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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 24, 1891, Image 2

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YOU WILL MISS ME. THE ROANOKE NEWS. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24. 1891. "Sometime 7011 will mias me, darliug, When the loug night ahiulows fall, I akall be beyond the starlight, And Itball not hear you call. Yon will oftimes at midnight, And will think of one dear head That yoar boeom soltly pillowed— Bwting among the deaii! “All the precioua love you gave me In the olden, happy time, You will think ol', uiid wewvo it Deftly int* heartfelt rhyme. Yon will miaa me—it miiiit be iio, But perhapfi our Uod will give IToto me the power to cheer you And watch o’er you while yon live. "I shall come if he is williu}(, At the lonely niidniKht hour, And my preMcm'ijsolt mounil you Shall enfold when storm-vlouda luwer. Shielding you Ironi every evil. Though you muy not see my face, I wilt never leave you lonely— There uliull l)u no vaeaut place. "All the hopes and iispirntions, All ihu precious love we’ve kiionn, Tliis !>',mll draw onr houIh together Kounil the great Kternul Throne. Do not mourn for me, niy darling, Meekly bear the cha.stening rod— Think that I am with you always I, who love you next to God.” SOUTHERN PORTS. THE FUTUllE OUTLETS WU WESTEU.V ORAIN. The Manvfactnrera Rccord of Sep tember 12 says; The rcccnt advancc in cotton, and the assurance ol' tho jjrain crops ibr many years, haveftill further strongtheDed the positiou of the South in all business and financial matters, and everything in dicates a very nctivc winter and spring. The tendency of capital seeking invest ment must inevitably be Southward, for no other country possesses such wonder ful resources, and nowhere else are the possibilities of profitable development so promising. The increasing importance of the South’s foreign trade and the posi tion of t^outhern ports as the future out let for the grain of the West is illustrated by the fact that Galveston is to have a 1,000,000-bushels elevator and New Or leans one of 300,000 bushels capacity, while the grain trade at Norfolk has de- ▼eloped so rapidly that the elevator there has been unable to handle the business, and a floating elevator has been .'secured from New York, and even one of the big coal piers is being used in helping to transfer the immense traffic from the cars to the steamships, while some days ago the Norfolk & Western had nearly 600 grain- loaded cars on the track at Norfolk. This rapid growth of the export business of the South, added to the industrial devel opment that has been going on fur the last few years, will greatly enhance the prosperity of thig whole section. New industrial enterprises are daily being organized, and as this is not a speculative period, they must all be of a solid char acter. marriage: 18 A VAILURG When either of tho parties marries for money. When the lord of crcatlon pays more for cigars than his better half does for hosiery, boots and bonnets. When one of the parties engages in a business that is not approved by the oth er. When both parties persist in arguing over a subject upon which they have never thought, and can never think alike. When neither husband or wife takes a vacation. When the vacations are taken by one side of the house only. When a man attempts to tell his wife what style of a bonnet she must wear. When a man’« Christmas prosent to his wife consists of bootjacks, shirts and gloves for himself. When chi)drett,have to clamor for their rights. When the watdhwofd is ; ^K»ch fur •olf." When the dinner is not ready at din ner tinie. \yhen “he” snores the loudest while A4 kindles r takes half the pie and ' the mother that |ren. BCD the children are given the neck and baek of the chicken. When the monej that ahould go for a ^ook gMi for what only one of the house laom anything about. Wlwn pofitflneM, Ine manners and hindlj attention are rewrred for i^mpa- vj, or «i(iia abroad. ^ Aftsr all, the best way to know the of Heed’a Saimp«riU«, is to Wys it jaotself. Be »ora to get Hood’s. l«Mt, it is said, Fimt Chw tlitlMM. A COOD SHOT. STAND UP IN THE CORNKR AND LET MK SUOOX A OIUCOFl' VOUR N08E. “Have you got any nerve?’' asked my friend Simpson, as wo halted before a saloon in Toughville, i^lonc. ‘•What if I haven't?" I answered eva sively. “I askod for information. You are a stranger here; you kimw, and you don’t tuck your punts in your bouts, or talk about our private graveyard, or anything like that, and as I've gut to go in hero and interview tho proprietor I won't take ycu along unless your nerve will stand it." “(Jo in,” I answered laennically. Wo entered a long, low-ceiled mom with a bar at on» oDil. Several card tahli's were scattered about at which geiillomen of rather unsavory appeuranee and reckli's.s iiinnnciH were playing. While my friend wus transacting his business with tho pri)|irietor I drew a chair into a corner and tried to appear perfectly at home. Taking a cigar from my pocket I eaiiuly placed it between my lips and lighted it, when—whiz! it was knocked clear out of niy mouth by a pistol ball. I never so much as winked an eye! I I did not even turn to see who had done I the firing, but, with the greatest coolness, 1 I drew another cigar from niy pocket I and lighted it. I leaned back in niy I chair and smoked with extreme noncha- ! lance—I don’t think, I have ever before or since, been so utterly and so hopelessly Don'^halantasnpon tho occasion set forth. As I smoked, the ashes naturally ac cumulated upon the end of my weed, and I was just thinking of knocking them off when that unknown friend with his convenient pistol performed tho ser vice for me. Everyone in the saloon was looking in iny direction, but did not show the barest tip of a white feather. I puffed away, with head thrown baek and a dreamy contented expression on my face that I would have tried in vain to pro duce under ordinary circumstances. Again the ashes accumulated, and again the timely bullet removed them. .\t this stage I found myself wonder ing how I was going to keep my nerve when that cigar had burned down to a mere stump and my friend's marksman ship would be required to pick it out from between my teeth. But I was equal to the emergency, and when my cheroot was two-thirds gone I held it out between my thumb und fore finger, while the unknown shot it out with a skill that was remarkable. Then I dusted my hands, brushed the ashes from my clothes and joined my friend at the door. Before we could leave the room, however, a man in a blue shirt and buckskin leggins, carrying a six-shooter in his hand, approached and embraced me. “Say pard, dern my pictur if I hain’t cican gone on yer nerve. Heie's a buck eye that I've carried ever since I broke jaii in Ohio en come hyer. Take iteo Wear it in yer pants' pocket for the sake of Vermillion Pete, the all ’round ter ror of Bitter Creek. An’, pard?" “Well?” “Say, I want yer to stand up therein the comer en let me shoot a dime off yer nose ” “Come on hero," said my friend Simp son, as he yanked me through the door by the tail of my coat, without giving me time to frame a reply. Bat I was glad he did it. A dime isn't very thick, and then Vermillion Pete might have missed it.—Exchange. “ noii’t Care To Bat.” It is with the greatest confidence that Hood’s Sarssporilla is recorammended for loss of appetite, indigestion, sick head ache, and iimil»r troubles. This medi cine gently tones the Momai-h, assists di gestion,and makes one “real 'huogry.” I’ersiins in delicate health, afler taking Flood's Sarsaparilla a few days, find thrmselvi'M li>nging for and eating the plainest food with unexpected relish. FIGa'a NDlFllllITTiE». NBW ADVERTISKMBNT8. Cleanse Your Blood With Ayer'a Sanutparilla. Druggists approTs it, dootors reoommend it, and the pubiio prefer it to any other. The rea son is—because, tested ehemicaltif, Ayer's Sarsaparilla proves to be the most soientiflo remedy of its class; tested jtrofeMion- aUy, it is recognised as a standard pharmaceutical preparation; tested by indlviduah and whole titflghborhoodt, it is demon strated in actual use to be the strongest and most effective, and therefore the most economical and desirable blood-purifior. Don't fail to get AYBR’S; and be sure that every bottle has upon its wrapper, besides om* name, the place of manufacture, LOWELL, MASS. With Ayer’s “As ft standard hlood .nedlctne, Ayrr’s f^iirsuparilla lias always maintained n thst- (KMition itt the trade and fn popular tiniatiou. We invariably recouinieiul it in preferenot* to any other.’* J. o. I.nonUs, A|K)theeai-y. 717 Main »t., I{n^tford. ('onn. “I Imve always lecontnitMuU'd Ayer's S:ir- ^apariila an siipvrior to any other prepara tion (or piu'ifyhiK the hlood.It. KuyUeti* dall, M. !>.. I'omeroy, W. T ••For two yenr.H past I Imvo proHi’rllnMl Ayer's Sarsaparilla m nunieronn inslnnees, auil tUul it hiKhly eftleaeious ni the treat ment of all disorders of the hlood. It sells well {It my store.”—K. Il(»yle. Al. I)., Tliird and Oxford sta., riiiladelphiu, l*u. “ (have been in the lruR htisfnets in f^well for twenty years and sell more of Ayer’n thnii of other Sarsapardla.’i. it made from tho hcHt hlood-purdlers known to mcdioal soenee, and eontain.H nothing but what can be rt‘commended by the most HcrniMdous physician. I have known of a great many I etnen effeeted by Ayer’ji Sarsaparilla, some j i»f them very remarkable and worthy of ; reeor«J/’-(; C. 0«igoo«l, M. }}., cor. Merri mack and SuHolk st.s., l.owell, Mass. “ It ^ives mo satisfaction to acknowledge [ ihe superior menu* of such a well-known I bloo.l puriller as Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I am ron/hhMJt it has m> equal.”'-J. fl, Condren, I ruannacisi,4;2 Flower at.»llartiurd. Couti. Sarsaparilla. “Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, for bnildlnf: np the health jtenerally, stands at the head of the hst.”- das. M. Winhims, M. D.. Sumner. Ark. ••Tliep'ddie have decided that, for purify- In;; the blood, Ayer’s Harsapariita leads all ui point of merit. With the best drui;s and apphanees, and Ions experience. J, Ayer & I'o. supply, m their Sarsapardla, a rieh alterative medicine. All onr enstomeis say It dot'H Us work well.” —WtUium l.ambert, l)iMi;nist,c:>7 Market St.. Nf\v;;rU. N. .1. “There is no In'tter bloo.l fiiedlcin' than Ayer's Sarsaparilla. We sell nu>re of it tlian nil others together.” — Lyman Trawford, IMiarniaeist, eor. Main and t'niou streets, Spruii'field, Mass. j " Tlie formula of Ayer’s Snrsaparllla Is tho best, for ehronie diseases of almost every I kind, known to the medical world.” —1>. M. I Wilscm, M. I)., Wijig-s. Ark. I "In my practice, 1 Invariably prescribe 1 Ayer's Sarsaparilla for chronic diseases of ! the blood.”—W. V. Wright, M. D., J»aw I’aw Fold. Tenn. ) '• For years my blood was In an unhealthy i condltiij^u. After having tried other medt- ehies without, I have lately been taking Ayer’s Sarsaimrilla. The resulU , have been all that could be desired. It a wonderful bloort-pnrlfler.” — Kirhnnl W. I’hilipps, 1833 North Second street, 1 rinladelphia. Pa. b) DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by an Vriee $1. Six bottles, $5. Worth $5 a bottle* Profesciion is not g'dlineM. The devil has no flowing wells. Heavea’d stairs are paved with 'Bible promisee. Love never complain* that ita harden ii too heav jr. Bad habit* are great ban in the devil’* priaoD.' If you want to be a happj Chriitian be a usePal one. A lie io the heart it a* black aa it if in a hone trade. I Bntnnn aeold wtoter ia piedisted. CoTTuii ooatinnat to adrssM is priee. Dll NACrS TRIPLE, VIOI.ET WATER, WOODWOKTH’S FLOUID.Y WA TER, AND SACHET POWDER. -Mew Line of- ^)tSTATIONER Just Received 150 Linen writinj; Tablets, which I’ll sell at a smull PROFIT. ACCL'IUCY! fl « 'S 2 fo & H « S O •§ g 1^5 « 2 o -2 £ ista^ Mrand Prepared Paiota. Pure Hliite Lead k Linseed oil. I'll sell painta at a very small margin. A Large —Stock of— LANDRETH’S GARDEN SEED. Wootton’s Patent Wire Tobaeeo Hangers CAN BE USED IN ANY BARN. PBIGBfc wh.B r..h Ae«omp.nt«. th. Ortlwi ®®™Ple*e (T Wire* (o (WIch) aa no 1.000 wiren (No sucka) 4loo . PBK’RS ON TIIHB* 100 Stleka C«aiplrte • ea 1.000 Wires (No SUcka) ! 1 rf2 ■taBkets, per DoBra. 4I0O Sample stick and Wire for S Canta. fSr Treatise on Tobaooo Cnlturo nnd Cnrir« FREE. AGENTS WAKTBD. TOBACCO HAN6ER M’FC CO., Hoiitton, Halite Co., Vi. apr 2 5m WATCHMAKER Littlitok, Makes aapeeialty of repairiDg fine WATCHES and CLOCKS. Fittisg ■peotaolea asd eye glasMi. KtrCmik paid ibr goM and aflver. attd JE WELER, Nobth Caboura, > A niee Use of WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWELRY, ' Always on hand for OHBAP. Watohes aent me by nail will be oarefbib ispaJred asd pronpt^ fetvrM NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. J. » in w w 0 « » w so cj 9 (0 ONE OF THE BEST FARmS Ifl THE GOUHTY. A chance that does not often come, m The weU known “EDMUNDS” farm one (l) mile from Tillery station on the railroad from Weldon to Kins ton, nine miles below Halifax and| ei^ht from Scotland Neck. The farm contains by survey 72( acres of which 430 acres are openl and ready tor the plow. There is 100 acres seeded down in the best grasses for hay, 20 seed ed in permanent pasture, 5 acres in grapes, 2 acres in Japan plums, 2 acres in Asparagus, 7 acres in straw berries. The grapes, asparagus, plums and strawberries will be in ftiU yield next year. There is no better peanut farm in the county. It is an excellent trucking farm and WELL LOCATED for that purpose. The farm can be divided up if desired. Parties wishing to buy can call onj or address £. r. CLARK. Weldon, N. 0. Fill N 125EAmof7aliialileEl25 Farm Land adopted to the cultiva tion of COTTOH, QRm TOBACCO, QRASS. muif, veqtfj^aLes if/To all KlflDS or fHUOK. Within one mile of the corporate limits of WELDON. 75 AGEES CLEAEED.^ A Qooo Rouse 4/ro OufifousKS. apltliii WtU tf Vltola A Stream of water runs through the land. Li good state of cultivation. Vnilt OAMa Apply to Eowjino T. CLuuk, \ Real Estate Agent, wa,N.O.

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