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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, July 04, 1918, Image 1

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r E eSTABLISHBD IN I860. VOL. LIII. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C., THURSDAY, .Jl LY 4, l«IH. f'erms of Subscriotion—$I.5C Ptr Aiiniini Chlldran Cry for Fletcher’s CASTOR IA and has beeu made under his per* sooal supervisiuQ since Its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. Thft Xl&d You Have Always Bought, and which has beeo la VM for over over 30 years, ha^ borne the signature of All Counterfeits, Imitations and ** Just-as-good ** are but Sxpertments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infanti and Childrea*—'Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Cutoiia b a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Dropa and Sootlilng Syrups. It Is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has been la constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Vind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising (herefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the ascimilatlon of Food; giving healthy and sttur&l sleep, The Childrea’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend. OENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS ^Bears the Signature of In Use For Over 30 Years Th« Kind You Have Always Bought Get The Habit I^Buy for Cash. Save*li| l^the pennies by buy-*^| ing at W. T. PARKER & CO., Wholesale Gash Store WELOON, N. C. MANt’FA(!TUUEi{S OK Building Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TOOHDKK AND KI.CU I.AUSTlH K SIZES, Oood Materials, High Orade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon. N. C. The Dining Room sliould be a clieerful place for when you eat your meals amid pleasanf surroundings you do much to aid digestion. And good digestion means health. HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs in Tables, Chairs, Side boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like, !• ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may|be, in the matter of style, finish and price. Come in and talk it over with us. We are as eager to OlVE satisfaction as you are to receive it. WeUon Fmitiire Compasj, Weldon, N. C. Fire I&snraBce Si Soretj Bonds! Life, Accident and Health. Plate Qlass and Automobiles. Repre senting le'ading companies. See me about your insurance wants. C. DKAFER OfRce In Green Building, WELDON, N. C. For Sale! New Todd Check Protector. If interested, call at this office. UTiOoI Pood Administrator Henry A. Payo Announce! New Reetric-: ons 'n Sales of Sugar and CalU Upon Con- aumert lo Eeonom(*9—Pruie 'vmfl and Canning Not to Be Curtiiled. Rah'iKh.—Sla(e Pood AdmmiHtruior H«'nry A, tttwoniiriul h*’W reHtrii-tloiiit lo govern all of hur ftr by wholPHalarH itiid recalU>rH niut at thi‘ name tiuie chIIh upon Htigur auniern In North lo «>r.)nO' mizf and tiavf> th»* utumst ’)uni'-' of HUKur tliruuKli n'<lu<od i-unKtiniptlon i» till* home and (lirouKh the ellmlna- Ui»i of Muft tlrlnka, runity und nih<‘r Ibhh OMHenttal or non eaa«*nliHl i»r id mia. HegliininK today, all d«*ahTH arc forbld«l«’n to nell more than iwo )K)iindK lo a town or city coiiMtiint^r or mure than five poumiH lo h lounlry coiihunier and not mure than 26 Iba. CJU bit Hold ut IMK> tiniu lo indtviduuU for canning and proBorviiiK i»uri>ot>«» un«l»*r the rerliratu plan amiounctsj aoniu weeks uko by the Ktttni Adinlu htration. If a lurnor quunlty In re quired at uno tlDiu ti nuy be |mri‘h»H- w) uiwn the approval of the t’tniniy Kood Admlnlrttrution. tvery dealer is n*qulred to keep an atMiotutely accurate record of all aalei of HUKar, this record to inchide (lie dale of naJe. nunie of jmrchaner, quantity sold und price. These records will be examined periodically by the Food AuiJnlstrutlon jii«pector« who will be put in the Held in the Imme* diate future. .Mr. I’a^e states frankly that the suffar nUduttuR is gerUtUH. "Jl >m ex tremely important that there Mhall be no curtailment In the quantity of pre sorves. Jam, and canned fruits manu- fariur«l during l)»e pre.soni m>iwon.’’ declared Mr. Fn««'. "and if HUgar is to be plentiful and ample for proserv- lOK and canning purposes there must be marked conservatloa not only by commerdal users who produce loss essential products such as HOft di'inks, cMidjr, «tc.. but also upon the part of the individual consumera. It Is the patriotic duty of every American ciU* xeu to consume lesH of the producta of fountains and candy »hops under the present conditiooi. “It isthe duty of every man. woman and child in the United States to use a minimum of augar for tea. colTee, cereals, cakes and other edibles. “The Individual who usea more sugar than is necesary for any pur> IMMie and who leiivus unused Hugar In the bottom of llit'ir i‘offe«‘ cups or iced tea glasses, is a slacker und a near ally of the Kutser. Less Essentials Must Qo- “The American nation is stripping (o the waist for this <ight and non- esaential industries must go by the board. It haa not been necessary until thia time to curtail our use of sugar tu the extent that is ooir re* queated. It Is nec(>saary now and our people must realize that, just as in the case of wheat and meat, they must auve until U hurts. The Foix! Admin* Istration doean't want any oni‘ to do ivitbout creais, coffee, tea, etc.. and especially it do^^sn't want ohildrcn aad invalids deprived of tbo amount of sugar nei'easary in their food (or their proper growth und development but It doen want and it will czpect every patriotic nduU to cotiflne tbelr use of sugar to not ficceedlng thrett pounds per month at the very most. This is the measure of conservation and these three pounds a month should include any candy, soft drinks, •tc., that are used." FARNCRS ARE 0R6E0 TO SAVE ALL JHT POSS'BLE Raleigh.—mate Food Administrator Menry A. Fiieo Is urging the farmers of N>>rth Carolina to exercise cart duriiiK the prunent harvesting season tu the cud that no wheat shall b« left in the flelda, around stumps, near <ilt<‘hos und on the edges of the lleldfe wliore a binder !*omoiimei leaves A small quunlity uncut It may often happen that such wheat will not Rnan> clally pay the labor reqtUre to harvest it but this wheat Is needed to feed hungry men and women and every farmer Is urged to uae the utmost pre* tuutlon In saving every stalk of wheat possible. ROGKINGHAN CAFE FINED Rockingham. — Recausa it had ro- peatediy violated, rules and regula tions of ths tJnlted Htates Pood Ad ministration, the Busy Bee Cafe of this city. In order to escape more drasdc punishment, hat Toluntartly olosed its door for four days with a sign announolDg to its patron« that It is closed for violations of the food regulations and In addition haa mad« a coQtrtbutlon of $100 to ths locat chapter of the Red Crose. The owers of the cafe wer« given a hearing some days affo before Coun ty Pood Administrator W N. Bverett. who communicated with the office of the F\K>d AdminlstratioD at lUlaigh and 'vs« 4utliurlted to let the estab lishment off in so tar as past offenses are concerned upon the basis me^. The man who says what he pleases, may hear what displeases him. CASTORIA For Inftsta aad CUldrea In Um ForOvar 30Y«ars THE nun IN HiSToev. Broiher lo ihe bruie, of black barbaric deed, I saw you make poor Belsium groan and bleed; I saw you crucify in Northern France, As otien always as you had the chance, A woman's honor and a child's pure soul, Whai shall you answer when God calls the roll? You are a demon with Kres and fumes of hell; And think you not that history's page shall tell To men unborn your base barbaric tale; It shall be told; for history does not fail! You shall not curse the world and to unwhipped. Those whom your brutal blood-lusi starved and stripped. Shall lay the scourage in deep and scarlet stripe, Woe unto you when vengeance groweth ripe ! If not so now—grim as your fate must be-. You shall become the scorned of history; You link your name with Ninevah and Tyre— A wild beast playing with Promethean fire! Beware, beware, the pale white ranks that grow, A mist oF blood clings to their words of snow; Pale babies, wan mothers—millions strong they come; You shall not win; Death beats your funeral drum ! —John Jordan Douglass. GOD’S CHILDREN, POK WHtiN THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS EVER SHOULD LET LHEIR TIGHT SHINE THAT THE WORLD MAY SEE COD’S RAINBOW. The rainstorm had passed, and the black clouds were retreating in the easL The sun was near setting, but its face was clear and bright, and the world was beautiful and clean and glistening with raindrops. In the sky hung the rainbow. God’s promise to man that the world is saft in His keeping forever. The great lamp in the sky, shining down through millions of rain drops, made the spectrum, which we call a rainbow because it comes with the rain. How beautiful it was I But it was only the sunlight broken into the colors that compose it. Each had its own place and its own beauty. The rainbow would not have been the perfect picture It was with any of the colors gone. There is another Sun and another Rainbow. Christ, called the Sun of Righteousness, is the "light of the world,” the true light or the white light. He shines for the world through his people, for He said, "Ye are the light ot the world." The light of Jesus Christ is broken up into the many different colors as it passes through the lives of his people. None of us can be all that Christ is, the pure white light, bU( we can have our place in his spectrum or his sunshine. He wants his people to be the world’s rainbow to beautify the dark cloud of sin and sorrow and death that has covered ihe world through us. As some of the rainbow colors are more brilliant than others, so some of Christ's people on earth make a greater showing than others; but each one of us is a part of Him if we shine with his light. He does not want us to iry to be something that we are not, but to be that part of Himself that He has given us to be. He wants us to do our besl and 10 be content that He has thought fit to shine through us. How important it is these days, when darkness has covered the world and men are inclined to doubt and despair, that God's children, for whom the Sun of Righteousness ever shines, should let their light also so shine that ihe world may see God's rainbow outlined bravely and hopefully against the angry cloud of war. SLACKeRS OiD i N£W BY CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY. The papers chronicle day by day the steady advauce of the British soldiers northward through Palestine. Their lines ex tend from the Jordan to the sea and they are slowly but surely driving the Turks before them in this latest, greatest and most decisive crusade. If the followers of Mahomet can make any stand against the followers of Christ it will surely be in the plain of Kfidraelon, one of the natural battleftelds of the world. It is singular how some places lend themselves inevitably to conflict. The plain of Jezreel, to give it another nanio» is one of these. It has been fought over continually since Thothmos tlefeatcd the Hittites in the dawn of recorded history. Jew and (Jontile; Canaanite,As syrian, Babylonian, Scythian, Persian, Oreek and ttoman con tested for its mastery in the East; Kngiish, French, Italian, Qerman, Arabian, and Turk from Godfrey and Kichard and Saladin to Napoleon drenched its fertile soil with blood in more modern times. May the forthcoming ho the last of its many battles, and Allenby the last of the long line of crusaders. One of the most decisive of its contiicts upon the plain oc curred in 1290 B. 0. when Barak, the Lightning, inspired by Deborah led ten thousand men down the slopes of Mount Tabor in a night onfall and surprise of the army of the oppressor, Jabin of Hazor, under the command of Sisera, The Hazorites were disastrously defeated, driven in panic terror down the narrow cut by the Kishon, then in full flood, and killed or drowned in large numbers. Deborah made a great song about the triumph. One stanza runs this way; ‘‘Curse ye Meroz, waid the Angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty.” No one knows where Meroz lay. No ruined vestiges remain to identify it. There is no other mention of it in the pages of history. There is no ground even for speculation about it Yet for over thirty-two centuries it has been pilloried in its infamy in that immortal song. Whatever its prosperity and its works, whatever its hopes and achievements, the loves and hates, the successes or failures, of its people—they are all forgotten in the blistering, withering condemnation of the singer. It stands as a place accursed forever. Perhaps its utter oblivion is the re sult of the merited condemnation. Shall there be written against our oity, against our land, the curse of Meroz!'' Shall we apply to these and to ourselves this slackers' text? Or shall we come to the help of the Lord today, tomorrow and foreTer, in the great conflict now, and at all times, being waged in Europe and everywhere against sin and the devil ? Curse ye Meroz? Non nobis, Domino—Not unto us. Oh Lord! Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S Children Ory FOB FLETCHER'S CASTORIA COLDS ARE COSTLr LUXURY. ' Can Usuaiiy Be Avoided by Pol- lowinif Carefully « Few Simple Kules, It Is Declared. (U>mmon colds have bcon os- timutod to cost the populations ' of certain states $;j,im)o,(hio a, year. Ueally, considering tlie advanced prices of medicine and the wages lost, only the well-to-do can afford to catch | cold, tile New Haven Times- ! Leader observes. But in this matter the poor est can become philanthropistH. Whoever mnnages to get through without his aniiuul sneezing or coughing spell is conferring a benefit on the | wliole community. There two ways of cutting the high cost of colds for your own srke and of proving your self a public benefactor as wi*ll; 1, Avoid exposiir«* to infec tion when a uuanber of the family brings a cold germ into tiie house, and if you cateh a cold, sneeze and cough behind your handkerchief and avoid infecting others. 2. Drink two quarts of wa ter a day; sleep with your Jbed- room windows wide open—nev er mind the weather outside— cover up: sit, stand and walk erect, and walk every day in the open air; keep clean: eat slowly and do not eat too much. Holiday feasts are responsible for many a hard cold. Build up your vitality and your physical resistance and taking cold will cease to be a part of your yearly history and a tux on your income. OETTINO IT OVER WITH. “1 Jove her dearly, but 1 can’t get enough courage to pro pose.” “My boy, wait until summer comes.” “Well ?” ‘‘Lead her out to a ham mock. The chances are that she will ask innocently, "Will this hammock support us both ? “Uo on.” “That is your cu»* t(» Hnswnr ^1 iion’t know abut the ham- mock, but I’d be glad to,’ ” PROPEK. Harold came home one night with his clothes full of holes. “What in the name of good ness has happened to you?” ex claimed his mother. “Oh! we’ve been playingshop ever since school was over.” ‘‘iShop?” echoed the mother. ‘‘Ves; wo opened a grocery, and everybody was something,” Harold explained: “I was the cheese !” CHEERY, whole-hearted, Southern hospitality—it’a almost a magic phrase to niany. But really it stands for honest friendship, cordiality and (you've guessed it) lota of delicious goodies. Lu7ianne CofTeo is always in cluded in Southern hospitaHty because it tastes so good. Fra grant hot coffee for people who knowwhat'sgood—that'sLu/iannc. Good old Lu;'iannc f!ivor—- um-m-m! —better tr^* jr.ino quick. Your grocer has it—mu! if yoi^ aren’t satisfied, Ik-'II i.ivu b_cl; •very cunt hui.cbt I r II K ESTABLISHED I8V2J Capital ad Eurplus,S60, WE INVITE YOUR AdCOUNT. 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DEPARTMENT W, K IIAMKI., ^Bi.pi»P«i«Miiii«MM»«i«ii«iio«»nMiinio«iiiMiiic3«»iiiiiiniiiii!i;i«iioiiiii«inii«iiaii INVITAI 11» You are invited to open an account with the B/iHK OF EHFI^LD, EflpiELO, fl. 0. Per Cent, allowed in the Savinj^s Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. YOU can bank by mail SOMETHING IN THE WAV. 1 "What are you going to do?” asked the sweet young thing. ■‘I’m going to kiss you,” said the man. “Rut don’t you see 1 have a chaperon with me?” j “Ves, Imt slie’s deaf, isn’t | she?” I “But she’s not blind, aad, be- j sides, aha lias a very jealous I nature.” There is always a irying mo-; mem for a woman when her dress ' comes home from the modiste. MLOMEl SALilES MID MMESyOD SICK Aott like dyxiftmite on a slugglBh Utw ftfid 70U loM a day’s work. There’s no reason why a person should take sickcning, salivating cal omel when a few ccnU buys ^arge bottle of Dotlsou’s Liver Tone—a perfect substitute for calomol. It ia a pleasant, regclable liquid whieh will start your livor just os surely as calotnol, but it doesn’t make jrou sick and can not salivalo. Children and grown folks can talfe Dodson’s Liver Tone, because it is perfectly harmless. Calomel is a dangerous drug. It is mercuiy and atUcks your bones. Take a dose of nasty calomol toilay and you will feel weak, sick and nauseated tomorrow. Don’t lose a day^s work. Take a ^>oonful of Dodson’s liiver Tone instead and you will wake tip feeling great No iimre biKousniips, constipation, slug- ^n’shness, hen(faclu\ coated tongue or sour stomach. Your dru|mft says if , doo't find Dodson’s M?er Tone Sfite better tb^n horrible calomel mon^ it waiting for you. i'lliat’s lew In Miisic^ By Special Arrangement with the Associated iWusic Publishers of New York, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Demonstration BROADWAY’S big Songf Hits Come In and hear the “Latest" Direct from Melody Row. All Sheet Music lOc. Copy. W. M. Oobeii Drug CDipasy, Weldon, North Carolina. NUNNALLY’S AND SOLE AGENTS FOR NYAl-’S REMEDIES, NORRIS' CANDIES WiiY S^EfiD All You £4^^^ You might Ret sick or hurt- be prepared for it You might want to make an investment—start now. “Takes money to make money,” you know You might be visited by thieves or account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is a mighty good one to get Into. We pav 4 per cent on Sav. ings Accounts ■3 THE BANK OF HALIFAX ^ isr. c. N. L. Stedman, P. C. Orccory, P. H. Qr«|*ry Pnddut;

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