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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, April 18, 1918, Image 2

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A Maiurai ForiMoatlon If you catch colds easily, if troubled with catarrh, if subject to headaches, nervousness or listlessness, by all means start today to build your strength with $(OnHNUUION which is a concentrated medicinal food and building- tonic to put power in the blood, strengthen jKm the life forces and tone up the appetite. No alcohol in SCOTT’S. ¥liiY SFeflD J\LL You You might net sick or hurt- bt prepared for it You might want to make an in\estment-stiirt now. “Takes money to make money,” you ki;i)« You might be visited by thieves or lire-an aauiint with us prevents loss. Tlie savinK habit is aniijilit) good one to j'et into. V' e pay 4 per tent on Sav ings Accounts THE BANK OF HALIFAX 5- H-A-LIFA-X IT. C. N. L. Stedman. Preaideot F, H. (ireRory THE ROANOKB NKWSi Ne'x York legislators have rc- —i^i^i — fused to drink to the prohihiiion- Thursday, Arpil 18, 191 s. isi^ wiih their “ayes." Stano hist tt'iih ii hrave heart' Our spiritual surport reaches the iDeti tti the battle litie. UliSSI^ is learnttiK that tierma- ny's idea nt peace is hir the other fellow 10 stop Hghtiiig. 'X'OOI. is now soitiewhai scarce so that Mary's little lamb is expect ed to clothe all the tamily. "United we stand" is the very important contribution of the United States to the Allies, Not liiile 'X'llhelmma, don't you cry; you'll get your Dutch ships back again by and by. No matter how far the German Long Tom can shoot it can't shoot far enough to hii our battleplanes. Now that the hoys have a chance 10 hght, they will do their best to get out of the trenches before Christmas. Published Every Thursday KATI S OV SI llSCTlt’llON IS .M)VASel; Oof Veur, (by mail) postpaid, ♦l.W. Six Month*. “ A weekly l>t>mocratiC jouroal devoted o the materia), educatiooal, political aod agricultural mteretjts of Halifa* and iuTTt>u&ding couQlisB, Adtertiwttg cates reauoaahle aad fur- iHhe<l OD appIicatiOQ. JUNKERISM must perish fro3 the eartk Frightfulness will yei sting itself 10 death. Another good home guard is the home garden. Once contracted, ihe war sav ings habit is a joy. Human liberty is no longer the plaything of monarchs. Some men's littleness is by far the biggesi pan of them. Don't wish the war was over. Wish to whip the Kaiser. Happy the man or woman, who is a fool only on April 1. Do not pause to watch ihe fight. Go on with the war work. VX'HAT are you going to do with your extra hour of daylight' Nebuchadnezzar had to eat grass. Kaiser Bill will come to it 100. The Kaiser, we suppose, is tak ing Finland for a ‘‘place in the sun." If a stitch ‘‘in time" saves nine, how much do we save by an hour in time? It matters not how good a man may be. there are some who can never see. There may be balm in Gilead’ but there are no cheap excursions to that place Many a man who seems per fectly happy is wearing a shin made by his wife. A woman never pays much at teniion to her husband's talk unless he talks in his sleep. Concrete ships will serve lo make an excellent road from America to Europe. Late reports from France have spurred many a slow thinker into buying ihrtfi stamps. Catarrhal Deafnau Can't beCured by local appiicatioDi, as they caDoot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only ooe way to eur« deafae«B, Aod that is by coDstitiitiODal remedies Dealness is caused by an ioflamc-il con- ditioo of the mucous lioiog of the Kus- taohiao Tube. When this tube is in* flaaied you have a rumbtiog sound or imperfeet hearmg.and when itisentire* ly closed, Deafness is the result, and un less tho inQaramation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal eondition, h«aringwiil b«destroyed for* erer; nine cases out often are caused by caiarih. which is nothing but an in> ftamed oondiVion of the mucous sur* /aees. We will give One Hundred Dollars for auy case of Deufneas (caused by catArrb/ that e«anot be cured by Uali’s Catarrh Medieiae. F. J. CHBNEY dt CO., Toledo, Obi*o letttimoniftls aant free. Price 76 cents per bottle. Sold by all druggists, g Hall’t fMnily Pills for Conatipatios. said the physician^ **you will have lo eat very moder- At^ly and avoid staying out late at NX'ith General Focli in supreme comniand, there will be luu only “unity of command." but there will be “conmidnd.■■ From ihe Jinount of boo/e con sumed by Hnidenburg, according to several observers, he must be the original Hum Demon. Whi-n a (jerman airnun has orders to kill women and cliiklrcn he obeys. Ii is a hnc system trorii (he Prussian point uf‘ view. The German^ do not respect a peace treaty even when they have written ail ii?> icnn:>. Their greed for loot grows by what it feeds un. A Baltimore oyster dealer is said to have killed himselt because of the shortage ol oysters. That was a better reason than most ol them. CO.MFORT loving househusbands will rejoice nuw in the realization that It is accepted as patriotic to wear one’s old clothes, shoes and hats. The German generals are being forced into battle by public clamor at home as the German soldiers are forced into battle by machine guns. The average man seldom knows all that other men thinks he knows, but the chances are he knows a few things he isn't suspected of knowing;. As usual, Hindenburg and the Hohenzuliern outfit are prepared to shed every drop of blood in the other fellow’s veins to break the Allies' lines. Two Spanish ships have been sunk by German submarines. And yet observers tell us ihat Spanish sympathy is largely with the Teu tonic allies! \X ashington, Oregon, Texas and Lousiana are now reported to be up with their shipbuilding work. The remaining costal States should hasten to get into line. The price of wheat was for many years an important incident of political discussion. It has now made its way into the realms of se rious and responsible statesman ship. Before the selection of Gen. Foch as supreme commander in France, the Allied armies were all limDs without a head. Now they form a complete, perfect, and tre mendously formidable organism. Some QcM)d Advice. **Don’t think too much of your own methods. Watch other people's vrays and learn from them.” This is good advice, especially when bilioujb or con* •tipated. You will flod many people who use < hamberlaio’s Tablets for these aiUn t With the beat cetiulla, aod will do well to follow tbeir example. FlEl ADMINISTRATOR APPESIS I'u Coul Producers ttnit Cunsuni- cr» lo Assist in Supplying Com- h*K V»^ar*!< Demands. l-iicl Avhninisir.tior ll.iirv A. K I.ii tirivi h.i-^ Ml kIo iIu_ full.*'’ \i'ii M lU-nient: “\\\' lu'giii ihc IK-H \ I il o| 1VM S I A nil .ill (»hln» HI.Ml iipttn c'verv ciii/cn of ihv- I'niicd Siatfs i(> dn liiN p.irt, 111 order tii.n th C'.il ■'upply ol til/ counir\ iiuy be m.ide adegu.itc to meci the home needs ot our people and ihe evt riiKMcasingdeni.indsforco.i! lor fuel whicli grew out of the conflict in '.vlu'jh we are now engaged. TIk- l-uel Admini>ir.iiH>n must h.ive ihf support and the acuve c>) uperaiii)n, not only o! those u ho arc engaged in producnon and diMrihunoii of fuel, Inii ol • \^i\ coal u^er in the »:ouiiir> 1-ach iiiu>i hear hi.s \hare of ihc paiMoiiv sacrifice which niusi be ni.ide if the ctnil supply is lo he properly increased and adcquaiel> distributed. “All adequate coal supply is viul to the winning ol the war. \\ iih- out It we can not make munitions «>r other war '•upphesor buiUl the sll!p^ which musi carry men to ilie baule tront. VX’uUout it industries will he stopped, labor thrown out of eniployment, and iho homes of the people will he cold. “(iindedl'y the e.\perience of tile pa^t wmier the iaiel Adminis- traiiun has taken the necessary step' to clear the way for the ceasc- Icss achvity of the mines of the vnuntry in increasing the supply and for the steady, suifi distribu tion of the Nation’s fuel as rapidly as It can be taken from ihe ground and moved uvcr our overburdened transportation systems. “The prices tixed by the (jov- crnnient fur coal at the mine have now been established on a stable finindaiiofi which w ill not be dis turbed during the coming coal year, except in cases of c.viraor- dinary urgency. These prices have been udiustcd by scientific and praciical investigation based upon uniform cost sheet reports to ir.sure the greatest possible stim ulation of production while main taining a reasonable and eijuiiaNe price ol coal lo the consumer. “P>y carefully drawn regulaiui'is, the Fuel .Xdminisiration ha^in^u^ed the shipment of‘clean coal' from the n^ine^. Coal contaming an undue amou u of foreign matter yiill be pcndUi.ed in pnce, and pro ducers uho lake e.xrraordinary measures in the preparation uf iheir coal will be recompensed. Tliese measures will kecpoH the railroads and out uf the bins ol tlie consum ers a large amount of unhurnable nuiierial which was included in last year’s coal production, “I'very etturt has been made by the I'uel Administration to so ar range the distribution of the cual supply that It w:il impose (he lea>t possible burden upon tiie railroads of tile country. Through the ^'onc system ot distribution, which be came eltective April 1, Ihe move ment of bituminous coal between the mine and the producer will be restricted to the shortest possible transportation lines consistent wit!i the maintenance of un adequate and proper coal supply to all consum ers. “In arranging these restrict.ons the Fuel Administration, in many cases, has allotted to consuming territory producing Helds which can only Hll ihe demand oF the con sumers they must supply, if pro duction is maintained steadily throughout the year. “The Fuel Administration ex pects the coal consumers, continu ing their patriotic co-operation with the Government in all its war measures, to maintain a steady and constant demand for coal in order to attain this result. Consuiners must buy their winter supply of coal during the spring and summer for storage during the winter if the production is to be maintained at a maximum and the country enabled to avoid a serious coal shortage this winter. The Fuel Adminis tration will CO operate with all communities in an effort to provide storage for emergency stocks of coal to be set aside during the spring and summer to meei the emergencies of weather and trans portation which may arise next winter. “Hut the great storage capacity of the country lies in the bins of the individual consumer, and there the country’s coal reserve must be built up during the spring and sum mer when coal production is un hindered and the transportation fa cilities of the country operating at their highest efficiency. “As an inducement to ‘early buying’ the prices of anthracite coal have been reduced 30 cents a ton on all domestic sizes from April 1 to August 31, and in many of the bituminous fields prices have been cut to an even greater extent. “To safeguard the consumer the Fuel Administration has prescribed regulations to prevent profiteering and to govern the distribution of coai by licensed jobbers and by re tailers. l-ach domestic consumer will be permitted to secure a full normal supply of coal, but no m»n-e. ‘ I'very ton of eoal that is hoard ed against future needs and is not nv.-.! dunnq the "imri actual UMMi- riie l.ih -r ,n\l 'rtM'p.irn- M"’ lued I" bung ihe e hI : * t’le e^Mi-'Uiii.T and Mu i. ni il e:u rg\ of the Cual lt^ell .ire \uiliikKI fruiii dnmg their pm towardsp^oily vic tory ^‘.onsumeis should secure liisi a little less than they be hove they need and >h\mld make e\ery shovelful give iis full value in heat and power. I.very shovel ful >aved me.ins help for the indus tries in im iiing out supplies for our troops abroad, help for the ships that niu>t bridge the mile g.ip between our shores and the battle fri>nt, and help io\v;ird iilii- niate vicmrv It Pour». It iLuziannp and Corn Pone —Yum-Y,im! M. r WHJ-N >ou t)i.n^ .1 lu > can ull belari* ,.r m.riatiy, Horipy, u du- i-oiic*. you ^ . It th;it tho cofftK‘*s • nul by the vvhis t»-stroaromg, tiii*.uning in tht- au . It‘« the cotlee—Lu/ianne—you remomber und you htinker uftor Ji until you set unother cup. Lu<Jiaune Collet* <>our grocer Ima it) cornea put up in tins. Try a tomorrow morning for brcaklaat. If u isn't all you i‘Xi>ect, you can get your money back. Luzianne lor aroma, fiagra Try It end snap. [ HOJIIN :)3 VtAKS m. ] IVom Ihe l^onnokt* News, .April hied on Sunday last at the rest- ‘ dence ol her husband about live' mik-. from tliis place, of pneumo nia. Mrs .\nn l larvell, in the Mth year t)f her age. Miss I. \\ Shcariii, of thiscoun-i ty. w ho has been visiting friends] in Davenport, Iowa, for the past few months, returned home lasi w cek. r.i'KNKh ro OnThurS'. day List It his home near (iaston, Harrison I'aulcon, colored, who was a cripple, fell in ,ie Hre and before he could awake any of his family and get help lie was so bad ly burned that he subsequently died. l)i:,VtII.— On l-nday morning after a pn)trav'ted illness Mrs. .\l ir- tha .\. Clark died at her residence in this placc, in the 70th year of her age. She was buried at ihe cemetery. She had been a ci»n- sisient member of the M. I: chuich for j lunnber of years and leaves siMTi)wing friends r.ipi .\ 11. Md.e- has I ■ numutg the p.issengvi i!i> .\ll.(ritie (ioasi l.iiie til j*!.: • ' I ll.ipi. l*ordcn, who has been siek. Our popular dentist. Dr, J. 1'. • Shields, went to l.mleton this Wc-A on professional business. Dii:i).~At his residence a few miles from this place .Mr. A. 1'. Harvell died of pneumonia on the ^hh in his T.^rd year, lie survived his w ife tour da\fr. Mr. Marvell was a kind neighbor and good cm- CuNvicThh Oi- br.t'.un: .Mi kdhr.—John Kogers, colorv-J, who killed M. 1-. Peebles, ticar M.irgarettsville on the 4th of Dj ceinber last in a tight was tried at Northampton court last week. The St.Me was represented by Solicitor i^ollins, .Messrs. H. B. I'eeblcs.W. Vi'. Peebles and NX’. P»owen I he prisonei* was defended by .Mr. Ii. S. Gay. The case was ably conducted on both sides and ihe jury after being out about an hour, returned a verdict of guilty of mur der in the first degree and the prisoner was sentenced to be hung on the 5th of June. \X i:ii)ON Maukht.—Chickens, 25 to M)c. I:ggs—I2'. c. per dozen. ; Butter—25 to 3l)c. pound. I Side Meat—«c. Shoulders—7c. 1-lour, family—$(i barrel. Irish Potatoes—$1.25 bushel. Sweet “ —-50c. bushel. DRAFTtD HEN lAKt NOTICt. 1 he Civilian Uclief Cornmiiiee of Ihe 'X’eldon Red Cross u'islie.s 10 impress upon ihc ne»ly dnifieJ men ilie importance of aitending 10 ecnain duiies before leavinc for cjnip, which will save ihem and their families from unnecessary worry and hardship later on, and in this connection beg to make the following suggestion: 1. No man should leave without understanding what he should do ill regard (o the allotmeni of his wages and what his privileges are with regard to securing the gov ernment allowance for his family. 2. Every man should understand fully the insurance law. It is es pecially iinpurtant that single men should secure this insurance, as in case of being permanently incapac itated for military duty, il will take care of them for life. 3. livery man ought to know that he can write to the Red Cross if he is anxious about his family or any of his affairs at home. 4. It is also very important lhat men should leave power of aitor- ney with some one; that they write home promptly on arrival at camp; that they make their wills; keep in close touch with their home folks, and that they acquaint (heir fami lies with their official number as soon as it is assigned to them. 5. The Red Cross should be used as a means of communication between the Government, the men and Iheir families. The Committee will take pleas ure in helping in any way that it can. l^i’ccipts nro lost and denied. MotU'V remitted mail goes ustruy and its reecipl is forRol- The Best and indisputable cviiience uf money paid and received Is the kuncelled check I hen think of the convenience. Pay all bills, make all remittances by chcck anil avoid mistakes. FEATHER YOUR NEST WHliN you invest your money in l.iberty Hunds you are not KiviriK money to y»iur country. You are making the safest in>estment in the ^^orl(J, >our money will come back to you. with interest, at a lime hen you may need it far more than you do now. And remember Kvcry Hontl You Invest In Alay Save a Soldier’s Life. LIKE BACON YOU know how cooking brings out all the rich pungent flavor of bacon— there’s nothing that tastes better. But you wouldn’t like it raw. IT’S TOASTED So we toast the Burley tobacco used in LUCKY STRIKE Ciga rettes for exactly the same reason —to bring out the rich, solid flavor. 0/7 CJuarantecd by ^ . - n h Ip ■ . ; Ou: liiio it> W . p tt'! lui price and ser- . ! I'be home ol good val ues v-'Ot in touch with us and keep posted. fliddy illouses Middy Suits leach St>lf "Supreme” .lUdd) IJlcuiscs and Mid- In style, quality and J> Suits represent the value, because made by btst. Correct up to the master - tailors, fabrics iriinute st>les Made ac- from the standard mills ciirdiMK to (lie U. S.Navy : of the country. Call In ■ ’ ".;til;iti<'iis and inspect them /■v U : 1 line is already arriv- ‘ , y a . we have a beautiful line winch wi!l please the most fastidi ous. Nutwithstanding the scarcity of goods and high prices, we can show you a handsome line very reasonable. M.FREID, I.AIMI-.S AND C'.liNT'S OUTHITTER, VVHLOON. N. C. is4.50| DAY " l liere are thousands of men wearinjc W. L I). Shoes And there niust be a reason. Perhaps, it’s just the swinjf of Ihe toe—or the ■feel” of Ihe leather—or maybe just the stltchlnjf—but the differ ence is there and in every pair of W. L. I). Shoes is so noticeable lhat you'll see il the minute you put a pair on your leet. jss.soj o) (o 0 o TO l)ouKla<« Shoes for Men and |{oys are made of the finest grades of leath ers— and they lire made by on ly the ntost skilK'il *>hoe makers I .DCU6LAS YouMI find' them perft-ct a shoe as can be made. FARBEK & JOSEPHSON. \VHM>ON. N C. jse.ooj a > c o 0 ><«■■»■ c o j$7.00i [I FonTHOSe WHO PREPEDIHEBm. rm , I Home-Made Pies, 11 Hot Chocolate, I i (Whitman’s Make) ! I Tomato Boullion ! j Sandwiches, 1 Coflfee, jLynnhaven Bay Oysters I on the Half-Shell I For Those who Prefer The Best. I M.C. PAIR (Confections. Toilet Articles, I F-ruits, C'iKars, Medicines, I Complete I uncheonette in Connection. IMTFOii WHO PREFER THE BEST 1^ Just Received | ui New I i ne of Lace 3! Call and jjet yuur share before the supply is exhausted. \lif- $1.00 Shirtwaist ,,, 79c rw\ lOc. Bowls reduced to Sc iOc. Bread and Butters 5c (I) Hit \it ilji I tKTD'S5-lll-2kSTI)lll | ^ Weldon, North Carolina. Jf^ mNiceline Ladies & Children’s HATS and CAPSI| Just Arrived

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