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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, April 10, 1879, Image 1

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THE ROMclfflXX-& MEWS y) WIBKLT NBW8PAPBB WIf !»■. IiOa« * W.W. HAItl.. .jiJSoTDAiU:-., •., 0*« TMr, In >dT«aMi fis MnnihR, “ brM Month*, '* A:. * f3 ool I m 7S otoJ £ f»||6p«S«IONAL cAHb>. ' b wXrV'^tT"u l a r k, ATTOBMBT AT I.AW4 lir.JOiy.""' rHviisiorrni taii'4li»'waiity .oCiilltl Id adJohilalfoMiiaMwf tiKl tha f ■ VBOBVV BBM.T.IBT;^ nftnr^r .Uv*ba,' . V . '•r.Tfc vi*« >0*n b« (hand (t-kia oIBm In 'ttoflM. ■Par* Tfitmqiblijjt* tot lb* PSn. Exttj^iig «n h^d. ;ktT#RXBt AT LAW. LIOMln th* asorta «r tha a yry *!i>wn. vsif^ I!.' '.■■'rr:i;.| /a/, .■•ij il ) I. i^uijliiO.dnji^ ili.if » Hlq 1 .IlkH.-' T» H Jf »}fl ll.n T^.l ■>• -•*•1#: .i,ri ,1«J. ;.in/ ..').K -.M.Jt ^ }j^0 ; .M'i '7. ; I. . v5£; Viii! iv.i'frjvj i ;r' 4i .1.11 1'. ^i^LfeON, fet^^D!A.Y, APItlli 10. ista Nd 6. LOVE AND HOP|^ A MOHR bMid* Ita only III graaa and baaur ' Till In aniRht ofntoi Tbajr illaappaarad Tba roaa lla darilnv Tbo bud huHR dow And hy lha partlDj Kaoh daemad thi But aonn tba ann' Saw both in raptm 80, inotherl trom tl By r>rtUHa'a blai TbnuRli p»rtlng maii Ami faara tby mind Uaed not, fur atoriml Uoiibt net, for rnud And bspa trlunipMObv Sball arolle away eaobi , ^ For God Ih lova ai wall an powar, And anoablne fullown aTsry abnwsr. fl«p« hvi ')(> :/ r : On. haw beatfltrair -ttenTtaM Hthel Skaron; ■( on' • '•kmmef morning tb« stood by t|i« iWfnf; Uud> lOB, and watched ibe aaa •• it tasted nn th« ,09a|>itic lieighu of Storm King ai|d Croya* Nett, u4' . tiv tarrouadiai *aU«7* btlow. Ai she st»od t«« kttn rlrtj she madt f., lovely ^i^ictura;^ l«U nlirax Md 8u(fri^a rJaoiiV ■ HOMAS.V. Lkt ' ' ~ f -J .p 5 , J m^ALIPAX, N.„0. , ->0tl9#»V. {o'H||lU»k aiu^r adioininR it(M «aA fwani and Snprema Co arts. Will ba ntiAoatlaad'KadlCi onoe avfry w. n. DAT, A' w. yf,. hul. H A L II' ^TTORNeyt AT LAW, WBI/DOW, IT. O. Vraatloa to th* oaurt* of fa'allflix and .dy|)«kitnit ooantles, and In tba Suprarae Md'Pcdaral oourla. dalnaacallaetedtki'any part af North Nrialina. Jon 2U1 t o A'V^I if I. il V MAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW , , , HALIFAX, H. O. ‘ fMaMmi lit tba-oaarta of ^alible'iand •dJalnlni; oaantias, and in tba Suprama •ad Fadaral Ooirt«. QUtaii oallaota4 in all parts of Varth ■Mri July 4-1-*. . MOiiy •Boa la th* Oi>art Housa. 1>^ S * , * u a T b M, ^ k. ATTORNEY AT LAW. XALITAX, I. 0. ,9r^kta*a 1* . lha Caarta of S»Iirax and Os’intiea adtolDlng. In tba S=Sil« -'(Mart «f th* 8Ut*, and Ih tba Vadaral Psarts. Will glra aiiaoUl attsntlan to tha oolleo* Man •rolalnia,and t*adjusting tbe accounts •r ■zaautsira, Adimlaiarators and Oiiar* diana. dec-lfi-tf X. f • I S Z A S O. 9 ATTORNEY AT LAW, MAUPAX, V. 0. __ i In th« Oanrt Hons*. Striot att«fi- tlaa atm t* all hraaoboa *f tha profes- *!•»->' J««l»-l* B. AtrOR>IEY AT LAW, ■■riu*. miUfiLX MVXTT, IT. c. Praatlaas la th* Canatlas of Halifax, Mh.'.’ldgMoMha and Wilson. 9*li**tiaa* aad* ia all parts *r tha ■ ■ Jan W-* I A K. B f B. ,0 ' ATTORNEY AT BBriBIB,i.|l. H A «A, LAW, ,c. Praetless ia tbs Coantias of Ealifisx, BdKSoa Mb* afid I^asb. In the Snprama 0*art *r th* Stat*" and la tbo Fsderal Oaarta. Oaiiastions asada in any part af the Btata, Will cttiaad at. tba Court Uouae in -Italilltx «B M^aaay aod Friday of eaob 'w**k. Jau 12-1 0 ^KBBBIf J. BURTON, ATTOBWBT AT X.A1T, ; 5 , , , , ft! ; . WELDOIF, N.kJ. / Praetioas In tbe Oonrts of Halilnx, War- MB aad Northainptan countiea aud in tbe ■•MM and Fadtfral Ooarta.' Olatass a*u*ot*d in any part of North Oar*Uaa. juna 17-a ,U«|W|bwfK.n(, , I. t » 4911N A-.aoo«i. U O 0 R K AiprORMEYS AT LAW. . In ttad>‘0^rftlM 'M BaHIWx, iwafpten, BdgfeAombe, Pitt and Har- ^InJtbe Supre'i>6 Coiirt of tli» Bt»to 'h*. Federal Oonrts' of tb* JSastarn _ Jtta«« mad* in any part of North OMWiia*. ' jan 11 OH« ft. ^ . piwtui«4 fc||tt .1 slight, bvl perrMtljr^ fC4* hair Miiog in' heavy c*>*'ls mIow her waiit, bar,dark blu* eyes lighted up ler'and idwiratteiT'nt- tk»-wr- ruundiag j^{*w/and a's^|le)oa l^r sa^e^t li|)i which lighted' op her Tace lad made her most fair to see. Oae band rested on the large tetter which stvod by her side. Suddenly th* Dots* of horses’ hoofs she ssw approaching two young men on h*rs*baclc; behind them came a dog cart with a groom ia atteudance, and th* aeeestary articles for a jourBcy across IIm country.. As thej ame;r-e*r they raised their hats, and tho geatie* man on lli* side nearest her auid,— Pardon lae, hut will you be kind eaoegli to tell me tha naaie of tbuse monntaif.a apposittt}*' She felt thi; coiiir ruth t* her, lifting: her large frank eyes to bis, the replied,— 'Certainly; Storm Kiag and Crows* Nest.” “And is that West Point just below?” “Yes.” ‘ Many tha»ks far your iiiformation and again toocliii'g their hats, they road leaving her to wauder who they wire, and'wherd' (hey liad "irved, flfal they'ateded'to. ask tke pames tff tbo mountains along tho iludiion. She Wiitched them out of sight, then calling her dog started on a run for the lovely horaa-aesUhif Ki (initng tUe irtH' at the foot of “Brettkucck.” She was tha ouiy child of Mr. oad Mrs. Thorn, and her sweet, lotiag ways and pleasant disposition had given her the pet naone “sunshine, ” by wliich nil vho iu«^d ber.c^Uedii(er; stiel ajiboogh- in her nineteeth year, she was as light bearted and giy as a child, for sorrow had not touched her ianoceiit heart. As she approached the house, Quslied by cxercise, her father met her, say- ing,— “Sunshiae, I wss afraid ynu had met with an adventure, you stayed so long, aud was just starting to look for you.” "Suppose I sbou'd tell you I had mot with a* adventure?’' “I should have to put a stop to those morning walfc!, or eUa accompany you. Bdt come, break fust is ready, and mamma impatient.” While seated nt tho table a letter was brought ia la Ethel from her dear fr|a>«d,«H'''‘i^'Wa(s>'*> hcggiag ker tu make her a long visit, saying her brother was t» return huoie that inorviag from a trip across the cnnnlry, hrinaiiiff his Earapeaa friend, O«i:ri>o Stanley, with him. She wanted likhei’s'help In enthrr taining them. S'l, after proper preparation, Eihel took the afternoon train' to Peekskill, wber* Mi»aie lived, and in a short time the two girls were basy talking oier ^heir school days together. Miairte was a tull. handsome brunette, and though but a f«jv jnonths^ Ethel's se*loi^,\ society hil!e,*and,’T 'iim adrry to say, a flirt, while Kihel shunned any* tiding ^f the kUd as dishonorable. Rjt tn giHs wrre firifal friends, aad juved each other, dearly. "And who, Minnie, is yo«r brothsi’s friend y«tunnBi|itiH>ed 2 ^Sims «e«> ad mirer of yours?” "Oh, Dnl 'l had Aever seen him until to-day, . He met Londo*, and they trovelliid for' o^er i' ykarnHgether, a,n4 1(0 bpcsmf^^f^st^ ftiendji. He„is haMiome, aad I tnmk I shall j lib* kim if be, will only coadeseetid Ho notice me-’*' " diinger.'but he will do that, Minnie. I am quits anxious tn see' four brothtr. As t iifkvb befef met him. isv ftLike me 7. OrscioM! no I [le is a firmed batcb^ldr.r aiiless be meets MSei IB hjs wafder|R«, ,he wil|,Bewr ma(^y, fbr all morllal giiU fall far short of liis^oxptcratTons.” 1' "Is he realty so ihir4 tQ suU?” "Yes, .indeed j h^t^^ill, bia, aj^mjres beauty u'inaol>,'H%>l’hieVe.'Ihali n|(ist ]tqa*R ineB.'jYinii sb«*id have heard him describe n country girl he met this inv>ruing nn his wsy hams.' Thhre never' was sHch a^beaiitHid! crcataro^' fiire, I told him he' must have at'en a. nerMnM.”' ' • J-.''*' ■ ^ ‘ ; ••'Did TCU •»* lV>s ,j'in . ' *Wb«^ wW U?” ^ ■ ' “Q'n Ui'A; ,'r^()^ iiojpowbcfo bet^eerr Fishki|l aDdib^reiii l«o«id iia( find *at jijst where." "Wer4.^hey o'n horseback, attended a groom? Tell me q'lickiy, Minnie.’’ yen ask!” «r tall and slight, with 4lrtltacbe and dark eyits? luehestaat bnrsef” i!o«pshinel I d*—I do «(lik you he saw I Bla* yMtty-it certalaij was : ys it?” gentlemen this If t «d as they asked I* I. answered them.” gladJ Wtin't be b* tar- ' I?” . ^ ie, net to mention brother, fur per- ^member me.” "Yon ceitaiiily made ao impressioD, Saaihia.f, wHhojnt, kaowktg iti Now I ka(^ he'will love yo«, fnr he' can't help I_*hit!l happy I’’ ^j!n«en’joT tia will do no such tbiagl So flat that foolish . thou|tht .^nt j*f yoar 4i*ad as qaiQkly as possiMe.'V . "Very Well, we’ll see. But' aom« down tni^he parlor aud sing to'Mc,** Sn taying,.-'tke girls d*sasii4«d to tbe parlol*,'^d.’golag t* the -plaa*, 'Bthel laag |‘]B|(>nnl* S«e*t Bessie.*’ AH he^ «xgu\*ite vsicR rose and fell with the Wecf words uf the song, Ned Watson and his friend came into the r*om, aud stood entranced behind tha singer.' RistW|fOhni th'irTihfln, the pmelvwd Ned'sV^iictr (00kI r^i>|[«it|i>n, as, ac- Icaowledging the introduction, he said,— I think I had the pleasure of meet ing Miss Thorn this murning, did 1 not?" ' i belief ■' ' "I owe you an opningy for addresi- ing y*u, but the temptatinn tn bear ynu |ip«ak was too great to be resitted. Will ynu pardon me, and consider me your iiieitd? Alihaugh I have hut just met ynu, I have heard Mhinie speak of you so often, t!(ut it srens as though I had long known you.” "CiTtuiiily; I will willingly be your ftiend.'' Many were the hours Ned and Ethel spent in cacit otlier's society after that evening, and the long summer days seemed very short to tkcm as they rode, sailed, or watched tht mnen's light IVoni the veranda, and, as the end ol' I'](hel’s visit was fast approaching, she thought of hovv lonely sVe wi>uld be, and h»vv sRo won'd miss Ncd^s friend ship; for she was learning to love him, ana th'c.di.tcovery of that (act bad made her thorteii her visit. Sitti'ig on the vernnda the last day of her stay, and with these thou^jhts in her mii)d, sho was aroused by foMtstep', a* d lonltlHg Dp saw Ned staudiug by her side. •• rhis is the last evening we will have you with us, and I am to nak n great favor of you ; niir you walk nilh MC (hail to tba river ••Yes.” Throning a wrap around her, she tock his arm and went with him. Neither ppoke until, Standing by the water side, Nod said,— "I have brought yon here to-niglit, Ethel, to tell you nhat lias long been on my mind, and itbut I wish yon to know before you Iphvc us. Will ynu tit down here on tho bank, and listen?” Silently ccnsentinp, she sealed her self, anj ftiiding her small white hands in her lap, waited for him to speak. "I have been waiting several days fnr a ch.inco to tell you, Ethel, how much I love you. I hiivo lovod ynu e»er since that morning I met you by the water, aed brought you here to-night by that same river, to ask you to be my wife. Tell me, darling, that you love me, and will bo my darling wife, itnd bring sunshine to my heart,” . Rnisirg her eyes to his she whimpered her cunseat, and was folded in his arms. And thus we leave them, with tlse moon’s full' ligbt ~f«llrng nn them and the sarrnunding vn^ey, milking it an en chanting picture. A LECTURE ON MEMORY. “One evenina when Rilph Waldo Em- crsoii was encfiiied ;ii^ pAlarinit; hja new lecture, WK Emersnn, J wtfo" had lh«t ninincnt flitlc'nc(TTi;f“iffiTB'?r while trjina Ip driv'e s nail :^lf.h i ttbnothin!;-iron, thrust ber head Int^, his study >nd. Sikid: See here, sir, I want you to drop that evif.r- lasting pen ol yours, lor a minute or twa at least, «nd en dowh^tA the i;rnoery' and get a itinckercl for'brfeald'sst.’ *My desr,’ replied Mr,.fjmarsan,^ankin(; up from bin work, my dev., c^in’f you You see I Hm billed in a doz'in placcs to ilelivcr this lectnre o« memory, and it isn’t hull fin ished yet’ ‘And Hi'ii’s what yon -dkll ynnr Ivctiire, is il?' eiiiil Mrs, Kmerson, sharply, ‘A nice party you are to deliver a Ivoinra »n nii'iirtory.’ ‘And why. my lo»et said Mr. E', mftkiy. ■'You never bdt'of the hoos'j.that y»u don’t lorget to prft' on your hat arynur boots, ««d you nsver take a letter ei mios to mail lh»l, you ilnv't esTiyii In yoi>r'pickM far sis manttaa or It ymr nnli M I bappc%' Und 'It- (Ooncr, Uqrln'g .t1\e jiast thirty days ynu have carl rind out 'o^tliis hnuie and lo;i;ot to brlna back nn list than eevoDiy'five ar eighty umbrelUf; and ynu Icaaw yourself tht )ast time you went to church ynu took.'nut your filiie ttctb becahse, as you said, they hurt your earns and came away and lelt thsof.ip |he Mat, I sny .ypu are » nice .R>M fo taik .ta ;a, fajturrd audipnce nn mK*iory(>si>4>ll'!;au don't trat right elT .to tha opracery I'll expnue yaili boinre you're tWntycMar ‘hours'‘eilder;’ M«. Bnierlon 'lytJ'ibff’obJu'hjp' ^f«P 'fh(^'yw«J#ry,' and '.when^',^^ got f%re bd'oob|^d'(_ far' Iftle. life .nl'bim.reeolUct what h*'b|ia cnlh6 iar.'i’* n Miss Bmwn,' I havt been to 1 laaro .hpw to tell ftirtut:*. f«ld'» fellow t® a b^isk brunt'tre, giretiJti'ynti^-hsodi If you-ptiasc. LhI Mi. White, bow sudden you ar.l Well, go gjk pa. Musma jEWnt. Lika waves tliK toAih'hld 6o*kti% spray | foob tn their turn breaks on lha tnora, Tba auho diM and all it e’er,—Lewi*. Tu-Bl^,«fe t iilhidoe ill mjK ^chaa- Mr, my besrt it filled with a yearning rympa^y far.tbiuelq our.ti|(er States whot* uesrtsVre tohn' dAd'bleeding and ere tbe wound it heaird that beart it pierced t« b)e*d afrfsh. a ' . The family circle it broken, tbe merry Itilg^ter around the Rretid^ it buthed, the elueUo footttept in tba btj] il b*trd no longer; loving btndt that bare to Utely miuistered to yd«r waiilt and comfort are folded -abuv* a pnlselett heart—that beart which beat In unison with your 'Ottn it nibtinnle'W forever I Th* angel of Deatb bat -'eliiled '' tboae homes, i^nd^ere he spread hit |W[a^f to fly tnatched l^e fairest ft'iweir, ibe brightest ornamcat. This experiene* is to MW, to strange, SI) awful, tha‘, we can not grasp it. But dii^it* *ver tee a human being speaking, tmilktf one minute, tbo ^eit *‘|>(«Bk, a m ickery, a sbvli «b*oG* i» witbdrawB tb* baautiful, loviag, gentle spirit that w* know ? Ob, Qod I Ob, Qod I we cry in our agony, 'iy«l(e u« ttiiderttaod, mak* at tee; remove the terrible interval that liet between our living vision and our dead one. Oh, when we thing of the future, of bct« f* citn,|l^er. /r^lob fu( their coming, never see them ttepping to meet us, never listen fur tbe sound of their t;ent1e voices, byr tun of bappineet seemct forever set. We miss their moruing kiss; at even tide wo held .ofit despairing «r«t to them—the days are empty and dreary. We call upon them acrots the tilence that givM back nn answer. * * ’Tis hard indeed to bow without a muriuiir, but "Tbero whiapera A yoloe—’tis the voice o ' our'#'«d— ■I 16ve tboe, I loye she, paaa under the rod.’ ” Ah 1 friends, I caa.frcl for you. I, too, have'lust loved one;, fi^ though thuf6ru«l'grs*e bidM nirir forms, fruni my sight, I know that they are happy around the great White Throne above. Before tho first agony of my grief was spent, often 1 would shut my eyes that I might not sec the fl >wcrs growing so bravely on their Mtnlks, 'I'hey were here lust snniiiicr. They will be here next. Thoy nro but poor, peri>hablo little things; and yet thc^ come back to UB every year, unlike those bamao blus- sums that «o liy away from our sight tvith such bitter, pa'sinnnto tears and cries. We know that the flowers— pretty; soulless, lovely toys—havs no future ru'e, but we know our dead will rise agai'i, imiiinrtal and incoinprehan- sibir, to bloom forever', fair and st.itcly, in the garden of tho great King. But, oirj is nut that f^ar away, thaduwy^ Hud vngiie to tbo fl-iihy,; > *it|(feF eytc ,tbat would see and kiio'wT "Here are' flowers,” I cry, "but where are they ?” and 1 fold my empty arms closely above my anguished heart, that will never be satisflud on this side of Jordau’t wave. Never, oh, never 1 “OJi, ^ think ^at ■ thy,augels of Wore twinlni; tbclr coid white fuueral wreath ? Did I drtmin, as their mn.ileal voice tn'noh'ed my oar, 't'hat It wav'tha last, soi iiwanlifte, I ever should bear?” Who ia it that mourns their dead in the hitter ic* buund' winter os they do in the teider, warm, passionate spring, when every bud and leaf and fl'iwer and bird is i^uick and living, rioting in life and praiiiing (?od each aftor his kind? Spiring is tke resurrection of nature after its winter of death, the eternal reitetvlng of ail save man’s hapet and desires. The ice hoiind rivers break iheir letters and run joyously into the sea, tho bud bursts into, greenness, then into blossom. Music and fragrance fill the air, birds, beasts and ioscctt Tcjoico in the sunshine and in the new creation. The hawthorn puts fottb its piuk and white clusters., 'The plum and cherry trees drop tbulr bliwioms on the beauti ful 'Carpated earth, the meadows are covered fiith emerald velvet, tbe bfrcbes hang out their dainty tassels and the willnirt'tttfrnll their silken fringes, the (Vagiaiit violet spreads its sweet perfume iirthi sile'itt shade, the lilac, with bright fair culors, is swayed by the zephyr breezes. Life, gladness and beauty is every wher*. Vhou why, oh I wby, wilt not so'ioe of this happiness loyade my heart? , , Oil, spririg ts tairhruf, spHsg' ft com- f“''.M"6 > never yet failed ; but iPi>nes back, to us year by! year ever young and fair.' for 'the it ons oyer whnm, time bat nn 'prtwer. How care- lesl^y .the birdt tiug.l O, birdtl can you not give me a. little of your light liChrttlfidNfa Or^ACrHfiliriietfult^ttl you hardships,.no doubt, ,l>ut. you do no‘t 'teein' to W fibfe Ce " reAem> !b«r.- ■ . ■ . I i i. , 'Ml turn tO' th* dooB when a footataii. { ■ ■ bear,' ■■ And for a inomom I fanny tha lost «ill api'Oar, • ; But tita Mrt tvntb braak* On. me, I hear ita low tone. And it tell me i tread thla'-MM w*rld all alone I” ' ■ ' The birds cry„*'W* ar* c*lilni them, we are calling • tbm.” Tba lenvet rustle and wbii^^r/ ‘‘^h^e ar* they, nb, where!" ' i)««i*n murmur as tkc^ i^alte tb^fy hinHiii, *“They used t* pass'iBis'M'4'y,'bnt lffl‘ir(h*y come not.” . Every tiny blad^ *f grau, .every thrill of thli b|;iikb!r4.. brUj|,s (I'iii'fiiMt'.'^lyer- ing before iis^the Jays' wljen'we'tiad our bvlovei), and coof4 Inuk hi '-#elr face and clasp ttei/ hmds j»oursttLir*::.«eek to bridge and'can o»t, with a bitter |*arh1iif pain that Is tba ' fitenscr r***a« of it* impMaae*. To tom* peopi* forgotfulDMS c*ml(' and uiieoaaciouily. day by day soffly d*i*ehM Mo Mhk aM" Mia» 1 aaMhar, UAtiftb* iimt n|uii, ImMtM- bl*, rti;tiing .tb^e«a ii«ar Mt indittlncti aalih* tba flrat borrlbl* sanss nf lost that wai tb«lr« when tftei^' ^r- lingi wera first ^i•to6*d w^denly from their tides. ' ' . "Oh I shall wa not m*ct wh*r* ,tb« wsarlad nnaa real t f’ Wbara no wane of daapair ohiU* affeo' tlon'a fond breast T Where ooQui nor abroud, nqr grave, npr . daca.r, Shall the iokTed and tb* lo.yely anat^b . rudev aw.ay.” ' Y*tl ob, y*tl aad Ult ibis sweet hapa tbat lightens lift-’t biird*tit,' fihaa th*^ teen crutbing our bsarU ihto th* daiVv n*tatir detpair. And sinca they cm. jlot ratttm (Van the u|neeo t^ore, but' *a can go ta. them («h. Wasted atturaoe* I) w* logg, wa pane, we weary for tba motpant- when Deatb, Ilk* a fritind’li toica' froit a distant fleld, will call (o iis, tod tskia^ our haadt in bis, lead os through tba d*r^ watars and the datbiag (i^ tha plaint and A*kk tbst li* V4^Ba t|i« sblnlng city, where sball wa see , our dailiags, robed'ia srJtlteoes and purit|^, stepping ta meat us through the unfad- lag, incorruptib'a splendor of tbe Otlastwl Palace, wber* _ ; j Oar brows are Inelntad ia a goMan Qri.iwm>. Our travftl-staluad garments sura alt. laliii dowa I And alothad'ln whita garments wa raat on Ibe mead, Where tbe I4av lour doth loya Bis ohotan to lead. y' ITALO1.EN.' A FAMM8DUEL. UTTBR jritOH COLOiSeL J. F. II. CLA1 : DORME TO TUB MBW ORLEANS PJCAYUNE, ' The Capital Ddn Piatt’s metropolitan weekly, r*f>:tring • the duel, many years tincc, botwccn Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, of Mfiryland, and JettO' A. Bynum, of N irth Oaroliaa, sayt that the partiex, nfter six or seven ineltoctuii shuts, hiado friends over a bcttle af wiao. This is ao error. They na.ver recae- idsed each other afte^ivards. In 1836- '37 party spirit ran, very bigh in Coa- grass, and each party had it* reputed 1 hotspurs, game cocks, biilliet or fire estert. Mr. Wise, Mr. Peyton; Mr. Jeuiler, Mr. Bynum Dr. Duncan of Ohio, and^.Mr. Hannegan, of llliaois, were the * reprcsetitativ* men of thi* class. Thay adopted a sncerihgt ‘tdalb’ ing, denunciatxry stylo of debate; were rrcq'iently in a snarl, and had more or U'S' to d* with eve;/., aitcrcstiou ^hfit occnred. Bynum was a smai’, sallow, shabbily dressed, \nsignificeut lnuk|ng nan, a trained crnss road politician, who would speak fnr hours in a loud voice. Indulg ing in slang phrases and indiscriminate abuse. He came into Congress 4a- mrdiately after a desperate nffray io lliklifax, N. 0., in which he shot down two dr more of his ittailMtt,. and took his place imediately as one of tbe 6re- enters uf the JaciNo* party. Jenirer was Ihp r.evcrsef of Bynnm, He was a dclicataly f’rmed, but' baud- some, intellectual lunking man, with a poli.shed air nnd courtly manners, an old Maryland colonial family, always elegantly dresned. He was, io fact, n beau and a Indiet' mno; W:>* as ultr.i politician' of the Olay school; often made severe but not rude remarks, and was reputed to be always ready with his hnir-trigjcrs. Tho famous pistol usrd in the fatal duel between Commndares Decatur and Barron was io his keeping. Tiicse two gentlemen bad soferal "spats” ia dobuto, and it had come tu he a settled opidioo that toon>!r or later they must have a meeting, and that ooe or both would fall. Ooe dfiy tbay had'U sharp altercatian, and when thtf riuifse met''next morning both their chairs were vacant. Messrs Wise, Payton, Duncan and-, Uaunegaa were likewise absent, and tba whisper circulated that they had nil gona to Bliidensbi^rg. The exciteniient fas tremendous. Tbe; wera.both. tai4 to be dead-shots ] were backed by men n >t partial tu coippfomifas.;. would never quit the ground as long st the partiiiicould «4and up; and there was a prubability perhaps af a general mbiee, and three or four .irotiid probably . i killed. Our Sergeant-at-Arros, Ouil.: Dorsey, a brave old toldier, with very! tender sympathlet, got on • ‘ bender” 'OM the itraiigtb''Of It, sent bis d«t>o*y: dow,q tAwn and bou^t up'all tHe'’crs|j6: in' tba eity. The Houea was oostpletaly' damorsHied. Mr. Cambreleng" bad reselvsd it int'e Qommlttee of tbe ^h.dlo on tomo bill or details, and the aaenri ber«’w«ra gathered every wharo into Mr- cited gToUpa. fifteen of ,t#day posted for Bladentburg. At Itogtb. abkiut S p. m., o*a ' of tha little , tide; doors opened and Mr, Bynum, loslHng even much smaller lh»*' utual, slifipeQ )n| nnd tonk his seat, wtiich was near hf • Jenifer it dead, was the feeling that raa tbrpugb tbe.Hiiiimi, jfo, oa^ ve t*!iq^)roacbBynum St tli«t' awl\i1 ‘haliift'. Tbe man #haliad just kil{|fed''^ ilslion f a«.it9A'BWh ,,it of awe, *fi|>ity «*d af sympntby for con* ferinM.’ Tbo Marylaad- ^tcMtiOtt • sapar»fa;j5|>pt, |j|d f,*tp;#e*o whispering together, bats in ..luni. H«>»ard' i^ed'^iAA^al^'QMt'iTobhton'bnil W dsBlfigtoh' wirt ‘iB^^bl^ V|Ct' of ' Jrf* Vtjiig tha bail witan la I nWtbw . side ^oor 9(|eneit and-^ in glided, Jenifer IHe ti«il|bia«9ak'ia»ilaoM. Tb*M-Ma (qH^taf^fU, ;StillnM~Uw raadlH alMlF «M>|M4Mbls 4fo«tjr ra«1t«iiMi»-^ lb«j«airio|ss ■roiips w%mI .jwlthpaitnn.. •Mtir >1*4 M Om t*o .datA •l|»ts. Wofo tbw phnlMia. or win. IMur sson? b «au|d h«r4lr b« raoUiMd tb^t^bara tbay in their Memtoma se»t^n«tinjii.rad.,iNt tiagadli b|. piWer. . And tkf*. tbaro was *«w«r|ng aansa o(,ridieflr. ^trsDl Ums^ M Um t«* abaandono sneaked away. tffjM^d.i’oyUd »*M ibo «4ais«r8 ar4*aifor{ (laaoagan fto4 Daaaa^ tf, Byn*B», ^pia^ajrs aAsr t said to OymiPA: f^ilo«, jrou, bavo o(U« t«i4, mo.ibst.ifyoip weraforaed by tba Op« po^on.into a Sght yea wauld UU fuat asaq. llaw did Janifar weapar* . . ‘ Sioitplln’ said .Byaaa, "bseaiw«' 1 did,aot.fira«l h)a>.”. vpi4 no.t, flra tt kim I Wby, joa ra- cbsogM.t■^(>•>bat*l” “'•f^»?»l7Tii*)T*llow shat, at «sa tkfp« tWtf’ fcut'.Mavv Arad at hiai.’f juamfapl'' >!> Wby^ I^nnegaa .eassa w* thagrM|pd d^|k.A^ niaiitas babind tinia, «U:iba. iustfnme^ts be brougbt fera mera aida* ariHi.notidueling pistols. Daacao and Hsaaof^ bfd good right to abject to furthfT proceedings, but .at they did aat, and tho other side ware spoiling for.A fight, I touk'my potitiea. Wa bald o«r wcfkpoa* parpendicalarly aad war* ta raws a,ad&9 tlia .word. Jaaifar was MfKpert, an)) I knff ,my aoly cba^a was r to drsw bit firf. I aa\w r^lswd say pisM, but sack tMoa ^sqbsrgad. It right into t|)a groaad, tbu»,t'i(fif bis Oral” fiit|,taU tUack tba groopd iea^b tjqia about Rn fast froat me, ia a duroct lioa with my bady« My atrategy taved jpy life.” .After ibis afl'air tha .profetsoil daaliata a%4'S'C-a*ter* lost prestige at .Waabla|> ton, which they never recovered. . WANTEO A*Miui" CARD. A B')iton paper says that racantly a map wearing n doubtf*l look cana to t|» lamp Qlerk’t wiodaw In tho post- o^ce nnd asked far a postal card aad faciilttcs fur writing. Ua wis -a loog time gettin; ready to put his p*n to tba card, and be/ot1y mado a stroka or two when he called out: "il'tw do you tpell Jim?*' *‘^hy, J-!-m, of courca,’’ aasirei;ed tba .ilork.” “D'jii't look ss if it wss right,” said' tha man, nt he held up the card aad tqruV>ni»d the word. ■ Sura yoa bava*’( made any mistake?” jyTiiat’a the way, af ceurte,’' ^1d a. bj;ntsnder. "IIow else could yoil spall the nainoi” "I'haOs sn—how cnuld I?” sstlled the raait.. “Now his o,ther name Is—it— well, dthru *!f I *¥»e!i’t' (qr- g.itten I fYhy, han^ k, I bava known him for ten years, and uaw caa't Ibink of his name I Jim—Jim->J.-!-m— yunvj” ^ . V leokeu round in a helpless way, and one of the crowd taij * "You gai write Cho mes^go - and tWok pf tbo name afterward.” **S»'|can. I want to tell Mm' bis wife (s sIgV abed, bis landlord bowlld*. r.mud far ri’ot. and that he’d bitttsK cume bnwo! H'>w do you spell It?” "I'il writo it,*' answered the clerk. "Me couldn’t read your sheTngrapby,** said tbe ttraogci'. "Jim aiu't much on education, and I have ta ^rite just as poor as I can, or ba cau’t muke aat a worjfl. Ltsf see—do I start olT with P. S., nr w(hatr’ *;I shuuid sdy, 'You are wanted to home at once,’ if it was me,’ ” saggested a car driver who was after a Itamp. “ Tvouldn’i dn,” sighed the iua'a. I wrtuldH’t dare ipring tho thing nn hItB suddenly, or ho*d make fur Csaada. The pliico to tell liim to come home It dor’n hero at the bottom.’’ I'Wbare is be?” some one atked. '•'Why, in—in—ia—why, blister my eart—whj'— r "I’ll‘bet you've forgot tbe placet*’ sboated tho car rfrJVeV. "J-i m Jim-^J'-i-.«,' Jim, nod be'i la -^in—J-i-m,"Jim I” gh'spei) ,'tbfi iwan' ds Aa Utoked aroiibril wlih aa appeal la kU eyes. ■ ■ ThS'C.rowd mentioned twaiity differ- ilatplacOs, but ho sbeok bh baad at Vitlib. e«0> ' '!’> '"'If yon^ ean’t iMtik of Ms aama, aad MW*! mirjsMbev"bit address, ‘haw ai« 9^|bitt| to seed tba card?!’'asktagth* lert(.' ‘'''i'::’'. ‘ . woli; *' "Thai’s aO((boi» '4«'I?*^ «igb*d'>-tha «Mn, "If youfi wev* '«a yoa srosi'lda’t %4bd'it, tvoaid .youi^'' ' ■ "f'don’t think I would.”- -i- !'c>»TbenvI^w**’(.-"tf bit irifa koowa bis name and th* placa wbera. Iw‘.>is. abe^d-better wtiteU».' '’“lAad ba-wklkad away witb' bis hat la 'Ai*'ha«d>-B(jratehiag! bit bead and. a*ol-i t*rhig««*J'l'iiitr Jiiri, and bo’s l»—bHtlan nny'iearst 'I oagbi' ta iMfo- pat tHs^ idowai sd'^tbat li ooald raasaiibartwkam ba-lsJ” / ii ■ ■ ■ J •*.; • Htrtt nAalt th*-T*ln'gi(lln*ib«^* ^l^w.'Nmsirlnd a Maetaehusatt* tram^'ilw no^r^ny. when.ha took a silk ns»bfMla afiajbAMia a.lfdli), tb* ai#st of a,’|UB lobi’ slrikt* WtlNhlai, waAfillMii d(aaboot'te*ah*(v-i»h*t ia^itha i^hjvat fW«b«Mwai* »a^4m M*upU|M|H«|d I«t*l4{|p»t jfw,Ttad}*.iillasi! MM I'WhsBsJ* i^atmidfs »b« im ft -wri Li'it ladjfiAVit e i*d«sMfI Jsat atfistia WOMM* ; Lj.'/nl h,. K3H iTiJI ]{ .',Y .XmI !• .it lo »»}uniaio3 al ossoH .ImI yaUi^ WCL0ONp>N. fsfl j -3* n, *i« (-sijnt.;! ai tf«ao7)«n awT 9dJ *n Cavjnoiy't sdl diHt bia* ■'.jTsbii' (Ilia lli« aoiistsf 11.1 hS’lllSrduir ;a9«1 ,yi*7 •9 '1' lod -rxj >1*000 edi To XI* 11,;.'': adi tsld ’ H'd 6 b tl* irtsbai '1. !.'i.,;fi ;/. Mi) bavlv;)!!': tvcd .i?7 ■ • ! I's '/i'dorj .vsian'I s^Ji'onoJI edil* ,JmT S.niisj; s.’j ot aoiJtanalal . .v/'i jiTiN idi no Tir.taijlirfi ni b)if> .1 i)f r- »r,»r «.!“ .eit-ix 10 "I. .'to-'*(|sK miaqmj ' ' .A'.isitl, -:idl*a wobiw b*hit ') lahibaa* ■! ,}ti" 3*1 nit am iii - ,'td) tu ai .1; ,' i;i3r..i I o«*d iu.d .laaMai*so| ' - . 't. ,» I, .tii'jat' B*i) '.il On, ;..;juad .i» *4J V Uy!'. •' ut oJ itei .,'.rn ,‘\o . r • • f.' ■ 11U mi naiJjl!* Ti|-—iiniBdiiKlidit ssiitia .W ' .» . lU.jiM 'H f S. H Bfd *(1w 0«« -e 1) • ;■! rvHuiaT ■i i. 1 M i).'- '*f sfda ' -li . >. ',1 Cuidw liii* ,uiiU d/lw 4U. kufOB^^ AytMoiinaii. . . ‘ I*.! ;i. Il jna tt ■' ' ,' . . .U i'C 1 iJ;jj, -nil, u%.- 1CJ . .. f j.'rr Ilia «>>.'' t.. jw . ; . »i An«aa)X) !a '.-I',’ tllTj.'li la •• -asuo i»i ;ii ,,1e,ci ml Jitdjiu STIAM lirQINM,, AM^W iNBM td Ulw ,i-/ ft'l I'jr O'lVfXtrO’t "l-'ij-'.l .1 »uT OlHft '-r-q bnpj ■ “T ! ' :■ ■ ■ vi «■> 0; -,t, ■ult-ial MKualar,»*« ' ,;i I. .'KpH -.-ii ,, ,sr, idJ so Alaa Aaat 1 ‘ oti.i ' ,'eilj o70‘>h-/» »liM) ill jtii.od ii; It a .fiatjua'w b*(a«a JJ CIS Im-i'.! li'.'a^r'r>( swnidi ^balaili '•* T11«» ton ;3*b •t ..'•I H»} -jrl »ri,’ jiiiuU a I SOALlfci '.sii3 ^alviiaa ' • 'OJi . ;.4i U3V9 ,itiiv:«u m' - 8oa|* Airni drwk AF ■ iTiii, 'f.» .icsij bti," 9ia Ah kfdds of *’" a*' * ' £9.1 i 3 (lH.UI but ,ti Xti il 'l 1' :' Ki. iib ii;iid» f '' ■ 0(i.' .,;wo;i? ni '.;aii9»dO ■'i: :)i .'• .J viito odw H ill »(i .'‘!b£Fia 0)411 tjv^medi I'J ,i ij orfw otodi ,*«} tii *«{t ,P*t*i*baifarfarMkPBIoiir Uiiii .i; '.Tr oc tl fciarfT i ' ijhilimi'*., n!‘ Jo* hliiudj ‘jid slqooi) adX Eji hlji>«i -)oo x'l'oo Cu« ,3*ibid« wa. ' iTjirrii’ 9? • --riliuoj .iaXMg 'fl' "io lairOI sis 9M xnnti^ Mi) M J' ../.w .,(0 eu li asdf; ,*a.i»iiij MNGIinHl, 'I91I fc»« ,h«M hijo'tn mmli 1u adj bssii:} 4(al la£n9 4dJ ii us(ijli3 1 t: ji* bns .x-i^baaii :J bviaioiv tibH >.i!» !U »* 10 smift adl it::i ,';|Dd wai, T'u’f o!» «i*'a{ bni)l 'MS Io io )] .x>»'>*vM ti; od bl((tdit

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