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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, July 11, 1918, Image 2

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k WORD FOR MOTHERS It is a grav^ mistake for mothers to Delect their aches and pain.s and suffer in tUencc—^this only loads to chronic •idtness and often shortens life. If work is tiring, if your nerves are editable, U you fc« I l.inguid, weary or depressed, Scon's Kuiul:»ioii will prove a wonderful strcn^thener. It possesses the \iry clenientH to iBTigorale the blo<-d, nourish the nerves and biiiUl sttcni^th. Bverv drusri.').-.t Ii-i Fi 'itrji. Try It. 1 THV. ROANOKb NEWS Ti;Uksii>A>. JULV I 1, 1918. Published Uvery thurtday. RATES m SlBSlkll'lhlMN AliVAMi: One War, (by mail) puHtpaiil. t'i i>U. 8ii Mouths, “ •m'i. A weekly l>emocratic juurnat devoted o the rujitertcl, <>()ucjiUoiial, political ead aKftcultural iutvreMt* of Halifax aud iurrouiitli iiK cuuutieH. Advcrti!«iii(f ratfn reasoDtbli' and fur- ■ ithe<l ou a(ii)hcatioa. 1 pledge allegiance to MY I-LAG and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation in divisible with Liberty and Justice for all. Bvf.ry day is flag day. Any draft that Uncle Sam chooses 10 draw will be honored. “They shall not pass”—and now they begin lo realize ic. The fuel problem declines to taice a summer vacation this year. YKSandihe bumper wheal crop in America is something else that wjII “bump tiie kaiser.” “WoKK or fight” is the alterna- live presented to us. Yes that is the call to the unterriHed. Henry Ford running on the American ticket, has the poliiions of Michigan running around in circles. According to reports our marines learned a little German, limiting it 10 ” 'Haus mii ’em” or words to that effect. Before the war the (iermans made the hesi maps, but we won't have the maps ihey are irying lo make noa. HvI:RY time the hungry German soldier makes a gain of 100 yards — lie asks. ”is this Paris?” where he was promised a meal. Soldiers in Germany are very naiuralJy beginning lo inquire why rhey should be made to serve as toys for the crown prince. NX'e will never believe that there IS a scarcity ol paper so long as the connc supplement continues 10 challenge high heaven. THOiiBLi-is always brewing in Germany and Austria, but the brewers thereof do not seem to know how lo place the product. A naval critic seems to attach importance to the Austrian fleet. There can’t be much left of it. The little Italian torpedo boats have cleaned up the big dreadnoughts. A man has to die to settle the question as to whether or not he is an indispensable man, and very few men can stand the “tombstone test.” It’s the fashion in some quarters 10 snear at “dandy soldiers” but the truth is that sort of man is al most always found in the front rank ofHghters. In response to the request of General Pershing his men will furnished w’hh safety razors, soap, hair brushes, comb, towels and tooth brushes. Some of these fine days the Kaiser will simultaneously discover (hat both the United States army and the w'ell known ocean are much larger than he expected. HiNDENBURGin the 'bughouse,’ (he Kaiser getting mushy over English prisoners, reopening of the bombardment of Kheims and the pee-wee blockade of this coast are all signs of the Hun disintegration. HOWS THIS? We otrer(»De Hundred Dollara Reward for any ease of Catarrh that caooot he cured by Hall's ( at«rrb Medicine. Hall’a Catarrh Medicine tias been taken by latari h nuH'erent for the past 85 years, aad Itas become known as the moat reliable remedy for catarrh. U&irs Catarrh Medieine ects thru the Blood CD the Muoom adrfaceB, expellioir the Poiion from the Blood and healing the dl. Ksed portions. A'ter >ou have taken HaII’b Catarrh Uedh'ine for a short time you will tee a peat mprovement lo your general health, t'tart taking Halt’s Medieine At once get rid of catairb. Hair** C.i irrb Medieine is taken inter- i.:t|y » jting directly upon the blood and aaeous surfaces of the system. r. J. CHBNEY & CO., Toledo, Ohi’o Teatimoni&fs sent (ne. Prioe 76 eents per bottle. Hold by aU dntffgiata. Hail's b'aioilr FiUa for ConatiiNUlM i Editor Le Matin calls the Amer- I ican troops “the equals of any of ! their French or English comrades.” I Praise cannot higher go, and this besides is praise from Sir Hubert Stanley. The Entente has at last approach ed Japan on the subject of Siberia. Japan must be smiling her quiet linie Japanese smile at the thought that she always eniented that they should. A Cieorgia woman otters 100 acres of Mack ualnut limber to ihe Governniem, for manufacture into gun stocks, “ill any price the Gov ernment sees Kt lo pay.” Here is a patriot for you. Hungry Hun soldiers are here by notified ihat one American ma rine from Texas goi so stoui after joining for the duration of the war; that he now has to wear his wrist waich on his thumb. ”lristime for Kings to stick togeJher, ” wrote the limperor Charles. Unfortunately for Charles he has become so stuck, like Brer Rabbit was to the tar baby, that the time for getting free has passed. If our dark skin boys don’t hur ry up they will not be able to claim the name of “Black Devils." The Italian Arditi are becoming known as “Black Fiends” and “Red Fiends” according to their fancy in color. Thh Kaiser must have been reading Wall Whitman on “loafing and inviting his soul,” when he was writing from “amid iny armies. ” He could take the lines of Walt as a kind of mono: “I celebrate Myself I chant the chant of dilation or pride.” iill»b1lebs MUSIAjT^QUIGKLf Thoss Who Do Not Make Ststsmsnti to Pood AdminlMretlon by July II Will Bt Cut Off From Sugar Cu^ |illss.» Hotsls, ■•ardlng Houses sni Irtetltutions Are Inotuded.—tpeoial Provision For Wholesalers and Jobbers. Raleigh—All BU|ar dealers ao4 •1) users of .sugar. Inrludtiig wbole sale and retail tnerchauts. bo(sls bordlUK bouses and re«tauraut«, boH|)ltalH and uth«r Institutions aud bttk^rH will bt> able lu purt hass suKar after July 1 ouly upon i-ertlflsates funiiHhed by the Kuud Adnitniiiiratiun after (he deHlt'rs or u»ers huv» made BtateniHiuti uf their requirements to the Kuod Adminletratlon upon blanks whlrh are provided (or this purpose. who do not make such staiei uifiiiH by July 1& will be refused any certincHtes at all In order to prevent any InterrupUoa to the uornial flnw of 'ugar to tba trade, the Food Admlnlstracton wilt ismit oertiiUates lo the wbolssalere and jobb»>rri in order to give them 39 dnyii supply ot sugar including the supply they haTs on hand already It In impiirteot (liat sugM- sbali available for canning and preasrvlng piirpuhiiB at this season and It Is the desire of the Food AdmUilstratlun that all wbiildnalers and Jobbers shall la* medlatmy take steps to secure certt* flcateH for their 3U days supply of suKur. After they have used these Cf'rtltlcateii they will purchase sugar truni lirokHrs or rehneries upon certl* flciiiHs whk’b thuy will receive from reiuilerb. Dealers Must Keep Records. All dt‘aIurH are ruquired henceforth to keep an atcurais record of all sales •f suKar. this record to embrace the •ains of purchaser, quantity and prlre. Every wholesaler, as well as retailer, is required to keep these rso> erds and every pound of sugar sold must be accounted for. The reeordt are to be held subieet to the laspeo* lion of representatives ef tba Poo4 Admlaletratlon. or nay he reqotreA couaty food adxnlalstratera. RED CROSS NEWS. ************ One of the loveliest gifis received by the Weldon Red Cross recently was a box of baby's woolens (little Charlotte Ann’s)—the contribution of Mrs. C. R. Emry. Surely some little sick, thinly clad Belgian baby will be made more comfortable and happy by the receipt of these warm doihes, and the WeJdon Red Cross wishes to express its appre ciation for this valuable contribu tion. It may be that there are others who can make a similar contribu tion, and if so, the Red Cross will be so £lad to forward the same to the Belgian Relief Commission. The Red Cross workers in Bel gium say: "In Belgium the most touching things were Ihe affection and confldence of the children in everything American. The chil dren could not get near enough to the American Red Cross unirorm. They reached out to us, and were never so happy as when they could touch us or cling to us with their tiny hands.” So, when we buy nice, new warm clothes for our little ones, let's not forget those in Belgium who will be needing warm clothing, and who will be so grateful to receive wbai we hive 10 spare. Meat Most Be Sold Frwh BMAt it perishable, h ■Mwt be sold within about two w«ek»for whatever it will bring. A certain amount of beef is frozen for foreign shipment, but domestic markets demand fresh, ctulled, unfrozen beef. Swift & Company can not increase prices by withholding meat, be cause it will not keep fresh and salable for more than a few days after it reaches the market. Swift at Company cannot tell at the time of purchasing cattle, what price fresh meat will bring wtien put on sale. If between purchase and sale, market con ditions change, the price of meat must also change. The Food Administration Hmits our profit to 9 per cent on capital invested in the meat departments. This is about 3 cants per dollar of sales. No profit is guaranteed, and the risk of loss is not eliminated. Am a matter of fact, meat is oMen sold at a loss because of tba need of selling it before it Spoila. Swift & Company, U.S. A. S#af© Kiollege of anti hfuiglil «iif ii> - 1 >huultl remove all Jnubl a# to the \aluf Ml vuaojii.iH. ' I' • ! |'i »<in'noij in all li«es m (lie n| liu* ) W.II tquip , <11 l-i ti-rtul. i>r«Hucli\i; liiupHsliip. Let liiMi .Ml oi'jMrluiiit) U> i iiii'ii) lu- cflminc) in wlialever imlustry lit- may NmU- (liillfpe oti«T« fuiir >rn .’iir ni'K in: Aiffit'iliure, Atirii uHiiral (.Ik'iii- rv. ( licmii'ttl KimnfiTiii!:. <. 1’^ incivuiE, Mci'li.niieul Knniiw«*«inii, Kl«f- j >il I n^iiuTniiK. huhiM, |h lUi!. I Mitii.irv Training un.icr I . >. \i.n Oliia-r. 1 ni; uf i;. --fv». Tnilintti; ( (^ii'‘ gimrninfiU giws allnw- .* I.. ,MilI> puy for uiuft.nn- 1 I, ;iii.| Scm. .- ii-cfiM- pav amoimtiiiK lo r «l(K)ilO jMT <mum . r ,■ 1. ..1 IM,ili^lMt1K. N«w York llti** vear. n.t'.i Us Jiir.i.irH fiv.- ..f .-..-I. < ' '.hnh- wlui l.kf l{. O. T, n.iir^i- if •|\'.! 'humln-H nn.l fuii'v V.-lMi.i. h i rirl.linp fr.r luilion h* nrmlv Noim* OiriMinn .. i ‘ 1 liiiiMint! coM lIO.OlK). Kt’Kular .1 i:. n. n«l Si-.rft.if' in fli.irr' Vilil.-iio T.Minv r.>r 11 frtiih uurk romplrled. ! Nuiii.>n.n» Minri Ct.urn'**. lA.r llluMr..lf.l Cir. iil.ii-. Cat.luun - .iml Ki)h'iiii(-i‘ Bliuikft, write, f. ^effistrar. 'I) I No S, $3.50 per hundred. No. 3, $4.50 per hundred. AlASOX ,IARS! Pints, 85c. per dozen; Q,uarts, 95c. dozen; ’2 Gallon, 31.10 dozen. EASY SEAL.—Pints, 90c. dozen; Q,uarts, $1 dozen; ‘2 Gallon $1.25; Extra Gaps, 45c. dozen; JELLY GLASSES, 65c. dozen. ire Harlware Co., WELDON, N. C. I ARTIES that want v^ood flour can s^et same by carrying their wlieat to Slagle’s Mill at Emporia, Va. We give qiticiv service, A A SLAGLE, i:mpokia, va. WAR COURSES In response to the Government's call for specially trained men the University is offering, in aiidiiion lo its regular courses in Academic, Civil, Cheniicjl, Klecirical, Highway and IVIining Eneineering, Law, Medieine and Pharmacy, Special WAR eNCINEERINC Courses and IVIilitary Training under U. S. ARMY IN SENIOR DIVISION OFI-ICliRS KUSliKVi; TRAINING CORPS. Graduates Eligible For (Commissions. Be Ready When I'hc Call Comes. l-'or Informniion write Uf//¥E/tstTYor Hortm Cj{i\oLifU{ CHAHHL N C. J HI Every Dollar deposited with us i.s safc-KU^irded by approved and up 10 daie meihods. livery patron of ihis bank is accorded courteous ireatment and (he most liberal terms consistent with sound banking practice. if you are looking for Snfeiy and Service in a banking con nection start an account wiih us. WfP0VMDiD QUA»T[RLY BANK-^TRUSTCo. LOOK I UTZ & DUNN’S SHOES M liicb Wbit* Volt*, lovely quality, 25c. to $1 the yard. 36 Inch Fancy Strlpcdand plaid Voiles, Batiste and Flaxons. 35 and 50c the yard. 27 Inch Fancy Voiles. Crepes and Flaxons. 18 and 35c yard. 36 Inch All Silk Marquisette several patterns. 65c the yard. All grades of tllk.IncludlnK the white and turquoise wash silks, lor skirts, waists and llnftrle. Another new faatura Just added to our line Is the "STANDARD NEMO CORSET." You conserve both health and money when you wear them. M. FREID, LADIES AND GENT'S OUTFITTER, WELDON, N. C. sa.go( iy.eoj TO There are thousands of men wearinf; L. D. Shoes. And ihera must be a reason. Perhaps, It’s Just the swinR of the toa—or tha “feel” of the leather—or maybe Just the sHtchlng—but the differ ence la there and In every pair of W. L. D. Shoes Is so notlceabta that you’ll set It the minute y out puona pair your feet. Douglas Shoes for Men and Boys are made of the finest Krades of leath ers— and they are made by on ly the most skilled shoe makers. JHXQAAS YouMl find them as near perfect a »hoe as can be made. FARBER & JOSEPHSON, Mens and Buys Outfitters WKl.DON, N. C iypOR THOSE WHO PRtFtRIHE BEST, •'I F A'rirfs ■ Report of the condition of Citizens Bank, at Halifax, in the State of North (;arolina, at the close of business June 29, 1918. RESOURCES Loans and di§eountB, Ov4‘i-(lrftfta, Fiiroiture and Fixtureit Revf'Due stamps, Duo from Natiooal Bankti Caoh Itemi held over24 houm Uold Coin, UAEMLITIES. i apitul StiK-k paid m | 7.‘,>«5.(K) I ndivitlt'tl I’rotitH, h*88 current <‘x|.enKOM aii<] tuxen paid :iOe.G‘2 iliJiM |)ayahJ<* Ik'pOHitH sulycpt to chock H.H17.16 Savinys Deposits, <i24.07 Cashiers ('hpcks outstandiog 45.W Total, 1.09 State of North Carolina J, H. HaJe, Cashier 0/ the above-uan above Htatemeni ii true to the beat of my C'uunty of ilalifax. July 6, 1918. t‘.l iiank, do Holemoly swear that the ki)()ulrd|ri' and belief. ('. H. Hale, Caahier. (‘orrPCt-Att»'8l; SWAIN S. NORMAN, .1. II. NORMAN, \V. A. VVM.LCOX, Directors. Find! Pleasure In Doing: Without to Support Our Soldier Boys. "I did not think that I could eat cornbread till after the war started, and I thought I could never do without dessert and iced tea,” wrote a woman to Slate headquarters recently. "But now 1 atn doins without il and atn glad to be able to give up more than these things to be able to help support our soldiers. 1 am now paying for a Ubet:iy Bond and have pledged 10 buy one Jiundred dollars of War Savings Stamps befoK the ycwiaoui.'’ FISK NON-SKID TIRES A real investment on which you realize full value in mileage and Fisk Service, with an initial price "Tft©” that is attractive. Weldon Motor Coopany, WELDON, N. C. X I 0) « 5 0) -a Home-Made Pies, Hot Chocolate, (Whitman’s Make) Tomato Boullion Sandwiches, I Coflfee, Lynnhaven Bay Oysters on the Half-Shell For Those who Prefer The Best. M.C. PAIR Confections, TolUt Articles, ^ Fruits, Cigars, Medicines, Complete l uncheonette In Connection. ‘Fflrt TBOSE WHO PRWEH m m ^1 o trj o O) Q 1=“! o j 3 cb j I You never know anything about the High Cost Problem when you trade at I Liberto’s iStore ^ Bring your nicl<les and dimes to ut where thuy will bring: par value—A L W A Y S . . . t We trim profits to the smallest possible margin. Come to see us» you will be surprised at the many necessary articles you should have at 5. 10 and 25c. Limi)] 5-l«-25dT()ltl Weldon, North Carolina. (n % (n \li \ljl ili

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