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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, April 18, 1918, Image 1

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liS I ABLISI1KI) IN 1800. N'OL. LII. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WKLDON, N. t’., TIIIJUSDAY, Al'HIL 1!MS. I'eriiis of SiibscriDtion—$1.50 Her NO. I!» lConlcntil5Fluul Drarhia' Forlnfaiit'i i.nd Children >^l.tj0h0L-^i i'bM uKNt I AVcJclablclVopMatiodlir.^i I »imilalini!lhcroo(lliyRriuU_ L UniJlheSlomacisandltowl^ Thereli)’IVomotiniS Di4«<i® I- (Jwfffalnc55«iwlIl«5'-C«iBi» r neither Oplttm.MorphiiKn* I Mineral. Not ^HCOTK AhclpfulH'""''''*^‘'r , Consllpnlioniuiil Di«rrh«> and Fevcrishnf ss •t‘'> I.oss ofSleki- resullmCnwrefr^'"'"''’ ■ 7«c Simile Sijmm«_°* OLni0^’ tut crKTAm®”"'™ NEW YOHK Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signature^ of Copy of Wrapper. For Over Thirty Years SUSTORIII Get The Habit HTBuy lor Cash. Save*^ ■Vthe pennies by buy-'V| ing at W. T. PARKER & CO, Wholesale Cash Store WELOON. N. C. MAM KACTI KKK.S OF Buildlns; Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TO OlUiKU AM> IMX-l l.AH STOCK SIZES. Oood Materlits. Hish Grade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. The Dining Room should be a cheerful place, for when you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid dijfestion. And good digestion means health. HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs in Tables, Chairs, Side boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like. Is ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may be, in tlie matter of style, finish and price. Come in and talk it over with us. We are as eager to QIVE satisfaction as you are to receive it. WelioB Furniture Conpanj, Weldon, N. C. PRICE LIST BELL 2 IN 1 TYRES 600 W. Broad St., RICHMOND, VA. Your Old Tyres Made Into One :wx3i 3ax»l 31 x4 SSl4 H»x4 H4x4 Ii5x4 36x4 34x44 36x4) 36x4} 37x4i 36k& saxr> 87 r6 CUHTOMBK rUKNIIiUlNU SOTH CABlN(41i 4 m 4 86 4 9(1 Ti r>u T 50 7 75 M 00 8 !HI 9 K5 10 4U tU iH) 2«IN 1 I 9 rM) Vi 4U 12 (M> 12 80 13 M) 14 90 ir> 00 If) 9(( 15 Kt 15 90 10 UO 18 70 18 85 18 95 2-i 70 2iOO 2 40 ii 90 U W U 10 H 40 YOUR OLD TVRES MADE 2 IN I. DYING FOR ONE’S COUNTRY. “Death Never Comes Too Soon, I If Nccessary In Defense of Our Country.”—Story. ! It wan Nathan Halo who saitl j *‘I regret 1 l»av« but one life to loHo for my country.” Anil it | is Horace that niakt'K one of, his herooH say: “jt is sweet! anil ^jloriouw to die for one's country," Then* iuive been many ami slrikinj' illustrations <if this in oureountry’shistory. It is said the untimely fate of t’ol. Owen K(»borts, who fell at St(uio, was cause of universal n-^in t. He was an inUexible patriot, and an excellent <lisci- plinarlan, and enthusiast in (lursnit of mililary fame. His son, who was in the action, heai’ihi^ of his misfortune, has- t»‘netl to him 'I’lu* expiring v»*teran p»Tc<‘ivint' in his coun tenance the liveliest sorrow, addn>s8(‘il him with the j?reat- est composure: “I rejoice my boy.a^fain to see and toembraco yon. Ki‘C(‘iv(* this sword, which was m*rer tarnished by dishon or, and let it not b«* inactive wliih* tin* liberty of our country is ondan^ered. 'lake my last adieu. aec<-pt my blessinjfs,aud return to your iluty.” COME TO GIT REDEMPTION. *'Hor De Lawd's Sake:'* Take Them All. Some very amusing things happen in the various offices of the local boards of the country, and while some (d‘ the claims for deferretl classification are meritorious, a ^reat many of them are absoluttdy laUKl)‘il>l*-\ Mr. A. J. Dunning, Jr., chief clerk of the Kiical Board of Her- tie county, N. tellsaboutan ohl ne^'ro wlu) dropped into his ottice a few days a^o. “hoKs," said the old man, “Tse come fur to ^it redenip* lion." “How’s that. I'ncle?'* in- »{uire<l the clerk. "Well, you sec. it’s like dis: You all is '('wine tor take mv hoy away frum misind sen' him to de war and it'll leave me fur to star ter death, an' 1 wants ter y^it red(‘mption for him, yes sah : ‘ Why, old man," said the clerk, ‘‘that boy of yours can sen<l you $ir» every month out of his pay and furthermore the tfovernmens will pay you an additional $lo each month,nm- kinjf a total of $2/) per month for your support. Wouldn't that do for your needs ‘•WImt’s dat you say, boss?" I'se to git $2.') every month fur lat boy in de army ? ‘ "That’sright.” “Kurde Lawd’s sake I" and the old negro became really ex» •ited. He begun talking to limself and figuring a little. Vfter a while he turned to the ■lerk: ‘•L(M)k er here Hoss,” he said. ’You all git dat boy off to war 18 soon as you all can, and Hoss I'se got three more boys tiat i wants you all t«> git off to de as quick as—" “The iluece you huvo!" ex- clainjed the clerk. “Where are tlu^y y" “Whyde's over in Virginy er H(Mnewhere elsi* workin' in b^ powder plants, sah, denj gooil-fur-nuthin ,trillin' rascals been workin' ebt>r dar all dis time tryiu'fur t»> keep »>ut de war, and ain’t sent meacopprr ; cent, no sah, not a red cent,' liiirn dar trillin' time. Yes, s ih, you all call tlem boys fur to go and fight for dar country jes’likedey ought to. Talk about your patriotism, dem niggers ain’t never had it like we had it when we wuz young. Yes, sah, you get dem niggera in dis war. SAYS LEMON JUICE WILl REMOVE FRECKLES Qirltl M«k« this chtaf) btauty lotion to clear and whitan your akin. SquMZe the juloe of two lemon* into I bottU* contiioing thro«* ounce* ol irchard white, shake well, nod you have a quarttT plot of the »n>it freckle and tan lotion, and complexion beautifler, at ■ry, very smail ooBt. Your ifroc^'i* lemons and any druB store or toHi-t counter will supply three ouncR* of orchard whU»» for a few cent*. Massage this sweetly fragrani | lotion Into the face, neck, aras aDd , hsnds each day and see how freckles and bli-mishes disappear and how aod white tha akin bectttea. Yaai is harfilass #HERE’S TO OLD CLORY, COD BLESS HER!^ Anyone Attempts to Haul Down^)^ the American Flag, Shoot Him on ^ the Spot.—John A. Dix. MHNH1lll<i>]UWIH4ltl( n # u FOLDS of white and scarlet ! blue field with your silver stars ! May fond eyes welcome you, will-^iS^ ing feet follow you, strong hands defend you, warm hearts cherish you, and dying lips give you their blessing ! Ours by inheritance, ours by^^ allegiance, ours by affection--long may ^l^ you float on the free winds of heaven, the j^ 7'^ emblem of liberty, the hope of the world! 3^ -Anon. m TELL ME SO. The people who have so much .sympaihy for ihose who have gone beyond all earthly help, might use a little of it in every day life to a good and excellent purpose. The idea of kicking people when alive and then for a person to weep over their grave when dead is what too many of us do and is one reason why the world is no better today. Speak your kind words to the living, and when you are dead you need not care whai is said of you. If you love me tell me so, Wait not 'till ihe summer glow Kades in autumn’s changeful light. Amber clouds and purple night; Wait not 'till the winter hours Heap with snow drifts all the (lowers. Till the tide of life runs low— If you love me tell me so. If you love me tell me so, While the river's dreamy flow Holds the love-enchanted hours, Steeped in music, crowned with llowers. Ere the summer's vibrant days Vanish in the opal ha/.e; lire is hushed the music flow— If you love me tell me so. If you love me tell tne so. Let me hear the sweet words low; Let me know, while life is fair While in womanhood's first bloom, lire shall come dark days of gloom, In the first fresh dawning glow— If you love me tell me so. GENERAL QORDON’S WIDOW REVIEWS TROOPS comment of Mr«. John B. Qordou. widow of the famous Confcdwrute general, Vftor reviewing the troops at Camp Gordon. (}h., named In hnnor of the Soutlt- •ro fioldler. MUCH IN LIHLE A Loudon tailor, a\v»>«l by the dan- gort) Rccoin|)unyli)K ^ueiuy rulds, built faiinself a clugout in the bOMement of his Htoro with huU's of cloth. A war otl<-1' I'fMriu! In.x|)('('ied It and declared It I •: Minrly hoinh proof. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY AHEAD. Will Nations Arliie To It When War Is Einded ? It is assuujed that when the war ends it will be necessary for all nations to develop as nov4T before their natural r«*- sour<’(*s to make good the wast age of combat and to lift th«> crushing bunlens nf debts which will press every [leoplo actively or passively involveil. rnd4)ubtedly this will sup])ly thourgt'nt necessity of contpell- ing luunanity to attack tlj«M|es- ert an»l Jungh; n*gl(U>s of the world now left to the possession of the jackal and the savage. This thought opens a pleas ing vista of pos.«5ibilitles. In South aiul (’(‘Utral America, In Africa, in .\sia, lies unused millions of acres, untou«‘heil blllio!is (if initi'-ral wealth, uii- estiniatiMl billions' worth of timber, whicli, If tame«|. de veloped exploited on siune in ternational co-oj)ei:itivo basis would not <mly sullii‘t‘t«j pay all the war and rehabilitate all the shattered regions, but to mako woalth. comparatively speak ing, the possession of every family. Truly, out of the wr<‘ck of' civilization, on the material sitle, the world has an open chance to rise in greater splen dor and strength than it has: ever known, to realize the ^ ilream of the prophets of the' goblen age. Mut will men and nati<)us rise to the opportuiuty'*’ Detroit Free Press. SHOE . r.EEP YOUR SHOES NEAT LiQU'rtS AND PASTES. FOR BLACK. vmiTC. TAN, UAfVK BKOWN OR OX-BLOOO SKOES. ( ,\.\„V-1. FRCSCRVt THE LEATHER r 11 1: IHivtil 11. Burtie.v. II Civil war *et- Tail. Aged eighty of I'titladelphla, aUi's a 2rt-inlli> hlk<‘ for hlM <lally ex- rolse. .ioiiii Slornli. uliH liaM heeo waiting III- a Itoni-in;: In tli Siioo (Me.) Jail, uis t'HliK'd :<4 poutiUs lu the tltfM iior.tli: hi* iias lu-.'ii thept. Ohildreu Ory FOR FLETCHER’S CASTO R I A Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA Nature Cures,The Doctor Takes The Fee. There ih an ol<l sttviiiu' that “Nature curt's, tho doctor tiikes the feo." luit as eviM vont' knows you ctiii help Nature verv nuioh iinil therel.v enahh-It lu t-f- Ilf l!‘l, l-;S I ABI.ISHKI) 1HV2 apital aiil aarpius, $60,000. Wl; INVITI; YOUk A(iCOUNT. 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DBPARTMKNT W. K. D.NMKL, \V. K. SMITH. .1. O. I)U.\KE,| tha usually reiiuireil.TliiM is particuluilyit oI'ooUIh. clianilieilain'r) Couuh Itlfi ily icliove>* the touijli mucoun au«l u in ItsfxpcL'torution, uUuvm tliv coi ii>l UKls Natl } a hraltliy i rtlM Hhtk T R.’S YOUNGEST GRANDSON 1N\ ITATIOX. You are Invited to open an account with the OF EHFII^LO, I EfirietD, fl. c. I I l*er Cent, .nlloucd in the Savings Depart-^ I —|- ment Compounded Quarterly. £ YOU can bank by mail Fire Iwaiicj & Eurety Bonds! Ijife, A.ccident and Health, Plate Giass at id Automobiles. Repre- Isenti- g l eading compaaies. See me about your insurance wants. L. C. DHAl^KR, liuisi-vrll ;,M>I Ills JOUUgOSt ':ruu<ls()ii. .Nrchiliiilil UuMooh Uooso Vtilt, Jr., photo('ra]du>il at tiu> liiiiti«‘ of Thuiiiii^ l.ii<>k\v<>.M| iti UoHtiui. wherv MrH. Archie Itousi-velt and her Ron OfHce in Green Building, WELDON. N.C.:?T>f turns frill time the grandnoti. .Ill I ItOi It ,1'velt r thi> i\v. TO RESIST THE ATTACK al! us—light or di<*. “ Theih' gt'rnis uP') ovorywhon* In tl.j air w»» briuith . Tho odds ar.) hi favor of tho germs. If tho liver Innctivo and tho bliMKl impure. What ij» needed most l.q an In tho gerra-iightlng Btnmath. To dn this snccoasfully you n(M>«l to nut on hcofrhi JlcHh, rouse tho liver to vit'orous action. 80 It will throw olT theiw germs, ami pu rify tho blood !to that there will i>o no " weak siK>i»."or!M)il toi germ-growtl.. Wo Claim for Dr. Florce'K (iuiueti Mudleal Dlttcovory that tt doei all thl^ lu a wuy pt'cullar to Itnelf. It cures troublud cau'tod by turpld liver ur liii|>uro blood. Tills herbal tonic U mado up in liiiuld or tablet form and can o»» obtained In any drug Htore in tho United States. It con* tains no alcohol or narcotic, and its In gredients am printed on tho wrap|x>r. Writo Dr. Pierce. President InvAllds’ Hot«d and Hurgicat Institute, iiutral». N. Y..and send 10 cents for trial packago uf tablets. HvnKB.TKNN.—" I have used Dr. Pierce's AleilU-lniM in my family and Hud them to sick per.«( womlorful Nathan CaI(Holl, Routo 3. Syi.acauqa, Ai.a.—"This la „ ■ I th»‘ value of Dr. Ph ioSi' near doi SSll/, 5 f flat’s isw In Music'if By Special Arrangement with the Associated Music Publishers of New York, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Uemonstration BROADWAY’S big Song Hits Come in and hear the "Latest” Direct from Melody Row. All Sheet Music lOc. Copy. W. M. Ookn Drug Conipau|, Weldon. North Carolina. j SOLe”gENTS FOR | j NUNN ALLY'S j NYAI^S REMEDIES. | j NORRIS' CANDIES. I For Sale! New Todd Check Protector. If interested, call at this ofBLce.

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