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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, November 20, 1879, Image 1

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rHE HOANOKB NEWS i. I^BkoORATZO THE ROANOKE AOVSBTIBIIIO WBBKLY NBW8PAPKR. PUBlilSBBO BT • w A i.0 • e» U M aaMIMMiMM TbrM VOL. VIII. WELDON, N. 0., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1879. NO. 38. ■alf Oolawo, •Vhol* OohiMa, 7S Ota. K'» MOrSttlONAL CARDt. ,'oi 6r"wrS^ii jTtm ah, Dsatiat. OBe« Qvar W R. Brown'i S17 Oooda Storo, WBLDOM.N. 0. D J- M. QRIZZABD, ■:-» r, ATTOBBBT AT LAW. bAtlTAZ, N. 0. OAst ta Oo«tt HntiM. Strict utteiitlon RlTau to kll bnnshei ot the |rote»lon. E DWAHD T. ULARK, ATTORHBT AT LAW. lar. niy. HALIFAX, N. C. jj^ T. BBAHCH, ATTOKtfBT AT LAW. BHFIBLD, N. 0. Pnuitlcei* In th« onnntlns of Hiiltliix, Nnnh Bil«ncon>l>a anil Wllran. Cjlleetloui uim ln In ill ptMof the jnu It tl ^y:~ai.LL. ATTOKBET AT I.4W, WBIjDON, k. c. SpMlikl attnntlon glvnn to colleetlons and naltUluiea promptly maile. way Itf. UMn a- MiTLUii. iomi a. moohr. ||£0LLBir k HOORB, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. HALIFAX N. C. Praetlee Ip the eoant1oio( Halifax, Nnrthaini-' ton, Bditecombn, Pitt and Martin—In the Rn- praiM ooqrt of the B'ato and in tlir Fwloral Coarta ot tno Bastom District. Colloetlnna nmdu hi anf of the State. jan 1 ly TheOood Wight ^Twaa late, inil hnw that dnnr illd aqiinak, They bold their breatli to apeak ! J hi'HrU u sound—(o thocu, what blina— pill nn Ibe Nte|w, and like a kUa ; 'And Ihsn aba aald to him, quite ln«r— “'I don’t know bow tn lot you goj" •'Rm> ill, iny love, from out Ibo mint Airnlii, that aannd—na if Ihey klaai'd, “You'll oKine lo-morrow oarly, dear?” Hut his reply t did not mlaa— A ralufgimd iilxbt,’’ and then—a kins, I thouvht he'd K°u8.fnrgi)>d, and Uiuu I trird tn to alnop ag^n, At tba Raine time vainly wlabinir, L ivera wereo'l lo fnod of kllaliiK, A yoloe aKain I I know 'twsa his, A imotheiai laugb, «nd tbeii-a kiai I’in BO proToltodi I’m wide awake ; That ailiy Kirl I’d like t-' ahake- OhiJ'ijI up atalri I baitr her creep | l*in not III luve, so need aome sleep. - AMBS B. O’HARA, ATTOBNEY AT L4W. BNFIBLD, N. C. Praetleea In the oonrts of Halifax and sdlnln- Inff eoantlea, and In the Supremo aud Federal eoarta. Col cctlons made tn any part of tho State. Will attend at tho court house In Halifax oa MAnAay aad Friday of eaeh vroek. Jan Utf ^OBBBT O. BnRtON JR. ATTOBWEY AT LAW. HALIFAX N.C. FraetlOM In the eoarta ot Halifax, and adjoin' Ins eoQBtlea. In the Sapmme court ot tho State, and In the Federal courts. WI1)'»1t« ajieclal attention to the collection of elaUMMatoadjDstlnfr the accounts of ex- ecBtoKltWilntattatorB and guardians. decistf /iATIR L.-HXUAN, ATTOBNEY AT L.IW. ■' HALIFAX, N.C. Fractlcea In the courts of Halifax and adjoln- ln» counties, and In the Snprcnic and Feili'pal aonrts. Claims colji'cted In all rarts of Nnrlh Carolina. Offloe In the Court House. ]uly4tf f|«a03f Aii N. UILL, Attorney «t LkW, HALIFAX, N. a. Prsctleea Ui Halifax and adjoining counties and Federal wid Muprcmn courts. Will bo at Scotland Nook, onoe every fon- Blgiil. auit 8A If JOS. B. BATUKBLOR. attobksy at law, BALBiaa, x.o. Fraotleea In the conrts of the 6th Jmllclal ntstrlet aad In the Federal aud Supremo Courts. W. M A li O M ^TTOBKBY AT. LAW. OARTSBURG, K. C. Fraetiaea te the courts o« Northampton and ftdlolaiMt coantlot, aUoiblM ^ederfti and Hu- D : a. BAT. A. 0. loLUOorria. AT * EOLLICOFFBR. A'TTORNBTS AT LAW. WBLDOW, K. C. Vwtloe in (he eourta of Halifax and adjolninf; ;«m^ea, and in the Supremo and FederM courts. ' datma eollected in any part of North Carollnji. X) ^ B. B. !>. HUNTER, HVBGBOlf DE9IIIBT. Om to Ibund at hU oCSm in Knfield. Mr*9ritron«Ostda Oa» for the Paiii- f Mi BxtnetlBg of Teeth •! ways on baud. sa U, XOBBV J. BURTON, ATTOBBBY AT LAW. WBLDON. K. 0. Jfwrtleea In the oonrts ot Halifax, Warren and ooontleB and In the Supreme and rod •nt conrti. Claimii coUeeted lu anjr part o Vorlh CwollDft. JnnolTtf ^ a,sMira,jR. MAY AND tEPTEMBER. In 0 well furninhed iptrtment !a one of ibe bnotet io Bloniuiugdale atreet, there sal, uu tho (uuriiiiig I upcak nf, threo perons, wai a ni&ii, whose ■month brow and unfiided lucks tuld nuibinK uf age, but whose limhs were eoniplctcly paralyiad. Tho sccond was a lady nhi) icight have nnco possessed great beautjr, but on wh')m cinsump- tiiin was nuki'^g bosty and unmUluka- ble rsTtges. The tbird was u girl iif eighteen or nineteen, wb isc likeness to cach, as well as her evident dnirutiiiu to their wunts, proclaimed her ttieir daugh ter. Kiti! Aihcrol't was not bi'iiutihii in thp C'XD'nnn acccptanse of the w^ird. 3ie bad fine ripressivo eyes, and n sweet mouth; but even these did ii'it en title bur to be called a beauty. The highest charnn of her i'aco wns a S'xeet and Ijvely expression, speaking of in ward peace and gentle, kindly thoughts. Mr. A^ihcriift bad long been a iniser- Able invalid. When s'lll in the priinn uf lifr, puiaUsis had done its work upon his (ramp, bringing all the appenrnncc of Id age t‘> his noble fljure, wbi'e his face was still youthful, Mrs. Ashcroft had watched tcside him faiihfully and devotedly, uiitil consumpli.iu ha.I touchcd her with its chilling fl'!ger(, nnd laid her upon a bed of pain and dis tress. Thus it fell to the daughter t» nurse the two beloved invalids; and she did it with ■ decotion that made the task light. She was tho light of their eyes—the only being whom they could not cbrerfully give up, io the prospect «f death. What would she do when they were gone, was a queitioo that weighed upon their minds roost beatily. Tbey had no relatives near enough t'l take an in terest in their child; aud the few frierds they possessed were in foreign lands Judge, then, how desolate was the path that seemed to be before the daughter they loved so well. It lulded, too, to their anxiety, that they .must leave her penniless. SiL-hntSs had melted nway their resouiees until the little that was left would hardly Mr, Ashcroft thought, p«v the fippKse* of the doubJe (uneral which must inevitably fulljw their long aud I'ngeiiug illness. ••Do nut grieve so, dourest father,” Kate had been sa- ing; “I sh.^ll surely be pr.ivided for. I ean work as well as many others, Tho little I shall, I can earn " Her father gi'Z'id nt her with tearful eyei. ‘Poor child I” he (xclained; '•how little you kliow of the world. How will you, who hiie known so little ol the trials of life, be 'able, to stern the rude torrent of ad.ersity? llnw will you bear up against the terrible burden of poverty? Will those litllo h;i'*-ds he strong enough to earn your daily brtail? VTou who have never been trained to work, vrho have never borne the vveight of crushing sorrow—.0 merciful Father I U.'ing bnr i'lto thy fold, end aake h r thine es[(Ociiil care 1” Tears hot and bitter Impofled his ut terance. It was lonw ere K ite could soothe hi:u hito anything liku co.Tipo- surt. (Mats an ^'^ti I was tho ni»thei’s grief, yet as deep as that of her hus band. Aud the tejTiTS of n desolate, lonely life fur Kate, uprosti before her; yet the eonqiiered all Irao* of emutioi). It was but th« pretiKt* to greater sulTur- ing, for that night saw her in tho shadow ol the dark valley. The break ing of a blood vessel wns the qiianee of her supprested emoiloos, and before mnruiog tho weary spirit was re leased frooB the sulfering body, “There sat the shadow levied of man,* Mure rapidly than ever Mr. A'-hcrott was fulling. The death iif his wil'fe was hi* own death blow. Knm the ment uf her depaiturq. he (eased to ■prak, and Uv wrapped iu silent gfiel It was pitifu! indeed to s^e poor Kat* She went from room '0 ro n>, to look upon her rwothei’s lifel iiains, and back again, to try to sp. ak cn ufort to the pour mati snflferer. Scarce a day interveied before he, tno, was sum inoned away. “Oil, fiT one word—one look of re: ognilinn I” sighed the fioor girl hung over him. Alas it was not granted her. Slowly the p'lhe ceaseil bpating, and, then sW'pied forever Kute was, indeed', doubljf 6'1‘phaned. Kind neighbbrs tried to t.riiig corufoit to the bereaved girl; but she could n t hear the words. She shrank from them as if touched to ibe very quick; and nor well mcaniiig comforiers at lenijth left her to herself.' When all was over, Kate was told that she must leave the house It was wonted for a richer ter. ant. She had not a single dollar. Her furniture was taken aw>ly and sold to pay the rent. All the liulo ornaments of the rooms, s» dear to her hectuse they were the gifts of ' b'r paie t» on successive birthdays, went with tKo rest, and in the afternoon of the third day ATTbBBBY AT LAW, ®*>**.aiid iiaoK, Halifax Ooontt Jf- 0 PAetleraintheaountjrof Halifax lind adjoin , , . . , and lu the Sopieme court jf^ the j of butb her paretlt Kate walked out of tb« gat« and en. tered a (mall cottage, pour, nean and old, tba only (htlter she conld aflurd to rest In. The next week saw her out Io the pursuit uf employment—something— anyihing that would bring her food ennugh to support life and strength. No foolish pride In Kste’t heart held her back from the search after tbe mean* uf living. Teacbiog—that resource .f almost every girl left lo berself—was nut lacleded io her ealalogua of labur, Kate was Intellijent and well taught; bat of the r«tt*l*r routine of school learning she was ignorant. Of useful 'Information she had • fund. It was im parted to her from childhood by her lather and mother; but neither of her parents was willing to spare her from home, and therefore, her ichonl knowl edge was not extensive. She bad learned book keeping, buwever, iif her father, who was once a successrul mer chant, before the hand uf disease had touched alike her per son nnd his fir. tunes. And her first thnught was that she miaht obtain somu situation in which she conld make this knowledge count to her for bread. She entered several stores, modestly ofluring her services as book-keeper or cashier; but all those situations were al ready tilled. Next the Qiiilioer’s shops were tried—then the dressinakors’ room—shops and ronms, which, in bet ter days her mother had most generous ly patronizjd, but which now seemed ti) have no room for Knte. Her last eff.irt was at a depot for reidy-aiade linen. The shnpman knew her, and allowed her to carry u(T some work without the usual deposit of its worth in money. She was glad of even this scanty a Idi- tion to her nipsns; and half an hour after she liift the shop, she wus sc ited the one liahitahle room of her little c ittnge. sewing diligently upon a gar ment—the first nf her half dosea. Kate was a rapid and skillful seam- tiess; and, as her smull bouse required lutle tiitio to put It in order, and her frugal meal still less time to prepare, she was rij 'iced to And that she could c implcle ihem all in a single week. S‘ie was to bo paid a half dollar each; and she carried th^m back, and received the money the next Saturday etenlng with a feeling of satisfaction that no one ever experiences unless it is earned. Etcry week she now earned siiflijlent for her expenses; and, very soon she was trusted with R ler and more cxpeii- .sivo work, until at last, she could read ily command from six t>) eight dollars. She did this until late in the winter; con- stiiiitly carrying bundles of work, and ei j yliig the air and exercise It brought her, without a thnught of degraJatiun so doing. True, she was sometimes passed with lut recognition by aome who had known lier uider other circuinstances; but Kutc’s Lheerful nnd independaut spiiil was far above all this. She looked as serene under the negle:t «i if the rec ognition were ever so cordial; and sn, orton shamed the proud ones who could not deny that iu her sinrple mourning grab there was an elHga:ice and propri ety to which they never yet attained. Ken her package of woik did not tike from hor tho unmistukable Udy like ap pearance Inseparable from her; for she carried it with nn case and grace so rare, that seemed al.vost the badga of snperior gentility. Ttie lovely expres- sioi', which wn ^a*e called her highest charm, still illuiuinnted her face, and they who locJud at Kate once were npt linget in their interested gnxa us loi'g as politeness permitted. Bhe was returning from carrying back some work one slippery day, when just as she hid shut her ow.i little gate, she slipped upou the ice nnd fell, breaking her ankle and s.iverely wrenching ber left arm. She tried to move and rine; but it vai iiupossible. She uttered a lit- moan uf rear jjiaio, and then fainted She might have V lain a full half hour thus, whan a gentldinaii^diicovered ber, and alighted from bis chaise. He raised her to a sitting pusture, and tbe puia of being removed recalled her senses. She shrai.k from bis touch ior an Instant, tut soon recovered fi'om hir momentary embarrassment, and gratefully expressed ber thanks. "Whith shall I carry you, my dear young Udy?” he asked, kindly. •‘This is my homo, sir,” she answered, producing the hnuse key. The gentleman unluiked the door, and Kate strove to rise, but agaio fiii.ted with the pain. The sijanger carried her in and deposited her gently upon the wide, comfortable c^iuoh which bud served as a bed ever since she removed. He readily fou"d some water, nliid) he sprinkled upon ber face and she revived. •1 Bin u surgeon,” said be, smiling ; "an old, gray-haired surgeon. Will you permit me to examine your juries?” There sfas such a fatherly mtanar about him that Kate conld but subml to bolding out her arm and foot fqr hts inspection. ■‘You have hurt yourself more ' than lahought, jousg lady,’’ ho said( in tone S'l cheerful that Kat* felt as if she had fttuod * frieiid. "Hut it will be all right soon, if only you will have a little courage for a short time.** “Oh, I have plenty of that,” answered Kale; "but I lack the firtitude to c'udure long-Crtotinned pain. Will it be long, sir?” she asked anxiously. "Hot if you have good nursing.*’ "Ah, that is out of the qoestion, sir “Why so? Have you DO mother or sister?” Kate’s eyes filled with tears. "I have nsitbor,” sbe said, after a pause in which she was weeping bitterly. "No friends who can be with ynu now, while I mfsnd this broken limb?** he asked, while looking at the small, white arm, bared for his iofpection. "I have ns friends,” she murmured. It was a short sentence, but it we'it to Dr. Jiroderick’a heart. •‘No friends I I’oor young Udy I” But before he could say a word more, Kata bad bushed Nr eaiotioM, awakened by bis qiestlni>s, and was her own calm, collected self again. Sbe, boie the setting of her ankle like a' hero, and submitted to have her arm violently pulled wlthnat flinch4ng. Then she sat upright, lugked this new helper in the face. He was a man uf appar ently forty years of age; tall, and nut slender; with largo, henevolent brnwn eyes, end a few white streaks io his dark, abundant hair; a gentleman in the broadest sense of the word, a scholar, and a good surgeon. Kula'n simple, straightforward niii^d had divined what he wns, and her eyes took in the details as well as the meaning of bis face; a face so entirely gnuH that a little child might read it. Her heart instinctively told her that hero, at any rate, was a man who would never dcceive. She hud heard of him—heard liow b.' loved nnd trnstrd he had been in his notive city—a neighboring one, where he had always practiced—had heard of more than one grand and noble deed he had performed. She hud learned, also, tbit iu his younger years he had been sor(;|y smitten with disappi>ii.t- inent—had laid all his hopes nf a hsppy domestic life upon a broken shrine, and had beheld them waste away ii,tii utter decay. All theses things rushed tn the memory when I'C told hor his rnme. Sic romembered, too, that hor father hsd desired to call him in whsn her mother was ill, but that i.he hud npp>sed it. Her mother was alsays so much afroid of expenses which she knew would not avail to save her life, and she wanted so much to leave somethiig for Kate, when sbe should have known of Kate's present situation, there would been nne pang more In her dying hour. "I shall ride over to see buw you arc. to-morrow,” he said kindly, as he went out. "You must bo as quiet as possi- bnt I will lend you my cane, so if you want to c.tuie and look mo out, you can do so.” And Kuto did rise and go to the doi^ with him, dispite the grutesquooiss or huppMig npon one foot, "Now go bjck to yuur sofa, aud ynu may road a little; hut remeiuber, no work, till I see you.” She obeyed him willingly, for she was weary, and was moreover, much hurt andjirredby ber (all. Toward oight she foil auleep, uud did ijnt wa!a until morning. She was unable to go about much, even with the doctor’s cane; but, fortunately, a little girl came in on an errand, and Kite begged her tn get her mothei’s pi r.nissslon to stay with her until shfl cuuld be able to walk about. Tlirongh little Jt;uny*s exertions, the room nssiirjcd its usual neatness. At noou this doctor made bis appearance. K'lto was sitting up, her foot in a cushioned chair. It was doing well. Dr Kroderick said, and she would need no further attendance. "But I shall call occasionally,” he added, "su (hat you shall not be tuo careless.” The next week he askod her tn ride with him. She needed air, he said; and, HS it was always his prescription fnr convalescents, she must not object Into his aniplv-robed sleigh, lbcr(, he liDrd her, taking Jenny, also; and tho next hour found them stopping at the doctor's owo home. My mother wUl bo happy to sen ynu. Miss Ashcroft,'’ he said. "She is greatly interenled iu niy patient’, especi ally when tliey are as lunaly as your self.” A"d be carried her io his arms into an apartment, half office, balf sitting- roum, where a swect.faced woman wel corned her wiib kindly warmth to a sent beside the cheerful wnod-fire. The tviudiiws were full of the rarest plants The walls were almost covered. Splen did roses and lillies were in blourn— eeriii iums and fuchsia^ were abundnnt, and the purple sconted violeti wore the swedes Kate bad over seen. They are Arthur’s favoriti's, above nil Bowerr,” remarked Mrs. Urodeilck, Kate eagerly took the cluster she gave bee "and I ibiiik Ihey must be your favorites, too, by the way you look at thorn.” They were. Indeed, very dear to Kate, ns Ihey were the last A iwers her mother held in her hands; and she told her new filend wby she loved theia su well * « * » "She is a little darling, Arthor,” ex claimcd Mrs, Bfoderlcll%h>Q the doctor returned from taking Kate home, am going to send for her to stay month with me. Dj you thluk sbe will come?” The doctor lau|ihed. ‘ Not unless you tell ber (hat you wan’t ber to sew lor you, mother. She w6« hardly willing to call here, or even to ride with me.- If she is ‘innocent as a ,dove,’ sbe is also as 'wise serpent,’ and will not bo beguiled into anything that will compromise her character.** *1 like ber better for tbst, Arthur. Very well—tell ber I want a seanutresa for several weeks, and will give extra prices, for work. But don't you go to ‘ falling io love with her Arthur,'’ ••Why not?” "Becaute I shall get no work done If you are banging about the ruom." "You are a dear, cros', good Mother I What do you suppose I want t‘> fall i'l luve for, when I have yuu? Besides, you are such a proud old lady that 1 shuu'd out dare to fall deep lo luve with a sewing girl.” "Dju'i, Arthur. Ton make me feel faUt. Remember 1 was a sewing girl; •lid I married a richer man tbao you are.” Gome, eoae mnther I I shall have to correct ynu, or put a mistress over jrou. How would you like that, little mother I" Hold yoar tongue, Arty I and to- morrow see that you go early after ray sewing girl.” Doctnr Arthur patted his mother's cheek, and kissed her fondly. ••1 am going now,” he said. And Iruly be told Kste such a piteous tala of his mother's disappointment In ising her seamstress, that, gratitude tn him prompted hor to gu. A month of happiness it was to Kate —so pelted and caressed, sn carefully tended, and, fl tally, su beloved by mother and son. I d.iii't know,” said Mrs Brodprlck, ri fi ■ctlvely. ' It's a serious thing to marry a wile only half your age, Arty." Nonsense, m'ther I 1 have made a bargain with this little girl. I have promised to give her ten years of my forty, and that makes a fair averign uf thirty years each. It will be a happy match, dear in'ilher. Don't break it op with any of )our utj xtions.” And it was—ai d Is a very h ippy match for b»th. ItclMtiiiK IliH V.npi‘rl«iier. Two yniinc gontleinen met upon the street ycsturd.iv close lo a reporter of the Gourier-Joiirnnl, who takes the lih- rty uf ({iving their conrcrsstiun public ity as it may Ihruw some light on Menc- pliis. The (Ir.Ht gentleman was very much »u prised at seeing the second, and said: Where is the world did yon come fropi ?” Memphis.” ‘•I thoacbt you were dead?” "Yes, thoso Howards reported me dead last year, and I am still so re- rded.'* "How is M.-mphls?” •‘It is given ovor to the tbievrs.*’ “Thn fever does nut stem to be so faial ibis year!” No; it isn't the regular Yoll iw Jack. When a man dies now his body crum bles lu pieces almost as soon as it is placed iu the toRin. Last year the body would remain in a diied up con dition for two or three days. We had the kii.d nf fuver wo are now having all last iviote.r. Whenever n fire was ki liileJ in a house whore llis disea-e hud been it broku uut and the ium.iles diud.” Yuu must have had some sad cx- pi r '•nces?” Yes; my wife and children died last yeur und I was reported dead. Nn sooner was this rcpoit (iriniiialcd than the tlsi:^ves beg-in to pillage the house. I was silting up with my d«ad whtn lUej broke open thu duor. Two or three empty cnfllos vere iu the bouse, and I determined to fiightcn tba thieves olT I had no weunons, so I got in one ol the coffi ,» and lay lliere still ns ilcuth. The thia.os pushed open the door and n^ne in with lights. I raised my sell st'lllf up in ihc coinn and tried to make uiy face look as ghnstiy sa possible When Iho burglars saw me they imag ined they saw an nppaiitioo. TUcy dropped all their plunder, and turned aud Qed like wild.” —... A Ool ar'a Worih •! 91'aery. A good joke is told at the expense of one of the female boarders at a 'popular summer hotel at Watch Hill, a chambei- waid being the perpetrator. It seenia that some «f the beds in tbe house are much Inferior to others, and a lady who occupied one of the goed ones desired to secure another uf them for a Pnlla- delphia friend who was cnming to the hnuse, sn she requested tbe chamber- made to see that a room containms such a nne was reserved. The girl soon reported that nnne could be pro cored, wberoat Iho lady gave her a dollar, with instructions to shift some one else’s bar*, replace it by a poorer one, and give the good one to hor friend. TliS girl promised to carry out this plot, and the result wns that tbe I’niladelphia lady that right slept on good bed; but the lady that bribed the chambermaid was somewhat astounded to find in her own room, upon retiring for the night, the i ferlur bed substi' luted fur ber nwoi Am Unaocidi^d Wituesa. At a legal investigation of a liquor seizure the judge asked an unwilling witness: “Wbat was in tbe barrel yon bad?'* The reply was: "Well, your Honor, it was marked ‘whiskv' on one end of the barrel and •l*at DulTy* 00 the other, so that I con’t say whether it was wbitky or Pat Puffy was in the barrel, being as I am on my oath.” A IM ick stovkinj! with a yellow snake coiled nrtiund ibe k|{, 's the latest novelty When the girls net to wntriui{ tliesu sti ck Inxs thousands ol uien will be snxlous to siic entkkvs. The UoisI NeekU la her plain little cot at the almshoote in I) Juiiniu Buroett lay dying. Oaly a leu loouths belore she was with ns at sebooi, poor sad dis^isrd. How my licsri ashes hs I write ihe»e words. Af they stood at tbu open grave of thsir schooliuatD, wbai would tbs childrta ol 01 U have glveu lo recall a few short weeks ol their scbnol lile. At best we merely tto.-c wllb the children Iron the alin.bouse. Awsy down on the lowest seats at tbe foot nl tbe inclined plane, tbej sat, a ssotley group of eesfsely dfesisd and, tuo oltea. III behaved ebitdrea' Bat wa looked upoe Jannle as a tbief. Oh, wby did not bur sweet, Irustfal lace asake us see eur error t 8usan Mmlth had worn a string nl gold beais to school, and )ust as Ibe bell rang lur elosinn, she broke the string, and tbe beads rulled down on thu 11 lor. There Was a general rush for Ibe lost treasure, and Susan ezclalinaJ iu load and exelud tones : ' Ulvc Ihem to me; I hid forty ol then,” ‘Ulosu tbe dear,” said the tesoher, •'and let no one go out,” "Tveaiy.-oino, thirty. Where are the reit I" Tliere was no answer, “Wboever has those besds will give Ibem to me at onoe,’’(aid the teacher "ur shall searub yuur pockets." None ol ui saw a little wicked hand that was strctelied tnwaid Junnie llurnett, ITo nne but Uod and Annie Mellcn know that hat hand dropped ten gold bu>ids into tbe pocket ol ’be umhlnUinK child. But whan he; were found there, we heedad not the puor child's ciles nl innocence, but thnuKhI that she added a lie to the dreadlul sin of belt. Alter that WO shunned her, and taunted her with hei supposed sin. Alone she sat n our seasons oi play, with her v?ell worn testament lielore her, and a look upon ber aim IsCi which we (III not In the least Uurieistand. Hat at times deep ae^ulsh wns sern there, and sbo daily grew thtOBsr nd paler. One ro'd nl^ht the tescher was Inc’uing the d'lor. A shivering form was liugurlng near. Please, lesnher. I dH not taUn those bends,” murmured a voice too' aid to lielon« to a child. Don't aild lii'n In }onr other sin'," said Iho lead e . who beliere l her guilty, Blowly Jennie tnrnpd away. “Oil, my God, yon know I nfvor took those iit'a ls," niouned the child, and with he th.^mht a Rreat wsve ol comtort rol led over hor heart. "When 11(0 homo to my mother all will he riuht,” she ssid. Home for Jennie was heaven, (or sbe hs'f no mother on tnrih, and her dranken other was always a terror tn her. A time Its uoruing wlieu Annie McHen was to be lumdi-d of her sin. Slipping upon the poud ooe day, the loo broke and »he tell Nil nno dared to ventu e to her aid— no one but Jennie Burnett. The others Qed ptinio stricken for help. Jennie felt loar. and liaally succeeded in getting Annie Iriiin hrr periloud^ position. Both hildien were tsken home, and Jennie, h'is lly puuins]''n dry clothes, ran to M'. Mi'llen's to Gi'c if she could do snincthlog lor Annie, who was Rrcallv chilled. The chill ha i pas.^ed away, und Annie was in a hi«h lever whan Jennie arrived, readier nnil sciiolurs stnnd around her led nod .Iciiniu iidvanced liiuiiily towiu'd the urnop. 1) in'i cone near me, J' onio I>Qrnett, lon't.” and sbo moaned !mplnriui;ly. I tlinuiiht—1 lio|ifd," said Jennie, “that you would 1,‘t me lovo yon a very little V, Annie” I c'lo't bear It, oh, I can’t bear It,” ex- clainii-i! Annlo What!' ai'ked her mothrr. Why, to think lliat she saved my life, when 1 put those bi H'Is in her pncknt and nisdo every one thinU ehe is n thief. I 111! It, Jenute Burnett, I did it, tcsutuT, I lid It, iilrls, and Jennie hau always been a -o .d Ri.!.'' Yex. one ol the ShvIoi'b little onus walk- nj; ainoaa m i.T while'.>cnt, o;,'.y our eyes v,ere holtlua llial wu ihouUI not know her. Such a thoujhi fl .shod upon our minds et thiit moment. Our teacher drew the licht f irm t'l lior ho irt. an I prcs.>b I her again and axilla, and each nno mu'murel at 011(0 "I lovo ynu, J' nnie Burni t'." Ami «o, in t int bars mom »t the almshitus yonn^ Iriends watched her slumbers, and viol with c'ich other ii kind at'eatlous to thu dyinu one. And sbo fait that her osrthi; cup was full, as sbe passed away t tbe enj-iyment ol that heavenly love that saiisGes tho ycarnlnics ut our immortal spirits. How to AequiM H|ta Uoaltta. First study lo arqni e a composure of mind aud body. Avoid SRltaiioo of oue or the other, especially before and after meatp, and whilst the process ol dlgrstion is RoiuK on. To this cad, govern ynur temper—endeavor to hiok at Ibe bright .>idtt nl lhuiK>—keep down as muob a* possible the unruly pas'inns; discard envy, halr.'d and malice, and Uy your bead upon he pilhiw of charity with all mankind, L''t not ynnr wants outrun your meanr Whstvvir d fflunltlps you have to eneoun' ler he not perplexed, but only tbiok wbat is riuht lo do in the slubt of Him who ei th «ll thiniis and hear without pining the results. When your meals aresoHtary. let yoar tbouzbis be cheerlnl) «hen fmt are social, which Is iMtler, avoid dispute* nr serious argvni»nts, or unpleasant topics. * Ui qoiet meals.” says Shaksspearr, ‘'iraVe ill diKostlons;’'and ibecostrsry 1 prolu- cad by easy conversation, a picas lat pro ject, wrlO'ime news, ar a lively opiananloo. I advise wives nnt to entehain their hna hands with domestie grievances about children or servanta, nor to ask lor money, nor propound unreaaenahle or pmvi.kinK questions; and advise husbands to keep the cares and votatlons of the world to tliemselve*; but to he commncicalive ol whatever Is cnmlorta'ile, cheerfiil and nmnsinii. Belf-novernmcnt is the best step 10 boaltb snd happiness. —Tbe hsrdest ihing in the world for a yflunti woman to rlo is to look nnoonoerned tho Qrst time she comss out tn a lisndsoaM l U^agoment ring. -^Some yourg ladles are rppowd to t'le telepboBS. 'Tuey say they do nut care to hava'k younK roan whispering la their eats vtilb bu muuth twvuty mlUs sway. SnOOKUB UACHINB W(»UBI^ ricThAoiid VA." KanuflMtarera of Portable and BfttMilw. Bnglnes and Bollm B«w Kltla, OMVIH* Wheat Mllla, BhaftlM. Hsagwa 1 leys, Turbine tVMer Wba«l£ tW) cblneir, Wionwbt Iron Work, B Iron t&atlncs, Maoblnerj ot Bvery oription. GiHitiifa AMD THiiKsnmo Mjtcmii.4. A SFBOIAIiTT. Bepistrl«c rv*M|itly a Oeae. TALBOTT'S FArUrrSFABK-AaRn’Iffav i Tlie iMvcatIca «l fbe A^S. . | It does not deatmy (ha dra!t. M not Intorfera wuh olsaiildg tbi tnbil. Ic will not ctioke ny>, and reqatraa uw StlOB* Ft requires no d'reot dampeva tff opousd whon raising ateam (d,ncp>rs Ui* ins otijaotlonabls, as they maj M U!topM anu allow sr^rLs to escape.) It requited no water (a e;xtla(^i.)li ■parka, wbloh, by oondoniMtioa, dcsunj* tbe draft. Desidas, when wcter la naod. It neRlcatcd, the o^ualanoT la deatioyed hr evaporation of tba wator, aad Um boiler ir kept In a Qltby oonditioa. It is eiinnlo and durable and cati bJ ra* lied npon. It uan be nltaahee lo eaj botlsni No planter should be wlthont ons ofthcia. luanranan oompanloa \vlll Insure s»4 Itarna \/Uare the Talbo'.t Engtnea RBX Spark-Arreslera art) used nt sanso iBtO ct obarirnd for water or Uormf-powor. . '■ 4i^8rnd lor illusti'ated oU'Oulcrs lutA price list. BransU Lhnse, nnldaboro, IT. 0, J. A, tiAUHRR, >annral Uani^r;e.*. T. A.ORANGUR, Loval llan.'.j;!!’. • icay e Cm piBOMOHT * Gr:cisnsn;:BC' K. c. GREAT fiii'DjOTICN OF Tt-ICLS. I jroiiose to Hive, to the ixit.'ona (..* Knvserli’s. the hoii«l.lo( tl >• titvel.lnff U‘ eoinmlnhlons eii my Ncrsoi'/ t'tock. cBOfeTstln# of Fruit Treo.1. &c., and have ri-ilnueii tint pries fiercent, Ai^ples ati«> k oach''s, I..t e! ;s:j, ^ .4 erti fne Imiirov. 'l I'rnlts na nrtf in North Carolina, ainl ready for lf'si.est;csi. ert'iice given lo any (iuraeryiMr.n i.i QlilUcrl douiity Peachoaanil Ai>i'losvuni.;uj; Vi earlleatto the latest vai'letlcj. Tioes «JII Ka •aeXe«t in stronv tmxes o.' bales, aaS claw veredto KallronA Depcis or CtproM 0,1!.ea ithnnt any estra eh.iriro for horot at lenvem wUI furnish at the tolloirl»!, lovf ,Ue ; MMbae. anti Apples In any ttnnnllty. tir.v.c rca irur, li eents eaeh. Pears. Plur.i., Ap. looto, Kc .UiinoS Quiner, Crab Apples, t ife.i, Cl'K.- ieii '. mjIj, tirnamentalTreea, R.isi'R ■''■.3 X.O'-.vra I-.T eold cheaper than ose ba noU 1 y. uy Hunie j i» North Carolina. l,a«hlo!'...omr.:'J t. « ."1.,.. Any one not havlQff ci.*h mK vnetst? aeeomiHUiy order, s'.kuuu by la . 1 ,oil(l wnen tree^ art .eil.eie(|..t('.:;pt‘ spfaC - r f Uf parehaaer. Note to r.,coir.p*.i.» tradrauS jAid when trees C.3hvei'e.:, p..r-.;b ittum all freltfhts on lar-e. Trota \'i i '.'S ol.ijTpoa »1 November anil luireli' mr >.',sn lo )«0(S them. Veisousor.,ectn,i \..V sL'.,o yUii.t;’ '..‘Jsi J to ship. Nr.ireiUo ilero's. Lelte.ii 01 UUOJ-'T answeisMl cheer.ullj'. 0/t.rra rolielteU urid sat^ faction gaamnteed. Dcadlu ordera at’onecf. ' ll.iOlf. ;t July!': Ira. Proprii.tor .. w. R. Yio: 1 CABBIAQOS il.Sia.B£Ca£;U MACE TO 0R3ED OR R3PAIUED AT LOW rs;D3& All kinds of wood wortc an& done 111 good atylo. BhiokamiUi woricWMO at abort notloa aad wllii isattnaM M ne* work warranted. Fla* pai«n||t» bugglea done at low.prlaa*,l>eat iialili'BIjtfi •PBCIAI. ATTBMTIOBGITXB V0 TBB xhTDSnTAEI^^O 0l^ieiUtiltT. Crfflnaand Oaaosofall ataea oa baud.. Oarriane Materlala kept o«hluaA>atii)(|k4» below Paterabarg saatk^ A. t me 6 .I7 ro»» Takea pleaanre In ann««nel^ oao atlU M tound at hla afaMft«ay FIRST BfRBBT, where Finest THKES. WBiSKISB OIOABB. TOBA lea ISO Ba ipiarantai*. eee him.

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