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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, July 11, 1918, Image 4

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Heaim About Gone Man)* th-'U^ndf of women su.ietini? from wonuitly (rouble, have been benefitei! by the use of Canlui, the woman’s tonic, accorUini; to letters we receive, siiiiiiar to this one from Mrs. Z, V. Spell, of llayne, N.C. “I could oot stand on my feet, and just suffered ierrtbly," she says. “Aii my suf fering was so he had tried oilier reniR- dies, Dr. had us get Cardul. . . I be(':>n Improvin;;, and it cured me. 1 know, and my doctor know4, what Car- dui did for me, for my nerves and health were al)Out gone." TAKE CARDUl The Woman’s Tonic She writes further: tm in splendid health . can do my work. 1 feel 1 owe it to Cardui, for I Uas In dreadful condition." If you arc nervous, i down and weak, or suffer from headache, backache, every month, try Cardui. Thousands of women praise this medi cine for the good it has done them, and physicians who have used Cardui successfully their women patients, for years, endorse this medi> cine. Think what it means to be in splendid health, like Mrs. Spell. Give Cardui atrial. All Druggists J7J WONDERFUL STUFF! LIFT OUT YOUR CORNS Apply AN APPEAL TO ALL PATRIOTIC WOMEN Mrs. Thomas J. Preston. Jr, (Formerly Mrs. Grover Cleve land) Urges Women of Nation lo Stand Firm. Ill Will U Auitfrivb can bt> h«ld (UmI tii)«w«rvliig> M»d (lie vv». vttu UuUi her Htvuil- Mr».T.J.fVefcton, the (ii t the l.i'iiuu uuh'li Kdn ■HEALTHISWIALTH la ^ kHYGIENE Health- bij Dm STATE BOARD OF n rn Ignorance Is Bliss Of Accounts Audited and Allowed by the Town Board for the Fiscal Year, May 1,1917 to April 30,1918 Evtiy fnilivldual abovv the moron i-lssd han htH own iiotiuti* about hy- lieiie uiiU b«ul‘h If nut nx«9<t vluwii uud aptuioHK un tl)«» und treut- Di«nt of human BilmantH li« Just htiniati K4ttu’‘c Aii aai.kltKi iuvcs lo vii'flriment upou lUf»lf. l.pglHlatorR are au anomulouH Inntl- lution. When h leakHlaior pUnit to to- troihice a bill ho hopt's to stie «im<'tiHl Into liiw. br Hirivffl tu mak^* It coiv furiu til thf (onstltution. If thM tioii ia of any fiuportaii< e ii« ift'kn lenal ailvice about the wordluR aiul In- t«ni of h<K hill. SVver hitvlng aiudidtl law Ptiuiseli. hi- rt'alizt's that un • x Hiuabl nm when a lt>Kl«lator s truUui't* a hill afr«< tinK 0\< liit coiuiltut'nts, does h< niatltf In Htx y<>arH or kIx nioiitha or ats w-ektt or six lulnuti". And tlie grand | old public dueifn't l%uuw the dlfferone*. I All "doi-tors” look alike to th« elcit i It ia atrange. Nowhere doaa a ehV- latHU venture to practice law without Hrnt quiillfylng for th*' right. Evary- whore the HlTahii> oharlatan eondueta his bealInK businoaa on un equal (Oot- Ing M'ith (he )«^tizua(e pr»ctmon§r. Flealth ami Ilf# are rbeup commo* dltles. for whU-h no o»9 Is Kreatly con* lerned. But property Is Taluable and must he protccted- If you dcalrf to Kvt Into the hsctlinf ImsinHHit liut lui k the lime or Inclina tion to (lt>vot« stx years or rnorv ta prpparatlon, ax domaQde«l by the atats. tht>n Jiiat call youra^lf a "uon*mddlCSi iloi-tor"—be euro to taik on the “doc tor." for that Ih the opt'n sesame 19 puhllc conllilencft—and nflver mind ihs lont; iirt you foature May 7, 1917. It. Dolee, iiulae 1 ‘.26 4H hixou iV I’oole, lumber 1 T)U I'lark «.V Miller, i*hoeinir iiurae I (K) ('hi't‘k «.V ('lark, street sweepini; i Tn Smith Hodwcll, ilrayaffe, 1‘.' 14 l’iurc(‘>Wliit(‘hpad lldw. (.'o.mdae l.’> i.*ti llarriHona Inc., indue, llairy Smith, telephone A labor II T.'> K. Hall, ui)(ht police, Strinirei, Hupt water work tieo. Williaiuit, laboriT a'ott, ,1. IV Slinl^e, clerk Alex i'lu-athain, hoi tlinii «lruKt» In yo men uf til. ■•ProclaJm Liberty.’' •‘i‘ruvt«iaj l.iberty ihruun'bout ALL 'i'llK I.A.NL) uutu alt tb« luljul>iiuiit» till of.' '• 111 14UH . rila hIm: IT'* lteft>re OirUf, jijiri ot the Law of lioilneiis In (he Honk nf LeUtk-ua. itiir fathers Itiai'ribed theiu U|ioii the l.lberty Hell whUii culled uur mighty nation lutu life. •‘TodHy -all (he liihubltiuits’ eiijny ilheriy, the Jew and the UeiitlU-, ilie rich uttd the (he nuilve uud iJie the Id the "UK. I few drops then lift corr calluses off with fingers— no pain. '('he old Liberty Hell Is Mile Noh'e hus liet'U heard ‘lhi-uui;lu>ut ull the laml.’ ••But I.lherty la not aafe. It la men- need along tho buttle fronta of many iiuilotia, uur own among (hem, and America requlrea a new uiottu for her old Hell: •Proclatm liberty through* out ALL LAM>S unto nil ’the inhah- ; Itanta thereof.’ L’ulll liberty Is Hufe j In all lunds. It can not be safe In our iiwn. Heut-e the task to which .\mer- ica has reverently and nnspl/JshJy ded* Icated herself. “Make Motto Real." "The Fathers of ihla Kepubltc, men of many rnce.s, with a coininoti lovo of liberty, wrou*tht Into law uur iincient motto, thus iflvlng liberty a cbunce to •nMjfhten the world. “Toilay we. their desct^ndenfB, nre calletl upon to make real tho neve motto, ami dins to give liberty fUe undisputed right to bless tlio world. "This can b« done l>u( only af(**r heroic stniKKle nnd self-sa.-rltii-. A freniature peace would m.-un faHure. it VNoiild be only le<H dlsasti'otis than cnniplete defi-at. ApilnM nil tenipiu- I ! An^Appetizing Meal Hverybody wantH It. Everybody likes it. Everybody's iookitiK for it. BUT You can't xet it unless you have the right kind of jcroceries. Get 'em HEKB I Phone 280. R. M. PURNELL, Weldon. N. C. & Sevenlh .\merlca Hhoiild aland Arm and 1 “Peace and Safety.” uir cbll.Jren: defeat lion au«l practical scr : while n negntiated j nlllfury inH<-hlne of I'niv^ia inj. ‘11. aieuua tlmt ewrytliin^' in (h<‘tr niiiii( he atibonllnateil to the tn.ik with We ulih If Aniei VONKV I NC()VH«r:i) MIM. (lltiro Hoy —I ti*ll yt* tli tor ain’t in. lv’t‘ just )o •‘That's too lull), i V to pay liim soint* nion<‘V Oflk-e Hoy—“Wait u s ril look ai;ain." Are N OU One of Them would be very muob benelilcl h «■liamberlum't* TabU'tH Tor u < ■ .Mil* k.'il. nittMl r.lcre.l > -Mrs. M \l >earl. I relates her 4‘iperien etabh-tK -1 bail y Htoiiiach abotit hi' s troubled for two 0 Id pa the Rubbiiig Eases Pahi Ru!)bing sends the linimrnt tingling through the flesh and i quickly Aops pain. Demand a I liniment that you can rub with. The beA rubbing liniment is I MUSTANG LINIMENT Good for the Ailmaits of Hortaer Mulet, Cattle Etc. Qoodfor your own AchtM^ Paint, Rb«um«tiain» Spraint» Cut*, Burna, Etc. «25e.50c.$t. AtaUDcaltre Htomacb- Our dnuf^iHt ndvi take < 'buinbeilain's Tablets, bottle home an.l the first do: • U> not relieve pain, but alter tin- |uiia haa been relieved may prevent il«< te* THINdSTO REMRMBHK Tho tickets. Vour umbrella. Your bank balance. The point of the story, A certain party‘8 l)irthtluy. What the string un your fin- i^er i« for. CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always t>ear8 the Signature o( A PIOUS THOUQHT. One of our life's auibitions is lo figure out some Hchenio whereby we can cost our wife’s mother something,prefertjbly a good deal. iiii»Miieii|iiwam ■——— SAYS LEMON JUICE WILL REMOVE FRECKLES Squeeze the juioe of two lemone into a bottle contJiiiiiag three ounces of orchard white, ah&ke well, and you have a quarter pint of the beat freckle and tao lotion, and complexion beautifler, at very, very am^ll coat. Your groccr has the If^mona and any drug itore or toilet counter wiil supply three ounces of orchard white for » few eeata. Uaaaafce this sweetly fragrant loUon into the face, neck, arms and lianda each day and see how freckles and btemiahea diaappear and how clear, soft —J beoMMS. Yasl U :l> IK) i‘j in (H) $15(1 tJU •J i>u Ue r>2 •Ml :iu H (KJ 85 ««1 3H 4-.> 14 OU LOOK BENEATH THE STAMP. Your Health la the Moat Precioua Thing That You Can Possibly Poaaaas. [>o Not Truat It in the Care of a Faker. doetorK about the purpose of the law ’ pradbe you lari put It over all right. N'o. h.' Ilre« right ahea»l and puin the The averaK'J illRtrkf atiorupy will ko law on the atutuie book« In «i*V exlreinity to evade the duly Le*j»Jatora are A» unomaly Wi-b th« iluty .if proseoulln« an ilU'Mal pn out havln^t oven u moderale kno^i lUioner. ♦dge ot the aubjert of be.iltb and by ••'l<-(lli'ine " The all-wise courts a gteiie they feel competent to n» gtill winnKllnK over the fllBnllleanes laws regulating or nffertlng tlif*e t)i.- w.ud Tbero are Ji lot of obi f< vital matteri .\nd in the eatliMiitlnn sil> oi> ih<- bench who Irslft that t of the average poUllelaii the advb o "prnrtlea of tmMlieltie" nii'nns the g and oplnfons of an ua<w!tjt afe.l or /lalf y,- baked healer who haa a au.-e .y^ti m „lne•temb^ of a phy<n ian’« work U oiploit la quite a.< wel?*aty and in oiher than the prescribing of drug* fluentlal as the advbe or opinion of a i„,,« as this aort of iiulbbltng ro tiian skilled In the art of proventtnn iuHln«i sountl iHgal aeiiHe. Joat so long anil curing <ll»eaiio the public be dMcelvod by the au- Thux It iMnp'-n" »h.»t the title nierous incompetenta and pref«ader# "rwiotor." an iH“d bv bPiilers. no lung- who unbeiiltailnRly takt- upon them- er •ignifi.- . v’h .ii: iK.ctorH*' are ielvex the tltb- of-iloctor." p HEALTH IS wealth ■4^Ti ealth-hygiene STATE BOARD OF Just Warts You've heard af w»-unol words, wonlrt which suck the *;'ii;ngth out of what you have 10 nay? Well, we have before ua tbl* evanini a pole rat word, a word used to soften auspii'lon or diti- tract attPntton F<ir Inatance. the pole cat •«yeclaliat" who iii Invartahly anonymoud nnd always ‘'p*Tfeotlng" wu/nUrful i-t'W r»ni -dtpu, urges you to "Jiiat gel an oun. t of—and you go ai.d get it We K’low mighty lUfle IVEN A FROG HAS SOME SENSE. If You Are Troubled With Warts. Don’t Take the Chances of Blood Poison by Careless Treatment Have a Qoed Physician to Cut Them Out tor You. about warts, hardly enougb ta venture a talk about them. fo. with an apology to the beautiful and inoffonalve anical above Ubslled. we entitle tho talk "JttBt Warts.” .ladan.Hohn lni>erted (ragmsnta ofl ootnmon or vulgar warU from four pa- tb-i tK in siip^i'A^lnl liK'ieions of the ikin in dix adults Out of Keventy-four InociilatiotM, tblrty-ihiwe were follow ed in from two to !4lx inontha by the development of w.iriv. aecordiug to ISfld. p 10T This Roert to show that, wart* ii i'it he raused hy ^^omc .^peelflc mfrro-or^atilHin. A wari may be can- fbiered a nest of bacteria. hi ynuntr people warts ure only ft nuisance When warts come on the skin of elderly psople. or iisepie of middle age, they seem to have a taed- SBey to break down into Uttie ulcsrs wbleh presently prove to be cancer- oui. Hance. though a young person aajr dally vttb warts, any elderly per son had better not. Beyai^ all qaesilon the surest, safest, Isaet troublesome fray to die- poia »( a wart ia by futting ft out, un der local anestli^ala. and brlnctof the edges of the little wound togetbar with a stttoh In order to prevan', vlslhlo ■ear. Oceasionally wartH are tubercular, acquired by handling tubercular car casses or hides (butchers, otc.) and setaetlmeB acquired hy physicians and students in the dlstiectl&g r«o«a. The raaaon why children more gen erally have warta than adults la that children ladiscrimMtately baadle ev srythiflf and naturally hats vo waah ttislr hands. Wart4 go >vlth uncleaoti- aets. and oot with undue familiarity with toads Sonaetitnos n crop of on tbs hand* may he cleared lip tty occaaloQ- ally paiuUug the who}^ anbcted 9\U‘ face with half atr^ngtb lodWie (halt tincture of iodine half aipohol say, once io fgur or irt dliy*), ai^ M* lii^oUBly ecrubbing Wilh 0^^ auj #%• ter $t>veral tiwea a d^y to diacbdrftfi microbes. Gtpo«ur« t« Quahitbt is aU# a cure in xatMy casas. CondMiitaif th« sun's rays upM a waiK wUb a rHMInf glASA every difr, up thft ll|nU of tol- nrance. wlH clear U tib after a time. When too many wa^te ari prvieat to atteiQpt the r«S)0Tal ot ^sb Uiicm. a few X-ray treatments ^\\1 Oattal)V de- ttruy thorn. A |i'ow& d| warts on \mexpoi«A ftvn ^ b^'A at* tacked by th« eurrette uaflal* ethar There are as many sure t;weB for as thsca are #art«. cauatin and otber Aft unwise, i^cauaa tb««« are OtUn p&fB> fui. uaoally uftUtteMkOt^y NOioa- times Hp^reotly productive 4f nnst ('hAnye in the IssIqz) (raoc^). Moist warts, abtrut moist sdiCacts, naay be cleared up bv careful e)«bAlt* nwsa. and bathing Tfith on* dv%fii ol taanln aold ^lesolva4 |h t^ee nf alcohol, then MWdaMsf v«U boric acid or ilf e itaarats The refloA must bv k^pt 4ry Queitleng and Ansyvwrt. Mins A. J : !■ tb«r<i aay safe way of remevtnit frocklag? Anewei- Freckle* nr. prudi hr «ipo*in* u, a- -' •-* Pl« mL-aii* msyl4 liy the (._ tivhod, hntrcv^. :S tlJii Mr*. H T. Kf: cauee of an enlarj tee and bow It 0^ ^ c(M . Answer The e||li ‘ kW K.'. I^at : II m m •mady for caif-slekfia^t It ii ^ mo to travel, but I fully alek. ^ Answer: ^Koijl. fioknsss^and to MslQlj bo-ATots an traibad to ifi time* a day art that ta .. ^ s,”"' AVKix,;’ Ik, W physlelan tnMiM be cecuultw Nature is the only artisi capable ol producln£ a perfect picture of health. Ohildren Ory FOR FLETCHER'S oas:f.o.r.ia Cause of Despondency. l>eapondency is oitoD caused by indi* gestion and constipation, and quickly diaappeara when ChamtxirlaiQ's Tablets aretaksn. These tablets atrengtben the digestioB and more the boireU. (’. I.. Kveietl, eliief police, Total, June 4, 1917. Weldon Live .stuck Co., Iiorse (ieu. ilaley, uvercltatKe tax Pierce Whitehea«l Milw. Co. m llarii!)oiiH Inc.. alum i'hoek >V. ('lari, rent of team lii'O. t'. (ireen, expemte of trip, Manufacture Keuii. .Adv. Hoard. riioiiiHeu (.‘hemical To. lime Sinitii Uudneil. dtayatfe, 1:. II. Smith, expense Weldon (iro. (‘o. Willey-.Mooiel’o. mdne .1. 11. Sledge, notary service l>r. I. K. tiu'fit, Haluiy j year K > Hall, nil'll! police stringer, MU|it \^ater wurka i.eo WiiliaiiiM; laborer W. 1.. Scott, treasurer, .1. K. Sledifo, clerk .Alex, t'lieathaiu, scaveuger I.. l-)verett, chiel police Total, 1744 :a July 2.1917. K. L. iiayward, printing 3 'J5 N. Hoard of iloaitb, tax ](J oO Kverett Waddey, ledger, (i ti4 Ibxon \ I'oole, lumber, H6 7t> Hutclielor liros. work 4 Uu Austin WuHlcrn Hoad .Maehioery C*o., Hweeper 4l!.'» 00 .'^mith \ Uodwell, ilrayage 10 fit) K, If. Smith, Hlreet work, Hoanoke Hivcr Dev. Co. light and pump ti:i3 4H riercC'Whiteliead lldw.Co. mdse '>2 (i4 IlarrcH'K I’tg liouse, printiog Chockoyotte Hriok ('0. bricU Loonie ('Ueathani, rebate 4 (K) Harrisons Inc., alum, U. 8. Hall, night police Stringer, aupt watci works (ieo. Williams, laborer, 35 00 W, L. Scott, treaa 1- •'>0 .1, It. Sletlge, clerk l.'i (X) Alex Cbeatbain, acaveuger, 40 IX) L. Kverett, ohicf police ''am Uailey, tux rebate I.. C. t;reen, mayor, aalarv .May aud .lune :{;i X4 Total. fl 7a- AuKust 7. 1917. llarriHons Inc., alum |t:ui ’a) K H Smith, expense 4b IJ’J .1 0 HevneH, lumber lU \f> Smith Kodwell, ilrayage A frt Weldon (Jro. Co. feed 4H 11 (’lark *V Miller. Hboeing *i L'5 Tierce Whitehead lldw. Co. mdse 4 h3 Home Telephone Co. aervicea 4 tH) Walker KvauM .V Cogwell, record II 90 K. iv, <’0., iatiip -J ito .1 HSledge, expeuse 1 tH» Hall, night police llTi (Ml W L Hcott, treas Ueo C (ireen, mayor A W Andleton,clerk ToUl, December 4, 1917, A W Andleton, clerk ilarrisouH Inc. mdse Harry Smith, expense horse ('larkiV Miller, repair, wagon and shoeing horse 8elig I'o. C N Powder, Keed, McCook, Hoyt, prof. serv Thottison Chemical Co. ehem 'A Stringer, aupt water works (J t' iireen, mayor, W J. Scott, treas t'L Kverett, chief police, Ii S ilall, night police Cco Williams, laborer Kt'heatham, acaveoger Total, January 7. I9IS 1: M Hmith, expense Home Tel Co. aervicea J O Devries, luml)er, Weldon tiro Co. feeil, at cleaning 4.^> 13 Austin Western Mach. t'o tM) ('rane Co. mdse Ibxon Poole, lumber K K Dev ('o. lights, C I* Gore, phone call llarriaou'a tiarage, mdae W L Scott, treas (ico (ireen, mayor C L Kverett, chief police, I< S (iail, night police, 7. Stringer, supt waterwoi (ieo Wilhama, laborer 40 00 K Cheatham, Hcavcoger, 4</(M A W Andleton, clerk 15 00 1’ierce‘Whitehead Hdw. t'o acct '42-1 14 ToUl, $1 4tM ti3 February 4. 1918. H G Kowe, recording births Dixon ilb Poole, lumber Wcldou <iro Co, feed Weldon I’tgCo. printing Clark A Miller, shoeing horse FAST C/SPOIINA Tfi,CH[RS THAl 'l'iG SCHO'si. A StJte school to train tcachers (or the public schools of North Carolina. Kvery energy Is directed to this one purpose. Tuition Free to all who agree to teach Fall Term begins SEPTEMBER Z5» 1918. For catalogue and other Information, address ROBERT H WRIGHT. President, 6 20 Im 0«EENVILLE, N. C. Piercc-Whiteliead lldw Co.mdae Weldon Ptg Co. tax books Thomaon Chemical Co. mdse Koanoke U. Dor Co. fights 5 lamps iiarriaooH Inc. alum }| (1 Itowe, recording births Weldon (iro. Co. mdae Clark iV Miller, shoeing horse K fl Hmith, expense Hmith kSc Rodwell, aecount U 00 H UD 10 (X) (iS3 4b 2 &0 130 TiO K 00 40 56 1 W id 00 40 82 A W Andleton, making tax books 15 00 E II Hmith, salary ) year 2T> iK) mayor 16 66 A W Andleton, clerk 15 (M> Z Stringer, supt water works SH IN) C L Everett, chief police 75 00 W LScott, treaa 12 60 K H Hall, night police 35 00 (Jeo Williams, laborer 35 00 E. Cheatham, scavenger 40 00 A W Andleton. ex, on reo. book .76 17 4!i 2 54 4 4H (t:<3.48 tBti.rxi 12 50 16 67 75 00 40 (10 S5 00 18 50 4 40 23 m )i 00 1 UO K 1 DuPont DeNemoursCo.chem 136 50 Htrry Smith, exp and hauling 71 :i8 l*ieree<Whitehcad Co. mdse 5 Hi Z Stringer, supt water works 85 00 Ueo Williams, laborer 40 00 C 1. Kverett, chief police, 75 00 U H Hall, night police, 40 oO (feo C. (Jreen, muyor 10 UQ W. I.. Hcott, treas 13 50 A W Andleton, clerk 15 00 K Cheatham, acavenner, 40 00 A 0 L H H., leaae for hose 5 00 ToUl, March 4, 1918, Dixon Poole, lumber Home Tel Co. service K.l.i>uPontDe Nemours Co. acct i:{6 50 1*7 7S 71 50 8 64 1 :»o 16 60 12 50 75 00 40 IK) M) OO 40 (N) 40 OU 15 :m) WiiY SrifiD J{LL You You miKlit Ket sick or hurt—be prepared for It You might want to mai<e an investment—start now, "Takes money to make money,” you know You mi){ht be visited by thieves or fire*-an account with us prevents loss. The saving; habit is a mighty (food one to (ret into. We oav 4 per cent on Sav ings Accounts ■3 the bank of HALIFAX & HA-XjIFA-X it. o. N. L. Stedman. P. C. Uregory. P. H. Gregory iilenl Vtce-I‘reaident. Ca»biet. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. WALTER E. DANIEL. Attorney-at-Law, WKLDON, N. (' Practicca lu the courts of Halifax ana Northampton auil in the Supreme aoo Federal courta. t'ollections made in all parta of North Carolina, branch othcc at Halifax open every Monday OEORUEC. OHEEN. AirOKNEY-AI-LAW. Otlice in (ireen Building Weldon. N. C. Wm. L, KNIOHT, Attorney and Counsellor-at'Law, WELIHJN, N. C. Ottlce in the Daniel Building. Buainesa promptly aud faithfully at tended to. H. B. HARRELL, Jr„ Attorney-at-Law. WELDON. - - N. C. Practices in the courta of Halifax and adjoining counties. Prompt atteotioo Pierce'Whitehead Hdw Co.acct WeJdon tJrot.’o. feed Harry Smith, coal, horae rent (ieo F. Coyne, lime ('lark iS; Miller, shoeing horse (ieo'C (ireen, mayor W L Scott, treaH. C L Everett, chief police K H Hall, uight police Z Stringer, aupt water works (leo Williams, laborer, K Cheatham, acavenger, A W .Andleton, clerk, Total, i (' L Kverett, chief police 70 (K) Pierce-Whitehcad Hdw Co. mdse 11 43 V. Stringer, aupt water works H5 00 Weldon tJro. Co. feed 14 2i’ (teo \N illiama, laborer :t5 (K) Harry Smith, expense 25 W L.Scott, tresH 1:; 50 C L Kverett. chief police 75 00 .Alex Cheatliain, acaveoger 40 00 H S Hall, night poliee 40 (K) J 1> Kledge, clerk l.‘‘i 00 7. Stringer, aupt water works !»0 00 (ieo (■ livecn, mayor IH 00 iieo Williams, laborer 40 00 W T Shaw, lax lister :iO F) Chatham, scavenger, 40 00 W I. Scott, treaH Vi 50 Total, mu* H7 (ieoO(ireen, mayor. 10 06 September 4. 1917. A W Andleton, clerk (ieo C (ireen, rebate ou taxea 15 IN 15 IN> Ueo (' (ireeu, mayor K. Chcathain, Ncavenger, * W 1. Scott, treaa 10 Ii6 40 00 1*4 50 Harry Smith, aalary^ year H Ii Dev ('0. ligiita U.H3 4t C' L I.verett, chief police 75 00 / Stringer, supt water works N5 00 lotal, $1 0.»7 57 its Hall, night police :v> OU RECAPITULATION. A W Andleton, clerk 15 00 Or«lers Paid in .May IU17 $ 447.J8 Kuauoka News, adv. HI 50 ** June ** 714.7S bJ F (’raver, mdae •JO IW “ “ .luly " 1 ,7.H7.t{6 llarrell’a Ptg Houae, printing L* 55 “ “ August •* (Ml. 87 Di.xon iV; Poolo, lumber :i 00 •• Sept “ 424.HO tieo Williama, laborer »5 00 " “ Oct •• I ‘i57 30 A W .\ndleton,atamped eoyelopes 10 (30 “ Nov. “ 455.92 Hmitb itodwell, hauling 8 15 " “ Dec. “ 5U4.3il Harry Smith, labor on atreet 1 00 " Jan. 1918 1,464.«3 i'ierce-Whitehead Hdw. Co. mdse 2 84 “ “ Feb. “ 592,71 “ ** March *• 589.57 Tout, $434 80 “ " April “ 1,057.57 October 2, 1917. Total, $10,030,48 Water Collector's Raport. Receipts May 1st, 1917 to April ;<Uth, 1918, $3,463.68 Hy amt pd Treas. aa per state. 3,468.6S A. W, ANDLETON, Collector Water Rents. Approved: W. L. 8C0TT, W. T. WHITEHEAD, W. T, PARKER, Finaooe Committee. Treasurer’s Report. r year ending April 80th, 1918. May 1 By 'bat on hand 12,7M. 10 By amt ree. from water rent 3,46!i63 “ Taxes 14,341.11 «• >• Bridge Bond 2i74,60 •• Towa Map 1.00 Total, $1 207 36 Novemlwr 6. 1917. Home Tel. Co. aerviees 4 00 Weldon IHg Co. printing n 00 Harry Smith, account, R6 42 fWhitehead Hdw. Co.mdse ^41 Harry Hmitb, expense 18 50 Weldon Uro. C^. feed 31 07 Weldon Sheet .Metal Works, mdse 1 95 Crane Co.mdae 2 10 C L Everett, chief police 75 tX) R B Hall, night poliee 35 00 Z stringer, snpt water works 85 00 Oea WjUiaras, labMer 36 00 ^BCbeatfaaiB.aaaTeatar 4001 120,099.34 To amt paid out by order of Town Board 110,086.48 To «mt paid for in- tereat et. bonds 2,150.00 To amt paid out curtail town note 1,OUO.OO To amt paid out forint, on town note 1H5.4U $15,731.88 Bal on hand May 1,1918 $6,2i7m W. L. SCOTT, Treaanrer. Mayor’• Rtport. Total No. cases tried from May I, 1917, to April 80, 1918 64 Total flnea impoied and paid $200.50 ASHLEY B STAIN3ACK, Attorney*at«Law, Notary Public. WELDON. - . N. C. Practices in the courta of Halifax and adjoining counties. Prompt atttention •• • ’ OHlce ATTORNEY AT LAW, vVELDOS, N, Practices in the courta of Halifax and •djoiuiug cuuutiea and iu the Supreme Vv . J. WAKD, 1>KNTIHT, OFFICE IN DAMKL BU1I.DINU WELDON. N.C aepl2 ly H.W. HARRISON’S Go to HARRISON’S Fur Automobile Hcpaira and Hupplies. AllkindRof Maoliiue work done—Nta* tionary, tiaHoline, .Marine and Hteam KuKinea, (iuiia and Pi^tola .Satiafaction AUTOMOBILES Tlresand Supplies on hand for sale M. W. HAKKI80N, Weldon, N. C. OUT fLOWEt(S HOK * \ 4££ OGC/^SIO/IS UoHeH, Cariiatioua, Vallies,\'ioleta and Orehida the leadera. We<lding Flowers arratige>i lu latest ait, Fluial Deaigns, ar'iHtically arranged. Fall and Winter Bulbs Are Now Ready. Plant Early for Best Results. Ko^'ebuabeH, KveTKreeiiit, Shrubl>eries, Shade Treea and Hedge Planta in vari* oua various at J. L. O’Olllini t COMPANY, Phone 149 RALEItJH North Carolina. GREAT BARGAINS IN TYPBWITERRS. We carry a large stock of standard Ty^writera. Can furnish at once Moo* area. Fox, Oliver, Remington, Uoyal, Hmith Premier, L. C. Hmith A Hro.'s and Underwood. Anv other make from 5 to 15 days’ uotice. we have both th« risible and the inviaible. We bought a large atock of theae Typewriters from one*lourth to onedialftbe regular m hole* ■ale price, and on aalenow atune-fourth to one-hall the regular retail prices. A good Typewriter ^om 17.50 to $15. A better one $17.50 to msO. The best fhim $30 up to any price Will beghid to answer any inquirv in connection with theac machines, aud aend samples of the work done by any uf the Type writers we have, every boy and girl should have one of our cheap Typewri* tera to learu how to use. .\oy person who can write well on a typewriter can demand a tar^«> valtfry. Anyone who buys a cheap typew riter from us and wanta a belter one later, we will take back the one l>ought ami allow thesame fiaid for it in exchange for a better one. f returned in good coadition and wKhln six months. Ir not in good condition we allow the market value. We <»rry Type writer ribbons and other suppiies. SPIERS BROS. W£L00il,iM.a New Quarters Just moved into our handsome oew brick building with a full supply of everything in Hardware for the farmer, the mechanic and the house builder. HLUl-S! FLUKS!! Now 18 the time to place your orders for tluea. Uwantem. We make em. H^Lir^x Co., Halifax, N. C. UP-TOTHEMlNtTE haillinery. FANCY (^OODBand NOVELTIEH. Kutteriek’s Patterniij K & 0. Corsets, Miaaea at 75c, Ladies 75c. to $1. Prices will be made to suit the times. Hats and Ilonnets made and trimmed to order. A. LEWIS, Weldon, N. C;i SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR ALL KINDS OH PRINTING TO E. L.;HAYWARD,! WeWon. N. C. Lamesi Stocl ille When in Norfolk eall on ni You will flud what you waat and get it quickly. Having no canvassers, ae agent’s commiaaions are ad ded to our prices. This ena- ablea ua to use tlratclass ma terial and Hnish it property . We Pay Freight and Ouarantaa Safe Arrival •- THECOUPER »(RBIE WORKS. (tiS years in busineaa.) Hank r4(. >«*HM'1-K, VA ow Wood’i Cow Peas Paemsfs shouli make every prep aration to sow all the OOW IMssible after ha^vssttnfl gpaln erop. ihle year, s« ae to fnoreaae the fee- tmtjr producUveneaa of their lands for erops to follow. TTie Sowing of Cow Peat Kt the LmI Working of Com Is also te be strongly reeommended. ”awnees who have ofaetload tau claim that the sowing of Oow Feas *•" »'*M o' “W". «">• I* BWkM i m^dMlMbt* mi.« „ Write fof "WOOO'I oua* T;_W. Wood

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