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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 13, 1917, Image 2

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HAVE YOU BEEN SICK? Then you realUe the utter weakneit that robs ambitiont destroys appetitt, and makes work a burden. Toreatoretlut atmiKthnnditftmioftthat la flo eMcatial, nothing bus ever equ^«d or compared miili S'-ott'a Bntultioo, be- utu!i« iu ktretitftlj a.iUltiiug oouriita* lutut iuviforuUi tUc blood to diitritmta energy tbroughuut the Ixxly while iutoaie value aharpena the appetite and rcstorea hewlth io a tutural, permanent way. If you are mo down, tired, nerroua, uverworked or lack vtn-iiKth, get Scott'a Btuulaioo to«diiv. It i:* tre« from aloohoL lk«tt ft a^m. Hluwi-IMU. M. I. ~THB BOANOKt: NKWa, Thursday. Sept. 13, I9i7. Published Bvcry Thursday. COL. FIELD STATE LIBRARIAN Colonel Alexander Field, editor ofihe Siaie Journal and privaie secreiary to ihe governor during the Kitchin adminiairaiion has been chosen as State Librarian by the Commission to succeed Captain M. O. Sherrill, who resigned recently on account of advanced age. AMERICA'S CAUSE FOR WAR "The new German policy swept every restriction aside. Vessels of every kind, whatever thetr flag, iheir character, their cargo, their destination, their errand, have i been ruthlessly sent to the bottom ' ' \ j 1. I Hlniost UH> sensiiive lo loucn, ' uarning “ IRON FINE FOR ' BLE^NG GUMS. If Troubled With Sore, Bleeding Oums, Use This Mouth Wash The Dentist Uses. GOOD FOR CUTS AND OLD SOKKS. £>». Ftrain«n4 King. Ntw Yprk Phy§ieian and Aut/tor. Smyt! tVfRV VVOMA\ tVtRV MOintR LVLK^ UALGllltK N E L 1) s IRON A1 ilMEi To put strength into her nervei and color into ht*r cheeka. Any person iroubled with sore. wichouc iind wiihoui I be claieJ uher rinsing the mouih RATES OF SlBSlKiri IHN IN Al)\ AM E: ODe Year, (by luail) poatpaid, |i OO. Six Moniha, *' “ .75. A weekly Ihsmocrstic jouroal devoted to the material, educational, political aod affricuiturai iotereata of Haiifai auiroundiogcouDtiea. thought of help or mercy for those : vmh a halt-and half solution of» on board, the vessels of friendly i ter and natural iron. Ijnown Advertiaiog rates reaaooable and fur ■iahed od appiioation- Hoover is showing us Hoo s Hoc. It’s now a straight road to the Peace Door, and no wav ’round. Italy is dependitig upon her women lo till the soil of that coun try. The people are likely lo get a Freeze-out this winter unless the coal adminisiraiion gets a little far ther in price Hxing and regulation. “The sermon,” says a good brother who heard it, “raised the roof, and the singing shook the shingles lo the skies !" When a neutral country decides to enter the war on the side of the allies, the next thing to be decided s the size of the loan we are to grant her. Germany would dearly love to have peace thrust upon it while ii holds a stack won early in the game, when it had dealt dll the aces into its own hand. The Beloit ('all says ihai “the bride comes with the hesi recom- mendaiions from a circle of friends” and the Kansas City Star asks: “Has the groom any references?” “Acid Iron iMineral'' which in.j\ be? secured ac most every drtiti store. Demists use it lo stop bleeding and .IS a mouihwjsh when e\- traciing teeth and ii is perfecii> hjrmless-. It actsasagerinicideai d antiseptic as well as a splendul healing agent. |-'i>r cuts this same ruiural iri.:i IS Hue Pouring a liiile on ilic spot stops bleeding and prevem> siirenessand festering. Thousands of people troubled with old sores never healing h.ive found the s;w lution in Acid Iron .Mineral, whuli being a highly concentrated form of natural iron makes a superb ex- only of the wanton and wholesale ternal remedy, destrucnon of the lives of noncom- j (',o to the nearest drug store and batants, men, women and chil-1 ask for a botrle of Acid Iron Mm drcn, engaged in pursuits which i If druggist hasn’t it, send have always, even m the darkest | , . p . .. , Corp., Koant)ke, va., for a lart'c penods of modern history, been | bottle. neutrals along with those of bellig* erenis. Even hospital ships and ships carrying relief to the sorely bereaved and stricken people of Belgium, though the latter were provided with safe conduct through the prescribed areas by the Ger man government itself and were distinguished by unmistakable marks of identity, have been sunk with the same reckless lack of compassion or of principle. * * * “I am not now thinking of the loss of the property involved, im mense and serious as that is, but “It Shorely IS Good”- Start the day with a cup of good, old Luzianne. There’s cheer in its very aroma—spunk and go- to-it in every swallow. You’ll like Luzianne. Buy a can today and. if you don't agree it goes farther and tastes better than any other coflee at the price, tell the grocer and he will give you back exactly what you paid for it, with out argument. You simply can’t go wrong on Luzianne. Ask tor protit-Sharing catalog. IPZlANNEcoffee The Reily-Taylor Company, JVewCrleans ■■ The LuziaDne Guiraotec: If. oiler UMtiA tti9 confnti ^Announcing: i " Arrivals # Of Fall Goods I u n Wl: wish tn announce that we now have most of our Tall (ioods already on dUplay and these goods were bought some time ago, with which we are able to offer at less than they van today be bought, we ask you to gel our price before making your purchase. 1/ft- \\ e iHivc as prelty line of Shoes as were ever shown in town lit frum 2 to J dollars cheaper than city prices. We »lso have our Ladies Suits in all the latest ctoth and If it is ill Weldon It Is in our store. Oet the habit, mnke our store your headquarters when down town. We both lose if you do*not trade with us deemed innocent and legitimate. Property can be paid for; ihe lives of peaceful and innocent people cannot be. The present German suhnunne vkarfare against com merce is a warfare against kind.”—'X'oodrow 'Ci ilson. l*rc>i- dent of the United States The war tax still looms bigger and bigger—but wait until we real ly get 10 hghting and spending money. In Kngland they took eighty per cent of what people had Fifteen thousand Amencan- made aeroplanes will be ready for service in France by the first of the year. Germany will then think we are more than hoi-air artists. CHBCKINO Sl'BMAKINES.I hvidences accumulated show that the German submarines have not only reached but passed the high water mark of their destruc tiveness. The Navy Department’s announcement that new devices applied through co-operation of British and American forces in European waters have had percep tible effect on submarine warfare merely confirms a conviction that ihe last card of the German gov ernment has been played m vain. The convoy system, put into ef fect recently has been effectual in preventing any iniury to American naval vessels and transports The “depth charge” which the Briiish introduced some time ago is an other method which has been used in dealing with ihe U-boats. Of ficials have every reason to be en couraged over ihe submarine situ ation. especially as preparations NotK: For piles, ulcers, sorts, and skin affeciions, ihe Ferr»- dine Clhemical (^)rpntaiion perfected an oininicnt consisiiiui of fiigf:l> coi.ccnirated i\ ii jiid MJt>thing M>evliao.ii i.-leinent'^, \vhich coiiihined niako {fn> t i n- iiient unc.\celled Askyuurdrui; aiM for a fifty cent jar of ‘‘A !-.\i" Ointment, or send direct GENUINE INDIAN BLOOD PUlilFIEH. Burlington, N. Pearson Remedy (aimpany, Burlington, N. Dear Sirs:— I suffered f\)r many years with kidney and stomach trouble. 1 tried doctors from time to time without relief and also tried differ ent remedies liiai were rec > n 1 mended to me hut they failed 11! relieve me. i I was induced to try your (ien- j uine Indian Blood t'unfier and I can truthfully say ihat it has done wonders for me and 1 am now in betier health than 1 have been in \ ten years. I can recommend ii m j any one suffering I did. ; Respectfully, Your Eyes May Suit You hut perhaj)> y»)ur ^la''ses do m>t >uit your ovt-s. us make you a pair and have tlu-m suit \i»ur eyc>. your laoc and \our pockct book. If you don’t need glasses we advise you of the fact and thank you for your inquiry. Norfeik a Riekmond Lynchburf Sale for Taxes. i I mil «.-li r<)i lo tlif hiiflw ' i\fi ut (he lUMirl h.iUM' .Ittor ii> II j i>f Hahiax, Mnixluv. oil.. I Utl'N .iur l'M<i W lilTK M. It rluik, I loHu lul t!»l.-. iHKi Ii>lii>li, 1 tow u lut .\ M Hu All lOtH Wfldou. N. V. loke IMianimcy, Itoauukc UapuN lu l>rutr Cu.. Muouu, N. i' i*U t*iu«t’u , Waicx-uluu. N r. Gekman airmen drop poisoned candy Into (owns, knowing chil dren will eat it This looks like Germany was preparing fora long siege and and doesn't want the children of today to grow into sol diers tomorrow. But such bar barity, such .savagery should never be forgiven Utter annihilation of the country that would do such a thing IS the only brave way out of it. To make peace with Ger many would be condoning crimes that are uiispeakable.'-Hverything. Those who have been insisting that rich men didn’t go to war and t.iai the poor man was in evidence are requested to think a Ittile more about it. From Fort Sheridan, Illinois, comes a telegram this week staling that in the camp that opened there Tuesday were twen ty-seven millionaires, two con gressmen and four ex-mayors, a large number of actors and others of considerable note. When we reflect that millionaires are not as plentiful as niggers in a Sunday crap game, this is a good percent age and shows that ail kinds of people, rich and poor alike, are furnishing strength to (his war.— Everything. Ik M ■ 1- Y i STATE OF OHIO. CITY OF TOLBDO, LUCAS COUNTY . Fraoit J. Cbeney makea oath that he iaaeoior partDeroftbe firm of F. J Cheoey A Co., doiog buiioeaa io the city of Toledo, CouDty and State aroreMid, and that aaid firm will pay Ooe Hud- dnd Doliara for eaeh and every caae of Catarrh that eaonot be eured by the uae of Hail'a Catarrh Medieioe. FRANK J. CHENEY, Hworo to before me aod aubaeribed in mj preaenee, tliia 6tb day of Decembei A. D. im. A. W. GCJ:A80N, ^ Notary Public. Hail'a C«tarrh Cure ia taken internal ty and acta directly upon the blood and * miMotte aurfiaoea of the ayatem. P. J. CBENEY dk 00., ToMo, Ohio. IkM. PliM76a«it vtMlk. tIoM bf All drugipato. .UaH'iViaHr I'iUiflM OoaatiiMtloa. A crying shame ii is ihm ii lukes such an emergency as a greal war 10 drive us lo the realizaiion ihai an appalling number of our young men are noi physically able lo cope in batile with an enemy. If bad leeih. hookworm disease, malaria, constipation, adenoids, defective eyes, ears, underweight and other equally unnecessary, sometimes disgraceful and nearly always easi ly preventable, defects ean so se riously affect our young manhood, how about our young womanhood? How about our middle-aged men and women, those that should be Ihe real factors in the world’s work? Lei’s put an end to such inefficiency. Medical inspection of schools is the immediate step in providing for the future, while pe riodic medical examinations for adults and sanitation and public health work oflfer much hope for us of today. ICIOG 4 .. , ^ Mrs. b. M. Lublk, are now under way for newer and I M , • . . IK. r. I). 3, Burlington, N. even more eftective methods. j \-ohsaikhs As the shipping board enlarges ' its control of merchant shipping and all owners adopt ihe new pro- j tective devices, ihe destructiveness , of the suhmurme will be still fur- ‘ ther minimized. There has never i been any offensive weapon that * has not been followed by a defen-! sive weapon almost, if not cjuite, : as effective. The submarine is no j e.xcepiion, as the experience of (he allies and the United States now leaches Submarines for a considerable time had unhampered sway on the high seas, but even under such conditions they failed to fulfill the predictions made for them by the German government, which boast ed of its ability (o bring the allies 10 their knees within two months. The two months long since have passed, but commerce is flowing from the United States to Hurope with almost as much freedom as before unrestricted submarine war fare was begun. The submarine menace is being checked and the last hope of the German govern ment has failed. — Washington Post. Me.l»rej)i‘th. :■ i .1. I. iii‘>lhr<‘p('th, t timu lutH .1. it WalkiT. Iiiil uotfH. .\fiK. lilaokDall, «>i) uer (• H. IIiHiar.l.;t7''aer.!- Mrs. .l.A .Mouiv. .1 L Harklev. aeif*>, COU)IU;i». l*ri*,l AU-xaodtT. -m acieH. Ijor: .Viiiiettf Allt-n. ti(i acreH, lionic Winliflii 4'lark. 1 tuwu lut Will Claiituu. 1 towu lut Mairirie Cruwvli 1 acre, iioiue WillCfottdl. ItHlaiTPN, IVa H ( Imiiy ('lonell. ucre»<. .*>aa>]y (inz^ani. 1 tovvD lut Sam Hunli‘1-. apron. Wultfi tlunlci, 14j I ,lr J.*. ) lut The 36ih Annual Session of Littleton College will begin on Wednesday, September 26ih. We have an ideal plan by which pupils may live at their own charges in our main dqrmiiory building, thus saving about $75 during the schol astic year. For further informa tion address J.M. Rhodes, Lit tleton, N. C. Ahoskie, N. (;.. May U, 1917. Person Remedy Co., Charlotte, N. i:. I feel it the duly I owe to you all to express to you my appreciation of the good your Remedy has done forme and my family. My child was fearfully afflicted with what we concluded was Blood Poison. As a last resort one of my neighbors suggested that we try Mrs Joe Person's Remedy. We sent to the drug store for a bottle of it and the effect was magical. One bottle of the Remedy and three of the Wash cured the child, and I have no hesitancy in saying that we consider Mrs. Joe f’erson’s Rem edy the best blood medicine on the market. Mrs. Llovd Mitchell. ^ ONLY ONE. The Record In Weldon Is a Unique One. If the reader has a "bad back" or any kidney ills and is looking for an effective kidney medicine, better depend on the remedy en dorsed by people you know. Doan’s Kidney Pills have given great sat isfaction in such cases. Weldon citizens testify to this. Here is a case of it: E. D. Purnell, printer, Wash ington Avenue, Weldon, says: "I had a dull pain across my back and at times I was so sore and lame I couldn’t stoop or bend. Thetrou- ble was caused by a strain, which left my kidneys weak. The least cold settled on my kidneys and made my condition worse. Doan’s Kidney Pills soon relieved me, put ting my back and kidneys in good condition.” Price 60c. at all dealers. FOSTER-MILBURN CO.. Pro- prieiors, Buffalo, N. Y. ,■ ,lohl Jaui.'> .lulm> Tom l.vnch. ucreii, liotiit* .1. \V. Mfaoheti. -'Ki actes. .Meacii- I'Q laU'l 1'ipu‘e. Ni aciPH, Uilliatna lau'i. Jane i'lttinau, >.'i actt‘!«, Alleu laud Alle& KoIh>kuq, i luv^Q lut Andrew Siieanu. v* aoreu. Slash. .Mariaii Taylor, ’.Ml aioea. Sla»*he9. Arthur WilliauiHun. 1 acrr. f^uii'4«'tt WilliauiH, U acres. .1, Ii Woud. 1.') acjfs. Laucastei Ktcliard .loiiosun, l'> acrett. Ar- NOTICE! Rubber Tire Machine fui (>utli(i»( iul)lier tiieH ou Iiukk'I'^. us I'ltmiiici* you that we ean nave yo iuuii»-y, trial ib ail w«* a«k Save t*j ffrews au>I iVeiKht cliarKes. • 'all and «•? auiiue macliine. Clark & Miller, Black>milh» & W'heelwrightH. Weldon, N. C. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH; Kkv. N. IH Nt'AN. UKrn.M Sunday Mormiij: I’rayer ami K'rnioii, U j Kvt-niUK I'layerauil .<t*riiioii. N I' ^ Mveryhoily coniially iuviteil tuatti'u. Kefined Young Ladies as Telephone Operators tweeu Iti autl a.*» years ol a^e; atir grade educatioa; aalary paiii whileleatD- If. lapHl advauceiiieiit Hpleudui nur uuilinifH, Hick heQetits; vacation witii pav al'trr lir^^t vear. Apply lo CHIEF OPHRATOK Huiiie Telephone d: Telegraph Co CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Moved from coruer 7tU aud Eltu .HtreelK toKoiry BtiildiDKOD W'aahiuytOD Ave Kecoad Floor, Room to tite rijjht. SUNMAV. Setp. KItll. U A, .M. Hubject or LesnoQ Sermuu; ••MirBHTANUK.” Wednesday evenio^ at h:(W—TeHii- mony riieetioK. The public cordially iovited to attend these aervicea. SALESMAN WANTEU.-Lubri- cating oil, grease, specialties, paint. Pan or whole lime. Com mission basis until ability is estab lished. Man with rig preferred, nivertlde Reiinlii( ComMDy, Cleveland, Ohio. I'ho Feeling of Assurance that u IkiiiI^ account g^ives is worth many times the effort re- quirt'd to establish one at this bank. Because this feeling of assurance plays such a larf^e part in the Success of Life your boy should have it at an early a^e nndself reliance by entrusting him with Jive him assurance I account today. B M. FREID, I ADIHS AND GENT’S ODTFITTER, WELDON, N. C. j W i 1 ley=Moore Co. I THE PURE FOOD STORE X t*H()NE 2-2-1—2-2-2 I Weldon, North Carolina. I j foiled Mams, sliced, per pound llarns, per pound .letlied Ox Tongue, pound Chipped Beef, pound KiMKan\ Best Bakon. I'rankfurters Brains and beel Liver, Pork Chops, . \ny part country Hork Chuck Steak, I^ound 'Tenderloin- Sirloin r i' V Mams, .Arnioui ’sStar Hams Nice Country Hams Bacon, il^Q,uick Delivery. THH Dining Room should be a cheerful place, for when you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid digestion. Anil digestion means health. HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM I he variety of ilesijtns in Tables, Chairs, Side- hc)«fds, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like, is ample li> satisfy yiuir desires, whatever they iit.'iy lie, ill ihe ni.-ittcr of style, finish and price. Come ill ;itul l;ilk il over vsith us. We are as to (ilVI: satisfaction as you aie to receive it. lilk Furniluro Ccmpa&j, Weldon, N. C. TOILET There’s great satis faction in using toilet goods that come from our store. In them you have the assur ance of honest ma terials and pure chemicals. COME AND SEE our display of fine soaps for the complexion and bath-.-scented waters, perfumes, cold creams, cosmetics, manicure sets, lotions, hair tonics, combs, brushes, sponges. W. M. Ooiies Drug Conpasj, (Successors to W. M. Cohen.) Weldon, North Carolina. T SOLE AGENTS FOR NUNNALLY’S AND i NYAL'S REMEDIES. NORRIS' CANDIES. V. . EnQ t New Todd CHECK PROTECTOR run OHIiC if Interested, call up this office. Scliool Days Are Here! No bcuer iiriie ihan now to gei die hoy his school sun. “TlieMi<ihty Good” 1 lie (»nly reiil for service. Ask iht* buy i}i;ii ucars them, \X'c are showing sonic of ihe newesi siyles in early fall paiierns. Shoes, Capp, Underwear. Everythiug Boys Wear FARBER & JOSEPHSON. MEN’S AND BOYS' OUTFITTERS. ' WELDON. N. C. jjNew Optic Tea j{| Glasses, very jl'brilliant, 10c Lead Blown Tumblers.drape dealcn. lOc Cup and Saucers, three 4leslfn;i,~.. i5c Plates lo Match. ... IU and I2HC SeamleM Hnamcl Water PatU.^....^.. 2Sc Large Biscuit Fans ISc Turkish Towels to, 15 and 25c Gauze Vests. .10. 12 and ISc White Shoe Polish, best made lOc New Style Linen Envelopes, pack ISc Patriotic Seals. 100 In pack lOc Fly Swatters- 5 A lOc Daisy Fly Killer ISc Waxed Lunch Patch if} LIBERlO’SiS. 10 & 26c. Store |(|^ Weldon, Nortli Carolina. fl) fiy iXt an/ HHt iit ilii il/ Oil

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