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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 06, 1917, Image 1

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liSI'ABLISHBl) IN 1866. VOL. LIl. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C., TlllIUHDAY, HKrTEMliKK 1011 Terms of Subscription—$1.50 Per Annum NO. >7 et Conttnu ISFIuid Dno ALi.OHUl.-3 Ptfl A UieSloMite I TherelyJVomottntWieijW Chccfftitness and asfiisMSs CASTORIA for Infants and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signatur of , AhelirfallkiKjyft' I Constipa«on«i«lDI*'^ I, Loss Of I iwirtllntfcwtfWMiiwW I ftc SiniK SijM**!** In Use For Over Thirty Years XiieCeKTWiiCoMWW NEW YORK Exact Copy of Wrapper. United States Goodrich WHEN SHIP BECAME A FARM I Story U Told of the Exptricnco «f I Uto Major Archibald Butt With ■ Cargo of Data. | Truly, ih^re \8 muhlujj new under i the 8UD. Herd’s the tfood ship Foo> | book, carrylug a flite carK<> uf dried i ootlflHh from where there la ample codfl«b to where the huogry oatlvea are yearotog fur cudflKh. She springs a xeitiu. In ttuw? the Atlantic. The rodtisb driuk ropiuusly and iwell up. the atralning ttniberfi ruonut utand the struia oud the Fonhuok g6es to pieceti. A yarn of the aea ot the true valty (luvor, but Ix the incident unique? Nut at all. Mya the New London Day. They UHed to tell a story iu WaHhiog* ton yeura ago abuut the late MaJ. Archibald W. Butt and hit cargo of uata tiiat makes the tule of the Poa* book sound like pluglarlani. In those daya Archie waa not a ma jor, neither bad be attained to the proud poaltlou of udlltary aide to the preNldent of tlie United StaieM. He had been a newapaper iuho and bad liut liitely entered the army aa a lieu* tenant In the quarterniUMter’a de|»art* inent. Ula tlrat “aNMlgninent" was to chH|>t*ron a cargo uf uata from San FrunclHCO to Manila on one of tboae weird iransportH which the govern ment always managed to And In aume out-oMhe-way do<‘k lo Hpiuilsh war tlmeK. Half way to Guam the old tuh HtdpiH'd ft benvy sea and a couple of tons of water slulctnl Into the hold. It was wbat the oats needed. They mippt'd It up and culled for more. They became Insistent. Their Impatience burst all bounds, until the ship couldn’t hold them. They swelled and swelled, uud Hiially sprouted. When the young quartermaster reached Manila Qnuily he had no cargo of oats, but be bad a splendid farm. Oata were growing out of tbe hatches, they climbed the mants, they festooned about tbe bridge, they burst through every seam and hung down the sides of the ship like an Illinois quarter sec* tloD afloat. Tbe army autborltlea at Manila canceled an order for a new machine gun and ordered a couple of reapers. And Archie Butt didn't know whether he would be court*martlaled or be secretary of agriculture. Talk about codfish. Kelly Springfield B liave on sale In uur salesroum now the largest stock of Aut( mobile Tires ever shown ” in Weldon. Three oi' the best makes on the American market. 1'ires that will give you more miles for your money than any other maje. Our tires are guaranteed by the manufacturers on mileage basis of 3500 to 5000 miles. E have in stock almost any size or style— Plain Tread, USCO Tread, Chain, Nobby and Sllvertown Cord Tread. The market is un settled now, and Tires may advance at any time, buy now, save money, get the right tires at the right prices. Also carry in stocS a full line of all Automobile supplies and accessories. Batchelor Bros. Cbalmers «nd Oldest Oarage Republic Chevrolet Automobiles In Weldon Trucks Mr. Autoaobile Owaer Attention! Send Us Your Old Tires! 3,500 to 6,000 Extra Mile Service Rea dily from Bell 2 in I Tire Co., (Incorporated) 202 W. Broad St. klCHMONl). VA. Phone Randolph 6281 We buy Old Tires. Tha Psnalty of Liberty. la tbe matter of discipline John Rua* kln*s mother was a Spencerian before Spencer. "Let your penalties," says that austere philosopher, “be like tbe penalties inflicted by inanimate nature, inevitable. Tbe hot cinder burns a child the first time he sefces it; It burns him the second time. U burna him every time; and be very sooo learns not to touch the hot cinder." That was Mrs. Ruskin's method. To Illustrate her way of teaching lessons. Ruttkia used to tell the following lod* dent of his early chlldho(»d, which bis mother was fond of relating. •*i>ne evening, when 1 was yet in my nurse's ariiiH, 1 wanted to touch the tea urn, which wus bolliug merrily. It was ttn early tu&to ftir bronzes, I sup pose, but I wus ikf^iolute about It. My mother bade me icet-p my fingers buck; I Insisted oa putdug thetu forward. My nurse W4iuld lutve taken me away from the urn, but no mother satd: “‘Let him toui-h it, nurse.’ "So I touched it. and that was my first lesson in tbe ineutiing of the word liberty.’ It was tbe first piece of lib erty I got. and the lust that for some time I asked for."—Youth’s Companion. CoooTO/le $Ktfl WifiTe/ieii 25c. BOX FREE. A Skin Bleach or Whitener for Dark or Brown Skin, Removing All Blemishes and Clearing all Swarthy or Sallow Complexions and Causing the Skin to Qrow whiter. Don’t Bnvy a Clear Complexion Use Cocotone Skin Whitener and Have One. WHAT USERS THINK OP COCOTONE. Montgomery, Ala. Cocotono (Jo. l»eat Si«;—1 find that Cocotooe Hkin Whitener is the bc«t preparation 1 have ever used to clear the skin, and wish you would mail two boxes at once. (Signed) MRS. C. F. JUHN41UN. Do not accept substitutes or Imi tations. Cut This Out Macon, Ua. Coeotone Co. Ueat ain;—Hand ma by retuTD mail two boxe* of Cocotonn ^kin Whitener and three eakes of Coootone Skm 8oap They are fipe and 1 do not care to be without tiUem. Enclosed is money or der for 9LS&. Yours truly, CLARA M. JACKSON. Waycross, Ga. Coeotone Co. Dear fUends: Your Coeotone Bkin Wbiteaer i} tbe fioeat thing I ever aaw. My akin Mvarj dark and tbe first box baa made many abadea lighter, and ny friea^ all aak tne what 1 have been uaiDg. Bulosed you will find $2.00. PiMae me aix boxea of Skin Whi> teaar aa^ttro eakea of soap. Youra truly, AJSJXA M. WHITE. THE COCOTONE CO., Atlanta, Oa. I have never used Coootone Bkin W'hitenei , but if you will send me a 25c. box free, will be pleased to try it. 1 ea- cl'Besix2c stamps to cover coat of maiiing, packing, etc. Name 8elf«Hypnotlsm Nearly Fatal. Records for keen Imaginations were shattered in tbe case of Edward Cor rigan. who almost succeeded In killing himself with thuugUt. a Los Angeles dispatch says. Corrlgau Is a young engineer and had been going with a girl, wtth whom he had quarreled. “The end wlU come In a couple of hours,” he said lo sep ulchral tones. Shortly afterwards be was found In bed lo a comatose condi tion. and when his folks entered the room be asked for a priest to adminis ter the last rites. Police Burgeon Zorb made a minute examination and thought Corrigan had taken polaon. His eyes were dilated and bis outward coudltloo Indicated poisonous symptoms. Treatment ap plied caused Doctor Zorb and other ex perts called In to believe that the case was one of self-bypnotlsm causd by mental depression. When Corrigan returned to hU sensea In tbe hospital he broke out lo tears, saying he «as despondent over his broken love affair. It doesn't lake u bloomins idioi long to go to seed. I I The man or woman who la 1 ! **Lost Without Glasaaa** should leave all prescrip tions on file with us. In case of loss or acci dent, iiottl'y us and we will duplicate any broken part or make an entire new pair with out loss of time. You may rest assured of proiapt service. Norfolk ... 144 Granby St. Richmond . . an E. Broad Lynchburg .... ^13 Main NEW CLEANER BUN BY WATER Piilt FacBi! WoDieii Taltc Pliospte !o Male Rosy Clieeh aid BeaDlifDl Fiirios. Meo N«eil Plioispliales lo Make SIroot, Healtlf. Viproos Recently Inventsd Device Can BaOpsr* atsd at Any Point In House Whare There Is Hydrant O aoi o I. Z A I! A . ^HHTISTIC WLORmq, M HEW m^piov cnR •iiiiT'iK. nvFRnnois ? NEW SPRING DISPLAY FOR SUITS & OVERCOAIS I take your )iispccl tine line of piece troods ' 101 lOE njy heucii <‘ull aii't Jitf atisfaction guaiuntecd^^ PAINS SHARP AMD STABBING Woman Thought Sh« Would Die. Cured by Ljrdia E. Pinlduun’i Vegetable Compound. Address AOENTS VVANTED. /gr M. ^ ttw W. M. Calua On« Ohi^7. which caused piercing ins like a knife rough my back and aide. 1 flnaily loat all my strength so 1 had to go to bed. Tbe doctor advised an oper ation but 1 would not listen to It. ! bought o( what had read about Lyd: E. I^kham’a Vegc t^le Corapoond ar; tried It. Tbe fli i bottle biougfat c^at reUaf aod botttes hwre enure) enradme. All woimii who save fema' troobla of any kind itMuld try Lydia ' Ptnkhaa’s Vefetable Compound." Mrs. Etta Dokion, Ogdensburr, \ PhysldaasqadoQbtMly diJ Uiti ' battled with tto esse steadily^ ^o> do Domere. batofteotiie mo treatment Usorpaased by t' propartias el taa good o. roott and berbe r * ' PinUiaa'iV^ SOMKWHKKK EI.SK. There’s a wonderful land called Somewhere KIsc And it's ihere ihai we Fain would stray Away From ihe woe and ihe care we know In the place where we are today. Ah me, in ihe beautiful Sotnewhere bise The blossoms ihai spring from the sod ! The lilies so while and the dalfodils bright, And the sumptuous roses uiut nod 1 The sun shines warm over Somewhere KIse, And soft are the winds that wing; And the Kelds are green with the velvet sheen, And ever the glad birds sing. In the land that is known as Somewhere KIse Are the friends that are friends indeed. And the neighbors there have a kindly air. With a smile or a tear as you need. The people are happy in Somewhere Else, And living is Klled with cheer; But lo, ere we fly to that place, let us try To make Somewhere HIse of Right Here ! A vacuum cleaocr has been Invent ed which can be operated wherever there la a hydrant In the house. A pipe of tbe right diameter la acrewed Into tbe hydrant's mouth and runs down to tbe bottom of tbe sink. A spiral nofiie fits tbe pipe }iut below tbe mouth of the hydrant. An angular pipe opens into the vertical pipe lm> mediately below the oostle and slope! up to connect with a rubber h«>se oa the guiding rod. To clean tbe room you turn on tbe water and guide tbe rod over the car> pet. After traversing the spiral noa- zle tbe water whirls around and passes the opening of an angular pipe, forc ing out all the air near It. Tbe vacuum so created starts tbe sir Sow* iQg IQ tbe rubber hose, Athletes increase their strength, energy and en durance 200-;j or more by simply taking a few week's treatment ol Argo.Phosphate. Why They Laughed. When u throng gathers about the cages of the sometimes wild, some- tliiK'H tame, sunietlmes quiet, but uxu- ally noisy monkeys at the New York Z4io|ot;l<'ul park. It Is to lie expected, and the keei>ers regard the gatlierlng with but little interest. Rut when (he MHuie hIxikI group gathers about the In closure of some less atnuslng exhibits the keepers are liiiiuediatcly activ*. u»ui\lly flmllt>g a bit of %ouU>gU'&l tem> perameut has resulted In a tantrum by the long-ignored occupant. Kerently a keeper snw a laughing hattallon of sightseers surrounding the cage of .Minnehaha, the smallest donkey In the wttrid. Minnehaha is cute, odd and in teresting. but there Is nothing about her to cause obeervere to shout witb laughter. So tbe keeper walked over curtously. Someone had pasteil a pic ture of the Qermaa crown prince un« di'i' the sign which announces what Miiinohnhn In. Atlauia, (ia. hr. I-'. A. .Iaool>son savs that I'lioHpiiates ate just as esHeatial to any iiian or woiiiau hIio tires easily, is nervous, or irritalile. noru out, or looks haggard and pale to make a strou^, ro- liuHt, \igorouN healthy budy. an they uie to cotton to make it »rlow The luck of rhohpliate is llie cause of all fiifUtte 1 coiiditiuuH un<l tile adiniustratiou of ‘ , gram .Xiiro-l’hosphate tai>lels will in ! ' I crease the strength and en-| I tluranoe of weak, nervous careworn men | I and women fttio per cent, in twoor three ■" many instances, an<l vouH. urttahie, tlesuoudt the biain fags, autf the - memory fails. Therlore if you wish to preserve your healthy yiui, vigor and vitality, to a ripe old ag*', you must supply the detiwency of I'liuyphates lackiug in your lood by using .\rgu I'liosidiftte. iht* form of l‘lii)H(ihates most eatiily astimilateil. their continued use will linild whole nervoDM system, ainl givt* new life, vim, vigor, and vitality to the whole lw)dy. I always prescribe ,\rgo Thos phate to patients who arc* pale ami col orless, ami it is surprising to S4M‘ how quicklya few Weeks treatment will trann form a pale faee toaroBy-cli(‘eke<i heau- ty. Tlieie eun he no tosy-ohtH-ked, healthy, heautiTuI women, without their systeiii is Hulllcienlly supplied with I'hosiihutes. In recent interviews with physicians on the grave and serious con- sequ«‘nces of a deticiency of I'hosplmtes in the hlood of .American men an«I wo men, 1 have strongly emphasized the fact that doclorH tthould prescribe more phosohatws in the form of Argo-l'iios* pliate for weak, worn-out, haggard look ing meu and women. When the skin is pale, and the Ht'sli llabhy, it is a sign of anema. When the phospates go from the hlood, the pink cheeks go, too. 'I'lie .\rgu-l‘hosphate which isrecommend- e«l and prescril«*tl by pliyKicians in all eneniie cases, is not a secret or patent medicine, but on** that is sold and rec ommended hy well known druggists everywhere, and physicians are daily subsonltiug the constituents contained in i(, Keing entirely uulike luauy other I'liosphates. it is easily assimilated and Will Ih' found eti'ective in the treatment of iniligestion and stomach troubles, as well an for care worn,nervous conditions. The manufacturers of Argo-l’hospbate will forfeit to any charitable inatitutioa i|i2iH).(Ni if they cannot treat any mao or ' woman under iL'i wlio lacks Phosphates I and increase their strength and endur ance from l(N) per cent, to 2100 per cent, or more in <»ne numth’s time, if they are free from organic trouble. It la dispensed hy tiie W, .\L Cohen Drug Company. Free sample mailed liy the Argo Lab oratories, .Atlanta, (ia. WtfY SpeflD You Etinil? AT NKHITKAIJ Night tails within the garden of the heart With healing balm for every flower that blows And from its dewy chalice doth impart New perfume to the rose. Deep iti the shadowy dells the tailing brook Drowses its murmur. Water lilies cool Sleep on the placid wave, while from some nook A wood rat seeks the pool. Startling the reeds above a sunken star It sets a dance in black depths profound: And through the low grass cometh from afar The cricket’s chirping sound. The fragrance of all blooms is bortie upon The rise and falling of the Htful breeze; And deep in golden blossoms of the sun Sleep the gold-banded bees. O magic Night that hold’s! in thy embrace A rarer sweetness than Is born of day. How gladly doth the eager earth her face Turn from the sun away ! Prodigal Providence. “I don't like to see warring armies call too persistently on Providence. It savors of arrogance and seU-rlght« eousness. i’rovldence may take re* venge." 'I'he s(t«aker was a certain blihop, who went on: "There was once a young couple that bad no children. Tbe husband was anxious that heaven should bless them with a girl, the wife was anxious for a boy. Being very religious, both be* sought Providence morning, noon, and night to grant his or her destre. "And Providence beard. Providence granted both prayers.”—London Tlt- Blts. WAITING PATIENTLY. | ConslanI Altendant al Play was | Uuund tu He on Hand When Hrrlng Wile Was CauKht by | Husband. A problem play was being pro duced in Chicago. One evening it was discovered that a certain man, evidently from the rural dis trict, had attended the play six nights In succession and always sat well down in front. Each night he leaned forward eagerly in his seat and drank in the words of the drama. These facts were communicated 10 the theater press agent, who scented a good story. Approach ing the interested spectator be tween the acts, he apologized for his intrusion and said : "Would you mind telling tne just why you are so interested in this play ? Do you know some member of the cast?” "No," said the man from the outlands. "That ain't it. But I'll tell you about it. You know the scene in the private room of the restaurant, where the dark man and the other man’s wife get up and leave by the left-hand door just a moment before the woman's husband enters by the right-hand door ?" "Yes," said the press agent ex pectantly. "Well," said the interested spec lator, "some night the husband's going to come in before they leave.' E. Pinkban i..... Ohildren Ory FOR FUTGHCrS CASTORIA Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA TIMB TO ,>1UHKV. "Do you think the time is com ing when the Government will commandeer all privately owned automobiles." I don't know, " replied the melancholy matorist, "but if the Governmeni wants to beat the Sheriff to mine it will have to hurry." THAT’S DIFFERENT. It may take a woman seven minutes to Hnd her nickle for the car fare, but when she arrives at the store she can articulate the two words "charge it" and shift two moiTihs' salary so quickly that hubby won’t even have time to kiss it good-bye. HE WAS SORRV HE SPOKE. "Why, you women ought to be thankful that you do not live in foreign countries, where thev yoke up women with mules and make them pull together," said a rough opponent to woman suffrage to a gentle, but strong-minded suffra gist. "You are married, are you not?" sheasked. "Yes!" he snapped. "Well." she rejoined, "then for eign countries are nut the only ones In which women are yoked with mules." CASTORIA For IiitBts wd Chlldnn In Um For Over 30 YMrs Can't Count Them. Two aviators, one American uud the ! other Irish, were discussing tbe best | ,po»itlou for the propeller wtth relatlou ‘ to Its strength. “Mine.” said the American, 'Is in ; front and gets up tu 10,U0U revolutions • minute." "Sure,” said the other, “I can't say bleb 1s best, because mine Is at tbe back, and so I can't count them." Vou might Ket sick or hurt—be prepared for it You might want to make an investment—start now, “Takes money to make money," you know, Vou might be visited by thieves or fire—an account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is a mighty good one tu ^et Into. We pav 4 per cent on Sav ings Accounts r* THE BANK OF HALIFAX ^ H-A-LIF-A-X ,TSi . N. 1 . Stednian, p. C. Oregory. H M. Gregory President Vice-President t'ashitr. Oil Fuel. Unusual compactuesa and quick- steaming qualities are claimed for a English oil fuel boiler, In which hollow concentric cones for the water set o.ver a huge burner. For Weak Women la useforover40ycani Thousands of voluntsry letterf from women, tell ing ol the good Cardul his done them. I'hls Is the beat proof ol the valite ofCardui. II proves that Cardui is a good medicine for women. There ate no harmful or habit •forming drugs In Cardui. It is composed only of mitd, mediclatl ingredients, with no bad after-effects. TAKE CARDUI The Woman’s Tonic _ YoueanitlyoBCardui. Surely It will do lor you what U hai doat loc n muiy Ihouundt ol othar womeiil It Uiotild htlp. “I wM takn rick, uemed lo b« . . . wrllaiMn. Mary E.VMte, ol MadUon Helghit, Va. “I got down u weak, couM hardly walk . . . Juat ataggcrcd around. ... I tiad ol Cardoi, and alter taklag on* bo(- Ue, or balora taldnt qutta all. I faH miKh batter. I look 3 or 4 boltlaa It that tbne, and wu aUa to domywotk. I taka Ula tha iptlag when lua- dowa. Itaadaoappaltta, aad I eommanctd aatlaf. It la tha bat! toolc I «««r itw.” TiyCudul. AD DrofgUs . un , We RecominfcoJ and Guarantee Chocolates We statid back of every package we sell. If it docstj’t please (for any^ rcasort), please re-| turn it. I For hale Exclusively Weldon, N. C. Faultless Ice Cream, Sanitary Soda Fountain Toilet Articles & Medicines. INVITATION. You are invited to open an||account with the BAHK OF EHFULD, tfrttLo, f. 0. 4 Per Cent, allowed in the Savings Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. YOU can bank by mall Rats&M w. m.cohbn ukuoco. FIERCE WHITEUEAP UDW. CO.. HOA»OK£ SCPi>LY CO.. Ihe. WSLDOM, M. C. ANOAU.aOOI) PEALSR& JOHN 8. SLeDQe. NOTARY PUBLIC Weldon. N. C. New.s Office “Wi Will cur* Rlieiiraattei. Neu- *ema, ate. Ai uaed intemaiijr orcxtcrnalir. ...It.' '

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