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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, July 11, 1918, Image 1

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E BSTABLISHED IN 1866. VOL. LIII. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C., TIIUKSJ)AY, .ITliY 11, UMH. Perms of Subscription—Si.5C l^er / nnu i h ContrnHiri Fluid toohn AifcUHOi.-aPBHU^« AVcficlaWePrtpMtteiWM iinrtihcSt<n>ckiafldB(N«8« Ihcrrty nomottnt Qwnfiilness ncHlicr Optttm.MorpUM"" >Biier«l.NoTNAHOoTic :‘tSs A helpful '"L. Const! paSon and DurrKM* wid F*rvcri«l'n«* jr„Si*kSi4nrt«"' XuE CewTAimCcWPAW newvotk GASTORU For Infanta and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine C.^storia Always ^ Bears tli Signature of Exact Copy of Wrapper. In Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORU Get The Habit P^Buy for Cash. Save'Vi l^the pennies by buy-*^i ing at W. T. PARKER & CO, Wholesale Gash Store WELDON, N. C. MANUKACl'UKERH OP BulldInK Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TO ORDER AND KKCiULAK KTOCK HIZKS. Good Materials. High Grade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. HE Dining Room should be a cheerful place I for when you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid digestion. And good digeatlon means health. HAVE ug FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs In Tables, Chairs, Side boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like. It ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may be. In the matter of style, finish and price. Come In and talk It over with us. We are as eager to QIVE satisfaction as you are to receive Jt. l^elios ForBitore Compasf, Weldon, N. C. Fire Insuraace ^ Snretj Bo&ds! Life, Accident and Health. Plate Glass and Automobiles. Repre senting leading companies. See me about your insurance wants. ■L. C. DKAPEK, ORice in Green Building, WELDON, N. C. For Sale! New Todd Check Protector. ii^artfBted. call at this <^Bk}e. II By GERTRUDE ATHERTON, Author of “Tht Californiana," “Tho Conqutror,” "Tht Boll In th# Fog," Etc. A few ilayM aK*> hh Aiiiertcan whoA« loyHlty luu hveii un«l«>viHtinK fi'ont hpifiiiiihig of tli« war uuld to me: “If 'he (Jt'nnnns win ( itiiiill t)ecunie an liiiiiie<11nt4i cuiivcft (t Ibvlr Kultur, arguing thiit Hliioe hey hn«l won II KB Inst Kuoh fi'iii - fill o<ldi, liiid with practli'Hlly (tie whole world Mne<l (ii> RKnlnst ihi>iii, th«‘lr theory of life and con- ■Itict iiiuat be 'Ight and our a .vrnntr." Qortriido Atherton. The Incident \v- n u I *t not be worth n»'iit|onliiK ;i ii «cre riot for the refliM-tlon tlmt the Anu>i-1<-Hn riu-e Witr.'ihlpfi SiKTeHfi. Fc»r KeiM-railons M hns toHilU'il to wviilili. nil tuiiiltT how lll-K»tten, iind every mini who nHilevcs |iow«r, hy whiileviM' ilevlotiM wnya. Ik secretly envied and «ipeiil> <'ourted. The ninjorlty of AineilcHim are eH!«y going. InUlfreieht. ciii leAllHilt- ntid not very clover. Tlie.v are also Intensely perHunal and only a>tk (o he let Hiniie. It la |H>HMlhle that th# Mutaa, there fore. unless It has n renl awakening, would, vrovlded the iterniMnN, In the remote event of vU*toiy. wore adroit enough to leave them ii large aiiHiiint of Individual liberty, sliniK tbelr nlioul- ders and say; "Well, giieHs they niuat be right or they couldn't win out. Nothing to do but come round. Tliuea change anyhow." '^Abominable Prospect.” Thla la an uhoniinable pruxijeet, but It !• to be faced. Our world, over here, In the event of Gorman domlimdoo, would be divided Into two claNsea— mean converts and proud Irreconclla- blea—for even In thU new and com* posite country there are enough men and women with high Ideals and in* violate Bouls to despise a race with out a gleam of spirituality, of sports manship, of decency and good man ners, In whom cunning has taken the place of Intelligence, nnd that wins only by driving its millions of cowed subordinates to niatheinatlcAl slaugh* ter. One cannot even rcapect such a race enough to hate it. It is as If ons bad been attacited hy a herd of wild anliuals from the Jungle. Those that escape being devoured may at least withdraw as far as possible, not re* mould themselves Into a Simblance of wild beasts with a tuat for human Aesh. “Co«k-8ureneaa a Bluff.*' I have not the faluteut notion that the Germans will win. All the proba bilities are against it. Moreover, If one projects his lulnd forward it Is In conceivable that history can read that way. The general condltlous of the world are not what they were In the Fifth Century—that Is to suy, unless the idea grew Insidiously that it was the destiny of the Germanic race to will and rule tlie earth; in oiher words, that It was the destiny of Kurth to re vert to the Fifth Century nnd begin over again. It Is Incredible that such a thought should take possession of any educated man's mind, but the trouble Is that our famous (and often- slTe) cock-sureness Is only a bluff. Aa a race we are not really sure of our selves. We prove that by blindly ac cepting the European-mado reputation and hesitating to create and come out lH)ldly for our own. Those of us that Ihlnk !'i)d have the t>ow'er to visualfxe the future must he on the alert every iqoDient to counteract this tendency of an uncrystalllced race to accept the success of might as a matter of course and unconsciously ada]>t itself to the "Inevitable." We must he known aa tlie lltUECONOIl.ABLKS, and If we take a definite uncompromising stand there will be only one result—the men of real coinage who mlcht otherwise look upon a new future “philosophical* ly" will not only wake up under the direct exain|)le, but will he ashamed to be reckoned as mere numbers in the great mass of Mheep or convicts. There la no such Insidious lowering of morale threatened its thla, because It is not of Gerniaii, I’aclflst or Socialist (trlgln. It Is born of common human weakness and national snobbery. The result will be a vast mans of Inertia, 6nd only a party of sleepless Irrecon- cltabies will combat and dlmiulsh it * What did you do * When our brave boys come back * and ask you this question, what * will be your answer? * * Can you say that you did a * BVBRTTBING, * EVERYTHINQ I EVERYTHINQ * poMlbIt for you to doT * And that, knowing that the men 4r * OB the battle line wsre defand- * * Ing YOUR borne, YOMK faMUy. * it YOUR Liberty and YOUR ceon- * * try, you loyally atood behind * * them wttli word tod deedV * « IF NOT, WHY NOT! * * Think ft over. * A National teourtty ^ * It WMt 44th «t,. N. V. O. * * * ****************** TOO CAUTIOUS. <<Did the bride’ft father give her away?” * *'No; he was too anxious to get her off his hands.” Children Ory FQR FLETMtrS OASTlt^lA GERMANY, THE SUPER-ANARCHIST By LOUIS RAEMAEKERS TO MY MOTHER. (Wriiien by a soldier in n liospiial in l^ouen, France, just before he died. Ii seems lo be a call lo each one of us, a call lo which we can respond—unless we foreet.) “Are they praying for us at home? Are ihey meeting together in prayer ? Or going on still in the same old way As they did when I was there? We thank them for their money, We ihank them for ilieir care, But oh, jusi leli them, moiher dear, We are needing so much prayer ! “Will you ask them lo gather together To meet at our Father’s throne. That we may be kept from faltering. When we feel we are standing alone ? There are moments when courage fails us. When dangers around us stare. Oh, tell them again, dear moiher, We are needing so much prayer!" Surely their voices must touch us. As they echo over the seas. And call us away from our pleasure. To help them on bended knees. We are sending them money and comfort. And seeking iheir burdens to share. But, oh, let the churches be crowded. When kneeling for them in prayer! m WUAMCE. Dear Mother:—Be proud that I’m somewhere in France At my post 'mid the bailie’s din. And I’ll still "carry on” just the be best 1 know how ’Till the glorious victory we win. IVlolher dear, I have seen what war does lo a land Which once was so peaceful and free. And I’ll Hghi till the very last drop of niy blood That such things you never may see! I have seen rolling hillsides, once feriile and smooth. Now shell-ploughed and ugly and bare; i have looked upon churches and shrapnel-iorn shrines With the Cross of our Master siill there! I have seen the remains of what once were homes Now merely a rude pile of stone. And the old open hearths where love once abode,— Oh. what is there left to atone ? I have a whole nation bear arms in its might All its industries working for war; The peaceful pursuits and the progress of old Are lost in the great melting jar ! And Oh, 1 am glad to be in it to stay ’Till the end of the great Epic tight, For this struggle is for all who are allied with France, In the cause oF Peace, Justice and Right I Oh, Mother of Mine, who gave to me life Long ago mid thy travail and pain; Dearest one. For the cause oF all mothers on earth I shall give It, iF need be, again. For I love you, dear Mother, and I Feel you are near. Mid the roar and resentment out there. And i’ll Hght the good flght just as long as I can For 1 know I am e’er in your prayer 1 Time can never heal a woman’s grieF IF it comes in the form of a wrinkle. Doing Qi^. Few piedicioei lure met witti more Favor or aoeomplisheJ more i^ood ttian Chftmtierlftin’B Colic nd Hiarrhoeii Remedy. Jotin F.'Jaituen, Delmeny, bask.. Hays ofit: ‘*1 liave ueod Cham- berlain'fl Colio and Diarrhoea Remedy myaell aad in my family, and can rac- offlm^d it M teioK an ei^ceptktnally Bnepreii«i»tNm.'“ The girl in the case knows a man's in love long beFore he tum bles to the F«ct. Cbamberlain’t Colic and OI«r- rbou Remedy. Now ie the time to buy a bottle of this remedy so aa to be prepared in eaa« that any one of your family abould have an attack of colic or diarrhoea durioir the summer months. It ia worth a hundred times it cost when n^ed. BIG CAMPAIGN TO ELECT LOYAL WAR CONGRESS National Security League An nounces Nation-Wide Non- Partisan Participation In Fall Elections. Active participation by it in the Con- gressloiiai campaigns, which will short* ly commence throughout the country, has been' announced by the National Hecurlty League. The League declareM that unusual ineaRiires must be taken to insure the election this fall of a Congress which will stand mllltantly behind Uia carrying of the war to a decisive victory. The entire force of the League’s 281 brandies and Its membership uf over 100,(N)0 patriotic .American citizens will be thrown Into thla campaign. Tlie creation of support of (he movement <»utHl<le tiie LeiiKoe will iilso he iili- dertakeii by nieiii < of an active propa- uatulu among th'' leading citizen!! of every state in the Tnlon, Irrespective of party. Elihu Root Takes Lead. Kllhu Hoot, who Is Honorary I’real- dent of the National Security League, at the recent Annual Meeting of the orgHnizntlon laid particular emphasis on the necessity of non-partisan sup- l>ort of tile Government in Its ef- forta for the aggressive prosecution of tite war and the consequent Impor tance of this year's Congressional elec tions, The matter was then taken up by the National Executive Committee of tlie l..eague and the campaign decid ed upon at a meeting attended by Al ton R. Parker, who is Flonorary Vice President of the Security League; James W. Gerard, former United States Ambassador to Germany, one of the League’s Vice Preflldente; 8. Stan- wood Menken, President of the League; Lawrence F. Abbott of the Outlook, and other prominent men. The League for National Unity and other great national organizations have already Indorsed the movement. The leading newspapers of the country are also expreaslng tbelr approval. The following are a few of the fa vorable editorial comments which ar« appearing to all parts of the country: Idltorlal Approval. Williamsport (Pa.) Sun: “The Na tional Security League's effort will have the hearty support of all patri otic voters." Sprlugflsld (Hass.) Union; '1'hls Idea is sound and eminently worthy of serious attention," Dos Moines (la.) Trlbuno: "Here in Iowa we may well iMuuIate this exam ple which will lead to victory for Americanism regardless of party desig nation." Saginaw (Mich.) News: "This cam paign will have a strong and growing following all over the country." Helena (Mont.) Independent: "Ameri- leans upon whom party lines rest light ly and many who are strong for their party will find reasons for commenda tion of the plan of the NatlonnI S^ curlty I.«ague.” 25,(KK) Letters. The League's campaign will be con* ducted by a committee headed by Charles D. Orth, n prominent New Vork commission merchant This com* mlttue, as a preliminary step, has laid Uie matter before 20,(X)0 leading citi zens in all parts of the country and of all political beliefs In-the following let* ter: "The conduct of the war and, In feet, the very future of America are dependent not inly upon the election of & War (ingress that wUl enact nec essary laws, but upon the presence In the National Legislature of men of vision, ability and broad experience, who are the best qualified of our cltl- senship to correctly solve the great ln> temal and International questloni I which will come before the next Con- jgrees. “Qrave Dyty.** "The National Security League, pur suant to unanimous action of its Ex* ecutlve Committee, has taken upon it* self the grave duty of Impressing these matters upon you and asking you i to pledge your service for prompt ac tion to prevent disaster which might follow the election of Incompetent or disloyal men to Congress. This can be prevented through definite and con certed action on the part of loyal citi zens, who are fn the vast majority. Neglect and Indifference may prove fe tal. **The remedy la for every one to as sume the personal obtlgatlon of speak ing with or writing without delay to political leaders, newspaper men and others who form public opinion In their Confrressionai Districts. Make them realise sharply that the need of the nation 1« the election of men of ab- eolute and tmconditlonal loyalty who are determined to prosecute the war to victory and who possess the strength of character and unquestion ed ability to be of real eervlce to the country In this crisis. The problems before the nation are sucb as to try the vet7 souls of the best men that we can elect. Pereenal ReepenelbMlty. people of your district will un doubtedly take the right stand if awak ened to the political situation la time CO secure the highest type of candl- datee to vote for In the primaries. Uv- ery ciUten ctn directly lafluence r»> suits to tbat end, end we eameetlj hope th«it you will recocalie tiba ft* aoooelblUty of ao dalrij.** THE HOME-LOVBR. The man who iovea home best and loves it moat unselflshlv loves his country best.—J. Gt. Holland. Ohildren Ory ffit nrremirs CASiTlORl A r II K ESTABLISHt^D I892J Capital and Surplus, 160,000. WE INVITE YOUR AGCOUNT, 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DEPARTMENT W. E. DANIEL, W. K. KMITH. .1. O. DRAKE, Miinii>iom»t»oioiiawnniM»KttiWMi>nwiaw«Hi>w>ioatwiiOBiu«a>t>ioqiM<»K«Mg^ IlNVITA I lO.N.' Vuu are invited to open an account with the 4 BAHK OF EHF/^LD, E//field, fl. c. Per Cent, allowed In tiie Savings Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. you can bank by mail* IT I hat’s New la Masic'^ By Special Arrangement with the Associated Music Puliiishers of New Vori<, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Demonstration BROADWAY’S big Song Hits Come in and hear the “Latest” Direct from Melody Kow. All Sheet Music lOc. Copy, I. M. Ooli6& Drug Conpanj, Weldon, North Carolina. SOLE AGENTS FOR NYAL’S REMEDIES, ! j T NUNNALLY’s’ArTir’? . I I NORRIS’ CANDIES, j The underslg:ned offers for sale one 70-saw Van winkle gin, feeder and condenser, four years old. One AO-saw Eagle gin, feeder and condenser, five years old. One Beasley Single box down packing press, five years old. This machinery is in good condition and bargain prices will be made on the entire lot or on separate portions. Write or come to see me at once. IHL E. MARTIN, Rural Route No 2, THELMA, N C. ij 4 « FOR SALE PROTECliOR intere«tad, c«H up |tM« oMc*.

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