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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, July 18, 1918, Image 1

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KSTABLISHED in 1866. VOL. LIU. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. V., THIIUHDAY, -Il'LY 18, UMH. I'erms of Subscription—/^^nu1l1 NO. 10 Chlldran Cry for Fletcher's CASTOR IA The Sind You Have Always Bought, and which haa beea is OM for over over 30 yeara, has boroe the signature of —■ and has been made under hia per* aupervision since its infancy. /«666wh Allow no one to deceive you in this* All Counterfeits, ImitatloaB and ** Just-as-good are but Sxperiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Childrea^Bxperience against Bzperiment. ^ What Is CASTORIA Cutorla It a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has teen in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Vind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assio^ttion of Pood; giving healthy and natural sleep. The Childreo’a Paiuuea—The Uothw'f Friend. QENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS ^Bears the Signature of In Dse For Over 30 Years Th» Kind You Have Always Bought Get The Habit iV^Buy for Cash. Save'll! i^the pennies by buy-'Vl ing at W. T. PARKER & CO., Wholesale Cash Store WELOON, N. C. manufactuhers of Building Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TOORDKK AND RKlUILAKHTOCK SIZES. Oood Materials, High Qrade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. THB Dining; Room sliould be a cheerful place for wlien you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid digestion. And good digestion means health. HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs in Tables, Chairs, Side* boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like, Is ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may be. In the matter of style, finish and price. Come In and talk It over with us. We are as eager to GIVE satisfaction as you are to receive It. Welk Fursiture Cimpaiij, Weldon, N. 0. Fire lasurasce Si Surety Bonds! Life, Accident and Health. Pl^te Glass and Automobiles. Repre senting leading companies. See me about your insurance wants. ■L. C. DE'Ai’EH. . OFHce in Green Boilding, WELDON, N. C. For Sale I New Todd Check Protector. li interested, call at this ofBLoe^ .....'.u .... . .. IMPERIAL GERi^ANY” WHAT ir IS By OR. TAtCOTT WiLLIAMS. Director of the Columbia Univ«r»lty Schrtol of Journaliain. 'iier«(lnn iJi«* t> of lIlKTiy atiU «• Mu'iny of frt*e- >m. liH whole In- rmir Hiilkitii It 1iH» |irfv«>nH'rt i»i*>lr i\>&- vflopmeni, Taicott William*, ty «.f m*rUn. «lil<-h woulil lmv« hrouKlit pcnce, und In ri'HpoiiMlhle for four hiil- knii wur*. A aeon- of yi'ur.. h|<o It HUpportHi tliH iiltHMliliirttty Sulhin of Turkey Iti Ariiu'htHii iiitiKNiuTcK. mul ihe oWoors of the li*‘i-iii»h Qovvrnnient” huv« iitdvii unit lb«8« tuasflatTeH now |it>(’HUNL‘ tl>o Ar iUi‘iilBua workvd hihI |ilnniu>il for llh> «rty when other nire* In Turkey were qutC8i'ont. It Is the ‘imperial Oernmn (Joverniuent" whU'h U ivspi»n«Hile f»>r Ariu4>nlHii!t, Mhirved to deuth aa (Jeriuiius themselves testifjr. “8scr«t Ensmy.” In 1908, when the r«volultouary Ttirklth government was for freedom, {Jerumtiy opposed tt; when It lieoame tyrnnnlcal Germany made this K^^vern- tuent Its ally. The 0<>rman jfovero ment harassed Frnnce out merely be< cause it was Its ancient enemy, Imt because Its success as a republic made the French people perilous to princes. The Qerniftn government plotted to re store the Manchu Emperor and the HusRlan Cur to their thrones. Itecause the American people by Its prosperity and power made liberty desired by all Ute world the Oerman government has been its scrret enemj'. Thirty years ago tt plotted against out- treaty rights In Samoa; It sent Its lloet to worry and threaten Dewey at Manila In 18t>8; it offered to Eng land, which ri'fused, to overturn the Monrue Lhictrlue In Mexico. It has In tlfteeo years threatened VcneEuela, Mexico, Haytl and other Aiaerlcan states. When we were maintaining peace under great provocation, tt pro* poeed to Mexico and Japan to attack us, both refusing. It betrayed Inter national faith In the dispatches sent through the 8w*edlsh Minister. It filled our land with spies, sought unavailing* ly to embroil us with those of German birtb resident In this country, slatlgh* tered our citizens on the high sohs, all law, national and lute^ uatiunal. human and divine. *'8ore Muoh," We waited long, we bore much, and we are now sending our sons to the war declared against the "Imperial tiernian liovernment'’ becauso the rec* ord of tiilrty. years siiows that nelthet liberty nor democratic institutions are safe the >Vorld over while that govern* ment Is powerful. We wisely prefer, after what Uclglum suffereii, to fight Germany "aomewbero in France” rath* er than In Neir York harbor; oa the Soiuuic, rather than on the Hudson. In one or the other we should have bad to fight. In 177Q wo sent our sons to tight for American liberty, and we won it In 1812 we fought for the freedom of the sea, and we won that In 1661 we sent our sons to flgbt for the liberty of the slave, and we won that Today we send our sons out ts fight for the liberty of bumaoity, and we thall wlo that GRAHAM FLOUR PROM NEW WHEAT WILL M POPULAR Raleigh.- The grinding of new crop wheat Into itrabam Hour is being en couraged by the Food Administration. In some sections of North Carolina the new wiieai Is reaching some of the mills aiready. .Most of (he mllla refuHe to handle the new wheat ex* rept In very Mniall quantities on ao* count of Its poor willing condition. The Food Adroinlsi ration Is anxloua that no further wheat flour sbail be imported into the State and for this reason, and for the additional reason that mills find it exceediogly dittlcuU to grind new wheat and get the ex> traction which they are required to get. Is encouraiing the grinding o( wheat into grnham fiour. Whole wheat graham flotir from the new crop wheat Is sweet and wholesome, having a dis> tlBctive flavor which makes it ei* ceedingiy palatable and promtset te make it very popular. •TATEMENT PROM FOOD ADMINISTRATOR HOOVER **!( you oottid stajul in the midd1« of Europe today and survey the laud to Its borders, you wotild disccTer ita whole population of 400,#00,000 human helafs short of food. MilHeas of fie Ui FolMd, Flalaad, Serhte, Ams** ftlft and Rwssia are dflnc of starr*tlOB «Bd Other aitilioBs sire suEering from Uttie food. Our AUies and Ih* oeutrals are UtIm the barest mar* ftfta that wlU sUMMrt life ao4 Vtrength. "TUs, the rnuMi appaUlng aad dreadful thtng that has cave to h» Baalty #ace the 4*wn ot cirtltMltoa. la t* B« Ihe eutetABdlM ctmOm il awn oalUlMiMK.** QBNBROUS KID. ^*BookB are wanted for the floldiera, Tommy.*' got a nice arithmetic they kin have.*' Children Ory FOR FLETCNER'S CAS.T.ORiA Tou ‘leant size—strength, safety, l>eauty and mileage in a tire. That’s what you get in tjje Fisk Cord. All that, plus most unusual re siliency ,speed,conifortancl luxury—Made in Ribbed 'Tread and the famous Fisk Non-Skid. Weldon Motor Compaay, WELDON, N. C. There's an hour ihai comes like a healing balm, When evenint! shades are falling, And we lay our cares ai the Saviour's feel, His gift of grace recalling. 'Tis ihe hour of prayer that renews our sirengih, Makes Chrisiiaii duly clearer, 'Tis ihe hour of prayer and iis power ihal draws Our heav'nly home siill nearer. 'Tis Ihe prayer of faith ihai dispels our clouds Gives joy beyond expression. For it fills our hearts and it crowns our lives. With all that':, worili possessing. Lovingly now, fervently bow, welcome this hour 0( holy calm so sweet; Lovingly now, fervently bow, Breathing the prayer of faith at Jesus feet. THE H ARP O’ TREES. If you lived where I live, where every vagrant breeze Plays melodies harmonious, a-sweeping through the trees, You’d get up in the morning with courage in your knees. If you lived where I Hved, Beneath the Harp o' Trees. The river flows, a silver band between the verdant hills That sing their owji big open song, the music of the rills; And all the things that grow there nod a welcome to (he breeze That sings its song triumphant in the wondrous Harp o’ Trees. The Harp o’ Trees, the Harp o' Trees, O music of my soul! The swift cadenzas rippling and The broader songs that roll In thickening waves ol sheer delight. That life a mighty voice And bid mankind to leave his cares, And bid mankind rejoice! If you slept where I sleep, the murmuring of the leas With zephyrs whispering through ihem like echoes from the seas, Would rock you off to Dreamland with its sacred harmonies, If you slept where 1 sleep, Beneath (he Harp o’ Trees I If you loved as I love, (he things that God hath given To comfort us and solace us, these little bits of heaven. You too, would sing as I must sing, such rhapsodies as these In graiitude for respite by the singing Harp o’ Trees I Cause ol Despondency. Debpuoilency in oheD caused by indi- ift'Htiun nod coDRtipfttion, ttnd quickly <JiHap|ieant wIieD ('liaint)erlain'8 Tablets are taken. Tlieae Ubietti Htreuf^thea tlie iliKeHtloD aud move tlie bowels. aOOD IDBA. The restaurant manager stood behind the cashier's desk, wearing his stock-in-trade smile for each customer. An old gentleman walk ed in. "1 notice,” said he, “that you advertise to make your own pies.” ‘•Yes, sir,” answered the mana ger proudly, ”we do.” ’’Would you permit me lo offer a suggestion ?” ’’Ceriainly, sir. We would be so happy if you would do so.” ■‘Well, then, let someone else make iheni.”—Phil..Ji.lp:iia Public Ledger. Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOHIA ANVIL SPARKS. Kind deeds make ^ood short ening' for even the upper crust of life. Tho husband of a nagging woman usually believes in ab sent treatment. Some who can be very volu ble in meeting would hesitate to open their books to the Lord. An economical wife and an industrious husband make a good team to plow the furrows of life. Some people give a dime to a good cause, and then, when dollars do not flow back to them, think something is wrong with the tide.—The Christian Ht^rald. Children dry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA TMl HOyR or PmAYEU. “ NATION-WIDE FIGHT AGAINST GERM^PAPERS National Security League Starts Crusade for Their Elimination, Together With the Teach- > ing of German. ' A vlgorou* campaign to brloir about the •tlBilnaUon uf the teachlog of Ger* man In tho public schooli of the ouuii- trjr ood to obtain the dlacontinuance of the publication of nowspaptirH pi-lnl- eU In Uernian hna been launched hy the Nntlunal Kocurlty Lpaguv. To or* ganize Its effort for these ends the I.«aKue has formed a Committee on Foreign LanRuege nnd Foreign Fretiii, which wltl carry the Hght into ever; nook and comer of tiie United 8te^-*s. The (Juujtulttee Is composed of Coi. Charles B. Lyderker, member of the BonnI of Truatees of the College of the City of New York and C'hulrnmn of the Niitlonni Security Lt-ugno's Hoard of Directors; Rdward 11. Clark, Treasurer of tliu Security lyeague; Ernest 0. Urowo, well known New York editor and puMli«her, and Dr. Kobert M. McBlroy, Kduoational dlrec^ tor uf the National .Security Lviigue under leare of nbsenoe from Princeton University, where he la head of the Departiueot of History aad PollUca. Stop Advertising. The principal basis of tho Commit tee’s campaign against Qerman news papers will be the obtaining of tho die- continuance of adrertlslng in them. Col. Lydecker's committee has laid tbe following plan of campaign before the Chairmen and Secretaries of all the 281 branches of the Security League: “There la do Immediate need to have laws enocted to suppress the foreign language dallies. In towna where there Is a strong patriotic senti ment a hostile minority should be per suaded by a clear and forceful expres sion of the views of the majority Uiat ours must be, from this time forward, a one language nation. “tee Our Mistake." coiumuiilty will not support a iwsdealer who handles the dally pa pers printed in foreign tongues it cao thereby force him to deal only in Kng* lish language paperu. “Recognising a general willlngnesa to be patriotic and the rapid acqui escence from many quarters to compel the use of L'ngllsh dallies, we urge rsasonably acUve measures on the part of tbe branches of the I^eague. Jus tice requires this, for the fault does not lie wholly with the alien. We have failed hitherto to provide the niachln- ery of education which the welding proceas required. We have counte- naneed and even encouraged the idea of pt-oservlng llnqulstlc and ra<'lal groups In our midst. At last we see onr mistake, and we must correct it aa speedily as justice will allow. “But wo must not forget, and we must not allow allsn enemies to for get, that this is a time of war. Quick proc«sst*s ot producing unity are Justi fied by the peril of those InBtitutloua which we hold In trust for all human ity. Newsdsalers. "We therefore suggest: "(a) Meetings of citizens to express a one languoge sentiment. *'{b) Discontinuance of all advertis ing In papers printed In the tongues of enemy nations. "(c) Procurtng co-operatlun of news dealers." WAR COURSES 111 response in ihe Governmeni’s call Tor specially iruined men ihe UniverMiy is (//fering, in iidJiiinit (o its regular courses in Aciiclemic, Civil, Clieniical, l-lecirical, Highauy and MininK lingineerinc, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy, Special ,, ... WAR ENCINEERINC Clourses and Military Training under U S. ARMY IN SHNIOH IMVISION OI'l-'lCi;HS HHSHRVE TRAINING (ORl'S (irnduaies Mligihle tor Comniissions. Be Rendy Wtieii The Call Conies. Tor liifiirniaiion ttriic U/iiVEifsiTYor ^ORTff Doing: Oood. Few medicines liave met with more favor or accomplished more good than Chamberlain’s ('/Oiic and Diarrhoea Remedy. John K. Jantsen, Delmeny, Sask., says of it: '*1 iiave used Cham berlain's ('olic and Diarrhoea Remedy mysell and in my family, and can rec ommend it as being an exceptionally tine preparation." HIQHBR STILL. a king amoug mon." “That’s nothinjp. My daugh ter knowtt an American aviator who ift an ace.” CbamberUin’t Colic and Oiar* rhoca Remedy. Now is the time to buy a bottle of this remedy so as to be prepared in case that any one of your family should h^ve an attack of odiie or diarrhoea tiurintr tbe summer mootbs. It is worth a bundled times it cost«whaa needed. * T II K ESTABLISHKl) l8V2t Capital ani kplus, S60,000. WE INVITH YOUR AGCOUNT. 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DKPARTMENT W. K. DANIKI., W. K. SMITH. INVHAT10N. You are invited to open an account with the 14 OF EHFino, EflFIEiO, fi. c. Per Cent, allowed in the Savlnj^s Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. nn^ YOU can bank by mail* WOULD INORlAtl THE SUPPLY OP POULTRY •avlnt of AH Pullets Would Qnaatly Inerease Ego M«at tupply->« More Mtfhey for Farmers. lUlelfk.—Tk« Pood Administratioa h baeklfti up and enoouraging in my maaaer possikle tha efforta ot tho Atrleultural ExteasloD larTtca in pro- motlnv t&e poultry indttstrr in tha State. It ia uriing all farmers to save erary 5uH«t possible, disposing only of eockarels at this season for broilers aad frying chickens. It is poiated out tiiat thara ar« creatar posslbilltlea tor incraaslog tha aaat supply through tha raising to maturity af chickens than there la thfoogh the increased production of eaMa and hoge. the so'cailed meat aahnals. At preeant aad proapactiva prices ci poultry and eggs foreslghtad farmers eaanot do otherwise than ralsa to maturity every pullet that tb*T oan malntala. The pullet which will seli today for 40 eents will pro* duce eggs to tha value of several times that sum during the winter or apring or <an be sold as a matured hen during the winter for two or three tiroes that sum. {T What’s hn In Music^ By Special Arrangement with the Associated Music Publishers of New York, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Demonstration BROADWAY’S big Song Hits Come in and hear the “Latest" Direct from Melody Row. All Sheet Music lOc. Copy. W. M. Cohen Drug Company, Weldon, North Carolina. NUNNALLY'S AND NORRIS’ CANDIES SOLE AGENTS TOR NYAL’S REIVIEDIES The undersigned offers for sale one 70-saw Van winkle gin, feeder and condenser, four years old. One 60-saw Eagle gin, feeder and condenser, five years old. One Beasley Single box down packing press, five years old. This machinery Is In good condition and bargain prices will be made on the entire lot or on separate portions. Write or come to see me at once, M. E. MARTIN, THELMA, N C. Rural Route No. 2, uuietocdOitf- —'

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