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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, September 11, 1919, Image 2

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THE ROANOKh NtNX'S IHURSDAY, Sept. 11, 1919. f ubliithcd Every Thursday. K\ll:SO[ ^lhSCHI^'il^N|^.\ll\AM.^; Oo \vat, O'y inwl) '0. A -vffkly IVroocrttif jourotl devoted u ili0 mfttenal, educaliuDsI, potitical iDt) atrriciiltural iDterentu of Halifttt »od tirouodiOircouttti««. V'lveitiMiiu raten reaHonable an>< ''i' (t)ied OD «pp)ic*tiuti A TWO-FOLD DUn Many thoughtful mothen &r>t give their cMldren Scott’s Emulsion regularly—and then take il themselves. It is a tonic-food that contains elements as needfal to an adutt as to a child. Build up your strength- try Scott's, 6cotl A Bowac. UoomAcld. N. J, '.•i-i AND a woman's conscience is .il- m as elastic as her tongue. Man »s born lo rule but woman comes along and beats hirn oui o^ hl^ j')b. While ihe world isstudyiniiihe coiiirol of the air, some one should an jnge \or coniroi of hot air Sk'NATORS who indulge in abuse of America’s allies are trying to make the world unsafe for democ racy. As for their adtniraiion and grat itude, Americans are now able to tell it directly to the mannes of Chateau Thierry and Belieau Wood. Capital and labor each needs CO learn that the other is not nec> essarily wrong headed and stub-1 born and that reasonableness al> ways pays. The Peace treaty and the cost of living are linked, says President W'ilson. They must go down to gether. Swallow hard, gentlemen of the Senate, swallow hard ! Now the coal operators are jc- cused of a “famine plot" to sky the price. We have no sure proof of this, but we all know ihai coal mining is a dark underground bus iness. Havana is said to be preparing itself to become a great reson lor thirsty Americans. It does look as if the Cuban metropolis across the channel has the chance ol a lifetime. Mk. Louuk may irmmph m the galleries and conquer in the I'or- cign Kelations Commmee, but he IS sure to lose in the Senate. Thus Mr. Lodge and Mr. Penrose have not succeeded in packing the Sen ate. Let Your Engine Test Polarine. ONK UNIFORM UUALirV THRFH C:0.\SISTHNCIES Pi>larine Oil Polarine i )il I (cavy Po!ariiJt‘ i V\\ l\xtru \ Ituvv Your motor can pn)ve ihc value ot PolaHfie Motor < >iln niort* convincingly than all the labtiraun y tests in the world. Draw all the M oi! i»ut of the crank cate, fill with K(.r(»s*-ne, bpin the engine for twenty Jin\> aM *he kero» Bene off—rchll vuth Pulunne—then take your car out uiiil iiuiicethcaddMl power and increased nulcage. For Sale h) all Reliable Vjarages, Accessory and Hardware Stores. For maximum power and mott miles per gallon, buy Standard Motor Gdioline at reliable garages and dealers everywhere, i.uok for the sign^the sign of a reiiahlc Jeahr. Alio, Polarinc I run^iiniision (>ils and (jreases tor ihc lubncutioa <it Mot«»r K'.dfs, Motor Trucks; Kerost-nt aiiJ ila^olinc* 1 ractor:*; I'trm SiAUvmsry (»a^ I'ugine^; Motor cycles; Motor Hujt^, etc. FOR MOTOR STANDARD OH. COMPANY (NKW ^ardnet and Dealert Selling Polarine Oili: JKRSEY) VCE1.DON, N. C Collins & Gram, Clark & McClamb, I J. A, Harvell, •'.) A. Hinnani, Piercc-VX'hiteheaJ HJ*'. Co. So. 'Oi'eldon Pharmacy, VCilley-Moore Hdw Co HAI.II'A.N, N. C. Koanoke Hardware Co. t.lTTLKTUN, N. C. (.’ole-Uaniel Hdw, (,‘o. S. J. SiallinRs. JACKSUN, N. C. R. J. Bradley. ROSKMARY, N. C ,j. F. Staliines, L A. Shell Co S. B. Toppings, Harrell Bros. ROANUKH RAPIDS, N. C. Taylor Collier, 'S'hilley Garage. THtl.MA, N. C. Hamill \ Shaw , ii. A Shaw Helps Sick Women Cardui, the woman's tonic, helped Mrs. Wil liam Eversole, of Hazel Patch, Ky. Read what the writes; "1 had a general breaking-down of my health. 1 was In bed for weeks, unable to get up. 1 had such a weakness and dizziness, ... and the pains were very severe. A friend loid me I had tried every* Ihing else, why not Cardui?.. . i did, and soon saw it was helping me ... After 12 bottles, 1 am strong and welL" TAKE CARDUI The Woman’s Tonic Do you feel weak, diz* xy, worn-out? Is your lack of gooii health caused from any ot the com plaints so common to women? Then why not give Cardui a trial? It should surely do tor you what it has done for so many thousands of other women v. ho suffered—it Uiould help you back to health. Ask some lady friend wfio has taken Cardui. She wU tetl you how U helped her. Try Cardui. AO Druggist* E\ if>KNTi > fhe railroad brother hoods have bL*en reading up on strikes. Repdblican Senators who are opposing the League oF Nations are looking so far into the future to discover trouble that they are overlooking :i lot right in front of them. Kf.eping w.tges where they are i and lowering prices is one remedy | the Pre'iident suggests for the high \ cost of living It is the surplus I over expenses that measures the value of income. Even the world war ended sooner than m-uiy persons expect ed; the race riots are over; many of the tempermental strikers are returning to \vr>rk and food prices are coming down. Maybe the world Is on the way back to sanity. Senator Hall is endeavoring by his amendments to the treaty to qualify for membership in the Sen atorial “Calamity Clan"—along with Senators Lodge, Knox. Bo rah, Sherman and Johnson But some day New Mexico will take a Fall out of this organization. Ciiaik.wan l-oKUM.'i. ol the House \X'ays and .Means Commit tee, suggests as a measure of econ omy the discharge of clerks in the (iovernment departments in Wash ington. By way of amendment it tmghi be proposed to discharge the Republican “investigators" and their retinues who are travel ing thousands of miles at the public expense to hold post-mortems on dead issues. Mk. Taft charges Mr. Lodge with inconsistency. Mr. Lodge can answ-er with a showing that he has consistently opposed everything President Wilson has advocated. SANITARY ORDINANCE. stati; of OHIO. » (I I'V OF TOLJiUO. «. J.UCASCOUNtV I Frank J. (’hi'iK-y makes oath tlmt he il Benior partcK-r (if the lirm of I'. J. Cheney >& Co.. >U>iDg; busineBsin tiiecity of Toledo, IJouniy and aforesaid, aod that said linu will pay One Huo- dred Doijars for ifach and every case of Catarrh that cauDot be cured by the uie of Hall’s Catarrh Medicioe. KKaNK J.CHESEY, 8woro to before me aod subflcnbed id my preseoce, this 6th day of December A. I). 1886. A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public. Hall’i Catarrli Cure is taken ioteroal* ly afid aeta dirocUy upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio. TeatimooialM aent free. Price 75 eentii per bottle. Hold by all <irugt(ist8. HaiPs Family Pill* for Constipation Ohildren Ory FOR riETCHER’S CAS.T.ORIA Ilf City of \N't‘Kiou whicii irt located I iot Al>uttiOK uu the city senet in iak>l it'Mdeoee di buildiiiK iieiu^ iiut uote tiiau t«o htiDdn • ^ r coogregate, uuI^sh such iesideuoi buiiUiofr be pro\iJeii iTith Hush elosets coQoecied nHth suid ^ewer. pruviii^ water is avotlableu >iuui the city uiaias triibia two huuUreJ Itrfi liom naid resi dence or building - '4. That all prOpeitrc$> lu the uity of Weldoo fiot included ui. lei seetton 1 ahail be gOTerned by th< mquiremeut^ of the State Board of li alth. Chapii 71, Public Laws Qf.l919 3. It has been detertni'ut u by the >U' or and Board of AldCTmen tliut the Box and Cao type qf'pnvy is best tiuiiad tc the needs and cpnditiods of the ptem^ ises in the city of* Weldoo cuorog' under the requirements, of the i?tatc Piivy Law. The Box ao.d Otn t^pd of ptp’y is thete* fore adopted as th»4yp« r<U)uTred in the city of 'VeJdoD. -fcxcepttoos to this rulioft may be-pcrfliutted'ooly by.«p9cial authoritjr iYom'theoitygpvarutacat. 4. The £ity. offers to assist ihe proper* iy owners in the cQ«ta}(atvuq i>f the Box aod Cao type of >ilvy ix>v.purcbas>nr. from the manufacturers the equipment necessary to meet the ie^uirement^ of this ordinance and dmtributoig said equipment to the property crwosrs.with* out protit, upon such !teims as msy herealter l>e ordered By the City Koaru n. That all ordiriances or parts of or dinances previously enacted which are in coohict with this ordinance are here- bv repealed. <j. That this ordioaoce siiall be id force from the date of its passage. 7. V iolatioos of any ol the provisions of this ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor, aod shall be punished by a dne of'tive dollars for. the llrst day and ooe dollar for each additional day the violatioB is continued, datiof from the time specided in official notice the city. Passed and adopted this 6th day of September, 1919. W. W. WIUGINS. Mayor. E. L. HAYW ARD, Clerk. 9 U 4t OBEY THE LAW. Read And Be OovttrneU Accord- Ingly. Only a short lime remains for the people of 'X'eWon lo comply wiih the saniiaiion law enacied by (he Iasi l.egislaiure and avoid ihe penaliies provided under ihe Ijw. Every home ihat is not connected with a water sewerage system is afltcied. Disciisslni; ihe new law and iis enforcement Mayor'S'. VC, \X'ie- gins says: "It is the duty of every good uiti/en 10 heartily join in the efforts being made lo rid the community of typhoid fever and similar dis eases. The health authorities have pointed out the sources of these dis eases, and have shown Ihe method ot controlling them. Vi'iih such knowledge available ihere is no excuse tor ihe presence of a case ol lyphoid fever, and it Is the plain duty ot every resident to see thal he and his family are protected by having his own home sanitated. Ttie healih authorities have dem onstrated that typhoid fever, ‘sum- mtr complaint' among the babies, and similar diseases are excrement bourne diseases. There is no guess work about this: it has been conclusively proven. If iherefore follows, as the health authorities • point out; that the proper disposal ot human I "Tull infurtnaiion ot the various I types of the sanitary privies that , will he approved by the State Board | of Health, which is charged with | ihe duly of enforcing this act of | the Legislature, may be obtained from my office, or a special bulle tin will be mailed direct to the in terested person upon application to Ihe State Board of Health, Raleigh. Sanitary inspectors representing the State Board of Health will be gin their duties the first of October and it is lime for those of our peo ple who have not already taken action to get busy. “The necessity for full compli ance with the law is a double one Both a moral and legal duty rests upon the head of each home. 1 believe ihat all our citizens will see the matter in this light, and will act accordingly. It will be a splendid record to have this town rated as 100 per cent, sanitary by the State Board of Health, and it is a record that we may easily ailain.” Every once in a while we receive a new proof of the wisdom of ihe authors of the Fed eral Constitution. Suppose the treaty of peace and the covenant of the League of Nations had to be approved by both branches of the present Republican Congress! Read WbatlU. S. Department ot Agriculture Says About wbat Two Rats Can Do. ■ According to i^oTeroment fiffures. two excrement' means me produce 359,709,482 iadiTidiuit r»tB. Act wucn you see the tirst rat, don’t w«it KAT-SNAF 18 the surest, cleaaest, most coDTeaieot eztermioator. No mizioff witti other loode. Drys up tfier kllliDf —le»Te» no smelt. Cfcts or dogs ffon't toucb It. Sold tQd guarsQteed by Pierce-Wtiite- liead Hardware To., Weldoo. removal of the source of these dis eases. In the face of these admit ted facts 1 do not believe that there is a man in this lown who will de liberately endanger the lives of his own loved ones and the lives of his neighbors by failing to lake the means provided and advised for I Many a girl after visiting a drug “Unforiunaiely every home can siore appears in the pink of condi- noi be connected with the water I lion. sewerage system. But every home { can, and must, have a sanitary 1 (Jood for Biliousness privy. Self-preservation is the j i su9err,i irom i>e firsi law of nature. In providing a sanitary privy this natural law, as well as the Slate law, will be tulfllled. quent attacks of stomach (rouble aod biliouooess. .-^ein^ C'hsmberlaio’s Tab lets advertised 1 cuocloded tu try them I improved rapidly. ’ '^Miss Kmma Ver* bryke, Lima, Ohio. Mid-Summer Reductions r Vi:wYrHINc; in mir line now reduced lo make room foTM,, L line I't whuh iirn iirrimig dailv. Il would pay yin,™ ch i<' .1 bii III ill If liii'e.t , r prices cuniiilue to soar l»|l- HAVi; .1 vci) Jiiriiciive h't lit FANCY PLAID SKlRril. V I.1II prices ranging friini $5 00 to $18 00 EACH. Cl DUR LINE of LADIES ind MISSES SWEATERS I shades and styles, jt priccs t ut will please you. Evjryvs.' miss should possess one of these s.i. .tier coais. Let us be of service to you at yuur cunveinence. THE L 8TO RE M. FREID, Proprietor. WELDON, N. C. LADIES AND GENT’S OUTHITTEK, J Sckool Shoes When ihey arc in their tender ages it is mighiy easy to ruin their little feel. You cannot be toocare. ful in choosing the shoes your child should wear. KITTNER sells the kind of shoes that follow the natural lines of a child's foot. Do not pinch, cramp or make corns. They are the kind of shoes that give excellent service too. And, as most folks know, KITT- NER’S prices are much lower. Always glad to show you. KITTNER’S SHOE STORE, L. KITTN Prop. Opposite I'ostotlipp Weldon, N C SHOES For The Whole Family Electric Shoe Repair Shop in connection. Administrators’ Notice, The undersigned. Wm. H. Johnston and H. E. Murphey, having qualified on the 2nd day oflSeptember, before the clerk of the ^juperior Court of fiali* fax county as administrators of the es tate of Eujrene Johnston, deceas^, here by notify ail persons holding claims against their said intestate to preaent the same to them duly reritied at Ut* tleton, N. C., on or before twelve months £iom the date of this notice, or the same will be pleaded in bar of the tacovarr thereof. All persons indebted to said estate arc uueHted to make immediatepaymant. This the 3rd day of September, 1919. WM. H. JOHNSTON, H. E. MURPHEY, Administrators of the estate of Eugeae Johnston, deceased. Attorneys-, w. E. Daniel, vs'eidon, N. c.' JOS, P. PIPFEN. Littleton, N. C.' 9 1l€t So Miicli Dowb- li MqcI H Moitl Wa «re not an Installment house. W« < nut advertise installment terms—butt honest man ur woman who loves music nn fro without it .Mr Edison has said to us; "4: not deny music to the music lover. To thov of *i1endcr incomes make terms that will r harask them. ' The New Edison **The Phonograph with a Soul*' is the \^orld's Kteatest musical Instrument. It gives you «>« kind of music, exactly as performed upon Ihe stage, it flU' you all that the ear can give of the art of the world's trrtstN artists Do uot let Money Stand in the Way! If you are paying fur Liberty Honds or for some other reiv.< you are not particularly flush at the present time, do not k that fact prevent you from owhing a New Hdison Don t hn. tute. Come to us and tell us confidentially whut terms will ^ iunvenient for you. W. M. COHEN DRUG CO., Weldon, N. C. Sensational Clearance OF ALL SUMMER GOODS At ttiis time uf the season we find that we hivi more ^ootl^ than we care to carry over, ani to make room for the contractors who art already remodellin>>: our store, we have marked] for quici< moving several lots of good rnerchandlst that will mean lots of saving to the lucky pur chaser. Come in and see is all we ask. /nT£R£ST AND U/£LFAR£ RCC£H^£ f/RST CONS/D£RATION H£R£L THEIR AOV-ICE 5AVeo MC MOHE.Y- thatx iuat OPERATING on a sanely conservative basis, ihis ba^^ makes, as its first consideration the interests ot each depositor. We solicit your regular or your casual bankingT>ustness. ^ou are <nvited to call, inspect our banking home, and meet the officers who will serve you in the conduct of your financial af fairs. Service is ihe slogan of this bank. BANMRUST Co.

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