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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 13, 1917, Image 4

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ARMIES NEED FOOD; DONT LET IT BURN PUnting »nd Railing of Crops Will Not Suffice; Every Care | Muftt be Exercited Toward the Prevention ot Destruction and Waite of the Food After it ii Made and Houied "Our armiM tuuii; vlon'i U buruf” Ih tli« Klugun adoptvtl by tbw UK’htian CottiHrvmJoii (#Uuii r»- c*nlly. aud U ml»Ui w«U bo dUuytiU 4s Ibf ttluKAit ot t-vwry MrtHiu JaUini ami •v«ry hidiviilutii lu (be tuuntry ut iliiit (im«. Vttal DUQiberri uf utiuuK tnd guveroiutjitt i«h tliiuuKli*'Ut the rounlry urn urginK fvery Umu- lUe ifOWlDg Aild fOUlH'l'Vlltloll l>f •turra. Th« f«pi»rtH so fm fi*)iu IH«‘ of AgruuUme uu •nonuoun yJeJd for iht* yvai' Hui pl»utihg and ratnti>K t-rupii will not r'Uf- lJc«, Kv«ry var« iiiUNt bt* I'XiTit'fd toward tbH prfventlou of ihc dt'ntiu*- tloa Aod wasie of tbi* fo«)d dfx«*r ll b««u niMde aud huui>t‘d. A f«w weeRi* ttgo a KialD ♦•levattir m CWcago was dsslroyed by Are aU'i viUh U wb«ai *uff«4l«ut lo makt' 6o.ouu.uiiy loaves uf br^ad Taktug tiiU amuuui ut braad and tliv aiuuuut of tlour u«ed by baker* in luukiut; bread, and figuring by tbu army guar tariuaaler Uvpartoieiit'ii alluwa>i< <* for feedlug a soldier. tbU wlieat de stroyed would furulab the flrat ui*re- meDt of the oew natlouat army >oui psiaa of 6S7.UUU umi lu br«»J lui oearly two montlie Wherever tbera la a fire tUai d«? stroyt a coDalderat>ie amouut of prop- artjr tbere U almoat always ■ume la«.'k of car* or eiae a crtmloal intent Ki- iraioely few flroe are '‘providential.'* Hun<lred» aod ihouiaoda of young oieu have wlttalD tlie past few moQtba walk ed toto recruitlDi ttatlona aod voluik- teered to lay tbelr Uvea at tbe diapoaal of tbe Amerlcao goveromwut to proa- ecuU tbls war. To thos« wbo atay at borne It la but a amall effort to put fortb to practice me »-teriiai mki laiioe that will prevent the tlrea whfth may deatroy foodatuffa, every oume of which la aorely neetWd at thla lime to feed Amerlca'a ai'ldiera. Amerhaa al llee aod Amerlca’a women and cbll- drea who muat remaiu at home aiul hgbt tbe battlee that are abaoluiely eaaentlal to “kw^p the home flre>* burning. ** Appealing to city and ctmnty offl- clala throughout North t'aruilna to Join with tbe department in lending aid to a nation wide campaign ugainHt preventable Are waate, Inauranre Com* mUaloner Jam*^ R- Young recently Is sued a lei*er which was went to these official* and to a number of other pub- Ik apUlted i ltiieun lu the stato. The teller a»ks tonpeiatiou In the «am Itaigu lieitiK tu*-:er«-d by tbe t'ounill >t Nalional DrfiH'f and wlilrii UH'. the support iind alionii > o <>iierutioii of t!ie .National Hoard i.f i-'uv I nderwriuri and is l»-i:iK pn^lw'.! )•> l:i.airun. < t . mlaalou«>ra uiul Fiie .Mur^lutiii all uvur iht‘ nudoii Hu- likiupaigu aUo lia.- tiie of .Hidoi Wil I ha DAY OF BACHELOR War Brings a New Dignity to Un- I married Man. He Who May Be Merely Tolerated In Time of Peace le Lionized When Call to Arma Cornea. Wnr hn!< KivoQ the uniniirrlcd nmn aouu* of th»‘ Uitcnlty which h«- lucked lu yeaco. UrUttturtly the Imchelor N toh-ruted for what he may become rnther tlifrn for whnt he la, olmervex H writer lu the San KniQcljtco Hulletln. .MotluTN would ni>t weic'iiine him lnt«> aociety nor gh-lN take pU-aaure lu hU HliontlonH If U were thoughi ihut he Would ul«H\H renmln h liachelor. The hope of converting him Into h married man furnl^lien one of the main Incen tives of iiU -so.’lHl Hi'tlvm.-s. Ax thlH MKIHT HAM: A HHAWINCI if .Iruwh m, Suminv V" •'1 ilunno. TIu'V hmv tli.* ln*f- ti'i'thi'ilav til,, h.’ii.'i llir (li'i'.l ■' I Week=End Excursion Rates CRISIS OF WOMAN’S LIFE S. A.L. Railway Co. |>HOt'i;SSIONALCA«l)S. IIAMIM.., Mo»U*v deillnex lie li« rlvate uiihH . i:n< It id puOlK I'llun At a Miite like Ibia uf eiir>. and of iuanii>-9t ne>>'a-i ite iuti»eV>aUou of itolloital v>‘ao evil." lu I'ommiHsioner Vouiig'a ui oBUlttla b« t’ulut-* out the Ij more than Jtuu.uou wurtl* oi atulTe were dextroycd iu Nuri lina laat \ear in pre\■ ntable ti addition ^pprosiuiaiei I nilsrtt In u world which prUle» oil an exactly HbHjrt'd eurniT for evcryoDe of ita InhHbltatita who \H worth troubling aliout. IIU sock* Hte not (larneil. hlx butioUH lire not ."cwcd tin. and the number of lutn|)!« of NUK«*r whioh he likes in hi** Ooftee. the decree iif l'oUe»lnes« which hu iletutilida in hU eggn. are Uobody'M l.ijxineris hut hN own. He i» free, a c.iiidltlon which iu youth makes him the otoy of hlx marriid friends, but In Change Safely Paiied by Taking Lydia E. Pinkham’i Vegetable Compound. Okla. ‘i never jjet tired n^' l.vdia I', rinkhatn’e Vege- table ComiHHinJ b.cauae iliTing I'ijungo t»f l.ife 1 wuH in bed two y« ur^ an.l itad two oix nitioim, but all the doctors and op- eratioria diil me n.> Ci <^i. mu) I Would 1‘oen m my ■ri..' t'ljay bad it ;.t l.'en for l.J-dJtt i'- l’iii;»hanr8 \ ejf- | ti.l ulved in i uent m pUntH fur i baudlltig of brvudaUin "hi thta time of »i which brouur t all ritjlit, * CommenLltiK May 20th. and continuing to Stpt. 0th, both dates inclusive, the Seahoard Air will sell round trip tickets from Weldon as follows Til I’nrisiiiouili $2.M> \ iH(;iNiA ui;ai;ii 1.11 11 I ION. Hckels uiti ht? on <iule for nil trains Sttturday-* HnJ for morning tr«ln 10 euUi SuiiUoy between Oates abow mentioned, «ith llniil lo ntiUnlKht Tufesday follovsintt dale of •*ule If there Is any further Inrlher information JesireJ vail on i . (BARTER. Ticket Agent, <il:(lR(il: C. UKliliN. A 1 l (»KM;V-A l -l.AW, Oilici- in <>i<-eu HuiUlintC Wni, I.. kMliM 11 Alliirney and CtiunwHur at l.«w. M. » MAk'Ki:l.l-. Ir-. Alltii ile.> -lit-l.iiw . u 1,1 i)ii'>, . ■ N Wood*! SeeH] Alfalfa will yield four or five cut tings per seuson. Falliiiilu. best time for sowing. Every fiirmer should .sow Alfaifu so as to increase the supply of feed to raise more livestot k. Wood’s Alfalfa Seed is American-£rowp and best quality obtainable. WOOD'S FALL CATALOG givea full Information about prepa* ration and Ag of Alfalia and alao iclU about alt other Seeds for Fall Sowing. l.VV.WOOD ©SONS, SECDSMEH, • Rlchmont, V>. No. 666 HUONli ’ h 4 W I I.DON. nif l.yillBK I'lii. iuun’aVoiretablet .oon*lMrs. V'lai .v I'ink al, Wai ut well by tak- ! ♦ ,4 ij.. u.ioi cuuhti. ' iM m|t “ Tbii ii • preacriptlM praplNd MpMUIlf u. ..U U. lue t oe MALAHIA Ot CHltt* 4 rKVER. , III, iv ».i< ii> to"- II' “I Five or til doaca will Imu lay e«M,and U taken tbea ai • (obIc Um F«T*r will dm ‘\^ni I N H S I’AINHACK, reiuro. It icta oa tba Uvar batter thao Calomct aid do«a ool 2^ lll-O total U ed doeii liOl replace tiie a.tual I* *1 stuffK Our people runilOt eut Uio;. > Whllo our soldiers are preparing to fllfht the eiie;ay and our allies are holding out tlieir huiulu lor 'n n selve* and their dopeiident loved on- it la treaiiuu for our peiiple to dlU># ona thing that goe# into tiu’ ii<4»kiii^ of food to li© v.ast«d " what he vlovH. Uv la fr» one i;i intere.sttd eUOUKli ItJ hltU tO care to put -hHikleH ou him. There l.s no hied Piuoe for hliu. He atttjuls free of the hurden of the beu< dii-t'(i He \\onien tloluK tliln^;!! for motives Whleh he eiiiinot understand. Social f-r.vx t)f vitrlous Mortn perplex him he d<ies pot nee thetr hid den tiriK*!***' "hut ia pliiln enoutjh to any nieilloere linMmnd Is often h li.'pe- U-X.J J.u^le to even tiu* in*>«t thoughtful The aid ai:d -iipl»i and Ue • Iniinmii.le i fully undersittud iilt> l.e I or*unuavUm i» the tlie vvlth the iitUii flliH The lire pr isicii 1 that . imiKii atlentkui t engineer in Che servite of th mailt U available at all tiuie training of rtre departments i I Kiv. that miKlit lead trlcal eyuipme fires and ^erloUH su« i.lents Th»' (•quipnieiit of the dfimrtment ai the call of the Di-ople of North ilNG HOOVER BY CONSERVING FOODS FROM LOSS BY FIRE aREATEST COOPIRATION It PROMiSEO BY WARIHOUtlt. COTTON OINS, CRAIN ELB- VATORS. ETC. Tba Nattoual Board of Fire Undar* wrltara has racautly revulved Its i^rat report covering the first three months of tba Hsaoi-laiiou's >-ampaiHu toward (h« preveotlou of dra which la a part uf tba cuuaervatlou campaign In al4 of the war uodar tbe K«Deral dlraetlou of Herbert C. Hoover. I'raaldnut Wil aoh'a food supply director Thu re port cltbs the fact that President K. M blasall. of Hartfurd, Couu . Hrasl- d«ut of ihtt Natiuiial Buaid tu siaii tba Work wrote letters tu the gov- eruors of tbe cottoQ pruduclug aud grata growing atataa urging thetr ^o- operatloo with the National Board and Ita alflilated urgauUatlous for tiie aai^eguarding wf warebuusaa. cottuu gliis. luiuprasaea and grala elevatora, aU maoaar of mllla storage propartlea aud au(.h worka. Tba strongest cO' operation has beau received the re port says, from all these sources. Tba advisory comiutttee of lusur »oce officials were appointed lu dlf /arant sectlous of tbe couotxy to work with state offlclala uo iuapectloos ana aafeguards. MaetlQga have baeo held ID almost every state aud property vwoers as well aa state officials and tasura&ca meu attended Oreai latar- est aod bard work have resulted aod tbe special agents of companies to every held have beeu mobilized for conservation work Tbe lDsp««ctora oa this work have beeu given special authority in the foriu of a letter or Identlllcatlun card carrying the photo graph aud signature uf the bearer with tbe proper authorization attested. In- gpectloDs have beeu educational and uwners have been vary (4ut<.-k to fol low auggeatlon.s for improvements Tbe National Board ConunlttHe has t?e«n lu close contact with the artlvl- tiea of the i-unservatlon hoard untier tba adminlatration o( Mr. Hoover und baa prepared a thorough list of eleva* tora with tbelr grading aud spei'ifl<>a- tiona for fire dangers, in addition to th* coBsarvmtlon servlca tbe Natloaal Board baa furnished valuable infor Biation to the Council of National I)e- (anaa la classified lists of factories cApaula of manufacturing munitions »nd other war oaaterUla. HVOIO ULLIEAR HGCIDENTS" Cai Vhlch Causs ••Hsar AcocKnta" d B« Abolished With Proper t to Prevsnt Rsoccurenca. imivnts nnd dUldr. ii. l-’or certitln ml- Ml,lure he cun be depended Upon to luriilsh dii«h iiml enthusiii>iii. I>ui for tlie -iifiiily. icriudlnK work of everyduy life he Is luferlt.r to hin murrled neighbor. Civic i-roKrexH reile.s prlncl* piilly upon the niitn wh-s,- Inter.-Kts curry over Into the uext »{enerutlon «ud ure not conliued to his t»«u corporul Welfare. Hut tills KtuneuliHt pathetic tljiure of the hachelor Is ^.inderfully tliKulllcd by the ndvenl of \\nr. 'Ihe muvTled UMin, in luitst cHsv!«. 1h hnndlcapped from llghilnfr. His huslne«i« H to raWe whom uud cUtUlren. a uecess»nry task, hut incking the appeanince of Klory. Chivalry hejoiid the .Ireams of medie- vul knlKhtlKiotl niti> anlmnte the nmu wbo helps his wife take care of the lmblen, preparlnj: ihelr bottles anfl liunginK out tlieir cUitoes, but ill times of war he Is not u her..U- tl^ure. The ileiiuuid rhen Is not ft>r no-n who have fnuud their places lu the world, but A near a*'. Idvnt” may be deflneil as a happeniilK. nature of «1»* ' la dangei'vkUA tu pei'soua. but which did not result in injur.v owing to ihe for tunate ub.seioe of u mun from a par ti. uUf spot. >r 10 his uuickneea er to the merest olh. i * ham hut the re* urrent-B of win- h in <ilwa>s d peril 4 peril which should Lu abollahtKl by • tho wh.i l». landless, footfret- (ursoi of which armies ,an be i least po^'•U>le 1o'>> the holes in his The wlfele-^. |.« the MUfl' VeiretableCoj "'agon- r. OUla. >»ich warning: j»vi'ipton.-< as ncnae ol , uffocHtion. hotlla’shcs, h-uilachcs.hack- ciu’S, dread of inii'ciuHtu': evil, timidity, ' ounds ill the ears, pulpitation of tl.j , ,eart, siiarks before the eyen, irrep- i larities. constipation, variable i.pjM>tit ■ •ukness and dizzinesa ohouUl Ix' heed« iiiiddle-aKeil wom.-n. I.ytlia E. Tin ■, Ve^fi'table C«inipt»unil has* cfirr- ... .-..r y throurh tbe rrin. I lort'it People Delighted Uilh New Discovery I'o Hleach the Skin .\iljiii.i, (kj.—Says ihui receni t(.^l^ have prDVt'ii wiihoul doubi ihai su jrihy or sjIIow compk.xioiis vMii he nude lighi by a new ireai- ueiu K'Ctuily discovered by a nvan iii.-VilanM.Just ask yourdruggisi for Skin ^'liiicner. People \\ho have used ii are amazed ai its wonderful ertcci. Kid your face ot iliai awful dark ctMor or greasy arpearance in a few minuies. Ii Ct-sis si> Imlo ihai you can't att'ord 10 I'e wiihoui ii. Jusi iliink how much preiiicr you would look wiih ih.ii tild dark skin gone and new Miti. hgtii skin in its place. Men uud \^oincn loday musi care for ihcir complexions lo enier society. If \tiur druggist will noi supply you wiih (\icoione Skin Vi’hiteDcr send J5c lor a large package lo Cocoione Co.. Atlanta, Ga. lii.sEE’S MOt Pilfi \llorne>•nl'l 1 VVI.I.DON. - • > SOiA) HV <ili !-• Utl.c 1 -I Iv ■‘Ihi wri n()N. \ c ■L'. tJi-..A-K-K: ATTORNtY AT LAW, A KI.IK>N, N. C.i If Is lionl/.e4l and the kov- on iiud durus A familiar lllustiailon of a near an I |«ut IS the >a-'‘ '*1 person ' .lUKhl lie ween two ti.mi travelliiK m *'PPO- industr: .1..,.pln. ^hops ud roofs tie 1.adder' tullllig or iiipiiiUK V>nh men '*'ho Uud unhurt v«hi. les skul.ling .U..I ju.*i nils.-in,< pedebtiUna or other vehi. led all th»-#e HI t.-w ot til.' I fiiiltful -iour e of dangtfio I'hesi lated for the nrst” work of ae. hleiil require the Good -afoty work 1« seeing that there i-* a lot k «mi the barn door before the attempt Is made to steal the horse. Knevv He Had Gone for Good. Mrs. Hannah Thompson, who!»<- hus band until recently had bi-eu employed Hs II i’ullmun porter. Interrupted tho proceedlin:- In «b'* Harlem court lu a hurried effort to obtain a dl\or«v, says H New York ne«s letter. Sii.- wa" •lUleU'd (h-wii until H c«-e then belu*: heard v\u-s dKp*'^**'! "?• ‘““1 tioiird b> the lW«Ki-ir«le. ^Vhen .she had » \pl«lUed th»»t her husUnud hud leii tiu* pre\K»u-H iiiMj-ulin; It wa'* sug- ge-ted l<> the I'ourt that ihere v^as uo r»u>i.u to bellev,. that he would uot return, uud that Mrs. Thompson had biih-r wult tieloiv consliierln)( any smh uioNO us a <ll\orce ueth<n. "But I kuows that man ain't ue\er vomlu’ Laik." eipialned the excited uegreSS- •i wa.s lu bed this uJornlu' when I hoard him gettln’ out very yulet and Uo put on his best clothes— new suit, straw hat, patent-leather shoe.i and a Ujjht coat over Ws arm— aud I lay very stiU niakln' out I ain't awake yet. He walks right to the door, makes tv Wg low bow towards uie uud says: ‘Goodbye, cold feet, good bye.' Judge, that nigger ain't agolo' to come back." Get The Habit i^Buy for Cash. Save'm H^the pennies by buy-‘“^f ing at W. T. PARKER & CO, Wholesale Gash Store „ „ m m u'esiu tbef n! Countie* j tbe '•late v\ llahl ti.e M \utou\ol\Uc II kinds of .Mad w. J. ward, i»i:ntint. OH M’K IN m II.)>I'"' pl'J Iv H.W.HARRISON’S- o >4 (JO to HAkKISON’S J uppUvs anteed ALHOMOHILHS Complele Insurauee Kecords In over 17.500 tires in buddings eqiilliped wUh sprlnklerH indUate that over 75% were extinguished or controlled with R sprinklers or less Ovpr %% wer« extinguished or controlled with 20 sprinklers or leas.—Indiana Iniurgnee KuUetln. Every minute of each day sees |S«0 In value rising In smoke, and each year shows a re<*ord of four flres to each thousand of our population dtana Iii!«uran<e Bulletin. THE SPORTS SHE LIKHD. He—Are you fond of indoor sports ? She—Yes, if they know when to go home.”— Ohildren Cry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA 61RLSI WHITEN YOUR SKIN WITH LEMON lUICE Make « beauty lotion for a few etntt to rameve tan, frtcklaai aallowneaa. Toar grocer has the lemons and any drac More or toilet counter will supply ton with tkree onncea of orchard white for a few centa. Squeese the juice of two freth leaM>na Into a bottle, ihen put la tlM orebard wbite and ahake well Thia aakei a quarter pint of the ver> beat iMMm akin wkitener aod eMSpleKinii • kwaUAer known. Uaaaa« this fra- ——mj lotion dally voto the lace, I aad kaada aad Just aee bow aa, salkwneas, redness aatf MMss dlsapaear aad bow oaaoth, mA slear ^ Ala becoaiM. YesI aad tks beaatifol results ''aaiL an MH Better the end of a feasi than the beginning oF a fray. The demand for good advicc is noi equal to the supply. } VeSI lift AToRjr*"""^ i OFF WITHOUT PAINl Cincinnati authority ielit how to dry up a corn or callus ao It llfta off with Angers. Vou corn-pestered m«'n and wotn< K^od suffer no longer. Wear the slei arly killed ^ou before, says ti: hardened rallua loost^ns so it can he lifted out. root and all, without puin. A imaU bottle of froczone cost very little at any drug' store, but will posi tively take off every hard or soft corn or callus. This should be tried, as it is inoipPBsWe and is said not to irritate the surrounding skin. If your druggist hasn’t any freecone tell him to get a small bottle for you from bis wholesale drug boose. It Is fine stuff and aeta llks a okarm aveiT tima. Decline of English Agriculture. Cp to Hbout the year ull went well witb Cugllsh agriculture und tbe vaUip of land and rents constantly In creased. Then cume a few wet. ruin ous .sea!>uns. largely Increasing Import:} of grain, beef, bacon and cheese from tne L’ulted States and a heavy fall in prices of all kinds of farm products. Wlmt was the cause? Simply that tbe Western prairie lands were opened up by ruUronds aad those l»lg ranch own ers sent their products East. What wus not needed In the Kasteru states was shipped tu Knultsh free-trade mar kets, with the Inevitable outcome of low price.**. In a oompHratlvely short while thou sands of Kngllsh farmers were ruined, land foil 40 per cent In price, rents had to be lowered fully one-tbird and the rural population decreased. Much Used. “Don’t you think your wife has got H wonderful voice?" “Yes; it's wonderful It hasn't given omi before this." Rubbing Eases Pain Rubbing sends the liniment tingling through the flesh and quickly Aops pain. Demand a liniment that you can rub with. The beA rubbing liniment is MUSTANC LINIMENT CooJ for Iht Ailmtr^i of Horaea, Mulea, Cattle, Etc. Qoodfor your oum i4c&es> Paint, Rheumatiam, Spraina, Cuta, Burna» Etc« ,25e. 50c. $1. At sD Dealert. » MAKES YOU SICK Art : like dynamite on a sluggish liver and you lose a day’s work. T'l. nn ria.<on why pppiion sill.III.1 t.iko sii-kciiintr, Siiliv;itiiig cal- 011.. I «ln n •'<'»« Imy.-i a lar)?t‘bi)t- ile ni' iKi.l-on'.H l.lvcr Tone—a per* IVi t -uli'i il nic rjilonn'l. It M a I'l'M-i.uil. Vegetable liquid Hi,.»]i will s-t.irt vour liver just aa fur«-k ;i- i.iliiiml, liul it dot>sn’t iiiiilo- V'-ii sulv aiiil can not .salivate. ( l.ihlrt n nii.l >rrown folkd can take 110.1.*oii‘-< l.ivcr Toiif, because it id jMil'e.tlv hanuless. t '.jIuiiM l ;.■» a daii^erouA dni^r. It in im r<iir\ aiul atluikr' \our botie.^. Tiil.e .1 ilo-e of na?;lv ialoint‘1 to«lav an.l u.u uill ft-el weak, sick and ii.f ■iMh-.l tomorrow. l»ou”t l«Mt* a )i.' work. 'I'ake a ppiHjnl'iil of l'..l-.Mi'> I.i\ir Tone instead atnl vou «;l| vv.ike Up IVel illiT >fr«‘a I. .\o liilioiisne.<iii, eou^tipatioM. r<lu^‘ lieadat lii*. coaled loii^iUe tir om •iioinacli. Vour dru>f^;ist .ssivsif vou ilun’t find l>t>ti:»ou’s Liver 'I'oiie .I'l- Ueftei' Ilian horriblt* iuloiiici ,»oui tuuiity ii waitiug for Says Phosphate*) Make Keautiful Wnmen and Strimjc, Healthy,Vi. K'lrous, Kobiist Men Ph>s)cians nil over the world are prescribing phosphates to build run ilftwn eneinic cundltlonH uiul those whohavetreated ihetr putlents with Argo- Phosphateare changing thin, enemlc women w ith toneless tissues flabby flesh.intothe most beautiful rosy cheeked and plump round formed wo men imaginable Atlanta, Cia'—Dr. Jucobson said in a recent inierview that 90 per cent, of enemia comes from nerv ous breakdown which can only be corrected by supplying the neces sary phosphuies lo ihe nervous system that is lacking in the h)od you eat, and (his can be quickly supplied by taking one or iwo 5 grain Argo Phosphate Tablets alter each meal, and ai bed lime. It will in many cases make a pale, scraw- tiey lace (he picture of health, in a few days. 1 have seen women that 1 e.xpected would have (o be kept under treadnent for months res(ored to perfect health in one or two weeks time. Special Notice.-The Argo Phos phate recommended by Dr. F. H. Jacobson contains phosphates such as are prescribed by leading physi cians throughout the world, and ii will be found the mosi efPec(ive form for treating patients with Nervous Dyspepsia, Stomach trou bles, Brain Fag, and Nervous Pros tr^on. li wil) renew youthful vinvand vigor, and build up the whole body. Argo-Phosphate is dispensed by W. M. Cohen Drug Co. Free sample /nailed by (he Argo Laboraiories, Atlanta, Ga. Spring Imm ll I > B i 1 ii Tlres«r,JSupplles„nhandlor* (i(Hill’ll mis aiui ull visdes KK.\liN<i |UNs p. hixtiuenuu liouk Mitti tsc-ti lie. I'yt'e aihI tepair parts foi all 4 ul iyi>i V\ritt-t(< I.MiiRK 'iuN New Quarters Just mu\eii intu our handstiitie ntw brick building with a full supply of everything iit Hardware for the farmer, the mechanic and the house builder. t-l.UKS! I'LUiiS!! Now IS tlir time (u place your ur«lfia for tiues. t wantem. We >nalte tm. If^ntmne Co., Halifax, N. C. ku - ALSO— BIk es and Palm Beach Suits, m is LADIES CJOAT SUITSil if' n Wr.'aiiia lain,. .U.0I. ul .•.laiij.,,1 AND SPORT COATS Si .it- I MM M.„.h I .<,,,"11, .V Hiu.'; ^ (iOlNO A r C<PST. aiuM Uiieivvoo.l, .^uv utliei mtiteftoui |-..luVk' lU.tli'H l.«v.. I...U1 tl... SWIFT & CO AWVCRt. WathlaotM kk- Agency fur Kinston Steam Laundry , ui^e •‘i -ck ot Ilk.- I ouelouilli lo oue-l, I > 1“ /{. L. STAil^BACK, I ite liusy Store, VVKl.UON, N C alt tlie u>>iiUr Hltule aleuort atoue louitl ulm letutl pi ices. uiu U. 41'. J to t rfiu IQqU r pruv sliuuUl hii teiB to let iiu eai) > I'he l.i-st ill he kM tiy ol the Typr *iy hoy and jfirl ; I cheap lypewn- ; se. .Any persou ■ iliMHi i riiiilc lliiiiullidiiriiiif * i letuined m j^ooil cuuiiitiou aiul tvithm .MAM KAlTl'KEI{,< OF Uuildint; Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, ttlinds. Mantels, Door and Window Screens M ADK TO omlKK AMI liWil sT(H K r-l/.Ks. <iood Materials. High Urade Wurkman^hip Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. SKAIiOAKl) AIK LJN K CO. THE PK0GRES8IVE RAILWAY OF THE SOUTH. Trains leave Weldon, Effective MAY 6, 1917. C. H. CAKTBK. Ticket Acenl. NO. 16 5:53 A. I HKABOAKI) KXi'KKS!^, for Hortsaiuuth-Noirolk, Vestibule Coacbes, .SierpmK t'ars. NO.I2 J:35 P. M. HKAiUJAKlt MAIL, Vestibule ('oaclies. I'arlorl’ar, for i*orts uioutli-Norfolk, cuaoectmif with Steamship Liaes for Wash- lutrtou. Kaltimore, New Vorii, Uostuu aod I'rovideuce. NO. II ^^EAliOAKi) MAIL fur Haleif(h, (.'liarlotte, Atlauta, tiirmioif- 11.BA A u ham ftod the .Southwest; cuQQeots at Norliua.Raleitrh or {{am- 11.50 A.M. let with "Florida Fast Mail" No. 3, for Jaeksuofille and Honda points; Inmng Car, Sleeping cars-through slwpers to Hamlet aod Atlaota. NO. IS 12:06 P.M. Wilmiogtoo; with No. 1 for ('olumbia. Savaonah jaeVsoo- vilie aud Florida poiDtB;SleepiDfr car Portsmouth to Charlotte , VestibuU <'uaches, Hleepiog aod Dialog ('ars to all poiotsSouth aod Southwest. .No, ly for Haleigh leaves 7:10 a. m. No. IW from Raleiifh trrive «:40 p. m, Write to the uodertiffDed for rates aod time tables. (J. H. RYAN, (leneral Passenger Agt., Norfolk. Va. JOHN T. WEST, Division Passenger Agt BaMth, N.C. SPIERS BROS *.M-l I us s r GUT FL0WEI\S lOK /iLL OCCJiSIOf/S l<use!<, i'aiualiuiis, \'ulhes,\'iulets ami Ihe lett*lers We.ldiiiif Flowers airaiiireii III lutest ait, Ftoiul l>esi|rns, urlistieailv anaiiKed. Hall and Winter Hulbs Are Now Ready, Plant l:arly for Best Results. Hoseliushes, Kvertrrpeus, shrubberies, Hiiaiie Trees aiiil Hedife IMaots iu vari- J. L O’QUINN ft COMPANY, I'huoe N9 KALBIQH North Carolina. liraiiil llispliiy — OF I F TO THK minute MILLINERY. KAM'\ (iOOi)Saod NOVEiTlEy. Huttenck's Fatteroa K & Q. Corsets, Misses at 7&C. Ladies 75e. to |l m%. Frices will be made to auit the ttmes. Hats and Booocttt made and tnmmetl to order. .MRS. I*. A. I.EWIM, U'fldon, N. (' An Appetizing Meal Bverybody wants it. Hveryltody likes it. Gverybody'a looking for it. BUT You can’t get It unleaa you have the right kind of groceries. Qet ’em HERE I Pbom 280. R. M. PUKNELL, WcUon, M. C. SEND YOLIR ORDEiRS FOR ALL KIND.S 0(- PRINTING TO i; L. HAYWARD. Weldon. N, C. Lai', at Hiod iB the When io Norfolk eall oo aa Vou will Hod »bat you aaak aod get It ((uiokly. lUviug DO caovasaert, do> aKeut’s commiasiona are ad I ded to our prices. This eoa* ftbiet ua to uta tiraialaaa ma terial aod tioiah it properljri* We Pay Prelght and Quaraate* Safe ArrlvaL THE COUPER aiRBLE WORKS. (Myautio bunm.) ae44«iukw MOKriJUi,TA.

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