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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, March 24, 1910, Image 1

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Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. VOL. XLIV. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WEI.DON. N. ('.. I'liniSDAV. MAU( II 21. ISMO, Terms of Subscription—$1.50 Per Annum NO. 47 The Kind Yon Have Alwa^ Bought, aud vhtch lias been in US6 for over 30 ycarSf luvs bonie tbo slgnaturo of > and ha« bn«n made nnder bin per sonal suporvUIon since Its iiifiiiicy. Allow no one to dccolvo you In thia. All CoiinterfettNf Xtnltattonsand**JuHt-nH*Kool**nre but EzperlnientH that trifle with and enauiii;or tho bmiltb of Infituta and Cblldren—Ezporlonce agolust Experiment. What Is CASTORIA Co«torla is a harmlesR inb«tltnte fitr Castor OH. Pare* »oric. Drops and Suotblngr Synjps. It U Pleamint. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo Hubstance. Its age Is Its iriaranteo. It dcHtroys Worms uiid allnys Fevorliihness. It cnros Diarrbojn and Wind Colic. It relieves TeethluK Trouhlex, rurcH CinMtlputlon iiud Flutulenry. It a8HlnitIntcs tho Food, regulates the Stomarh and Bowels, iflvlnif liealthy and natural aleep. Tho Chlldreu’s 1‘anacea—Tho Slothor’s Frloud. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of Tbe Kind You Have Always Bougtit In Use For Over 30 Years. Ladies Attention - = Ladies Siioes in all the new Spring styles. Come in and see our new swell line. We liave them in Our lines are noted for FIT, STYLE and SER VICE. Call for Utz & Dunn’s make and you will certainly get the best. Yours for business, WELDON SHOE COMPANY, WELDON, N, C. New Spring Mil PULL AND COMPLETE LINE OF OLOTHINa Furnishings, and GENERAL MERCHANDISE fresh from the Northern markets. Call and see our new goods for spring and summer. Respectfully. I. J. KAPLIN , ROANOKE RAPIDS. N. C. THE BANK OF WELDON WELDON, N. C- Organized Under the Laws ol the State of North Carolina, AUGUST 20TH, 1892. State of North Carolina Depository. Halifax County Depository. Town of Weldon Depository. Caiiital asH Sirplis, $43,000. For mote th«n 17 years this institution has provided tanking facili- tiei for thi« •eotion. Its stocl^holders and directors have been identified wUh the business interests of Halifax and Northampton counties for mur vears. Money Is loaned upon approved security at the iefcai rate of interest—BIX per centum. Accounts of alt are solicited. ■ Tbisarplua and undivided profit, having reachml a equal to the C!snitslStock, tiie Bank has, commenemg January I, 1908, established a aarinM Department allowini interest on time deposits as follows; For Dopofita allowed to remain three months or longer, 2 per cent. Six mototha or longer, 3 per cent. Twelve months or longer, 4 per cent. For further information apply to the President or Cashier. pssaiDSMT; W. B. DANIEL, yiOB'PBMlDBNT: W. R. SMITH. CAsniBB: K. 8. TUAVIS, MIND WHAT YCU DO AND SAY. The Love and Respect ol Your Children. If mothers could only reulize whpi a critical period iheir children are pa.ssiiig through from the third to the sixth year, they would exer cise more than ordinary care dur- i ingthat lime. Not only physically ; but mentally and morally are they undergoing a change for better or ! worse, according to the care and i aiieniion they receive from their ^ mothers and fathers. A father is no more exempt from certain du- ' tics toward his offspring than a ; mother. He should always bear in mind that his assistance in the ' control of the children is of more value to his tired wife than the pre sentation of a cosily gift. It is at this time that children begin to no tice papa's and mamma’s bearing ' toward one another; let this always be one of perfect courtesy and re spect. Nothing so quickly de- ! stroys respcct tor parents as con- ; stant bickering In the presence of I their children. The first thing a child should be taught is respect for his parents and elders; affec tion comes naturally with most chil dren, and is a most valuable aid in ; gaining control of theiractions;next to that is respect; without it very i little can be accomplished for the I child's action. Parents should I bear in mind that children lose re- ' spict very soon on hearing them disjgree; using bitter, cutting i words to each other. This is in- I flicting the first actual pain the ; baby hearts have been called upon to bear. In the presence of this ‘ the child experiences conllicting emotions which ends in pity for one parent and contempt for the ; other. O parent, pause, consider, before you lose the hold on the little being who has heretofore consid ered you perfect. Let there be unanimity of purpose in act, word and deed before these little creat ures, who are so susceptible to ev ery impression, if you would pre serve their love and respect. ONE OF "NICK" LONG WORTH S STORIES. 1 Here is one “Nick” Longworth I is telling some of his colleagues in I the House: I An old negro was stopped on I the street on election day by a I white man who psked him if he ! had voted. I “Yas, ’ndeed, I'se voted,” re- I plied the negro. “Did you get anything for your vote?’’ “Oh, yas, sah. 1 got paid foh mah vote.” “Wiiat did you get?” “Well, sah, it was laik dis. De Republicans come ter me and dey says dey give $11 if me and iny three boys vote de Republican tick et, and 1 took de money; an’ de Democrats come ter me and dey says dey give me $7 foh mah vote and mah boys’ votes, an’ I tookde money.” “You look the money from both sides. Then which ticket did you vote?” “Oh, I voted the Democratic ticket.” “Why so? The Republicans gave you the most money.” “I voted foh de Democrats foh jes’ dat reason—dey wasn’t as cor rupt as de Republicans.”—New York World. KNEW WHAT HE MEANT. This story is traveling through Kansas now. "Number?” “Blank’s grocery, please.” “Number?” “Blank’s grocery, please.” “Number? Haven’t you a di rectory?” “I suppose so, but I don’t know where it is. Blank’s grocery, please?” "Number?” “Say, central, are you a lady or a man ?” “A lady.” "Go to heaven, please,” and the receiver went up with a thud. AMONG THE QIRLS. Dottie—1 hate this windy weath er. Lottie—Why, dear? Dottie—it ruins my complexion. Lottie—And I don’t suppose you could help things by putting it on a little thicker? THE ONLY BAKING POWDSr HAOr FROM ROYAL CRAPE CREAfJ) OF TA!?T.'-.1; AN KASTP:R da Y CONJUGAL KISSING. Just Imprint Dii lier Lips An Oc casional "Lovers’ Kiss.’’ Where one wife is now kissed with some pretence at regularity by the man who was always swearing before marriage that he would eat her up before the year was out, it is safe to say that ninety seven other women go moping around the house with lips parching from neglect, burning biscuits and run ning down shoes in sheer despair, for the want of that encourage ment an occasional kiss would probably give. This is not as it should be for a kiss after marriage is relished equally with those be fore and if you want to see your wife tripping about with melody in her soul and feet like cork just im print on her lips an occasional “Lovers' Kiss.” All that most married women need to make them beings of light and jewels of gladness is more I kisses from the old man and less growling about how the potatoes are fried. No woman can be an angel without a slip of nectar now' and then, and the husband who fails to grant a supply of ambrosia to the sprites in hushii, who make paradise on earth a possibility, de serve to be “henpecked'' all his days. Out of the tomb of night a day has risen; be not anxious, this day! is all your own; do not hurry, for in time it is like all other days; neith er delay, for NOW is passing. Karly turn your faec to the dawn and ■ let its fresh beams bathe away all the stains of night, then should the noon be dark with storms, your smile will wear the rose tints of the morning. This new day can be .saved only by spending it; therefore, in its care be enduring; in its confusion be patient; in its sorrow be , trustful; in its trial be noble; in its peril be heroic. Step softly among | human hearts and leave so much of kindness along life's pathway, that; gladness shall spring up bearing tribute in the cool eventide of the world’s glad Easter.—D. E. Croft. Ohlldr«n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S pASTORI A. ' A DAY OFF. I j Mrs. Out-of-town to near neigh- ; bor—Such trouble as I've had to day; I'm nearly dead. Neighbor—Mercy ! What’s hap- ■pened? “My husband’s watch stopped ! last night.” i “1 don’t see why—” 1 “No; neither could we. Itnev- ' er st(Tpped before this morning, j because it stopped at 7 o'clock last ! evening, and so 1 set the clock by J it, and that was wrong, and my j husband missed the train to the city, and the children were late to ! school.'' ' “Not pleasant, of course, but—” ! “Oh! but 1 haven't told you. i You see, my husband, after miss- ' ing his regular train, concluded to ; take a day off and mend all the ! furniture.” “1 see.” "Yes, He’s got everything in the house apart and can't get them togetheragaiii.”—New York Jour nal. — Ask Grand Ma’ —“ —ABOUT— SIMWONS LIVER REGULftTOR For over 80 years it has been tho stanclud remedy for Bilioutmess, Constipation, Headache, Dyspepsia, Malaria and all diseases of the Stomach and Liver. SHE KNOWS jgBK UeCALL PATITRNS ylt‘, ptrlect fit, slmpUcity ind fn tlie t/n More finiu tluin raldiogiic • iiiA, ilrcisinnktnu, niilUncry, int'V tiredlrworh, linirdrcsiiin^, Onl^ W) ^€;p(«ortti ii'cUidinR iVONDERHJI^ INOUCKMENTS (HE HcCUL CO.. 238 t« 248 W. S7Ul St.. NEW YOU We Ask You MENS SUITS: $18.00 Suits now 11.98 16.50 “ “ 10.98 12.50 “ “ 7.98 10.00 “ “ 6.98 Men’s Overcoats $15.00 now 12.50 now 10.00 now to take Cardul. for your female . troubles, because ve sre sure It wit) help you. Remember that tills great female ramedy— fCARDD has brought reHet to thousands of other slc^ women, so why not to you ? For headache, baekadie, periodical pains, female weak* ness, many have said It Is "the best medicine to lake.” Try It I Sold in This City Electric THE OLD BLACK MAMMY. 'Tis easy to wander off from my theme When traveling over the ground; Thro’ evergreen pastures across the bright stream When in fancy I wander around. And see in the picture which never grows older Tho’ age chills the blood which never grows colder. In fancy 1 see those good old negroes again I loved in the days long ago, As they worked in the fields of cotton and grain And sun as they chopped with the hoe; I can never forget, wherever I roam. The scenes ot my childhood and home. The dear old black mammy, so gentle and tender. So faithful sfhd true to her trust— I loved her so well I dared not offend her; She is gone, yet 1 honor her dust. From the wells of my heart arise tears of regret; Tho’ she sleeps ’neath the sod, I can never forget. She was lovely to me in her colored bandanna With which she turbaned her head; Her songs were far sweeter than flute or piano As she put me to sleep in my bed; Her soft crooning voice I can never forget, Like an angel, in dreams, she comes to me yet. —Ex-Senator Gordon, of Mississippi. CASTORIA for Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of It’s easy for a busy man to keep out of mischief. ONE FAIR FACE. The might of one fair face sublimes my love, For it hath weaned my heart of low desires; Nor death I heed, nor purgatorial fires. Thy beauty, antepast of joys above, Instructs me in the bliss that saints approve; ForO, how good, how beautiful, must be The God that made so good a thing as thee. So fair an imagine of the heavenly Dove! Forgive me if I can not turn away. From those sweet eyes that are my earthly heaven, For they are guiding stars, benignly given To tempt my footsteps to the upward way; And if I dwell too fondly in thy sight, I live and love in God’s peculiar light. Often The Kidneys Are Wealiened by Over-Work. Unhealtby KUucys Make impure Blood. Weak anl inilicalthy kidneys are re sponsible for much sick hors and suffering, tlicref'orc, if kid/iey tniuhle is j)ermitled to c«>iuinuo, serious re sults are int)sl likely t«) fi>llo\v. Yourotlier oigaiis may need at tention, ])!it yonr kid neys most, hecnuse they do most and shouM have nttention first. Therefore, when yoiir kidneys ore cv out of order, vou cun under,>^tnnd how qnickly your en tire body is afTected niul how every organ seeras to fail to lo its dutv. If you are sick or “ i'cet badly,” begin taking the great Kidney n.‘Uiedy, Pr. Kilmer’s Swuinp-Root, A trial will con vince you of its grerit merit. The mild nntl ininu'diate efTcct of Swamp-Root, the great kitlney and bladder reiuedv, hy soon realized. It stands the highest because its rennvrkable ! liealth re;-.toring j^roperties have been j iiroven in thousands ot the most distress- i inj' cases. If yon i*e?( ! should have the best. Sold by drugi^ists in fifty*ceht and one-dol lar sizes. You n:ay have a sample bottle by mail free, also u pamphlet telling you how to find out if * y»u have kidney or bladder trouble. Mention this paper when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. I>on'tmake atiy mis take, but remein?>er t‘tc name, Suami>- Root, and don’t U-t a dealer sell yon eomething in place of Kwamp-Root—if you do you will be disappoints. medicine What kind of wings do you ex pect to get for the pennies you drop into the contribution plate? Childl"«rrr “Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA Most men do as they please— when away from home. A man isn’t necessarily crooked because he can’t keep a straight face. m 9.98 7.88 6.49 A Clean Sweep Sale of all Hats ! BOYS' OVERCOATS $5 Overcoats cut to $3 AllShoes at Clean Sweep Prices Women’s $1..S0 Shoes to go at Men’s $2.50 and $3 WorkingShoes now 1.98 Bargains for all for few more days. 2.50 1.98 98c OEORQE C. OREEN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, (National Hank Ituilding) Weldon. N. C. ^ T. 031..A-T2, K:. ATTORNEY AT LAW, WELDON, N. C. Practices in tiie courts of Halifax and adjioning oounticB and iu the Supreme eourtof the State. Special attention gWen to colleetioitR and prompt retuni *. S, SLIIS, Weldon, N. C. ROSES. Carnations, Violets and othor tlowors always on hand, Shower Woddinfi' r*ouquolM, liandsome Floi-al Designs, Palms and Ferns for home eultnif'. Hyacinths. Tulips. Narcissus and many other varieties ol' Bulbs for iali planting either for out or indoor eul ture. Hose bnshes. Magnolias and TCv- ergreens. Write, ’phone or telegrapli H. STEINMETZ, Florist, Raleigh, North Carolina. 11 WE FURNISH ^ A llo^al FeaHl to every one who ( buy their groccrieH at our store. ( AIT the seasonable dolicaeics are ( found in onv Rtoro tbe year round'. I i CONFECTIONERIES (.'! FRUITS ( I CROCKERY AND TIN 0. II (1 ( ( ( ( WARE Wooden and Willowware, Etc Goodn delivered promptly any where in town. Polite clerks. Phone No.*80. B. M. PUBNILL, WBLDON, M. 0. Sucrfod when everythmg else fails. Cn nervous prostration and female weakne:jscs they are the supreme remedv, as thousands have tesUfied. FOR KIDNEYJ.IVER AND STOMACH TROUBLE it is the beat *nedicioe ever sold ovv^r a druggist’s counter. WIFT & CO LAWYERS* Washhiaton Sovunth ^ Wood’s Early Ohio ^ Seed Potatoes are being planted in increasing quantities each year by tho largest and most successful market-grow- ers. This variety makes uniform ly large sized potatoes, ofexcLllent Hhipping. market and table quali ties, and is proving’ to be one of tho most profitable and reliable of carly-eropping potatoes. Wc are headquarters for the best Maine-jrown SSfid Second Crop n ^ ^ Northem-^vm r0tSt06S Wood’s 30th Annual 8««d Book gives full descnptions and information, with the hiffheat tes> timonials from sucoessftii ffrowen a!9 to the superiority of Wood’s ^ced Potatoes. Write for prices and Wood’s Seed iiook, wnich will be mailed free on request. T. W. WOOD & SONS, Seedeman, . mchmond, Va. Special Salel We have on hand several oonkign ments of tho latest in wool, Waah and Frincess ladies iSuits. Rather than re turn thpso suits our headquarters deei- ded to put them on sale at half price for cash only. *18 Suits J7.B0. riln- cess, white and all other colora 16 to f7, now Hfi.OO to tH. Wash CoatBuits 14 to $6, now $1.08 to ¥3. $4 tofS NetWailta reduced f 1.75 to *2. SO Bla«k^aBa col ored Bilk Pettiiwata IM to t6 totn.78. Voile^ittattto|9now|M0 to $4.50. 10,000 yards lace and ejnbiont. eries to close out at tail/ price. 7Se to $1 Messaline silks, IW MMta, wnr 50 to 75e. 6 and 6e. ealieoM M to 4e. lOandlZieginghama7to9e. About 3,000 yards dr«u good* to ■ than cost ladle* hat* at *" Uug«, dTuneta,earpi4iDg* at and below eoiL SPIEE8 " WEUMM,

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