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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 11, 1919, Image 1

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SrABLISni;!) IN IK()(>. It NEWSPAPER fOK THE PEOPLE. Terms of Subscription—$I.5U Per Annum OL. LIV. WELUON, N. C., TIIUKBDAY, SEPTKMMKH U. U)li*. NO. 18 Children Cry for Fletcher’s The Kind You Have Alwayi Bought, and which hu been In ua« for over over 30 yeara, has burne the signature of —^ and has been made under his per- •““** »“P*fvision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. AU Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but Siperimenta that trifle with and endanger the health uf Infanta and Children—E^rience against Experiment. What Is CASTOR IA Cutoria is a harmless aubstitute tor Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is pleasant. It containa neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age Is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has been In constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, "Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishnesi: arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and nuuiol sleep. The Cblldren's Panacea—The Motbci’c Friend. GENUINE CASTOR IA ALWAYS ^Beara the Signature of In Use For Over 30 Years Th9 Kind You Have Always Bought NEEDED A CJIIIRSE HIMSELF. I Why Shabby Visitor Hailed to Impress Merchant With His Offer to Improve the Memory. The shabby visitor laid his hai upon a chair, and drawing a book let from his pocket, approached the merchant prince. “1 can tell you,” he said, “how 10 become great success; how to win independence for life.” “Three seconds gone from the minute I'm giving you," said the I merchant. 1 “1 have here,” went on the I thinker, "an infallible memory I system. Master it, and you will , ma. ter the world. You will not I forget to post the letter your wife gave you this morning, und you can do without that worsted on your finger." "My trouble," said the mer chant, "is that I can't find a relia bly system for forgetting things I want to. Your minute's up." Sadly the visitor departed, but two nilnutcs later he returned to the olHce breathlessly and excited. "I lurgot my hat!" he said. “Mrs. Keach Tells How She (lot To Know Rat-Snap." "Have alwa^H feaml rattt. I.atcly Qoticeii niaov oo my farm. A DeiKlibor aaid III* jtiHl KOt rill of ilrovea witli ll.'M'' 8NAF. Thi« Htarted me tlnokiDi^.TrieLl HAT-SNaI' mvHeir. It l^illeti 17 ami soared the rent awav.” 1{AT*SNAI’ EXTKAVAGANCE AT THE BAT Get The Habit iVBuy for Cash. SaveHl l^the pennies by buy-"^ ing at W. T. PARKER & CO., holesale Cash Store WELOON, N. C. DIkod Luisber & Millworl! k Weldon, N. C. MA.NliFAlTURiSltS OF ulldln; Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors linds. Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TOOKUKH AM> KKlil LAKSTDC’K SIZES. Oood Materials. High Qrade Workmanship Our Slogan *l.( >uIlI aixl Kiiuiunti-eJ l)V lieail Itilw. Co , Welduu- The diver has a practical way of getting at the bottom of things. For a Weak Stomach The Kit'iit lelief ull'ufiied liy ('ham- iii-ilain’x lulilett ill u inuitituJe ofcuNfH lias fully piiiviMi tlie vroat value of this pr<‘|iaratiuii fur a Meuk Htoiiiachaiul im- paireil .litrcsliuii. lu many caHeH tltin reliei Iiun hecocae permanent and the Hufl'ereiH have heeo completely restored to health. A bird in tlte hand is all right if you have nu knife and fork. ' Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. TIiIh is nut only uoc uf the bei>t and ' must etiioient tue.licilie lui I'OitiriiS. CoI>1h cruup. and whuopiiikf cuuvli, liut iaalMu pleuHant tt> taki*. which ih important ivhei tfive ehiltlien i 'humhf i-ily hnx heei^ in u>.' I aiim Cuitb;h I many years I met with much avur wherever ^ Uh |{uod quahtieH have hecume knuwo. : .Many mothpiH have tfiven it their uu- ^uahtlcJ I'u.lutneiueut Wni. Seruliy, ’ I'hillicothe, .Mo., writes: "I have raised three children, have alwayn uRed Cham- herlain'H I’uiiL'^li Hemedy and louud it tu))ethe hesl fiii con^'liH. cuIdH and cioup. It in pleasant tu lake liuth . adults and children like it. My w-fe M m m' SAVE MONEY By trading at home and still be a booster for your town. Many Bargains in Sum- ; mer Goods. The very newest styles in Organdies ■ Qeorgettes and We have a complete line of Ladies and 1 : Qentlemen’s Furnishings. ; 4. 1. STAIHBACK, uUKh K A wt>man’s fickleness is only ex ceeded by her constancy The Busy Store, WELDON. N C Ohlldreu Cry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTO R 1 A ' I Scandul continues to Dc lashion- ' able society came. “I SpenU a $1 on Rat-Snap and Suvetl the Price of a Hog." .lames .Moftuire, faiuiius Ito^ Kaiser id'New .tersey Hiy.-t: “I adviwe every farmer Inmbled with ratslu urn* KAT- SN Vl'. Tried everylhiiiK to t{el rid of rats SiHMiti^l on UA'i'-S.NAi'. Ki|{ured in ralH ki led, saved the piiee ofalioi;.” KAT-S.N.M'oumeH in cake form. No mivinu' nith other too>l. t'atn or doi?ti won’t toueh it. 'I'hree Hi^en, .'tUc. $1. Sold and ifnaianteedhy I'ierce-White head lldw. Co . Weldon.' There is no science in love; it’s all art. CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Choice Hams There is nothing more appetizing than a slice of our choice ham. We have anything you may want in the line of meats. All Kinds of Canned floods .GOD GEOCERIES build up the fiystem, siimulaie the brain, and increase your capacity lo think.. And right thinking brings best re Our prices make you think.' Call in to see us. L. E. HULL, ’ Batchelor’s Optra Houm, WEUXm, N.C It's well to be consistent, bui too many people possess the consist ency of tnush. Ohildren dry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A Remember thai an act of charity works both ways. “it Must Have Been Dead at Least 6 Months But Didn’t Smell.” “Baw a big rat in our cellar last fail,” writes Mrs. Joaooy, “and bought a 2oC. cake of RAT SNAP, broke it up ioto •mail piccee Last nreek \rhilc moviDg we came across the dead rat. Must have been dead six moaths, didn’t smeil. HAT-SNAP is wondeiful " liiTeesizeo. 25c., 500. $1. ^Id afid guaraoteed by Pierce>White* head Hdw. Co., Weldon. 18 cents a package nffAe* f 30 ciil«reffet, n ptckaiies (JOO ciUarfttat) in a *•/ ngly omce aupply. or when you fLJ. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY Boyt Put Him Out of Qame With W. S. 8.. And Mak« 'BM FaMI CAMELS' expert blend of choice Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos answers every cigarette desire you ever had! Camels give such universal delight,such unusual enjoyment and satisfaction you’ll call them a cigarette revelation I If you'd like a cigarette that does not leave any unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or unpleasant cigaretty odor, smoke Camels! If you hunger for a rich, mellow-mild cigarette that has all that desirable cigarette "body”—well, you get some Camels as quickly as you cant Camels' expert blend makes all this delightful quality possible. Your personal test will prove that Camel Cigarettes are the only cigarettes you ever smoked that just seem made to meet your taste I You will prefer them to either kind of to bacco smoked straight I Compare Camels for quality and satisfaction with any cigarette in the world at any price I FOREIGN BORN ARE iSTOCKHOLDERS GET MOW TAUGHT THRIFT U. S. THRIFT APPEAL Ceura* In AmsrtetilMtion la Cniargad 8o aa to Inoluda Sptclal Laaalen on Saving Habit. Thrift Is DOW on* of the subjects bftlng taught to thnusandii of foraign- borti workers who are attondtog Americanization i-lassea throughout the 'Ttiitfd Staten in fat'torleii. ataops. churches and night schooU Am a majority of the attt^ndanta at tliese classes rpeak but little or no E)ngl!:th. the study of languttKw coasti tutes uae of the prloclpal nubjeots taugbt, a half hovi drill bwiag bald at each session. Tb« matliod was de- Tiaad tor the National T. M C. A. an>1 Is published by (hat urganieadon. Th«< ledsoas are abort. aousiBtinK of about twenty slaiple sentences on everyday nitttters. and a clans Is tauKlit by re peating una sentence at a tiiua after the teacher, who illustrates It with inotlons and objeuts **I look at my watch." says the teacher, who takes out his own uratch The elms repeatn this In i*hurus. th«u liidlviduaUy The lext sentence deals with aumber.4 aad the tell‘ng of time. All seoteuces are link- «d together, and eaob tearhen at least uDe new word with cuunectlves. At the end uf the lesson tt Is thuwn to the ciass in piiatud form on a chart. At the request of the Treasury I>e- partmant. a aperlal ttirlft lenson deal Ing with War Bavings Stamps han been wrtttMi and now in tbe baadn of Araerlcaa seoretartes of the T M aU the ThU lesson is an excellent llltitlratlon of the netbod by whleh thousanAa of fo*elgn-bon» workara are now teamtac Dagllah, and It It as follows; Has—John has toma money Puts -He puts It la a stocklni; Says- Jim sayi; "It ts not safe” Answers John aaswere "Mo? I will Looks -Ha looks for his money la fltolen—Tba Haaey is stolen. Sarea -JoKn eavas more money Asks--He asks: "How can ! keep my moaey?" flays—Jla» says: ”••• this, John" Shows—Jim shows him a book of War Sartngs Stamps. flaya—John »aya: ‘ Where dtl you gat H?" Buya--John buya aoma War Sa» lags Stamps. Put«~Ha puts them In a book, flays—John says: "Thta I# safe and goad." Buya—Jobn buys more stamps. Saya—Ha aaya: "Aaiarica Is aafe aai to la my money.** Oerparatlons Mali War •avinfta Ataaip Netloe When Sending Out Divldenda. Nut oBly is thrift becoming a part of the general f>chicHtlon of the pauple f small and iiii»l>'rate means who are b«lng taugbt au<l MtrouraKed to cultt- vata habits of wikt* saviug and saosl- ble apendlng; i>ITi)rtB are being madi*^ to attract lo the thrift ranipalgn the atookhulders of practically every large curpi>ruttun In thu United states. Already twcuty-eia uf the largest oorporatlona In the oouutry hare agreed tu mail with nulU'us of dlvl dend payments to stuckhnldera la surts cullini; attention to the desira bility of invortting their stock earn- Inga in War S.HVlngs Stamps Tbesa corporatlona which have an exoeadiDg- ly wide dlstr>ltuiion of stock are antiing the largent dlTld«>iid iwylng uorpurations In the Unlteil Stataa. Some of them already are iiialltag thrift Inserts to their stuckholders, eud othere have agreed (o d«i so iukmi , tbe next diridend date The insarta j which stockholders receive along wttb tbeir dividend notices are as follows: "Doulde your resources by lBT«a(> ing savings reKUlaily "Did you ever stop to consider bow aaally and rapidly yoa ran acooaitt- lata a utmsideiable sum by ture^Msig smalt amounts regularly at campouod Interest? "Tou can begin at oace by lavaat- lag all or part »f yoar savlags ta War Savings Stamps uf tbe 1^9 lasaa Which you can buy in any amouag ap to 11.000 They bear four par oaot interest, compounded quarterly. "If you should have an unespectad «all for ready cash before your atampa mature, January 1. 1924, you eaa re deem all or any number of them at any time, for tbe full purchase prioe. plus Interest, *'No other Investment offers suob an attractive combination ot safety, In* come, redeemahlllty and coovealanca." "Beware of small expenaea; a small leak wtll sink u great abip.". said Franklin. He knew. m II! syBSfoiE FOB NM EMIL Bt&rtg your liver withoat U'xl-Li^ yuu siuk and can Bolivate. Kvory in tuwi. v u. Jruggiat uud fvorylxhly’s ilruggiit lm3 uotioed a great fallinj'-oir in thi^ salt; of culoiiiel. Th(‘V all givt* th' liiamo reitson. Dodi^on'tJ Livi*r ‘I’on • is taking its p1;icc. ‘‘t’jilomol is 4l:inKoro\i;'i mid p('opl-' know it, whih‘ 1 ‘ )dson’s Liver Toni’ is perfectly safe and gives better re sults,” said a prominent local drug gist. Dodson’jj liiver Tone k i-.-r- so'ially gtiiirant»‘»‘d hy every ilrr'* gist wliu bulU iU A large botlK costs but a few wnta, and if it fail® to give ea^y relief in every ease of li eluggislmesd and eonstipatiun. hare only to ask for you.- «.iu!. back. Dodson’s Liver Ton<» is u j'lf';iPa-.t • tasting, purely ve^t'labK rcme-iy bamdess to both children :itid adu;i.* Take a spootifiil at niglit and 'W;ikt j up feeling fine; no biliou.-^ness, sii’I j headache, acid sloinaeli or eo.isti* j paled iowcls. It i j/rijn* or ifctiso inconvenience all tlie 'leit libo v.Alonf <-«lnmol "FAKE" ASPIRIN WAS TALCUM Therefore Insist Upon Gen uine “Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” WffY SF£flD JiLL You Ejililll? You might get sick or hurt—be prepared for it You might want to make an investment—start now, “Takes money to make money,” you know i You might be visited by thieves or fire--an account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is amis-hty good one to (ret into. We pav 4 per cent on'Sav* ings Accounts THE BANK OF HALIFAX ^ C. L & M SEMI-PASTE PAINTS BEST THAT CAN BB MADE t Cost to you $3^5 a Gallon when made ready to use RECOMMENDED BY SATISFIED USERS FOR OVER 40YEARS Obtain COLOR CARD from our Agents or ^ LONQMAN A MARTINEZ Maniifacturara New Yarfc THE LUCKY THREE Oalf tkraa naa out of evarv bun- drai kara a aarlafa account at tbe aca ct (ortjr-flva. alaatr-savao per caot o{ tbam loalag tbair aatlra savtnta la aooaa ravaraa. Ara you takl&c a chanca, tblrty- tbraa to oaa, oa baiog ooe of tboae niaatr-aaTao? Or ara 70U makios iuro Ibat yoH will aniwer “presont’’ when tba roll ot tbraa it eailaU? It's Just as aas7 to be is thia latter class a» la Ibe first—if you tblnk. Nioet)" savaa men out of aTary hundred don’t tbtak, aartot apaamodlcally. If tbey aara at alt, aad laTeatiag in aacurUies ot whlcb they do not know tbe value. OoTamaent aecurltlaa are absolute ly aafe. pay a high rate at ioterost aad are easily obtainable In amall de- Banlaatluhs. Bave regularly aad aafMy, and you wilt ba sure to be tbe lucky tbrae KEEP OH SAVING 200 War Haviagti Stamps bought ibia year will be $1,000 in 1M4 for tbat itew office eQulpment. new car. postgraduate course Ib a spec ialty. payment toward a borne, for tbe youngsters' education, or against a rainy day. 100 Stamps now will be |500 then, for advancement or prutertioo; and &0 will be IKO Fix your own mark of your needa or desires aod KOt there via W 8. S. W. S. S. pay more tban 4 1>4 per cent and are absolutely aafe and convenient Investmeata for the busy man or wuman. Put Your family on Safety Lane. ■llOCl{|lUOIKllOMDBttWin<lMlg1gM1MglM«l«iianaMniatinniianaisa»w^p^l INVITATION. You are invited to open an!,'account with the BJiHK OF EMFULD, I fi. 0. Per Cent, allowed In the Savings Depart- ment Compounded Quarterly. t YOU can bank by mail i "Broken eggs cun oot be oaendad.* Neither can "cashed-ln’* War Savla^ Stamps grow to their maturity vaiiia. War davings dtanipa ar« better thaa money, because thar ears laora moaey. There will be no "ratay" da> for Ue matt who ri'gularly aaves ami .n- ▼aata Sils moaey h» War Sav .ga (Nampa. Oiarrboea Ir Children Foe diarrb(£a in chiidreu one year ulti or older you will tind uotbiD^ betu-r thaa Chamberlaiu's Colic aoJ LMunh.v;^ Remedy, followed by a dose <jI caHtoi oil. it sliouid be ke|^t at hand au<l l^tTeo aa soon aa tbe tlrst uunatumi ooseneaa of tha bowels appears. FOR SUMMER COLDS CmzTh, Aithma, H>r-F«nr, m iiuett in uw Doitnli • imall fuutitf of iRAMR LVE Will Bot italo the CloUici. At aU drug itorci Me; Ik ud IIJ# ot nuiltd diract ■IB HK <WF«T. H. Wi*im «. C Millions of I'ruuduleni Aspirin Tableis were sold by a Brooklyn manufuciurer which later proved 10 be composed mainly of Talcum Powder. "Bayer Tableis of As pirin" ihe. irue, genuine, Ameri can made and American owned Tableis are marked wiih the safeiy "Bayer Cross." Ask for and then insisi upon "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” and always buy them in the original Bayer package which contains proper directions and dosage. Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceiic- acidester of Salicylicacid. OVER-EATINC ia tbe root of nearly all avUs. If your digestion ij iveci: cr out kilter, better cat lets aud ue j tha new dd lo K.Hcf 'i.tfj.Uoa. Plaasont la Ukc—cffy*.tiT«. Let JTi'inoids help ycur ^es^va troubles. MADK by SCOT't Ik UOWNK MAKKRV cr aCOT i K:MUL<liON About the Hrst question our salesmen will ask you when you try on one of our new Is “How does it feel?” in other stores they ask "How does it look?" The difference is ihai we will first select a hat that will become you, and we know that a "Mallory” Hat will look right, so what we want to know is whether the hat feels right on the head. Be sure to have a look at our window this week and come in and prove what we say. FARBER & JOSEPHSON. Mens and Boys Outfitters WELDON, N. C. I

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