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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 29, 1882, Image 1

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HB ROANOKE NEWS A. DBllOOIUTIO BBKLT NKW8PAPIB. POBLUBBD BT HALL * tLIDQI. IX MOHM. TM Month*, ADVERTISEMENTS, aon fACI OOT mt WILL PCMIITIVBliT CUB aADBIBATI. Ifothlnff to VO unp)e««int bji Dad Br«Mh. imllyftrUlnff from « dliiftr^erad •tamRcn ftna ~DMio fAniljr oorrt(t^ by taking flliumuiu T«rll«fUlMor. JAVRDIOI. SlnmoAi Llv«r Rf^gutator toon eradtrfttM thU lMa«« f otn tho iivst«»m. leaTlng the ikiii clear Id fM from all JmpiiriMM. tIdK BBAOAOHX. Th« Stomach Unpert>ctly digeMIng Itft con* nta oaikw* a«jV(>r« palti In th^ heitdi aooniiipan* i by diMgr«eabl4t nau»*». For the n'llnf iinl M orthlsdUirauilng «ttiottou, take Hlmmun* Iftr lUrgulator. MAIAMIA, Pttnona llrlng In unhtntthy li>caMtlcR. vnny void all blUlotis attacki by acoailonftlly tnHtnx a :^«*orHimuimi Ltvcr lti>gulaior to k«i‘p lau h«*Uhy aoUnn. OOirSTIPATlOV hnuld not be nkgarded as tPlAlIng Anm>Qt, Na- ur* d'^mftndfl th* utmont ruffiilarlty of the wfli, Thet^fore aatlK Naturu by tRkuigShu- Llrer fWgolAtor, It «o rolii4 and elToctual. BILUOUSXEII. Oneortwo tai)1»ii|»oonrulA will ra1l«?A all the 'ut>lM lncld«uit to a blllotu lUtf Kuch r«, ftuvla. l)lBsln»>ti, Drow«ln«'>i4, afUr 'tiugabttler fad tastn in the mouth. BLiBDIB AHD XlDffKTS. MoRtofthe dlMMii4*fi of ^ho Madrtor orlfflnRte 'im those of tho Kldiieyn rikitiirH th«* action of i*r fUlly.and bJth the (pujneya niiU blad- be reatored* ALCOHOLIC POISDBIBj^. Blmm6n« I/lver Roinilator will *nuitlAn|ot the ffect ofalcoliollo poliionliig By It iimi tor Id Hyer in tho norvf*H qut»tet« th* ertrlo dletufbaoce corrected and luiumi>o»'aoce ^feoMd. TXLLOV riVEB. Thft R«*gulftior hic proven Iti gr*at yaiae a«a medial agent during the provalence of tlut rrible ecourga. Hltnmonn Livr>r Hngulator e?tr faili to ag all that U claimed for It. COUO. Children •nff'pring wiih collo doon experience lief when 81mmi)n«U?crH«gulator U adiiilii- ter«*«t acoordlrig to dlreo (enn. ArlultK a* Wfll ehlldrau derive great beneAt from thU modi' ln«. OHXLLI AHD FSYS||. BysvEpsiA. Thlamedlelna will poMtlvely eure vou of this .rrtble dtaeaMe. ItisnovHiii boat, fnit w> ns* rt emphatlually what wn ktiow to bo true, Immona L ver RefUlator will curt' you. g^Takoonlythe Oonultio which aUvnyfl has n the wntppftp the red Z Ttude Mark aud Migna* re of J. Zellln k Co. r»r N%i« All DriisKiats. :”!E5!!'Ez'3 SHL.iSrt»*SiM,y »imi Ki:s.“.axr;:c:p* efftzsQ XLiit fcv-r 553KS3iS2?s^Sy WHgeL^R a vyiLsoN’s NEW NO. 8. )yl(htaMKannln( kod But 8t»ln{ Mtohist IN THB WOKf D, jtr tt Birou BVT119 Aiy qtbj^. AOBBTB W4BVB9. twrmiud ptljM Ltot. Y W- Wf KALU !■» *■« liil^ 4g)iat. I found in ^»nok« 9*ir« OBee. ■WmfMni, ir. 6. York Vndwwrlterf • of Vf t, ^ pronto* Canaaa. VanillM.ot Taifioro. N. 0. Lfn^BbtirK, M Lfiiehharg. Ya. ^ttUble Life liwuraoee Co. of N. Y^ ^111 plMt rlakaflD'anjr olher good eorapanT II llw si3wleii. ^nivljly The Roanoke News. VOL. XI. WELDON, N. O., THURSDAY. JUNE 29. 1882. NO. IT. TRUST ME DARIM^ I’LL IE TRUE. Twai the awret^Bl of all momenta, Oreatefttjoy my htart e'er knew, Wh^n my owit d>ar aw6>theart whl«percd| **Truat me, darling. I’ll be true.'* We were out amidst the moonlight, llti \va»RtandtnR byntysMe. When he aiiked me, **Would 1 love him, Would J bo his own iwvct brldit r'* And I fell that I couM trust him, For III hl« eyiw of (endi*r« nt bliio, I eould read the s^if Rame at'utenoa, **Tru t me, darling. I'll be true.*' Then Ms liriiiH gently 'round roe, Say,d»'ur frlciidu, what eould I du? lie 11.1 head and softly klSN' d me, Wht*perliig, “irnst me darling. lUI b«truo.' Then (he llrtle stnrs looked brighter, i^vemi'd to know mvsetivt to*; Twinkled, that iho sky bellevwd Itltu, Whin ho whU|irrod.'*rU U* lrut».’* On my hand now brlf;htly sparkles, ROik of parent sapphire ! |uo. Flacfd there by the om* that whlnperod, * TrUHt u>«». dsrlliig. I'll l>e tr»*»,” TOO LATK Clyde Involuntarily reined in bla horses that he ml|;hl h>«Te a bolter look ftl ihd young girl who had Just passed him. He had seen her coming, when she was a long distance down the road, conspieaoua by her bright scarlet cloak that made such a glow ugaiast the dead white of the snowy landsctipe. 4»1 then as she came near him, and looked up, he resllxi'd ib it ho wiis face to face with the moK| glorious eyes (hat ever had lifted to his. and Clyde wHi thirty fl.e and ffit forty Arc, and hdd traveled half over ibe world, and had been presented to prlncoKScs and durh* esaes Htid charmlDg woman wlthoat number, and hud brukcn tDoro hearts tbau he could re- nember. Ilaiidsome. wealthy, arlstocratle. dUgusted With life, wearied with ihu aatiuty of good things, that had allhU Ilfu been laid at hit feet for his taking, he bad roshed away from the holiday fesihitles, and had come down to Roseholme'* and spent his Christmas and New Year In absolute aolltude, so far as hu man c»mpinlonBhlp went, with his books, hia horset*, his thoughts, deaf aud dumb to the score of letters every nuil brought him be- seeching his return—eren cruelly negNjfent of Vlrglnle le B*eton'a litliti coating notes, who Certttiifly. of all women, hud the best rl(jht to command him aceliig that he ha 1 been her most devoted for the pa»t three months. And this sparkling winter morning he hsul had his fasloHt pair ordered t» his nail, nd in Vual'kitt cup and driving-gloves, and fur-iinud aud trimmed u?ercoal, he was drlvin«4 at liU psual leatless pace oyer ihe mugnitlccnt road, whgQ—liu passed Olga Merrlam, wrapped lo her thick h.Jig cloak of d«c|»et>t scarkt cloth, ai)4 ft ^carlat sophyr h»»od a 1 Qoasy fi ing9a and ribbon.^ on her Lend, h'*r dark hair p'ep:ng iul In Imif-eurllng riuu-8 HI) Ii.t Jow, whlio fore head, hjBr 1‘lieaka fl .shed, hsr lips warm y, Juscioticiy red, and her eye — Clyde frit as itifiugh an vlaclric shock had been adiuinlslrred as liieii eyes met in a brief, pasiyal glani-e, and Mcling Lipon the ini|>ul»e. a thing he Vas very much in ilio b^fi S^of dolnir, all yoijr hat)d$Qti)e, eeld^th m'-n are—he rein ed his (lorsei sharply in, bringing ihem b.trk under Iheir hiinnches In (|ulvei|ng Bubjeelltm to his low, authoritative word aud hia strong wrists. And ha turner] around, mnrc int^>i7>st lo bis face than any one h»d seen there in the last five years. Just aa Olga Mcniam turned around—im pelled by that myaterioua pi*y hological intla ence all have felt; and met his gluuec, and— sMpped 00 tt treacherous froccn lump of auoif and did not get up. Cii'ije wai out of the mail at her side in a second. "Are yon hurt? Let me assist you to rise ¥*« ’* am afraid I have sprained my ankle. U was so stupid of me to fall.’* What a voice, even throu{*h its Tibratiora of ill'concealed sullering! **I hope nut. Surely such a lltUo fall yoi^Id-—*’ I^Mt wliije hu spoke Olga fainted at h«a feet. Thei'o was hi^t one (liing to do, and In the name of common humanity Trevor Clyde picked the unc»nscioag girl up aa gently as a woman might have done, ua only a atro»g mia could have don», and lifted her into tho ear- 4ag/e, fud turnci) hia hgraea abotft aud jf.illop- /Bd to Kt se.-holme, a ^alf-mlleolf. And wl)pn, t^u mlnjutcs later, Olgft camc bac^ fron> the long, dangerous swoon to tlnd herself on the lounge in the magnin^ent libra- ^y, and Ur. Lawrence, her own physician, and Mrs. BuftQn, the housekeeper at the Kose- holme, Ilf attef^daucfl, wii|i} Rosuhulmu's mas ter, ai^floua, handaoiue, intierested, stood watching the proceoJiug, she iicr life romance l^^d begi^n. was so perfectly natural that Trevor Clyde 6|;qi)I) fall in lore v^ith her, l^u who hud fallen In lovo with a dozen jjrett/ vomcQ li) ^ia time. And Olga was partloalarly loTely, saujCy, pi:* quant yet reae fa I and picond. And a week from the Hm,o be and Dr. Lav* rence had driven her home from Koseholme In the cot ph, with a mattress and blankets roa|^* inf a warm, comfgrtable oeal, 'XYovor VOS ready for almoal anytl)lnf where this was CQTicerned. Not a day bat hjS had callcd at the little grey cottage «hc ood her alleut |t«}rD sister livfd. Hooka, hot-lfonse flowers, hot-house frn^U nothing was too good, too eipunsive fur nur, and to $ee her eyes light up at sight of him, to watch her resolute ellorta to hide from him the love for him that was growing; with every daj waa tl^e keeneat pleasure th^^t ^ad coiqe iQ him for natty a year- for she lo?ed hfo^. l|ow eould it hj^ve breu othcrwife? lie was ihe man aboye all others to com* mand her, {perhaps the onl/ master he;* heart vould ever haT0 kaowo. S9 mofih was crowded Into th|i Ifitle ten d^ys' time, and although T^revor Clyde had bjr •one onaccountable power quite oatQolabingljr strange to hln^self refrained from a direct ayowal o^ bis puslon for her, yet they botb understood It as well as though the most ex* pllelt words had been said. Olffa was perfectly happy. Proud, boDorable, unausplclous, she never bad « tboifht that Trevor Clyde’sJore for her vas BOtas ciquisitroly loyal ai JicVt for him, and so when he cane one day aid told ber h% was telegraphed to rttam to town (or a day or so, hut would come back to Roscbola* ftt ib« ?ery earliest munsot, she aevtr for • eecond doubted him. Nor did TVevor Clyde deubl himself that bo Would return. Miss le Breton bad tolegrapbed him that b« Bist conse, or one of her entertalBBeott would fall flat. And Just a llttlo uhaned of having b«rled himself In the country so long, and halNwoa- dering what aha would aay( and more than a lUtle fearrul that aome one would falhom tho attniatiitn, Clyde concluded to obey bU fair friend's behest, and then cone back. lie fully meant It; glte him all the credit h« doserVea. But when he went back among hU asso ciates, when he was at home again amungihe fashiuoabie ladiea of the day and saw the dli« ferenee between them end the girl he had so madly dri-Sbied of placing at the head of tali table, it was a terrible strDggle->perhsps the first that Trevor Cl>de hed cfer had with him« self. All his life the way had baen made smooth (0 him, and he had only to go whichever way sultod him beat. But now—ho realised there roust be a decls- ire choice rosdu between the liitle dark-eyed girl iu the country, who suited his heart as no other womiin ever had, or ever would, and the city lady who would do such royal honor to his uime, his taste, who would queen It In so* ciety as Treyor Clyde's wife would be expected to do. But which. Amid all the rapturous wdltomes that greeted his return, that qunstlon, atern, unoompromiiltig, atarted him perpetually In the face. And so the days went on, and still un/e* clih d, he did not go back. Days when Oiga wailed, at first all sweet patience, full of trusting hsppiness, then busy making excnsea for him, utuil— lie msdc his decision one day, and with tha Impulse so I'hnracterisiic of him, gave himself no rest nntll he had sealed bis baigalQ—the bargain which, in his yery soul, ho knew wos the wrong one, aud yet the only epc (liat ihs iron hands of eufttum and pride apd sooial oh- llgallon permitteN. lie went straight to Mias le pretoo, and found her as usual gracious, elegant, the very wom m, ho told himself in a feverUh sort of exultation, that would do hiin ot^dit. lie told hisstotv well, and she listened Nfllh a rare, grave grave, and then—Inforipeil him th:)l slie hud bt>en engaged fur soma time to a geiitlemun absent in Kurope-expressed her re- j;»ols aml-«e»l him away fe'H(i^ sirangety be wildered, because he ceuld not tell whether he N«a« relieved nr rhsgrlned or dii^uppolnted, *'lt sfttles it for mo,” he said t> himself, will many the girl I love, aud the world may smile or fronn. I have made toy venture for Us favor, and failed. I will 8^11 my own needs.” And it was with a lighter heart than had throbbed in his breast for many a day that Clyde J-iurijuyed by the hrat express to Koac- holme, one bright, bafniy early March day, when it set-nied that the south winds and blue sUv were stolen fr*m the j;ronj|se of the glad Muy that was to coqo. Ati4-j'lst ii) tiiuQ—to meet, us he sst con tentedly bauk In his barouche—Olga M«rlam's funeral. A WQRI^F LOVE. A ctMitiiry silioi*, ill llie north of Eu. rope, uii olil c-atliujral, upuu one of lliu iiiclu‘8 of wliicli was a sculu- turoil l;ioo of wondroua lioaiily. ft \va- l»ii)7 liiJileii, until onu day the sun’s lijflit, ili'iliini; tiiroiiuli a sluiited wiiiilow, rciiclic'tl itx nmtuliToiti featureg. And ever alter, year l>y ytjar, upon llie days w l)on fur a brief lioiir it was tliu!) illiiiniiiud, vniwd^ came and waited eagerly to catch bqt aglinipso ^ of tliut facc. It liad a straiiga liistory. I When the callii.dral was being built an old man, brnken witli tliu weight uf years and uare, oaniu and besought tliu arcliilect lo let him work on it. Put of pity for Ills age, but feurful lent liis fajliiiir iii^^lit and trembling toucli might ujiir sonje fair dwigii, tiio mas ter set him lo Work in tlie sliailows of tho vaulted roof. Onu day they found the old iii.iii nsleep in death, the tools of his craft laid in order beside liini, tl)u cunning of his right hand gone, his face upturned to this other utarvclous fi^co, which lu) had vrought there—thp face of (JUS whom he had loved and lust in early manhood, And when tho artists and sculptors and workmen from all parts of the cathedral came and looked upon that face they saiij. “■I'his is tho grandest vork ofnllj lovo wrought this j” In the great cathe dral of the ages—the temple being builded fur a habitation of (io4—wo sliull all learii some timo that love’s work is the grandest of all.—J, J^. Uussell. Ti^r ri.BASUitii or Mkmory.—Uncle Ike wit one (lay rlillDK a mule and had a little nexro bojr .UtliiK bchlnil I1I19. “Tell yon wbat. Png Ike, ’potaifia mlgl^tr gnod tbinj{e,” ..Id the boy. ‘')ra,.'tU" aald U uncle Ike, as tl)e mulo struck a brlak trot. "’Ijpeel*llj wben you got lot. o' gr,77 wid him," piiclo (^e wa. .Ilently, but ac*n)e4 ri°Mleaa. "An’ vben you Kot aome roa>te4 'latera to ,op (n de RraTy," .aid the boy. Uo«le Ike «Md bU awltcb witif aeriovi enerK7, and the mile In- ereaied bla ape«d to Kallop. "ye., Uo( Ike, when de 'poaaum right brown an' da graTj drepio' ont an’ ” "You abet y«ifr mou/, yuu little foot I Ton'll make dia male tun oil an' kill na boat.*'—Arkanaaa Oiuetlt. Cook : “.Mailaine, may 1 a.k ym for n)T tei- tlmonlal. Mi.iro: "Wbat do yon eipeet me to arrlte, yon woKhl^a^ creature f Snrily, I ttiat 1 an) aatlaOed with yon.'* Uook : "laii’t Decenary. Qnly write t||at I rt- Dialnvd with yon thr«e mnut^,. TtoU win be U)y belt recomipeiidatlOD.'J —;— Ah, n)y friend, said a clergyiqaq (o pari^bioi^or tfho was tha l«usbanil of a teruiagaDt, «nd who hud m»de an application for divorce, we should, be yielding and forgiving, Tliere are no divorces in lleavon. Xliat’s the reason said the sufferer, why I am bo aosi-jas to get a divorce here, TNI LAME JMKiB SST. ■OW ■■ PLATKD ITOMTHB OLD MAX A twf went into a atore the other morning, limping, and seemed to be broke up generally. The proprietor aaked him if he wouldn’t ait down, and ho said he couldn't very well, as hi* back waa lamu. Be aeemed dii- conraged, and the proprietor asked him what was the matter. “Well,” said bo, 'Uhere is no encour. agement for a boj to have any fun nowadays. If a hoy trios to play an iQiiooent joke be gets kioltel all over the house, Yoii see, my old man is no spring chicken, and though his eyes are not wliat they used to bo, yet he can see a pretty girl further than I oan. Tiie other day I wroto a note in a line hand, and addreised it to him, asking him to be oa a certain corner at half-past seven on Saturday evening, and signed tho name of Daisv to it. "At supper time pa was ail shaved up, and had his hair plaxtered oyer the bald spot, and he got on aome clean ouiri and said ho was going to the lodgo lo iniliuto some candidates, and ho might not be in till late. He didn’t eat much supper, and hurried olf. I winked at ma, but didn’t say anything, At half-past seven I went down town, and he was standing there by the |M>st ollice corner, in a dark piaen. | went by liim, nnd said ; "Hollo, pa, what are you doing there ?” *'Ho said he was waiting for a man. I went down Mtreel, and pretty soon I went up on the corner, and he waa standing there. You see, he didn’t know what corner Daisy was going to bo on, and he had to cover the whole four corners, J askvd him it ho hadn't louiid his man yet and he said no, tho man was a little late, I went up tho street, and saw p^ cross over by the drug stoi'o, ai|d I coi)ld sen a girl going by with a water proof on, but she skitud a|o|ig, and pa looked kind uf Moleiiin the way he doi!s when I ask him for new clothes. I tiirned and came back, and ho was standing thero in the doorway, and I said ; ‘‘I’a, you will caUib cold if you stand rounil wailing for a man. Yon go down to the loilge, and let me lay for the man. ‘‘I’a said; ‘Never you mind; you go about your business, and I will attend to the man.’ ‘•Wi'll, when a boy’s pa tells him to never mind, my experiunou is that the boy wants to go right away from there, a»d I went down Street. I thought I would ortiss aver and go up the other side, and K(ie how long he wouli] stay. There was a gjrl or two going np ahead of me, and J see a ■nan hurrying acro«s from tho drug store to tho other corner. It was pa, and as the girls went along and iiover looked around, pa laoked mad, and stepped into tho doorway. It was about eight o’clock tlien, ami pa was tired, and I felt sorry for him, and I went IIP tu liiiii, »nd aaked him fur a lialf u dollar to go tho theater, { nnver knew him to slieli out so qhick I{» gavo mo a dollar, and I told him I would go and get it changed and bring him back the half-dollar, bi^t he said 1 needn't mind the change. “It is awful mean oi a boy that has been treated well to play it on his pa in that way, and I felt ashamed. As I turned the coiner and saw him stand ing there shivering, waiting (or the man, my conscience troublud me, and I told a pviliccman to go and tell pa that Daisy had been taken sick, and would not be there that evening. “Well, when I went home tho jol 0 was so good I told ma abimt it, and she was mad. I guess she was mad at mu lor treating pa tliat way. 1 iieard pa come home about eleven o’oloci-, and ma was real kind to him. Slit- told him lo wariii his teet, ’causo they wei-o just like chunks of ice. Then she asked him,how many they initiated in the lodge, and he naid six, and tlion sbo a!!|^ed hi'>l if they initiated Dairy in the lodge, and then slip began to cry. ; "|n the iqorning pa took nio into the baseiqcnt, and gave me tho hard est talking to that I ever h'W, with a bed-siat. He said he ki)ew that 1 wroto that note all the time, and he thought he would pretend that ho was looking fgr Oaiey, pist to fool me. l]ut what did he give tliat dollar for? *^Ma and pa don’t seem to cull each other pot any more, and as for me, they both look at me as though t was a hard citizen. ) am going to iMisou- ri to take ,Jesso James place. There is no encouf'ageinent for a boy here.” And the boy limpisd out ),o spparato a couple of i|og« that were lighting,— Peek's Sun. Too Oooo A Scene—A Btnall lawn on Seneca street. Time— noon. Peraenagea—A parrot sunning itself on a perch beside its open cage- door; and f atranKiS dog wanlp>'ing upon the lawn. The parro( ap«#ks first. Sick I B|ck I aicV him I The dogA with e»rs and tail erect looks aboi|t for ooiuethlng upon vhiuh to char|[|9{ be esplea the parrot, and an exciting «oene enwMi. I'rom out the (Boufus^ mass of |ogrhair and parrot* foathera comes the ahrlll cry, QetoutI P—n yot|, get out I Dog| breaks for street. Parrot, after looking at her- s0lf from head to “foot,'gravely ex- elaima : P^l/^you taUt too muolil Phe bslr of s Providence girl to so tall of ■lectrlelty that whso •bscoinba U tbs frsck- ling la a* loud aa tha ansp of s wblp. Sbook- |ig, laq't It f—^9Wctf Ctfirm. ONI Sf TMStE GHIISHN. ■asloB ttasSM*. One day I aat In • oar wat on the Sangns branoh of the eaatem road be hind a pale, oant>wom lady who was taking a little boy from Boston to Malden. As the litU* boy waa of a very iaqairing mind, and eretjthing seemed to attract hia attention, I oould not help listening to some of hia ques tions, What is that, aiintie t the little boy oommcnoed, pointing to • staok of hay on the marsh. Oh, that’s bay, dear, answered tho cam-worn lady. What is hay, auntie f Why, hay is hay, dear. But wbat is hay made ofT Why, hay ia made out of dirt and water and air. Who makes it ? God makes it, dear. Do!s ho make it in the day time or in tho night T In both, dear. And Sundays? Yes, all tho time. Ain’t it wicked to make hay on Sun day, auntie? O, I don't know. I'd keep still, Willie, that’s a dear. Auntie is tired. And nfior remaining quiot a inument little Willie broke out: Where do stars come from, nqntiv? I don’t know; nobndy knows. Did the moon lay ’em? Yes, 1 guess so, replied t||e wtt'ked lady. Can tho moon lay eggs, too? I suppose so. Don't l^other me ! A short silence, when Willie broKu out again; Benny says o^ins III * owl, »nntie; is they? Oh, perhaps so ! I thinic a whale could lay eggs— don’t yuu, auntie ? Oil, yes; I guess so, said the shame- leas woman. |)id you ever son » whalp on hi» nest? Oh, I so. Where? I mean no. Willie, you must be ijuiet; I’m getting crazy! What inaKes you crasy, auntie? Oh, dear, you a»K so many ques tions. Did you over sec a little fly cat su- gar? Yes, d«*ar. Where? Willie, sit down on tho seat and b^ still or I’ll sh.aKe. Now, not another wordl ♦ And tho lady pointed her finger s|^arply at the little boy, as if siio was going lo HtieK it through him. II she had been a wicKed woman sho would hn'*' sworn, Th re aro 7,000,OO0 littlu boys lii^o U'iilio in thu tTuited States, THE MATCHLESS LjAR OF CHICA80, '•Ton do not doubt me, MyrlleV* *'Never{*’oxclatmed tl)c girf, putiin^ on hcf iuvisiblo net as she apo|(esnd pl4p)ng h^r ban doliue b^)ttle wber9 she voahl be sgre lo see It lu thu moroing, Ihesuqhsd glared down Qorcely all day upon tho parched earth, and noy that night h^d e«)n)d the beat was even more oppressive thsA ever, because the cool wind that had been tifafted from the lake during the day had died away. It was a dreamy, sensuous, one gause«> underahirt-aud>uo>vest evening, such aa one often notices while travelHog )n PalesMuo. **Yott have great faith in me, bsve you not, Utile one?” Vlvlau NfuOartliy U)»lqg the gUTs hQn4 lu bis. “Yes,” replied Myiile, **I believe In you with a chlld-like faith akin to that which ena bles a boy tu bite a pie lu the daik, and i love you with a deep tenderuess and fair loyalty that can never die.*' "And wo)jl4 yotf belloTe a^ythii'g I t4>ld you?'* Vivian mormLfred, kissing the dimpled hind that lay iu his. Looking at bin) wlt|| her starry eyes, In whh h there gleanjed holy love light, tho firl replied, slowly, and with indennltc pathos. *‘l would bciiovo yoar every word, no matter what you told me.” Yheo,** said Vivian, while a baleful light shot from his near eye, *'theio is no ice cream ii Chl_*ag«.” Koran Instant,Mssed by the sl)ocV» Myrtle Aid not speak. But presently the Tuice o(l)cr heart found SjSllo In words. 1 can never leaire you now," she whis pered. *4'here cannot bo aqother s^ch lUrlo ail the wide, wide world.*' rERSONiMTiRs iijf CoyvgusAriOM.—Keep clear of personalities In ffvnersi convcirsatien. Talk of thh)g«, otijects, thnijghts. 1'he enjall - est minds occupy themselves with persons. Fersonalilios mt)st sometimes be talked* be> cause we hsve tA learn and And out men's characteristics for legitfmata objects; bgt It Is to be with confldeptlsl persons. Poor Burns wrote eod did many foolis)i things, bat be was wise wben be wrote to a young friend; Ay, tell, ynnrstoty offhand, When wl’ n bosom crony: nt ktill keep n - you'll scarcely Do i|Ot needleesly report 111 of others. 9'here ire timet wben we are compelled to aay, do not think Bouncer a true gpd honest rogn." Ret wben there Is no need to eipress an opin ion let poor Ronncer swagger away. Others will ta|^e bla meaaure, no doubt, and eave you the trouble of analysing him and lostructlng them. And, M^ay as pjqistble, dweU on tha good side of bi)man beings. There are family boarda wltere^constiinft process of deprectr ilng, asslgnlog lootlves, and cutting up char acter, goes forward. The/ ere not pleesaofi places. One who Isbealtby does not wish In dine at a diaecctlng-table. Thera le e«ll enough In men, God knowe. But It Ii not ihi mission of every yoanf nsn sod woman to de tail and report tt all. Keep tho atmoepbere as pure as poiatblo, asd frograwl with grhtle- ^SBS »Bd charity.^,^)’. JoTiu ffaff. wiK MT mu. She was nothing bat a bahy, « Utile, qaatnt 11 l-fbehlOMd tblng, with tumbled locka oi Minnj heir and deep, aoulful blue eyea that weraalwayefall of eloudi or sanabine, ona bellowing ibe other In rapid ane^ealon. Only a baby, toddling abont after ber weary mother, filling 4owo end barling bernlf a doseu times a dsv, and going Jast as oftea to holA wp • ineet |«war>(ace ell wet end dewy, with ibe lisped request \ *Ticase, msmma, wipe ny teaia,** or ta other members of the festi>yloi more dletitorlsl gnd peremptory voice,**Wlpe my leare (** Ditber she eotild not qr would not sttempt to brush awsy the tears herself, and somutlmcs we laughed to see the shat eyeeend tlgltily drawn features, bathed lo a liquid ehower; sometimes there wss a pttifal accent In that little bonsehold wall that mada onr beat ta ache, bat oUener we talked non sense aa we wiped away the pretty drops fiom the long earled lashes, the dainty ch«H»ks, tho small, qnlvcriug chin, and we drew gay pie- tures of the baby going abont with tear-bot ties bung aroung her neck, and crooned her to sleep with an idle repetition of Tennyson: Team, idle tears,1 know not wiiat they mean. And we wondered among ourselvea what she won!d do as she grew older and learned to know real sorrow, and If there would always be some ddar one near to wipe away the ready tera ns (here was now. And Uod hliuaelf shall w1|ks away all tears. We had never thought of Him, and ahe waa still only a baby, a aweet, winsome little thing that we thought wo had safe In our bearta under lock and key, with love for the keeper, wben all at once her teara were dried and ours began to Quw, fur we all stood beside her, snd ahe kneir us, nor was lo-^cnsible to her motber’e voice, to tears and prayers, y'hcre was a short, sharp struggle with the destroyer, hours of Ins nslbility evcR to pain, and then fof ft momeot the baby woke and knew us, and aa she felt the Ust panga o| dlsselutlon, her dear little face knotted and seamed with ilie deadly pain, she put one llqy, trembliug hand up to her mother and said In a whisper, Ihe old* qualat words; *‘W«|-pe-m y-t-e-a-ro.*' Then a sweet, glad smile followed, and ahe was gone where there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, and God shall wipe away all tears from tlielr eyo*,^lkit'vU Frr^J.xu, He CouLp Tii.L.~*‘ls it not buautlful,swec • hMrt?” **\Yhatt" askal tieqrge Vy. ils^pton, look^ iug tendei ly Into the deep blue cy^s of Daphne HeUatihy aa they were raised to bis, and glan ctng arouud In a nervous, stecr-eaught-in-thc- coru way. VVhy the sweet perfume that Is being wafTed to us on the summer air,” said the girl, shifting her chew lug gum aa she spoke. “Do you not feel the liensuous languor that Is a!l about ua—tl^e si^btle perfume that seems to h-va kissed ibe s|r with dewy fragrance?'* Tje wlst/i)l, fear>l)aunted look caige egeln into the mao's face, He snlffered the air In sevei|l directions, and there came uih>u ihe perfect tculi;res uf his Wshash-aveuue face a smUe of calm cuntent. “Yea, darling,** he said, b'jnding over the girl, “I tunible now.* “And what Is this perfume, GeorgdT* the girl a»ked. “Can you not tell me, darling?** “You,bet I can, my angel,** replied George, speaking In tones of passlopste tenderness. “They a»*e go^ng to have corucd bocf for eui>- |K’r in the oe^t houke.'* • • WiixiNniiA^ QN WoMAV.—God, in all of his creation made woman the sweetest and love* llest, ihe truest and hest of bis handiwork. God n)ade the fli)wert of earth for the purpose of giving to womsu the espresslon of her pure heart, as the increase of her loveliness and hu maulty. It was woman who made decora* tioo day tn Georgia. It is to woman we owe the perpptuel ohservance of that day. It la to ^l}e swectpcss of woman's nature that the bouihern heart Is brought oncoa year to con* template the love we owe (o our Confcdpratp dead. It is by the hand of woman thet the garlands of the sweetest memories arc strewn upon honored ond unknown graves. It la so ustural and lovely that woman should be the first at our birth and Uto last at Qur bier. It Is sho that Imprcs&ei the last kiss aa we|l as the Urst. It la woman*a sweet yolue that tlrat lullabies man to sleep lu his most helpleaa in fancy, It la woman that guides him to man hood and preserves hint in his moral Integ* rliy. To man woman Is ererythlng—she Is all to him.—Cartersvllla /•V^m /Was. AOVJ^UTISKMENTS. unaY RHEUMiTISH, Kviratgfa, Soiatiea, Lumkago, Baekaeht, of Me Chtst, Bout, Oniaty, Sort Throaf, $m»Hing» ani Saraint, turiu and Seam, Sanaril Bodily Paint, To9(k, iar MdHtadaeht, FrotM Fatt anil iart, and ail pMtr Paint and Mehtt. Ko Prepsiatlon on earth eqnal. Rt. Itean On aa a w/k. «l»9(e and thrmp KMcmal Kemwlr. A trial Mlalla wt Ui« compaiatlTely Irltlliui iHiUajr of Bf fltmtm, aod ererr one .umirins wlUi rain caff IlMii Clwiip *04 voitAw |i|w>r or elalqu. IXtseUopi In Baran Laa|U(a. BOLB IT AU DBOMUn ilB BBUEU IV KBDIcnB. A.VOOSLEB Sc CO., MNmerekJrtf., V.t.M July T 1 J. THE ROANOKl ADVEaTISIHOaAVaS. BPACa i \ i J lil I One Square. Two Sqosrse ThrM Squarsa, l>V>or Hqusrss, Foarth Ikil'n aooi » «, too }• rsa, tOtlU ss, WOOlif UO* M M mmImm I# r HairOoiaoia,' a«l»lMMlWM|« WbolsColnmn, OaeTeor, TS H ^ROFISSIONAL CAROS, j^4RNca a W1.W. ATTOBRBVS AT LAW. VHPIILD, M. 0. Pnu»l«M In tti* .eonntlea of R a. auiTH, ja. ATTOBMRV AT LAir, SooTLAMD NaOK, H&LiraS OOOMTT a. o PnuuliMa In Ihe eoaot/ nt Rallftui and lii« mmntlo^ and la the Saiirem eaart sut«. lelr. j- M. OH 1914no. ATTttilMBT AV LAW, IIALirAZ, N. C. ofllm In tha nnnrt Booae. atrlat attsetlM >lv«ii In all liMU.blia«of lae itiolaaaloB. Van It ly r|«UOMA8 N. UlLIi, At«*raey tew, HALIFAX, N. R. una W. iARTKAM, ■ Deadal, OOoe over W. II. Brown'a Dry a«ods m««. WRLDtUI. If.O. Ti'rni. Kt'aAoualu W, M A S 0 a , ATTOBMBV AT LAW. QAKYSBDRQ, M. C. Pnu'lli-.e Inthi* miirt. of Northamptoii sa^ il)uniliii( riiuiitlea, alao lu tka Pederal and aa. ttreino oourta. Jana • tl. L~T K H «. I>ANI«L, Alt*|paer *■ At lAW, W B L D O N. ■. C. Practioea lu Halifax and adjolulng eouatlaa. H)ieolal att4«ntion Kivon lo nolleetlona Im all iiartH of theHtate aud prompt returws mada* fall. 111 y UALU ATTOBMBV AT LAW. wii;l.uon, k. o. Rixiiiial ikttdnllnn alTeii tu uolleotluaa au4 r\*iiiUtaiini.ii promptly made, inny Itf. Q a. B. Is U U N TKH, " HVI|QE;0!I IBT, Oan bo found at bla oQua In RniaM* Pure Nitvoi|8 0xi4o t)aa lor tba Paln^ loaa Kxtraotlng ofTeetb alwaya on liandi Jnno 2'J tt. iMUt M. MPLI.KN. JOaM A* I^ULLUN 4 MQOHQ. ATTOKWBYW AT LAW* UAMK.VX N,0. Praetlee in the cotintioiof llaiirav, Nortbampr ton, Kdirecumtie, bitt and Marttn-rln tha (fat premri oouri '*f (ho and In the Pedera| ItK. A.K. ZOI.I.Ii'oKFBa. tm, n. S. X0Lt4C0Vrg^ A. S;OLUCQI>PI£lt k BQO., FHYfftriANS AXDSVRaVOmi. W U L U O N, N. C. prs. A. H' and D. B. Zollipoiter. having imtled as partners In tho praetlcp of medlelite uudai the atvle and flr|u of I)r. A. H. jfolllix>ffer 4 Biw. o^er ^elt prafesatonal aervieea lo tha pukdla generally s^d aolTiiU a ahare of their pairobage, they guarantee earerul a»d propipt attention to patlenta. One o| the tlrm will always l>« fouaq \t their oflleo InZolllcoifer'a mugdtore whevd patient a wi!l he treated at all boura aiul WbMi Meceaa ary. both will visit and give their a^ten; D' ATTORNEYS AT LAW, WBI^DON, N. 0, Prautlce In the iiourta of Halifax aiid adjoining count loa, and In thaHuprerae and Federal coavIIV riaima oolleotod In any part of North (Carolina. One of tho firm will alwaya be found lu ooteo. luneMty. i8u7 B!STABIi(SllKp 1857 44im«rjr |»|, 1S97. RUFE W* OANIIIU lUa.toek of Liqtior., Qrocerlsa sudpaalsa. tluuerlt‘i> t'mtirace III psrt PHK»rH, APPI.B, BLAOKBHRRTand WII.DCHBRRT BRANDT, WHIRKIRS, )>ORT, 8UBRRT, MADBIRA and PRAMFAaNBWIKB, CIQARa, BACOB, riXlUR, MOLASSBS, I. ARD, QIHOBB, PBPPIaj HPIOB, APPUHUBI,U1I, riOKI,BII.BS4«DV PBAOHWand CONPBCTtOVMUH eOKTMBR>S LACI«B aSBS f»« ICE. And uianyp(h0ri,rtU|Ml«>||«q|Maiu|omsBr tton. 1# Wasb.. Avannoi YARBOROUOH Ronsa, F»]f«u«*llto StPM*. Teraa.toaalt ■

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