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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, October 19, 1882, Image 1

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THE ROANOKE NEWS. ▲ DBMOORATIC WKBKLY NKWaPAI‘KK, PUHLIHHKI) KY hall Ii tLCDGE, oat VMr, lu ndvano*. )li MantlK. Thro* Menthi. ADVERTISEMENTS DABBT8 PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A ■eaMheM AMcU for UalnrMl Wttmllf V—. Wot ftoArUt and iTyphtrfd V«T*rt, I DIplitlittrto, gaii- IvaUoh, iric«nit«d ISor* Throat,Small 1 Poi, and •nOMtoglMDlMMt. Penomwaitincon (h« Sick tkoMld UM U frcdy. Scariet Fcv«rliM never bt«D kaowa to »pr««d when the Fluid wm uted. YtUow Fever hat been cured with it aflar Maok Tomlt had talian place. The went CfttM of OiphthtrU yield to it F«T«r«d«ad91cKr«r-1 UCALL-POX •oBt r«fr«»hed and an4 Bad tora* jpreYenI* P11TIMQ of Small Mrt.5: itein “*» Impvra Air made ,, aod purified. ij>' 5** For Sora Throat it i» a , **»« turecure. i about Noll WhltaOomplex- tons Mcur«d by ii« use. Ship Farar prtvenied. To Bttrtiy the Braath, Cfaanta tha Taath, it can’i bt surpaued C’alar^ relieved and cured. Cryalpalaa cured ilumtrelievediottnnily. pitied, and i._. ihe houuasain in three weeks, and no other* had it W Park. ; iwoN, PhiUadelphia. Diphtheria Frevontel The phytieiani here D/taiiiarx auted. n uundi holed rapidly „- 7";3ldot5t.rA,i„ . '' STQLL«mv.„ti, Vn .VnMdoteforAmmal Grccmboro. AI.1 ..riet Fever with dc-I ‘ *- - In cA»OHof|)c»tbit I shoul'l be uscJ about ' ;Ik- c:»rpsc —it will I I'rcvrni iiny unplea»> am Mncil Th.; omInODtPllir. I Hlclaii. J.HARION HUM, M. D.» New Tork, »ay«; am convinced Prof. Darbys Prophvlactic Fluid it a I valuable Jitinfectani." VandarblU Valvertltjr, irafUvllle. T«nn. I miifir 10 the mou excellent qualiUet of Prof Darby* Prophylactic Fhiid Ai a disinfectaM and deternnt it U both theoretically aod practically •uperlor to jmy preparalloa with which | am ac- quaiitied.—N.T. LurroN, Prof Chemistry Dartot Fluid li Boaommendad by Hon. Alixandbr H. SrirHBNS, ofCeorsia R«?. Ciu». F. OiBUS. D.D., Church U the otran|trff N. Y.; Io». LaCoMTi,Columbia. Prof .Univer»ity.S.C. Key. A. J. Battlb, Pmf, Mercer Unlvertlty Rev. Gao. F. Piuct, Bishop M. £. Church XNDUPSIfSABLB TO EVERT HOME. Pcrfcctly harmlesi. Used iniemally or «*temaily for Min or Reait. The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, am) we have abundant evidence that it has done everything here claimed. For fuller information get of your DrugptI a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. B. ZJRUN A CO.. ^nufacturing Chtmiits, PHILAuFJ.PHlA f»b 1 yl t»a^ pVy 4 9te;kT^ MANVPACTURIRS OF EnyineSf Tobac^, Hay and (hUou Pi'fsfifs, SAW MILLS, GRIST MILLB, MILL IRONS. Flaws. Iron and BrAsnCastingrs. lep 19 ly Petevsbiir My porc«laln*llntd Pumps iro manufactured undw IlctniMnd buyirt arc guaranM igalut any and all claims from the Company kowng Am patint* faii la mak» a not# of mspo*nt.g hll lha moit ValuaMa ImprovtnMti Cartfiillfiiada Bait Salactad TlmMr. Tha BUTCHLEY PUMPS araforJileby the hmi houMt In tha trada. Name of my naareat agant will b« furnlihtd on application to G* BLATCHLCYf Hanufhcturar, SOS MARKH ST.,PHIUPELPHM,PA. B ROWN (fe CAKRAWAY. ■ AlilF4X, N. r. The Roanoke News. U oo> 1 w 15 eta VOL. XI. OEALKSS IN DRUGS. MBI>ICINB8, CHEM10.\LB. P»lnt«, OII«, V»Tiil»hcii. Dyc-Stnlti. FIno Toilet Soapa, Fuiey H»tr and Tooth Brnsli>a. Per- tamcry and Fanojr Tollot Article*. Troo- . and Bhonlder Bnwot. L«tt(ir Papor, Pena, Ink, BnvolopM. Ola.^a. Pat ty. Cartion Oil, t.ampa. Chim neys. L^HDllETaB' CELlUlBtTKnOARBIII* 8K«D». W» purohaae those aoeds direct, from tlio Kx- tennlve Seed Farmn ol the Mosara. Ijandreth. and they ahottid not be elaaaed with the mw lAtm OonmlnteB thionthoat *•>* Oae'Landretha* teeda.and a good ToffetabI* Oafdtal* IniiirM. ••tflr 1 A IROKENJIURT. 1 lUought I loved him—Dow I know It waa ttit fancy ; 'tia not so : He who could fling a heart away, Having won u to paw an idle da). It worthy uut ot ihcught or tUh- Anothtr may nourn him^alfit! nut I. I thuUKht 1 lovod hiin*^li!a voice so low. 8weet tniulo to me, A tnite below Of the Henven rcachoJ by xood srods lowu. Chftrraed me. and my bean wnt ^\\ hit own Unlll I > me no day ao Orear Aa that which falltid to l.rin* him h nw I thought I luvea hitu-in iho l alm. • Unr nubt To be by I ts side my only delight, Ills words I iroattirvd us wovdi from rtbovo. Telliug a wondrou* miti of ln*a«ty and lo\ v . HU haitd tn mino, n moment of bll4« \ wcolth of di'VOl'on »eali>.| w ith a kis» I ihoimhi I luvi U him-^nl««' | nWMkiMi. >V*ar> iHife. de^i'rtcd forsMkin . Out ofmy Ilf;-, the lov\ ih,» Ughl. My lu) s u tircor/, cmuIUhh nielli l»h! f.»» the |.eac(‘ f.nind under tlic »cJ- IVttt c wiiu man. rest witii WELDON, N. (I, 'rHlI]{SDAY, OC'I'OBKR 19, 1882. A FUNNY BRIDAL. IlY MINMK MOirNTCASTi.K. Kvt-'iylliinij had teen July mjuI j>ri>j»eily lU- (or tuir wcUdiitfer. The cn};af;en)cnt nf Mi« Nt'll Bnrlley to Mr. Birtrutn LnnKtry hnd liffU ilul) unuouiuid In the faililon ‘oliimnn of M Kttiilim Hji Kiv loiiinul, uuti ilie vveJiIln^ had Hiilvetl i (Kii Ucrtraui .un;rliy—conmiouly callcil Bell * and whlk* I p(uift’«s t*> in* most s*nccrely «nd vntiroly in lov# uiili u,y hiile Nt’ll. I tm\>l add I had bo»ii qiilit' n iioyod jibout our mar- il.iire. ilrst ul iIk' |KT«i?lenro with wIiU-li slic insisted up'-n a ^r»nd wedding I IhUe fii«»nnd parnde, iind havi* an old time n>H.^n itirti a tnoriiuffc n-hearsul giddily and cvenuull.v Hjlenjiilzfd hefon-a crowil of «»)•>• »lpiUL\ uiipiiii; people, la robbed of all t s av.-ect purity. Tnoii. loo, theThe nUoto busineu is A nuiaanee Kxeusu the bit; word, but n»y foelinirs ary ».tri>nij on that point. WhAton carlh a woman wants of clothes onoQuh to hut rtvttyear9. and ccw^raws more than she can ever hope to u*i-, | nettr could ; utiless, indeed, she onteitfiln^ a horrible a«9picion thnlthe new (Irni niny rt^fuse to fur- nUh a fresh supply U’s all riKht, i suppose, sukc they all do it, (no alaufr intended,) but It was a trying time for me, \ can tell you. 1 conid scarcely tret a fCllmsvH' i>f Nell, she was busy witl. dr'«s makers, milliners, etc ; and when I did bce her »he was in such u rnttlinK hurry to ho otT to keep an appointment with so no workwoman other, that 1 uctually ^rew a little savage. For a month before we were to be married, 1 believe i never entered the house once but Kate, Nell's sifter, rushed into the room with Excuse me, Beit, but Nell is wanted a luo- oieDt." Or, *'Don’t look crosn, Bert, hut Nellie must lee Mme. lbis or t hat, ' till 1 lost all patience. There waa another cause uf annoyance, too; Nell’s father was a rich man, uml as able us ho waa willing to fiunish lii» ilaui^btir with as much tlnery as she might desire, while I, on the contrary, was a man with his way to still make In the world. True, 1 had a fair Income and fiilr prospects, but 1 could not hope to give Nell as luiurious home or aa elabornte a wardrobe as kvr pupa provided, at least, not for (iom‘ years; hut 1 could afTord to support a witc, and 1 loved Nell with all my heart. When 1 naked Mr. Harley's consent to our marriage, he was at tirst ju«^t a little inclined to IlDd fault with my financial condition. An older man, with a well-iecured fortune, would have auited him better. Ilo hud a most un* wholesome dread of fortune-hunters, and cvi-n weot so far as to have a mild ^uspiiion tlial 1 ml^lit he just II tiit iiiteri'sted in that way: iiut all that wnr»: olT in lime, «nd wo wcie 'MI the Irest of Icinis. I only meniion thi^ to ^llOw how u suHpieion oni'c cnl' ilaiiiej will return "ii tlie f:iiiitvF( in- viljtion, au.i noi lnfrv(|u^ntl> un uoiic ut all, for the time i.innt> ‘vlicii Mi. li.utlry not oniy entuitained >i>i^ iiii)iisi Mini.iM-. )ui ciit'eriy laiifucd iIiIk I'uul liiouirht l'> lli^ iiouit, and grew luniiieroiis iu ihui vital tiiL'nii toward mo Berrriiui LunKlev—as imnueiii .i lu^n us ever Stepp d Thu d.iy beior« the tMu* liit d l>»r our mai- riagi', Nell and I hiid Miir llr*t litl I called to infiHin her of the !iiuulk‘{*l |>>sHit)lo hiteh In the ohnrch muchtiu-ry. Tb-.* legaliir sexton obliged to h'ave town, hut hail seenred the services of his brolhcr, «.i very deaf and atupid man, aft it turned out." Possilily she might have soims instrucUons to give him. I waited full half an himr in the reception roAm, cooling my heels and warming my wruth, before Nell rushed in. “What ia It, Bert?" she asked breathlesaly.— I am awfol busy.'* A apark la enough to Ignite a whole city If it only fttlla upon highly Influmable material, aod a word ia quite enough to raise n furious temper In a man who la aehing to get wad; so I nnawered curtly: It you are in auch a hurry, it Is no matter wbat I wished to aay.” Aell opened her brown ayes In surprise. gof to lelect some )aro,” she ex claimed, “and Kate can’t wait." Neither can I," 1 retorted ahortly, pulling on my glovea. Then after a moment, I added; rou tblnk ft great deal of furbelows, don’t you ?” “Indeed, I do.” “I am afraid you will havo to du with vastly leaa when yon nre married.” Nell toAfiea her head aauclly. “AU the more rewaon I ai.ould be allowed to enjey thoae papa gifea me.” Thatahot went home. 1 lit my llp«, hot managed to keep cool nntslde, th(»ugh in wardly I waa boiling. “It la not to late too beat a retreat,” I sold toolly. “If you repent your bargain, th*re Ia time to eaeape.*' *N«U’a ey«« grew big with nt the Idea. "Indeed, It !• entirely too late!” she cried out. “Why, everybody knows It. All our aet have cai’da—I ahould die of mortifici- tlon to put Hoff now. Wo must go on, any way; I have no fancy for bein« a laughing alock for every one.” “Belter be laughed at a week than miacrnble fora lifetime,” I retorted. Nell opened her llpa to answer, but Juat at that roomont Kate put her head in at the door. **M\ I Nell I Excoae me, Bert-' I attyed to bear oo mor«, bat toroed on ny heet and atrode away. No eooiier bad 1 reached my hotel when I was heartily asbamci) of myself: and when Tom, my cldei brother and only living relative, rusheil In .uid told me that he had left his wife ill at home, so anx ious was he to aee me married, the lait bit of croa«neas dop.irted, and a gteat wave of ten derness alolc over my heart for the brown-eyed girl whom 1 knew loved me far hotter than the elegance of her father's home or the coelly trifles he conld give her. I'oin was ill at ense and worried, and 1 know nothing hut my mariiage ur funeral could have induced him to leave home when Lettle waa ill Next mornhig I saw Nellie for a moment ou]y. t>ut the kiss I pressed on her dear little nii>uth\^asa silent plea for pardon, and a promiac for better control over my temper next lime. Kvvninu tamu^thu church waa pAcki^d—and I, foeiinu mo«t nnconintoni.v stiiT and awkward ill a hpan new unit and sp-ckle-i» glovrt>, w.>iHn^r in the vcstrv. Nellie was to enter on her fiitlu-ri^ aim. fol lowed hv her bridi'smaids and gr«>omsmen— —nt in iiumtier whilo 1 was to cuter In the nick of time from the vei>lry, the ntiniAtei fr«>nt hill study, and moe In fore I In* altnr. It was ait very picttv, liit I ahno«t isiirw I should make u nics« of it-and 1 did, wiili ‘i vengeance 1 had ret|Uc^ted t> la* ullosvcl to |t,> itliM)C, »•> as to keep my p.irt in niitnl, .niil for iIk* reason went e.u 1> to the cliureli, not to be Ktured at and vonl'ii»ed. for this fhow iilTth was not one hit (o my mind. •lust at the lii't moment'I'otn cati'.o tiiyliinu; in. followed by the regular *evton. “I’ve got a telegram from l.otfie,’’ fi.ihl I'om, hi-* voice «|ulvcrlni:. “Stic I-* \voi««\ aiil I must ^tdrt at >Mice. .tn^t time t i catch the train (tond l>y. «’lll'oy ! il>d l»le?s y»u !" “I'm uoing to,>, jijit rami' to wish vou joy. Mr. Beit,” >«aid thes» \ton, who hail known mo hinee I wu^ a lad. “8orry 1 pan'l set; you mar* ricd. My roiul’a the s.ime a your hn>thrrV so I’ll t;o with him," and oil they i>oih hurri'Ml. the d(>or shulling with a »harp click hchind them. 'ihe t!mo for the aiiiv.^lof iho wedding pirly drew neai, I advanced to the door that opened into till.'church. ileHiuiiing to open il and peep through. It resisted my cITtuls. i frtrtiifcled with it sharply, no use; llo‘ di'or wa« locked, Mutterintr a ('urse on the J^tupldity of the sexton, 1 strode to tlie outer door, in hluit- ting the door it, too, had become locked, and was as fast as fate. (Ireat drops of per!>pirat ion *to«»d (Uit on my forehead, H hat wii'* to be »lone’ I a?ked myself the queftion, and moppcil my face with i\n immaculrtte handUercliief, Init failed to Iind the answer, Then 1 tlevv hack t*> the inner dooi mul lis tened, 'l h« organ was playing irayly. and a subdued hush told me that Nellie was enter ing on her father's arm, and hero I w.m staiul ing like a cai;ed rat. ^h' how 1 tried to t>pcn thal dom, ,\|y gloves split, and the perepiration tan in livers down my face and diopped olT Ihe end i>f iny nose; hut not one ii:oh could I tuidge it. I have wondered ^^nec how should I h;vve looked if I had sucecc.led in lou>tin!^ open the door and been emldenly projected l efore the eniitf ilf hi a'‘»n, with limp coll;»r. torn iiloves and dlstendvd eye«> I r,»n umlle n(*w, hut I can assure you 1 .“luv no fun in il then. 1 liieil the dooi till jM>*iiively no lu‘pi- re- m:iinud i>» that ilirection i h“n I tl>*w agnln tothttdiujr. and pouiuled, an i evi’H shouted, hut to no purpose. I'tierlv hopeless. 1 lelunud t » t;i»* inner door once more, AK wa:» siient, .‘^houM I thunder upon Its panels and proelalin niv |irof» cnce ami demaml to t -- “h*' out - ’ likes to look like a r »1 if he >’in Ir li' it iiid I liesitated 1 iclai'feil aroiiiMl The *vin'l*'VM cun^lil i;iy eye—whvh id I not ili-iuuht nflhttn'’ I n>uld at !-'U?t iny ese.ipe, isi' l ihe c reinonv miirht l-e dr-lavrl, anil eoii: cnn.-ntlv uwKwuui; still Nill v. inl.l not t r ulU ilv to sli.itiic. l.iK.- (h.- madni I J il,,- di'-.iTuc.l it totli.' uh, ^l.l n- U|..o. it, .11.1 Climt'. d ".I 111.* ami ii,ui...\ A.inhov sill; lIlT'O'lilt: lijt 111.' '•.I'll, I I'l.-ini .l tn leap out. Iut i ii.i i ). eliO'M' l illi ul iiiv iiosi, ih>‘ cor.l h-I t III. uc- ;'i.t w hr.u.-n, eoh^.. qin nil V. I II ■ iii(..,'i lit u-s h itnl I'-lt ili'-'-i'li ihc wlndt»'vv >iiiiiiiiiir i.ip.ditv, •trikioif mr full np”fi tli • Imm 1. .ml Knoi-ulni; me o(T tlif tiini'vv • il, .1.1‘liin:.: iii\ In ul ajrain^t tin* eoMici -t lie 'al-l *. uii'l i.l laM landing m** hiil I ii_ri .‘:i ihr t!."i I tried to rise; •uineil ir.!: waiin rn-litd t>\r my fuee; I ptil nfi mv limd to cie.u my even— my hand wus ec*\. d w uli i loml. I fell uhldy unt*. wi'.il;, .viiii I •ingi'cred \n inv feet; then a black ml^i an»-*e linmnd n»e, tiMd I knew n» more. This was TlMjraday • v«v •^uiid.iy afteriiomi the sexton, returninir to tii.4 di>tie», f'titid me lying upon the floor half dead, wholly delir- las, my face covered with blootl, »nd a hole in my head large enough l«i let the life out of jiny man. That mine waa sp.ired was bee.mse I had fallen with Ihe wound down, aiitl Iho hoft pile of the carpet acted like lint to stoneh tlio blood. Assoon us I could control in\ ilioUL:hi.- I begged to know of Nt Ul'. To'r litil ' giil! She had been quiti* overwlii lme.r U’htMi I failed to Hppuar Kate'.s hu:>t*and inched out to inqtiiru of the sexton^lf he had Ht en me. lie wus positive tiiat I hail been there. ;ind etpnilly positive lliHt I hid left luraiii in company with hla tirntber—sai** h>‘ct>uld not he miHtak»*n— b«>th seemed in a grr it liiiriy, and ha.I jumped into a CHiria>.'e and t-cen diifen lapldly away. Mc.sengei.-4 weif feiil i" iny liotcl, hnl with uut gaining a ilevv to niy wheieabonlf; to after a mortifying wait, Nidlii* had liecn taken home, and the very moniinif «*f the tl.iy 1 was discovered the whole faiiily sailed for Kurope, As soon as I wait ali>e to Kian.t I aaiU'd in search of the wonjiiu I so innoceiiily hn • mtliateil. Noi knowiag lur whoreahout,s, il was two miOitlio before 1 found her. At lust, one evening, wandering on lt»w n-ashore of a quiet little T.nglUh town, I espied her-ani olone. That she beliovcd me a ino»t hl.ickened vll- liun waa plain, for the look she gave me when •be recognised my prtseuce, was one of unut terable contempt. Now lhal 1 hiid found her, I was determined KhoBhould hear the trnth. “Nellie,” I ericd, hurrying to her and gra^p• ln both her little hnnda before she hud time to eacape. "Well, sir,” she ivpliofl, trying, but itt vain, to ir«o hiii' hands. ilarliitg/' I plo««leJ, “you will rtt Io:ist V.V'AV :t man l*cf*»r.* yon tvn- lU’tnn him Her faco tlaalnMl angrily “Wlmt cim yon Pav,” hIh* hnint oiU hotly, ‘'tlint w ill in;»ivr your tumthb't li'ss (lasi.-inlly? —U.iv«‘yoji nui ino tlio ohjoot t*l fvi'iy riilintU* iwu\ I'ontomplii'Mm pity ? OtV«‘rini; mo pnhlic insult no wotn iti riUiM over hu* j»ivr»?—H.IVO you !u>t in.iilo ino hiilt' ovcryho'ly, niysoll nio.-^| n|’ all? \Vh;it moi(* ilo y^n wi'tli, lu'vlfain l.:jnglev, yott villain " I \vilH’»*»l liltl.' ;it thl* Wnfil, wx I thon^r|,{ ol my hrokcti Ih'HiI —iliMim'h G‘mI kiinw^ I (litl t)o( hlniiM* lu r, he- lit'vint; as slu' diil, ^‘Wliy uro ym lu*ir ? .\tnl why ^li«l y»'n ntii itw.iy slu* ihmamlcil, \v!il» .i wlir'Io wnvlil «i| *rij ‘-n tin* wonN "i iPi ;i\vay “ “I iliil lint rmi ;iwuy, I w i « h'ckr-l np." ■‘h'lrkoii tip! h'.'i Wlu’fo'." ('til'll p *.>r Nrll, shirting- ha'-k, :i I"ok «.r htiriin’ tTi’opiiiir lip into tin l-rt>\vii ryrs. I \only hriii'Vf ihtl >\w lln*ii;;lit |.n an itir*taiit I li;i I :i(i>)r(l tnitrilrr |fi ntli'r »'i inicj, “W hy. it) vcHiry.'’ I rvpl.iitUMl, a hull' looli'ihly. “(’.•iih'hii I sil 1 >\vtt ittul Irl nil* It'll yoii ** riii'i ;i iiinsti r ?.t r.ikr. Ni-il scrih'il iH'f'i'ir illiiHtJ ilrinin . iiioi I, lull' siiliiijr, Ii.t’i lyiii;^* :il lu r I’rt-t, ic l;ili'l ti Ih t ihi* chiipti'i "i my tiib t.n' ItllM',-^ l*t':lf litllf ui '1 ! luT l;ii'o iMiuhloii’ il I'i'toif I wM'i iiair tlif'‘ti';h iiidiM'il, I ntn Mirry l* •■'ay sIm> I iU'.;ln'il «pjiti‘ ht*,niily;lmt slir bi'i-.-nni' «ii*h»r wIumi I t»hl lirr ;ihout lln' wiil'low ’.»iliitt)^ • |i»\\n, iiil h’:tti.i| o\ or iii'l ki‘5*«r'l ih.' ott my lifa-l li’iiih'i ly, ninl I kn»>\v tint pi':U'i' aii'l ‘niilitl'in'i' woro ic sCnfcd. ,\Ct(‘r I wo Tdi (*» trillc ini' over it in ;i t^i'ncval w:u “Il \va^ ;t tli\Miltul hi iw l«» tui*," s.ti'l Nell, p('ii':ivi'!y; “ i tlioii;'liI Ihit iiiy t hr »koii," ‘‘1 llioiiixht il w.i'i n pi(lty loit.jli hlow mysrll', ’ I lan;',h'''l “I'') I llioti^lil tiiv lu*:i«l w.r luoK.'H ! V. lii'ii lli;it wiihlow c iinf «].t\vii It Iviiork* «1 iiiv liiyhrr than tJihh-p.yV i.iu*. 'I'ho tu'\i linw w f :ui‘ iii.iu i«mI. N‘'ii, I \v*'n'i ho h'il lo ili^ n(it «d‘:itiy Mirh riilini- Idtis hole a :i vo'^lry. il I lu re m o :itiy wiinlows that lia\« pfot I ' h.‘ jtimpi'ii out o|, w’c'll hop mil t> • (Ji'oat \va-; the i:»mily wMUih r tt* seo n?» walk In inj.';-‘tlu'r: l>iu » vi'vyihiu:^ I \v;is all i‘i;;hl as soon a-* cvpl.ntuMl. ami Ml aiul Mi^’. M:iii!i y rHiistii(t>l that Vrll .iinl 1 miv,lit. In* inai t i-'tl lu-vt il.iy ill tiio «ptaiiit htth> ('hiii'‘ii in tli>‘ Attil so wt* Wi-H'. \ h''l ii»\ I'liil.' il) mysi'll’, ;tad Tiipa am! Mamm i l>arth*y loH i\v(‘tl **tl'.‘rly iu‘hiti‘1 ami Kal'- ainl ln'f hii'il'aini. weir .ill tlo' ri.»\\.l n r ir.J .\ r^tr tti', who Ita'I a I'a*! rohl. nlli.-i.i- tril, ati'llln‘ lintf hoti'ifcil ,itpl woihi rcnowtn il Mii'krtH* woiu ni p(‘'A -'HM in r, sliahhy ati-1 ‘tiitlVy. w 1*^ on h nnl lo mak«' v« r\IliiiM^ r>>mni(i' an>l propi r. So thi4 1^ why uo w» ro m;n i ini ’.vllin'iit hri'ii 'mai Iaiil ha i nv" Wr.Mil.o il,i\ THE TEST oTtRUF. inVF. "Wi'h'f'tUi' li 'iiio. 1* (ii'-y'vth' wa'J ;tl ii‘ il.i-j "wi-i I .1 iin - «lav .1" il -r •:h-1 -• • ly ill - hill-, lhal i ■ >\\ i I'd .it i.; i- .'It rvi-\ \ r-!.h'. 1 >o'^ II I'i tli.- • l.-i.iv .■h II W-hr,; tl,.' ul! I - l illlll i. I. .ilniH' t hdlih ii hy tlo- |'|: li- . w h.i'.' ‘ti I .it !uhjl;Iim •>! I'ri i !i u -i- "n. iil I an''iii!4ls ;i;:aitiNl tin’ o| I In- ‘■mi' iui'. I'aii'V l\‘ikiii' w .as .'*laitiiii!u'. iiiol as 1‘Jln li I I I'.'iti i:-iii '-pnj,,. ill,- w .M U w i^i w hn-ti liii- ot, ,|,- || I' I.pri!>, l.t'i I U'r ii.rhlf'l lip ilti a railiaiii 'Jv 1 niiii* tiial w i> ln‘;miit'il it; iN sail i‘\paiisi* «i|’ton it oi y. "Ca>in(> to hn', i’.tJisy.” }'«• >>-ai'l. il w.i'i f')iV )rHih'). LTiiilo, thiit ' p-ki*, yrt '.villi soiiH'lhiiiix io il.sloni-s that ir.iuio tiu* liiil )'hi';4* ill her t'.Vi ilc'i, f. v rish wiilk itp anl «|m\vii, aii'l '^ho pn‘S"in| her liaiiils | i In’f ihi ol»liiii'j,- Iriiiph’s, h> 'kin;.f at iiiiii wiih lar;jfo, hri.;ht, palln'tii* »‘y '^. I»ii! Ih* StI’i'K'hi'J .lilt his liaihl ami sh‘ raim* to him. Hr pro-i.-^cMl his arm.'; aroiiiiil hrr vvai-^l aii‘l lu-hl hiT to his hivasl a moim nl in sih‘m*o. 1’n'Si‘tnly Tatisy Mpnkc. ‘‘It is vovy liol. is it not, ihii'liip,,tsho saiil. ‘‘VcH,’* iTpliial Kthclhpfl, ‘'ami il is tiiiii^ laU*. and wo shotiM Im> p,‘"in^ |,oiHf’’ — liiit as hi* spt>ki‘ llu' i^ivl looknl up at him with thoso hamlsotiu* d;irk rvos lhat had im? wiudicd xn many tiion. “|)«i voii lovo ?” ^hl‘said. “I’ai-siotuili’ly. my aip^id," was tho I’l'ply, in II'cmtilotis Umi's. “And w’ill yj)ti hny im* rtotm* ico orijam slu* {'oulinnt'd. Kthidhofl toll, hiH hcat l tlirobhiii^r .'iL^uinsl lii.s HiisprndiM*, ami lor an in- Hiatil In* oiMild not, roply. Uni Ihr mo- moiilary aLfilnlioii was hooh ovt'f, and lh» .spoko r»nl in ‘h‘ar, m:dlow tonos, “I will do ii with )>loasni«'/’ hu said, 'I'hc pf'iirhy rhcok ul' I Ik* ‘,'h'l was laid ‘lortc In his now, an.l tho vdvoty lips kissu«l him tonderly hack of ilio li'ft car. Ami ilum, turning her head filijrhtly, Pansy wIiiMporcd to liLMSclf : “I havo not lost my ^;rip.” KEEP CHEERY. (»no (d the nu)St d»*iightl'ul sijjli!?* we know of is that of HunKliitio in hutn;\Vi fjtccH. Ilow snch a man 1rawrt tiJ« to liintsidf, Sco his lar^o, snntiy natniv. Xothiiifij si’cms to ohmd his f.t'W U'fiilo iilhoi’s arc ojoomy and di.*('onr* ijod ho is 1‘nll of hope and full of ooni. ago. Hr It'oks oti iho hvi*;hl nido ; ho lativ^hs at ad*’«*rsity and snaps his lin- ill ihf f.ioo o\ dis’onra«4('imnts. Ill* (oiitvs up all at'ounil him. Sohli' is oti iho maivh f-sd tin- iavi';»uatiu^ clVocl of sm li ;i m.Ill's pirsjuoo. 'I'iii d workris r\AI Vwhrro ato oluM'n t| and slroii*.;th(*iH*d hy Ihc 'iiihl of Htt’h liirci .‘tnd thi* soiiiid of Htndi ViUces. ’riii-i i’* il ptioidoH^ po'«o.s‘{|uu I ‘ a tnolhor. wtio, iruchoi, miui‘hT or atiy haih‘1 t»l nu-n riiitik 1 tin* di'^roni' a.ii’cmi'iit an«l woarim'S'* of workiio^ on dav hy «|av, hv tip* ^idl‘ of one ..i nnd r ihi* anlli"iity i>f our wln> i“ al* wavs t'lijojny and m.uo'^r It wrro is pl.-aaul and as rjiny to lahoi' iti d U‘k- \u »s and iu sha 1 >w h. t’lMM rs mru ;uid w oui« u ;irr sirou ;* r lUMi ami womrii. They d» morr. 'I'liov ;i^c loss, rariy iio u>o1o‘Jn Imr • d' us :iud avoid much h'irtioii. 't*h >r laci-'- .»rr known and rc;id «*t all inrti, and \vh:it a joyous, lu'allh 'Xiviuo talc ihry tell l>» y.nj ‘Jav ihi*' .tli »• )»rauMfuI .aiol tiiti', 1‘Ut these wo speak *>f liave no Inili .' Nil ill hrallh, or hrokt ii lor turn .-;, or crush'-I l.oprs li\\‘ rv4 r r.ano I * sh'id >w and rjidiitt'a’ tlu*ir iiso? ^'lay, Irirnd, this suppo>ili >u of you.‘'i is all wi'on;;' ’fhe^'O men and wojn* u could t(dl y*'U o|t. n .d‘ sevorr jdckiii'ss or ^ loverM's of l.ulunr. 'Tht'^r thing;s havr not pr» V('nl>‘d them, lu'od n »t pr(‘veui any ont' Irotii liviiiL; it! ihc Minli“’hl. t)h, how we nred sueh ni' U and w vuiica n 'W. \Vr ma d I hem in rvriy home an*l evM\ tdiuii h. .\ri-you .uir «d'llH‘r " 'Then y-n arc d‘'iu>x m^o-d rMiiiitnially; loiu^* it as the snu '^liim-s in ln’a\on «m' th ■ rain tails on the »‘arlh. hripliil utiiii“ I llie'*r? 'I’hrn ;real vwi‘rtiie* t»e| out lV"in III wero nrvor I S I .>ntiuu;illv. NO. 88. ADV'ERTOEMKKTS. The great miperioriiy of DR. BITLL’S COUGH S\71UP over allothercough remedies U Attested by ihc immense popular demand for tlut old established remedy. D.'BULL’S COUGH SYRUP I’or the Cure of CohrIii, Colds, U'arrenc^’. t’riMip, .Asihina,. Bron- cliiti'*, Whooping Cough, Incijticnt Con'iiimiiiion and for tlie relief of ronsumiiiive pcr»on« in advanced «a"cs of the l>iscasc. For Sale ^>j^il^nipRist«^^|nce^^eiU .M ' ViUI l!l iJ'.l II \ . \re \ou Ho| MUr \ oil lui- ' much »d th an 1 Jovtni ness i>| llio. under the eh-iid' Voi meant t«> hvo in t« ai l»*-‘j.iice ! (’he»i up! Whistle, ''iu;;, ih» sotuclhiuii to hri^hton y.iui:a*lve j. l.iVf hone.sljy hefori* tlod .au>l man :md «|.i t’hrer up othors ;tnd r .\ V T IK A, »l o o H F o (>fle>« I'j ilu’p^t'lie ;o ,1 V I s Vf» V r \f f-:\T Ot 1 :\llc-« t-'tuui«iiliig (|ooJ». .te. t 111^,41* KOIC MUS \[. \ MOOHK, atf-;'mitl» >» IU kI. Ul >a, W. ldv'n. N c F I a>l>>r (iins in k "'d i t.a‘>dr ehciip. 1 one Hrili Cotton I’ri'ss r*ady for C IlKAULUV FREI- Fttr IUn*>tr;U^i I'lii tr I'.ite*It'll niM'toi em«MtaJ^na%n n* othrr - Jnr »M‘# • U VlllMVN \ \ l.oh OK. MimSv-l.rohio. :uii; 10 2uj In yourown town. Termn and »7‘nn..utilt fo*e v\dlro«« II llnlhtt St VO' 1‘. Ill-net. ^l1ine uprOty, r.REAT bargains. iviuifour nt'Tv .md b-autiful Ko.' u rMN utly nntehaHed of tin* in.innfaeturerH, lui'l e>nU;illy invin>you l«) eall and >‘'e th« m ir\M> rUAcKLliT*^. ■ 'I’l U \ N \ h Of \ i II \INH. t‘l.\.MOMi AM» ^Kf(, l{|.N(iS. ■'t.Ki.vI, in- rr(»N;j \np stiiuh, .'.>1 IP .'M VIlU.^rooNS, FOKKS ko. I'ktr iloMt 4':iHlor iiiKt 9*1 i niri'd t>y the l.ost iiuliiiht. thus till 1 hi Ills wilii llir suu-hiii lail> . kind W'ird" and Idru Uul lud Illi oUl I'f 11 IS )U-eS VVllIl SUIIIIV JUKKTfSKMKNTS. (ioi.n \vrent-; Krsor THE MOST POPULAFl fjSMGIVfAnHIMES U IF. ir^ r* V o 1.1). tlul ilU] vn H 11 o t^ s i: I* ‘•Irort, klulcilfll. . HAS flO 7) Eq|J^L ■ THE ROANOKE NEV'S ADVRRTUtMO iUTia. naeHqutre, SMi N0eiMM|flr|f Two Sniuroa, AOOllO 0A|90M|i0«M Thr«« Hquiir«ft, 8 00|lA 00laoM|4«t* A'our 10 00 U tO i M 001 46 •• Poortb (?ol*n, 16 00 00 44i 00 llO M luir owumii, ioooiooolfluool«6» Wliol«»rohinin, Oa« TMr, 76 •• “I vvonldn‘1 eare to be the prclliesl niil ulive,” Himpered II svv.i In rtrt lie s;U In ii drnw Inu roo?n “Indeeil ! Why not ? whs Ihc roftpi'use. •’Ueeiuiae,” (»;i|d he, “IM intlor In* next to licr.” •Never put off until tomorrow what you luv« done to dtiy," U the frisli wuyof putljnjf IS ALWAYS LI FETI M E SlJRPASGES^.v''OTHERS ;m UNION so. NEW YORK GHICAr.o ILL. -?- OnAWGE MASS. I', s I i; I. I li I I) 1*4 |^A7. nurc W- DANIEL 18,)7 PROPIttlONAt. CARDS. W. O. KLLIOTT. ^ '«nn4«ll tr M t no'tr ‘Mi, Ho-.>nii 3 &n 11 VlrKlniAn BiilUlUf. • Ijf pARNCII h BNl.t iri'(»U«l-'V4 AT I. \W. N. O. I'r.tIn tli‘ '’•uiutiofKnllliiX Kdifoe tiiilx' itid Wilson 'o|l(*cttoti« made !.• a:)' P%rt« of t'le Jnn II tf. ^ 'I sMir i .HI. % % r c «ri.»xi»•« I \i.iF X n.sT» ^ ’* Hr^eiln •* hi |ii * Hi> tntv .-x-uio «h‘ Hilt ‘ K I y. Z R l». ' of Hihffix niid ndlolii. e urc -‘f fh>» 10 ly .1 " %rri»it«KY %r ^ UM.IV.KX. N C. 11*1 llou^e. ?4irlel civt‘u t > %U Itriiiiohen t»( (|i • hn \i \\ I'i-r, >; ini.T. m% Imh. U I !.t M’ N. riii'tie'. IU linifiK nut .\dlo;ninj n i P*».|'*r il «t»d **in»r*».n • WiU ti' n ■•» I in I N'*e», •nee •*ver> fo*"!- ui'-Jif nur'.**lt i; IV \V (I V U r M A N . N II I* X >• *1 U e II C t H I . »>iH • ■ o\*T W. H4s*»n‘i Dry *iood Wor.v Wi:i.l)0,>f. N- 0. Will viii. i*i ’‘l "i A» Iheir homeii wliendeK'n T?nuH ll'A«.>natdn. nrtfllv "P 'V. \| .\ S o \ %rroii^KY 4T a.%n, • liYSHUIVJ. N. rrA.-ti>'‘ 10 III* eoiirtH of Nttrtloiio|>(i>n and ,«d|('luln nUo In th4 Pedvral and K«- I'Toan- e tart^ lune I tf A L r i; K K P A N I R L. W Atlnrnp)- aiitl 4'oNMil*il»r 4 1 I nnr. n- K I. D O W. >. f. I*riielu’e.4 ui II illfnt and a‘tj'>lnin»r countloa .''iivsial :itt*ntli)ii tflv'ti t,o eillooiioii* lit all )virt« ofth« ?(uie and i«roui|>t return* mail** f« t) 17 I y m. %rr»it^KV % I l«iw, WKI.U » ^ . olle('tlon» »ti«1 »• v'T^e T, J. r,.8T0NK GENERAL AOKN yfrill, X. (' uj r.Oilin BAKER & CONFECTIONER. ir /•; L n o n, n. c. A voey l irKo »un!»ly ef I'KTNrn. Ai’ri.i;. UI.ACKIJKIUIY nnd WII.IM lliauiv nUANDY. Win SKI I w. I'OltT. SHHUHV. MADKIKA nnd rdAMVAONK WINK. «?lnAlls. |JA(N)N. l'U)ITH. MOI.ASNICS. I.AUO. (ilNdKU, l*Krrntt. Sl'ioli. Ari>I.K!jJKM.IKS. rioKi.Ks. niiANnv I’KArHKs nnd (K>NPBlTIUNKKIKA 1‘nitTKKR'N I.AORK BKER ON 1 C 1C. D K. I. UUNTKR, % ii H u I! u % u K % r 11» r Can ba touml to* oiU^'e n» Ki-rt**lt1. Puri'.Siir.iim t)» d^ ih»* r le^4 Kxtr;i«'tin>i of f/n'h 4iw i\ • «.fi hai.d. .lone It M "• 4. 'lei I f U 1.1. K N Jt M ( t irnis A. voi-i I R K krriit\i>v • %.%' rt Al.lK.VX.^f.C, 1*riietie“ Irt Hi • e Miti\ ‘ - .>t fl’illfiu. N>i thuun ton. K I rl»iti n.i'l:M\etfn->Iii the s«- l.r in-’ e Mirt. "f tie* .‘^•aie and tn ih«- l^ed»*ral Courti o( f mnnt Tll^lrief Oollei I|.*ih nmde ly I* »rt of 1 11.'«|.ife. Jan I ly i*fiv«iri % \ ^ t vn «irirffsr.t>^fi, \v V. I. n o V. y. r. A« .U and 1> Il /.oilin ttrr. liHVlntr united pnrh»"rs ih iIm> jo-aeik*'* « f n»' die n»* nnd*‘» the -1.11'^ nnd Hi in of Hr. A K f^tll.rolfer ic tlio. tT«*r tli'Mr |.rof.‘*,«i«.iin| Mftrvlc'w (o jji'^ rind«c •en»riUv iiiid >»onrn i* >*1nn' i'fth«-lr pntn nnin* )i-> 'U l e jrefnJ and ntri*i»i |i»« to 1-nti nt-, a .• of ilir nnn wiihawny^ l> low id t tlifir oftlo.* In /.oiiieotfer’'* Hi u*c Sfor*» fiil«M.t j «vei tn* rr’fii d ni all h«.iir» > i*«l wi^n I. >ih w III vl-lt on * »fivf ttmr ntten- f|.a U‘ ixttti'ii!!* svltln ul r'tm M nrir'. mr 17 If 1W9. iorti%i>f (Kstaidifiie 1 intsd^ > Kycainoit* K| m*i. oppoHlt« jr. rKTKIt'IILtltii VA U OIIIIIII«>|||M, t OimIIM. •Il* tilAtotiria »Hd «.j-iftV«Nl«»NrM ot evt'ty d».>ei-i|nion mad ' to onlur ranKi'*ir Im vrU- ’ frmi ui. Hrnt by mail touiiy addr* m, with |>oat* utT;* R'aitilf envlOMifl tur ^aliii-n. AV*^V1) t). rdeiV^ ur.* r«H'«itvid (ltvu> rK U i-ro ) iu-‘d nn I r rvuirdrd: 0 It dom )tui rive *nil«rrtcii.)U, I nidk.i'4'Mit are n (|u>->ted i«» iviuiii IA>. M. Wa|>«. W- W- H V LL Flri* MntI l.liv InnaraMM Aceat. Can bt'fouthliu tlip Uo.iiiukM Nen’s oniM. KSPBEBI HI».. New YorK •■AitrleultiiMiV’ of WntfJtgiMK.tljSf- Woii.'m, »f T(ir«iito,C«MM» I rsnUI«u.of TatnaraHBjH ‘J' *‘■*^'^1111® «tM. If. Wif

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