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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 29, 1882, Image 2

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TkE nOANOKE NE'»'S W, W. WALL, J. W.8LRI>^, PnontiK'foM. T.IURSDAV /LSI ID, Tub liffni of the timfii point lo Dwsocratic tucceia in v»rioun pnrto if tho cotinlr^r. In Xi-w York tlu-rc M * belief that nil ii not harmoiiioiin •Rionj; tlio KrpuUlirant; in lVnn«}l TMII4 Uiere it •bsolute iiHta|^oni>ni bclweou tiii> two faciiuM oi tliu Itc- |>ablican pnrly; in OliJtj the lti>pul>li- cm party lian lost ihc Gerniaii vote by ita action in favor ol law* pro hibiting tlic »ac of liquor; in Muinc there are diviaiom in bnili tlio Kvpiib* Ucan and (irvcnback oatnpa, and in Tirginiu the power of Mahone ii waninj;. In all tbciio Stati'ii, ond cUcwhcrp aliO, thnro ii unity in tlio Utnmcratic imHy, ihero a c na facliuiiR iitriviu;( f t tbc contiol of tlir (iiirly ami indi- viJtiuU arc Inyiii}' uxiilu lliiir own to'irnicn in tlic inlcreHiH of tliv wlmlc pirly. All tliix in niu»t cncour.igiii); 10 Dfnioorata not only in tliu 8tat«‘H aflt'Cteil, but alnu in the wliuli' fouiitry. > In Niirih Curiilina tl o l>rmicr.irj i» a unit nn I llio 0mvt>ntiou wliitli inorti lii*xl Wfdni'mliiy "ill lie cotn- pn»cl of dt I'j'lit 'it wlio dt'flre lti' i>nc c ■•11 of tlic parly al'tivc rvcry oiIiit o' jcct iii.d rvrrytliin^ will Ic dune with tlio mile vii’w «if Mcurln^ the ilection. Tlic so-called riirral parly, wliich liaM licen Hwn'.luucd l>y llie Kv- ptiblioan-) Ilf the !>tAla and wlik-li has bicn truly c:ilU>d thf aasinimit Ite publican )>arty, m IiI do nu harm. It M’ill not draw oiiongli votci from tlir Denioornoy lo t*o noiicvd, H hile many llupublican.4 will tcavc their p iriy in ilipfrnst. \Vit!i nil theso thin;^s in favor of tliu Democracy anil wlien it ii* reinem brol »'h:it u viiliivrahle rr ;onl thcKc- p ibUcann li^ivu cunccrniii}' the admin- i«lration of Nutiuiiul uJUir', the I)L'in- uciati) in ly w.;li foi 1 lui;ieriil of win ning ihi- full rl 'clions nil I Hcciirinf; a in^ijmity of the next llomu of Ut pri- BOiilatlvci). Tlio lact that the doinni int party Iui« ab^ii'loHcil Iho priiieiplcn and ub- jejta wliioli ch ill'd animate i vcry po- litiosl party to m>cHre nnd keep the oTicoit, li)*inj» Niglit of fvi'iy thinj; but piofu, a id n (U.iu loriiij' the public inoni'y in any and all kinds of job bery, is giillicieiit ill it»-ell to ilofcat it wlii-n the tru'.h is properly laid be furo tlie people. Util :\U ilns is iiDt cinmgli; there Inuiit be soiili tlilii;; eI,-.o added bi fire llio IJenijcraey can hope lo jjnvcrn the country. Tncro inimt be mmii tliing done by the Itemocrats thcinxcUes. All of these si^ni and f.ictu will arail lioibing unless the people arc (ihoun thi« truth. There must bo organization in •'Very comity, in every towi.s'iip, in I'Vcry town, in eveiy vill.igo in the State. Not merely Ktecniive Com mittees and tiioli as that- Tiiese i re lieecMary it is true, but organization mint lint stop tlieri'. The issues mu.*!! bo placed beforo Iho por.ple in a plain will compel tliem lo think; CTory rotor must b« impressed w itli tlic importance of voti:ig wi'.li the party of honesty, economy and re form; tbe party of the uoiiHlitiilinii; and it must bo swn to that every voter in at the polls on the day of ••lection. There is Rrent work to be tlnne anil it cannot be bej'iin tiio a ton. lict every one do what ho can ;ii\d liowcvcr little it may be it will be felt. One vote amounts to notliinj;, but a few n»i(»hl chaiii{c the result of the eleetioii. The Deninoratic p.Trly can cirry the election if every I)enincr:it }»oc» to the polls; if many stay at lioine on the d.iy of clecli.m it will to defeated and North Carolina, in ISSt, will wheel into line of Uepublicaii KtatcH and cast its electoral vote lor the Uopublican I're.iidential caiidi- dale. Tub colored people in this .State me beginning to sec that the principal uso the Uepublican parly has for them is to vote. The Republican Slate Committee has only two col ored mnmlierH yet the Committee rep- rc»cnln four times a.% many colored as wliitB men. The colored penplii want ofttoo tboiiiselvc* and are bi'giuning to dumaiid that they bo j’ivcn them. In (hit OoniH!Clion the tioMsboro Knlcrprise, a Uepublican paper pul>- liahed by colorcd men, H.iy» ; Mark you, goiitlomcn, tho negroPK, understand that it will bu a ucw deal, and unless the stmng nnd rcsiwctablu men of the racc like O'Hara, I>incey, K. B. Uroono, C. If. Muorc, O. Hunter, Ilarlce, J. II. Youn^, Kllism, nnd othore, are rccognixed, open wiir will lie eptncd on iho liukei you n»mi- Mktc. The Reptvbliuann Inve no tSAel in the Qettl, tUareforo party ties do not bind. The negro will bu, must and alvill be,oonaidurcd; il i« his vote ihil plaocf brea'I and butler in your tntniht. Tiirkr are Jennie Cramom in every commiiniiy—piils oi' raro h-airty a* iho wa>-, li)(hl'iiiiiidtt an I ninbitioui as sho WHS, uiij pUyiii)( daily ike aanie dau);eritM j'aino Ibnt uoul lAf repulaiion imd ihon lu r life, Tlif perniciou* doctrine that a girl is Mfi> in her own Heiine of pnrily and her own native power lo resist teniplalion and insult is one that on;;ht lo le proached againat at every opportu ty. Kxpurienoo and ubnervation have abundantly lau);ht that Hiirh a rel'i ance is not alunc n siifllcieiit pro' leftion, Oiir girU need (« be couu' •lied not only to resist temptation, but to keep out of temptation'a way. Above nil should a girl be careful oj the company hIio keeps and the fa- milinrilicM she permits. It is an error to suppose that husbands worth having are to be secured by a freedom of behavior that exceeds propriety, just as it is an error to imagine lhat »ueh ciiii'lncl will not sooner or latir le id to mischief ami MorruW. There is a certain logic in the relations of the se.Ti's to each other which is nbm- lute and inexorable, (inen premis es lend to given results, in spite of all our thcoiizing.—.St. Louis lilobe democrat. ADVERTI8KMENT8 Ci irii.M'pays the l,.rfeit ol his liV to nmrroiv. All fl'orls f t a reprieve have lie'll iinavailiiii' ami prepar.i- lions h.-jve been eoin|ili lrd for his e.xe- Cli'.iiMi. Ill->evlii> to In- c.iie'e-is and I nil liny iiiiimi il s_>. inptonis. II-n;ip( tilu i^i i-'ii) 1 iiiid he plTsi^l> lying lh:it lie ( iii's III.I". He h^i-i sic.iilily ii'jHcd to lukiH.'il d^e Ilf lins e ininiilte l a c.i ne or thal h>- ii ill mod ul pardon notii illis’.and- the I.lot that a iiiiiii.sltr ut ("id liux be'n i.-iliii^r liirn daily I'.i tie pa-l mil. 'I’lic 1 M-eiiti.m « .11 iif)nivate. K w u o o i> y. A. M. IXGK. ■ PMmO AMD MVnaKR fiOODM. DRYOOOM. NOTION!*, UdSIKUy'. UUOTS, 8HOKS. HAT^. oiuN;eniics, CROCK KKY. ilLASfl WARS TIN WABK. TOIIA('CO. CiaAlt.4, eNlKF, LOW won CASH. r;//; jntivK nru.Dt^o, 1’ UK IlKl.Um.K Mll.I.l.VKRV lUlf.-K 'I'll K l:i:rl 111 !i I.U.1 ivei'i C,.;.;;ii'.SMMiilI n erivvii a i lii > k in tin ir luploVvs ol' tie- gi'Veni nii'iit caiii|'.ii/ii fiiihN, Kai h man, aiid cl.iM 1.-4 iis.M K.sdl Ml niurli a I'l it i.s iiiidi-rst II p.iynieiit t iiiadi' III- or >ln' will lie dis cl ar'.>ril. Tli'’SO Mie.illi d vidiiiitary C'- tr.liiiliiiin l.ivi' 1« eii M'c, iiiii:; till’ a I iitioii ot (’ iigK ,-•', and on a lively ilt l,,ite to k p'aoe in the t>r Kr|in'5enlalivi’s i'l which I' e Sili liiewa- Mi ll VI iililaii'il. TI.e le- siitwiiihit IIiiMmII ilif ('hairni'iii ol the Cotniiiitlee ^aid no i!« 111 "ill.-. I'loiii tl,i‘civil scrvici'S \'Oillil fii' •'« a ii-! to ciiiitriliiito. .\|)Vi;i!ll.'^KMK.\TS. i«t‘. I'hl KRsllfl!!., \ .nonnmriilM, 'I'OllllMt, t ru»Hc», und UrnvrHtonrN Ilf every ni.'i'l'- lo nrilcr riui;;InK In |.rl»:i fi-'tii ♦!! in.. II.'.Ii.m:'. .-I.nt l.y mill t«:lii.v a lili. u, wiili J.ost- 1.1 M-H ll.'l |.«r,.,l 1 (i.lif^fH'-Iii'll , ). Ill my i‘X|ii‘tiii.'*c:l|.ri.-.- ('orre’l'-iiuti- apr 1.1 iy. Y o« i Th«- f.irm -sit' th.* ■A If It il- rrh;H-m niv -1 imyitii; frj'ltfht It.tih I. Iltc wnrk l- pt rit •a '>* II ii III » k'liftriitiU'iMl. . M. WM.slI. 1 I’oxltiiliy lo IIh- •'! }tMi('.. lartfi? auil .‘tl »»Us\ly >t>V ll> tifv Hll |K> I.. th . Hnnu* l.i III • .tiily a.i'li- ut‘«‘ii i*n ov Iho l.»t .l:»y of Juiit- jshU |Vr • i.> hliu aru tu iimkA iiu- jun** 1 K U W N U. W. UKOWS. ArtujT. C K H A W A Y. 60TJTHERV 8T4TBI! nntk. VI. Ktri.r, ,1 I|l..'iyi:imor,- Sdc i. rRTKKsliriKJ. VA. Yon will her** fln*l l*'C l«ur-*i>! 0'«HMrTin»‘iif mnl Hi iiikM-nli^h Miinn«-v.r tint nxlt* «l ir« rvt-ry nrllcl** of !h»* nnd a( tho Mf»t prit-**M •III) Mnrriiiil('l tu i'ivc nAll^rAi’Joii \WM Fr*iiih n nn. fj* nffi Ifnu. KllilH.tH, ol.i I.ftilll s «l> |. f.»Ht.‘lHCO t miOm n. Ilrulnlnii.l Tour- nniii’III rt-jitlH. Vt'lin, I'luiiH'M, mi l r«.|i.tiit-. Xitlr (m.oih. Sn ni-*, ntii) fiti-i ft ecu'nil HW»rrim‘ni «>l hrBA>» Tnininlnr*. » hlUtrfji-* H«i>i III j.'rfnl v*rh-ly. piTVN i«iNiilh ill iitl l>i«* li-AllhK KNlirirrt wKli 1*11 Trinihiii.»rs lo Uta**'h. I ii.|t*-H' 1’n‘liT tf irineiili lloxti-rv of iiitiki', i-l.vnll f'otuii'i. Hulr Orimmont* nn-1 ’fiiiin rv. nan.Jktr. hlofH. ri-r'. ts, Uulm-Tiil IU-. jinii I.mli.j,* nii.l .MInm'J! irj.d.r .sklrf8. i Jnl ?t l«*ln.l « v hnwM i toor«!« r1ii lutiii r. it'-fil. nn I i.rilt'rs ri;i‘«t proinpily. MU!. m. k. ktm.. niKL.uifa>T ri.oTiMsn i.otii iioi>r is tiik 80UTHEBN STATES. M. f: Ki t.i., ,fi. Svi.iiiK n Irfit. ri;TKHSlU’R(;, VA. i*i«i ft th*w niul Kh*gnil rJ.'thijirf nuil lo II I!mih» Hi |h«> nixivc niiinlii'r, \Uumc y.xi ( n mi l tiM> |||1>M Ki-Aiitiliil Slock of Mi|>rnor ii'flv uiniU-ri.itiiinjf, .‘■ouUi t( N». w York, t*ur a. ii anil lloyN. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. luiinfact.uv-l in II. mi «l«'!»artj|« nf N In* a fl-V. I.rHS A clinri forn'-iuiiutf ytur ii pplirntion, to^cth lulo III orUr •>l.1 ‘ to n. l« cl fr* \ rctivU. No llierii > *x|r«‘Mi. Ihis is Ihi hut ffti] tu6ciiit vuur oMi M. K. KULI. \V. H. BROWN. THE LEADER OF LOW PRICES! I have jiiHt rcci'ivcj my Fall ^ II (i Winter Si9ck, WhU'b In ovfr'jH'forc. HporlAintteu* Moll to BOOTS AND SHOES. ! k*‘«‘i* n full U«u' of J.ftc*' anti Riitlon for l.ii.lirH lhiiv>iilHo n liir/i* Hl«.c*k «.f UAKKKll’S HItA/n.lAN’ SlC'>K I»UKS.SJNU l.Al»:KSANm!im.UiVE.S. Mystofkof l>KV GOOIItt NOTION«i. JKWKI, BY. Ac., pl;*ti*. Alf*o K -otn|iIoti> lino of Drf^Kfi •Hff.*. |{iitr>hN, ( ‘ I.Htli.-M nti.Uii'i C H K A 1 •c^llllf hhN, . 1(11 Ho DKALUnS IM nKuo.s, MRmciNEH, onkmicals. I* ilut^, OIIm. VariilMhon. l>yo-stulT!«. Pin* .Toilet tfiinry H:ilr aiii) Tooth Druaheit, Per* fumnrjr and K«uey Tolk>t Artlcl«t, Tru*- lintl Hhould«r Dr«eeii, L«)tt«r Von*. Ink. Knr«!«>t»M, put- ly, f'arbon Oll.l.aini‘.». f'hhn* nnjrff. rrt!Hcrlptioii9 Accurately rum I.4!«i»niiTnft* Cblkiir vren G.irdkn Srxds. W«t iMirchiwr ncndu llfoet. from the Kx« V«rmn of Ih.T nntl thoy Mhoultl not Im rliuuirtl with the h«>(«(U Iffftoii OnminlMloR thn>ii«lioat ih# rouiilry. FOU OASU. i.IfxnmUn'myHfoi»k iM-foro purchnnlnfr Klrnt anrt Wa'thliiKtoii Avoniio. nov n ly. V. J. NAW; BAKER «( CONFECTIONER. WELDON, N.C. A very I»rsr«* «ni*r»1y of C'akvN. I'r^i'kt'^H. ('.\iuUpm, Fri'neh »iid PIaWi KiilMlitA. Kriiltit. Nutii, Ac. NEW ADVEBTISKMENTS. THELUMMUST —OR— IMPROVED TAYLOR COTtON aiN. With Ihc mi'rt |>erfivl-workl'iflr Hclf-Fct d«T And CmiJiMi^rr. ciuli.the lnt*'»*t Improvon riifn. Thlx lmlj**Tfiith **•»»» II of poiiular OJii. which, with ll» pri'UMit liiijMOVciufiiti*, liiw i»o »ti|H‘iior Ml uiiy nrltjo. Thu*-' Ulns #re lunde of thf hi'^^t iimfcflAls nnil i»ii* tii finish Aiid worknmiishlp. W« call the Attention o^ >'»ra:c • lu i'Ur PATENT STATIONARY. OEATCR. which never I c'orc hAi hccn iitcd on Any but the hltfht'tt priced Hint, and which wenddAt a very tri/llnff oont. t>vnd for cireulttra Aiid etamiue (i>timuiilAU> l.i«l of mw. r»Utf »«! roMil>mifr« >1 r«H«iry t t'oiidcnicf. I nnd Condenicr. :«n(itiw 35 SRW I 411 hHW ........ I ii hAW I SftW I to . •*‘7 A'.. , fllXIIHi. . ♦llJCItt., % ♦ hUMMI.. 1(0.. •ll« .... iiKiwn tr.-i (10 flW CO (N> lltA no 1144 ♦ ♦56 mi fiTa rfl #ll*!V 00 m . Atvi no . f>js mi FHAXKI.IN H. M.'MMr.**. Mtttiujf.T,|MT.iA, . KV JAMfes !'• lit CJ«tieral *omnii«filAii n^rrhaiit, WKI^DOM, N* €\ Jnne lA Siii .M. K HAKT. W. II. H.MiUISON. OITI^V NH]W AEEIA^AL Our Kiiii'k Amerlritii Kflnrx. Krenvli Wuul l*l»ll>, Nwveltjr WnltincM. IlniillnuN. « Hnliinrrp>i. I liiru AiilliiiKii, l/tiien l.awuM, Ainrriraii utiti l''rearli «IiikIi«iiin, WunIi I'opllnn, DrtNM l.MWnN. niHCk Mild olorrti llrrait Ttlniinin(N wnd Nllltil, niial Hll other iifw mikI ilfMlrablp niylrit ol Uresa Uuod* Olll I hilt hrilNOII. llorSK FUU\IS11IX(J (iOODS. A flue iifsortnu nl In tiiillU of i-vcrv drMTH'tioiu.'-hcotliig.-^; rillow-cHslug; TuMe-iIotb ftiidNupkiiiA; nnm«l IJiitk und Turkish Towi h in sr. jit iirofiHlon. D R ]•: S S TRIMMING S. Wo lim t* a fine n-4«*oriim*nf (»fnll of Tiiiiiinlftsr««. ih^* IhliiRH out In tlils lln*». consist* Kof ItiUioti.H of d‘bi’rli>tioii. A lurK«' an 1 t Unu of Uaii>l*urK Kdghig and i-Hcrtli n OurKti'Cli of NOTK^XS AND FANCY GOODS nplcii' in nil it.s In liur niHih-k'o'iN. Hi >>xtr -tiM'iy n pa full liniMif I.Hdiofc' .S*-ck Wf I. I.uilh'n* PaMrljftfrin, FaiM-y Stripes,full, uiid « hthlroii'M iit ifieul variety. Wt* iltli'jl of Ihc hfuijull. r L O T H 1 N G . Uuriitock o( Mi'm'h FurnUhlnji ^to>ds i>k vujKurp:iH*»'d. compU'le tn every detail, hicludlng’ iiuvfitic* In Ni’ck W'tnr. A f^AtiUK %T»('I& OF BOO T S A N I) S IT O ® S . ZEICLER’S SHOES DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY. THE CORRECT STYLES OF SFRIMO HATS. InM)tn-l«ivioij. w»* i:i ‘ I.iilh’s. th-im-u ln> !mv-l.ocn srn-Uiiy tliolr onlers nhrond for th»‘M‘ io tflvv a caU .ii-* w III lit« to suit ihvnj Stnvsou In the iiniiUty ol our iruods. A «'nll ros|iLu::fully Molii ih-1 fr *m ull. JIAET& IIAIUUSO?^, WELDOM, N. O. HDWAHO MHHin WOSU 1 lo wAK D BROS., ENGINEERS AND MACHINISTS, ^V K I. D O .V, i\. 0. ’ “To tlic Users of Motive Power atid General Machiiiory : U> (‘all yournitcnfion to thi'fiu’t tliut we ni'o ir'i>ar(Hl with Iho necessary tools and machinery tod»iiiK.NKIJ.\I. Work ON Kn^iiitiit, saw .M tn». Cotton Uri.-l MilN. r..itori |‘iv.«;h.'h, Jlorsi* I'owiT--. Tliro'hi*rs, I’ul.vy.K, Iliu>pcr«. Sl’rtflinpr, rotipliim'H, Mil) \\U 'ASTIK;S or ikon OlcnitANM OF AS\ AIXE. 9^\\'c do work ut yoiir i'la o if wjiuUmI, scc.ond Uaml r.n^iuvsautl »thv*r Mavhineiy bought. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO GIN W O R K. Ilavlnir a firstH‘li.«« (ilii Hnililer. wi'I nil lo »ll kiiulH of (lin Work, New hru.>h wheels, Now gaw.^, Wo uiidvi-Muud ( rhusHi r work to !n> first olaHs. ANI>Y n llO\VAKI>. .lOIlN r. HOWAUD, IIOWAIU) BROS., i^ATf. ur ut. WIMJAM U. nOWAJil>. U l«'*U.'' »*cf 1 ly llOUSK J;STAI!L1SJIHI) I\ 18.3!I. KniEKEDGE & BPvOOKS. NlTtt'KNNUKii TO NIE.UKVKII. KTIIEKKDOE 4: ilKOOHN. COTTON FACTORS & GEN. COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR TIIK^K OF AM. MOVTilKltN I'UUUUCTii. :p: AND DKAI.KK.S IN :o: nUIDKK.S, AND A(iRt( rinTHAI, M.ME, AN 1) 1 I ,A.*TKK ('KM I'.NT. M!1'KK IMidSI'MATEH A* IXJUANO FOR COTTON, ,N(). 1 I'KKUVlAN OUaNO. **-Wiiri> llollH' :.l X 2», IIlKll .“t- I'llil for. of Wnlcr miit IJiiPcn S^I CUI, fnilTS,Moi;T!I. VA Si W, I'. I* « Hli Kk. Atollrliinir wmiM ri‘.«poi‘tfntly inform my ftioluU tiuit I nm .SoU^ilttnn .\j4i-iit lur Ihi' ftbt)v*% llrm, i\n>\ niilil lie* kIi**' III ni'i’ llii'iii ftl iiiv Hloni In r.'ifiirj tii filriitnliliiir ih'-iii !«iihiill»H fm- the ‘Oiiilii>r wiimiii. Ilinvf 111 Hi'}0 g.ioiUiau iirui' liry (iutij,. Uniiu iiiij Hlioe'i. wliiirli 1 will 8‘ll rlu‘ap tor. W. T PARKER. AGT fob 9 tr tiivi' A. W K K N N & 8 0 Nr MaNI F.UTl‘ltKlUOr *XI> Urvi.BlMIK AM. KlNPKti C'«prl«Kea» HaniMa, ¥ lllST CLASS UUAKU AN’l>LOlHiiNG HAlj;s S1.^AN I)AED ■ FIRE AND BUitGLAR PROOF Koftd tlic fitllowiiifi: from X. C. Siivdcr, Hank‘r at Grciiuda, Mi^?s. Tbous- Hunils of wmiiar loUeva on tUc fvom all n{ tlio llANKIN(i IKMI.'^KDK N. C. SxyOku. UutNAUA, Mi.ha.. .March imli, ISftO. Ham.'* and I*ook, Co.. I.ouIkvIUo, Ky. lir.NTMt—I own mysolf tnrdy in wrItinK lo yon of Ihc mer!t« of the Kiro nnd niirjrUr-Vroof Safe yon m*ld m«* alM>nt lh^•e yearn iixo. and which was «osi*ver--l>’ tf«tfd in in the tiro t>r Nov»'tnl»i‘r. w'hlch conRnin«>d nioro than twenty l»iilltlln{(s on oiic iir»tclof thli« city. My ltankin^*houi«c, frame l>nfldln> wn* tlft*-Mx fool lt*n»r. th**l*ark room olh‘d with i>lnc idnnk. In alteinpiln Ut (ji'i th«* Safe out of the hou«e. from ItK m-iwtt WHiM'ht, It broki* throuffh the Ii'or ni'arthe trout doo**, and whm iin movAlilo. The roniMncd flawn of a IioUh* near the rc:»r of. and the back room of the bunk w»‘ri» cnj- e«nlrat**d ui»o« IhcKnr.*. forn\lOK l^hid of fomu'untl bU>w-|>'iv«. No om* AiHinalutod with lh»* otiall- tb'M «if in>n, but will u( knowle«l»f** that no Hfveror tc't ruulil• * • • Hafe than lhi»i. Hut un It. when It wa* .“till hot. 'I h w «'rt* iiiiinjured. Th* l.cdK'T xonnd. r*onie of the hachs of r« was ummI, niched otT, while tb» )• at t^UKity of the b* at. crlfi|H>d iit>. I w amuu tflOKraiD. I felt like tho \My in HcollAiid. ’ waa not neare *; hU rct*ly wa-*. “n«*.t«y fatUrr hvM th*' ♦ nil of Ihv Fafe. Aitd I fi-lt unro iU coni* nts A‘er«* Mafe and unlmri—hucIi l*.*lnir nw rily your I'ire And UnrKlar PrtKif S»fe ofTertMl. I have iho ideaMiire to «a ...« mm Bunrlar Proof Pafc y'*nhavo*p«.claHy nmilofor me. hnt. bcou for m>me w cck« in iMwltlonlu my i»«w and lb** Hklil of the work nianMiip and ihe Ri'iinty of its* Ai»poavAncc are irreatly admired. 1 Miould not iH) itaflulled with any other Hafe than youra. _ _ Your*, verv truly, N. C. SNYDKIl. WHEN YOU WANT A SAFE CALL FOR HALU>8 MAKE. Addreas . n « »>me ofiho n h«'m‘* when the flee ocenrri*d.and when tuivUcd b ■ n frltfhtfiil prccljdce. wan asked If h*» Wo with mo, 1 had a Hall feb»lf NOAH imoWN. Charlotte. N. C. WHOLESALE LIST MEMIMRI TURNIPA SEED$!W SEND US YOUR BU8I> NESS CARD FOR TRADf LIST. D. UNDRETH A SONS, . PHILADILrHU. NEW ADVKTISEMENT8. METALLIC BUET AL CAS 5^”Caiie» famished tijr Cunh at five per ccnt. le»ii thwi CAtsIogit Oi'iicrii by tricgraph or letter promptly attended to AVben ordariAs send dfHircd Ivngtb and width at elbuw. Coses sent by KxpriM 0. 0. ] uiikDown parltvn B. T. 1883. 188!. SPEING & SUMMER STO lo; OF :o: FIRST-CLASS GOODS AT L. A. FAPvI^nTHOLT’S, WELDON, N. C. Iluvtnirhotiiiht my enUrf ntock for CA8H. X am propand to offer luperlor adr*ntftfM I, trade. >Iy tti'ck p.uNitiU of t'.VSIlUiN'Alll.Rnui:ssuO0DS WITUSII.K AND8ATIK TRIMMIKOS & BVTT0M8 TO XI DKV OOnitH, nouTR. Awn ftHOEM. HATH, VAPH. €1.0THinCI. HAIOWARE A SFXCIAI.TT. XOTIOIIB IH BRSLiai TAtlBTT. A FULL LI.VB OF OIIOCKIIIES AND PROVISION F U 11 N I T U R E, F U R N I T U R Ucd»lcul«, Rlnck Walnut Bed Uoom^'U. XVa^h Stands. Wardrobes, mnd FurnUuro genertllj^ burls and At all Prices, I invite the public giiicrally to a careful exnininAtion of my «toek before pUN* elsewhere, He»|K}clfuily, ^ ^ L A FARINHOLT. octlfVly. GEAN D DISPLAY OF FANCY, GOODS. I have JhkI returned from the North with a larffe and beautiful line of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. EVERYTHING THAT IS NOVEL- Tbe Howt ('omplpto Mtoek Ever OITered' la Tills MmUM. HARDKBBCBIEE8, OI.OTBS, RBCX WEAB, FABI, FABASOtS, JET FBIHOE, JET BBACB- BAKBVBO, ABS Kl OHOBB LACB,»ABin £AOB, BLACB OBUll FLOWBBB, nVlOi, WBEaTHS, *0. Ao. LETS, CBAPB, OrdcrsAolicitcd, Andaiiy fToods Ifiondout. notglviii;renllro satldlACwon,oanbd returned by «* preu.M, HI niy ex|it>nso. Thaiiliiii),'the ]>ubllc for past favors, 1 am Very lteK)H.‘etfulIy, rtrsMTni'a brick block. R. O. EDWARDS. WK(.l>ON, N. octSlj THE PLACE TO GET FVll mu AND NIBIGIHS. AT THE LOWEST PRICES, IS AT DR. A. R. ZOLLICOFFER & BRO’S, WEST (IDE WASBIROTOB AVEBVE AHD OPPOBITB BAILBOAO 8EBD, W E L D O N. N. C. STOCK KEPT COMPLETE BT FREQUBilT ABBIVAUT. 49-1‘KESCKirxlO.N OKPAKTHEKT FILLBU WITH .THE DB8T 8ELECTB0 MATBKIALn PRRNCRIPTIO.V8 COHPOVNDED AT ALL nOCH« WITH »BEAT« EHT CAKE. FBBFUIIBBY, tTATIOBBBT, FABCY 80AF8, ABS BBTISEBS, ^»T lups FANCY ABUCLBI, TOBACCO ABO ■ai U K M £ M B E R that a liMrtjr welcoma alwiyt awaltK ynu at ZOLLICOFFER’S. ■TWENTY DOLLARS WILL BUY THK PEWNA. NIMGKR Mrwliiv^ Nftclilni*. A better Sifachino than CAn tie bought for FORTY nOLLAUH, AMT WHEAB, UhiWA Drop LcAta two lAfge Draw r.-«, fAnoy Hilf Oothic C«»vcr, CA^4t.irrt, And wiLdA the Bub* b n>with«»ut riNiirinr the Machine, WARBAHTBB rOB nvrTSAXt. KvaMINATION or MACniNP. BBrORK PAVHElh'. •ttud TOQPordm or AddreaA.' ' * WlI.l.m.A(X>. i* Ul y. 9v*v.uri St. rn.lad u>hfu, I’l. feb Jjfiub • • M 1* A T T I E A. M 0 O B B ■:o; Oftei'S to the public :o; AS Jissonry'E'yT of Millinery, Notlniis, Fancy Goods. ^olb't) Aitlctes, Cheap Lttoes. LeUles FumlHbUic Oooda, k9i- CABAP POR CAMV* STBS. Ita A. ttOOABa J»-8inltli’« Drlblk BlbcH, ^ WeldoB, If.C.' aov 24 ly in.yptfovn town. T^rme end 0 ^nO i>uiii(> fittv. Adareasi 11. Uteltett- A roiVlaud^ Maluv, epi4)5.

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