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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, March 17, 1910, Image 4

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Little Tobacco Plants Says “Mr. Farmer:— Give us a plenty of Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers They will make us grow big and healthy, and thus in- create our yields per acre. These fertilizers are plant food for us, which means bread and meat for you. They will put more money-profits into your pocket. (Signed) Your Little Tobacco Plants.” Ask your fertilizer dealer for a copy of our free 1910 Farmers’ Year Book or Almanac, or send us the coupon M*ll •! tbii Cou»ea sALBs orFices Rlhaon4. Va, VltalNtA CAIOLIMA CUUItCAI. AtlinU, Ga, irfolk, V». Itdflmii. Ga. CoiB«bii.i. C. Diitbaa. N. C. Tows.. fcala.. U0Dt|0B«rv. Ala, T«»a. Shrtrcfoil, l«. iBl The Rural Mail Comes Once a Day The Telephone keeps you in touch with neigh bors, friends and the city every minute of every day. Progressive fanners throughout the South are installing telephones in their homes and secur ing our service. The cost is low; the service is satisfactory. Write to our nearest Manager, or address: Parmcrs* Eiac OcpartiBciit HOME miPHOIVE & mCGIUPH CO. Henderson, N. C S EABOAHI) XjIZDsTE Trains leave Weldon, Effective Jan. 3, 1010. C. E. CARTER, Ticket Agent. NO. 32 KXl’KKSS for I'liTl.s I 1C « ju I'oat'hox. slci'pinff Cars, NO. 38 .M.MI.. Vestil)iii> Parlor Cai-, f,,, i’„rts. I.IE D M oonuwtiiis wiUi Stpnmsliip Unos fur Wush- J.I9 P. m. iiiirton, liiiltiinore, N'ew York, lioslun ami I’roviilcuec. NO. 41 M.Vll, for Kali'ittli, CliavkiHi'. .\(lama. I'.lrniinir- n.nT II M ham and tlic .'ioiitliweBt; oorinccl.i at Norliiia.lfali-iL'horllam- 12:07 P.M. let with •■Flori,la l ast Mail' Xo, for .iHcksnnvillr un.l Floriila points; IMiiiuit Car. sl«>iiiuir (; tUruuuli slocpers to lliiinli't an.l Birminpliam. NO. 33 KXPUKSs. for KakMuli. .Atlanta. I'.ivrainu'liani n U and thp Southwest. Connects at Hamlet with No. to inr 11.40 H. n. U ilniinuton; with No. for Cohimhia. Savannah, .laokson- ville and I'loricla points; sleepiiiK car I'ortsmouth ti> Cliarlotte; Vesiil.nle Coaches, sicepmf! and Iiininjr ar.s to all points.soutli and Southwest. Write to tlic imdersi(;nod for rates and time tables. C- li. ItYAX, II. S. LKAHl), General Passenger Agt., - Division Passenger Agt., Portsmouth, Va. RaleiKb. N. C TAISIIMER’S PAINTS RtJtSO/l W„Y tetain their pre-eminence above all other ))raiuKs in beeauHe they are made of the best material obtaina ble ami are Kfouml witli jrreat eare. If your dealer tloes uot carvv tliem write to the manufacturers, Tanier PaiDi & Oil Co., 14UIK. Main St., HK'HJIOXD, VA. 9 RBOIBTRBBD TRADE MARK Garrett & Co. {ESTAliMSIlED 1.S3,-..) Pioneer American Wine Growers SPECIALTIES: Virginia Dare (White ScupperDODg) Pocahontas (Ked ScupperDODgf) Old North State Blackberry Hiawatha Paul Qarrett’s Special Minnehaha (Red champagne) (Sparkling Champagne) (Dry HGuppernong.) And other varieties of PURE and WHOLESOME WINES for home and hotel use. Highest Market Prices Paid in season for blackberries, UUAPES and ■II kinds of small fruits. NORFOLK, Va„ (Home Office) »r. LOUIS, MO, SAN KKANCISCO, Cai. TUB Bank of Halifax, Aflat one himdied and fifty yean of corporate existence without l)anking fa- •lUiiee, tb* home of General Wm. R. Davie and of Willie Jones—where the Decia- ntto of la&qiandenee wai ratified and the State constitution adopted, the towa OfHalllto ha* taken on new lifb and a Bank with a charter from the State is an aetMtpllllMd Hut, its doon are now open for the transaction of business. The BMk Ml ^ depattmenti. ^OOimXRCIAL DEPARTMENT—where general banking, excliange and ool- Mis i> eonduetcd, and a ^ JDKPANMENT—Deposits in this will bear interest, and amounts Mlar and upward* received. With ample liuiilities and correspondent* tfaeBtala, the Baakoflenlt* (errieea, andMilicita the patronage ot B. 1. Travto. Thw.F>Mid!sat. P. H. Qracory' Ca*hi»r. ti THE CHILDREN.” When ihe lessons and lasks are all ended, And the school tor ihe day is dismissed. And the little ones gather around me. To bid,me good nighi and be kissed. Oh, ihe little white arms that encircle My neck in a tender embrace ! Oh, the smiles that are halos of heaven, Shedding sunshine of love on iny face !'' And when they are gone I sit dreaming Of my childhood, 100 lovely 10 last; Of love that my heart will remember When it wakes to the pulse of the past, lire the world and its wickedness made me A partner of sorrow and sin; Vt’hen the glory of God was about me. And the glory of gladness within. Oh. my heart grows weak as a vvoman's. And the fountains of feeling will flow, When I think of the paths steep and stony Vi'here the feet of the dear ones must go; Of the mountains of sin hanging o’er them. Of the tempest of fate blowing wild; Oh, there's nothing of earth half so holy As the innocent heart ofa child. They are idols of hearts and of households. They are angels of God in disguise; His sunlight still sleeps in their tresses. His glory still gleams in their eyes. Oh, those truants from home and from heaven, They have made me more nianly and mild. And I know how Jesus could liken The Kingdom of God to a child. 1 ask not a life for the dear ones. As radiant as others have done. But that life may have just enough shadow To temper the glare of the sun, I would pray God to guard them from evil. But my prayer would bound back to myself; Ah, a seraph may pray for a sinner. But a sinner must pray for himself. The twig is so easily bended, 1 have banished the rule and the rod; I have taught them the goodness of knowlege. They have taught me the goodness of God. My heart is a dungeon of darkness, \X'here I shut them from breaking a rule; .My frown is sufficient correction; .My love is the law of the school. 1 shall leave the old house in the autumn. To traverse its threshold no more; Ah, how 1 shall sigh for the dear ones That meet me each morn at the door. 1 shall miss the “good nights" and the kisses And the gush of their innocent glee. The group on the green, and the flowers That are brought every morning to me. I shall miss them at noon and at eve. Their song in the school and the street; I shall miss the low hum of their voices. And the tramp of their delicate feet. When the lessons and tasks are all ended. And Death says, “The school is dismissed !’’ .May the little ones gather around me To bid me good night and be kissed ! After The G ippe “I am much pleased, to be able to write and thank ru (or what Cardui has done for me," writes Mrs. Sarah Gilliland, of Siler City, N, C. "Last February, 1 had the Grippe, which left me In bad shape. Before that, I had been bothered with female trouble, for ten years, and nothing teemed to cure it "At last, I be^an to fake Cardui. I have taken only three bottles, but it has done me more good than all the doctors or than any other medicine I ever took." CARDUI The Woman’s Tonic For the after-effects of any serious illness, like the Grip, Cardui is the best tonic you can use. It builds strength, steadies the nerves, improves the appetite, regulates irregularities and helps hrint; hack the natural glow of health. Cardui is your friend, if you only knew it. Think of the thousands of ladies whom C.irdui Itas helpedi What could possibly prevent it from helping you? Remember you cannot «t the benefit of the Cardui ingredients in any other medlcin^ for they arc not for sale in any drug store except in the Cardui bottle. Try Cardui. Wnh to. l.tditV AdvUorv Dept.. Chatlinnos* Medicine Co. Chittannnga. Tenn.. for Spteial Imtructiont. and 64-pige book, "Heme Treatment for Wotnca,'* KOt tree. YOUIt EAR/tm C/IPAC/TY ovinlit to etialilc you to do mure tlian Just make your living You ouirht Mive numey. Tlien havltig saved, the nfxt thing is set your surelli. work Mfely and prollUil>ly. The licst way for you to insure a steady r«li. lilp income from your saving* is to si'cure a CertiHcate of Deposit in .^.^The First National Bank^’^' One of the Btronirest in the county. These certificates are issued inanv aiiioiiiil anil liear interest at 4 |ici criit., payable semi-annually or annuaftv mill mu'wabli' Tlicvare ni>Ki'liitl>li')>y rnilorsement for their full v«|u, iiniliM- oiiliiiary coiiilitionH. Voii are earning now but your earningcapscity CAN’T LAST FOREVER 111 some of yoiir capital, Kor those with fUnd* alrcadv « with a large reserve, those bavin| charge of eiUtes Ndw i» tniu* !o fui iu'cuiiuitatod, (UiiiK V((iu « rt'Kvcvv, vuuRo n»vmf ehftrge of eaUt«i tlu re ii» no In'tter invfutmeol, there is no l>eUer wav lo eiiipiuy inoiu*y. ^ i'vrtitU'iUoH of hVj'OBit iw tliis Uank are nafe—our capital, lurnlui ami nn.ii t*s# llasklru tsk i _ _ « Ul* couiiti(‘N tutu, ovu vttUiaim* iHWkm “iiow I'o IK* Maukinir” telli more about the Niiiiir l*iioNivK ami •‘>4. P. N. 8TA1NBACK, - I’XDKHTAKKU. Weldon, North Carolina. Full Line of CASKETS, COFFINS and ROBES. Day, Night and Out-of-Town Calls Promptly Attended to. H. G. ROWE, FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER. Seventeen years' Experience. Hearse Service Anywhere, [OE BULLETIN LimjliM to onr yoar fm I THE STING OF INQRATITUDE. ; A young physician in the liast I Side, New York city, spends much I time in charitable practice. In fact, he sometimes gives to a poor patient enough money to pay for prescriptions. “I'm not getting rich," he e.xplains, “buf I simply can't see them suffer for medicines that may put them on their feet again.” Not many days ago the doctor had occasion to visit a woman who occupied one small tenement room with her three small children. Af ter making out a prescription he gave her $2, telling her to buy the medicine, and to use the change for needed food. One the following day, as he was about to enter the tenement for a needed call he met the 10-year-old daugh ter of the patient, “How is your mother?” he in quired of the child. “Oh, she’s all well,” was the answer. “She took that $2 and got a real doctor, "—Newark Star. How Oood News Spreads. am 70 years old and travel most of the time,” writes B. F. Tolson, of Kliz- abethtown, Ky. '‘Everywhere 1 go I recommend Electric Bitters, because 1 owe my excellent health and vitality to them. They effect a cure every time.” They never fail to tone the stomach,reg> ulate the kidneys and bowels, stimulate the liver, invigorate the nerves and pu* lify the blood. They work wonders ior weak, run-down men and women, re storing strength, vigorous health that's a daily joy. Try them. OnlySOe. Sat isfaction is postively guaraot^ by any druggist. Perhaps the expression “a broth ofa boy” orieinated with the can nibals. Ohllctr*n Cry FOR FLETCHErS C ASTORIA TWO NARROW ESCAPES. An Irishman, seeing a vessel very heavily laden and .scarcely above the water's edge, ex claimed, ‘‘Upon iny sowl, if the river was l)ut a little higher the ship Would go to the bot tom','' “See there!” exclaimed the returned Irish soldier to the gaping crowd as he exhibited with gome pride his tall hat with a hole in it: “Look at that hole, will ye! Ye see, if it had been a low crowned hat I should have been killed out right," An Awful Eruption of a volcano excites brief interest, and your interest in skin eruptions will be as short if you use Bucklen’s Arnica .Salve their quickest cure,Even the worst boils, ulcers, or fever sores are soon healed by it. Best for Burns, Cats, Sore Lips, Chapped Hands, Chilblains and Piles. It gives instant relief, ‘i5c. atall drug gist. Spring is an exultation, When under her nestline gloom The earth lays bare her bosom And it lurns to bloom. Life is an exahation. When out of the dust she files To open in gates of Heaven Her violet eyes. Stubborn as Mule* are liver and bowels sometimes; seem to balk without cause. Then there’s trou ble—Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Net- vousnesB, Despondency, Headache. But such troubles fly before Dr. King’s New Life Pills,.the world’s best stomach and liver remedy. .So easy, 25c, at all druggists. A wise man never misses an op portunity to point out to his wife how much more clever she is than himselF. OHlldr«n Cry FOR FLETCNER’S CASTORIA W. J. CRAKI. raHHpncer Trallie Muim T. C. WHITE, lUTui I'aMsenger Airent, Wllmlng^ton. North Carolina. Toil Will Finil It at Cohen s. |anythingyouwantinthedrugiine| w You are often in need of something In my « w line, suddenly, in case of sickness, an ac> g W cident, an emergency illness, or other- g ^ wise. I have built up a reputation for ^ ^ keeping only the * ' ’ ^ ^Pui^EST, FitestfEST Difuqs | M^and for knowing how to mix them skill- fully according to prescription. Prompt- | ^'ness, accuracy and economy are our three|^ liieading features. FINE PERFUMERIES. TOILET ARTICLES, ELEGANT STATIONERY. CIGARS. ETC. ^ m COHilt'S ^mftlKACY WELDON, NORTH CAROLINA. Groceries to Dream Akt This may seem exaggerated but It is not. No worry about Quality >for those who deal at this store, yet our prices are no higher than elsewhere. You can send or leave your order with perfect confi dence. G. R. EMRY & COMPANY WELDON, N. C iK*j»o»u \n uuR i^anK are Haie^our c«piiAi, lurpiui Mtl undi pioMtN in iirst ainuiiif tlit^ Iteiiktt in lUlifax, Kortliaroptou «nd Wnrren t'N—*fuarantfe tliat—an»l 4 per cent interest ii a DrofiUble intereHt re ovu vaUmhlo ‘4Iow To iKt Uaukinif” teni more about thfi (Vitiiic'uteH of nppnMit ami altout liankinfrRDd How To lH>Bankinir. Heml for it today. The First Naliopal Bant of WelflOB, N. C. Save your Morv^ "A dollar saved Is a dollar made.” “Any man can make money, but’s its a wise man that can save it." Old adages, but very true. We pay you 4 per cent on SAVINGS DEPOSITS in sums from $1 up. Collections, Loans, Accounts Solicited. Ti/e BjhIk or RoiifoKE Rufioi ROANOKK RAPIDS, N. C. —OFB^IOEJRS:— \Vm, II. S. Hi miwvN. rrenltlent W. (’. Kdwarph, 2nd Vlce-Preaiden John L. I*ArrKHH«».N, l»t Vipe*l’rpfil(lpnt I>b. H. B, 1*ikik'R, ('Miner. l>. (', lUi.i.AKit, AMhtaut ('aslkier. 500 Mile State Family Tickets. $11.25.— ootl over the Atlantic CottNl I.ii)t> in ('ftcli State for hoivU or mvniU'VH of a fanuly. it»‘*l to one year from ilate of «ule. | KKN) Mile Interchangeable Individual Ticket $20.00.—ioo(l over the .\tlaiitie CoaKt I.ine anti :«» other lineM in the Soutlieant atr^fie^atin^ 8»,INN> inilt'R i late oV I 2000 Mile Firm Ticket, $40.00.—(lood overthe Atlantic (’oa»t and! {((other lines in the Southeu.»t UkT^n’tfutinu: nuleN; for a manager or head ot I tirni anil emplDves liniiteij to live luit'^ooil f»»r only one t»f sueh pernou at a time. ! I.iinited to one yi*:ir fmin datf* of sale. j 1,000 Mile Southern Interchangeable Individual Ticket, $25.00.— (Jood over tiu* At Ian tie Toast l.ine ami other hne« in the SoutlieaKt a^'tfre^ralinir , U.iRH) n>»U‘H. 1.united t(* one vi-ar iVom dale of waU*. ilea^'e ticketn sold on and alter April Iht. 1!»o.Swill not be h(»nored for pas HUire on traiuti. nor in eheekinc )>ai*uuu:e (except from non-agency t^tationt* and Mta tions not open for the sale (d' tickets) but must be presented at Ticket Offices and there exchanged for continuous tickets. 15 Cents Saved in pa*^saire fare hv purcliasinjr local licKt’t from our Aircnts. ATLANTIC COAST LINE mi W HISKEY From Distiller to Consumer 4 Full Quarts, Corn or Rye J2.30 8 Full Quarts, Corn or Rye 4.60 12 Full Quarts, Corn or Rye 6.35 Exprrss Prepnid to your nearest Expresi OfKce, where thcie in an agent. E. B. GIBSON Bos 34 Chattanooga, Tenn. Bra ni Cincinnati, O. Send your order to the nearest point. Write for complete price lilt Mid order blank. Job Printing! All Kinds of Commercial PrintInK at Rock Bottom Price* Wedding Invitations and Society Printing A Specialty Excelsior Printing Co., : : Weldon, N. C OHABLES 0. ALLEY. Inc., (Sueco«8or8 to Chas. C. Alley ) WHOLESALE Confectioners 111 Fancj Grocers ri IE1?SBUR«, VA. (Jeneral Atrent in N irfrinia and Nortli Caroliua for the t*?lebrat6d RpAaBow'ii l oi.ATKH. T KepreHented in Kastern ('aroliua by Messrs W. T. Itaug'h «^d your orders for them. T. M. XetUevland, Umn nflH*T Sllllffl^HENYOu CAN CKT muir WWH I ••runitcurea Wh*n Ail Oth*r«r«l| BREEDEN’S RHEUMATIC CURE NEVER FAIU5 EVERY BOTTLE GUARANTEED „ ^ ^ , Salisbury, Sub Station, No. 2, Aug. tt, 1906 North Carolina, Rowan County I, J. L. Kufty, the Deputy Sheriff of Rowan Counif’ »..! I^t liw.cci. « iiuTo U9CU live uuiun oi sffveavn ■ Rheunutic Cure and after taicinE same I can ilaep at nishtL walls at good at ever and do alT my work. J. L. Ruity, Deputy Sheriff. ttW EwfywImB, Uk Xm Dwhr hr ■ 8—pl» ltW> IX.00 PER BOTTLE, OR SIX BOTTLES FOR tS.00 For futth«ti]ifonutim,iRito Infonutira BREEOEN MEDICUIE CO.,GhattwNgi,TMi D. B. STAINBACK, NOTARY PUBLIC And PIre Insurance. Rtaiokc News Office WcMoi N C W. J. WAED, DENTIST, OFFICE IN DANIEL BUILDIKU WBLDON. N. U, tapUljr W ALTER B. DANIEL, ATTORNBY-AT-LAW, WELDON, N. 0. Prutieea in the courts of Halifta ana Northampton and in the Huprana and Federal eouiti. Oolleetiont made in all parts of North ObiolioB. Bnaeh oflea' at HaliCu open avarr onday WANTSD."~0otton mill help, wearett, spioneTt, loom Ann

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