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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, March 24, 1910, Image 3

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A 50-ccnt bottle of Scclt’s Emolsioi, jriwn ill h If-.easpooM jloses four times a day, mixed in itri bottle, will last a year-old baby near ly a month, and four bot tles over three months, and will make the baby strong and well and will lay the foundation for a healthy, robust boy or girl. I uR Sale by ali. i>Runr.isT.) Send ICc., name of p«(>er And thin td. for (ur Saving* Bank and Chilil'x Sketcli. I onk. Itach bank coottln* a Good I.urk bCOTT A ftOWNC. 4M PmH SItmI, N. Y. THE ROANOKE NEWS. Thursday, Mar. 24, 1910. THE LOCAL PAGE. All the Newsof Townand Vicinity Qathercd by Wide-Awake Reporters. The equinoctial storms were on time. Two more school months and then a holiday For the children. Mrs. N. M. Austin and Mrs. C. J. Owen spent Thursday in Rich mond. The Easter bonnet is no joke this season. It will have right of way Sunday. , Miss May Cheek and Miss 1 Hat tie Taylor spent a few days in Richmond last week. Mrs. Henry A. House, of Thel ma, who has been visiting here, rjturncd home Monday. Sunday was bright and beautiful and large congregations aiiended .service at al! the churches in town. Miss Mary Webb, of Thelma, spjni Saturday and Sunday here t ie guest of .Ml ,ind Mrs. A. C. House. South Weldon continues to show marked improvement in the build ing line. Lots of new houses are to be seen. Miss Bettie Lee and Miss Sallie Squire, of Emporia, are the guejts of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Bounds, in South Weldon. Tomorrow, Good Friday, will be observed in many of the churches of the land as a day oF solemn fast and prayer. Mrs. E. G. Taylor, oF Durham, who formerly lived here for some time, was the euest of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Russell this week. The elorious anniversary of the day of the resurrection will dawn, Sunday. Joyous Easter anthems and songs of praise will go up to the Highest of the High. Mrs. J. L. Shepherd went to Ox ford Tuesday as a delegate to the annual meeting of the State Con vention of the Woman’s Mission ary Society of the Baptist Church. Miss Dora Hornaday, pleasantly remembered here at the time her father was pastor of the M. E. church, spent Sunday with friends in Weldon. She is now teaching at Littleton college. Mrs. Ida Wilkins, Mrs. Mary Jbhnson and Mrs. H. C. Spiers are attending the annual confer ence of the Womans Home Mis sion Society in Elizabeth City this week. Mrs. Spiers goes as a del egate, Mrs. Wilkins and Mrs. Johnson are officers of the Socie ty. Married.-Mr. W. W. Wilton and Miss Ella C. Stancil, both of Skippers, Va., were married at Halifax Monday by Justice R. W. Caner. Advertised Letters.—The fol lowing is a list of letters remaining "uncalled for” in the Weldon post- office: W. W. Baker, J. L. Brown, Miss Dollie Branch, John Cowman, Miss Burta Day, Miss Harriet Hall, Miss Carme Lia, Missi Mary L. Wilkins (2), Mrs. Mary Wyche. Persons calling for above letters will please say “advertisedi" giv ing date of advertising. John O. Burton, P. M., Weldon, N. C. March ?1, 19IQ. , AM You a Paint Maker ? You don't IWTe to b« one in order to mix yottt own paint when you have a hoUM to paint. Ita mighty eaay to buy 4 galloni ofL. & M. Paint, and 3 gallon* of pute Linseed Oil, and put both in latga pail and mix well together. You vill tbeo otake 7 gallon* of the beat paiittataeoatofaboutll.SOper gallon . aid then have a good painter paint your iMnv*. Tbe L. A M. bioldby B.Cl.AnK FOR GOOD ROADS. I Enthuilastic Meeting at Halifax Monday and Strong Address by ! Mr. Spoon—County Organiza tion. Mr. W. L. Spoon, of Burling ton, highway engineer. North Car olina Geological and I'.conomic Sur vey, made a strong and practical address to the people of Halifax county in the new court house du ring the recess of court Monday. He was introduced by Mr. W. 1-. Daniel, who siaied the object of t'le meeting. Mr. Spoon made a strong ad dress in favor oF improved roads. He said this was now one of the great questions of the day. The movement was of the utmost con cern to every community. Good roads mean better schools, im proved trade for the merchants in the towns. He spoke of the va rious kinds of roads, the macadam road, the gravel road and the sand and clay road. Said Halifa.x coun ty was blessed with an abundance of material For the building of good roads, and urged upon his hearers the importance of organization for work. At the conclusion of his admirable address, remarks were made by Mr. W. E. Daniel and Dr. A. S. Harrison in the interest of the movement. Chairman Dan iel then said nominations were in order. Dr. Harrison placed in nomination Mr. J. L. Patterson, of Roanoke Rapids, for president, and he was elected by unanimous vote. Mr. Patterson named Mr. George C. Green, of Weldon for vice-president, and he received a unanimous vote for that office. Air. Charies Shields, of Scotland Neck, was nominated and elected secre tary and treasurer, and Mr. Eu gene Johnston, of Littleton, and Dr, A. S. Harrison, of Enfield, were elected members of the board. The officers and members of the board will be glad to confer with all who are interested in the move ment for the improvement of our highways. We cannot too strong ly emphasize the importance of the movement and the officers of ihe association sliould be given the heariy support of every citizen oF Halifax county in their work For belter roads. At Baptist Church Sunday. —The pastor. Rev. j. G. Ulalock, has announced the Following sub jects For Easier Sunday : 11 a. m. "The Exaltuiion oF Christ." 7:30 p.m. "Spiritual LiFe il lustrated from Hailey’s Comet.” Don’t be Decrived. —Don’t sit around the first sunny day and imagine that the good old summer time is here. You are apt to catch a cold which may run into pneu monia. The first spring blooms don’t make a summer. The first note of the song bird may be fol lowed by freezing weather. The firsi spring day arrived last Monday, yet March may have a few more surprises in store for HALIFAX LEHER. Items of Interest tiathered by Our Regular Correspondent. (for. to tllO ItOAN'nKK NkWH.) Halifax, N. C., March 22. ■Mr. \V. I). Kducett, of I’orts- TMoutli, spont Sunday hero with hi.s inotliiT, Mrs. W, A, VVill- I'OX. H. W, (lowen is at home from nil »'xt('ii(l(>(l business trip i i tile WcHtcrn Stntt‘8. Mrs. Snsii;, of Tarboro, is hori' to sec lier ilaujjlitcr, Mrs. I. (3. -Sliaw. I’,. W. Wilson, of Birmiiif;- liaiM, Alii., wlio has been here HALIFAX SUPERIOR COURT. March Term Being Held In Hond- some New Temple of Justice— Large Crowd In Attendance On Openining Day—The Powell Case. The March term of Halifax Su perior Court began Monday with Judge George H. Ward, of Eliza beth City, presiding. Court is be ing held in the handsome new court house and there was much interest in the proceedings when the court convened. The first business was the draw ing of a grand jury, the result be ing as folfows: Ovid Hud.son, J. for sotno tinio with the Falls H. Overstreet, H. S. Quarles, W. City tJonstruction Co. li'ft last ■ M. Hudson, C. F. Hawkins, H.B. Sniuniay. Tarry, J. E. Hardy, Z. C. Haw- Entertainment April First. —The ladies of thoM. E.Church have arranged Ifor a pleasing entertainment at Emry's Hall, Friday night, April 1st, Ten nyson’s “Dream of Fair Wo men.” There will be lots of pretty girls and a pleasant even ing for all who attend. Ice cream ami other seasonable dainties will be on sale at rea sonable prices. The proceeds will be for the new church fund and all can aid in a good cause, and at the same time spend an evening of real pleasure. Re member the date Friday night, April first. basketball.—'X’cldon was de feated by Wilson in a of bas ket ball at the Public School grounds here Saturday, the score being 20 to 13 in favor of the vis itors. The line up was as follows: Weldon Position Wilson Shaw R. F. Farmer,L. Taylor, L. F. Belk. Daniel,(Capt.) C. Applewhite. Edge R. G. Farmer, W. Shepherd, L. G. Rogers. Wilson played Enfield at Enfield Friday, the score being a shut out for Wilson by a score of 20 to 0 in favor of Enfield. Capt. Bogardus again Hits tlie Bull's Bye. This world famoua riHe shot who holds the world championship renord of 100 pigeon* in 100 consecutive shot* i* liv ing at Lincoln, III Kecentiy interview ed, he aay*: “I have sutTored a long time with kidney and bladder trouble and have used several well known kid ney medicine* all of which gave me no relief until I atarted taking Foley's Kid ney Pill*. Before 1 used Foley’s Kidney Pills I was subjected to severe backaehe and pain* in my kidneys with suppres sion and oftentimes a cloudy voiding. While upon arising in the morning I would get dull headache*. Now I have taken three bottle* of Foley’s Kidney Pills and feel 100 per cent, better. I am never bothered with my kidneysor blad der and onee more feel like my own self. All this I owe *olely to Foley’* Kidney Pill* and alway* recommend them to my fellow mffema.” E. CLASK. Miss Emma drnily has been here for several days to see her sister, .Mrs. L. (I. drady. J. A. Stej)henson came up from Kooky Mount last Satur day to pee liis family. Mrs, Purvis, of Tarboro, has been here some days vi.sitinp; her sister, Mrs. Shaw. .Miss Sue (?aryand her friend, Miss Caiii|iliell, of Weldon, spent Sunday here with the Misses Urtie and Hiden Daniel. .lohn F'enner, ,lr., of Kock.y Mount, spent Sunday here with his people. .Mr.s. Sain Hichards left for Petersburg Monday to visit her son, Mr. (Jeorgo Voung. Register of Deeds Norman spent Sunday at Brinkleyville. Miss Clara E. Chalk, of Hieh- mond, is here to nurse Hon. E. L. Travis. Mr. and Mrs. George Byrd, who have been visiting Mr, and Mrs. R. H. Merchant, left Monlay for their future home in Virginia. The sick ones of our town are now all improving, the condi tion of Mr. Travis being very satisfactory indeed. Rev. G. G. Bradley filled his regular appointment at St. Marks on Sunday morning and Monday evening. The stork brought to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hux last week,a fine boy weigh ing nine pounds. Quite a crowd at court here Monday morning from all sec tions of the county. We have heard much favorable comment about the new court house. W. F. C. Vernal Equinox.—At 7 a. m. on Monday, the 21st, the sun crossed the celestial equator, pass ing over tbe point of the heavens called the “vernal equinox” or first point of Aries, and according to the tables and calendars of all the authorities it was the official beginning oF spring. Mr. Ground Hog can now come fortth. DiRTV Living and High Think ing.—A very dirty boy attended a certain school. One day the teacher sent the boy’s mother a note saying that he was not clean and that she ought to bathe him oftener. The mother sent the teacher a note in reply, in which she said ; “My boy Bill ain’t no rose Don't smell him; learn him.” Don’t, Please Don’t.—This from an exchange is timely advice that ought to be acted upon under all circumstances; “Do not ‘take liberties' with your friends. Don’t intrude on them when they are busy. Don’t break engagements with them if you can possibly help it. Many a prominent friendship comes to an untimely end because little courtesies are set aside. A habit of courtesy carries one safely through many dangerous places, especially with intimate friends.” Mantels, Door*, Small Rooms. May be quickly painted by any one with a small can of our Domestic Paints in all colon put in open mouth cans, will make a door, or a mantel or any small interior work look a« bright as whenflnt painted. Qet it from £. CIABK, Weldon. kins, C. C. Avent, J. M. Aycock, W. T. Fulgham, E. B. Dickens, Waller Keeter, J. M. McMurray, C. K. Harvell, Sandy Glasgow, M. P. Crawley. J. M. McMurray was appointed foreman, and W. F. Hawkins, of ficer. Judge Ward made a strong and forceful charge to the grand jury and took occasion to congratulate the county upon the handsome new temple of justice, one of the best in the State. The first case called in the new court house was No, 31, State vs. Henry Allen, and the jurors in the case were W. H. Johnston, F. M. Carlisle, J. W. Tharington, E. T. Saunders, M. S. lies, R. W. Par tin, E. B. Alsbrook, R. J. Mooney, L. K. Dickens, J, M. Powell, A. E. Carter. Joe J. Pippen, of Littleton, had the honor of making the first speech in the new court house and W. E. Daniel, who followed him, made the second speech. The court house is a beautiful structure, comfortably seating the large crowd in attendance on the first day, and delightfully heated by steam. The bar is rather small and crowded, but this is to be rem edied and enlarged. The bar in the old court house was better ar ranged than in tbe new, and the court officers and attorneys in attendance soon discov ered after court convened Monday that some changes can be made very easily as the railings have not yet been put up. The arrange ment of the rooms for jurors, con sultation of lawyers and clients, judges room, retention cell for prisoners during recess of court, grand jury room and all are ad mirably arranged for convenience and comfort. It is a building to be proud of, a credit to the county, and to the contractors and archi tects we can offer our congratula tions and best wishes for the admir able manner in which they have performed their part of the con tract. When court opened Monday there were 55 cases on the State docket, three oF these were against E. E. Powell, the first charging him with assault with intent to kill; the second the same entry. The third case was IcFt blank on the docket. On this case the grand jury returns a true bill For murder. The trial has been fixed for today on the capital charge of murder. It is learned that the deFense will enter the plea oF in sanity for the prisoner. Easter Next Sunday.— The time honored and hallowed anni versary of the Saviour’s resurrec tion from the dead will be fitungly observed in the churches next Sunday, the 27th. 1 his week is known in the Church Calendar as “Holy Week,” in which is com memorated our Lord’s passion and death on Good Friday. Easter falls early this year, yet it can come as eariy as March 22, it always be ing tbe Sunday following the full moon on or after the 21st of March. If the moon is full on March 21 and that be Saturday, the 22nd would be Easter Sunday. But if the full moon occurs on March 20th, it would place Easter al the latest possible date it could faU. PITT COUNTV COMMISSIONERS. I They Visit Halifax and Inspect j the New County Court House. 1 The county commissioners of i Pitt, and those who went with them, had a plea.sant vi.sit in Hali fax on Thursday. The purpose of the commissioners in going there was to inspect the new court house the county of Halifax is building and to get some ideas to help them in planning for the new court house Pitt must soon have. Halifax certainly has a beautiful and w'cll arranged court house. Work commenced on it last July and it is now nearing completion. The first court will be held in it the latter part of this month. Our commissioners were taken in charge by Mr. S. M. Gary,clerk of Superior court of Halifax, who showed them every courtesy. Clerk Gary is very proud of the new court house of his county, and justly so. He broke the first ground for the building and has watched every step in its prog ress. He has placed on the wall in his office in the new build ing a marble table containing the name and date of service of every Superior court clerk Halifax has had. His own term began in 1894 and has continued without inter ruption, and from the way his fellow countymen speak of him he is likely to serve many years more, if not for life. After being shown over every nook and corner of the new court house from basement to dome, the visitors were taken to the Masonic hall that contains many historical relics. There is a beautiful hand carved and inlaid Worshipful Mas ter’s chair that has been in the lodge since 1765. George Wash ington once sat in that chair. There is also the charter from England, dated 1770, appointing Joseph Montfort the first provin cial master in North Carolina. There are other articles in the lodge furniture that are more than a century old. The visitors gready enjoyed the day in Halifax, and the going there of the commissioners to inspect the court house was well worth while for they obtained ideas that will be valuable in the work they are about to undertake here at home.—Greenville Reflector. Eveuyday Logic i-or Every day Girls.—U'hiit the average young giri needs more than any thing else is common sense. That is perhap's her mother's fault as much as it is her own. The young arc apt to judge by | appearances, to be attracted by j glitter instead of real worth and not to look very deep into things, i Hut wliat about the examples the j young woman’s elders sci her? | Are we not apt to clioose the ' clothes, friends, mode of life, eic., that make ihe most sliow for the j money expended on them V Do we not rather despise the slow, the old-i'asliioned qualities, | perhaps the reliable oi\i;s? j Under circumsiances a g.rl ■ often chooses the inan she falls in ' love widi as she would a new ptr-; IV gown. She wants him to be showy and she passes by the dura ble kind of man who is slow of speech and can’t make small talk. W. L* DOUGLAS 93.00,93.50,94.00 & 95.60. — SHOES Best IntheWoild j UNION MADE Boys* Shoes $2.00 and $2.50 fast Color Eyelets Usei W. L. Douglas ftfioes are the lowest price, quality considered, in the world. Their eacellent style, easy fitting and long wearing qualities excel those of other makes. If you have been paying high prices for your shoes, the next tim« you nend a pair give W. L Douglas shoes a trial. You can save money on your footwear and get shoes that are just as good in every way as those that have been costing you higher prices. If you could visit our large factories at Brockton, Mass., and see for yourself how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are made, you would then understand why they hold their shape, fit better and wear longer than other makes. '.% — W, Ih nonidaa tiRme and prii*e is RtHiiiiHHt oil till* bottom to protei’i tlie w^arff aitatntt nii.t liiNTior ihoei. Take No lluhatU J/ VV. J>oiiiflft»#l)()P#«r»‘no»fi>rii»j^ilnyour vi-tnity, writ,- fur Matl Order Oatiilo*. W.L. DoufUs, Mat- 8ALEBT— W. B. TILLERY, WELDON, N. C. Silence! The instinct of modcfiy nntnral to every woman (s often a great hindrance to tlie cure of womunly diseasca. Wosncn shrink from the perst»nnl queariuns of the local pliysicl«n which Neem indelicute. I'lie lliou^ht of cxaminatiun is ub- horrent to them, and ho they endure in silence * conditioa of Jiaetse which Kurcly pruiircMea irom bad to worse. it been Dr* Plet>cc*a prtvlteHB to a irmai many women wAo hmvo found m ^/ujfe tor motteaty In hla otter ot FREB conmutta* tlon by tetter, 7tH eorrempondeneo Ib beld a» aacrcdly confidential, Sddreaa Dr, H* V. pierce, Buttato, N, y. Dr. Pierce’* rovorite Prescription restores and regulates Ihe womanly functions, abolishes pain and builds up and puts the Imishintf touch of health on every weak womao who jives it a fair trial. It Makes Weak Women Strong, Sick Women Well, You can’t alTord to accept a secrft nostrum as a auhstitute for this non-alcoholic nicdicine oh known compokitiun. WA! :: SALE F0RCA8H! Now on ’till March 1st, 1910. Stock mu-t be re» duced, and in order to move the surplus stock we have cut prices. 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This ena- ‘ ahles us to use flrstclass ma terial and finish it properly. We Pay Freight and Quarantee Safe Arrival^ THECOUPER MIRBLE WORIS. (60 yean in boiineu.) 169-16SBank8t NOBFOUC,Va 60 CENTS PER BUSHEL While ihcy last. iuiTEDioAirmir 8-lo-lm

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