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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, April 03, 1879, Image 1

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THE ROANOKE NEWS A DBMOGBATIO . WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, PaDLISHBDBY I.. M. iona * w.w. HAI.I*. On* Tmr, In adrance, Htz Month*, “ rtaraa Month*, '* |2 *0 I ^ 7S eU. VOL. VIII. WELDON, N. C., THURSDAY, APRIL 3. 1879. NO. 5. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. jj D w'a u'D^T'o^ilaK, ATTORXET 4T LAW. II.VUFAX,N. C. rar. 201 y. R H. SMITH, JR. ATTORSIBV AT I.%W, BootIiAiid Nkok, Halifax Covnvx N. O. Prarttcsa to tha O'innty of IlallfHX and ailjotnloc oonntlea, anil tha Hu- prema oimrt of the Htate. Jan Iti ly. D R. E. Is U UK TER. KOBGBOBI OENTIST. Can be fonnd nt hU oflica tn Knflrlil, ■pure Nitron*Ox'da Oa» lor the Pain- laaK Kxtraoting ofTuath alwaya on hand. June ‘/2 tl. T. W. MASON ATTORVEV AT MIT, OMlYSBUR'l, N. C. i Prantlofls In the nonrts of Northanptnn i and idjolnln;; oo'jnMo'*, aUo In lUu l’'uJ«ral * and 8iiurome oonrts, Juno 8-tf JOHI. B. B.VTOIIBLOR. ATTORXilV AT bllV, RALEIGH, M.O. PrActioos In the oonrtsi of tho 6th luili- aUl DUlriot and In the l''aciar»l jnd Sii- prana Oourta. May 11 tf, % w. H. KiToa»». w. i. ni'*x. ITOHBN * DUNN, iK attjhsbw AOC.vsBLtom at t.iw, ■aotlandl Meek, Halltux Co., N. C. 'PrAOtloe In thu Courts of n^lifix nnd fadloioint e:>untia^ and in tha Supremo and Federal Courts, Jiiil8ll‘ |fJIHOMAS N. HlLIi," ^ Attorney nt 1 HA.LIPAX, N. C. ♦ Praotloes In HallfAr nnd adjriinlnii- Ouunties and Kedoral and Siiprome Courts. I Will ha at Sootlaud Nook, once «vory ■tertajght. ♦ Anit. 2S—a , vi W. H. Dav, A Tt \V. W. llll.l.. & II A L I, I ATTORNEYS AT UAVi^, f WELDOX. N. .w A Praotloe In the oiur‘.« of luillliix .inl * ajljolnlns ooautie^, nnd iu tbu Muprauit; aad Federal court*. • Claims oollocted in any part of Nofili Carolina. J»'> I Q A V I N L. H V AI A N , ATTORNEY AT LAW R n.lLIFAX, N. C. PrantlrtTJ In thfe courts of H.illlkx and acljoinin!! counMeii, an 1 In thj Stiiir.tiiio and Failenl 0.)')rt4. Clalrn-i O'lllecte I in all parts of KhrUi C«.rollna. OOlQe Iu lha C>art llauw. .. july4 1C' ^ iTu a T o N, J K. ATT03MEY AT LAW, ‘ Hit.I74X, S. C, Waotioaa In tlift Co'Jirls of HOlfux. eaaatr. and O.viiUleM mlloinlnp:. In tlie •anrama Court of tha St.ita.'attdt In the raleral 0 art«. , , „ Will >[i»» spiiltJ to tho 0 ilw'i Han ofolaii«s'n'l‘”*'^j''*''**'K*''^’ •I *f 8x33Jt *r4, Ad ni iisr.itiri mi l ‘'liAr- 4iana. “ I J H. « ' »"i”i6 z A ' a I), I ATroR:a/ at lxn, 1 HALIt’AX, N. 0. OBaaia the Court IInus\ Strint attoii- ' tlan given to all braiiclios ol''ho ih oIuh. alaa. Jan U-1 e Branch, att3:?mey at law, ■H7IB1.9, HAtlPA’C OOU.VCY, N. C. PraJtloe* in tho C.itintlni of Hiilifix, lath, Elxeoonibe atid Wilson,:-. e«lleotians in i la in all p.iru of l!i« State. > t jun.iafil J A. M K S H, O’HARA, ATTORMSY AT LAW, B!HF}KIi», N. C. Fr*otIo®^ iu tho C)!intio^ of Bd'^tooinba anJ In tl»o Supro C«art of tbe iiSuvtj uiid in tUo b'oderal 0«nrts. OoUeiti')n^ in'll*) In nny pstrt of tho 8Ut«. WiiliillPiii Ui^f (^mtI tJoUMoii RAiif4S on Moadiiy and Fri.K^v oi woeka J:»u)2-lo N D R K \V J. 11 U K T O N. ATTOttlVlSV AT IU\W, WiiliDON, nJc. Pracittoea In thoCmrts of Uililnx. ren and North tinptnn coiiiilius iii Uk Banranie and li'u'ioral Courts, Claim* oolluoted iu any iiart of Niirt: Carallua, jiinu I7 a lAiiaa H. inn.LKs. jcu.v a. uooiti:. ■]^ U li L E N A M O 0 n K , ATTORNEYS AT LAW, llalira.t, N. C. Practino In tho (Jountio* of Halifix, nurthampton, li}>1^onotiibo, Fittimd ■Mar tin—In the S tnro'tio ('owrt of ttio HiatH Mil In the Fedorivl Courts of tlife Kaotoni District. j_Oallentli>a.i made iu any part of North Carolluji. juin'l c D E G R E E D . Into all lives inme rain muit full, Into all eyeiaomalear dro,!* atart. Whether they fall ni a Kontle ahowar, Ur fall like fire liuin iin ucblnK heart. Into all liparin aiinie sorrow inualoreep, Into all snuh some doubtliiR oouio, LaohinK tbo waves of iife'a fcraat deep From dinipliiig watira toaeethlng loaai. Ovf-r all patbwaja »omeelouda inuat lower Under all feel some sharp thorns sprlug T«arhi|{ the lluib to bleed ng wounds. Or enlerlHK >l>e heart with th«ir stiiiK. Unnn 4II brows ruu)|h winds must blow. Over all shoulders n cross must Lo lain, Bowinit tho fnrin In lt!i lofiy helKbt, Down to (ho dut tn bitter pain. Into all hand* I* somo duty thrust, Unto all arniH suniK bunliMis Klvrn, CriisblnK lb« lioart with Its dreary wnlclil Or lililoK the soul from earih to beavun, Iiiln nil hoaits and hninni atid llvos (Joii’s siinsl.liie ciines streamlnit down, (■l illMi; tlip riitiiH of life’s great p'ain— Wnavliiit tor all n );^iliiaii cnwn. THE FICHTIMO AISTOWS. .1 Cnrollnn Fiinilly IVhonp mpni- bprM .tiiiat All 1)|« With Tlipir UoolM Oil—NIritiiRP niMl %'io- ■ viit llonlhi* nl tlio Ali«> ton* 'I'liroiiRii Kliinj UeucrttioiiH. COI.. DOB nRKTS tllK F.VTEOt' HIH UAi't:, [Atlanta Ijetter In Ncw Yorl' Hi'rnM,] The bllliag uf C >1. Uobcrt A. Alston in this city on Inst Tufis'lay rcvivi's llic> niemiTy of tbo most famous laiiiily probably of tlin old-tiiiio chlv:i!ry days —Itii! fi^litiog Alstons o( CVir Wioa, Tlic history of tliia aiidaci nis strain of Mood is iiftrraiovcn ait'i llie history of ibosi- tur*iu!ent days when gciitletnen r.iu;}!!! at the fJrop of a liat, n til a sli}>lit i.iove- nicnt of the pistwl fiiigpr was the answer to all ias'jlt or i isi:iu.\tijo —l!io cli’SO of all argnnicrit. The Alstons were men of gen tle blood ai d usually l:n i;» lorUiiit’S. They were free livers and reckless fiijlit- i!rs, and freq'Kvitly b^ioiina involve,i i i ililKculiies that dini.ncd lluir cslntos ivitli C'ists and forfoitares, IVoliably tliij bust knowi of lliem, ( IJn. A s'ui, tiad s everal liffiirs of h in,)r, ai.d won ul- ed liis at.tao'iMist every ti iie li« wont t) liie fi.jl.l. l[>i was nti iinp -rious, siooate ni.iH, aad as cool niiJer fi.-u as 111? wiMilil he iii liis dr.i«iuj;-rooiii, llis most iiolablu duel was with llayne, wlioiu lie wnu'idcd io t',:o km'«. On one occasion ho was visitini; io Aiiniis'a, when 11 pe; llsrnnn, Kii\t il(iiig liiai for ati ac|] r.iir.taiici', la^'iiiid liiio across tlie nt.lrrt wilii a ridiii^j ivliij). A'stiiii vv!iiii'!ed as q iicU as li"lili.i if;. Tliu i>ctille!iia!i apwj.ij^'z ij in 'J>!; ^\-yp!o Alitoii t'.ok tho whip li' in his l;:ii)d'-, J hi.i) a I'".; li..iUa'.d iheti s;iiJ : ‘'N IS', sir, is accei'ted." O!' c nirsj a nioi ting fol- liiaed. It is sain t'lat Al-t Mi circa f'lMight a g'.Milljoiati v.'lvi (i!S,Mitid l!;c iiga of,.i|iMi;o aiiio of uiiicli Alst.'ii lia'l I)eeo Ii lasting, lhrowin(; s mio of tlic wine in llis face* ibal he iiiij^l.t QCt its full flavor. Col It .h Alstim came of llio f.imily kainvH as li.e Halifax Al.itoiiS. Theii G'alt-'s 1 ly aiiunt 11 ilifax, N (y, aid th(!y ivlui.'e E>’clii'n I'n- yi'ars. Tioy were oti:irmously v.e.illliy. aiul travulljd from one of tliiir (.status to aiiuthcr in almost^cgnl btito. They had hundreds of slavra, at.d always travelleJ with a coach a id lour nn I a small army of retainers. The men were princely io tliiiir habits tif ps,i !iise, .nod fiut tho “codu” above the IJihle. The women were hi{;U sprung uiid spirited Mrs. H)b A'‘:ion, the grandmotl'i: r of tbe Sulij 'Cl of this sketch, always carried lier «wn sheets and pi 1 iws »i,h her nheti she tra'cleii, and a case of loaf- siijjir. ‘1 have k'i AV I her,” B.iys C >1 Toni ll nvarJ, a t:mnectioi’, ‘ lo pot $100 on a c"ck n’nh l''f 'W'ii birds, ui.d then stand and Hoiih t!.e strug;-la to tlie death.” Cilonel Willis .Vlslos, known ^s “II r est \V;llis A's- ton,” the grand uncle of B ib Alston, f. ught a d. Z'ia duels in one wiiitcr, Hii.nberless quairels having spruog Iro.o liis assaults i.o a defauling Statu Trea - urer. He k lied two men was bims;ilf frequently wouadoiJ. His faworiie weapon was an old-fusliioiied ‘‘yngir,” which is a sort of blunfeilnis“, carrjioj; a diHihle handful of buck-shot, aiid ol (earful rxi’cutio i. A vol'iiiie niij^l t he liileel with the bloody exploits of Ihcsi" two brothers, but [ shall deal only «ith the sons of Ooloeel B'b Ahiton, who ivhere t!ic Itttar A's uiis’ ijisf-iliate ui- ccitora. AN .M.STON >n;ST DIK WITH IllS HOOTS ON. Old 0;il. Alston, who was himself killed in a duel, had three sons—'.Villls, Gideon and Augustus. Willis Al-t in was tlte fatl'Cr of 0 iloiiel II. A. Alstoii. liich of these bcotliers ch'DP to hisdtuth by viiilence, »r dieJ.iis tUe family Ira'li- tion runs, ‘in his boots” (ji'lomi A!k- t«n. the fiiSt of the three to die, v. a kilW'd ia a I'eculinr mam er. liis broil er Wilis aas in Nashvilli’, 00 a loiilli frolic, wlie ) he betat^e »ery nnich en a-niored of tho lady who ii'ter* ir.l oi.vr- nod I)''Uvtof—a Mi^s Tciiir h', 1 tie'.jcve. Ho p.ii«l her assiJuous suit I'. r sjVornl moKlhs,, while cnjjiKjed i ■ iliia dillian^e, lor.ned an ntt:icluMt:id liir h ypiini; S^anisli boy, named Peiat, T’is boy n IS I'rieodle fs and p«or and .'Vision adopted him, talii:|^ hi;u hoiue wit'.i him nliim be left Naslivillo. It ap- prars that there was some fouling be tween I'ulut and Gideon Alst >n ; at any riite they lel> the hi'use at nijlit and went into the jnrd for the pupose ol ‘•practicing with tliuir pistols.” Gide. 11 was then a c llejjo boy, having jiist turned .sophomore in the Estate U..i.ver- sily. Ill a few woinei ts ha left ttic house with I’ulut hv was luuud iu the yard, witji a plitui bullet through hia braia. PeUt niJ that he had shot him- ••ir aecidratalljr, tad this ii all that «ai •*tr kaowa of tba matter, A FLORIDA TRAOKpy. Aid aon eaati oae of the innit rc- maikaMe tr*|Wlin U ' the hiatorf of tbia itctioa •• r«ll of tragedies. There wa* liviag U Florida, then a primitive rcglaa, yotiBg L«lgb Reed, a man uf |>reat ability, gentleaeaa and cnurane. lie araa almnst idul z >d by tha people of that State fur hi* gallast services in thi> fl(rce Indian war*, hatliit; by bis kkill nnd fearleuneti-aevaral times saved the little culuny from destruction by the SemiouU's and their allies. A ^tory is told of him that will lllutlrato his char acter and at the same time show how delicate wss the aensn of pe s inal houor at that time, Qenerul Iteed was a po litical opponent of Unvernor Call’s ann ntid at the sarao time bis personal friead. Political feeling; ran very high, and on cIi'ctioH day a Mr, White made some rrflectlous upua the intrgrlty of Oovei- B»r Call. lieed at ooce challeaned him for a duel. The n:en acnt, were both desperiitely wounded, nnd behuveiJ with great g:illantry, fi^hiiujj. [ believe, with bowieknivrs, their left ha'ids beinj; strapped toeether. Some time after ward Uced liHcaine involvod in .1 diin.ul- ly with the Alstons. I give the story as it nns ni«n:i mo by Cfilonel 11. A. Alston himself. He siij that an article appeared in n newsp.iner ri-fl.'Ciioiw 011 (ioverniir CjII. Col uiel Augustus .Als ton, who aas tho leader uf the Call faction, de^nai^dcd the name of the author. Hr was furnished with the name of General Heed, aho was the loader of the P|»posito faction. He at « ce challenged Oene'al li ed, and a meeting was iirrnn|;ed. The weapons sehcted wero “vnoers,” this deadly weapon heinp, nj I ha«e said, a favorite with tho .Mstoiis. Colonel Alston was attended by Mr. Kannn, his bruthor-i i- I.A*. At the word ‘‘Ooe” Colonel Als ton’s gnu fjkplotled, it being hair-'.rig- 0 red. Ttio contents vvero disc!iari;ed 1 to tlfo air. C loni I Aliton droppeJ dead in his tracks, llis sister a most .SI iiited won tti), was nearly craK"d iit. tin; news of Iii> death. Sbe sec.ired tho lead that had killed him, nnd with her .wo hands sha molded it iiitu bullets and seiil tlieni lo her brothtr, Willis Alstoti (the father of H A, Alston.) an 1 ioiolored him to corns oiij n^enge the ■ liMlh of bis br.thcr. S 10 wrote that _!)i‘ had bci’n mMrdcre.I, and the Alstons '. I'.i'rn.J to tlii'i belief, althouoh the gen eral st^ti iiiiiiit ij that the raee-i.ig was a i'.iir one. Geneial ll^cd using only his j ,st rij;ht io firini; alter the exidosion of Alston’s “yager,” At a»y tale it was very null u'ldeistood that Willis Alston n'l'uld scid{ reverge for his brothei’s death, as the family for generalii.ns had ■ !i!ide one of all their quarrels. Tlic n St uieetiiic between Alstuu nnd llced was dramatic. The Ijegislalure had j ist, and U;ed had been elected Siu aktr. lie was a young iya >, «fex- cfptimial poiver and pop ilarily, nnd his lifu promised lo he brilliant and illus trious. lie had invited his fiictidi to tlie nsiial legislative supper, and the baiiqiet was in progress, everything gi-iog merrily nnd well. Suddenly a t :11 fijiure, m; fll d in ». swtogi-ig cloak and with n sloush hat drawn down over ilio, stalked through the open door. Without a woid it intide for the head of the table, where Ge eral- U“ed was sitting. Instantly cries of “Alston I .Vision I” nroso a-d ran do\vn tho la^le. At thesa cries the thmk was thrown back and Alst.iu was recngtiited ll:ed rose from his s0.1t. urd, whipping a pis- t d out of his p i k.'t, la o'e i it nt his assailant and firc:l. The trail strutk A'stoii ill his wpliftc I hand, carrying awiy two fingeis. Tois did not slip liitn, but brand shirig a b iw'e-ltiiifa. he cl sed on Iljed. H^fore the men conlJ b.; parted U.-td was cut pretty severely, iir^d Als'.“, I helievp, w .mided ngaiii. Alsliin was taken from ihe room, and for some months nothing ..more wa; heard o( lliu niaUor, 0-.e day General Itrtod was wa'king down the ilriets of I'allahasseo wheu ho ras fired upo 1 by Ciiioiitl Alston. Tiie contents of otie barrel of a shotgun was poured i .to his sluiulder, aud as he turaed tu c uifroiit his assailant lh» other luad went into his heart. He fell ai:d died, Coloecl Aliton’ii friends siiy that ha ha 1 given ilecd notice that he iutcuded lo kill him on si,jht. KILf.ED BY A won, ^yillis Alston went to Texas, where he iivid for suae tince. He settled lit ar 15 az irs^i. There was a Dr. Scew- ai t, who for soma reason or other, pur sued tho matt;.'r of the iljed killing .and i.sud ri.'tuaiks diTiij^atory to AUton. AlsU;ii hcaiiiig of it wrote the remarks (loiv-*, (ind mem in" Stewwt on the praiiio oiie day asked him to say whether or n it he was respoiisibla fur those re- ijiaiks. Dr. Stewart 'took the (iaper, 3>.d while tMi-t(!..iiing Id read it, pul his ii.iiid i to his holsters aa.l drew his pi.i ds H'ljimpi'd iilT his h irsi on tlui sidi! iipp.isiie Aiston and fired into liio’. A desperate fl^ht ensund, in wl.ich Alston was shot twice, and his stom.icli SI cut his bowels pro- troded, U>! killed Stewart, however, pciiiring a loud id' Uu^Iishot into him aitsr he was pronu upon tha earth. Ho nas lakou to j.iil almost dead. He was a lamuus fi Idler, and priictiring a fiddlf. Sit there ’•with bis entraili protrud- iii;:,” as he wrote lo a friend, playi' g tlie old luiias uf his boyhood. Uis b^dy servant gained admission to his cell nnd ha I a cod' uf rope wrapped about bis body. Wilb Ihii he wjs gniug tj try and escape. Suddenly a mob assaulted the Jail, overpowered the Shcr'IT, broke III the doura and seised Colonel Alston. He »aa gam* to the last, and fi ldled up tn tbe very ia.ttaut he was aeizijd, his dauntless face lookirg full upoo bis as- sailanta, U« was tumbled lato a blank et, the ends twisted, and he was lhr« bnstled out «f the j lil. Ooce out In the street he was thrown tu the crouud, still enveloped in the blai.koi, and a hundred bullets wero poured into hia bo'dy. Thus died the of tho * Iliili- fax Alstnas.” They were a remarkably athletic and handsome raco of incn Gideon, who was killoi by IVlal, is al ways cited as the hatidsiimcst youngster of his day. It may be said hero that the young C.istiliaa who killuj him was put latu Ihu nav« as a, and was drowned in the Mediterranean. Wil lis Alston was a mm uf wonderful strcnifth. He ooce I'houlderrd a load of 800 pounds dead weight, and carried it through the streets ol H;iarla on a bet. His life was a stormy one. His feud wilb the lugrams, a brave and powerful family, was the sensati in of Georgia for ihe time it lasted, II3 aU'ays carried his “yagfr” with him, arid escaped the whole (Ufli.’ully with only one finger shot nw.iy. Tills fend d. a « it *■ d under the title*of “The Watch,” nnd sold largely. Its authors were never discovered, nr they wcii’d haio been killod, as the heroes of that d ay did not loleralu Ihe puMicatioa of tlieir irmibles Tho niiumscript was discovered loie (Doming ill Ihe yard of a liarl 'ss widow, who published it hcrsell' and sold i’, making a great doal of money by it, fOI.ONi:i. llOlillliT .M.ST 'N. C d. U A. Alstiin was a remaikablo man. Filled with all the chivalry, fear lessness nnd hot-hea le luess of his race, he dreaded, above nil other things, tneelii'g an end like his niiccslors. U was not fear, for nn Alston does ii«t know what fear is. H i was as bravo a mao as ever lived, lu thu urmy, as one of Morgan’s«, ha .was the nio.t reckless and daripg of Itieni all. 110 once actually hiid a biscuit shot from licliri’vii hi.s Icelli, but with .» Ian,;!) he continued his breakfast. Ho said tu your corro'poiidont ooce: “I have .-i boy who is a hit.hoaded ft lUuv liinisel'’, and I have taken my wile's hand in mine many a tinie and kne'.t with hrr by bis bedside and prayed to God that I mig'it Infimth hi'ii a laiacv of pvi u o nnd a q tiel death,” It »as l.inbcst ambition, ns lie lias ulien said, tu liruiik tho old tradition tlmt “an Alston must die in liis boots.” Ooco a;;aiii I was with him when ho was going to the field to meet Col. K. Y. Clark, of n rival newspaper. Tho challeiiKO had bc'.'n issued, and he was jnst eoiiio to takit the •nidoiglit train. SniUk'nly, bc'tnrncd lo j a dark wall, and, leaning his head on his hands, prayed aloud that God tiiig'il spare hi.u ihe death his people had died, and allow him lo live in peaco til! n quiet death could claim him. lie never bt'lievoJ, however, that this WBuld be granted him. It inade him gloomy to talk of it, but to his Iriends he would say that he k'.ew his drstiny was lo ‘die the Alston death,” llu even hud u superstition that a certain man was going tu kdl him. There had never been any trouble between then’, but Alston always said, “ man is niy fate,” Tho uia 11 wis his fiiend, and oevcr bejama anything else. Despite these gloomy ihoughis, Alston nas a devout believer in the codn. After he had j'iiied the church Uu still adhered to his belief. “It is a peacemaker,” he Slid, Iti .South C irolinn, where the codc is above Ihe Slate law, ihcre i.evcr was so qniet and diicor.nis a co.nmnnily. 111 Charleston county there wss not a murder in eighteen years, and the fi es of the Charleston 0 iiiriur for Iwenty- five years do not sh>w the use i.f the word “liai” or ‘scoujidrei” or any similar epithits a single limn. There were no street fight) or row«, nnd no assasiiiiations. A high code of honiir was establinlied, and ’ it made even cuwaiils bravo men. He used tn tell of a Carolina Judge (Mr. Pettigrew), who, •having two men before him for trying lu fight a', said: "Goiiilcmen, it will lake ma an hour t'> write nut these warrants. In the inennlime Ihero is a slcamer at my wharf that can take yeu you out of my j irisdiction, so that you can complete your wmk before I c«nld li lid ynu.” Col. Alston never lought a duet himself, though be issued ai:d ac cepted several challenges. Tho conserva tive spirit of these latter days almost always settles these matters without the exchange of shots. While Alston would have died befarc ha would have submitted lo a dishoneirablo com promise, I know ivhat stubhorn her.^ it rrqtiired tfl carry him into nn iifiair of honor. He shrank ivith horror from such lest. His whole life was ovorshaf'- owed by thfe memory uf hi.s ancestors ^nd their bloody oi;ds. lla was a re cognized authority on matters of the codi-, ur.d was usually called i.ito all prominent alfairs. While he nas tin- acious of tho hwnor of h’s principals, he never stickled for technicalities, and iisnnlly snceoded in niij.ntiiig llio diifer- eiices-, Uoly once was he secon 1 in a fatal meeting, lie atteiidSJ youfg Muliiraw of Clinlestoo, nnd loaded the I'istol that killed T.ihor, There ap peared io the Ciiarlcstim Mercury a C'niiiiuiiicatioii assailing Judge McGraw, signed with a nom da plume. C.iiitrary to tbe usnal practice of demao3ing the uamo of ihe author of tho ofl'ei sivo aiticle, Alston demanded for McGraw s.ilisfactioti of Tabnr and his two edi torial associates, holding that thu grava- meu of tbe oll'euce was Iu' the pu'jiii.’)!- lion. The name of ths author wai olTertd and declined. Tabnr then «r- nounired himself responsible. McGraw, through Alston, challenged the three editors, naming Ttbnr first. The parlict went :o thu field. At the secend shi t Tabur jumped straight luto the air, fell upon his back, shivered and died, >icGrai« was uuhurt, aoil the allulr stopped there. UlS I,.\ST MKKTINO. Alston had been engaged in many personal encounters, but never bad been seriously hurt. It was harder fur him to taki! an insinuation of insult than fur almost any one else ; but be always repressed his auger, and, if passible avoided trouble, lie was a fine talker, a genial gentleman, uf isinHing address, and those saved him from many didi- cuUies that hts impetuosity would have led him into. Uis favoile maxim, how ever, was the saying cf Sir Uoyle Itoach, “The best iras to avaid danger is to meet it plumply I” and his boldtiess often suriiusd where temp irizing would have failed. In tbe truuble that led to his death, after he had been sent oflf by Cox to am) himself, hit firtt imp^jlse was to get a doablc-barreled shot-jun Hiid go back and look. Cox up and kill him. Ho was thoroughly acquainted with the violent habits vf bis unciny. and knew best how te meet thooi. He was dissuaded from his choice, however, by Giivern ir C.ilqnitt and others, Hu was v,ry much depressed at the i'ica that Cox was bunting him down, and seemed to have a premnnition of what was coming. He said, throwing hiir Self into a chair in tha Treasurer’s >(Bce, “It is awful hard lo know that a man is dogging you an^l that you have got t * kill him or be killed,” Instead of going off tn arm himself, ho went into a restaur .nt t'> get some dinner. Ho ate heirtily, but was very much worried. Atlenglh be was persuaded to take a pislid, getting one that be had iinvor icon b'jfore, n self-cticking six- shooter. When ho entered tho Treng. iirei’s ( nl:a h'j eeemed relieved to think h:» had fouad a retreat fr mj the trouble. Xii sort of peis wial fear moved hi n but the idea »f bloodshed si’emod to sicken I i n, When In saw Cox cn’er and half dra'.v his pistol at a man evidot tly miitakcn for him he seemed to know that his time had come. Ho grew a sh ide pale and his face hardened and grow stern, llis fust w. rd, though, was an .ippcal. ’'I a’n not going to have ativ il.lficiihy with yo'i,” he said; “you must let mu al ine.” Cox still pcr.sistod Imv.cvev, growing angrier ull liie lime, ,\l le ioth when he stepped back nnd closed the door and said, “I will force yon, sir,” he seemi' l tu give up ull hopo. O ipl. J ih'i Nevin", his friend, who wiloes'ied it aP, descri’tes the scenes that f.'lloived : ‘•Coloi el Hub rose quiet and calm, j.isl like ho was going to iiiako a speech, Thero was not a tremor about him. 'All right,’ he says, ■we’ll have it out right hero. Are y«u nriiiod?" With that he drew bis pistol, Cox's was already nut. 1 threw myself Ijptwcen them and said. ‘No you don’t, yOiiileinei 1” Oi'louel 15ob thrust his hanl over my shon'.der and fired, strik ing Cox in the mouth. At the same time Cox fired and tbe bill went Ihroiigh my whiskers. Their hands nearly crossed as they fired. I still held them apart. They fired again hv 1110, and I then turned thooi loose, Cox was jumping aid dodging nrnund, hut Colonel IJ ib never mo.rd. IL: stood straight as a statue. .\fter he had shot his fourth shot I e turned his faco to me and smile I that peculiar smile he As he turaid hn palleJtrisFiipr anain and his pist '1 snapped. Then C> x fired again, and I s iw a re.I spot O' za nut in Col. B lb's teiniile. C .x was trying to cock his piiitol again when I jumped in and threw hi u b ck, catching Col, Bob. lie sank in my arms. When I turned, (’ X was sitting iu a chair spitting blood, with bis pistol on a table. He said 'I am a dead man.’ I cut Col, IS ih's shirt open,” Stale Treasurer Uiynor says lhat Alston put both his bands on C ix's breast and said, “KJ , for God's sake, let us have n i dilficn'ly. I don't want to kill you ; you shuuldn't want to kill mo.” Tin: -U.SfON TiKSTtNY. Alstuu had a peculiarly winning and handskime face, and a seoii-inilitnry iiianoer- lie stood liko a statue whil shouting, his huudsome fuco set and stern, with thu old AUtoii fire blazing from his eyes, turning his erect figure by military half wheels to present bis sido always to bis shifting cuemy. After he had been shut down Mr, Kd, Mercer, nho knew of bis foreboding about dying with bis bouts on, said, “lie shall not die in his boots, by God I” ar.d tenderly took them olf, “The scene at the death bedside was affecting i 1 the cx'reme. Only the must inliioate friends ar.d the family were admilt'id, a f(«'Ce of pi lice beatii'g back the host that surged against tbo doors, Ai it w.^s evident that he must die iu a few mi ments, Mrs. Alston asked Govcraor Colquitt, who was kneeling by the dying man, to pray. Wi.h a voico broken with emotiun, huldiyg Alstoii’s band, thu Governor prayed aloud, while every eyt streanud with tears. And thus n .thout ii shudder, with hardly a moan, bis fave peaceful and half smil Dg, bo died. I i his bed, bis wife aud friends about him, prayers going to Qod with his fleeing soul,, and only the ghastly bluo-red holo ii^his tuuiplo to tell that the old Alston destiny had overtaken him aud iBH ho bad left tbe AUtoo heritage to his »uu. He leaves two bruthert—on* • pram'- nent Alabamiaa and the •thrr living cb his place—both mi 81 txcrlleot gentle men. H« leaves a wif* and four ell Idreo—a devoted and admirable laaiily. They have a fiiia plantatien; but the uoble genernHity ef Cul, Alttoa’a life leaves little els4. llo was a trae man, a callaot friend, a rising states man. The whole city and thonstnds nl friends throughout the Union mourn his death, C.ix is getting better, but will be seot Co jail to await bis rial. AN iRlminERT Mv I)KAn Nkpiiuw;—T hseo’t sent you a letter suiCh the U>t time I wrote to you, lieknsN we mnved from our lorni'r pisctf of llvlnij and consrquenlly I emt In't tell where a lottir would Sod you But I aow, with pisieure, lake my pen to Inform you of thu death nl ynur own living unc'e, Ivilpathriek, wh.i died very nu ldenly lust week aftlier a lini{eriai{ illness nl tick months, The poor mau was in violent eonvulstnn:) durini; tho whole time ol hia •iekoess, lyin:{ pcrtectly qi!et aad speech- Ins, all thii lime tsikintf lORohareotly, and eallinK lor wather. I bad 110 llmi lo lo- f»rm you uf hia death sooner, except I had wrote ti> you by tbo Isft post, wliioh weut oU ten dnya before he died, aud tbeu you’d hsd p»atage to pay. I am at a loiii lo tell what his death was oirrasioned hy. but 1 fenr it was by his Insl »i. kn«»a, lor ho was nrver well ten daya the iilither during tho whole time of hia eon. Qneinent. and I believe his death was oc> cneinned b? his steing too moch rabbits Bchuffcd with pay* and wriivy—or pavaaod Rravy FChulTeil with raljbits—I cm’t lull which. Itut be that as 11 may, siien aa he breatbi-d his last tha dnckthers i(ave up a'l hopes of h's rfciivery, I can’t tell yon anything about his age, for yon well kaow th«t in March next he'd have heoo twenty- five ypsrs ould, lackine ton manths, and had fie lived till that time he’d been jitt six iMonlhs dead, llis UMpeily n >w revolves to his next of kin, who all died a one tiiric ai;o, so that I expected that it will he divided botwren U4, and you know hia property was some- ttiin^ very cnnaidurablu, for ho had a Hne estate that were sowl i ts pay bis debts, nnd thu retnsinder he lost in a horse>rsee; but it wsa lha npinion of every one at the time that bu would havo won tbe raco if the li.ame he lun a;jainst hadn't been too fast for him. I r.c'.'cr Faw a man and the dacktbers all eay *0. tliat obsaived directions nr tuck medleine hutther than he did. Ue said he'd aa lure take bitlher alloways as sugar ean ly, 11 it only had the snnio taste, and »a ipcoacniia as whiskey punch, if it wauld only put him in the sanie humnr lor fl.(ht- I3at, poor soul, ho will uiver ate nr 1 Ink more, and you havoa’t a living rela- lii.n li'f't iu the wi le wnrld, exccpt mysolf and your two cousins who 'were killed iu thn last war.' I can’t dwell on this monrn- ful snlijeet and I shall aale my letter with lack salln wax nnd put on it your uncle's cart ol aiiun, so I lieg you not to break the ale when you open this Ictther, and dan’l open it nuiil three or tuur days alther you’ve r.'sarved it, by whiih time you will lie prepared for tho sorrowful tiding*. Your sweetheart, ,lu ly McGeo, rends yon her love unknownst to me. When Pat B',nnci;«n urrivi s in Amcrica ax him for thi:. letlhui-, and if he aloes not ktiow it Irom idl tlie rest, tell him il’s tiio one that piik.^s iibiiut your unelu’s l«ath nnd S’lled in lilack. I iciuaiu yonr allectlonate Ould .Orsnlmother. .IcDV O'flooLlOANB. To Mistlior liirry O'lloa igioe, lately *f thu town of Tullyiuucklesbrts, In the Par ish c.f Ralltra'xvel, near B iliyschluh){Ut- thery, iu the couctry Kilkenny, in Ireland, naw in Amrrira, lorniust the pump, N. U. O.'u'l write to me till you reearvc this, I*. .•. When yon eomo lo Ibis place stop and duc’t re id any more till tbe dox\ AN EXCITINQ PLAY. THE ROANOKS MVWli AOVKRTISINO lAtWr."" - . J ■>: - 8PA0I On* Two . Tbrea 11 S il- ^nara, SOOf IMiMl&f HquarM, II U110 Mill Mj MHquaraa, •« UHlivKl Fonr Sqoaraa,' lOMI .MM 15 !!!?!! ?? f ■alfOolumn! MOtiMMiMSi Hrbolo Column. On" yU»T .. J^OAjrOKI AQXXOUltTVK > woBxa. a I - »n WKLDON. N. JOH> ji. rooTB. RICHARDSOH COTT»« rB«« > n'l A aPBCIALTT. XAMVPAcrrvaMi av, am» •■hhbal a«hi« - r.-' , 4iab ALL KINDS UF FAEMIKa.„lM' PLBNENT9. STEAM ENGINES AND CQl^fllM QINS. Also Agent for tho Chleago fieale pauy'a UNITED STATES STAMfltilib '■ .pi'j itH I ■ SCALES. ''' •=« The I hiy was full af heavy villains, tbe leading Uiy w»s tbe luiiHuent maiden up'n nhcei Ihiy had designs, and tbe troulilii was nil brnnght about by her bav iiii to rend her pait Par instance, one villain enters aud seizjs thu leading lady, Tlie latter l.'>iks at her manusciipt and read;; ''Unhand mu villain (business).” Now, ••business” means that a atrugglo should en-uf. tiut the leadiog lady in her ai^i'ution renders it thuc; ‘ Uuband me. yillair! Rusinrss.” Tbe villain stands hack ali'ished at this unexpected turn an l promp'i-r gnes rriiZir and yells, •‘Take hold it bell Helen ltli'7, si tnko bold of her,” The vill tin rushes up to srizj iba wom%u, who leuks at her raanuscrlpt uni shrieks "iiooiur than submit 10 your eiubiace, T will take the knilu. Then she pauses and losks a ounJ tor tbe knife. .The prompter bythistiniii is turning haod-springs all over Ihe ll inr, kicking the wings to pieces teaiirg his hair, and shoutini;, ‘ Okl God frey’a curdiall why don’t you take the knifel—the knife, blank It, the knite! U is in bis belt," The ki.ite is linslly teizei', the fill dn obligingly turning araund sn tho womsD ran cnnvtnionlly get it. The prompter cdins down until a scene is pro duced where 11 villain, with a big pistul in llis hand, is at the door of a chamber In see that Ihe beiiiine does not esoipe. It Is his boslMuss to go to to sleep, and Ihe lady't business to evcipe by him, just before the other two villains rush io and exclaim, “Aha hc'c she is.” Uul she hss lust the pi ce, and ai the cut throats rush in and make their exclani itioos, there she is sure enough. Tne prompter becomes a drivel iug idiot, II s Iliad is more than he Cun bear, and hii mind gives way beoekth it. He asks to to buried io a retired spot and sinks to tbe fi.ior, whila the stage mansgcr throws his bands over his head, n aves them wildly in the air, dinces a hornpipa be- htad tho scene, and yells at the leading Udv, “Get off the stage! ’ The woman is on licr di;(Bity byi thla time, and sirhles caliuiy by tbe viilaiu wilb Ihe big pistol, wh« looks at her wilb open mouthed wonder aud allows her ta paaa him. Then tho other two villiaas look at her and exchdin, “By heavens! she has es caped ui!’’ and the bouse eet'a ifp and re- maik, that it's too tbrllltug filt any Itse,, aud it may be “formed” if It isn’t the bi‘.{gr8t 'go’ Tulodo has had for yeart.'—* ' Tuleiiu C'oumvrcial. BvsrythluK in tbia llaefrwRi n IfWrtlOH Rattroad Hoaln to tba SMAltljmT TKA Soafa fUrnfahed at Burprlalnc ijoi^ Wlk- ure*, A Pfatforoi HAT or MTOOK ttin or FOUR TUNS aapaofty fbr •«#.••«!• Freight. ,t 10m ji.-w All kinda of IKON AND BR.VS9 Furillahod at SHORT NOTIQ|L.MLA..a Petal aburg or Norfolk PRloisr ^ '• '.S I am prepared' t» do AMT dtlMD *f Repair Work for , ■ . • • U ENGINES, MILLS ANJ^-’OMMV QllfS; ' ' ev >ii.a mtim >£il As I tiava an BxeaUant MAOaumBaM BOIl.BR MAKBR. ^ “ S1ABJ*3a ' ; rc.i ui U«oda I keep nenatantlT'n* banff-'^M* ManabiKun^aOOA^OrMgiliyi^ ■ iU U» eat GOAL AMD WC ^010 •> 3>ij Mlffr . ■ I Wa^B aaportaMk t.TJMBKR hi#AktVh' H *na JuUHTRiivinrliM' ••p« 1 b

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