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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 13, 1918, Image 1

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ESTABLISHED IN 1866. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. VOL. LIII. WELDON, N. C., TIIUKSDAY, .Jl'NK UJ, HM8. Terms of Subscription—Per Annum NO. i'Ncl Conicnis 15 fluid Draoli ALOOHOL-arBBOENt AVo^*lablehtj«n<i«tf“ »rmilnlin4l»efi)oil tl n Uw SUKUito mil Bontls« I ThettHyPtoraoUn4B^« 1 Chefrful«W5*i«lt C ncMt£rOplam,M«pMi»"" >IinenU.NoTKABcoTic Sti£iSia5eSillXUftf^ JKwJiigr t Constip/iUon and DwrrhM" . und Fcvrrlslinesj ! I.ossorSWEi rat Simile ■VOHK CASTORUt For_Infttnts_and_^hi^^ Mothers Know That Genuine ^Rstoria Always Bears tlic Signature^ of Kiact Copy of Wrappef. For Over Thirty Years aSTORIA Get The Habit I^Buy for Cash. Save'^m i^the pennies by buy-'Vi ing at W. T. PARKEB & CO., Wholesale Gash Store WELDON, N. C. MANUFACTUKERS OF Building Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens made 'rOOKDEH AND REtiULAUS'l'OCK SIZES Qood Materials. High Grade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. The IMaing Room should be a cheerful place for when you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid digestion. And good digestion means health. •HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs in Tables, Chairs, Side boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the lii<e, is ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may be, Jn the matter of style, finish and price. Come In and talk it over with us. We are as eager to QIVB satisfaction as you are to receive it. Welios FarBitare Gompanj, Weldon, N. C. Fire hsuraBce & ketj Bonis! Life, Accident and Health. Plate Qlass and Automobiles. Repre senting leading companies. See me about your insurance wants. L. C. DEAFER. i; OfHce in Green Buildins, WELDON, N. C. For Sale!. New Todd Check Protector. U intorested, call at this office. A BIRTHDAY. By Walt Mason. Some umpiy years ago I showed up on this planei, where where norihern sireamleis dash iheirway between mil hills of graniie. I'm growing old in count of years, that much I am allowing; but I am chipper as the steers that Adam used for plowing. If you’d con vince me I am old, you'd have to bring the papers; for I am gay, my step is bold, and 1 cut fancy capers. Men often say, "You look so young! Your youth is scarcely civil; the rest of us by age are stung—why don't you bend and shrivel?” And 1 reply, “The world's a joke, and life a transient Hurry, and all our troubles end in smuke, so 1 refuse to worry. To me care looks like twenty cents, 1 throw it to the foxes; it's worry ages dames and gents, and puts them in their boxes. Oh, worry will not heal a sore, there is no balm in weeping; so while you fel lows walk the floor. I put in nine hours sleeping. And here I am all .sound and hale, and fit and pen and able; I lake a bullock by (he tail and throw it o'er the stable.” Today I celebrate my birthday with flares and Roman candles, while signs re echo round the earth, brought forth by Teuton vandals. If tears would down a single foe I'd make a moist beginning; but not an ill is healed by woe, and so I keep on grinning. STATISTICAL There are 556 war charities reg istered in London. United States has 4,283,389 IVlethodists in Northern states. I'he Presbyterian board of for eign missions has 1,35,1 missiona ries on its rods. Full sunlight is estimated to be 600,000 limes brighter than full moonlight. About $500,000,000 a year is being spent on education in the United States. Great Britain is using 200,000 ash trees a year in the manufac ture of airplanes. l-'or home consumption Great Britain imports iiboui 30,000,000 pounds of cofTcc annually. Sixty men a thousand are now being killed in the war, and about 150 men out of each thousand are wounded. NOT FRKlHTFUtNESS. Hirst Farmer—I can’t find any old clothes for the scarecrow. Second Farmer—Use some of the fancy clothes your boy brought home from college. First Farmer—I’m trying to scare crows, not make 'em laugh themselves to death. One of the things a young girl has 10 discover for herself is that a man may look well in a dress suit and still be a poor provider. The little boy may not know it but he’ll never get another suit that will give him as much joy as that Krst corduroy suit. Some magazine poetry should be used as aininunition in a maga zine gun. Sometimes virtue starves while vice is fed. CJLIiiEl DJiiii.., II SLUGDIIill UIIEH Oraihes into sour bile» you tick and you lose ft dft^’i work. Calomel 8aliTftt<>st It's mercury. Calonel acta like dynamite on a alnggish liver. When calomel oomes into contact with sour bile it crashes iato it, causing crsmping and nausea. If you feel biligus, headachy, con stipated and all knoclrod out, just go to your druggist and got a ^ttle of Dodson’s Liver Tone for a fow ccnts, ^ich is a harmless vegetable eub- •titute for dangerous calomel. Tako a spoonful and if it doesn’t start your liver and straighten you up better and quicker than nasty calomel and without making you sick, you just go back and get your money. If you take calomel today you’ll be sick and nauseated tomorrow; be** sides, it may salirate you, wlille if you take Dyson’s T^iver Tone you will wake up feelii^ great, fall of |mbltion ana ready lof work or play. gis harmless, plesMM and mm to Con to cbildren; tiuy lika iU National and Local Meat Business The meat business of the country is conducted by various agencies— By small slaughter-houses in villages— By local Abattoirs or small Packing Houses in towns— both Using only a part of the local live stock supply and Furnishing only a part of the local demand for meat. These slaughtering and distributiiig ag«ndes fill a well defined but necet- i^y restricted place in the distribu tion of the products of live atook. But onljr packers like Swift A Company, organized on a national scale, are able to undertake the ser vice that is more vitally important, involving An Obligation to the Produocr To purchase for spot cash all thf Uvt stook the producer may send to market Ibr slaughter. An Ol^gation to the Consumer To make available to every con sumer, everywhere, in season and out, the fldi supply and variety of meat products, of the highest standa^ that the market affords. Year Book of intarcsting and instructive facts sent on request Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Ulinoia Swift & Company, U. S. A. WOIVIAIi„ She is nothing but a woman, fair, mysterious and sweet Given all the luring graces that make loveliness complete; There is music in her laughter and her sighs are sweeter yet, With the charm that tnakes us wonder and remember and forget: Elusive, tempting, weak. Being all that tnan may seek, Fearing little woes, but steadfast when disaster must be met. She is nothing but a woman in whose breast love is aglow As her child is taught the lesson you and I learned long ago; From her lips he learns the wisdom that ennobles and that stands Firm against outworn tradition, filling Reason's new demands— Just a woman who would give More than life to let him live Who is sanctified and strengthened by the soft touch of her hands. She is nothing but a woman, fit for heaven, but unfit For a seat where pious bishops and unrighteous laymen sit; Fit to bear the Caesar's children, fit to make the world complete. Fit to be the Saviour's mother, fit to guide His baby feet— But a woman still, alas, And unqualified to pass Through the portals of the councils where the all-wise brothers meet. THE WAHTs OF mm. Man wants but little here below, Nor wants that little long; 'Tis not with me exactly so, But 'tis so in the song. My wants are many and, if told. Would muster many a score; And were each wish a mint of gold, I still should long for more. 1 want (who does not want) a wife— Affectionate and fair; To solace all the woes of life, And all its joys to share. Of temper sweel, of yielding will. Of Arm, yet placid mind; With all my faults to love tne still. With sentiment refined. And as Time's car incessant runs, And fortune fills my stori; 1 want of daughters and of sons, From eight to half a score. 1 want alas! can mortal dare, Such bliss on earth to crave P That all the girls be chaste and fair— The boys all wise and brave. These are the wants of mortal man, I cannot want them long; For lile itsi'ir is but a span. And earthly bliss—a song. My last great want, absorbing all— Is, when beneath the sod, And summoned lo my Snal call. The "Mercy of my God.” —John Quincy Adstns. Colored People Delighted With New Discovery To Bleach the Skin Atlanta, Ga.—Says that recen tests have proven without doubt that swarthy or sallow complexions can be made light by a new treat ment recently discovered by a man inAtlanta. Just ask yourdruggist for Cocotone Skin Whitener. People who have used it are amazed at its wonderful effect. Rid your face of that awful dark color or greasy appearance in a few minutes. It costs so littis that you can’t afford to be without it. Just think how much prettier you would look with that old dark skin gone and new soft, light skin in its place. Men and women today must care for their complexions to enter society. If your druggist will not supply you with.Cocotone Skin Whitener send 25c. for a large package to Cocotooa Co., Atlanta, Ga. I OUR BOYS, j “Where is Vour WanderfnK Boy To-nlnht ?’’ i Yes, boys will be boys, and why j should they not? Now, a boy should go to school, hut. there is no particular pleasure in thm, lor, fun he wants and fun he will huve. i Your boy should always be nice and clean; it tiiukes him look well —but even that does not satisfy his frisky nature. A boy should go to meeting once or twice du ring the week, but, good as he is, he will crave for pleasure. We love a boy with a merry twinkle in his eye; he looks so cunning; and, besides, he will need all the spirit of a young colt before he gets through the world. If properiy trained it will be to him what steam is to an engine. Did it ever occur to you 10 turn boy yourself and lay aside your dignified, serious airs? Try it. Play with them; sing with them; and, when night comes you can pray with them with a result you little dreamed of. If they can always have more pleasure with you than anybody else you will al ways know where they are. Did you ever notice how the older ani mals play with their young? It looks funny you will admit. We have often laughed at an old stiff- legged horse playing with a colt and what a queer game of ‘‘tag” it was; the baby horse beat every time, but the little one always kept close to its mother, and was never heard to neigh. Parents take a lesson and it will be possible to know where the “wandering boys are tonight.” aor ONE IN VOUR home? Captain Anderson Dana, who has just married at Plattsburg, is a grandson of the journalist, Charles A. Dana, and in an interview, he said: "My grandfather believed in marriage. He thought it steadied man. I remember a story he used to tell. “It’s a story about a chap who asked a man: "Have you ever heard anything about a machine for telling u hen a man is lying ?" "Sure,” said the man. "Have you ever seen one?” said the chap. "Seen one!” said the man. "By gash. I married one”—Wash ington Star. SHORT AND SNAPPY. Jealousy at best is but a chronic case of self-love. A shady character doesn’t always keep a man cool. During the courtship love shows up in the dark. Men of genius often make a for tune for a man of talent. Singers who pursue the even tenor of their way never get off their bass. Sometimes the man who is afraid to take a chance is beaten at his own game. THE TEST. Small Brother — “Bet he'd kiss you if I weren't hore.” Sister—"You bad boy ! Kun ttway this very instant!”—Aw- gwan. Has a Oood Opinion of Chamber lain’s Tablets. “Cliambcrlaiu'a TabteUi are a wonder. 1 Dever Hold anytliiug ttiat beat them,’ writed P. U. Treasey, Kicbmoud, Ky. Wtieii troubled witli iodigeatioD or BtipatioQ give them a trial. ft Start theDayRiqht with a Cup or'Rvo of Luzianne- HAM-AND-EGGS and a cup of stenming, stimulating Luztanne. What better start could enybotly have for the day’s work! The sanitary, air-tight tin locka the flavor in! Buy a can of Luzianne today. If you don’t agree it’s the best hot beverage that ever passed your lips, your grocer will give you back what you paid for it, and ask no questions. So, there. "When It Pours, It Reigna" OE T II K Mi Ilf f 11,11 ESTABLISHED I8V2 Capital a&i kplu^SO,000. WE INVITE YOUR AQCOUNT. 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DEPARTMENT W. f, 1>.\XIK1., 'S. I!. HMITll. .1. <). 1>HAKE, INVITATION. You are invited to open an account with the BJIMK of £HFI^LD, e/lriiLD, It. 0. Per Cent, allowed in the Savings Depart-J ment Compounded Quarterly. YOU can bank by mail IfWliat’s Nev 1b Miisic'^ By Special Arrangement with the Associated Music Publishers of New York, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Demonstration BROADWAY’S big Song Hits Come in and hear the “Latest" Direct from Melody Row. All Sheet Music lOc. Copy. W. M. Gohea Drug Coipanj, Weldon, North Carolina. r SOl-E AGENTS FOR NYAL’S REMEDIES. I NUNNALl-Y’S AND j I NORRIS’ CANDIES, j W/fy SpsflD J{u You You might get sick or hurt—be prepared for It You might want to make an investment—start now. “Takes money to make money,” you know You might be visited by thieves or fire—an account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is a mighty good one to get into. We pay 4 per cent on Sav ings Accounts THE BANK OF HALIFAX ec^XjIF-ajc isr. c. N. L. Stedman, P. C. Qregory, P. H. Qrafvry PfMideat^ Vioc-President. OasUsv.

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