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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 15, 1893, Image 2

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THE ROANOKE NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1893. ONE SAUDAY. 000 saJ d:iy wboo the sun'it goU crown Jowollod tho (lesolato, tircamy west, 1 came with a burduD and laid it down Under the lilirs and leaves to rest; And, weeping, I left it and went my way With tlift’rwilij!ht whispeiiog; “God knows best!" One Sh eet day—it was long ago, And thorny the paths my foet have pressed Since with tears and kisses I laid it low, Soul ot' my soul and life of my breast! But kneeling now iu the dark to pray, Theto comes with n song from the Huriicss west The siioie sweet voice that I heard that day— TIii'TwDi^iht whispering: “God knows besl! ” OOOI> THINJ8 TO KNOW, Japan has a god *10 feet in height. The total attendance at the Centennial £xposition was *.),'J10,966. Among the exhibits at Chicago is a lump of salt weighing 30,000, The average man iu the I'uited States spends annually for clothing. A hustler in Kentucky runs a news paper, R hotel, a posioffice and a line of steauiboats. Michigan produces annually 15,000 tons of peiipermint. A bridge that is to be built at St, Pe tersburg will cost $15,000,000. The engines in the machinery building at the Fair are supplied with steam by thirty boilers. In New York the average number of I'crson.'i to a dwelling is 18s, Tho rice crop of the United Slates is reported to be sixty per cent, greater than any previous one. There are mare dogs in proportion to iuhabitants in Ireland than in any other country. Each adult inha'es a gallon of air a minute, and consumes thirty ounces of oxygen a day. It look 80,000 men seven years to erect King Solomon's temple. The great twenty-one story 'I asonic templo in Chi cago, which is nearly three times the height of King Suliuaon's, was run up in two years by less than 1,000 men. EDITING A NEWSPAPER. AN EXCIIANU£ HAS 8l'JtI.MIiU CP TIK V'OU.OWISIU AS SOMB 01' THE SXVERl- ENCKS OK AN EDITOR. ABOUT SLEKPING. Sunshine is gwid for everything but feathers. Away with heavy hangings, either above or below the bed. Beware of a dusty, musty carpet; bet ter .sweetness and a bare floor. Do not fail tn |iri>vide some means for VeDtilatiun during the night. Kaop the h'M cool while sleeping, hut not by a druii^'ht of cold air falling upon it. If a foldioghcd must be used contrive some way to keep it aired and wholesome. Let the fiiUow be high enough to bring the head iii a natural position—no more and nnleK-, Thoronuhty u\r the sleeping room every day; air tbi beds and bedding as often as piwihle A featht^r hfd vluch has done aei'vice for a geiieriiiijii ; two is hardly a desira ble thing ii|''. n irh to sleep. l)ri- ■ 1 iii|; Pralae. We d>-fi) I, for yearn ivi ' New Di e V. ■, King’s Ivi w ij Salvo au I 1C- never hamriM i or that 1 .IVI -I faction. \V '«! them evi ly refund result.' meilii i purt'i\ . drugiM.^ t),M t'rt tnour citizens, that nn selling Dr. Kinu’s r r consumption. Dr. .' ills, Bucklen's Arnica riu Bitters, and have ’n dies that sell as well. ’ .-ueh universal salia ' I hesitate Iu guarantee lid ve stand ready to ii'i> price, if satisfactory AT I heir use. These I M their great popularity inerils. H'm. Cohen Kditing a newspaper is a pleasant bu.>iitios8—if you can stand it. If it contains many advertisements sub scribers complain that they take up too much space. If there is a lack of adveitising it is unpopular and the people won’t have it. If we attend church legularly they say we go for elTcct. If we stay away from church they say we arc monstrously heathenish. If ne accept an invitation to a wedding they say we were invited to “write it up," If we go to the opera house they say wo go on free tickets. If wo are seen on the street too often they say we neglect i.ur business. If we avoid going upon the street thi'y ,«iy we don't liusile around after news. If we reject a long communication its author g»ts furiously enraged and discontinues hi# paper. If we publish lengthy communications our readers say we lack' discretion and put in every thing to “fill up." If we neglect to decurate our office VV’ashington's birthday they say we lack enterprise and that there is not a drop of patriotic blood in our degenerate carcas ses. If we swell out in a new suit of clothes and celebrate groundhog day they say we got our clothes in payment for adver tising and that we are by far too foppish. If, in our frailty, we sometimes perpe trate a joke or make a stagger at a poor little pun, they say we are exceedingly light and won’t do. If wo omit jokes they say we are poor miserable fossils. If we are married they they say it is a pitty for our wives. If we are not married they say it is because we are too homely to get a wife. If we publish a man who has brought disgrace upon his family, the friends of the family never forget us, If we, out of goodness of heart, decline to say anything on the subject the man's enemies are disappointed, and we are branded as white-livered cowards. We arc able to stand these raps and many more, and are always ready to re ceive visitors whether accompanied by a dog or not. Of course we do not claim there is any work to running a newspaper; every one knows it is a snap. A Million Friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed; and not less than one million people have found just such a friend in Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds.—If you have never used this great cough medicine, one trial will convince you that it has wonderful cura tive powers in all diseases of throat, chest and lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that is claimed or money will be refunded. Trial bottle free at Wm, Cohen’s drug store. Large bottles .50c, and 81 00. ADVE11T18EMENTS. DOYdUKNOW That you can have your eyes tested ac curately, and fitted with by ■ practical optician at YOUNG’S JEWELRY STORE The finest set of test lensesin thestatff and there will be no charge for testing your sight. More eyes are ruined by glasses sold by incuiupetcut jiersons than any other cause. Therefore, we advise you to be careful with yuur sight, and have your eyes exiimined by a COMPETENT OPTIC 'AN Silver goods for bridal presents, dia- mond.t of the finest quality, watches in gold and silver eases, clocks of I he best makers and good timers, gold thimbles •od Christmas goods, gold headed canes and plain gold rings, opera glasses and fancy hair pins, and of the latest styles of goods, at the LOWEST POSSIBLI PRICES. J. W. YOUNG, „ Co Syca. & Bank Sts. Petersnurg, Va. oct ly FITS CURED Witrsntit. S. r.. IVf. iq, T wiH>i I .01.1.1 let M.tTer. Ing (r-jm •/*«#■«/(»• jii'l !»*'W good vour remedy i'. My u ou-. y* and \l mnvil,- cluid 1 \Viih many 1 ici II, A. T.\TK. r.nNr.^j^. Ta . n-'t ' ( my 1 a>' comniciicciJ uS(in^ yon •1 Kl kSV I i MtiKK. wr K.VOir r-,r uroitsr t'Asi:.s, r,i Ilitll Chcmica! Co., H M'1'.DT FHII.Mtr.I.IMTI.,. I>A. The average uiau in the United States drank in 189:2 13.91 gallons of malt liquor!*, 8,26 pound of coffee, 1,38 gal lons distilled spirits, l.l’iS pounds tea and one half gallon of wine. FOR OVEH FIFTY YEARS Mrs, Winslow’s Southing Syrup has been used for over fifty yesrs by iiiiiliona of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the sums, allays all pain, cures wind eolie. and i.-* the best remedy for Diarrha'ii, It will relieve the poor little sutferer immediately. Sold by Drugjiists iu every part of the world". Twenty five cents a bottle Be sure and ask for “Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind, may 25 ly h V —0— MY STOCK OF —0^ SPRING= And SUMMER Uillinery. NEW STYLES. COME AND SELECT THE NEW EST NOVELTIES. MRS. P, A. LEWIS, r)0t4 1v Weldo-1. N. C. Part 1. liter supply from six greaior travel through 83 mile- 0*' iijvicxluel. Arnica 8»1t«. Tilt l/cti!liive ill the warld for cuts, brui;'e.>i, ali.v-ns, nit rheum, fever gor;;.s, i.iMtv, cha;>)>ed buds, ohilblaini, cnrr . smd ;vl! iilii'.i eruptioDi, and posi- tivolv mr'-.i pile!', or no piy required. It is u;iarsMf.('Cu In !'ive pemot Mliifaatioo, or .'Du.ey lofuiKieJ. Priee 25 eeDta per bos. For h:;Ie bv \7in. CoheD. Wor.MK ia,’J.a, Liver Trou* ige«tion>ciBe .iRQH BXTTIR8 Johnstiiwn, Pa., which was practically swept away by the floods three or four years ago, is now more prosperous than ever, and has a population ot 36,000. August A. Klages, 810 St. Charles street, Baltimore, Md., writes: “From my youlli I suffered from a poisonous taint in my blood. My face and body was continually afl'ect^ with eruptinns and sores, I am now 42 years of age and had been treated both in Germany and America, but no remedy overcame the trouble until I used Botanic Blood Balm. I have used about twenty bottles and now my skin is elwr, smooth and healthy, and I coniider the llAli per manently driven firom my blood. I en- done it aa the beat blood remedy." cms. N. wiim, South Sycamore st., Petersburg, Va. Lr.wwl cMh price* gnaruteed. AH work warranted iariafaotoiT. OHABLBS K. WALSH. CHEAP LITERATURE A clubbing arrangement by which every variety reading matter can be secured at the lowest rates. For the benefit of its subscribers THE EOANOKE NEWS' has made clubbing contracts with literarjr, agricult- al, political and ladies’ publications, by which any cl of literature can be secured with little additional cost. The propositions made below are open to every ne subscriber, every subscriber who is in arrears and pa up and eve^ subscriber who has paid up and wish" to renew his subscription. Subscriptions for clubbing arrangement must be £ not less thau twelve months. R£J{D PROPOSITIOHS CMUFULLY. WEEKLY WORLD —And— TUK ROASOKE- - NEWS One year for .00. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING fl^Cash must accompany order. The Weekly Woild with ninety-six columns of reading matter, is really what its name implies a weekly epitome of the events of the great world and is one of the most desirable papers in the country. It can bo had chcaper in conjunction with the Koanokc News than in any other way. Send two dollars and get both papers for twelve months. Cosmopolitan, Published monthly at New York is one of the best American periodicals. Its engravings are conceded to be better than those of any other publication ol the kind. It is a high class magasiine in every respect and is becoming very popular. The annual subscription to the Cos niopolitan is three dollars. We offer the (] O S MO 1‘0 LI TA K —And the— ROANOKE NEWS one year for leuCash must accompany each order HOME AND FARM LOUISVILLE, KY.; of tli« fT«p)-dajr life „n tlw faiuu of th* South hihI Wi>§t. It« contrlbiitortsr*pp*elio«l nt*n who l*U wkat they liavH l«Hrued b«tw«eu the plow ImiiiIIm. HI?; Wftid* r. Bmwii, Jeff. W«lbAn« Bill Ar^« Ntssles W. r. ■wr, iL N iforo of umk« HONK mI FARi hiitmctive UK wfU ua t)i« most attraelit* tHrni JuurnMl |>ublbhHd. lU Hons OspftrtMMt i’ not iurpRtMil bj any UoRttt juurnAl. Its articloA t'om* Oircct from th* liome makers. Tke ChlMrsa's lNp«rtaiMt !■ iu charge of I'aith i.atimar «uU it an iuvalaabte aid In ad«eation. ZVS PZiJLWOatXC: Deiter Roadi; Better Hchooli': Better Lawi; Better y*Krming; Bettor l*ostal Faellltie*; Free Banitkic; Ki-fv Twiue; A Keductiyn of the TarifTi A Fair Field Hnil no Favur. War un aU TrnatN and CombiBatk>nt vhich war uo the farmer. SVB8CRIPT10M8. AO CBNTS A TEAR. HOXK AND r ARM ««« ROANOKE NEWS On Tnr, Oalr.^^^l^g TO SEOI'RK A year’s 8L'BSCRIl*II0N TO A P0I>ULA8 HO.ME AND FARM JOUR NAL—RBAD OUK GREAT OFFEROIVItN BBI.OW. We are plea.sed to announce that we have made arrangements by which we are prepared to'supply FREE to each of our subscribers a year's subscription to that well known monthly Home and Farm Journal, the American Farmer, pnblish- ed at Springfield and Cleveland, Ohio. We make this offer to each of our sub scribers who will pay up all arrearages on subscription and one year in advance, and to all new subscribera paying one year in advance. The American Farmer is strictly Xational in its character. It is a high class Illustrated Journal filled with entertaining and instructive reading matter, containing each mouth much information that is invaluable to agricul turisls and of special interent to each member of every home. It is not a class publication and is suited to all localities being National in its make up and char acter, thus meeting with favor in all lo calities. It is strictly non-politioal and non-sectarian. It has a trained corps of contiibutors and is carefully edited. The various departmeots of Farm, Horticul ture, Sheep and Swine, The Home, The Horse, and The Dairy, are filled with bright and useful matter. The readers of tho American Farmer are universal in its praise and look for its monthly visits with keen anticipation. The regular subscription priee to the American Far mer is tl.00 pet year, bat • by this ar rangement it costa you nothing to receive that great pttblicalion for one year. Do not delay in taking advantage of this of fer, but to call at once or send in your •ubsoription. Sample copy of the Amer ican Farmer can be seen at this office or will be supplied direct by the puhlisherg. THE ROANOKE NEWS And THE LOUISVILLE COURIE JOURNAL ONE YEA.R FOR TWO DOLLARS ADVANCE. The Courier-Journal, Henry Watt son’s paper, is a journal of strong Soutk ern proclivities and always in the fo front for everything favorable to Sout ern entcrpriie, Soathero indnstry »" the Southern people generaJly, its brill' editor being to tho isanncr bora. It ’ peculiarly a newspaper but devotal considerable space to literature and L special features are particularly attraotiTi. A HANDSOMK OrPER. A POVLAR ILLUSTRAnD HOHl AMI WOMAN’m Pt'UlCATIOIf OrFER ran TO DVR srBscRiBns. The Roanoke News has perfeelH arrangements by whieh we can olh FREE to our readers a year’s subset!^ lion to Womankind, the popular illastn> led monthly journal published at Spring field, Ohio, We will give a year’s sub scription to Womankind to each of «ur readers paying a year’s subscription to the Roanoke News in advance, and to all new subscribers paying in advance. Womankind will find a joyous welcome ia every home. It is bright, sparkling and interesting. Its household hints and. suggestions are invaluable, and it also contains a large amount of news about women in general. Its fashion depart ment is eomplete, and profusely illustra- ted, it has a bright ani^eoterlaining corps of contributors, and the paper ia edited with care and ability. Its children’l department makes Womankind a favi^te with the young, and in fact it contaii much which will interest every member of every household in its sixteen lai;g(, handsomely illustrated pages. Do not delay in accepting this offer. It will cost you nothing to get a full year’s snbeorip- tion to Womankind. Samples oan£bi seen at this office. News and Cosmopolitan one year for $3.00. The Roanoke News and Oourier-Joumal one year $8. The Rpoanoke News and N. Y. W^orld one year News and Home & Farm one year for $1.76. The Roanoke News and American Farmer $1.50. The Roanoke News and Womankind one year $1.(K) Remit by check, money order or postal note. Address: THEROANOIX NWS, Weldon, K 0.

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