- isttrncc will III. mine ; liom morning until nijiht 1 sliiill II I VII Iiear heavy ituidt-ns, driai;in;{ niirn-Biirkit In the mill Ihit ntherii may eat liread, whilu I slinll have no en couraiiemcnt o >r be rtfrrsUed hy anything hut tilow.4 anil kicks. Oive but a purtiun hI that time, ( pray I" Nature waa innveii witb couipHSsion.aod prifseited bnteiHhtien years. Ybests went nwny comforted, and the dng cams full aril. ' ilxw dost ihon rtqiirs ta I vet" a k J Ns'.ure. "Thirty yeais weic too many I'lir the ais, but wilt thou be content with theuif* U It thy will that I sHou'd I” replied the dou. “Think hnw mupti 1 sha'i ha\a III lun aiinut; m) luet will out last for i.i lonu a time, and when 1 shall have lott my voice lor bt'king and my teeth lor biting, what else sba'I 1 be St lur but tu lie In c irner and growl I” Nature tbauuht he was right, and gsvs him twelve years. Tht a|ia then appeared ‘'Tbnu wilt, doulitiett, willingly live the thirty yean,” said Nature; “tbou wilt not have to labor as tha ats and tbe dug. Liie will be plesrant to thes." “Ah, no I" cried he, “ss it msy seem to others, but It will not be I Should pud- dlniis ever rain flown, I shall hare n« sponn I I shall pity mi'ry tiioks, anil ex cite iaUKbter by m'y grimscef, aad Ibeo be rewarded with a sour apple. How alten s irrnw lies c.fncealed behind a ]ett I I ahall net be ablo tu endure far thirty years." ‘Natare was grai'ions, and be ricclved but ten. At last Came man, healthy and stiong and asked Iba measure *1 his days. "Will thirty years content thee f *'How short a iltse I" vxolaimeJ tbe man, “When I siiali havo built my house, and kindled a fire on my own heailb ; when the trees I shall have planted ate about ta bloom and bear Iruit; wben Ilia will seem to roe most d a^rable, I ahall die. Ob, Ns' ture. grant me a longer perio l I'* “Thou shall have tha eiijhtiea years of tbe aas brsirla." ‘ That is not enough," replied man. "T'.ke likewise Iba twelve years of the d»)g>’ * It Is nnt yet snnaleai, retterated man, "give me m«re." ‘ I Ktve thee, theo, ttn years ol the sp«( in vain wilt tbou alsim more." Hao departed disaetisted. Thus man lives seventy years 'Tbs Brst thirty ate bis hut'ian years, antt pa*a swllily by: Ita la Uien healiby aad happy—bo labom Dbseifuily aud K'i’ices in bia cxisianca,^ The eitfiiii on years al tba ass cinne ne«i,^ ab » boriita up»n burden it heaped him't he carries the earn that ia tw > lted& others; blows aad kicks are the wages >i his laithiOl serviee*. Tbe twelire years nf the Hog lollow, nod he Msaa hi# taetb, an4 liea in a corner and growl*. When theie ere genk the ape's Mn yeau form.il4 OH«Mue'o«. Then in*ii weak (b4 |W)r, b«samw t|M SjMrt nl tbeYMidien. i ':&HiiA .a|l*lKll|n4at fMiMila. AwritWiiir irf tba dnvi^ mn^W^ «».«ijmri^^n |j ■mof* s lOH .IVnatMlli i(;ataa bnd I *WMMaMni Oar, liT Jr. .1. HSSiSSgg, J. prnoilM (gMmniais «| anwrfnil CbriSlp, Srphlltttaand I'aswON terrbms. nr eall nbssM M.L.^ lelBaaaal Sn nil pnHa ar^bnllLl Oanadn. Do«^^ dnealfe«li»Nw ingqoaabe wfeo thMM oar 1smh( bulmnanlt Dr. tla.rlSa ^ t'antinst oa big apialwtlen^ Boa urn. ReInedy*AMlVtlff»9l|!L*, y, Vrtend, la unfaillut In the OBri oTi ful apri dangoroue dtsasaaa ^ «i It iiindarstas all eseeaeined briaa montnly perlnd wHh Ngtfr nai voua and apinel affciHwni iaek or llmba, bsnalwss^ fctlitfan nn-i aaartlon, palpitation of tho heart, 10\ of iplrlt, hyatarlea. aWk baadnobo, and all p^s Ail diaaaaae oeoeaioot_ , diaorrierad ayatam, It eSIiata n anmi'-i all othar maana rail. Prioe IlLOt tie, aantby inall. Dr. W, 1C. HoMf 176. ayraeuae, N. if. Mov U1 y. HOOL TB AOHBBa, You fan eaally Inoraaaa your anlai* te t>v devoting a vary amall portlOH of mr lelaure lima to my Interest. I do bM aa> peot you to aanvssa fnr my aolabralBd B'tatty'a t'lanoa and Organa nnlaaa yott aee At to|. but tbe sarvt«e I raauire af »nit In both plaasant and proBiable. nU parlluulara frea. Addraaa, DANIEL r. BKATTT,. Waabiagton, H.JT. J^OCKY MOUNT BOCKY MOUNT, N. 0. January 1st, lilt. Ws sre now prepared to fnmieh Iba trade with 8UBBTIN0S, SHiRTINQS. PLOW LUlU and COTTON.i YARNS. all of the liest qnality and at low nrieaa, Our terms strictly net easb, 80 ilsya, Addrem BATTLB A SOK, 'aa 86 a Roeby Monnl, K. 0, sFoiip a*~bo., ^ GKNBRAL FORWABDIITft 4»0 CONNIBSIUII NarMk, Vlttilala* Prompt attention given to all mania. Uberal (Task Advanean made mt -Cmf aign manta. LUMBER A tPKCULTr. RarBHKifoBai W. B, Bmlthjk Hon. W. O. Marrow • Co.^. «mHi, WorbAi|,Vn4 * *.oiiririiMidijjr.«.raui»ii. j. STmS^ iHta vwvritMiuia «»a m lao, aniites, S. O. Vf-KTAlAtO BURIaL ■AUQ. Farsonavr eanalsv ai tba Mbi« of I IMS atlU *«>rtmaat

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