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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 13, 1918, Image 3

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FORD The Universal Car. OWNERS of FORD cars are advised to be cautious of “counterfeit” or parts not made by the Ford Motor Company. If your car needs adjustment, or repairing, take it to the authorized FORD dealer in Weldon, where you will find a reliable station, with the complete mechanical equipment and the neces sary tools to give the highest quality FORD service obtainable—for the stand ard FORD prices. ^ All the FORD parts used by FORD dealers are manufactured and supplied by the Ford Motor Company. If your car requires the replacement of any part or parts, is in need of irepairs, don’t experiment; don’t waste time and money trying to “do it yourself.” It is one thing to understand and operate a car; it is another thing to make reliable repairs to a car. When anything is wrong with yonr FORD make a “bee line” or telephone us, the authorized FORD dealer. We are ready to give you prompt attention. So take your FORD car where satisfaction and economy are sure.j WElJ)ON MOTOR COMP^VNY, PHONE 3-2 8 the roan oke news Thuksday, June 13, 19I8. NOTICE. There will be a reEular convoca tion of Roanoke Chapter 81 R. A, M. ill Masonic Hall, every Hrsi and ihird Wednesday evenings. E. Clark, Jr., Sec'y. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Miss Annie Rowe House Is vis iting relatives at Thelma. Lois oF people take olTense, yet ihe supply never grows less. Miss Susie Zollicoffer, oF Kich- jnond, spent the week-end in town. Miss Julia Mountcastleis aiiend- ing the summer school, at Chapel Hill. The sola eclipse, as predicted by (he scientists; was plainly visible here. Master Richard Jordan, oF Wash ington, D. C., is visiting Mrs. R. 1. JOnes. Mr. Leslie Daniel, of Hopewell, Va., spent the week-end with rela tives here. Mr. Charlie Medlin who recent ly joined the navy, is home For a few days. Mr. B. T. Hux, oF Aurelian Springs, was among our visitors Ust Saturday. Mr. Donald Daniel left last week for the aviation training camp, Dallas, Texas. Mrs. V. L. Cherry, of Raleigh, was the guest oF Mrs. A. L. Stain- back last week. Misses Lillian and Zenia Bounds leFt Sunday night to spend awhile at Hoi Springs, Ark. Mrs. C. R. Emry and little daughter have returned to Wel don from Chapel Hill. Mrs. Geo. D. Hawks, oF Kin ston, Is here with her mother, Mrs. T. F. Anderson. Mrs. J. A. Harris and children leFt For EnReld last week, where they will in future reside. Mrs. S. B. Pierce and little daughter, Miss Elizabeth, are vis iting relatives in Durham. Mr. E. C. Dickens, one oF Hali fax county's best farmers paid us a pleasant visit last week. Mr. G. E. Hedgepeth, of Aure lian Springs, paid this office a pleasant visit last Saturday. Mr. A. B. Pierce who is with the R. G. Lassiter Construction Co., is now stationed in Norfolk Mrs. W. H. Hudson and chil dren, oF Emporia, are spending awhile with Mrs. T: F. Anderson Miss Lillie Gay Shaw who has lieen attending school at Greens boro College for Women, has re mrnecl home. Miss Bessie Owen who has been anending school at the Greens boro College for Women, has re turned bome. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Cochran, of Waynesboro, Ga., who have been visiting relatives Jn Weldon and vicinity, havc^ returned home. Mrs. Donald McClure, of Ral- eith, and Miss Lizzie Hale, of Hiiifix, who have been visiting Miss M*ud Vaughan, have re- tumd borne;, A man will work all day in the hot sun and not mind it much, but to stand idle in the hot sun for an hour is torture. This should be remembered when we tie our horses to a post while we do our trading in town. Horses have feelings as well as persons. Home- Rules ok Etiquette.— Be courteous in the home. Hus band, treat your wife like a lady in your home as well as on the street, If you want your boy to be "a little gentleman" when he is away from home,he must have example as well as precept in the home. Example will do more for the boy and the girl than any bouk on rules of eti quette. Advertised Letters, — The following is a list of letters remain ing “uncalled for" in the Weldon postofHce : Missjosie Tillery. I’ersons calling lor above leiters will please say "advertised," giv ing date of advertising. D. T, Clark, P, M,, Weldon, N. C June 10, 1B18, Let All the Pi:ople Pray.— Every day exactly at 12 o'clock, if you will listen, you will hear the bell at the Episcopal church ring. Do you know what that means? Well, it is iust this, when you hear the bell, whatever you may be do ing at ihe time, stop a monieniand utter a prayer. What a beautiful custom this is. Don't forget to listen For the tap of the bell, and may every man, woman and child in our town form the habit of utter ing a prayer just this time, A, iii E. College.—We have received a copy of the catalogue of North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Hngineeriiig at West Raleigh. That great techni cal college is doint> a line work, SciemiKc educaiiuii Kts in admira bly with the demands of such limes as these when |>ruducii«ii in all lines requires cllicicnily trained men. Thecullci; ' ult'^ji s lull I'uur- yearccuiriics III .\i;riculiui , Ciiciii istry. Civil Engiiieerint;, .Vlechani- cal Electrical Engineering and Tex tile Industry. That Old Swimming Hole.— This is the season when grim death claims many of its victims through the medium of drowning. The news of the day is interspersed with accounts of people having lost their lives in water, and the larger per cent of the victims are those who sought refreshment in a bath. Year after year these Fatalities oc cur and the numbers being contin ually on the increase. A whole some restraint on the part of the parents and guardians would un doubtedly result in the saving of lives. The Way to Build Up a Town.—The only way to build up a town is for everyone to go hand in hand—every man to the wheel. Banish all feelings of discord, if any; let harmony prevail and pros perity will follow. Talk about your town, write about it, speak well of it, encourage your men at the head of municipal aflbirs; choke the croakers, gag the grumblers and squelch the scolders. Beauti fy the streets in every way, patron ize its merchants, refrain from sending outside for goods, favor home enterprises always, and if you can't think of some good word to say, keep quiet. Be a hustler md keep it UK I-'kee Advertising.—When a newspaper gives a lot of free ad vertising in order to boom some concert or church entertainment which you are interested in, keep track of the number of lines that are printed week by week, and mutiiply that nunibe'' by the regu lar advertising rates of the paper. Compare the results with the ac tual money value of any favor that you can get from any other busi ness concern. Then take into con sideration the fact that advertising and circulation are the only two things that a newspaper has to sell, nd these days of higher prices, how much do you think they ought to give away for nothing? Every County in North Car olina IS expected to Subscibe its 1-ull Quota,—The week of June 2.?rd, is to be observed as North Carolina War Savings Week, beginning on Sunday, June 2Jid, with a State wide appeal for War Savings in the churches and Sunday schools, followed on Mon day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by a house-tu-huusc can vass in every community in the State for War Savings pledges, and culminating on Friday, June 2H, which is National War Sav ings Day, with a meeting of citi zens in every schoolhouse in the State to receive reports of purchas es and pledges already made and secure additional pledges, if any are needed, lo make the quota. Herald 1'or "The Kaiser, the Beast ok Berlin."—Did you know that the Kaiser had a poison-Hlled abscess in his ear, and that if it burst he would be a ray ing maniac ? Did you know that the Kaiser's left arm is six inches shorter than his t ight, and ihai the hand is pu ny as a child’s? And did you know how he carried it in order to disguise the deformity ? Did you know that the Kaiser has a mania fur admiring beautiful hands, which greatly embarrasses the ladies of his court? That he wears many bracelets and Femi nine rings, copied from those he admires? That he has 360 full- dress uniforms, that he was twice king, twice a grand duke, 13 times a duke, twice a prince, nine times a count, besides being a bishop? Did you know why he slaps his right thigh all the time? Of course, you didn’t. Few people outside of the imperial circle know them. They are secrets as carefully guar ded as has been the proof that Ger many planned and started the war. All these things and many more in the private life of the Jackal of Europe, who has plunged the whole world into war and sorrow, are shown in "The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin." To miss it is to miss the most illuminating expose of this enemy of mankind. Batchelor's Opera House, June 25th and 26th. Matinee 3:30, Wednesday, June 26th. Admission 25 and .SO cents plus war tax. LITTLETON COLLEGE Has closed just one of the most successFul years in its history. The 37th annual session will begin Sept. 25th. Write For new illustrated cata logue, also and quickly For partic ulars concerning our special olfei to a few girls who cannot pay our catalogue rtte. Address J. M. Bhodes, Liitleion, N. C. The Red Cross.—The Red Cross work room will be open every Tuesday and Friday oF each week until further notice is given, at9to I and 3 toTo'clock. Wevery much desire and urge every mem ber to get the habit of giving some pan of each day to this work and with the splendid co-operation of the past we will get the very best results from our work from now on. Mrs. J. A. Musgrove chairman woman's work will be glad to have all work returned this week as it is very important to get it in. Bring your dues to work roonf either by Tuesday or Friday. Pay your war fund to Mr, R, S. Travis June 29, The Red Cross asks for men and women to go to France to do most any kind of work. The Red (joss is beiiij; asked to furnish thirty thousand nurses by Jan. Isi. IHHI, for the care of our men at the front. Request come for young women to enter training at once, Mrs, W, 1.. Knight. N itrate Of Soda.—To the farm ers of Halifax county who applied for Nitrate of Soda from ihe Gov ernment, I am giving a copy of a letter that I received from Mr. C. J. Brand, Chief Bureau of Mar kets, of Washington, D. C., who has charge of the distribution of the soda, which is as follows: N. B. Stevens, County Agent, Enfield, N.C. 1 have your letter of June 3rd, relative to nitrate of soda. At the present time, the Depart ment has available for distribution in North Carolina about 45 per cent of the total quantity of nitrate of soda applied for. This, of course, includes the nitrate that has already been delivered. It Is possible that we will have another cargo of nitrate of soda around July 1st, from which a small shipment can be made you but this will arrive very late and it is possible that it cannot be used at that time. This however is very indelinite and we cannot make any definite statement regarding it. The 45 percent, referred to above, however, is nitrate that is now in Wilmington being distributed and shipment will begin immediately. Chas, j. Brand, Chief of Bureau. Mid-Summer Millinery Open ing.—A complete and attractive showing of the later styles and shapes in Leghorns, Milans and Lisera Hats to which you are cor dially invited. Miss Annie Medlin, Rosemary, N. C. An Ohio judge suggests that wo men should furnish samples of their cooking when applying for marriage licenses. Good idea. And lei the prospective groom pre sent a bank book showing a sub stantial deposit or a certificate from a trustworthy source that he is in dustrious and has remunerative employment. A man without hands can never feel well. He is happiest who doesn't ex pect all the joy in the woi ld. LOST—On the streets in Weldon an Elgin watch with monogram, “K. W. L.” and Masonic slide. Will give I suitable reward if given in at the postoffice window. Almost any caller is a bore if he comes at the wrong time. Red Blood and Courage I C. LOCA& > WliBt drives the wen right np to tlip iri'iichpfl ill this war is courage, and it’a rud blood timt ”put« the heart" iii tlie men. Did any one ever eeo a punv.thin* blooded man ever rush into the Qght with any chance of winning cot 7 With rich, pure blood you can face any bardship, reach any goal. But yea are handi* capped in the race of life without it. Every tiesDo, bone, muscle, should take from the blood certain materials and return to it certain others. When th’e poisons accumulate in the blood, perhaps tired, our vitality is at a low ebb, and we easily catch cold. It's time to take an alterative extract and blood'puritler, taken from Nature’s {oreats. Such a one is mnde up of <io)den 8eal, Biood and ^tone root, Oregon Grape and Queen’s root — ex« tracted with givcerine and made into sugar-contod tablets or liquid, and this has been sold dri lifty years os Doctc Medical Diiitiovery. cuturrh, uti'l It greatly relievetl u heartily nrommeiid the ‘ DIacoviTy Lhjtwl nip>lii*iin*.”—Mn«. Lucv IlKAr- hulMSVll.t.K 1 tiiat 1 ]ui Had 8iit*lls of itidigostlon ami sdurstoniai-li. A frli-nd told moabout Hr. Pierce’s <}(tl(lcii MiHllcal Discovery. I had little faltli lit tirst hut she persuaded me to try It. J iiuve taken a little over four Iwtttcs of it uiid tny trouble has vaiil.^hitd. I cun imw cat everything and It to Rive all the . c<lirino, which 1 ranh f«ir .stomaeb fninhl<‘." T.Layton, ItouioS, Bux^ia, Iti'rry lUmli'vurd. WANTED SALESMEN. We have positions open for two travellngsalesmen to represent us in North Carolina, east and west. S. A. L, Railroad and east of for one, west of S.A. L. for other. Only those who have had experience in soliciting the retail mer chant and can command patronage need apply. Mention territory desired --experience and line of business familiar with. SOUTHERN BARGAIN HOUSE, Wholesale (ieneral Merchandise, RICHMOND, VA. Notice of Summons. North ('arolioa, Ifalifax C'ouDty, In the Superior Court John Alrtton, I'laintlir Vs Hllla AIhiou, Defendant. The defendant, Klla Alston, will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior ('ourt of Halifax county by the plaintiir for an al)»olute divorce upon Htatutory grounds; and the said defendant will further take notice that she is required to appear at the August term of the Su perior (.'ouct of Ualifax county, to he Iield in the Court Houne in Halifax on the third Monday before the lirst Mon day in September, tui8. ami answer or demur to the complaiot in said action, or the plaintiir will apply to the court for tlie relief prayed in said complaint. This the fitli dav of June, 191H. S. M. (lARY, Clerk HuperiorCourt Hatifax County, U Ki 4t Administratrix Notice Having qualified as administratrix ol Walter U. Gatlins', deceased, late of Halifax couuty, N.C. this iito aotifyall persons having claims i^inst the estate of said decedH^ to exhibit said claimii to the undersifoed on or before the 1st day of May, 1019, or this notice w^l l)e make immediate payment. This the tirst day of May, 191H. BETTiE N. OATLINO, Administratrix Walfer (iatUaK, dee. UUANTED — Clerk in general If store, not subject to draft, good opening for hustler not afraid of work, give reference. Emporia Supply Co., lac., North Emporii, Va. THE BIG ONE WAS FED Avalon Farms HOG-TONE -Th0 Liquid Hog Candilk>n»r. FalUnwr ttnd Worm HamoyMr ■ “THE RUNT WASNT : the same t the Liqvid Hug Ton The big uite ii tl ketsandl^ngn bl of AVAUJN FARMS HOOlX)NE- ililiiln'l. ■ th« r brinit i «nc«? wu hroujht (irth of AVAI.ON HOC-TDNK •bout by 20 cent VARMS HOG-1 put! new life into hogs - mtki-i them «ot g>« more end grow fat at an amazing rale. Uil It hi-ltis tbvm to cviubat di«cus« and cli* fy yuu, •fits. Splenifld for pregnitnt m>w«- helps to iiroduce heahb* ler, slunlier iiiits. r.onit.* io Ihe slor*— leiluii the' num&r of your herd -and w« lu^i-nougfi HOd TONJ to fail to satis* you QuIbiDg. HOCr'^NI-! tl If the FOR SALE BY Boseman&Howell WELDON, N. C. ^Wko Do 7oq Stand? By the lives of innocent children murdered in cold blood, By the sunken ships ol neutrals. By the ruined altars of Christianity, By the ravaged lands of helpless people. By the graves of our soldiers on fureiKn shores and our sailurN in distant seas, or By the boys in khaki who are giving' their lives to riicbt these wrongs and to make It impossible for them to happen again ? mn \m \m ■um »■ mm m mm mm n Spring aid SuMGr iKh»(;()oi»S ALSO— Shoes and Clothing. # LADIES COAT SUITS # mm mm mm mm nm mm AND SPORT COATS mm ‘ Agency for Kinston Steam l-aundry Coliars 2'.c Shirts 12c. m.m 4. L. SWmoK. JS 'ri^e Busy Store, WKLDON, N C lUIAFTKDI into the Government Ser vice. All Merchandise, in cluding Men’s, Women’s and children’s clothing, drygoods and shoes greatly reduced. New Quarters Just moved into our hniiclsonie tiew hrick builctiuK 'A'itli a full supply of everythinjf in h;irdware for the farmer, the mechanic and ihe house builder. I'LUES! I-'LUKSM SoA tri the tiiiic to jilat't* voiit ur-ltrs fui IhifH. r waul cm. WtMnakn em. Halifax Co., Halifax, N. C. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH, lUv. N.t: hr.NCAN, iU(T(»ii Sunday cr aiul Serii IT aiul StTU Kveryhoily (‘•mliully iiifiti-d toatten4 llierte HtTvicoM. Refined Yt>ung Ladies as Telephone Operators. lk’twi‘1111 III :iml a.'i yi’or« of aiff; nth jffttile inlueatioii; nalory pakl wlnjelearu* iiit;' tuphl ailvaiieoiiK'Dt: Hpleadid 8iir* KMiiKlttiifs; Hick luMiclUs; vueuliuii with pav after lirst year. .\pply to CHIHF OPERATOR Home Telephone &Telejcraph Co BIG LINE OF ~ Spring Slioes Just Received for Men, Women and Children at reasonable prices Come and ((«t a good pair of Spring Shoes at KITTNRR’S Up* tO'Oate Shoe Store. ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIRING SHOP. All Shoes repaired promptly and at reasonable prices. KITTNER’S SHOt STORE, L. KITTNER, Prop. l>ppo«itc I’oKtollicc Wfldou, X. C, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES N^lti I'Jiiiry ISuildiiifr on WgsliingtOD SIMI.W, may y«tl», 11 A.M. Subject of LesHOD Sermou; “MUKTALS AND l.MMORTAIii.” WedDCMjay cvenioi; at 8::W—Testi- aiony nieetin^. The public cordially invited to attend thexe HerviccH V H a 0 SAVE money! I I \ I 40c. I iWILlEY-mOORE quo. GO., > THE PURE FOOD STORE spend less and eat better by trading ” with us. Our prices are low and the quality is high. And we give you full weight on every pur> chase. Our scales are made right and kept right. Once a customer always a customer. Substitute for Butter Nucoanut ’Margarine Per Pound I PHONE 2-2-1—2-2-2 Weldon, North Carolina. CnD CM C New Todd CHBCK PROTECTOR run OnLC It InteTMted^ call up olflctt. Says Phosphates Make Beautiful Women and Strong, Healthy,Vi gorous, Robust Men Mhyiilciana all over the world are prescribing phosphates to build run down enemlc conditions and those who have treated their patients with Argo- Phosphate are chancing thin, enemlc women with toneless tissues flabby flesh,Into the most beautiful rosy cheeked and plump round formed wo men ImaKlnabfe Atlanta, Ga —Dr. Jacobson said in a recent interview that 90 per cent, of enemla conies from nerv ous breakdown which can only be corrected by supplying the neces sary phosphates to Ihe nervous system that is lacking in the food you eat, and this can be quickly supplied by taking one or two 5- grain Argo-Phosphate Tablets after each meal, and at bed time. It will in many cases make a pale, scraw- ney face the picture of health, in a few days. I hav« seen women that 1 expected would have to be kept under treatment for months restored to perfect health in one or two weeks time. SpeclahNotlce.-The Argo-Phos- phate recommended by Dr. F. H. Jacobson contains phosphates such as are prescribed by leading physi cians throughout the world, and ii will be found the most elTeciive form for treating patients with Nervous Dyspepsia, Stomach trou bles, Brain Fag, and Nervous Pros tration. Ii will renew youthful vim and vigor, and build up the whole body. Argo-Phosphate is dispensed by W. M. Cohen Drug Co. Free sample mailed by the Argo Laboratories, Atlanta, Ga. OLD KAlflE TEETH WANTED— DON'T MATTER IF nKOKl.;N—We p»y up to 115 per Bet Atsoa Old Gold, 8ilver and broken Cheek tent by return mail Gfl 10 d*TB for lender'! approval . fte. Musm' Toots Sr»(.iAi.Tt, ' SOOT 8, 5th at., |>hUadiilt>litai. Pa. 5 » 4t

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