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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 24, 1891, Image 5

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THE ROANOKE NEWS. BY HALL A SLEDGE. PUBLISHED BVIRY THURSDAY. BATK8 or HUnSORIPTIOt^ IN AllVANCR. Oaa Ywr (by Mail), Piwtugo Paid $1.50, •Six Montha 75. A Weakly Democratic jonrnal devoted to the material, eduoatioual, political and •grionltnnl intaresta of Halifax and aar TOBnding counties. M^AdTeitisinE rates reaionabla and ftiniithed on application. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24,1891. OOTTON it openiag ilowly. Warm daji and cool nighla. Most time to call in straw hat*. The preaent one ia harreit moon. BoiLiNa water raaioves iVuit Maim. Tflchay fever is not to be sneesed at. PioNioa leein to b« tbe order the day. Thb moaqnito will «hw take vaealioo. THKRiia T«r; little siokneas in town DOW. SOUPPBKNONO grapes are plentifal and ehwp. Thi lurTej of West Weldo'n baa l>een completed. THEsiroaais coming and tbe small boya are happj. Ix takes • n\p of fk:o»t to flavor tbe (>op«r|jr. The dogs have bad tbeir day, and now the leavea will have their turn. A awal|ow of milk after taking ^ioine removea tb« nnpleaaant taste fiom the month. As there will be no fair this year there will dottbtleas be a largo crowd in town un «wona day. Fall goods are oomiog in every, day •nd our marobtntt «ra making resdy for tbe fall trade. Tbe fall firi promisea to be just as bandaomn «i was the aumuer girl in her early beauty. The mgbtam very quiet in town since the blowing uf steam whistles has Weldon needs moru dwellln); houses. We have lately heard of two or three familea who would nomo here if they «ould secure houae'i to live in. The funernal of Mrs. Isabella A. Pair, wife Ilf K.L Pair will bo preached by Dr..U. 0. Burton, at Mt. Tabor, at twelve o’clock tbe first Snnday in October. Fob a alyliah street dress for October get a mouse colored cloth tailor gown, with pale bine cloth vest and black braided bands. Have a close felt hat trimmed whh velvet and featbm. Public MBXTina at BoiraooD.— There was an alliance pienic at Hobgood Saturday which was attend^ by several hundred people. Speaoboa were made ^ Oipl. B. A. Thome and the Hon Thos. H. Tayior. The speaches of both these gentleman were instructive and were received with applause. The din ner was plentiftil and well served, and all enjoyed the ooeaeioa very mncb. Rerusnor a Fobmee Citizen.— We were ^d to see in the city yesterday Oapt. Samuel Timothy Nicholson, who moved from Bracebridge Hall near Ciil- pq>per Bridge, HaHfas oodnt^, 0., in 1852 to Livingston, MadiMn connty, Miia. He married a daughter of Dr. Jigg^'s family of Oxford. Mr. H|phol ■on iijatt from Salaai wbem he eartied hii daughter to %lem Female Academy. Re b an honest, high-toned Christian gtDlIeman. Nobody was gladder to see bim here again than 0. R. Walker of tbe.NiwiAMB ObsErtbr. He goes beaee td| viik bif brother Mr Blafce Baker Nieholran, of Littleton, and thence to tha old homestead, where Col. Frank Parker now rendea.—Newa and Ohser- Ta Obpel Colda, Readaobss and Fetem, to cleanse the aydteoi effeatnany, yet gently, when cos- live of bilona, or wban tbe blood u impure or al«ggisb,to permanently enre habitual cotiwipatlcai, to awaken tiis k*dney» and WtoklMRdtbjacUvitj, witbaa^irriia- rtag or wankiirii^ tbw, um SyNp of The Crop.— The wiirm dry woathi of the past wttdk ii said tu be good fur the ciitton and it is thriving upon the suitable iieasun Very little, if any, liua opened and none has liettn marketed is this locality. Diflforenutt'Oit’ upioiun exist as 10 the probable yiuld, liiit all furiners seem to be hopeful AtiJ J‘> not believu the outlook to be as bu'l njw u.iic was three or four week aj;o. Died.—Mr. Willie Shaw, of North- auipion connty, died at his home Wed nesday of last week of malarial fevei aher a brief illness, in the twenty-first year of his age. Just befura the disaolu- lion of soul and body be remarked that he was getting blind and re|uested the attending physician to pray for blhi. The doctor, who is a devout Chriatian gentleman, prompdy knelt in pny«r and when he aroee from bia knees the young mao breathed his last, and was dead in an instant. 8, raUBSDAT. SEPTEMBER i24.18.91. Ueported Change ov Schedule. —It is reported that about the first of October the sqhodules of the sbuofly trains on tbe Seaboard & Roanoke and Raleigh & Gaston railroads will be chani;* ed so that people livi^ in Norfolk and along the line of the read can Imve bowe in tbe morning, spend the day in Ral eigh visiting the ozpositioo and return homkat Bight. The Norfolk shoofiy will iwach bers in tbe morning and leave late in tbe afternoon. Tlia Raleigh shoofly will probably leave here later and return earlier than now. Allianob Mass Mbbtimo at Wae- rbntom^Ad AINabaa Haas Meting will be held at Warrenton on Saturday October 10. The whole of Halifax, Vance, Franklin and Warren counties arc invited to attend. Arrington's large tobacco warehouse has been secured for the occas ion and the audienae will .be well pro tected from rain or aanAide. Senator W. A. Pe£fer, of Kansas, Pres ident Marion Butler, of the State Alli- aooe, and State lectnrer J. B; Bel| have assured the brethren that they will ceriain'y be there and make addresses on tbe reform movement: Speaking will begin at 11 o’clock. . Anotrrr Freight Train Needed. —With the approach of fall tbe movinj; of ths mopf requires more f(eight service on the railroads, and it is to be hoped that the authorities of the Wilmington and Weldon road will put a daily freight train on the Scotland Nook and Green ville road. L'lat season it was found neccssary to ran a daily freight on this branch, which was rcdoced to a tri weekly during the dull season. It should again be run daily. Tbe mail train ought out to be rci|iired to do freight business every other duy. It is an unnecessary inconvenience to the travelling piiblie and tho travelling public baa some rights. Wo have no doubt, however, that another freight train will be put on the road at an early day. Sbnt on for Housebrbakino.— Satnrday night about 1 o'clock several gentlemen who were in their room above Messrs. P. N. Stainhack & Bro 's. store heard a crash of glass %nd looking out of the window taw a negro woman standing there taking goods from tbe More tbtough the broken window. They called to a man not far off; he followed tbe woman who ran off when she hoard the voices. The man overtook her with several arti cles of merchandise in her possession. She was pat under arrest and tried before Mayor Gooob Monday, wbo sent her to jail in default of bail to await the action of the grand jury. Her name was Annie Day and she'laid tbe goo^ were ^iven to her. The window bad been broken with a brick. Oo the same night someone who is supposed to have been the tame woman bn>ke one of the lar^e plate glass windows of Messrs. Kmry & Pierce’s store, but noibing was mimil tifom it. Hov*a Thia. We offer One Hundred Dollan Re ward f)'r any ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Chenky & Co, Props., Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney fur the last 15 years and be lieve bim perfectly honorable in all busi ness transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by tbeir firm. West k Tmax, ' Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.', Walding, Kinnan and Marvin, Wbole- tafo Drnggitta, Toledo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cur* is taken internally acting directly upontne blood and mucous surfikces )>f the systwt, ' i9*Send for tea^omsils free. OuSnld by droggisu, 75c. '171b. TBBdreraea i>f faabinn for ibis fall continne i« make woaM>n's «ileib«s take on matcnKne fora. Tbit tim,» tbe bmb's eoat-Mlb have bsea seiaad. ^4^ ab RBMipiB.—Tbe Rev. Annaniaa^uck, a eolbfed preacher of high character, was reported to have died no Sunday and Monday quite a number of his colored admirers went down to Halifax to attend his funeral, but when they arrived there they found him still in the land of tbe living and out of danger. Fine FAfuma Land for Salb.— To those who waot fine farming Ian d We sugKest a porusul of the advertise ment uf Edward T. Clark, real estate agent, in another uoluwn. He adver tises two tracts, both of which are des irably located and well suited to any kind of furoiing, *’ The tract known as the “Edmonds'' tract is one mile fruiu Tillery station on the Scotland Neck braucli road, has 430 acres open, 100 of wliivb arc in grasses, 20 in pormaneiic pasture, 5 in grapes, 2 in Japan Plums, 7 iu strawberrisa all these are bearing. The farm will ho di vided iutu siivural tracts to suit purchas ers The other tra()t contains 125 acres, is also Huiteil fur corn, cotton, fruit and truck, is within a uiilo uf the corporate limits uf the town of H'eldon, and has 75 acres open. Ua it are good houses, and good water, and ic is iu a g >j 1 state uf cultivation. For further partioulara address Mr. Clark at this place. Alliance Picnic at Cuowells — The writer had tho pleasure of attend ing an Alliance picnic, given by the Crowells Alliancc, 00 Friday last tho 18th. By 10:30 a large crowd had gath - ered under the old oaks, in front ut‘ the resiJcDca of F. W. Gregory. At 11:30 the gentlemen with a large number of ladies met in old Conooonara church to bear the speeches of the deft orators of the occasion. Major Wm. Burnett was called to the chair, and after i few pleas ant remarks by way of a beginning in* troducud State leuturer, E. A. Thorne, who made a good and telling speech of } of uD hour's length. Subjeot; The financial condition of the laboring people; the dangers to which they are exposed, and relief for tho same. Mr. Thorne introduced Prof. F. S. Blair, of Hertford county who entertained tbe crowd for } hour on the necessity of educating the faruiers and laboring people of the coun try and tbe burdens their wives and daughters had to bear in order to get the neccMaries of life^etc. After Professor Blair’s speech, tbe crowd adjourned to Dr. J. R. Pope's grove, where the ladiei had spread a bountiful repast of good things too numerous too mention I as sure you the writer did ample justicc to tho ocvnsion. At 2:'30 the crowd ugaio met at the churuh. Meeting caileU to order, when ciunty It-rtun-rT. H. Tujlor, was called to tbe fl Mir. Hi^ remarks were well puttu the point, iind li.>ted to with good utteution. The writer having to leave for Enfield, in order to make connection with tha local freight going to Weldon did not get tbe fuither proceedings of the meeting. P. The Great John Robinson Show to be in WELDON ON OCTOBER 7TH.— It is seldom that tho people of this town have an opportunity of witnetsing such an intoreeting and instructive attraction as the John Robinson show, which will ex hibit bore on October 7 th, afternoon and night. There are many alleged or so- called mammoth shows traveling over tbe country preying upon the credulity of tbe people, but of them all there is none that comes to any city with such an undeniable and profuse array of recommendations and flattering press noticcs as that of John Robinson. Its sixty seven years of existence and fair dealing with the people has won for it a reputation that is unsur passed both for leliahility, quantity and quality. In presenting its claims before tbe critical public the Robinson abow uses none bnt cold facts and conservative statements. It will therefore be impossi ble for tbe casual reader of the triumphs of this great attraction to imagine with any degree of thoroughness what a re- markable and entertaining show it is. It is the primaiy aim of all connected with this show to strictly adhere to the policy of honesty in all its dealings, and this instruction is particularly applied in tbe matter of advertising. The advanoe agents are energetic and bard workers, and through tbeir efforts every honorable method of n>aking known to the po‘>ple of Weldon and the surround ing country tbe numerous features of tbe show have been adopted. It it aa nuob better advertised tban anv other show u itssuperiori'v over thnm is acknowledged, as is attt'H«l bv >ht leadini; newspaper* of the ocMiniry, wiiiuh h.ive colnwns of matter tueiuini* with oumplimaatary no- tioea of tha abuw. Only two perforaanees will be gitrsa in Ibis pl»ca on October Ttb. POPIiDffi PEOPLE. SOUEOFTUErOLKS YOVKXOWAttD TUEiB Domaa. The Rev. Dr. Nash, of Raleigh, was in town Monday. Mrs. W. II, Day returned from Ral eigh Monday night. Mr. W. E. Daniel is attending Wai- ren court this week. Mr. R. T. Arrington, of Petersburg, was in town Monday night. Mrs. R. S. Hall, of Florence, is visiting ralativeaioSeotland Neck. Col. W. P. Beasley, of Oxford, was in town a short while Tuesday. Mrs. Eva Davisand Mias Emily Camp bell are visiting relativta in taavn. , Mrs. Edward .T Clark and children returned from a visit to Panacea Springs Monday. Ctpl. A. Garibaldi, one of tbe most sobstamisl citiiens of this county, was in town Monday. Mr. H. A. Chappell, traveling agent of the Southern Exposition, wm in town a few days ago. Mr. J. H. Burton left Tuesday for a pleasure and recuperation trip to several fashionable resorts. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Josey, of Scot land Neck, returned home Tuesday from a two weeks visit to Baltimore. H. C. Spiws, manager of the Weldon Racket Store, left last Monday for New York where he will remain several days with his Racket company buying up bargains for bis Rackct store. Mrs. I. E. Green and children return ed from a visit to relatives in Wilmington Sunday. Two of tbe children who were unwell while there have entirely recover ed. Mr. John B. Spillman, a native of thia place, who last season taught school in tbe Weatern part of this State, is now in charge of a large school at Starrville, Smith county, Texas, and getting along prosperously. MARRIED. Bbitt-Petwat.—On Wednesday night of last week the Methodist Epis copal Church at Enfield wat the scene of a iuo4t interesting event. The build ing was brilliantly lighted and beautifully decorated with flowers, the occasion be ing the nuptials of Mr. Robert B. Biitt, one of the leading business men of the town, and Miss Minnie Bell Petway, the charm ing ynung daughter of the late Dr. P. S. Petway. Prouiptly at the appiinted hour (he inspiring strains uf Mendels- sohu’s grand wedding uiurcli, under the artistic touch of .Miss Minnie F. Whita ker, floated toftly through the sacred edifice, and the bridal party stepped into the vettibtile. They entered the church in the follow ing order, using the right and left aisles and crossing over as the chancel was laached:. Mr J. J. Whitaker and Mr. C. W. Hunter, ushers; Mr. H. B. Thomas, of Rocky Mount, and Miss Sue Bliitaker; Mr. P. 0. Petway and Miss Annie Hep- tinstall, Mr. R. W. Partin and Miss Yet- tie Mercer, of Elm Cit}; Mr. G. A. Bep- tinstall and Miss Irene Petway, Mr. J. E. Hocutt and Miss Allene Bell, of Yel low Springs, 0. Then the groom, lean ing upon the atm of bis best nan, Mr. Charles L. Foster, of Baltimofe, Md, walked leisurely down the left aisle. Opposite them in the right aisle came tbe bride, attired in rich cream cashmere trimmed with cream silk, cream cords, and lace, and by her side walked her maid of honor. Miss Emma Petway. The bridesmaids were all dressed in white dot ted Swiss muslin. The couple took their positions im- mediatly fronting the Rev. W. L. Gris som, who stood book in hand ready to pronounce the words which would bind tbam with the golden fetters, and tbe waiters formed a tami-circle around them. The minister in a most impressive man ner performed the ceremony,, and then tbe bridal party filed slowly out of tbe church. They repaired to the home of tbe groom, where a wedding supper bad been spread, and a happy welcome was ex tended to all wbo entered tbe brilliantly- lighted rooms and tbe fettivitea uf the joyful oeeation were kept up till quite late. The bride received many handsome pretenta and tha hearty oohsratulations of a lar^ circle of relaii «h and friends. Tbe gfoina was alau rsmciabaiod, and it wa| ifc^onnoed by all witnetaaa one of tht Mffiiit weddings of tbe Mobbui Sabbaticub.—Thwe it a faarful disaasa which is prevalent among a great many Church members and in Old ft that they may recognise its presence andiiH danger we give tbe following de scription from an exchange: Morbns Sabhatiuus, or Sunday sick- ncNs, a disease peculiar to church mem bers, The attauii comes on sudilenly every Suuday; no Kymptoms kr felt on Saturday night; the patient sloeps well and awakes feeling well; eats a hearty breakfast, hut about church time the attack uiiuics on and continues until ser vices are over for tbe morning. Then tbe patient fools easy and eats a hearty dinner. In the afternoon be feels much better, and is able to take a walk, talk about politics, and read tbe Sunday pa pers; he eats a hearty supper, but about church time he baa another attack and stays at homo. He retires early, sleeps well,nnd wakea up Monday morning reireshed and able to go to work, and does not have any symptoms of the dis ease until the following Sunday. The peculiar features arc as Ibllows : 1. It always attacks members of tbe Church. 2. It never makes its appearance ex cept on Sunday. 3. Tbe symptoms vary, but it never interferes with the sleep or appetite. 4. It never lasts more than twenty- four hours 5. It generally attacks the head of the family. G. No physician is ever called. 7. It always proves fatal in the end- to the soul. 8. No remedy is known for it except prayer. D. Religion is the only antidote. 10. This disease is often called “Sys tematic Lying,” but its true name is “Morbus Sabbaticus” or Sundaysickness. 11. It is becoming fearfully prevalent, and is sweeping thousands every year prematurely to the devil. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. POWDER Absolutely Pur«. A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of all in leavening strength.— Latett U. S. GovernmeHt Food Report. JIXECUTOK’S NOTICE. Havint! qualified as Executor upon tbe estate of the lato W. H. Whitaker, I here by notify all permnshnldinKrlainisagainst raid estate, to prcsietit. tlieni to ni« nt En field. N. C.. on or iH'fore the first day of October 1802, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebte1 to said estate will please come forward and settle and save costs of suit. This 32nd. day ofSepitmbi r 18»1. JXO. 1£. WHITAKEK, Executor of W. }I. Whitaker, dec'd. David Bell, Att>. sep24 6t. PERFECTCO CRYSTAL LENSES TfUMMAam QiaUtj^llnlartilniia P. N. STAINBACK & BRO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, have exclusive sale of these celebrated glasses in Weldon, N. C FAULKNER. KELLAM ft MOORE. The only manufacturing Opticians in the South, Atlanta, Ga. MrPeddlers are not supplied with these fatuous classes viaavia MVCUV WIMl* out Min. Book of tIeilMfBasDt nIU. NO urn CAROLINA, HALIFAX COUNTY. IN THE SiTPERIOR GO UR 1\ Thomas N. Hill and Maiy A. Hill, Exec utors of M. M. Look, deceased, plaSntillii, Vs. Wealey H. Harrison and Tempe Har. .aon^ his wife, defendants. ^ Tbe delendiMits above named will take notice that a summona in the above enti tled action was issued on tbe 19th day of AnHBat, 18SI, ratnmable to tha fall term of the Superior court for Haliikx connty, which commanoas on the tenth Monday after tha Bnt Monday of Septembtw 1801; that tha porpose of tha actim ia to cancel a contract for thesale of real estate con tracted to be sold the defendant, Wealey U. Harrison by tbe plaintillk, and thia is to require yon and eaeh ofyou to be and ap pear before the Jndm ofowrflnperiorconrt at a conrt to lie held in the connty of Hali- fax at the conrt house ia HalUlui on the tenth Monday after the flnt- Monday In September, 1891, and answer or demur to the complaint which will ha depo:ited in the ofllce «f tha clerk of the Bnperior eonrt o( aaid nonnty within the Arst three days of the:t«fni' Herein fidi not. ThUtbaTlh day of Santambar, IWl. JOHMT. OBEQOBY, Cleidc Sqpariot Ooart. at^llKCw. NEW APTlKTlMMtMim BEOKWITB'S ANTI-DYSPEPTIC PILLS. As a fa«ily medicine tbisa pilla am rivalM. As an Anti-Dyipeptic Pill tbaj b«T« ttood tbe tost of 75 years, and maintaiaad their reputation. THEY REGULATE tU BOWELS and LIVER. They will relieve Colic, Sick Hsid- ache. Acid Stomach, and all tbe evili al tendant upon indigcation. They ate tba cheapest and best remedy oiTemd for Dyspepsia in all its formt. For tale bj f W. M. COHEN, Weldon, N. 0. E. P. Beckwith & Co, Wholesale agenta, Petersburg, Va. my 28 ly. PomalSM WABRENTON, N. C. H E WARRENTON STATE «01> OBED NORMALSCHOOL will becia its first sesaion yin the SHILOH INSTI TUTE bnlldinos Monday Oot. 6, UM. This School was formerly located at Franklinton, N. C., but removed by an act of thajast Legislatnre to Warrentoa. N. C. % No htalthier location can be found in the State. The school will be provided with able and experienced teochen. In order that all who desire an edncatinn may avail themselves of this opportnni^, board and lodging may be secured wittim the buildings for 15.75 per month. Tuition free to all residents of the State. For ihrtbcr information address REV. J. A. WHITTED, A. M. Prin., 9-10-tf. Warrenton, N. C. NOTICE. NORTH CAROUNA\ In the HALIFAX CO / Superior Court. J0.SGP11 W. Jenkins, Piaintikf, vs. C. H. B. Howebton, and W. W. Fbeb- MAN, DErBNOAKTft ToW. W. Frkeman.— The defendant, W. W. Freeman will take notice that a summons in tbe aha— entitled action was issued on tbe 13th day of April, 1891, returnable to tbe May term, 1891, otthe tbe Superior Coart for HalUhx connty; that the purpose of the action ia to sell real property in Halifax connty con tracted to Iw sold tbe said defendants by the plaintiff, defoult of said contract hav ing been made by said defendants, and to cancel said contract; and this is to require yon to be and appear before the Judge of our Superior Court to be held for the coun ty of Halifax on the tenth Monday after the first Monday in September, 1891, and answer or demurto tbe comi^int whidi will be deposited in the ofllce of the clerk of the Superior court of aaid county within the first three days of the term. Herein fail not. This August 17th, 1891. JOHN T. GREGORY, 8-20-6W. Clerk Superior Court. “BS. Pb S It is a Modern Eureka! It is a boon 0 ladies suffering from diseases peonliar rothi^irsex. It is an antidote for tsala- ’isl blood poison and a sure remedy for restoring the system after having bad CHILLS AND FEVER. i.nil a god send In the human fauiljr aa n antidote for drunkenness. It restoren lost by vital energy indigestion, overwork, worry, mental strain or other csnsea. It is nature's great system renovator aad blood purifier. ■RS JOE PERSON'S REIEDT. it nnequaled aa a tonie, alterativn tW blood purifier. It will cure rbeniMlitw, canwr in itt early ttagea, beart diserat, eiysi^las, chronic biliout colic, let ar, (ruptions, skin and blood diseuaa. I»- falHUain SyPHIimC TROUM.ES. if used ia ocnnectimi with tba wiak. In'allibla for sorofWa. Oiraa iaalaat ar* lief ia casea of viok^tt ooUo. Adnk daar, wine ghm twn-tUrdi Aill, and Mia if IT RELIEVES CATAIII^ it will c«« alearitttatt «f iba «Mab« iffwi- adwitbwash. tttsanHiiiteaftrfii* toaaaatadbypalaMnak. tftm tMa «T tht| w id is ai-jB|WMUt in Mdh cai«% ■ ■■

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