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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 12, 1919, Image 2

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Grapes Wanted- By a woluierfiil discovery thofimoiis Vif i'i i Dare wine id now produced in NOM-Al.(;OHOi 1C k.'viii, meeting every reiiuireriient of pri aibilion law .-. Growers of Scuppernong Grapes are the: . tori.- to fertili.,?!' thoroughly and care foi tlie vii • ^vmU. •; than ordinary attention, to insure a bi^ ck'Ij. ■r1 We will be in the market as ubual for big supplies for which attractive prices will be paid. C)umnteed ^Coffee If you know a Scuppernong Grape grower cut this out and send it to him. GARRETT & COMPANY Bu*h Tvrminal Building; No. 10 BROOKLYN, N. Y, VVK AWE BUILDINO A Nl-W 250.001) UALI.ON PkHSS MOliSli A1 ABBROHKN. (^AXXi:i3 (H)()I proieci our cnstomers by handling the besi brands of canned goods whose makers have high repuianuns lo uphold The prices of these better grades are low enoush to suit all. Also a nice line of Uroceries L. J. Moore & Co., Successors to K. Clark, Opposilc Hoslollice •^^The Store of Quality and Service THE ROANOKE NEWS Oleme.nceai’is said lo eaibui* We gaiher from ihe criiics ihai one meal a day, bui ihai may be j Hosimasier General Burleson is like Mark Twain's smoke a day— blame for leiting ihose bombs into Thursday, June 12,1919. Published Every Thursday. RATB 01-SIBSCPIPTIOMN AhVANCF: Odo Yi*ar. (by mail) j>OHtpanJ, 11,50. .\ wi't'kly Pt'uiocratic juuraal Uevutetl to tliti iiiati-nai, f«lucatioual. pulitical ftad aKtteullutal loWrvHtH of ktalitai a&d lurrouadiDKCOuutivH. AilTertihin^ raU‘H reanouatile a litlied OD applicatioa. from early morning to midnight. The ex-Kaiser will feel that the discovery of the throne of King David in Palestine comes too late. A yearago he might have claimed Necessity is also the mother of a league of nations. Congress comes to bai full of ginger and the determination to hit out a home run. SriLL It was not intended that Germany should accept the peace terms with applause. The world will never be as bad as some people think it is or as they think it ought to be. Alas the college graduate will not arrive in time to solve the world’s most serious problem, If Foch ever announce a lunch eon engagement in Berlin he may be relied on to keep it to the min ute. Lots of men who have traces of greatness in their make up spoil everything by kicking over the traces. Denmark will not object to re ceiving more territory provided that territory is not ail cluttered up with Germans. Austria is to take one of the heads off its eagle That two headed bird never knew where it was going anyway. Mandate or no mandate, the Turk may as well recognize the fact that his days for organizing massacre parties are over. Herr Scheidmann proclaims that "the world has again lost an an illusion"—the illusion that Ger many was to rule the world. CATARRH CAN NOT BE CURED with local appiicationB, an they caouot reach the seat of the dinease. Catarrh ta a local diseaie, (rreatly iotlueoced by coDBtitutiooal eooditioDs, aod la order to cure it you muat take an interoal remedy. Ilali’ii <'atarrh Mediciae ia taken iDternalty ami acts thru the blood OD the mucoua aurracea of the Bysteni. Hall'a Catarrh Medicinc wao preacribed by OD6 of the b«et pbyaiciaca in tliii coDotry for years. It ia compoaed of •ome of tbe beat tooics koowo, com* bioed with aomeofthe beat blood puri* fien. The perfect combioatiOD of tbe iDfrredieota io Hall’a CaUrrh Mediciot ia what producea auch wonderful re* ■uHa in catarrhal conditiona. P. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, Ohi'o TMtimooiaia aent free. Price 76 eeata bottle. Bold by ail druf^ata. Hitl'a Faoiitv Pills for ConitipatiOQ If the railroad rates must be raised, perhaps the owners of the railroads want the governmeni to raise them before giving up cuii- irul. Geh.MAN^ is strong now for the fourteen points—well by ihe time we hnish riiiiiniing them di»wn her throat It became necessary to add a few mure. Another thing that should diS' pose Congress to favor the league of nations is (hat the league will provide a few snug harbors for lame ducks. Congress is now giving a life hke imitation of a lot of gentlemen trying to make believe that woman suffrage was always their heart’ greatest desire. It may comfort certain United States Senators to know that Pres identhbert, of Germany,also hopes that the American Senate will re ject the peace treaty in its present form. With the rest of the world gone dry and Germany putting out the "old familiar juice” Germany should worry about its war debt, It can get rich on the growler trade alone. Some returned soldiers are solv ing the problem of displacing man workers by marrying the wo men and taking over the jobs This is not forcible annexation, but benevolent assimilation. With the end of the war the postman’s bag contains fewer black bordered letters, but it bears heavier lot of missives that the postman knows are wedding invi tations, and that he smiles to de liver. To hear Senator Penrose urging retrenchment in governmental ex penses gives one a sensation akin to that of flying wrong side up an airplane. Still, the Senator may prove a wonder in the re trenchment line. For the coward there is neith er glory nor peace. ” We don’t know who said it but in the lan guage of the day, he said a mouth full. Opponents of the league of nations might try the sentiment on their consciences. Each of the nations represent ed at the peace conference seems to to think it expedient at one time or another to arise in the majesty of outraged dignity or something and walkout. But it is signiHcant that each in passing the doorkeeper asks for a pass check. Ohildren Ory FOR FLETCHER’S O'AS.T.ORIA his old deparimeni, and ihai ii was one of his mail cars ihai bumped into Samuel Gompers. These critics have noi yet thoujhi of blaminj Burleson for the war, but (Jive 'em lime. I WELDON 33 YEARS AGO. | From Ihe l^oaiKike News. . J III, IMN6 The Cumphcll place was sold Saturday for division and was pur chased by Mr. K. U Hdwards for $1,400. Vi e are £lad to learn that Mr J R. Tillery, of ihis county, has taken rooms in Major limry's building and will hereafter be a resi dent of iliis place. e welcome him to town and only wish wc had hundreds of others like him. Rcur. — Last Saturday Moit Howell and G. I-'. Collins, both white, engaged in a dispute here about some money and came to blows. Collins threw Powell down and Powell cut him on the head in several places with a knife, but not seriously. HALIFAX SUPERIOR COURT. Criminal Cases OispoHed ot Last Week. 1 The following criininal cases 4 were disposed of ai Halifjx Supo-, rcrior Court hisi week: 1 (ieorgc* Bishop, J. and b. Two i years in jail. To be hired out. Joe Ousby. house breaking. 2 ] years on county roads. ! Mary Frances Alston, a. and b. (> months m jail, to he hired out. l:lhs Williams, Floyd Stokes. I l oin Perry, larceny. Ciuilty. IVay- 1 cr for )udgment continued upon paying cost and appearing before S. M. Gary, Judge Juvenile t'ourt on the 15ih day of July. 1919 and : be dealt with according to judg- , mcnt of said coun, Fergus Harvell, a, and b. Not guilty. \X’m. H. Alston, burglary. Not guilty. l:dwis\ Harrell, liquor. Twelve , months on county roads. I \X ilIie Htheridge. Trespass;$l hue and costs. J. H. lilliott, trespass. Judg ment suspended. Jun Pippen. Abandontiient. Not guilty. Je>se ('arroll, c. c. w. Judg ment not pronounced. Jun Hardy, abandonment. Sen tence not pronounced. RKI'ORT OFGRANDJl'RV. I To the Hon. Judge of the Superior howto Make Mischiek.- Ciiurt of Halifax County, N. C. , your eyes on yourheighbor. W e, the Grand Jury of Hjlifa.x j Take care of them. Do not let County, beg to report as follows: | (hem stirwiihoui watching. They The County Home is badly out, may do something wrong if you of repair. W’e most heartily en- do. To be sure you never knew Read the Luzieinne guarantee. Stiuw it I It is me broad est .fmrest coffee guar antee ever written, wu <%n use the whole ckn ,, of Luzianne and then H’mTpLT getyourmoney back if' “'□"HrTi*;.*.'; Jtou ^r^not thoroi^iW REMEMBER THIS IS coffee The Reily-Taylor Company AVw Orleans L. 4 IK. SEiKi-f>^ST£ FAins |{K<TTH.ATC.\N UK M.Al>i: * out lo you ‘.’t tt liallon when iua<le ready to u«t‘ Hoisunniemli'd l*j Hatiailod uitera for ovor 4ii yi*ar» Obtain COLOR CARD fram our Agents or LONOMAN S MARTINEZ, Manufacturers New York| Runaway Makhiace at Ga- KYSBURC.—Mr. tt', R, Rott'e and Miss Florence Chambers, both of Petersburg, fell in love with each other, but the young lady's father objected. Last week Mr. Hoffe ihrough a friend at Garysburg had a license ready at the latter place and on Sunday the young couple eluded opposing parents and came oui to Garysburg, where they were made one just as a telegram wai received asking for their arrest. June 10.—Mr. H. C. Spiers re turned home last week after t month's visit to Baltimore and Vir ginia. Mrs. Lizzie Normeni, of Wash- ingion Ciiy, who has been visiting her brother, Mr. W. R. Smith, re turned to her home Saturday. Markied.—On the 23rd of May by J. W. Johnston, Esq., J. P.. Thomas J. E. Hockaday to Miss P. 1. Glasgow, all of this county. In the Church of the Advent, EnReld, on the 8ih insiani, Rev A. S. Smith, D. D., officiating, Mr. C. E. McGwigan lo Miss Sadie C. Bellamy. Died.—At the residence of Mr. A. M. Inge, about six miles from town, Monday afiernoan, his little daughter, Della, aged about three years, of diphtheria. We extend our sympathies lo the bereaved parents whose jewel has been transferred lo the skies. dorse ihe recommendation of a former Grand Jury to provide bet ter buildings and more modern equipment. The jail is in first class condition. The convict camp at Roanoke Rapids could be improved by the use of a lew screens in the kitchen. Respectfully, O. \*’. Pierce, Foreman of Grand Jury. ANOTHEK BONUS. Senator Park Trammell, of Flor ida, the author of the bill which became law creating the bonus of $t)0 for men serving in the navy, military or marine forces of the United Slates in the war, intro duced the following: "That all persons serving in the military or n,ivj| forces of the United States during the war with the German I'mpire who have since April 6, 11) 17, resigned or been discharged under honorable conditions (or in case of reservist) been placed on inactive duty, or who at any lime hereafter (but not later than the termination of the current enlist, ment or term of service) in the case of enlisted personnel and female nurses or within six months after the termination of said war in the cases of officers, may resign, or be discharged under honorable condi. lions, or in the case ot reservists, be placed on inactive duty shall be paid, in addition to all other amounts due them in pursuance of law, further sum of $ 140 each." CASTOR IA For lafiati and ChUdrta ^ In Um For0v«r30 Ymk Alwsj. bMT. FARMEHS FOR THE LEAGUE. A recent report indicates that overwhelming majority of the 12,000,000 farmers of the coun try favor, not only the idea of i League, but the League Covenant as it now stands. More than two hundred agricultural organizations national, State and local—have adopted resolutions favoring the entrance of the United States into a League. Ninety per cent, of these resolutions were adopted since the publication of the Cove nant, Copies were sent to Pres ident Wilson and to the Senators representing the States in which these organizations are located. The list includes most of the leading national agricultural bodies among them the American Agri cultural Association, Farmers' Ed ucational and Co-operative Union of America, Farmers’ Equity Un ion, Farmers' National Council, Farmers' National Reconstruction Conference, National Board of Farm Organizations, National Reconstruction Conference, Na tional Board of Farm Or ganizations, National Federation of Gleaners, National Grange, and the Non-Partisan League.—The League Bulletin. Have You?—Every ambitious girl has in view some ideal work, and if they do not reach the point of perfection in that work they will be dissatisfied. Do not think be cause they do all the work set be fore them willingly, that they are satisfied. Don’t you know that they are working to be promoted higher? Do not think that a pro fession will make your girl less womanly, no, never. Every wo- manly woman'likes to be indepen dent. Parents, do you realize that your girls will soon be women and have to HI! women’s places? Have you done your duty by trying to fit them for their position? If so. God blets you. IF noi, God help I you (0 do so. 1 « 4t them to do anything had, but it may be on your account they have not. Perhaps if it had not been for your kind care they might have disgraced themselves a long time ago. Therefore do not relax any etfort to keep them where they ought to be. Never mind your own business—that will take care of itself—he is looking over the fence—be suspicious of him; per haps he contemplates stealing, some of these dark nights, there is no knowing what queer fancies he may have got into his head. If you find i>ny symptoms of any one passing out of the path of duty, tell every one else what you see, and be particular and see a great many. It ib j good way lo circu late such things, it may not benefit yourself or any one else particu larly. Do keep something going —silence is a dreadful thing; though it is said there was silence in heav en for the space of half an hour, do not let such a thing occur on earth; it would he too mu:h for this nuind.ine spcrc. It, alter all your watchful carc you cannot see that they have done anything bad, throw out hints that they are no better than ihey should be—that you should not wonder if the people found out what they were after a while, then they may not carry their heads so high. Keep it going, and some may take the hint and begin help it along after awhile—then there will be music and everything will work lik< charm. Follow the above directions and you will be pretty sure to make plenty of mischief. For Jt'ST Oni; Day,—We c,in all find strength to carry our bur den in one day; lo be kind and sweet, and true, and firm, just till night falls. This is all life ever asks of us. To fight one day's temptation, do one day's duties; check angry and fretful humors; hold our tongues in subjection,and, if we can say nothing kind, say nothing, nothing at all, for just one day. For CoMi, CaUrrh or Inflneiiza. NEMO BEEK We have beert inxiouslyi*. forward to the lime when tell you all about all the newN^ inventions. ' Until now this has been m |. possibility, because we were o, operating with ihe Governmim , help decrease the demand for o sets. Our stock of Nemo Corseu in^ Hrassieres have been spejj^ij repU iiislicd ilns ncc.istim, so that we can readily fit you to jujt u„ Nemo Cnrsct ;iiul Br,issiere you should wear. New Wemo elf tteducing Corset No. 361. This corset combines extreme economy of price with great durability, beautiful lines and positive tlesh reductions. Ii is, however, only one of the remark able values we have to offer this week. Self-Keducint; Corset, $3.50, $5 00 Little Nemo Magle Hip $3.00, 3.50 Juspul Uasisieres $1.00, $1 50, $2.00 We are at your service to make you get the right Nemo Corset and Brassiere, M. FREID, WELDON, N. C. LADIES AND GENT’S OUTFITTER, So Miicli Dowfl- so 0,NLY Brave,—There are fath ers who grandly struggle against the tides of fate, and never lisp the secret of their despair, whose young dreams have all faded, but who patiently bear their allotted burden with what tries to be resig nation. There are noble women whose domestic afflictions would crush them if they were not hero ines, who silently suffer and make the most of their disappointed years. They sing and so the world thinks them happy, when they are only brave. CONQUER WEAKNESS by keeping your powers of resistance at hi|{h«$t peak. It is as natuiral for Scott’s Eiiiulslon to strengthen as It U for your food to nourisit the bod H you would conquer weoi. ness—Increase your resistance— take Scotfs Emulsion often. acoUftBowAc,Bk)oaifield.N.;. i CertiScate of Bissoliitioii. To All to Whom These I’resoDtit May Come—(^reetioff: Whereas, It appears to my Hatinfac tion, by dul;' authenticated record of the proceediDgs for the voluntary di8«0' lution thereof by the uoaniuiuua con* sent of all the stuck holders, deposited in my otiice. that the Weldon brick and I.And Improvemejat Company, town of Weldon, County of Halifax Sute of North Carolina, (W, W. Wifgins beioK the-agent iherem and in cbargc thereof, upon whom procens may oc served), has complied with the require ments of Chapter 21, Kevisal of 1905, entitled “Corporations,” preliminary to the issuing or this Certificate of Disso lution. Now, Therefore. I. J, Bryan Urimes Secretary ofState of the sute of Nortli Carolina, do hereby certify that tbe said corporation did,on theethday of June 1919, Ute in my otBce a duiv executM and attested consent in writing to tbe diuolution of said corporation, ezecu* ted by all tbe stoekboiders thereof which said content and tbe record of tbe proceedings aforesaid are now on tile in my said office as provided by law Id Testimony Whereof, I have hereto set my band and affixed my official at Raleigh, this 6th day of Ji A. D, ES, Saentwy of8tat«. Do you feel weak and unequal to tbe work ahead uf you? Do yuu stiil cuugb little, or does your nuee bother yuu? shape. Build strong I An o)J( reliable blood-maker and herbal tome made from wild roots find barks, is Dr. I'iorce's Golden Mediral Discovery. This “nature remedy" comes in tablet or liquid form It will build up your body, oure your cold, and protect you from disease ^rms which iurk every* here <hjo of tV actiro ingredients of ii;« toiniwrancf ultcrative aud tonic uild I'liorry burk with stillingia, which su goud fur the lunipi aud for ruughi. alsu On'gon graix.' rout, blood root, etune root, Quivii s ruut,^aU skilfully coniliiiM.*d in the Medical Diacoveiy. Therie roots have u direct action oo toe stomach, impruviug digestion and dsaimi* lation. These herbal extracta in tbe “Discovery'* aid iu U»ud>maiung, and are iiest for scrofula. By improvmg **" blood they aid in throwing on an at of influenza. Catarrh should be treated, fint. Send iUc for trial pkg. of Medical _ . covery Tablets or CatArrh Tableta to Dr Pierce, Invalids’ Hold, Uuffalo, N. Y. ASK YOUR BANKER A successful business man never hesitates to call on his banker for advice His banker might hesitate to ad- vise the purchase of an automobile because it is a source of expense but when you mention your haul ing needs and the necessity for a truck, you at once enlist a bank er’s interest, T4ie earnings from a good truck will soon pay the original cost of the truck. Your banker does not think of truck buying as an expense. He knows that it is an industrial econ omy—an asset in your business which you will quickly recognize in your bank account. Every progressive bank in the State is glad to lend money to any substantial farmer or business man to buy a truck Your banker will want to know, however, what sort of a truck you intend to buy, what record it has, the kind of service behind it, and the financial responsibility of the manufacturer. The splendid performance of In diana Trucks running in all other sections of the State is not equalled by any other. It is built at Marion, Ind , by the Indiana Truck Cor poration, a concern which enjoys the highest possible financial rating. The State distributor is the Caro- hna .Motor Co., of Statesville,N.C., a firm that is well known in truck circles, and one not unknown to your banker. With such evidence of responji- bihty behind it, the Indiana Farm Truck is commanding very favora ble attention among the farmet^s of this county. Every Indiana Farm Truck car ries the Porta Power Uniu which turns it into a portable power plani. It makes use of every idle second of the iruck more than ever a real investment. Sale ot Land for Taxes. I wlii sell to tbe highest bidder for cash at the court bouee door In tbe town of Halifax, on Monday, July 7th 1919, Uie following detenbeia lands in Faucetta township, for taxes and coeta for year 1918: Lawyer Barnhill, 31 1-2 acres, Koberton, |4 Robert Roberaon, So aercs, Rob- ereon, • 1753 J. B. DICKSMS. TAKOoUMtorPM0«ttiTo«MU p not an Inttallment house. We dit not advertise Installment terms—but nij honest man or woman who loves music ncH {o without it, Mr. Editon hat said to us : not deny music to tbe music loveti To thoio of slender Incomes.make terms that will net' harass them." The New Edison **The Phonograph with a Soul’’ is the world's greatest musical Instrument. It fives you ever; kind of music, exactly as performed upon the stage. It givei you all that the ear can give of the art of the world’s greatest artists. Do not let Money Stand in the Way If you are paying for Liberty Bunds or lor some other reasoi you are not particularly flush at Ihe present time, do not let that fact prevent you from owhing a New Hdison Don't hell* late. Come to us and tetl us confidentially what terms will be convenient for you. W. M. COHEN DRUG CO.. Weldon. N. C. New Seasonable Styles It is our pleasure to announce an advanced display of beautiful, seasonable models of Henderson Fashion Form Corsets They are exquisite examples of conspicu ous and original designs, created for every type of figure and they have many distinc tive features well worth your Consideration The excellent assortiiiciit of styles that will predominate this season will permit us to fit you with a Henderson Back or Front Lace Corset correctly, satisfactorily and in a manner that we believe will have your highest commendation. Prices range from $3.50 to $1.25 You are cordially invited inspect the latest offerings. Come see our New Cloaks and Suits Accoufurs mr ceAfr WHbN you open a bank account your bills are paid by check. Your check, when returned, becomes a receipt. No (rouble about change, no disputes about payments, no Ques tions as to where your money has gone or how much you have received. Your pass book tells the story. Be on the safe side and open an acco nt with us To-Day. iW BANK^TRUSTCo.

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