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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 22, 1882, Image 1

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rriB ROANOK.B NEWS i "A. DfeSitoOH^'no WBBKLY NEW»PAPBB, PUBUSBMD BT HALL ft SLIOOI. Ono T««p. In «4riiad«, ••••MM. ill Monlhi. • . 1(10 Thr«« M • - «dii ADVKrmSKMENTS. OH in Of TRB VfLli PQSITI%’KLV CURB BAD BtliTB HMhing 1*11(1 unrU'ftwint ft* MA Bronth. son* sriattiir (roui a dN»rt(»re} iIoomi'Ii. am) iMn be M) ciirreclcd by taking SUnmuitt Llv«r Hegulalur. JA9IID1CS. Blmmon# L1v«»f O^KiiUtnr AmdlcAtcN ttilii f om tli« l*fT> inK the ftkiii clatr mud fr«e from all liiipuH ici. •lOX HlADACHl Atomaoh iwnerf^'etljr dUcMinff It* cnn* tent* cau>*i> aevortt pAiii lit th' Iterfd, ai'couiptn- led by d K»>r tht* mhI rur** orthUlls«re»Nlng uinictlou. lAkt* Situiuoiu Ltrar Regulator. V&LAXIA. r*nia>ifi living In uiibeiithr lAca1ltU>«. mty avoid alt bltlious attnokM liy fti'rAHioimlly tukiiiK n do«i*rtf Himm Hit Liver K*‘gulutor lo kei)> lUi* In healtliy action. oojrsTiFATiair ■hould Dotb# ragAhleil (u triilMug Allm«'nt. Ka> turc d»*ii)an«lt ilit« iiinmut rf^ffuiarliy of the bowrlt. TDt'feforo aMiiit Nattin* liy taMintcSlm* iBJiu Llvi-r Kvgiitator, it ku mln«l uiid t'tToci u«l. BILLIUUaN£8S. Oiieortwo ui)l«'4p xm iiU will reiicT* nil the trouhlvH to a likltoiH Mt-ttp NUrli qm, Nmi^la, 1)iigln"iM, Dr 1)’»>trcM.H after «tUo^a bift T/«} tuiti > in the iiioiiih. BLiDOER AND XlDffSTI. Mo*tof thn of thP or'g'mte fr >m t'loHH orrlix KMncy! re«ton> th> iiotioD of AL0080LXC roiSOXIRO. IJvor RoruIiUor will ronntorRt't Itte of aicaii Ulo f»'i:!!!!!!!!;! Hy it utit' the tor l»id Hrpr m av«>U!4«>{ (h-- h.tvm qni“t»*'J, th» Kactric li:iturbai)ct! corructed and iutemi>oruuco vrevcuted* TELIOW FEVER. Th^ Roa-ulatop hftft prnven it-^jrr’at vnlne an a r(*med n) NKeiit durin^r the p.i’ViU'>tico ot limt terr bie Hcotirtze. SitntintiiA*r Koultitor .never fH.U to do all timi 1m claimed for it. COLIC. Cliltdren •nff‘ring with collo poon rxpcrfenne r«liRfwhi‘n Bimtn liiH Liver Ke»(uIator is athniii cine. CHIUS ANDFEVi:B. •Tliapo Ip no neorl of «»nfr«'-inK nny l«'n rpr with Chlllt and Kevor-SttiiuiO'iM 1iv«r Kogul.'itor ■o-m breuki the I'hilU nndoarriiMl tlie fe»e* l ut of the 8y»i«m. Jt L-ii.e^ wbex all other reiuodiv# Chil. DTSPEFSIU Thiimedic'ne will positively rnr»» you ofth’n ferrlbie diMCii’^e. ft {» no vi(i;i bi«U. hut w»* ««• #«rt emp latiiHlIv whnt w.> know t.» be true, P«r %»!• All DruggUU. tobUif cm«f MiiTSMtMla^f «• ttoiu. Ui.'.«Ttnl»B«r. •i.TliWi anl IWliH wMfc U« w lif*-. TUn Bi-.W t( uotmwn hi a M U>» fntfanUim. MbtM «m *• g«M»Mw Ihkt H *>11 ft*« ptrfrM mvnttttam. tt M «M «M ky Mm la W« mMi tk'-onal awkni WHEELER a WiLSOH’S NEW NO. 8. l^l^iMrtRttutilng and Dast Se-.vlag M&obina IN THE VVOKf D. IT BKT3&X BVTIRO AlY OTBIB. ASBKTM WAKTItD. rtond for tormi )>riM LUt. W- W- HALL, irir« Md Itile InsarAiice As^aU «0m bf foiia4 la tbo Roanoke fifews Of9ee> WlLDON, K;0. lkllBB8IirT«, 'Kav ToFk Uodanrrlteri. **A«rlculturar* of Watertown. N. Y. W«it«M» «f Toronto, oanada. PMnlloo. of Tarboro, N. C« l^iMhbanr, nf Lynehbarir, Ta» BqalUble Life Inaunuioa Co* of N* T> WItli piMO rliiks tin'any other eooA eomrar §4fe»»tes. iu/Vwiy The R(I^A>j^e News. tHjB AOAHOXS newt ADTBMimia aATw. VOL. XL WELDON, N. a, THURSfiAY. JUNE 22. 1882. NO. 16. vintTi. An flowert are iweet; but thoee ny baan doth luva The l)»st. Bloom whar«» the eyee art oloeed and taadt are cruueU At rest. Alt 4owen are »weet: bat Sthote fklr bloMoms ■uread Wtth dew Call back the motlter-eyei ao Bad, to iwcet, To day ] /eel a breaib; thecurtalni«wlaff Apart. And Bteinoriet like ellvermlat float ronod My heart. The while the perfumed dew fatU on my heart Like ratu, And eeent of vloletn—the loved them ao! (4lv*'e pain HOW WE KE^T HOUSE. A STOKY FOR OIKLS. ^*elf, we were inarrted at Utt, U’bit adia* tretBln)^ time it waa, and what a martyr po>ir motUer became In thoae weeka of preparation. We were nut rich, but well to do, aa people Mid. At father'* d‘atU, thara wi« the lltlla iniumnffl Hnd aanuK ilttU eattagt with Ita ten iieres vf fruit and garden. Motlifr, bioaa her tfetir heart, could minaic«« but tbere waa a f4n)ily of three girU and two boya. John au4 Charlea had Jdat beKUn to make thelrowu WHV In a diatant ci'y. i/ow we giila did cry when they left ua, for they hadalwaya boarded at home, and they were good brothera. The tirat weddltiu wa» for me quite an event, you •t*e, fn the and CInre find Helen aaid f ahould have a irood acnd off. I waa the yuuntceat, jHAt paat elKlite;i>, but the tiret to ba^e a home of my own. They had lorded It t*r me, hnt atiil 1 waa tbe pet of the fatnily, and we h id a homo. If we did not appreciate mother, who doea until real life cornea, and ahe perhape la (aid under the f We ma le our own take, or rnther mother did. It waa alwnya mother. Jane, the maid of all work, aaid: "It took a )H>werfal lot of cookiu to niMrry a man, and wedioera eat awful.” ^ caterer fium the boya* cltyattendcd to the real. The hundred doilari It coat w«e moiher’a preaent. The house waa fraHraut with flowera. Clare waa ^n artlat In decoration audlttooked pi*rfertly lovely. I bad Ave hun dred dollars father left me for thlavery occa- aian. Dear father; how he would have ei joyed Ibia happ) dav. The troaieau Waa all Ihnteould be desired, and Mark had furnUhed a iUtl«r cortaKe In the Inlat d city where we were to live. Mother bad l>4en too kind to me. 1 waa a good acholar, bad graduated with htMiora, quite a muaieian, and waa a deft hand at fancy work. But buuaework, bleae me! 1 waa Innocent of knuwledtcc in that regard a« a new boro baby. I had tried to tell Mark of my (ignorance, hut he bad atopped i*it with kiiftua, aa If love would make the pot boll. rUe weddin;^ brt^Afa^t waa all prepared, toy trunka were pAckeil, with teari, I confeap, Jane poer loul, h;id bought mu a dosen lliivn clothea for wl|ing my china. **Tbey’d be real handy,'* ahe said. How little I renlii- ed that diabea must he washed fn that vma covered eotlage! But 1 thanked her, and many a time alnee. M.ii k had come the night before, and now Heleu vamu iu with her aiiff ai>k and her quveniy bt aring, and aaid ^he gueata were arriving and the hour waa nearly at hand. Then Mark knocked and looked a little Hiarded when he saw mu In my white silk and the filmy veil. **\Vhy Koaa,’* he aaid, "are you goiag to fly; (am afrai i I ehall lose you.** Tbe voice >f John came up iho alsirway, and Mark and I went d>WQ umiil the pirfume and lv>w whispers. Dr. Dale waited there for ut, with hie benignint face and white hair. 1 only remembered (his of (bit shadowy §er- viee: ’‘Remember my clilld, whatever awaits you In the new life, that duty mual be before plea:ure, and heroism Is tbe Uber ot e\ery life. Until dealh do you two part.'* Ah, how much that means now, for all this waa trn yeara ago. Then came the congratulattona, the hurried bri'ak/ast, and we wera iteamlng away toward our home. We were to live to gether. How funny it aeemed. Mrs. Mark Paltlson, wife of Lawyer rattiaon. We reached home at last, and Mark'a aiater waa tbere to receive as. 8ha was twlea my age and regarded Mark as a little above any one eUe. We went all over the tittle honsa, out into the garden, and aang and dreamed an:) talked Ilk** two kittens Innocent of life. TbH duak found ua In the arbor, the moon light alMng through the grap'Tine fragrant with blopsoma. We were la an enchanted land; life waa love. What feared we of traabfe; It bad not touched ui. The neit day Mark went to hla office aaying aa he kissed me good bye. **Let Martha aea to the ordering of the dinner; Juat rest,'* aa If I waa tired. Rut 1 resolved to aurprise him. I woulT prepare the deaaert. Had I not seen mother make auch delicate puddlnga of anow wUb a delicate cruat, the color of umber t To* be aur«, mother atood by and told roe evcry> thing to put In; built waa nothing to do. 8o I went to my pianOt my v#ry awn, which had been aent from the ol«l home. That brought up the familiar room, and 1 cried a littje to think ot the new Ufa before me. Then 1 began to pUy. I vrati passionately fond of mualc, and my home Mckness was forgotten. 1 had been playing aome time when I thought of dinner. Thore waa only an hour. Martha had been out In tbe kitchen all the laoruing. 6he with Chtoe, the colored eo(»k, were about the dlnnr'r. My propoaition to prepare the desert teemed to atrfke them addly, bat 1 went bravely to work. I thought T wontd make a fruU pnddlng. We often had them at home. I knew Mark atijoyed them. 1 got the floor, the butter and salt, and made dough w ith milk and water, and then rolled It Into lltlla cakea and apread the peacbet. 1 tald Chloa they were to be colked quartera of ao hour. They didn't look Joat right, but I thought boiling would remedy aftry defect. Tbe dinner paaaed off pleaaanlly. Mark bad had a busy day. Bat when the daaert waa rnag In, Chloe turucd up her noa^ and aallfi^ ominoualy. Good heavena! Wbara wera my peaeb dampllogaf They were at b^ry at lead. To eat one would be lo Inrlta d«apapela. Mark aaid nothing, bat he amlled, aad BftHy began to roar antll the teara ran dawn hla face. At flratl felt hurt, bat the mlrtb waa eoota* giooa, and wa laaghad wotll 1 waa faint. I bad forgottas tba t#o apoanfala of baking pow der, and Mark waa aacrlllfaoa enaaf b to ear, **they would not rtsa aolll tbe judgmacl day.»» Martha ataid with aa a montb. I thought aba waa meddleaome, but I know now her love for Mark %ad a raal daalc« to bailp oa provpt- ad her tti offer iaggeatfoai. Bha wit a perfect boiaa-keeper, and must have raffsrded me tt a mere child. Chloe waa a treature. She had been in Mark*a family for yctrs. 8he waa aomewbat domineering as favorita aervanta ara accaatomed to be, but while ahe ataid onr bouaohoid fiaatt and dally appoiutmtuta w;re caiwfiilly atteadttd lo. Bat bar ateter waa takan dangemualy III, and she was obliged lo go. Mark refused at flrtt, but 1 prevailed on him to allow her lo leave ui. *Mt will bo hot aliula whtla,** I aaid, **and I will take Chloe'a place.” And ao f went down Into that awful kitchen the following morning. It makes me home- tick when 1 th nk of those dayt. and yut what la one worth unlll tested. The range would n't work, and then It bunie l everything up. 2’he augar and butter waa oat. I was tiuaccus- tomed to U all; my back and head uched and when Mark came home, I sat on the floor in the kitchen io teara. He ;rled to cheer me up, but what dots a man know of woman's work. 1 waa utterly diacourag d. We dined on dry toast and poached egt;s, which Mark oiaaaged, and then we had a lang evening of talk and aong. Tbe breakfaat p;iaaed wtth a rcalooa^ ble degree of success, and 1 resolved that I would make a brave fight. Wo both liked aoup, we had vcgetnblea. Chloe had left pies. I aaw my way through. I worked hard that forouoon. 1 auiile now aa 1 thluk what toil 1 made of a aimpla m«tt«r, but perchance son»e young housewife mny be «Mo(Kir«g«*d na they read how I took my letsona In '‘kerphig house.** riiut soup is an cpgrb iu my ntarried life, for it was my aerond di fuat. 1 had lieurd that a little cl»ve for a«*a«onitig would be de* airalfle, but I mistook my nieasiin t, uud I set it before (he hungry Maik it wa4 aa bl.u-k aa his bat. *HJreat Ca'rar, Kosv, «hat have you here; are you going to pois>tn me out- iluht?'* And when I t>>ld linii, and he eii* dcavored to turn it ofT Into a Joke by bayinff, “It was suitable only for him of tlie t-ioven foot," I cried outiikiht. I was nervous, and hardly n aonun, ahd the lic'nvens and ear h gr*'W blacker than tt;e stfup .M«ik aioel dlf Chloe'a pies, remarking that ho wa* pi soni'd.'* afierall. 7 he very mention of soup to this day makes me f'*'** faint. Chloe waa away far six months. That slr- terof hers would not gel Will, nod would not- die, I aomrtlnua ihonght in de!>pfr:tMon. I WHa too prond (o Kond for Martha. Hetcn nnd Clare were both of them vlAitlng. I fouuht it out alone and I mentally resolved, If I evrr had a dA'ighier, ahe might be ignorant of the languages unU mu-*ie, but 1 would u-aeh her to Work. She should (H'cotu*.^ f.joiliur vilh the conduct of a home. Many u dinner was ruined. Maik like hi« namci^nke of old, be came an apostle of pdtienre. 7'he only won der it he did not acquire n S'tiU'.l dy^^pepKla. I was dlscourniied and wept, nnd tlifn wei tat It again. I thought I never should he able to prepare a well appointed meal, but jiit as I was on the point of utter defeat, moihiT, dear soul, viaitt^ me, and then I was safe. Wiian she heard my story, she g:ive mo hints but aaid 1 had best keep on. only ini>urni‘d that she had nuglccted this |)art of my ediiea- tion. **But child, I never tlioiuht (if your marrying ao yoong. Your rt!t;erH are r^till sin gle; you wore but a schxtil ({irl, wUwx Murk must take you ttway.'* M tt with her co«u«el and iitigifestion^, and her dear sini e, I detied the world. Mother said bt-forc t>ho left, I was cortatniy becoming an accom]ill»hed eook. The next sii months of our laarritd ||fo wrt plain sailing. 'I'itc rothiire bveame the dear est spot on earth. 1 bad forgotten Dr. I>ale*s word*, *'Ke»ncmher, my d-ar child, nliafe»er awaits you In the new life, that duty niu^t be before pleasure, and heroism is the llbre of every life.” 1 had conquered the cuisine. Evan Cliloe respected niy Julgment. I coulil superintend the preparation uf a dinner that no ane need be ashamed of. Aty iiule rooots grew ci*ty and Inviting aa 1 adorned tliem wiih the work of my lingers. 1 began to think tliut life waa a aummer day of tung. '1 he second year marked the advent of our bahy. Not tinlll one passes under (he spelU of luothei- hood can the full reaches of life be fathomed. They told me 1 came iitur dying, but our boy, Mark, Jr., was worth it all. Jjow wc loved him, and what a I cautiful mytery he w as. We both declared he wap a remarkuhle chiUi. We feared hn waa too smait to live. Ilow tli>tt second year was glorified by tliii cnre and anx« lety attendmg our llrsl horn. We did not grudge the broken rest. But h*) fafely passed the colic, croup and all the otlicr IIU unlit (he abarp littio Ivorlee ahewu in the Lluahlng guina. I bad been so engrossed with my bahy that I had not noticed that Mark was growing thinner everv week, nntil ontf night he cnme home sick and he did not leave his bed for four monlhf. 'I'hat terrible fever ate into his life until be was on y thn Hhndow of my hua^ band. For two weeks 1 stood with him In ihe very shadow of de>ith, battling the Ang^l of Destruction, as only a woman can battle, for her deareat. I loarnml to live almost withont rest, and grew ainiost us pale aa the tosalng patient on the couch. Only a atrong consti tution aaved me from dealh. Many nnd many a nUht I spent on my knees, crying out unto Him who bolds the keys of I fo to f^pare my husband. Aa the apriug came on, he began to gain, and In Juno he waa cut again, **as new," he aaid, aave that the gray had crept Into bis hair. I knew not what my dear mother bad experienced iu tue last slelineaa of father. She had often apoke of It, and a shadow always fed on her l«ce and a hush came to her voice. 2 did not understand then; I know uow. My baby’a second summer waa a trying time. Ah I that second anmnier; how wa tuolbers dread them for otr children. He bad nlaaed my care during tho aieknesa of my hnsband. I was obliged to >\iian him, and uow ha Rraw white sod pallid In the hot daya. We watched him anxioaaly. Wo could not flvahinup. Weak and weary as I was, 1 was still about the bouae. The day cnme at laat when we knew it was only a question of tloie Wito that haa walelied a child ta|(e on Ua RDg^tooJ need be tojd whgt jlhesQ days were? . bur bojr. opr irst.boro,Rottf otter life, crept out of oor arma os mysteriously as lia eama. Tba valley of tba shadow ol dea^B I Who that bts walked^ (hrt^h H Hadi^ a child, only to, be pi^rle^*fiui9 U lott»^MtJ aver be ^alta tba stiua '(igftfiif Tlie golden leavea of Oatober fall oa'a^lttla grave tad we werecblldleasl I ba4 IrfUoed what Dr. Dale, meant bjf ^MhityV ami f'bc^lap." ' Martbaean^altidlt^^W Jiotiio forMark^' and I weot*hom«. 1 tfM not tak« to my bed, a but I wat listtess and heart-^Ok, l^patf^ilgth bsd daparta4. W^yMf ^..^d. Clare aad Holac fara np ibelr .vBala-tliba to me, aad moibar tald va all about latber'a dying aa aba oavar bad MfonT ' ] OOWM not ballsva that only threa years Lad pasaad Moca I leftmybome a blushing brUts^.'Wbaina^liBea life had taken oat Bikt jrbutb dies hard; I waa «nly lu my twanty-tecond year, and I begau to meud. 1 had much to live for. I waa not tba only oaa who griaoed. 1 alMI bad mf kaa- baud; my home was yet dear lo me. And so I went back, n little p.ilor, but strong and hope* ful, (sady to meet the futare of my life. And then we ruiilly bfgun to keep house In the bU'Ss^'d sense, for this rambling sketch only the prologiu to the real atory. I hitd my triali*. I bad mastered the cuisine. I bad boiM) Ihrongli the flood on foot, and my child hud driftfd from my arms, but 1 had learned procinus l«sons. It had cetie tome in (luse yeirs that tho loots of h^me re«(fti down Ititii the tlarkne«>s, nnd thst (hey are iMiriured for the f.t(re«t Ulootning, Dot by hialili and l>ro^|u•rlty aiw.iys, but by pain and trill. We have had our dark day^ Mnae tlirn. Wlial home |m fri-o fro® then? Mat olhtT chlldir'ii iiavc iome (o luttvraUout the house. Poverty h>« stared ns In the face, but %«ealth comes a la«i, when we wore ahje la bear 4t, and r’s('uf d iyf. f le k l.iek wlih tVtaiBiflii**' neMto iho^i** p infol nionihs, whsn T Waa learning “I h i( tUity niUHl eon* brfore pleas ure, and heroism is the lliier of every llfo.” HIS MOTHER’S TOUCH- Pi". l'r;inlcltii iloiiii's itii> cxutonro of siU'li :k tiling us paroiilul or in- HliiK'l. Ill* l>.iso I his on liis own ut tlie liinc lio visilcil Ills liiullu'i-, iilii'i yoais (il alisciiro, ainl II I' iilil laily )il not ivci)j;iii/.(! Iiiiii, iIioiil;'Ii at till' iii!('i''iifiiii>ii 1)1 livr p'li- lli'in.iii uilli wliiiiii liv K|ii'iit (lie ('Vi'iiiiifr, till' ‘.tiaii'.'i'r’ ntiiyi''l .'ill iiifjlit. I’li'lu r ill Hill'll an iiistinul is, liii« pvi'i', a pK'^sant oiu', aiiJ llu' I'vi ilcni'c lor it is Millloii'iiily jiiii|ilu ti> iii;ik(‘ its I'viNli'iii'i' al li'ast, |iroliablo. Krank' n liitrs this cn'i'i'Ui in- Hi;iii''i'ol a ilyiii”'sen's ni'ni^hilion uf Ills mdilii'i' : III mu' i f llic licicc en^airi'nii'iits iioui’ Mci'liniiic.-ivilli', a yoiini; liciilt'n- anl Ilf a UIkhIi' fslaml liaUci y lial liis ri;;lit locit sii slialli'ii'ii by a lia^uu'iit III'vlirll, llial on I'l acliiii^ Wasliinsjion, allcr oiii' 1)1 tliiisc linnililc aiiiUiiI.iiici' riili's mill a jMiinii’y of a wi'i'k’s iliira lion, llO was (llili;^r(l 111 llllilr|;;iiain|ill- latiiiii ot lliu li'jr. Ill' ti'li'Hiaplii'il liDiiii', liu'iilii'ils uf mill's awMV, that all was ijninL; wrll, ami willi a snlilii'r's fiii'litiiilr, t'iiiii]io"i'il liiinsi'lf lo bi'arliiti 8utr'iiii;^s aloiii', 'riikiioi)ii lof liini, liiiwoviT, liin lU itlU'i', wil l li ul I'oail till'ropurt of Ins wulilul was liasli'iiiii”' to sn' liiiii. Slic M'ai l fil \Vfti|iiiiij;ui:i at miiliii^lil, ami till' niirsi's wimlil liavi' krpl !n r friini soi'iiii; liff so;i ijniil in . ()|ii' sat I'y liini l.iniiliii; liim ii! lie nlc'|)f, liiT liaml nil tlio I'fi'lilc, tliu'liia- tiii;j |iiilsc. I’liit wliat wniiiaii'rt lu'art roiilil resist llh' ]ili'ailin^8 uf a motlier, i till'll '! In till' ilarkni'ss slio was liiially I alliiwi'il to gliili' in aiiil taki' tlii^ (ilai'c j at liis siili'. j rilic lonclii'il Ilia pnlso an tlic niirso hail iliiiH'. XoL a wonl li.ul boi'ii 1 spiiki'ti; l/iil Ilic slcr|iiii^ lioy (i|.riii l > liis i'\i'S mill Naiil; “'I'liat fi'i ls liki' iny iihiIIh r’s liaml wlin is tliis lu'siili' IIU'? Il is inoilicr. ’ 'rill'll ii|i the nas ami let mo 800 molli- I IT. The I wo ilo.ii 'fai'i'S iiict in unu long, ! joyinl, sobliin^r cnibracc. j 'I'll!' Lt illaiit, frllow, just twonly-ono, I liail liis li'K' aiii{iiilalril, on tlir last ilay ; ol his thn'1' Vrars’ ni'i'vicc, iimli'rsrijiit ii|K'ratioii alti;r o|ii'i’alion, anil itl Inst, when tli'fttli drew nil'll, vosigiicil liim- S''ll ill pi'aiii', sayiiijr, ‘I han' faci'il di'alli too ortcn to fcai' it now.’ WHY BABY^E FAINTED. Oiici', wlien Miiu', Wentz iiml lipr fi'innli. ininst I'cis well' |u‘i lot'iiiiii); in San Kraiii'isoii, a wi ll kiiowii Front- strui'l iiu'i'i'liaiit —OIK'of tliii IVont 01- I'lii'slia.scat l)iii!;a If, wiiiisc lirail wan iiioif cli’ar than U'vol—waitril around llic Hta;^o ciitranoe to the Stainlanl Tlioatr^ aflor tin' pi'rl'onnaneo lryiii4 lo conuval n luiinlsumc buuiiiicl iiiulcr liis ulster For a Ions; liinc lie kept jiprriii}' at the ilifli'n'iit Kpi'cinu'iis of Mini'. I!i'iil/,’:t sirens a.s llii'y put ii|) their uinlni'lla.s anil Irotteil away in I lie rain. After waitiii:; patii'iitly for about an hour, 111! aj'proai'lu'il an imliviiliial, wllli a reil Ht;arf and a hluiit'.heil, who Htooil 8inokiiiu a ei^ar ai tlie uiilranre, and said : “C in you tell me, sir, il Afiss Clilorino lia.s n'ono hoiiig yet ?” “Oh, yos, been (Tono half an lionv,” replioii ilio sliiiieh-liat )iiniy cliteifHlly. “Those flotvers for her'/” “Well—er—um—yes.” “I’ll giv« 'cm t« lii r—seo her later,” said lilt' oblijfin^ man. “Will you ? Tliat’s very kind sure ly.” “Oh, not at all,” s.iid tlio man, snU'll- in^if the bouquet with the air of a con* iioissi'ur. “Anything else?" “Well—aheiu 1—yes. Just give her this pair of car riiiys.” “Certaiiily. Wimt name shall I say ? ’ ‘'Just say lh#t ‘Baby Mine’—she’ll nmlcrtitand-'.i'.isviuU love, aud 8ays 3'30, at the same place to morrow.” “I'll just make a meiu. uf that,” rajd tl^ red'4i« miw, ,yv«i|iitf 911 JiU. diirt- Clift',‘2:30'satjK plaw ui.oiorr0w/ All rlfiMt.. Anythin^^lKef .7 ‘No, that’s nil. Sure you’ll see her lltL" ^ 1 h,l:#ti Md y^ia i iHu'iftlftrl ;linsbaii ■ to liiH ffOmc tff] Youwa tKiDMOurt Tuoum. till OAVSK or lilt VALUNa OUT WITB ms swKrruBART. Derick Dadd. Last week yoaag Skidmore pat li bts rega* lar iSunday ev^ulng with blaaweatbaart up aa Vac Ni aa avenue, bat be bad not gottea balf thr.)ugh witb the stereotyped lospectlon of tba photograph album» wbgn she noticed thU ao air of pecnlUi abstractlan weighed apon bla Usual smiling coiuilenanca. ''What's tha matter, Uustus? Doo*t you feel w^ll?" she inquired, tenderly dlitar- ranging the part la hla hair, as Is tbe ezaspera- ling femlnlnu cuatura. *‘0h! I'm all right,'* he said. *'Dld yoa taka In Ihe maiince yeaterday V* And ba glanced unraally around "Tell me «(hat ah^pcralated gea- tiy. "You^eem to hafe aomething on yoar mind; what is It? Uustua, dear, tell me." **i haven't got anything to tell.*' aaid Skid more* After which he shook his bead tbovght* fully. *‘Ureatheavens! I see It all!*' eiclalmcd tbe now fully alarmed girl. "You've been •speculating Inatocka, and have^bave uaed the ollioe money* i>|i! Ousltta, to think that you should ever be a drlkuUer." "I haven't done anything of tha kind,** satd the young man ludigimntly. *'I only feel—that Is, 1 kinder—how do you jftt on wUb yonr luuaic lessou, nida?" • "Oh! Gustus, don't talk In that atrange way. If anything dreadful has happened tell roe at once. Don't keep me In a^spuuse!" and ahe laid her head On his ahouldur and sobiMd bit ■ ti-rly. " I'ilda," aaid the young man, after a mo ment devoted to lirmly hut gently removing her hi-ad and selecting another aeat "yoa don*t really care very much for Llmburger cheese, do you? I vuppoae you could give it up for my saku ?” "Why, Ciiis->" but she stopped suddenly, aA a terrible thought tIasbcJ through her mind. Her lover’a Intellect waa never my atrong, her pa had often said, and now he had al laat gone insane. 2$he must be cantloua. "Ilaveii’l git such a thing aa a tumor about you, i auppoAe," he continued wistfully. *'Yju wouldn't conccal such a thiug as a tuniur frt»m me ail these yesrs, would yoa, Tihiu?" * No, diiling." she rcp’led, trembling vlo- lenlly and edging toward the door. "I'henl guess I'd better go home now; letters to write.'* And he advanscd for a part‘d ing embrace. "Don't tourh me I keep ofl! tielpI murder !'* shiieked the turrlHed female. Jumping behind the sofa, while the houauboid came twarmlof to the scene. ‘ Whnt y^r mean ?" roared the father ot tha family, shaking the aatonished yoon^ muiby thi'collar, "What did ho do to you, Tilda?" * I didn't do nutbin," yelled Skidmore, hack* ing into a eorner. *'( was only going home because f couldn't stand U any longer.'* ":iland wbst you lunatic?'* "Why, this terrible odor. I'm blamed If It isn't just the worst amell lover stiuck In my life." And the desperatu young man aat down and ueurly sneezed hia head off. "Oh, is all !*' esclalmed tha object of lil« alTerthm, much relieved; and then, after i good deal of blushing, ahe whispered aome* thint^to her mother, who whispered Soiae- {li'og to her Either, who led the young man into the entry and explained (hat In conse- quenoe of the prevailing apldemic they liad llionuht il best for 7'ilda to wear a couple uf iarla1ic and cauiidior pads ab uit her persen. "Why, to be aure!" aaid tha ovetjeyed lover, smelling hla cuOa. **1 might have known. How aiupld of me. • And he retartiett to tho *p*f^«t*» ft-om which the family of his beloved Hied out again, leav ing the two teas&ured aoula to dlainfect aa BEST HE COULD 00. It was a Miehi!*aii nun ridinjf throiijfh West Virginia on liurseb.iok and on ono afternoon nti he cam« nlong lo a .setller's eabin on tho mountain road lie asked ol a man leaning over the gate: Cun you tell ni« how far It is to the town head? I reckon I kin uti'aiigor. Von will h ive to peg along fur aboatnine milis yit. liut it is nearly dark. Is there no tavern on tho road? Never heard of any, and I have backed my corn meal over tin* road risin of twenty years. liut |ierhaps 1 could pnt up some where? I’erliaps yer could. There is Steve Tuyloi’s down alniut four mileH, but he would heat you blind on olJ sledge. 'I'lii r is Muse Smith a mile nigher, but would ^ol viTiitid^d' if yt didn't trade him that horsu for a stub tailed mule. Might put np at GreiMi’s but there is lots of rattle snakes round his place. > j Kiiriiel .lohiiRoii is down about six miles, but the Kurnel would turn yc all out doors at midnight if he found out that yon did not vote his way. Hut what am I to dof Waal, I‘m a square man, stranger, iind the best 1 kin do is to ax }*e to stop licre with me, nnd to tell ye before hand that if ye awakened in the night by sh:iiy;lt s being ripned ofT and logs pulled down il wont be an avalanctie or a cyclone, but only mca*n the old woman a tryin for tho two hundretli time 8ini!c the war lo *eo who handles the nuney when I sell two coon skint for a dollar. X^l.guees I'll go in, faltered the rider. ICe-rect, stranger! The last nt»n who stopped hrro said ho wished he had have (run he chances with the snukda down al Qreen‘8 and I gin him my hand ivhen he rode off. I'm square up and down, as I told yc, and Qrecns 1:1 tho tbird cabin on this ride alter ye cross llin creek*. A NEWLY MASBIIB COUPLE. A couple left the train at Union depot and walked np JvlTerson avenue jresterday. She had long curls und • yellow sash, and ho had » standing collar tawing hit oain olT, a buttonhole bouquet and a pair of new boots fresh- It greasdl and one siio too small. They hadn’t walked two blocks when they came to a man sitting on a box in front of » store, and as he caiigbt tight of tlieai a grin crept over liis face spread out on a shingle. Grinning at us, I t’pose? queried the young man, as he came to a halt. Yes, I rankly repliud tho sitter. Tickles you most dtath to see us take hold o hands, don't it T Il does. And you ’magiiie, you can sco us fending each other caramels, oan’i you? I can. And you shake all over at the way we gawp around and keep our mouths open? That’s me. Well, this is me! I’m not purty, and I haven't between the rows, n«r billed up or fertilized. I ain’t wliat you call Stull fed, and the old mini looks twon ty per cent, worse than I do, but il won’t take me over a minute to jam you seven feel into the ground! I told Lucy I was going lo begin on the first man who looked cross-eyed at us, and you are ihu I'reparc lu be pulverized ! lli'g pardon, but 1 didn’t mean! Yes. yon did! Lucy, hold my hat while I mop him ! Say—hold on —say—! He took up (he middle of the street like a runaway horse, and tho young man took after him, but it was of no use. After a ricv o( a block tho m.iii who grinned gainedso fast, ilial the other stopped slmrt and went back to his girl and his hat. Stretching forth his hand to ihu innocent maiden, he remarked. Lnoy, clasp on to that, and if you let go for the next two hours, even to wipe your nose, I'll never oull you by the sacred name of wile.—Detroit Free Press. .! YOU FUST. A minister otllciating at a wedding better not lay any plans fur spnrt on his own neeonnt. 'I'lio luugli may come in in tho wrong place for him — as il did at negro wedding in Virginia, where two brawny, ruby lipped ne- griies called upon a young and popular minister to bo married. I'he minister was fond of fun, and i iviled some ol his intimate friends, telling them ho would have an extra performaiu’e iu the ceremony. The parl ir was well lijrhted, nnd tho guests H'itli niirthfiil faeos, were ated, when tho eoiiplc were shown Tho ceremony proceeded, amid a littlu tittering of the giie.sls and no little agitation on the part of thu lev ers. As it ended and the minister pronoimceil them man and wife, he added with a smile ; “Samuel, salute your bride.” The new-made liushaud looked all round the room, and seeing by the mirth ot the crowd that all was not right, lie excitedly said : You lust, massali I yon fust?” and prompted by a look ot the iond hus band, tho bride raised her ruby lija for the expected kiss: The tables had turned. The sur prised minister stepped back, and hot* itatingly saiil: '1 will soon have a bride of niy own to kiss.” ADVEUTISICMKNTS. SWMOIl CEliffiiliElt Kauralgia, Sciatiea, Lumbago, Baetaehe, Sor»n$u of tho Chosf, Gotrt, duint/, Soro Tkroat, SmoHingt eutd Sprain, Burnt and Sealat, Sonora! Bodily Paino, Tooth, Ear andHoadaeho, Frostod Foot and Earo, and ail otitor Paino and ioho*. Vo 1*repatatton on earth equals 6t. Iacois Oit at a •mfBt awre, 0impl0 and rh^ap Bxtemal Kamedy. A trial aBtaiia bat the coviparallvely tritiing outlay of 50 Oaitta* and trtrr one suflbring w ith pain aaa have ebeap and pnaiUve proof of lls claima. DtoaaUofui in Blevsn Languisgta. 80LD BT ALL SSUQOISTS AID DCALEB8 XH XBDtOXIB. A.VOOXLEa A CO., MKmMw, JH., p. «. X 'ineSqosra, MMIUNIMM rwoBaaatM, • w|M «{Mm|WM Thra^quarM, • M M «|MM Mfiai Kour RqiiarM, » Ml II MIM MI41 W* Puarlh ItM »m|mM MN HairOelnmo, MMlM MIMM|««| Whole Ualamn, yaoraaeioiiai. oaaae._ a MIX. Arroaaavs At xaw. »ipiaLi>.ii.c. mntlfo* !■ Ih« auantlee •fBsNftt. IfMk RitirrcoiiilMsod Wllaoa. OollmtloM won paruoflbamat*. )—Wtt. 1^ u.aMirH,jitr ATroBsav AV aaw, ‘‘ooTi.AiiD NaoB. Hauras Otvim ft, 0 M. QRIZta RD, ATTOKWBT AT LAW, HALirAX, K. a offlnr In fho Court Koum. flrlet altMUta f|«liO.MAS M. UILL, Att«ni«y ■( hmwt ■ AtiirAX, N. c. PniRtl«*. In Hsllfat aad ullalalaf siiil Koili'Ml »ii1 Soprmn» Cnarts. Will In St HouilwHl N«ok. ohm •▼•rf fort* al«li(. ■■(••If ^K. UKo. yf. aaBTMAli. •fflc. over W. II. Brown's Dry Qoods IMN, WKLDOX. N.C. T. W W. M A a O If ATTORSBT AT LAW. OAHT8BURO, H. C. A L T It H K. n A R I B L. Attcraey ronaa«lt*r At Lmw, WELDON. H. C. w. W. UALL, ATVOKXBY AT LAW. WBLDOW, It. a. Spmrlsl sttantlan Klv*» tu coIImUobs aa4 rL'mltlAiiRi'ii iiromtitly insile. * m»T itr. Q R. B. I'. BU2(TaR, MUBOBaa BBflriBT. Can be fonnd at bit aflloe la KaSall. Pura Nitrous Odds Oaa tor tba Ptla> lesH Kxtraoting of Teetb always on band. Jn te 'i'i tt. i kHM M. Hi'i.i.iK. jaoM A. aaeai |^£DLI. KH a MOOR B, ATTOBMBTS AT LAW. HALIFAX N. C. FrAcllr(> In th« cniiiitl«ao( nallfSs. ZfortbaHf. ton. KiUpromlio, I’Itt and Martln^ln tha ri'iiti* cniirt Ilf thn Statf* anil lu tha Vadaval Liiirtiiarilii. liK.itnrn DiKtrlet. C'ullMtlooi made In any part a( III* dlat*. |aa 11/ D" l>HV«iriANII ANB IVBaBBIIS, W B t D O N, If. C. l>ra. A. R. and D- B. Zolllcoffer. hatlog anilad parMiem In tho pra4^Clce of ttedMfne under .he Htyle and tlrm of l>r. A. K. Zollicoller A Bvo. olfer tlieir profeanlonal aervleea to the pablla (reiKi rally and aollolt a ahare of their patmaaffe» they guarantee careful and promM afteatloalo pat lent a. One of the Itrm will alwa/t be fbaad tt their offlee In Zollleoffer'a Drugitora wheva pattenta wl!l tie treated at all hoora and whea •a ary, both win vlalt and give their atteii* to patients withouteatra charge, n tf. ATTOBMBTa AT LAW, WBLDOM, If. C. D' Praetlcrt in fheconrta of Halifax aitd ^ count tea. and In ttinKuproiunand Ked«rai couria* OlalniH colleeied In any part of North Carollnaa One ot the firm will always be found In tha omc«*. Inna Niy. ISoT ESTABLISHBD 1857 Jaaaary lal, 1SS7. RUFI W- OANItL rRKXcif, APPLB. BI.ArKBGRRT and WILD CIIBRRT BRABDT. WHI8K1B8. PORT. BHBRRr. MADEIRA and CHAUPAaHIWIMB. OIOAR.^ BACOB, PLODR, UOLAIWM, LARD, OINOBR. minPBa, BPtCB. APPLaMMiUaB, PICKLBR. BHAaOT PBACHBHsad coitnoTioiipuBa POBTMBB’S LA6BB BBBB BB ICE, 10 Wash. A**Mia, WaUna. B. 0. "ARBOROOaH HOVBB. Fajr*U«vlll* atr««t, " BM«f|tll, Terms; to salt tlwtUrm,'. ; i ... . ' il.W. BLAritXALI.,1Vi|>a4fi

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