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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 20, 1918, Image 3

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, 1 ' £! ^ mh J TNE KAI»C r’s HOnOiS OF BABV »<ILLERS (SCftKe. FRO*^ TmC. KAiS&R TME'^CA.bT 0» B C « U * kj ^ BATCHEL.OR>S OPERA HOUSE, Tuesday and Wednesday m Thuksday, June 20, 1918. NOTICE. There will be a regular convoca tion or Roanoke Chapter 81 R. A. M. in Masonic Hall, every ftrst and third Wednesday evenings. E. Clark, Jr.. Sec'y. the ROANOKE NEWS THii Book Cuib.-Ai a meei- ine held by the Book Club on Tuesday evening. June 11th. matters of business were discussed. Mrs Cohen and Miss Clark gave most interesting reports of the recent meeting of the Federation held in Raleigh. New members were unanimously elected and the club adjourned sine die for the summer. St. John’s Day. June 25th.— The celebration of St. John's Day, which is held each year at the Ox ford Orphanage is an event of State-wide interest, especially to the Masonic Fraternity, and the occasion carries to Oxford a large crowd of visitors annually. This celebration will be held this year on Tuesday, June 25th, instead of June 24th, the usual date. Sunday School Conference. —A Sunday School Conference it being conducted this week at the Upi.scopal church, by Rev. Warren Way, of Salisbury. The morning sessions are held from 9:30 to 1 1:3U a. m., and the evening ses sion at 8:30 p. m. The public cordially invited, and especially to the night services when sermons will be preached by the visiting ministers on the subject of Chris tian education. It is hoped that there will be a good attendance on the part of the pcdple in the com tnunity. To All Township Foot) Ad ministrators 01= Halifax Coun ty.—Announce to all dealers thiuugli liical papers or otherwise maximum quantities of sugar that may be sold reduced to Kve pounds for country producers, two pounds to town consumers, twenty-flve pounds for canning and preserving purposes only upon certificate. Do not wish preserving and canning restricted but desire utmost care in use of sugar. Individuals re quiring more than twenty-Hve pounds at one time will be allowed to purchase on approval of Coun ty Food Administrator. Instruct all dealers to keep accurate detail ed records of every sale of sugar from this date. Yours truly, R. C. Dunn, Food Admr. Halifax County. Death of a Faithful Old Colored Woman.—Died at the home of a friend in Weldon, on Thursday evening. June 13th, Julia Ransom, u well kimwii col ored wuman whi) has spent much of her long and u.sclul lite in tms town. She came to Weldon as nurse for Gen. M. W. Ransi in’s younger children, about the year 1872. Was afterwards installed as nurse and “mammy” in the homeof Mr. R. O. Edwards, where she served faithfully and well. She has recently served in the home of Mr. Wilson Mullen, of Roanoke Rapids, and wherever she gave her service she was found capable, willing and of much above the average of her times in intelligence and inlormation. Her “nurse” children always loved her and her affection for them continued all her life. She has been in poor health for some lime, but her friends saw that she was well cared for and lacked for nothing. She was buried on Saturday in the family section of Mr. R. O. Edwards, in Cedarwood cemetery. Rev. N. C. Duncan conducting the burial ser vices. The pallbearers were, Messrs. Geo. C. Green, Charles R. Emry, Wilson Mullen and Dr. Wm. M. Ward. Mrs. Paul Roper, Petersburg, Mr. Mullen's family and other white friends attended ihe services and so, honored in death one who had been faithful in life. ■ If there is anyone who doubts that we are going to win the war lei bitii visit Biichelor Opera Houe on June 2M6. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. War Saving Stamps save lives. Mosquitoes are beginning to sing. The crop prospect never looked better. Look out for June bugs. This is their month. Mr. C. T. WhitHeld. of Rich mond. is in town. Mrs. Paul Roper, of Petersburg, was in town last week. Mrs. V. K. Overman spent Sat urday in Rocky Mount. Postmaster H. S. Harrison, of HnReld, was in town last Friday. You can at least be in the second line of defense—be a war saver. Mrs. A. C. House is visiting rel atives in Wilson and Newbern. Miss Eupha Stallings, ol Whita kers, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. T. D. Rawlings. Look out for late vegetables, sweet potatoes and late Irish pota toes. Mr. W. L. Knight went to Ral eigh on professional business last week. Miss Ruth Mayo Dickens, of Nashville, is here on a visit to rel- iilves. Mr. B. G. Rodwell spent the week-end in Norfolk and Fortress Monroe. Mr. W. W. Sledge spent the week-end in Norfolk and Fortress Monroe, Va. Mr. R. S. Hall spent several days in Scotland Neck and Green ville, last week. Mr. E. Dana Dickens, of Aure- lian Springs, paid us a pleasant visit Wednesday. Mr. C. W. Howard left last vweek for Bingham Heights, where Ihe goes For military training. Mrs. W. B. Lawson who has been visiting relatives in Ports mouth, Va., has returned home. Mrs. Lee Johnson, Mrs. C. W. Howard and little Miss Virginia Howard, left Thursday For White Sulphur Springs. Mrs. H, M. Poe, Jr., and chil dren who have been visiting rela tives here, have returned to their home in Rocky Mount. Mr. Eugene Daniel, late of the Virginia National Bank, of Peters burg, hat accepted a position in Ihe Bank of Weldon. We gladly welcome him back to “his old home town.” Mr. D. L. Hornaday who was one oF the number called to the colors at Camp Jackson a few weeks ago, has returned home, having been honorably discharged from the army. He will take his old position as night ticket agent at the Union station. His many friends were glad to welcome him b«ck. We regret exceedingly to an nounce ihit Mr. John O. Drake, wl)o has been cashier of the Bank of Weldon For the past several yean, hiu tendered his resignation and accepted a similar position with a bank ai Norlina. Mr. Drake was very popular with the people of \l^eldon and is a Arst-class busi ness nun and we take very great pltuure in commending him to the cnri people oINerUot. Halifax Items.—Mrs. Henry Marshall and Master Henry, Jr., of Wilson, who have been visiting Mrs. Marshall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Daniel, returned to Wilson Monday. Little Misses Ursula Gary and Helen Merchant will spend the summer with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Daniel. Mrs. L. C. Ousby and Miss Re becca, are visiting Mrs. John K. Cambell, in Rocky Mount. Mrs. Edwin Fenner and chil dren, of Henderson, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Fenner. Miss Nannie Gary is visiting friends in Henderson. Mrs. Carey Williams is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Norman. Col. Fred Olds, of Raleigh, was a welcome visitor in our town last week. Flag Presentation. — Ever since Mr. and Mrs. Shamburger gave to the M, E. Church a beau tiful service Hag bearing a star for each young man in the service, who either himself or his family is identifled with the church, some of the members have wanted a com panion U. S. Hag 10 go on the walls of the church with ihe other. At their last meeting it was decided ihui ihe Woman's Missionary So- cieiy should give this flag and also small ones ol the allied nations wiih whom our men are lighting, as a iribuie lo and loken of the church's love for them. Most of ihese young men have been hroughi up in the church, were members of the Junior Missionary Socieiy and Sunday school and later communicants of the church Itself, so it was most appropriate that the society should pay them ihis honor. On Sunday last these Hags which had been beautifully draped on the walls, were presen ted to the church. Appropriate hymns were sung, a fervent prayer offered by the pastor when Dr. D. B. Zollicolfer stated that Mrs. 'Jt'ilkins, a member of the society would present the flags and also a beautiful Honor Roll, given by Mrs. S. B Pierce, which bore the names of the seventeen young men in service from the church. After presenting the Hags, Mrs. Wilkins requested Dr. Zollicoffer to call this roll, which with the flags, will be preserved and cherished by church. I he pastor, Mr. Sham burger. feelingly accepted these gifts. Miss Londa Shambut^er recited a beaunful poem. The choir sung ihe Star Spangled Ban ner and so ended a most impres sive service which was followed by the regular sermon by the pastor. HED CROSS NEWS. it it it it it it it H In these days of parting with our loved ones it may afford some com fort to those at home to know that during their stay in Weldon prior to entraining for dilferent Camps every one, no matter from what part of the county, is looked after by the Weldon Branch of the Red Cross. 59 men leaving for Camp have been presented each with a box of lunch, and baskets of apples were given to 33, the 9 men who went to Camp Shrivers, Ga., were treated to ice cream, and on May 28th 160 men were served cake anti cream by the Pythiansand Red Cross at one o’clock at night just before leaving for Camp Jackson. In addition to what has been done For til of the Halifax county boys, every Weldon boy has been pre sented with a comfort kit and copy of a letter of instructions prepared by the Civilian Relief Committee. Mr. W. L. Knight spoke to the colored people ii Shepherd’s ch^ el on Monday evening. About 75 were present and they were very enthusiastic about what the Red Cross is doing. Please bring in all flnished work. Work room open Tuesdays and Pridayi from 9 lo 12 a. m., and from 3 to 6 p. m. Pay your dues at Ihe work room on these dag^ CALL NO. 652 For 45 Colored Men to be En trained for Camp Taylor, Lou isville. Ky.. June 21. 1918. John Willey, Jatueit Kichard WltiUktir, Uobort Kell, (iforge IlliB, Jolmoie Jones, Auhrejf J. hitllAiiiy, Klflther I'arr. Ilftiry Ouiby, Hidney Louif', llearv I'oon, iHirid Haiuill, KiIIIp NViUiD*. Mntlht‘W TavIoi', Tmil WttlKPI, .MiDKit*, 'rtuiinaii Arriutfiuu, I.enitie H60Raufty, William Frasifr, ’ 1'honiai .luNt*nU Morris, l.omDertiDe Ivi^ry .\rthur Forbes, JoliD Webb. l.lTTLItTn Willie WilioD. (Jscar Harris, Valley Moseley, (SrittiD Kud()h, Walter T. Mayo. Hilliard ^llowby. 8UAN0KB RAPIDN. l-'reDch rowell, JobD JeaKins. 1‘ALMTSA, Carey Epps, iieorfre llrisKer, ilOLLiSTSS JoliDoie McCoy, Nathan Garland, Arthur Savage, William Oibbi, flCOTLANO NICK MacK Hmitb, <Tiiii Cotton, liUBOOOD. KdwarJ McNeal, i..add Thomai,! James Bulloec, Charlie Ham, Antliony Harris, RUIRMARV, EIMa lirioKley. r.tim urmKiey. Lllijah Hocsauay, liuddie Ivey, Philip Npears, flRlNKM’ Burweli Harris, (ieorge LloydSmitb, Johnnie Tillery. Walter Alston, NashviUe. Lonnie WiliciDS, iiethel. iHbam Hilt, Rankin, i*a. Kicbard liutts, Emporia, Va. Clelie Dancy, Penooyd, Fa. Uobt. H. Harper, Newport News, Va. Jeff Wiwins, Salters Depot, 8. C JanieH WMIIiaois, Thelma UoNsie McCoy, Dunn. Bruce H. Wiley, (ireenville, N. C riummer Whitaaer, Kocsy Mount KCKie Manley, Bunn. Is IT True?—A more beautiful spring than the one just past, we have never beheld, or arc we fan ciful. But it does seem to us that things never appeared quite so beautiful. Every tree and bush of the flowery kind never seemed under such a weight of blossoms, nor the air so freigted with sweet perfume. There have been no storms to ruffle a bloom or scar a leaf, and all nature does seem to unfold itself with unusual perfec tion, and despite alt the dark shad ows that crowd themselves into our lives here, as we look abroad we cannot refrain from exclaiming, it is a beautiful world after all I Yet, in its brightest aspect, it is but a counterpart to the world where the flowers eternal bloom in rich ness beyond all conception, and where the glowing light is so efful gent, earth in all its brightness would be but a shadow. Let us live for a better and still more beau tiful and grander world than this, where joys are eternal and the brightness never fades. Will Preach Sunday.—Rev. Stanley White will fill his regular appointment at the Presbyterian church here next Sunday. June 23rd, at 3:30 p. m. The public cordially invited to attend the ser- vice. PERFECT CmOENCC. Weldon People Have Qood Reason For Complete Reliance. Do you know how— To Hnd relief from backache; To correct distressing urinary ills; To assist weak kidneys? Many people in this locality know the way. Have used Doun's Kidney Pills; Have proved their worth in many tests. Here’s testimony from this vi cinity. Miss E. T. Powell, dressmaker, 524 Arlington Sr., Rocky Mount, N. C., says: “1 sufRsred from backaches and pains in the back of my head and between my shoul ders. My kidneys didn’t act right and 1 could get no rest. Doan’s Kidney Pills relieved theachts and pains in my back, corrected the kidney annoyance and did me a great deal of good.” Over three years later Miss Powell said: "I have had no signs of rheumatic pains or any kidney trouble since f endorsed Doan’s Kidney Pills before. I cannot praise Doan's too much for what they have done for me.” Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't simply ask tor a kidney remedy—get Doan’s Kidney Pills —the same that Miaa Powell had. POSTER-MILBURN C0.,M<n- ahcmrer*. BuflUo, N. Y. CALL NO. 661 For 23 White Men to be Bntralo* ed for Camp Jackson, Colum bia. S. C.. June 26. I»I8. Elisha Lane, Rosemary. J. S. Marks, Roanoke Rapids. Edgar Parker, Scotland Neck. J. R. Browning, Enfield. W. A. Williams, " W. T. Warren, Aurelian Springs. J. W. Hawkins, Enfield. B. H. Pope, Scotland Neck. S. E. Hardee, Enfield. W. J. Hedgepeth, Aurelian Sp'gs. J. G. Shields, Scotland Neck. A. V. Johnson, Enfield. Z. A. Hardee. " Richard Carlisle, Scotland Neck. T. E. Wright, Littleton. J. L. Holliday, EnHeld. Brinkley Melvin, Aurelian Spr'gs. W. A. House, Scotland Neck. C. S. Alexander, Scotland Neck. C. W. Lewis, ■' “ Walter Moone, Enfield. R. E. Boseman, Rosemary. H. H. Sledge, Heathsville. O. A. George, Rosemary. C. E. Reeves, Enfield. J. N. Hackney, Scotland Neck. Gus Vincent, Weldon. W. D. Weeks, Whitakers. S. B. Kitchin, Scotland Neck. J. A. Draper, Enfield. PROCLAMATION OF THE MAYOR. To All Adult Citizens of Weldon : In accordance with the Procla mations of the President of the United States and of the Governor of North Carolina and in cheerful compliance with the request of the Governor of North Carolina, I, Geo. C. Green, Mayor, do hereby designate the period beginning Sat urday, June 22, and ending Fri day, June 28, as War Savings Week for the town of Weldon. I respectfully request every min ister of the Gospel, superintendent of Sunday School, and teacher of an adult Bible Class, on Sunday, June 23, to speak definitely about the War Savinj^ campaign and urge the necessity of responding liberally in pledges to purchase War Savings Stamps. 1 earnestly appeal to all employ ers of labor to inform their em ployees about the special campaign and encourage them to help win the war by saving, economizing, and investing regularly in War Savings Stamps. I call attention to the fact that every citizen so notified is expect ed to go to the schoolhouse of his district on Friday, June 28, at 6 p. m., also to the fact that a record of the attendance and proceedings of the meeting at his schoolhouse is to be made and preserved. 1 urge all citizens of Weldon, with one accord, to work together to the end that, during the period designaed above, the entire quota of War Savings Stamps apportion ed to Weldon, which is $20 per- capita, may be secured in pur chases and pledges by Friday, June 28th. Done in the town of Weldon on the 14th day of June, 1918. G. C. Green, Mayor. A. W. Andleton, Secretary. THE BIG ONE WAS FED Avalon Farms HOG-TONE li0mU Ht FrntUntr mmd W^fm —THE RUNT WASN’T They both sturteU life at the arnne time und weii{ht. They w«re given the same feed under the same conditions • with une excep* lioo. The bis une gut bi* reguUr dote of AVALON FARMS HOG-TONE^- tb* Ho0 Tonic. CuridiUoDer end Fattenvr und the runt didn't. I'f,'™: ft"'’ prrgiiunt^Mtw*^- hd^ito^produti; health- The blH one la (he kind that (op* mtr- ket^end Diingi bl|(^^ofitit (u (he ^^>cket« Ciee than be wUIever brii^^n the mar (. And .„Sh of avai;on iur.iv,r i,;., hutft 60 day*. You don’t rr^:tn.'eVA".trt» > cumbat diteue and fll* fy yuu. it will cuit you outbing. FOR SALE BY Boseman & Howell WELDON, N. C. LITTLETON COLLEGE Has closed just one of the most successful years in its history. The 37th annual session will begin Sept. 25th. Write for new illu&tiated cata logue, also and quickly for partic ulars concerning our special offer to a few girls who cannot pay our catalogue rate. Address J. M. Rhodes, Littleton, N. C. WANTED SALESMEN. We have positions open for two travelinKsalesmen to represent us in North Carolina, east and west. S. A. L,. I^ailroad and east of for one, west of S.A.L. for other. Only those who liave liad experience In soliciting tlie retail mer chant and can command patronage need apply. Mention territory desired —experience and line of business familiar with. SOUTHERN BARGAIN ilOUSE, Wholesale Qeneral Merchandise, RICHMOND. VA. Notice of Summons. North Carolioa, Ilftlifax C'ouDtYi In the Superior Court John .\lstOD, IMftintitl' . Vi Ellla Allton, Defendant. The defendant, Ella Aliton, will take notice that an action entitled an above has ^on commenoed in the Superior Ck)urt of Halilkz county by the plaintiff for ao abiolute diToree u^n Rtatutory ?rounds» and tlie said defendant will urther take notice that the ii required to appear at the Aitfuit term of the Sa* perior Court of Ualiiax county, to be neid in the Court House io Halifkz on the third Monday befwe the first Mod* day in September, 1818. and answer or demur to the complaint in taid action, or th(* plaintiff will apply to the court for Ibe relief prayed m said complaint. This the 6tn diay of June, 1916. & M. QART. Clerk Superior Court Hali&u Conaity. 6 13 4t Administratrix Notice HaTinK qualifl^ as admiaistrattiz persons haring claims a^nst the estate of said deeets^ to exhibit said etaims to the ondersiffnsd on or before the 1st day of Hay, 191V, or this notice will be plMed in bar of their rssoTWT. AU persons iodsbtedto said estate will plsase make immediate payment This the flfitjay of May, 1919. mrns n. dATURo, EAST CAROLINA TEACHERS TRAINING SCHOOL A State school to train teachers for the public schools of North Carolina. Bvery energy Is directed to this one purpose Tuition Free to all who af^ree to teach Pall Term beKlns SHPTI:MBHK 25, 1918. For catalogue and other Information, address ROBERT H WRIOHT President. 6 20 Im (JREENVILLB. N C. Spring asd Immi iKI«S(i(K)I)S: ALSO Shoes and Clothing. AND SPORT COATS S J. LADIES COAT SUITS Agency for Kinston ^team Laundry Collars 2N'C Shirts 12c. _ _ " II 4. L. STAIHBHoK, j The Busy Store, WELDON, N C | Important Announcement! Having bought the interest of Mr. William Josephson in The Leader, of Weldon, I will ask the people of Weldon and Hali fax county for your patronage. I assure you that I will serve you promptly and honestly. ' M. D. MORRIS, ' We also sell War Saving Stamps, dollars in the future. Your quarters means (ijtSraB STATM . WVWIMlHt nFMTAj Faffiilf of Fighters I Thai is Ihe war-iime spirii of irue-blue Americans—the spirit ihai | J will win ihe war. The day of lalking pairioiism has passed—the | • lime has come lo practice it. Your government has ofRcially set Friday, June 28th, as National j War Savings Day I On June 28th every American will be summoned to enlist in the J “army that stays at home.” On that day every loyal American f should "sign the pledge” to invest a definite amount in War Sav- jing Sumps each month during 1918. W. S, S. COST $4.17 IN JUNE WORTH $S.OO JAN. 1, 1923. For every $10 of cash receipts returned we will give a Thrift Stamp. Ask the clerk. {PARAGON GROCERY COMPANY,! PHONB 2-2-1—2-2-2 Weldon, North Carolina. FOR SALE it”'^ CHECK PROTECTOR loterMtwIt caM up dfHttft. New Quarters Just muved into oyr handsome new brick building with a full supply of everything In Hardware for the farmer, the mechanic and the house builder. l-'LUES ! FLUES ! I Nuw IB tlie limr to place yuui orders for tlutfN. r want em i- make t>m. Co., Halifax, N. C. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Kkv. N. C UrSCAN, lUrroH K P.M eunlially invited to attend Refined Young Ladles as Telephone Operators. Between Hi uu.i yearn of bk**; irrade i>duoat Halary paid while itjaru* riikr;.ap.dudvaucemfut: Hplendid «ur. rouiidiMK^: >*it'lv lieiieHtn; vacatiuii with pay afl<T lifMl year. Apply to CHIEF OPERATOR Home Telephone & Telesrapti Co BIG LINE OF ~ Spring Shoes Just Received lor Men, Women and Children at reasonable prices Come and get a good pair ol Spring Shoes at KITTNER'S Up* to-Date Shoe Store. BUY WAR SAVING STAMPS ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIRING SHOP. AH Shoes repaired promptly and at reasonable prices. KITTNER’S SHOE STORE, L. KITTNER, Prop. Oppo8ite roHtotlice Weldoo, N. C. 1hr¥tian science servTces SI NIIAY, .Il'NE 2;), 11 A, U. .Subject of l.cHHOD Sermon: "Is the Universp, iocludiQ^r maD, ovolveil by atomic torce. ” WfdDeBdiiy cvcuiDtr at M::iO—Teati- mooy mcetiDtf. The public cordially invited to attend these Hervicen Dr. Frederic Jacobson Says. 75 per cent, of women need Phos phates to (Ive them Strong, Healthy, rounded figure and to avoid Nervous Breakdown. Thousands of women grow strong In Nature’s way. “Consider the Lilies of the Field, flow They Qrow.’* The life of ihe lily is but a few weeks nr monihs. The life of man Is “ihree score years and ten.” Bui 10 live one's life in i(’s fullness women like the lily, must be nour ished by those same vital elements which nature provides for nourish ing every living thing; and these include the valuable phosphate so often lacking in the usual food we eat today. Argo-Phos- phaie is rich in these wonderful elements. It contains them in con centrated tablet form which is easy to take and quickly assimulated and absorbed inio the system, and from youth 10 old age, builds and re builds body and brain in beautiful harmony with Nature’s perfect plan. “Thai's why” Argo-Phos- phate makes good solid flesh and muscles. Special Notice.—Argo-Pho-s phate contains the Natural phos phates which thousands of physi cians are prescribing daily to build up thin, pale, colorless women to give them rosy checks, red lips and a beautiful complexion. Many cases have been reported where women have increased their weight from 15 to 25 pounds with a few weeks treatment, and any woman who desires a well rounded and developed foriri, should secure from her druggist, this new' drug which is inexpensive and is dis pensed by the W. M. COHEN DRUG COMPANY with or with out a doctor's prescription. Free sample mailed by the Argo Laboratories, Atlanta, Gi. r OS" My up to $16 per eet Also catih for Oohl, SIlTer eod broken Jeircliy. Cheek eeat by return mail Oo»4e hiM 10 dan for e«ider*i iu>provml of Ktm of fer. tUam’ Tooni Sracialflt, Oepi^ l007».6thflt,PhiUMpiia, ft.

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