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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 20, 1917, Image 1

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HSI'AULISMhD IN IK66. VOL. Lll. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WKF.DON, N. C., TIIURHDAY, SE1‘TEMI{KU 20, IIMT. Terms of i>ubscriotioii--SI.5() Ptr Aiiiiuiii NO. l!> Conlpnls ISFluiJ Draohn^ ,, ALCOIIOI.-3PEnOENT. , " AVw-4tlaMoftfp«ratkiol«A5 I sjniilntiniittieU»lliyReiti>*. HPiyimwmililffll Thereby Promoiin^ DMcsli® ChccrfulciMS Mid ! nelttierOplam.Morplitoj'* ! >Unerm.NoT^BCOTic ^ PvutatSmd \ j! AhflpfulR''"''‘'> , (k«isllpation<u»lDi»rn>«' unit Fi-viTlsliiji'ss I.OSSOFSUXI’ !' r.-,!'Simile SijnaWj"^ II ' NEW V01»^ CASTORM lor Infrtntii and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signature, of Copy of Wrapptf. In Use For Over Thirty Years TORM rr JU lUl United States Ooodrich Kelly Springfield E have on sale in our salesroom now the V^/ largest stock of Automobile Tires ever shown In Weldon. Three of the best makes on the American market. Tires that will };ive you more miles for your money than any other make. Uur tires are guaranteed by the manufacturers on mileage basis of J500 to 5000 miles. E have in stock almost any size or style— Y^/ Plain Tread, USCO Tread, Chain, Nobby and Silvertown Cord Tread. The market is un settled now, and Tires may advance at any time, buy now, save money, get the right tires at the right prices. Also carry in stock a full line of all Automobile supplies and accessories. Batchelor Bros. Chalmers and Oldesit (Jarace Republic Chevrolet Automobiles In Weldon Trucks Dress Up AND YOU’LL Cheer Up! The counlry is alrighc, and you are ulri|>hi, if you will jusi dress up. The prudent suc cessful man knows this lo be irue. Try ii and see liow good you'll Feel. You’ll I'eel like u real somebody, and jusi like Facing ihe world’s opporiuniiies lo win. Ai VINSON’S, ihe De Luxe Cloiliier, you will Hnd these cheerFul, good-looking clothes, and at prices that are making friends For these good clothes. COME AND SEE IS ALL 1 ASK You know that fortune Favors a well dress ed man. Great preparation has been made for you. The prices now are a great deal lower than they will be again for at least two years. Palm Beach and Keep Cool Suits greatly reduced. They are priced to make Friends. “Good Quality Spells—What Vinson Sells.” C. s. Vinson, THE OUTFITTER TO IVIANKIND WELDON, - NORTH CAROLINA, PRICE LIST BELL 2 IN 1 TYRES 60n W. Broad St , RICHMOND, Your Old Tyres Made Into One HIZE I'l'ITOHBK iri'HMSUINU UOTH C'AHINUS 2 IN I*TYRB Tl'BKH 28x3 $3 OU 70 |k> no « 2 m :iux3, 3 H(l i 40 8Ui3» 3 9ii 90 9 50 2 90 32x3i 4 til) 1'^ 40 3 25 81x4 4 85 8 ur* 12 UO 4 20 33x41 4 90 12 80 4 45 33x4 5 &U 9 85 13 W) 4 r«o 84x4 5 75 lu 40 14 90 4 OO 33x4 5 »5 10 90 15 tiO 4 75 8ttx4 5 m n 2 i) 15 510 5 OO 34x4^ (1 5U lU (Ml 15 85 »x4i ti 96 U 70 15 iX) 36x4l U 9U 11 90 10 90 U <MJ 37x4^ 12 90 18 70 0 to SSx5 T 5U 12 Wi 18 8.*> il 40 36x5 13 80 18 95 0 50 871^1 8 W 14 90 2y U 75 THE FIRST RILE OF SUCCESS. tie Should Be a Man ot liprixht - Character. “A very sorloUK qiioKtion, ' Tlniri ('ardinu) (Hblioim oliai- ach'riztfs, in ti to nj»*. a query which 1 liavt* just a<l ilrHHsed lo cortaih ivjMVfSt'iita- tivi'IMiilatlflphians aiitl a ft*w »)lh»'rs: *'lf a yount< man caini* to you V‘>ui a'lvioe, what wouli! YOU jfivH him iiHlhotirHt niU-of‘suiMM*8s;'' 'I’hf auHWiM- 1 fron> the^n^at and ('ariliiial horn HO many ihousan<lH of I'hihuiolphiauH h»vi* and n*v»*rc is as foUows: “.\ youn^ man should first consider to what voiMiion he is calh'tl l>y tempi rameiit mimI in clination or rath«M' Uv diviii* uuidituct'; and {it't< r diri'inii.’ the III he iH to enihrac' Im- >h<iuid <1 vtjfe all liis « ih’i;;m s i.. u-a^ the m»al of his ‘lie should avniil r\ t t y pi**; ure and distraction tli;it wou divide or weaken his atfenti* to Ihe pursuil of life wjiieli hn; eho> -Ihit should avoid thr conunon error of imaKinin^ t ha I success depen<ls on tie* aequisi- titui of wealth t>r faun- No: success is attained h\ doin^ well what wedoand n niaining faillifnl at the post of duly. ••In short, his aim of life should he to place princi|>U‘ he- fore popularity, duly hrfore pleasure, and Christian ri^ht- ousness hefore expeiiiency. He should endeavor, in a word, to he a man of upright character, which is more precious than riches and more endurin>< than fame.Philadrlphia Led^^er. WANT!) ALL f itl S > )IL* An old colored man charged with stealing chickens was ar- niigned in court and was incriini* nuiitiK himself when the judge sjtd : “You ought to have u lawyer. Where's your lawyer?” “Ah ain’t goi no lawyer, jedgc," s^id ihe old man. “Very well, then, ‘ ’ said his hon or. “I’ll assign a Liwyerio defend you." “Oh, lu) suh; no, suh ! Please don't do dai !“ the darkey begged. “Why noi?” asked ihe judge, “h won’t cosi you anything. VX'hy don’t you want u lawyer ?“ ‘Well, jedge, Ah’ll lell you suh,’’ said the old man, waving his tuiiered old hat. confidentially, “Hit's dis way. Ah want tah en joy dem chickens mase'f,”—Chi cago News, Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA THE BILL KEPT LENT. Mr. Tucker had unexpectedly come face to face with Mr. Cutting from whom he had frequently bor rowed money. "Hr—aw—what was the denom ination of the bill you loaned me?” he asked nervously. "l-piscopalian, I guess,” said Mr, Cutting. “At any rate, it keeps Lent very well.”—N. Y. American. AOE WON’T MATTER THEN. The Boy—"1 shall be glad when I am old enough to do as I please.” The Man—"And about that time you’ll go and get married, so it won’t do much good after all.”— Chicago Herald. A NUTTV gllESTION, "Pa?” "Well, my son?” “After an army bhells ihe ene my do they eat the colonels?” Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA YOUR OLD TYRRS MADB 2 IN 1. UdD't throw «nay vour old tirev, Mud thi*!!) to ui, we m»y be abit* to ttiAin io 1 for youi fet ua tie the Judi;e. DO deposit Dcct>Niiary, ^ uieuU aubjeot to youf axatBlDation; it tht-y I . tuak« all ahip- , _.B act worth aiakibg 2 In I we wUl eell ioT you at the highMilBicbinnwd pikree (the highest aoywheiv) and retun theamonnttojou. IFejM/cfawgeoB iaeciaiiyp ^ _ W. M, UOHEN OUfu CO. PIKWJfi whitkiii:ai> Hinv »h. KOANOKESUFI'LY l u , luc. «raiJ>ou, a. c. AKOALLOOQI) D£AL£KB. Seetiieh ^6 “Wcrk Many Women in this Condition Re> gain Health by Taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. Convincing Proof of This Fact. iCidgway, Penn. — “I Ruffered from fcmalo trouble with baekaohe and pain in my side for over seven months so 1 could not do any of my work. 1 was ti'eiited by three different doctors and was getting dlscouraf^d when my sister-in-law told me how Lydia E. Pinkhnm’s Vegetable C’ompound had helptut her. I decided to try it, and it restored my healtl), so I now do all of my housework which is not light as 1 have a littlo boy three years old." — Mrs. O. M. UniNEs, Kidgway, Penn. Mrs. Lindsey Now Keeps House For Seven. Tennille, Ga.—“I want to tell you how much I have been benefited by Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Al>out eight years ago 1 got in such a low state of health I was unable to keep house for three in the family. I had dull, tired,dizzy feelings, cold feet and hands nearly all the time and could scarcely sleep at all. The doctor said I had a severe case of ulceration and without an operation I would always be an invalid, but I told him I wanted to wait awhile. Our druggist advised my husband to get Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable ('ompound and it has entirely cured me. Now I keep house f(»r seven and work in the garden some, too. 1 am so thankful I goi this mcdicine. I feel as though it saved my life and have recommended it to others and they have been benefited’’.—Mra.W. E. LiNDsisY,U. Ii. 3, Tennille, Ga. If you want special advice write to Lydia R. Pinkham Medi cine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened* read and answered by a woman and held in strict confidence. UTILIZE THIi SUN’S HEAT, I Alexander Oraham Hell Sugg;e<«ts Conserving It In Oil, Of course water can only be healed ro the boiling lemperaiure, but there ure many liquids ihat can be heated to a very much high er leinperanire without boiiint!. I have taken a tumbler ol' i)live oil and heated it by means ul a thin iron wire connected with a voltaic battery, i placed in the tumbler of nil a test tube HtleJ with water, in a short time the water was boil ing, but the oil remained perl'ectly quiescent. U' you siorc up Inn oil instead of water, you will have at your command a source of heat able to do all your cooking and even produce siean> power to work machinery. We hiive picniy (if he;ti tfuini; in waM. -n V; ;is' i- - ,-j. iht suniiiitr iiiiic, ti-i c fLiys FATHER He was not the kind of father that you read about in books; He wasn’t long on language, and he wasn’t strong on looks; He was not the sort of father that you hear about in plays; He was just a human father with a human father’s ways. No, he never balked at working but when he was through at once Right down the grass was father with the children doing stunts, All of us would pile upon him, and he’d welcome all the pack. But I'm wondering after playtime did we stay there—on his back ? Wasn’t strong on dissipation; said his “gambol on the green ' Was to till the platter faster than the kids could lick it clean, And Ihe next best game he knew ol was a equal one to beat, It was keeping leather covers up to the supply of feet. Always on the job was lather, plugging steadylike and strong, Never making any noise, but helping all his little world along, And to think—Lord, ain’t it funny you can see things years and years, And yet never know you’ve seen them till your eyes are blind with tears? Quit his job one day and left us, smiling as he went away, Kulogy seems all so foolish. What can anybody say? Seemed like even in his leaving he was saving someone bother, For the one word on the granite which lies over him is “Father." DISAPPOINTED HORSE, Didn’t Know the l.e.ves on «o- man's Hat were Artilklal. That a horse, in spite of his “horse sense" can be pitifully de ceived by appearances was demon strated in a telling manner. A young lady was wailing patiently for a car going easi, when a horse and wagon owned by a huckster stopped ahnost before her! The horse, a friendly looking animal gradually edged up to the curb near the young woman, who smiled graciously and patted him on ihe nose. As the car approach ed she walked slowly toward the track and was waiting for the car door to op^n when the friendly an* imal slipped up behind her and with a sudden plunge grasped the bunch of green leaves from her new spring hat. After a brief tussle with hat pins and yellow curls, the horse man aged to wrest the hat from the young woman and marched oft chewing what he evidently thought a meal of fine green. The horse chewed the milliner's painted leaves, and Hnding them not to his taste dropped the hat, which was returned to its owner—Milwaukee Jouenal. Has a High Opinion of Chamber Iain's Tablets. liave a liiirh opiniuu of ('haaitier- lain'n TabletH for bitiouHiieflfl aud an a laxative,” wrltt*H Mrtt. (\ A, llarui-H, ('ImrlpHtoii, 111. “I havti uever fouDil aiiytliiDK I’uld and pleaHaot to uae. My brother haH alHO uiieti tlifse talUeto witb HaliBfactory leHultB.” CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Um ForOvcr 30 Ymfs Always tMata the art DSC jh. rih)f-« .four t-x cei f lu k-H p uH the rui*; Wh.ii wide I Npuiiscs of roi.f ;.rc ;jvailu b!e in a\\ our l.irgo citics lor the utlhzati(Mi of the sun’s rays. Sun pie pipes laid on the rool and con- tainufg oil or Nome other liquid would soon become heated by the sun's rays. The hot oil could be carried into an insulated tank and stored. You could thus not only c< nserve and utilize the heat that fall^ up..n the tops of your houses but t'fteci some cooling of the houses iheinselves by the abstrac tion of dus heat.—National Geo graphic Mai»azuie. NO JOK FOR A MOKTAL A man advertised for a hosiler, and mentioned that a returned sol dier would be preferable. Soon a hard looking fellow put in an ap pearance seeking the job. “Do you smoke?” asked ilie man. “No.” was the reply. “Swear?" “No." “Are you a member uf the Church of lingland?" Seeing that an answer in the affirmative was required, the oili er said he was. Hut when ilu* man askrd, “Are you j lotal absuiner?” it was too close quarters tor ihe reuirned herit. “Look 'ere, inisier,” he said, “sirike me if yer know what yer want. You iiadveriised for an osier, but you bloomin' w'ell wants a harkangel, that's what yer wanis,” and he walked aw'ay in disgust —Pittsburg (ihronicle Tel egraph. Like a Boy at 50 Bubbling Over With Vitality— Taking Iron Did It Doctor say* Nuxated Iron is greatest of all strength buildera. Often increases the strength and endurance of delicate, nervous folks 100 per cent, in two weeks' time. 5^I‘nnni..Vt'> hf^' III saia « huiHln.J tiiiM.4 <.v«>r, tr-i. in n>ii tak<- tho «f ro.liuM SreHt.-nt ..t nil fir -i.KOi Imil.h rs If U. ii. tn.n , r liii.-tiire , r Iron w<»il<l** NuJiHi.O Ir.ii Mh.ilv I.. i« Uw r-tiln You must when O.oy i.. l cr nm .1 .wn. In- Kik. ir it li> n f.-nn tlml < !in Junnln'g .)nrgH.'*»H'lnuUnis couM .|'|V'h'<.'.' pr.'V M'nny'ai? prizeflfhter It bpr..iiiir,K .'IK In il'. ii-' l.'<v w.oi (he df.y vimi'ly bf<’miBe ■aiidf of vHi*. ». bimJ Ih. r.-liy ll>« llv.-i. ..f Kii'-w ih.* t t.f Rreat «irenj.Mh mul thoui>ahi1<i miKht In- H.iv. il wlic <li«- oi.dtinMi.-c ,x>„\ illlcd l>l>>od with •very yvnr fr iii Kiil<t>- tM-f. n- Ito wi l th« affray, whll* kldnvy. in»r. Ii :iri tr. ubli- >uxl cOkt in.ti.y hiiH down t« InRlorl- danir<’r<>iiH i.iiIhiIic**. TIi" ri'nl hi.<< ini* < ii' nltofily for th«* lack uf Inm.—> cam..- wl.i. h utrii-l.'d Ilh lr K. .«?nu«‘r, M I*. ti.'O-. I l>->K n \\> voTR Irrm r«<-r>mniMdH •luw* m nr V;;v^ ^ to itmkf III. folli.wllig how ' ,!n ** ’**' o zaesiosoizai] o I Z \ U A , ^ NEW SPRING DISPLAY FOR SUITS & OVERMATS ^ O : I til ’ m<-aHuri‘ uii.l inuk>>s(iit tuoi.lcrui • line of picof trootlrt uiii] hainpli'K. =3E=IOEaOE o lii'iich (ail au«l M tUotiou t(uaruntced^^^ yntiY SpE/iiD i\LL You You mi^cht get sick or hurt- be prepared for it You might want to nial<e an investment—start now, ’‘ I'alves money to inal<c money,” you l<now, You might be visited by thieves or fire--an account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is a mighty good one to get into. We i>av 4 per cent on Sav ings Accounts THE BANK OP HALIFAX l-T A I iT-FnAX TST. N. I.. StednittM, DAD KNEW. **Dad," said little Reginald, “what is a bucket shop?” “A bucket shop, my son," said the father, feelingly, “a bucket shop is a modern cooperage es- tablishm:*nt to which a man takes a barrel and brings back the bung- hole."—Puck. Ureat Faitti In Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy. “CliainberlaiD'M ('olio autl l>iarrhoea Hemedy waH uHed by my father about year a^u when he had disrrlioea. It reliev(‘(l him immediately aodbytakiofr three iloHes he waH ahHolutely eured, lie haH ^reat faith iu thiv remedy," writeH MfH.W. II.\ViiliamH,Stauley,N.Y. SIGNS OF THB TIMGS. “Has your wife siaried her Fall house-cleaning?” “I guess so. The hired girl quit yesierday.—Life. People Speak Well of Chamber lain's Tablets. "1 have been HclliDK Chamberlain’H TabletH for about two yearx uad heard Ruch Kood reportH from my ouHtomerH that 1 coDCluded to ({ive llieiu a trial mysell, aud cao Hay that i do oot be lieve there la aaother preparation of ttie Kiod equal to ttiem," writes (>. A. Mc Bride, Headlbul, Oct. 11'you aca trou bled with iDdiKestioQ or couHtipatioD give them a trial. They will do you good. WHO STARfED IT. A lillle fellow who hail jusi been spanked turned to his inoiher and asked: “Mother did grandpa spank Fath er when he was a little boy?" "Yes, certainly he did.” "And did his father whip him when he was little ?” “Yes.” “And did his father spank him?” “Yes.” “Well, who started .this thing anyway?”— Everybody’s Maga zine. lixperlencelhe Bent Teacher. It IM ^••□eiatly udiuitted tliat expeii- iMiee it* thelient teueher, but Hhould Wf (iut iitake use of the expt>rieiice of otli- crM U8 well att oui own? 'I'he experienee of a tltuuHUod pei'MoiiN in more to he ile- peuded upon than that uf one indiviil- Many tliuuMaudH of pei'Honti have iK hamherlain'ii ('ougli Hemedy for cougliN and colds with the lieHt reHultM, wineh KhowH it to he a tiioroutfhly reha- tile |ireparaliOii lor thoxf diMeatteH Try it. It iH prompt and ellePtual and pleas ant lu talie. Reconi'iicii(.j and Guarantee Chocolates We stand back of every package we sell. If it doesn’t ]iliasc (for any n jsun), please re-^ tiini it. Th ere are still some vacant lots j on Hasy street. i^ur Sale Bxclusively Qirls Have Pretty Face And Beautiful Complexion An Atlanta man makes new ' discovery that makes an old face ; look years younger. IF your skin j is dark, brown or covered with j Freckles or blemishes, just use a little Cocotone Skin Whitener; it’s made with cocoanui oil and is per-' fectly harmless. A few days’ use 1 will improve your looks 100 per I cent. The wornout skin comes | off evenly, leaving no evidence of I Ihe treatment, the new healthy un-1 der skin appearing as a lovely new complexion. , Just ask your druggist for an , ounce of Cocotone Skin Whitener, i and if he will not supply you isend twenty-Five cents to the Cocoione Co., Atlanta, Ga., and they will send you a box by return mall. If your hair is hard to comb, is kinky, nappy and will never stay straight, just use Cocoione Hair Dressing and it will become straight, long, soft, glossy and beautiful in a Few days. Mail or ders Riled 2Sc. tor large box. For s«te by W, M. (olifn Drug O M.C. PAIR’S Weldon, N, C. Faultless Ice Cream, Sanitary Soda Fountain Toilet Articles & Medicines RUB-MY-TISM Will cure Rheuinatim, N«u> ralfii, Headaehn, Crnnpt, Colic Sprain>^ruiMi,Cuti, Bium, Old Soret, Tetter, King-Womi, Ec zema, etc. Aatincflio AMdyast uaed internally oraxtemaUy, INVn'ATlON. You are invited to open an||accuunt with the BJiUK OF BHFISLD, tllfltLD, /I. 0. 4 Per Cent, allowed in the Saving!) Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. I YOU can bank by. mail I CnO QAI C New T^dd CHECK PROTECTOR rUfl OHLl If Interested, call up this oHlcev ...

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