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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, May 15, 1919, Image 1

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BSTABLISHBl) IN 1866. VOL. LIV. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C., THUltSDAY, MAY lo, Terms of SubscriDtion—$1.50 Per Annum NO. 1 Net CoiKents 15 Fluid Drac B ALtOHOL-aPtBOBWX I Therclq'l’romoUnjIMfcirtto fiiccffumws and ' iictthCfOplum.MorphtoenW : Mineral. NOT N^ooT*® 1t£S^ MimS^ I > I ii A helpful »"«<?'**■ f Constipation «i«l Di"^* andFewrhtine^ Loss or Si* w RcSlmile 5i4nJ2.°* Cewtawi»6®**^^‘ Exact Copy of Wrapper. CASIRIA For Infants i^'I Clilldren. Mothers! r?v; That Genuine C :t']ria Always ^ Bears the Signature of MISS BOOTH, IN RAGS, AIDED MON POOR Salvation Army Commander, Dis guised, Roamed Through Siumi to Study Intimate Problems at East End Unfortunates. JkltRs Kvuii;;clliit> IWxttli. iluiiKl>t<‘r of lh(» iHtp ({(‘iivriil Wllliitin tUioih, f(>uii<l4>r of tiio SnlvHtlnn Anu.v, lism Kiven her it(v tu lii« Hervke »r ili< pour and the unfortunate. K«*w |)ur< ■out, If ituy, knvw she went about la For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA Get The Habit HT’Buy for Cash. Save^’H B^the pennies by buy-*^ ing at . W. T. PARKER & CO., Wholesale Gash Store WELOON, N. C. Disos Luffiber Si Millvorl Go. Weldon, N. C. MANUhACTUkKltS OK Building Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TO ORDER ANII HKUIil.ARKTOt'K HIZKS Oood Materials, Hl(h Orade Workmanship Our Slogan M i Snrinir anii Snnmer @ w» Spring aDd Sinmer iRES^fiOODj ALSO Shoes and Clothiag. t LADIES 00AT SUITS AND SPORT COATSi The very newest styles In Organdies Qeorgettes and Crepe-de-Chine. ibe East Ko<l of London dlsfulsetl to ragN that flhe might help the uofor tunate. When her father stood erect auld a storm of abuse and even phjral< cal vloleiK'e she stood beside him. She knows how the poor suffer b» cause she has suffered with them. 8h« knows there still retiialns In Hie wreck of a dissolute man a spark of man hood that will kindle a redeeoiloi flame, because she has faoued luanj flickering sparks until her {Mitlent ha» Afalned his f««et. She now heads the Salvation Aroiy In the United States at the great niomuQt of Ita career. The old time slurs and doubts have bees banished. DurliiK the week of Hay the ShIvmiIou Armjr will appriil to the people of the Dnited Statee fui thirteen million (lollnra to c^rry oul Iti after-the-wNT iirograni. Contrlhutt to tha Salvation Army Home 8enrU-i Pund CampeU'n. Hentember, to th< Salvation Ano.v **A Man May lU l>owo, but H** « Never Out.” The Salvation Ainiy returns from the trenrlips of France to take up Its half 4'entury old buttle In the ti'oiiohea of poverty In the United States. Ra* member the Salvation Aivoy Home Bervlce Fund campalgt* for |1S|000^000 May 19-26. "Bayer Cross” on Tablets. American Owned, Entirely! FADES 4. I. STAI/IBJ(CK, WELDQN, N C “ ^T' w'•Kf ’KT wrW vMtM' ^wTr The Busy Store, Choice Hams There is nothing more appetizing than a slice of our choice ham. We have anything you may want in the line of meats. All Kinds of Canned QocdB. Good GEOCBRIES bulld up the system, stimulate the brain, and increase your capacity to think. And right thinking brings best re- rults. Our prices make you ihink. Call in to see us. L. E. HULL, Nmr Batclwlor’a Optra Houm, WELDON, N .C AWAY “Bayer Talilets of Aspirin” Olfer Relief—with Safety! For Headache Colds Neuralgia Gripp.: Toothache Influenzal Colds Earache Achy Joints Rheumatism Neuritis Lumbago Pain I Pain t Adults—Take one or two "Bayer Tablet* of Aspirin" with water. If necessary, re peat dose three times a day, 0 0 A*si/ln (• lie trade mark of Rarer ICinufac* ttut of MoaMcctic«ci«ic»ur ol SalieyUucM Buy tlio Bayer packages 0&I7. SO>oent packa(e->Also lM|er iltas The Flow of Meat Two-tbirds of the live stock in the United States has to be raised in the West. One-half of the consumers of meat live in the East. In other words, most of the live stock is one or two thousand miles distant from most of the people who need it in the form of food. Fifty years ago, when live stock was raised close to every consuming cen ter, the country butcher could handle the job alter a foshion. But the job got too big. Now millions of animals have to be moved hundreds of miles to millions of people. Somewhere on the way they have to be turned into meat. The packers solved the problem. They set up plants where the “Kve haul” and the “meat haul" were in the right balance. They built up distributing systems—refrigerator cars, refrigerating plants, branch houses. They saved time, money and meat everywhere. The stockraiser bene fited in better markets and higher prices; the consumer, in better meat and lower prices. As the country grew, the packers had to grow, or break down, ^cause of its present size and efficiency. Swift & Company is able to perform its part in this service at a fraction of a cent per pound profit Swift & Company, U. S. A. THE $13,000,000 SALVATION ARMY POSTED W MAY BE .DOW HES NEVER - ourr* ^"HOME Service Fund campaigIj mvAnoN MAYI9-26 may be down, but he’a nevar out," tb« Salvation Army slogan, furnished the theme for the ofllcial Home Servica Fund Campaign poster do* signed by Frederick Duncan, the noted artist. Prom this he has evolved a striking artlatlc creation, typifying the hand of the Salvation Army reaching out to rescue those who are enshrouded la the clouds of poverty and vice. A Salvatloa Army lass la the principal figure, and the scarlet lining of her cloak, thrown back as she enfolds those who are calling out to her lo distress, fur- ulshes the poster with Its one spot of brilliant color. The background la of blocks, ifraya an^ greens, Intllcatlx# of tha atorm cjQ<)ds fit mlyecj ud want CASTORIA For lafuts and Cblldrtn In Um ForOvcr 30 Yaara Alwaya bean itoa Mffisnrr of Do You Bdjoy Ufe? A man 16 good pbyaioal condition ia almost certain to enjoy life, while the iMiious and dyspeptic are despondent do not enjoy their meals and feel mia< erableagoodshareofthe time. Tbia ill feeling is nearly always unneoeasarjr. A few doaoa of C^ambnlaia’a Tatlata to tone tip the ttocmeh, improve the dKgeation and regulate the bowela ii all I at this needed. Try it. SALVATION ARMY • VALIAmN WAR Having Served Gloriously in the Trenches. Is Coming Back From Overseas (or Peace Time Activities. ASKS HOIME SERVICE FUND. National Campaign te Repleitlsh R« sources Ptplcted by Long and Di rect Contact Servieea With Our Soys Scheduled for May 19-20. New York (Special).—I.lke the >,000.000 American boys whom It served so gloriously In the trenches of Prance, the Salvation Army Is coiiiln:.' back from overaeas, ready to put asiih Its khaki uniform of war sprvlce, don again the “Civvies" and embark once more on Its normal peace time activi ties. And, Just like those doughboyn, th« Salvation Army has rome out of tht war victorious and with cltatlnnH foi bravery, decorations for gatlaniry un der tire and golden chevrons Indlni tive of honorably won wounds on lt» arm. The victory whlrh the Salvn tlon Army baa won la a victory ovt i the ob>i(arl«s that lay before It In its purpose of efficient aorvlce of the light ers of Pershing’s army. Its citations are the thanks, cheera and prayers of 2 000,000 doughboys. Its wound slrlp<>K are rightfully golden of hue, for thev typlfy the unaelflsh way In which the Army threw all Its resources—flnan- elal, Mplrltual and moral—Into the ef fort to help tha American soldiers In Trsnce. Now the Amy Is asking the people of .ViiHTica to give it concrete evldenro of the gratitude whi<-h has be<‘ii so ItmtUy. nnd so wtlUngty ex|>resned. From May 19 to 26 the Salvation Army will conduct in the United States s cafupalgu to raise 113,000,000 for Its Home Service Fund. The money Is needed both to recoup the fortunes of the Army, shattered by Ita long service of the soldier and to permit It to carry on the woi^ it has always done on the iar»;t>r scale which the pulillc now demands. Raising the money by this means, the Salvation Army explains, will ellniluate. perhaps permanently, the neceHsity for the ceaHeless solicita tion of funds which has been a bug bear to the Anuy and the public alike. It v^'itl permit the workers of the Army, who, forced to devote more than htilf thfir time to gathering int>ney. were In roiiMequeuce only half efttcieiit Intlieli' evant;t‘listlc anil soi-lal service work to devote ail their time In future to tile duties for which they have bei'ii trained. The amount of the fnn<1 has he(*n determined exa«il.v iii.<l iu.l<-all> h.t means of budget.s I'reimred locally !■> workers of the Salvation Aruiy In all |>art!« of the United StateM. Already lieud(|u.n'ii-r-' for tlie citin- pnltrii have been «.-stabll>ilied In Ni'H I’ity. in c-uuragemeut and dieeriug HiKhes f>*i success has been heard from all pun of the country. Men and wuni> prominent in all walks of life Imv volunteered their services as acilv participants la the drWa. The Army 2,000,000 loyal rooters—the boys wl went overseas In khaki—are all lin* up ready to help. The Army nut < n!. helped liiem over there, but It fu-.iii«! jobs for many of them after they liud been mustered out of service, hel[)ed them get the civilian clothing that was necessary If they wanted to take thOMe jobs, fed many of them, gave them shelter and furnished them with traua* portatlon to their homea. For the war aervlca of the Salvatloa Army is still under way. Ita workera are atlll, many of them, in France, and Ita huts, clubhouses and hotola for tho reception of the boya returning from abroad are in full swing here. Neither, the Salvation Anny asserts, will its war work be abandoned until the iaat boy la out of the khaki of tho army or the blue of the navy. Tha larger activltlea which necessitated tho coming campaign will exlat and bo financed independently of tho serrlc* of the fighters from abroad. Children Ory FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA The momcni a girl finds her ideal she begins a search fur a substitute. mr ITI suBsiniflE nil N GIIIOIL Mirto yovx Urer without 70a liek and can not SiUvato. Ererj druggist in town—^four druggist and everybody*! druggiit hag ootieod « great ia ^ sale of calom«. They all give t&a fame roMon* Dodson^s Lirer Tone ia taking ita plac«. *‘Calomel is dan^roua and peoplo know it> while Dooukm^a Litrer T<m« if perfectly safe and giyea better re* aulU/* Mid a promittent loc'sl drug* gist. Dodoon a Liver Tone is per* aonaliy guaranteed by every dnw- gist who sella it A lar^ bottU coats but a few cents, and if it fails to give easy relief ia e^ry case of Utv sluggisMiess and constipation, yoa hate only to ask for your monef back. Dodson’s lirer Tone is a pleasast- tasting, purely Tegetablo rom^, harwlssgfob^ children and ad^tc. Take $ ,^fl(Ottful at n^ht and ivake np fading fine; no biliousnees, ikk hsadeehe, acid gtomach or coogti* jMlfi toiieU. *lt doesn’t pipe or Aaite iscoDTonicnce all tna mkI liVtt vMmf ratAm#! sufifar-cured SWEET CAPnRAL CI!?ARETT£8 Golden Virginia tobacco, blended with iust a dash of Turkish, not merely “cured”, not just “sugar cured”, but map/e-8ugar cured CbkDoul, Ke knoiMi Mild t fcxTRRTiNC 13u * 2 for. 3c Large Foil Pjokage £ 2/C wiui»wiaasaiaiwntBOfc«w»iwniSBroiao;sti«wank naianuaaaaannUMn IXVITATIONJ You are invited to open an account with the BlifIK OF EHFinO, EfIriELD, ft. 0. 4 Per Cent, allowed in the Savings Depart* ment Compounded Quarterly. YOU can bank by mail About (he Hrst question our salesmen will ask you when you try on one of our new is VHow does it feel?" In other stores they ask “liow dou it look?" The difference is that we will Rrst select a hat Mff will become you, and we know that a “Mallory" Hat will look right, so what we want to know is whether the hit feels right on the head. Be sure to have a look at our window this week and come in and prove what we say. FARBER & JOSEPHSON. Mens and Boys Outfitters WELDON, N. C.

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