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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 24, 1891, Image 3

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THE ROANOKE NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 524. 18i#l. ■■TTINO tWINDLI. ■NTCOKIAN WA« OAIil, BUT NOT OVW ■■RIWD. I]k«lleu drink more whiake; o(k« u»o 00 Mith.” ka spwkfr wm o faahily dressud [ m« in m W«t Side nioon, aoixv, imI mount that wid • UH Kratookltn. rfli 9100 d^'’ Tm, or twioa that." ^ Two hundred |>oei. Jimmy, let out bottlw. Wbo'i going to drink Dft bmT” **I Mn,” utwered the Kentnokiu. “Then here we go." ffbn bnrkeeper put (wo beer glMMt bifoN th^ ud took a quart boittle in •neb bud. From one be poured fur the , Kaatuekian and from the other for hii Btagoniat Both drank the first two I down without effort. Eaeh giaia beUMTn-piat. In drinking third the ■rathemer gulped a little and turned red, but the other drank hii dote . .without Boving a muicie. At the fourth the Kentuokj man'a hand ahook and he ■pilled aMne liqnor on the floor. The other man downed bia ia a flaah and ■aid: “Cone on with another bottle, Jim my." The tall man piiod at him a moment ia ailoniahmeat and lurebed towtrd the 'door, Miying; “Fardner, the money ia your*. Good-byl" Afker he had gone the winner took the empty k>tt)e ont to a reataurant and go it refilled. He had been drinking oold tea agdnat the other maa'a wUikejr. mCH COUmBDNBN. Among the rioheat oiliien* of the Southern States to day are several color ed mea who began active life under most advent eiianawUnoea. Silveater, of Oal> ▼eaton, ia said to poneas real estate and personal property valued ai more than 9350,000. Milton Sterrett, of Houston, is one of the most successful men ia that town. Ae owns a fine house surrounded by beautifuil grounds, which are oared for by • landscape gardener, and several plantations in Texas. During the civil war he was a waiter on the boata running between Oalveoton and Houaton. His fortune, estimated at 9400,000^;was made in real estate apmulatiuns. SonstDr 0. N. Burtda, of Fort Band Ouuoty, Tcza«, was home a alave. Ho is tiow the en viable owner of (he plaatatiun of his former uiasier, uud three other farms in the most fertile parts of his nativn State. He cares tenderly fur his mistress, who, like so many of her kind, has been le- duoed to poverty. He sent the good wo man back to her old home in Virgloia, where she still lives. For fifteen years she has received one hundred and fifty dollara a month from (he man who was once her slave. II is success, be declares, is due to her aiouo. Senator Barton is a good lawyer and is popular with the member! of both political parties Henry Black, thn riiochmao of Tom Oreeo and Peoos coantiiis, is also worth $300,000. A colored woman by the name of Harvy, the wind >w of « muUta who died a few years ago, is one of the richcdt women ia the Stale. KEW8 AliOtfT VOCRSELP. The averaga number of teeth ia 32. Tbe average weight of a skeleton is about 14 pounds. The brain of a man i'! twice as large as that of any other uoimal; A man breathes about 20 times a mio- ntej or 1,200 time* an hour. A man breathes about 18 pints of air in a minute, or upwards of 1 hogsheads in • day. Tbe average of the pulse ia iofuncy is 120 beats per mioute; in manhood 80; at 60 60. Tbtt weight of an is 150 pounds; of a Frenchman 136 pounds; a German 146 pounds. A man gives oflF4.08 per cent, earbon- io ftas of the air ho respires; respires 19,666 cubit fttet of eaibooioaoid gas ia 24 hours, equal to 125 cubio inches com mon air. Happy lluotilei's. Wm. TimniDDs, Postmaster at Ida- ville, Ind., write?: “Blectrio Bitters has done more for me than all other modi- 9VMf oombiiiod, I'&r that Lad feeliag/aria ing n»m Kidney anit Live# trnttble.” John I«slio, fanner uur] stonkman, of aame plao«,-aays: - “l^ind Electric Bitters to b*Uielitj^^i^ey jipd liirer medi cine* Mm Uef(M'lik«,a new Jm4D.” J. W. Oardncr, hardware raerehant, saoie thing for a man who is all run donru and dan!! oaie w|iether he livea or dies; ho found new Mrengfli, Rood appetite and felt like be hail leasu »>n 'ife. . Only fiOo, a bu(tie; at-W> M., Cuhen’a drag- atote. I .. .. PUR^Y POLITICAL In a dainty little parlor on an uptown atrwt, In a dim little cnnw on • very narrow aeat— Yon know tha icat. In bookaand arta the maid waa vened. In law and politics ttie lad waa lintt. “Of «Mirte I’ll tail to yon tha trieka." HesaU, “Of what we call dry politiss.” Tbia la ‘‘protaction’’ aaU ba ia haata, PlaaiBg bia arm aronad her waiat. “Fraa trada, yon kaow, is more like thla.” He gave and took from tbe maiden a kiaa. Than a rattling aoiae around them ran. At tha shaking of abot tn an old tin can. And Johnny came ftom beneath withagrin, ''And tbis,” ba cried "ia American tin.” Yon know tbe real THK TYPIWRITIR. PaACTIOl 18 WORTH 8OUETHIN0 IN 8UCU HATTBR8, YOU KNOW. NEW ADVBRTI8BBNT8. 1 8 li 1 I 1 I • “Tha nawapapan bava a great d«al to aay about the oonqueata of tha typewriter girl," taid a young woman of that dam in a big down town botal; “but they do act kaow what thqr ara talking about, that's all. I've been here nearly three ycaia now, and I have had ju« one loli- tary bit of aentiment to break the monot ony of busineaa. “About a year ago a good natured Irithman who ia employed at the hotel here came to me and aaid that be eould not read ar writa, bat wanted mato write a letter for him inviting one of tbe oham- bermaidsto attend n danea op the Weit Side. It was done in a abort order, and tbe poor fellow waa so pleated with it that I raAiaed Co aoaept aay pay for tbe work, and offered to read tbe answer just ataoonaaba ahould biing it to me. The Belt day one of tbe cbambermaida came to me and aaked me to write a letter accepting an invitation to a danoe. She had been able to spell out the pre- aioua meaaaga that thepoatman had unex pectedly brought her, and wanted to send an equally neat and polite reply. So I answered my own letter by proxy. After that an enuigetic epistolary bom bardment was begun and I furnished the ammunition for both sides. I will con- fesa that I grew greatly inlerrsted in tbe contest. Both of my patrons were desperately in love with each other, and as th^management of their amours de volved upon mu I handled the matter as doiiuati'l)' and.dipli>n)aiically a:i I could. Can you idunie me if I ovcasiunuily gave them a chanea to team from cxperient'c that‘the course of true love never runs smoothly'? Well, right or wrong, I did it; and after mixing into the case about as many iDvers' quarrels as I thought would add ze^t to the wooing and untangling all the snarls I bad purposely made, I brought the play to an end by writing a proposal aud its acoeptanee, and was re warded fur my work as matchmaker by an invitation to the wedding. It was all the pay I deserved—practice is worth something in such matters, you know.— Chicago Mail. l^a Grippe Again. During tbe epidemic of La G«ippe last season Ur. King'b New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, proved to be the best remedy. Reports from the many who used it confirm tbis state ment. They were not only quiokly re lieved, but tbe diseases left no bad results. We ask you lo give this remedy a trial and we guarantee thac you will be satis- tied with results or tbe purchase price will be reftindod. It has no equal in La Grippe, or any Throat, ^heat or Lung Trouble. Trial bottlea free at W. M. Cohen's drugstore. Largo bottles 50c., and II. WOHBN AMO THE !«TBAM ENGINB It takes sand to run an engine; ao it does to run a Woman. Thera is usually a great bustle about an engine; so there is about a woman. It makea a faHq^mad to get left by ao engine; so it'does by a woman. An engine is an object of much won der and admiratifin to men and of fear to horses; so is a woman. When an engine goes off the track it usually takes a man' or more along with ii; NO duos a woman. An engine is known by its company; so is a woman. ,An QPKino if ill sometimes blow a fel low up if he puts on too mueb pressure so will some women. W I^li4s WOIItH lITI^t if yan po through tb^iforl^ a dys- peptic. Dr. Actter's iJysfie^ia Tablets are a pokiiive cnre for the woret forms of Dyspeptiia, I^dii'estidp, FUtulcucy and Coii»ti[)»io*'. Qu^grantced ami Fiir fuie by W. M. Cohen, Druggist, Woldon, N. C. Stores, Dwellings and other buildings insured in the best companies against loss by fire. LOSSES BY FIRE PROMPTLY PAID. LOSSES BY FIRE PROMPTLY PAID. Rates Low. Rates Low. Rates Low. Rates Low. •BiBiiDniiiiDiiiBf jnmnnniiD^—^^«^iDiniDiDniDiDiDiDiniDiiiinin« mm A SPECIALTY. Low rates in the Standard Companies given on STEAM, WATER and HORSE POWER GINS. For further Particulars Apply to 9 ■iail th« DeMircd EITveU ii Gabbollton, (Sreen Co.. 111., Not., '68. t highly reoominttiid Pautor Kouuig’s Nerve Tuulo to ftoybody thftt b»f 8uff«r»d from bMkl- ube M my tott did for 5 yeftrt. because twu bot tUi of bhe m»dioine cured him. &1. MoTlUUC. WAdHINOTOK, D. C.. Mavob 0, For 8 years I b(ul feelings that I oau kftnily duBcribe. 1 would feel at (iuies that I wm sure> ly Uyiug, or b\ve presoatlmentft tbnt souietblug dreadful about to haijpeo; HiQce taking Paitor Kotttilg'tf >'vrye Tonic I have felt Kko 9. dlfferelkt perMm. It it a wouderlul utedicitie. MKei. AQSZ6 bBKA. Losbtto, Ky., Marob 9, IWl. I baT«tak«n Pastor Ktteuig’e Tonio forepi- lopiy of 9 jimn' ftfiaudlng. »tul it workoA like a cHarm on lue, aftet several dootom did uu uo food. Yoor madifittte ts perfeotiou. L. O. VAN OLSAVfi. Book on Karroa. fro* to a&rsddreaa aud poor patieata can also obtalB this rao^etno of ohBnto. m KOBNIO MED. CO.. Chleago, III. ■oMIirDrtmBiatsatnvarBattla. 6lb*S{i aBotUMltorSa. aug 20 ly CHA9. VriLLER TirALSH, OCKADE Marble YY obks, SOUTH SYCAMORE STREEl, PETERSBURG, VA. Mononients, I Headstones, Tombs, Tablets, &c. Lowest cash prices guaranteed. All work warranted satisfactory. tSTA beautiful ciilendar for 1839 sent to any address on receipt of stamp for postage. C1I.1RLE8 WALSH, not 11 ly. Eow^T. CLARK, WELDON, N, 0. HOSE desiring to purchase or sell property in the town of Weldon, will do well to see or correspond with me. I have been surveying the lands in and around Weldon at various times for the past ten years and hence I know some thing of tbe value of these lots. LIQUORS. 0. .-c SEE ms LIQUORS, / SEE HIS CIGARS, Was,Beer,Soda, bt/ery DRINK IN SEASON. •^C. Smith, Brirk Bailding, on Kqrp Qornei of Railroad Shed, Weldon, .V 't u«t(10 ly. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. B.O.BUBTON, JR., —O— KWP. L. TRAVIB. BURTON a TRAVIS, mORNEYS «ND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, HAl-IFAX, N. C. Practice in the eouDties of Halifax and Northampton, and in tbe Supreme and Federal courts- Claims collected in all parts of North Carolina, ang 14 Ijr. CLARK AND DANIEL, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. WELDON II AND 1| LITTLETON. Practices wherever their services are needed. One ot the firm will attend at Halifax every Monday. 1-22-ly. M' A TTORNEYS AT LAW, WELDON, N. C. tonaBd in the Supreme and Fedend courts. Col lections made In allparts of North Carolina. BraBch oflce at Halifltx, M. C„ open every Von day. Jan 7 ly T HOMAB N. HILL, Attorney at, EAUrAX, N. C. Pmctlcea In Htlibz and adjoining oonuttee and federal and Supreme coarti. «n«. ;81' J^R. E. L. HUNTiiK, SURGEON Can be fonud at his offico in EnQeld. Pure Nitrous Oxi')e Gas for the Painless Extractiiig of Teeth always on band. feb«7 ly. ft. W. HARRIS. D. D. 8. afeU’f- ‘ Lrti'LKTov V. 0. Tefetn K';tractCiI n..uuut pain. [ 4 30 6m. L IQUORS[AND GROCERIES I have a comple stock of Family Gro ceries of all kinds which I will sell ehMp for Cash. I have also on hand and am constaa^ ly receiving a large variety of LIGiXJOie.S. Such as whisky, brandy, wine, beer, ale, porter, carbonated waters, &c. Call and see me on Washington Ave nue 8t the Kbffold stand of B. W. Daniel. W. D. SMITH. oot 18 ly This - Space - be longs to the STORE. s, ■"

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